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Cherie Priest In fact, there's another unrelated project in the pipeline right now - a haunted house story set in New Orleans, with a large section of comic content, just like IAPX :) I'd tell you the title, but I think it's actually going to change; but I think it's slated for next fall.
Cherie Priest They don't hurt...? They make me feel like I'm making progress, at any rate.
Cherie Priest Hi there! And thanks for reading, of course :) Indeed, there is a second (unrelated) YA book in the works with Scholastic, presently slated for fall of next year. It's called THE AGONY HOUSE, and although it's not connected to Princess X, it will also have a running comic element.
Cherie Priest Hey there, and there is *one* more Kilgore Jones story - called simply, "The Heavy." It was published in Apex Digest #12, then reprinted in the anthology Bewere The Night (2011). I love the character, and will likely use him in the future :)
Cherie Priest I hope not! Seattle was very kind to me. But it was also a convenient place for me to set a desolate urban landscape - complete with some very weird true history for me to play with. I lived there at the time when I wrote Boneshaker, and knew the terrain pretty well. It lended itself nicely to a mini-apocalypse :)
Cherie Priest Aw, thank you so much - and my apologies for taking so long to get to this comment. (I don't log on to Goodreads terribly often ... I'm trying to get better about it.)

There are in fact a few famous historic figures I'd like to tackle, but since some things are up in the air right now, I can't really talk about them :)
Cherie Priest Thanks for the suggestion - but it's trickier than it sounds. When I did it strictly by pub date, people were even MORE confused ... so I've grouped them into sections for series, and that seems to work better. But not for everyone, apparently? My apologies on that point.
Cherie Priest It was actually an in-house project. I essentially auditioned for the chance to write it :)
Cherie Priest All of them! The first scary stories I ever heard were Biblical in nature (strict early upbringing, natch) ... after that, the classics (because literature was allowed): Dracula, F. Marion Crawford, Joseph Sheriden LeFanu, etc. etc. etc.

Later, I discovered video games. I'm a big fan of survival horror, even now. Any Silent Hill, Resident Evil; the first two Dead Space games; the Alien franchise; and more recently Until Dawn. That one was different, but pretty good.
Cherie Priest He's a long-haired north Georgia random dog. Which is to say, he was born in a tractor trailer lot, somewhere in Catoosa there's kind of no telling, except that the lot was using Great Pyrenees pooches for guard dogs, so we figure one of them was probably his daddy.

Or to put it another way, we met him at a shelter :)
Cherie Priest So far as I know, there are no graphic novels planned. My apologies!
Cherie Priest Dreadful Skin is a collection of three novellas/novelettes: The Wreck of the Mary Byrd, Halfway to Holiness, and Our Lady of the Wasteland and the Hallelujah Chorus.Together, they make up one larger story - more or less.

Cherie Priest Nope. Wrote it quite quickly, actually - in just a few months. Sometimes it works like that; there's really no telling. It varies from project to project.

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