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Jody Hedlund A Worthy Rebel is the last book in that particular series. But a brand new medieval YA series is releasing in 2019. Hope you enjoy it! :-)
Jody Hedlund Hi Alanah, Thank you! So glad to hear that you enjoyed An Uncertain Choice series! Love knowing that it is inspiring you! A Worthy Rebel is the last book in the series. A brand new series is coming out this year 2019.
Jody Hedlund Thank you, Barb! I'm so glad to know you're excited! Yes, the book will be available in paperback as well as ebook. :-)
Jody Hedlund Hi Violetta, YES! There is a 5th and final book coming in the fall!
Jody Hedlund Hi Barb,
Yes, A Loyal Heart will be available in paperback as well as ebook! Hope that you'll enjoy it!
Jody Hedlund HI Jackie,
Yes each of the books can be read as standalones, meaning each story is complete unto itself. If possible, I'd read them in order (starting with the free novella). However, if you can't read them in order, you'll still get a complete story with each one and totally be able to understand what's going on.
Jody Hedlund Hi Anna,
Each of my YA books has a different theme of chivalry. For example in A Daring Sacrifice, the theme of the book is about sacrificing for those you love. In For Love & Honor, the theme is how to honor people above yourself. In An Uncertain Choice the theme is learning to have courage in a variety of circumstances. And in A Loyal Heart, the main theme has to do with learning what true loyalty entails. Hope that helps!
Jody Hedlund Hi Holly,
Yes, I'm definitely planning on writing more YA books! I have another series in the works similar to the Uncertain Choice Series. Look for it in the upcoming year! :-)
Jody Hedlund Hi Haley,
I'm so glad to hear that The Uncertain Choice series is one of your favorites! Love that! And yes, there will be more YA books! I've been working hard at writing another series. Hope to have more news about it soon!
Jody Hedlund Hi Jena,
Thanks for the sweet words! My inspiration for my books comes from a lot of different places--from biographies, history textbooks, incidents and events from the past, etc. I love exploring and reading which helps store up lots of ideas in my mind! Then when I start writing, all of those ideas are like little grains of yeast that grow into something even bigger and better.
Jody Hedlund Hi Barb, Yes, this is going to be a series centered around three orphaned sisters. Currently I have plans to write three books, but of course that could always expand into more (as it did with my lighthouse series!). Thanks for reading my books!!
Jody Hedlund Hi Alena,
The ending of A Daring Sacrifice is like An Uncertain Choice with some foreshadowing of what will happen in the next book. Sir Collin is married and now he's going off to help Sir Bennet (who is in trouble in For Love and Honor). You'll find out exactly what kind of trouble and how Sir Collin and Sir Derrick come to Bennet's aid when you read the next book (releasing in March). Hope you'll enjoy it!
Jody Hedlund Hi Barb! Yes, it's very true that a 5th and final book in the series is releasing in January of 2017. I've had SO much fun writing this series and wanted to share one last story. This book will involve Nathaniel Winthrop III (who is Victoria Cole's fiance in Forever Safe). Since Nathaniel was rejected, I thought he deserved a happily ever after of his own! Hope you'll enjoy this last book!
Jody Hedlund Hi Jane,
You're definitely not the first to ask! I'm hoping this will happen. Will keep you posted! :-)
Jody Hedlund Hi Tianna, If you like YA and/or fairy tale-like stories about knights and castles, then I suggest you start by reading An Uncertain Choice or A Daring Sacrifice. If you like historicals based on real people, then you might try The Preacher's Bride or Rebellious Heart. Let me know how it goes and what you end up reading! :-)
Jody Hedlund Love hearing that you're excited about the next book! It was a lot of fun to write so I hope that you'll have just as much fun reading it! :-) I generally don't have time to do interviews, but if you want to check back with me closer to the release date, I can update you on my schedule!
Jody Hedlund Hi Irene from Greece! Yes, Sir Bennet definitely deserves his chance at happily ever after! His story is releasing in March of 2017. It's called For Love and Honor. Watch for a cover reveal soon!
Jody Hedlund I have many different favorite book series! In the YA genre I recently read and liked the Ruby Red trilogy. I also am waiting to read the second book in the Ember in the Ashes series. Loved the first book. For adult contemporary, I'm just finishing Karen Kingsbury's Angels Walking series. I'm also reading Becky Wade's Porter Family series.
Jody Hedlund Hi Heidi,
Thank you so much for reading my knight series! I love hearing that it made you laugh and cry! Yes, there is definitely going to be a third book in the series. It releases next March 2017. I hope that you'll enjoy it just as much as the others! :-)

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