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Cat Johnson Sorry! Just saw this question. I'm happy to tell you that Tyler has a book. It's called Midnight Ride in the Midnight Cowboys Series, published by Kensington.
Cat Johnson Hi, Wendy!
Thanks for asking.
As of now there are no plans for more Oklahoma Nights or Midnight Cowboy series books. But never say never!
Cat Johnson I know I left Colton dangling and there has been lots of reader interest in his story. I hope to get to it but it's not on the immediate schedule. I would love to give Colton some hell and his own girl. :)
Cat Johnson I don't have any more books for that contracted with Kensington as of now, but if I can fit it into my schedule I would love to one day write something revisiting Justin and Phoenix and Rohn and Bonnie. And I know I left Colton hanging and he needs a story. Just have to fit it into my schedule.
Cat Johnson To date I have not done any conferences or conventions in the UK. Maybe in the future that will change but as of now I have no plans.
Cat Johnson Sorry for the delay! I just today found 2 years worth of questions I didn't see before. Anyway, I am releasing book 14 in the Hot SEALs series in January 2018 (SEAL the Deal--it's Zane & Missy's HEA), but much more exciting than that is the Hot SEALs spin off series I am currently writing--FOR HIRE. The series will be introduced in the Sirens of SaSS Anthology in March 2018. Think Stephanie Plum meets James Bond. That novella will lead into more novels in the For Hire series during 2018.
Cat Johnson So apparently I don't get notifications for when there is a question here on Goodreads and I just now, 2 years later, found all these. Anyway, my apologies for the delay and I hope you've found that Tyler indeed got his own story--MIDNIGHT RIDE-- in the Midnight Cowboys series. And in that book you get to revisit and see what's happening with Tuck and Logan.
Cat Johnson YES! Finally Samhain Publishing gave me the rights back to that series and I will be rereleasing Bull, Matt and the Commander in print. Should be early spring 2018. Sorry for the delay. It's been a long haul with them. I am slowly working me way through Red Hot & Blue and getting them back out there.
Cat Johnson I know I left Colton dangling and there has been lots of reader interest in his story. I hope to get to it but it's not on the immediate schedule.
Cat Johnson Have you seen the Midnight Cowboys series? It's a spin off of the Oklahoma Nights series. The titles are Midnight Ride, Midnight Wrangler and Midnight Heat.

I also have Texas-Two Step which is a rodeo book.

There is Rough Stock (a standalone rodeo threesome).

And I have Red Blooded (Red Hot & Blue) featuring 3 military men 2 of whom are also cowboys, and rereleasing in November is Smalltown Heat (in the Red Hot & Blue series) featuring more cowboys in the same small town as Red Blooded.

I don't have any new cowboy books in the works right now but that can change.

Cat Johnson I am a huge procrastinator, so when I can't seem to focus to write, I'm never sure if it's writer's block, or just my being easily distracted and not wanting to get the words down. Sometimes, I team up with a fellow author and we push each other to write even when we don't really feel like writing. Sometimes, you just have to force yourself to get words on the page knowing they could be crap that will have to be fixed later. You can't edit a blank page. Sometimes, you need to get out of the house and go for a drive. Or read or watch a movie. And then get back to writing, feeling refreshed hopefully. Thanks for the question. Sorry for the delay!
Cat Johnson Just noticed this question. So sorry for the delay! Anyway, it was way back in 2006 and I was reading a lot of Suzanne Brockmann's military romance and I was also writing some romantic comedy for a new publisher. I asked my editor if she'd be interested in my writing some military romance and she said yes. This was about the time that the real life Task Force 145 had taken out Al Zarkawi. I was fascinated with this covert team of special operatives and Task Force Zeta was born. It wasn't too long into the series that I started to interact with real deployed troops and they inspired the turn in the focus of the series from SpecOps and to the boots on the ground--infantry, tankers, etc.
Cat Johnson Finish the book and then start the next one. And then do it again. Keep writing. Keep finishing. For a working writer, one book doesn't cut it. Readers want more than one book from an author. Publishers want more than one book from an author.
Cat Johnson Midnight Wrangler, the 2nd book in my new Midnight Cowboy series with Kensington Zebra, releasing in 2015.
Cat Johnson Working from home (usually in pajamas!)

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