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A.G. Howard I’m so happy you’re enjoying my spins on the classics! I might like to tackle Peter Pan one day, however it’s been redone a lot (check out this list here:, so I'd have to find a way to put a really unique twist to it. The same can be said of Beauty and the Beast, too. I love that one, but it's been retold so much, finding how to spin it in a new way would take some serious brainstorming. ;)
A.G. Howard I'm thrilled! And I love that they chose to go with the domestic cover. I'm curious what the book's interior design will look like. :) Also, in case you haven't seen it, there's a pinterest board with a playlist for the story here:
A.G. Howard Hi! Yes, it's a standalone, but I might write a followup novella one day. I really loved that world, those characters, and the canon. :) Glad you're enjoying it, too, and here's a pinterest board with a playlist if you'd like to share my visual and musical inspirations for the tale:
A.G. Howard Hi! Well, actually, there were two main guys in this series, so I'm not sure how to answer that. But I'm guessing the ending of Ensnared bothered you, and I assure you you're not the only one who felt upset by the way everything wrapped up.

In fact, when Ensnared first came out, enough readers reached out to me with similar thoughts that I decided I should explain why I wrote the ending like I did. You can find that explanation on this post:

Maybe reading it will help give you some peace. But if nothing else, I hope it helps show, from the author's perspective, why it had to end as it did. Thanks for the question!
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A.G. Howard Thank you! I'm so happy you liked RoseBlood! I wrote this as a standalone but am definitely open to the idea of a follow-up novella. I'd like to see those places myself! ;)
A.G. Howard Hi! Congrats on writing a book! I have lots of tips here on my website: http://anita-authoraghoward.blogspot....

Good luck, and I hope you enjoy building your worlds and getting to know your characters. Storytelling is such a rewarding experience. :)
A.G. Howard So happy you're enjoying it! I originally wrote this as a standalone. However, I did fall in love with the unique fantasy/paranormal lore and the gothic setting. So I'll never say never. If nothing else, I might write a followup novella one day. :)

BTW, if you'd like more insight into the RoseBlood world, be sure to check out the B&N exclusive version. It has 16 extra pages of exclusive material (here's a hint: it's a peek into one of Leroux's original character's secret journal entries). You can find deets here:
A.G. Howard Well, the human realm/ earthly aspect is the same in that they're living where we do, without realizing there are other facets to the universe most people are unaware of, and they become aware of this themselves throughout the story.

So with that in mind, and considering both Rune and Alyssa are from small Texas towns, they could potentially have passed by each other once or twice at a Starbucks and never even realized they were both starring in one of my dark and strange retellings. ;)
A.G. Howard Yes! In fact, it's now available here: If you'd like a peek at the narrator, her name is Gemma Dawson, and you can listen to a sample of her voice here:
A.G. Howard I agree! I love that song. In fact, I think it's on one of my Splintered playlists? But I won't swear by it. Haha. Here's a link to them if you'd like to check for yourself:

And I can't wait to share RoseBloood with everyone!
A.G. Howard Which book were you referring to?
A.G. Howard Thanks so much for the book support. Yes, I do hope to write a continuation of the Splintered books one day in the future. Until then, I'm trying my hand at a few other stories. My next book coming out is a standalone Phantom of the Opera spinoff, called RoseBlood. You can find information about it here:
A.G. Howard I'm not sure how my publisher is going to handle ARCs. In the past for some of my Splintered books, they had a google doc sign up. So maybe that, or maybe they have something else in mind this time. I'll keep everyone posted as soon as I know! They won't be printing them until probably fall sometime anyway, so there's still a bit of a wait. ;)

If you're really determined to try for one, you could always send a snail mail letter to my publisher and request it. But I can't guarantee you'll hear back. Here's the address:

115 West 18th Street
New York, NY 10011

Good luck!
A.G. Howard Have you found it yet? You could always try They carry most of my books, and mail almost anywhere world wide with free S&H.

A.G. Howard We will be having ARCs for RoseBlood, though I'm not sure how my publisher plans to distribute them. But I know I'll have some of my own for giveaways.

I'll keep you posted here and on my website's contests/giveaways page when we have news: http://anita-authoraghoward.blogspot.....

Thanks so much for the book love! <3
A.G. Howard I *think* this is referring to Morpheus's lullaby? And if I ever get brave enough to overcome my fear of singing in public, I'll be sure to post it on youtube for all to see. Just don't hold your breath, because I'm also a really big chicken when it comes to being on camera. *coughs* ;)

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