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David Dalglish
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David Dalglish Sales are going to be done by either myself, for my self-published series (Half-Orcs, Paladins) or by Orbit (Shadowdance/Keepers/Seraphim). Orbit does indeed put my books on sale occasionally. I, uh, shooould put them on sale more often but tend to just leave the prices be since I have so many books either free or relatively cheap at $2.99/$3.99. Not to say I shouldn't be doing more sales or anything...
David Dalglish I was raised in a very Christian household by loving parents, which has long shaped my personal faith. Of course my beliefs have grown and adjusted over the past ten years of my writing career (as I assume everyone's does as they grow older), and the Paladins series was a part of that, in particular pitting the forgiveness of the New Testament against the far stricter and rules-and-law of the Old Testament and then pushing both to their extremes.
David Dalglish Well, the easy answer is most of my novels are set on Dezrel! I have a few series set there.

The Half-Orcs
The Paladins
The Shadowdance Series
The Breaking World Trilogy

In terms of rough chronology, it goes Shadowdance - Paladins - Half-Orcs.

The Breaking World is a little different, as it takes place hundreds of years before those main three. It can basically be read at any time, though you'll probably enjoy it most after having read the Half-Orcs series in particular.

As for a recommended reading order, I generally suggest Shadowdance as the opener, and then reading either Paladins or Half-Orcs, and since you've already read the Paladins, well, HO it is :)
David Dalglish Sadly, the likelihood of those being written are very, very low. Neither of us are in a place to dedicate so much time and effort, and I don't believe the publisher of the Breaking World books is interested in them, either.
David Dalglish I highly, highly doubt it given that Jerico returns from his personal retreat in the third Half-Orc book, leaving not much story to tell. I also started folding in parts of the Paladins into the Half-Orcs as a whole, hence Darius's appearance in books six and seven. So in my mind, any potential sequel ideas are already being done in the Half-Orcs anyway.
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David Dalglish
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David Dalglish Deathmask: Probably not. I've dabbled a bit into his history in HO7 and that's about as far as I'm interested in.

Thren: I already did, in the Cloak and Spider collection!

Zusa: one day...she'll appear in HO9.
David Dalglish Well, I kind of already have! The Half-Orcs Series begins with the same battle that Dance of Chaos ends with, and it also features a lot of similar characters (particularly the Eschaton Mercenaries). So I'd say give them a look if you're interested in more.
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David Dalglish
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David Dalglish Of course I wouldn't mind! Which edition is this for? 3.5, 4th, or 5th? And if you're brave enough, you need to post it here. Gotta make sure it's balanced, after all!
David Dalglish Pretty much everything set in the world of Dezrel ties into each other. The Breaking World books detail the initial war between Karak and Ashhur, and then hundreds of years later, the books fall in fairly close sequence with each other. Roughly Shadowdance happens first, then The Paladins and the Half-Orcs. All four series share some characters, such as the Paladins, which features the Paladin Jerico, who was first introduced in the third book of the Half-Orcs.

I hope that helps a bit!
David Dalglish Blood of the Underworld was the start of a planned new trilogy prior to Orbit buying the rights to the Shadowdance Series (which at the time was only three books). So Blood of the Underworld was renamed A Dance of Shadows, and made book four of Shadowdance. Does that make sense?

I also wrote a FAQ about the whole Orbit purchase way back when, which might also help explain. You can read it here:
David Dalglish Yes, I will write HO8, even if it's the last book I ever write. Just, hopefully way sooner than that.
David Dalglish That'd be Peter Ortiz. Awesome guy who's always been wonderful to work with. You can see a bunch of his art at his Deviant Art page here:

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