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“Quick reminder that you can see all my upcoming books at labeled as "Reissued edition" or "First Time in Print." :-)” Lori Foster

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Lori Foster Thank you so much, Jessica! I'm flattered.
Cade's brother, Reyes, is actually a gym owner who is also very talented at MMA. I haven't yet written that book, and I never plot too far in advance, so I'm not sure how much MMA will play into it. There will be 3 books total in that series.
After that, I may return to the MMA world, but I just don't know yet. Sorry! Honestly, I'm a seat of my pants writer who sort of does thing on the fly depending on what characters are speaking to me most, and then I pretty much do whatever it is they want me to. lol. They call the shots far more than I do. ;-)
I hope you enjoy Cade's book, as well as the book for his brother and sister! Thank you again.
Lori Foster Yes, ma'am! The title is SAY NO TO JOE?
It's the 1st in the Visitation series. You can see the entire series on my website here:
All of those books have been reissued before, so if you click on the current cover, then scroll down, it will also show you previous covers so you can ensure you don't already own them.
Lori Foster Hey Barbara. First, thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed Cooper's Charm and I appreciate that you visit on FB. Brenda Novak is a very awesome person. :-)
I first published in 1996. I'd been writing about 5 years before I finally sold, so I've been in the game a while. ;-)
I chose romance because once I started reading it, I was hooked!
Hope you have an amazing day.
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Lori Foster Good morning. YES! But there's was a secondary story included in the book JAMIE.
SAY NO TO JOE? started the Visitation series that included Joe's story, then THE SECRET LIFE OF BRYAN, WHEN BRUCE MET CYN, JUST A HINT-CLINT, and then JAMIE. You see Alyx and Scott through those books as they get closer, and then they wrap up in Jamie's romance. You can see all the books (with original covers & the most recently reissued covers) on my website under "Connected books," and then "Visitation." A direct link is here:
Hope that helps!
Lori Foster Thank you, Angelina. I also love the fighting, but I wasn't sure about the mass audience. Many women aren't interested in that part of things. ;-)
All my upcoming books are here:
That includes THE SOMERSET GIRLS, a new trade book out May 19.
Then JAX, a new Buckhorn benefit book, out June 1.
Currently I'm touching up the first in a new mass market series, The McKenzies of Ridge Trail, with the book title as CADE. :-)
Happy reading!
Lori Foster Good morning, Ivamarie,
I'm so sorry you didn't enjoy the book. It's a truth that no writer can produce books that are liked by all the readers, all of the time.
That said, the characters come to me fully formed - just as do friends - with good and bad qualities. I don't try to curtail them. They're contemporary characters who, yes, often use curse words.
In fact, I think a great many of my characters do the same, just as an FYI because no reader should waste her time reading books she won't enjoy. Life is too short and there's enough variety for everyone. :-)
I hope the next book you choose is more to your liking.
Happy reading!
Lori Foster Morning, Melissa!
It's a crazy-long, loosely connected universe. :-)
It started with the Men of Honor series.
From that series, Trace showed up in the Love Undercover series - because in Bare It All, Alice (from the MoH series) is a heroine.
Then Cannon from the Love Undercover series launched the Ultimate series with the first book, No Limits.
The Ultimate series carried over the Body Armor series.

In the Ultimate series, you also get some cameos from the previous fighter group, the SBC series.

Hope that all makes sense! :-) Any other questions, just let me know!
Lori Foster Good morning, Debbie! The newest generation of SBC fighters, in my Ultimate series, *are* available in audio. Here's an example of the first book, NO LIMITS, with order links for digital, print, large print and audio:

The earlier fighter series: - with Dean, Simon, Harley, Michael and Drew, were published earlier on in my career by a different publisher. I'll ask them if they have any plans to get those done in audio and if I find out anything I'll post it here!

Thanks so much for the interest!
Lori Foster Yes, they're the same book. The additional page count is probably due to my publisher putting the previous benefit book in the back as bonus content.
* These novellas are my benefit books, where all advance & royalties go to the no-kill animal shelter,
Hope that helps & thank you!
Lori Foster Thanks so much, Nick! I'm so glad you enjoyed the series. As of right now, I don't have any plans to continue BODY ARMOR - but I never say never. There is that one lingering character... (don't want to spoil anything for people who haven't read it yet). ::grin::
However, I'm currently having a great time with two brand new series featuring new characters and settings. ROAD TO LOVE features couriers ala Transporter. ::bobbing my eyebrows:::
And LOVE AT THE RESORT centers around an RV/resort setting.
You can see all my series here:
Thank you again!
Lori Foster Good morning, Tiffany - and THANK YOU!
I love hearing from happy readers.

Fast Burn was officially the last in that series. Whew. As you may know, The Men of Honor series trickled over into the Love Undercover series that trickled over to the Ultimate series and led to the Body Armor series. I've been with those characters for a while now and I find it's time for us to part. ;-)
I'm starting all fresh and new with the Road to Love series: & the Love at the Resort series:
Still very Alpha, kick-ass men but with all new settings and friends.
I've got my fingers and toes crossed that you'll enjoy them all!

Thanks again, and happy reading.!
Lori Foster The industry has changed so much, I'm not really up on the process for getting published anymore. Waaaaay back when, 1996 or so when I finally sold, an agent wasn't necessary. In fact, it was almost impossible to find a good agent until after you'd sold. But honestly, that could be different now. What *I* do, and what a new author would do, is vastly different.

You can always look up querying criteria for various publishers. Some will specify agented material only. Some may say requested material only.
"Requested" could mean that you've met an editor at a conference, pitched your idea, and she was interested enough to ask you to send it to her.

For anyone looking to write romance, I very strongly recommend RWA - Romance Writers of America. Far more so than I do, they keep up with industry changes.
Best of luck to you - and sorry I couldn't be of more help.
Lori Foster Good morning, Cintia,
Wow. I wish I had some good advice, but I don't. Motivation to write is such a personal thing. I think you either are, or you aren't.
Everything you said is true - it's very tough to get published, most get rejected, and a lot of people are submitting manuscripts.
You have to believe in yourself, have to be inspired by a story that you *need* to tell, and have to trust that you can defy the odds.
But again, that's an internal thing and no one else can do that for you.
I wish you lots of luck!
Lori Foster Good morning, Debbie! I don't have a single master list, but I do have a page on my website that breaks down series and gives you their order, plus tells you if they're related to other series.
Hope that's helpful!
Thanks. :-)
Lori Foster Hi Debbie,
Apologies for the delayed response. I was checking on the correct answer before replying. You see, that sort of thing is up to my publisher - it's not something I control. What I learned is that the publisher is actively working to get the stories in audiobook format but don't as yet have a definitive date on when that might happen.
I'm so sorry that I couldn't give you a more concrete answer. :-(
I'll try to post on my website home page when it does happen!
Many, many thanks for your interest - and we can hope it happens soon!
Big hugs,
Lori Foster Hi Tracey,
Thank you for the question, and the interest. Oh, how I'd love to. :-) I get to NY every so often, usually when my publisher has me there for some reason. I wish I could promise to visit soon, but my life is going to be pretty chaotic in the upcoming year. This post on my blog explains some of the super-fun, but very busy things I have going on.
So the short answer is, if my publisher had me there, I'd be there. Otherwise, it'll probably be a year or more before I get to NY again.
Thanks again, and have a wonderful weekend!
Lori Foster The dog scratched frantically at the door, wanting back in. Smiling, she turned the knob - but the frothing, snarling creature that burst inside was not her pet.

Lori Foster Hi Cait! Thanks for the interest, and for collecting my books. :-D
I've been to NY many, many times and I assume I'll be there again... I just don't know when yet. Basically, I go wherever my publisher sends me.
You can always check my event calendar on my website for all upcoming signings.
I'm sorry I don't have any specifics right now for NY.
Thanks again!
Lori Foster Hi Roberta! First, thank you for being a reader. :-) I appreciate that bunches!
Now, California... it's sooo far away for me. I've been, but not lately. I believe the RWA (Romance Writers of America) convention will be in Denver for 2018, and as of right now, I'm planning to be there for that. It's not Cali, but it's closer than I usually get. ;-)
Also, in 2020, I think the con is in San Francisco, so...
That's too far ahead for me to plan, but it's possible.
For the most part, I go wherever my publisher sends me. Hope that helps.
Thank you again! :-)
Lori Foster Thank you so, so much, Denise!
I'm so glad you enjoyed the characters and plots. :-)
Yes, some day I'd love to write a story for Colt - but I feel like he needs to grow up a little first.
If I do a story for him, it won't be for a while. I currently have a new trade series planned, and a new mass market series. So I'd need to write all those first before I can start planning anything else.
Basically, I'll wait until Colt tells me he's old enough, and then shares with me his story. ;-)
In the meantime, happy reading - and thank you again for the interest.

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