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“I'm traveling to a lot of pop-culture shows in the next few months. I hope to meet many of you in person. But for those who can't be there, I'll be answering questions here, as many as I can get to.” Kevin J. Anderson

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Kevin J. Anderson Yes! I do have a new story in the Jim Butcher anthology SHADOWED SOULS that came out for Halloween, and another one next summer in STRAIGHT OUTTA TOMBSTONE from Baen Books. I already have a new novel outlined, TASTES LIKE CHICKEN, which will be out from my own WordFire Press. I just have to find time to write it among my other book contracts.
Kevin J. Anderson Well, I don't think there's anything as good as the original DUNE (in fact, I am reading it again right now, for the 11th time, I think). But Brian and I did write an original SF epic, the HELLHOLE trilogy, which is a lot like our Dune novels. Also, my big space opera series, THE SAGA OF SEVEN SUNS begins with HIDDEN EMPIRE. That might also be up your alley.
Kevin J. Anderson that was definitely one influence, but all the comics over the years, the early Christopher Reeves film, and all I've experienced from the DC universe
Kevin J. Anderson The Saga of Seven Suns is probably your best place to start, with several very strong female characters. HIDDEN EMPIRE is the first book in the series (and they are all out, so you don't have to wait.)
Kevin J. Anderson You certainly have a chance to make up for it! I hope you enjoy the book--it is my favorite SF novel of all time.
Kevin J. Anderson Better yet, Neil Peart and I have just finished CLOCKWORK LIVES, a new novel in the same universe, and we both think it's even better than CLOCKWORK ANGELS. It'll be out in September, and just went up for preorder online.
Kevin J. Anderson I also wrote an original Terra Incognita story, "Mythical Creatures," which you can get in all eBook formats--another very creepy and disturbing Prester. A series very similar to Terra Incognita is my Saga of Seven Suns--7 volumes in a gigantic epic, and they are all published and available in paperback. I hope you enjoy.
Kevin J. Anderson Thanks! Brian and I are just starting work on NAVIGATORS OF DUNE, so that will be our big project for the next year, after which we haven't made definite plans. I don't know if we have any further HELLHOLE books coming, but we would like to do other work besides Dune (while also continuing to write Dune much more to write.)
Kevin J. Anderson I don't have a great many alien races in my big SF novels, because I want to explore them and flesh them out. Aliens need to be *alien* and not just humans with pointy ears or a lump on their forehead. If you have too many aliens, it's hard for a reader to keep track. But, it's a big universe and there could be a lot of different alien races--the trick is, how would they all communicate with and understand one another so that you can tell a story?
Kevin J. Anderson That's not what the series is about; these are detective stories in an unusual setting, and Dan does his best to solve one mystery or another. The idea you suggest would be an entirely different kind of novel, like a disaster horror epic. In these tales, the world is getting back to normal, and everybody--monsters and humans alike--are just trying to get by, but they have the same problems as before.
Kevin J. Anderson It was a completely different time period, so I don't know how to compare him. Since he was early on, he had a lot of raw power.
Kevin J. Anderson The next one is BLOOD OF THE COSMOS, and I am about 3/4 finished writing it, due to be delivered in September. I expect it'll be out next June, one year after DARK BETWEEN THE STARS.
Kevin J. Anderson Rebecca and I wanted to put forward a strong role model for girls, someone who wasn't afraid of science and engineering, who wasn't afraid of getting her hands dirty. We thought she was a nice counterpoint to Jacen. I can't really speak to the rest of her character arc--our work ended when we finished the Young Jedi Knights series.

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