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Margaret C. Sullivan Hi there! Yes, I do have plans to publish some of them (including The Firstborn), so I'd rather not have the listing done right now if that's okay. Some will always stay on the website, though...and I'll be redoing that one of these days as well. *sigh* Thanks for reading and asking!
Margaret C. Sullivan Oooh, I just saw this. I have many plans (like Emma, very good lists) to put this back up. It was originally published by a small publisher that decided to discontinue its author program (they still publish public domain ebooks).

But I'm on vacation in a couple of weeks and getting TMBM republished is on my list of Things To Accomplish!

And if you want a paperback copy, let me know. I have a few stashed away.
Margaret C. Sullivan Hi, Kirk! I apologize for not having seen this before.

You can read my answer to Amy Dashwood above...I'm working on several things, off and on, mostly off! I need to stop being lazy and get to work! They are all fiction, and most are inspired by Jane Austen, at this time mostly Northanger Abbey. Everything I'm working on now is fiction. That is really my main interest--the two non-fiction books sort of fell in my lap. But I really want to concentrate on the fiction now.
Margaret C. Sullivan did I not see these before? Yikes. Okay! I will answer now!

I am always planning to write more books. Like Emma Woodhouse, I have very good lists and excellent intentions. I also have a full-time job and other interests and I'm trying really hard to finish one, I swear. ;-)

Everything I'm working on now is fiction. Some are Austen-related and some are not, though most of them are. The two that are holding the most interest for me at the moment are inspired by Northanger Abbey. So expect more Mr. Tilney. And his dogs. I am always interested in the dogs.

I would share some if I were closer to actually finishing something! I don't wish to raise expectations too much. It does motivate me to know people are looking for something, though. Thanks so much for the kind words. :-) I hope we still get to meet at the JASNA AGM in a couple of weeks.

Also, November is coming...though I've never managed to "win" NaNoWriMo yet. But there's a first time for everything.

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