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S.F. Benson Blood, thick and fetid, covered every surface and made the woman gag—like inhaling in a butcher shop after a fresh kill. The sharp knife with the slick hilt resting in her hand troubled her but not as much as the creature in front of her screaming, "Run!"
S.F. Benson Good question. There are so many worlds out there to discover. I just finished reading The Alchemists of Loom by Elise Kova. Her world might be interesting to investigate. There's magic with a different type of dragon all in a steampunk setting. I'd also probably like to check out Sarah J. Maas's world from A Court of... (fill in whichever book you like from the trilogy).

What would I do once there? Ask questions. Observe. Learn how things work.
S.F. Benson Keep writing. It may be a minor issue (something not right in my plot or something not true to my character) which I can figure out if I stay with it. Other times, I let one of my numerous ideas see the light of day. I'll write as much as I can and put it aside. Sure enough, the original problem is clear and I can go back to what I was working on. When all else fails? I take a shower. Seriously! There's something about the warm flowing water that allows my thoughts to flow.
S.F. Benson I love asking the question 'what if'. Being a writer allows me to answer the question and entertain others at the same time.
S.F. Benson Don't stop writing! If you have the urge to write, don't let anyone tell you to give it up. Educate yourself. Learn how to be a great writer. Surround yourself with people who support your dream. Read good fiction. Never give up.
S.F. Benson Quite a few things. I'm revising book two of the Alliance Chronicles, and planning book three of the trilogy. I'll be revising an urban fantasy I wrote during NaNoWriMo 2015 next month.
S.F. Benson I've always done some form of writing. As a kid, I loved writing stories--even wrote my own soap opera. In high school, I was the co-editor of our school newspaper. I was a communications and journalism student in college, but took creative writing classes too. After I graduated, I dabbled in writing, but nothing took off. When I quit my zillionith job, my husband encouraged me to do what I really wanted to do--write.
S.F. Benson It all came from a dream about two years ago. I wrote down the details in a notebook, but didn't think any more about it until November 2014 when I entered NaNoWriMo.

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