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“Thanks so much for reading my books! I'll answer questions as writing deadlines and book event commitments allow. <3” A.G. Howard

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A.G. Howard Hi! I have an entire page on my website dedicated to new writer and author tips:

I hope you can find some helpful information there!
A.G. Howard I'm so happy you liked this one! I loved Thorn and Rune (Tune) and their romance, too!

Although RoseBlood was written as a standalone, I might one day write a followup novella, just to see what everyone is up to now. :)
A.G. Howard Thanks so much for all the kind words about my stories! If you like strange lands, I think you'll enjoy what I'm working on next. It's a gritty, young adult urban fantasy that starts off in modern day Astoria, Oregon; and on Halloween night, the heroine steps through a portal that leads to a hidden world of faeries and goblins.

You can find a few more deets on these IG posts:
A.G. Howard I would be thrilled to have any of my books become movies or tv shows. We'll just have to hope that one day a producer will see their potential and convince a production company to get on board. *fingers crossed*
A.G. Howard It's only available through the Stain paperback. It's too short of a story to print alone, so the most feasible solution my publisher could find to provide the hard copy for readers was to make it available as bonus material in the back of a full sized book.
A.G. Howard So happy you enjoyed Stain! I loved writing that story and miss those characters so much!

My latest wip is a gritty, young adult urban fantasy that starts off in modern day Astoria, Oregon, where on Halloween night our heroine steps through a portal that leads to a hidden world of goblins. 🎃

The story is a blend of Goblin Market and Labyrinth, so of course, there's a wily and mercurial Goblin King our heroine must beat at his own game in order to save her family and friends. 😈👑

Your other suggestions/ideas sound great as well! I might have to try one of those later. :)
A.G. Howard Hi! Thanks for reading my Splintered series! And yes, my publisher made "Alice the Absent" available through the paperback version of Stain (it includes the short story in the back of the book as an exclusive extra). This is available ONLY through the paperback version … not the hardback, ebook, or audio.

So, anyone who buys the paperback will also own the Morpheus origin tale I wrote a little over a year ago. Stain’s paperback is available everywhere domestically, and also via Book Depository (dot com). So if you’re a foreign reader, you can purchase the English version through their online store. Ordering options are on my website here:

If there's ever another means to read it made available, I'll let everyone know on my IG:
A.G. Howard I originally planned for my latest WiP to have some Beauty and the Beast elements, but as I worked on the synopsis and wrote the first 80+ pages, the details became streamlined (as often happens for me during the early #brainstorming / writing phase). It was then I realized that Beauty and the Beast is too meaty to play just a side role. It needs an entire book dedicated to the theme.

So, the silver-lining is that one day I’ll put my mind and pen to writing a retelling dedicated solely to the Beauty and the Beast fairytale. But for now, my current book-in-progress is a Goblin Market meets Labyrinth mashup, with steampunk and horror elements; it's all about faeries, goblins, and a mercurial Goblin King. ;)

If you'd like to learn more about it, follow this link:
A.G. Howard Thank you! I'm so happy you enjoyed my warped Wonderland. You can find out everything about the Splintered series, from how I came up with the idea to how I built the characters and worlds, on this website:
A.G. Howard Glad you enjoyed the story! Right now this title isn't listed on GR because it's never been available for purchase. However, my publisher and I have recently come up with a way to make it available to everyone. I'll be announcing the details as soon as I get the green light!
A.G. Howard Hi! My publisher and I have recently come up with a way to share this prequel story so anyone can purchase it. I'll be announcing the "hows" and "wheres" as soon as I get the green light!
A.G. Howard Hi! Thank you for reading my books and supporting my work. <3

Right now I'm revamping an adult vampire fantasy in hopes of selling it soon. Also, I'm about to start writing a new young adult novel inspired by Beauty and the Beast. If all goes well, I'll have more news on both of these projects in the near future!
A.G. Howard I'm so happy you enjoyed it! I've always hoped to write a Beauty and the Beast inspired book; I just wanted to put a really unique spin on it since it's been retold so many times already. I've recently thought of an idea for one, so it's just a matter of getting it written now. :)

As for a Little Mermaid spinoff, maybe one day, if the mood for an intricately woven water-world and fascinating fish-tailed characters ever strikes my muse's fancy. ;) As of now, I have no plans for one, but I never say never.
A.G. Howard I wrote the book as a standalone, but I would love to write a few short stories/novellas to delve deeper into the characters and world at some point. So happy you're enjoying the read! <3

Also, in case you didn't know about it, there is a Stain pinterest board and playlist if you'd like to spend more time in the world after reading it. :) Here's a link:
A.G. Howard Hi! You can probably find a lot of ideas on the Splintered Fan Art board. There are even a few pictures of tattoos there that fans of the series have shared. Here's a link:

Be sure to share a picture if/when you get the tattoo! We'll put it on the board with the others. :)
A.G. Howard I love him, too! He was so fun to write. I did a post on my blog once about how he came into being. You can find it here:

Thank you for the book support! :)
A.G. Howard Maybe one day, after all of the books come out! The fourth one has yet to be written. I'm hoping to tackle it in 2019. Thanks for the interest and the book support!
A.G. Howard Hi! Thanks for asking! Maybe one day I'll write a follow up, either a full book or a novella. I really did love those characters and that setting/canon. Until then, I have a RoseBlood pinterest board that includes a playlist if you'd like to stay in the world just a little longer:

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