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Janet Nichols Lynch Nearly finished is my new young adult historical, COMMIE PINKO, about a teen's life in the fifties. It’s 1958, the Cold War is on, and McCarthyism causes ordinary citizens to be suspected of treason. In Berkeley, California, fourteen-year-old Donna is happily organizing the Richie Valens Fan Club, when her father, a physics professor at the University of California, comes under investigation by the FBI. Her rebellious older sister, Alice, joins a group of beatniks before she is mysteriously whisked away from the family. Meanwhile, the sisters’ mother suffers a nervous breakdown and must be hospitalized. It is up to Donna to find Alice and to defend her father when he faces possible arrest. On May 13, 1960, at the San Francisco House Un-American Activities Committee hearing, Donna is caught between angry demonstrators and militant police in a dangerous conflict that ignites a decade of protest.
Janet Nichols Lynch Work on what engages you the most. It will automatically surface, and then you just start jotting down your thoughts about it. Don't worry about market.
Janet Nichols Lynch I get to do what I love best.
Janet Nichols Lynch No, thanks. I'd rather think for myself.
Janet Nichols Lynch There are many, but Gatsby and Daisy come to mind because they are trying to hold onto their past, but are utterly doomed.
Janet Nichols Lynch I don't believe there is any such thing as writer's block. If you can't put words down, then it simply means you don't know enough about what you're writing. Do some research or pre-writing which explores character, situation, or plot. I never stare at an empty screen. I always know what I'm going to write before I write it, although I learn through the writing how it is going to turn out.
Janet Nichols Lynch Simply, I can not not write. I have to do it.
Janet Nichols Lynch I wanted teens today to know what it was like growing up in the 1960s like I did. I didn't live in San Francisco like my protagonist Joanne, but my friends and I would go there (from Sacramento) any chance we got, sometimes to go "hippie hunting." MY BEAUTIFUL HIPPIE is purely fiction, but Joanne's sensibility and world view is much like mine was as a teen.

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