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David Dalglish
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David Dalglish
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David Dalglish In all likelihood, I doubt I will, for the sheer reason that it'd be yet another prequel book. After I started the Half-Orcs, I wrote prequel series with Paladins, Shadowdance, AND Breaking World. Going backwards yet again? Nah. I don't think I could do it and maintain my sanity. Plus my poor readers have had to wait years just for me to move the story forward, I can't imagine trying to split my attention to also filling in yet more back story.

So yeah, it could be a lot of fun, but the overall ending would be known. If I did decide to explore it, I'd find a way to do it via flashbacks/character stories in future Half-Orcs novels, so I can flesh out some of the fun bits without having to fully dedicate an entire novel or two to the premise.
David Dalglish
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David Dalglish Pulling this from memory, but I believe it has always been a roaring lion (or a lion's skull, depending on how edgelord the wearer is trying to be). Generally a frontal view as well, with gray fur. Sideways profile works too.
David Dalglish Nah, that's his first intro to the world among all the books. Def one of my more clumsier additions of a new character, so I don't blame you for being a little confused. As the HO series goes on I sprinkle in additional bits of history with him and Mira, but there's nothing beyond that.
David Dalglish If I had to pick one, it was the day I quit my paper route. It might seem quaint, but it was a rural route, Sundays only, that I'd been doing since high school, waking up at 4am to drive around a bunch of Missouri backwoods roads delivering newspapers. It was good money, money I desperately needed for a very long time, as I cobbled together income from a bunch of different sources to make do while living in our trailer park.

But as the sales continued, I'd quit my job at Pizza Hut, then stopped substitute teaching, so only the paper route was left.

So when my self-published income remained steady for months and months, I finally made the decision to quit that little part time job I'd been doing for over ten years. So finally sleeping in on a Sunday, and having no other income but my writing income? That'd be when it finally hit me, I'd say.

The second closest would be walking into the local B&N to sign copies of A Dance of Cloaks on its launch day. There's something special about knowing so many people (my agent, Orbit's editors, their art dept, sales team, B&N's stock acquiring team, etc) actually think you might know what you're doing.
David Dalglish Well, that's kind of the point of the entire run of the Half-Orcs series, so the answer to that is in the eighth book, The King of the Fallen.
David Dalglish Hey, I'm glad you're enjoying the app! As for the books, no hardcover, only paperback (seeing as they're self-published).

As for obtaining them in a timely manner: the print on demand service I use was bought by Amazon, so if you can go through them, I suspect that would be the most likely to have the fastest delivery.
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David Dalglish
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David Dalglish I promised it at the end of King of the Fallen, there will be at least one more Half-Orcs novel to tie up some loose ends leftover from the Shadowdance series. Beyond that? I honestly don't know. If I do more in the world, they'll all likely be continuations of the Half-Orcs, which at this point, contains story beats and characters from all the others.
David Dalglish I am! We announced a brand new Orbit trilogy, The Vagrant Gods, a few months ago. The first book, The Bladed Faith, is set to release early 2022, and the second maaaybe will be also out late 2022?

Anyway, here's the official announcement:

And the goodreads page for the first book is here:

Hope this all helps!
David Dalglish My guess is that you have a few of the original self published versions. To answer your questions, yes, A Dance of Death was renamed A Dance of Mirrors during the lengthy re-edit (so no need to grab that one if you've already read the previous self-published one - there were a lot of changes but likely not enough to make it worth a second buy, imo).
David Dalglish Do you mean in the same world? Likely not. If I do any writing in Dezrel, it'll be an occasional one off in the HO series.
David Dalglish The short, frustrating answer is a bunch of misc stuff happened, and as of now, it's not looking like there will be audible versions of those two later Half-Orcs books. I'm very sorry, but so far haven't been able to get a workable solution :(
David Dalglish I'm going to take a guess you mean the Paladins game, and if so, absolutely! The Breaking World trilogy available on Amazon takes place about 80 years after Karak and Ashhur arrive on Dezrel. If you want more recent stuff, Jerico himself is from the Half-Orcs series, and makes his first appearance in the third book on (and as for that series, it details what becomes the Second Gods' War).

Hope this helps!
David Dalglish As of right now (so huge caveat that things can always change) the plan is for one more book taking place a few years after The King of the Fallen. This planned book would be Half-Orcs 9: The Legacy of the Watcher. I suspect I'll get to writing it in about a year or so.

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