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“Happy to answer questions about my books, other books, getting published, series writing vs. stand alone book…I'm happy to discuss anything readers and/or writers want to know!” MaryJanice Davidson

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MaryJanice Davidson While I don't have a contract to write another book, I certainly wouldn't say no to the chance! :-)
MaryJanice Davidson Some of them are books from my winter reading list that I never got around to. I'm pretty eclectic, so "Bakeless Sweets" and "The Time Traveller's Guide to Restoration Britain" are on the same list, along with Razor Girl (by Carl Hiaason) and The Food Lab. I'm also looking forward to Neil Gaiman's "Norse Mythology" and the new Philippa Gregory, "The Last Tudor".

I friggin' love to read. :-)
MaryJanice Davidson The mystery of how someone could graduate with a C+ average, skip college, but somehow still end up on the best-seller list! ;-)
MaryJanice Davidson Sure, it's called LOVE'S PRISONER and it's in Secrets, Volume 6. You can order it on amazon or Barenes and, your local bookstore can order it, or you can get it directly from the publisher, Red Sage Publications. Hope this helps!
MaryJanice Davidson I agree, Betsy can definitely be a bit much! But I'm glad you're enjoying the series so far. Right now I'm working on a new book in my reincarnation trilogy, DEJA NEW, as well as my time travel book, A CONTEMPORARY SMARTASS AT THE COURT OF HENRY VIII. Needless to say, I'm having fun!
MaryJanice Davidson Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. What they's just magical.
MaryJanice Davidson Sorry, Carrie, I've got no plans to revisit Ireland and the gang anytime soon. But my whole backlist is on my FB page, and I've written dozens of stories and books about various paranormal characters (mermaids, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, etc.). Check it out, you might find something else you like!
MaryJanice Davidson Oh! Thanks very much for clarifying. You're right, I didn't answer her question. Must have needed a nap that day. It fits in *after* the third Fred book, FISH OUT OF WATER. Sorry you had to track me down again!
MaryJanice Davidson What was Theresa's question? It only shows me the questions, not who asked them. Could you be more specific, please?
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MaryJanice Davidson It means that in her own blundering, incompetent way, Betsy changed the timeline, thus saving Sinclair from becoming The Book of the Dead. :-)
MaryJanice Davidson No, I don't think so. If he'd ever crossed her path when she was a human, he probably would have found her amusing for a while, then forgotten her. So thank goodness she got run over by that Aztec, huh? :-)
MaryJanice Davidson Honestly? Whatever's on sale and feels great. I love DSW (Discount Shoe Warehouse) and even after years of making a nice living (thanks to my readers!) I still feel weird dropping $300 for a pair of designer shoes. Beverly Feldmans are probably my favorite; you feel like you're getting a lot for your money (so many different fun designs and styles!). It's possible to drop $500 on a pair of Christian Loubouton black kitten heels and you've kitten heels. Beautiful black kitten heels, but still: what did your $500 pay for, exactly? (I know: this is all Betsy blasphemy.)
MaryJanice Davidson October 2015! Then there's just one more Undead and the series is over! But I've got lots of other books in mind. (Take that as a promise or a threat, I guess?)
MaryJanice Davidson She went back to Boston. No worries, we haven't seen the last of her, or the Boy Blunder.
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MaryJanice Davidson I don't *think* you're totally crazy.... I'll have to check, if his name changed it was my mistake and no one else's...and no reflection on your sanity!
MaryJanice Davidson I would love to, but I no longer write for that publisher, and my editor there passed away a few years ago. It's hard talking a new publisher into picking up a series from an old one. That said, never say never...I would love to do an all-Alaskan Royals anthology, and at least one more single title book about Prince Nicky. :-)
MaryJanice Davidson Yes, there are 2 more. UNDEAD AND UNFORGIVEN, out summer 2015, and the last of the series, UNDEAD AND UNTITLED. (Temp name, as it's not actually titled yet.)

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