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Lynne Golding I love the feeling of creating something and I love the places the creation takes me.

And there is the whole feeling of escaping. As I've said, there were days when work was hard; the kids were demanding; my husband was away; and I thought: just get me back to 1912.

On days like that whether it was research, writing, or editing, I loved being back in the time and with the characters I was then writing about.
Lynne Golding I got the idea to write the Beneath the Alders series from the stories my great aunt told me about her life in the last century. She was 100 when I helped her move back to Peel County in 2003. I'd visit her every week and she would tell me stories about her life.

She was still quite lucid then and enjoyed telling me stories about her life. In around 2005, I suggested to her that I needed to write down those stories. “Yes,” she said, “you should.”

Then while I was looking for a topic to write about it occurred to me that I might be able to do something with her stories. “Jessie,” I said, “I should write a book about your stories.” “Yes,” she said, “you should.”

As the years went on Jessie became less lucid; the stories she told receded further and further into her younger years and became very repetitive. Eventually I stopped writing them down but by that point I was well on my way with the book of which she is the protagonist.
Lynne Golding I definitely subscribe to the "you can't make this stuff up" notion. Most of my inspiration to write comes from real life and the experiences of those around me (which may, it occurs to me as I write this, have a cooling effect on what my family and friends disclose to me). Hmm...
Lynne Golding I am writing a short story about the experiences of a family member and her mental health and addiction issues. It is a contemporary story written in a contemporary style. It is quite different from the Beneath the Alders series!
Lynne Golding It depends when I get the block. If I have not written in a while, then I find I have to reread a chapter or two to get the creative juices flowing again.

But if I am in the process of writing and I get blocked, then I find there is nothing better than taking a good walk. All sorts of things fall into place as I walk along!

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