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Cynthia Fridsma To be honest, I partly use my own real life experience in my books. Like when one of my main characters, Sybil Crewes, refers to herself that she's a digital dinosaur--I'm a digital dinosaur. And the computer knowledge from my main character, Felicity Walker, is my computer knowledge.

In one of my books I describe sexual abuse, which happened to me back in the days.
Cynthia Fridsma I looked in the mirror. My hair... it's gray!
Cynthia Fridsma Hey Ravi, I'm sorry for my late reaction but yes, I also compose music on my guitar. But I also like to play songs from various artists like Heather Nova, Jimi Hendrix, Gene Vincent etc. ;-)
Cynthia Fridsma I simply stop trying to write. I take my guitar and play for a while, or I go for a walk. After I've a fresh mind, I read what I wrote so far and then the words popped in my head to write a new chapter or to end the story.
Cynthia Fridsma You can create your own world, visualize your thoughts in words and share it with other people.
Cynthia Fridsma I would say, never give up. Start writing what comes in your mind, read it back. Delete and edit your story. Let it read to others and listen to their advice. Keep an open mind for critics.
Cynthia Fridsma I'm currently working on my second novel, The Black Widow. This is a sequel to my first novel and starts on April 15, 2013 in Boston during the terrible terrorist attack on the Boston Marathon. I saw the news broadcast and made me puke. I don't understand why manics/terrorists do such horrible things to innocent bystanders.
Cynthia Fridsma I got my inspiration partly from the news and from what I see on the street. If I think that it's an interesting story, then I'll do my research and start writing about it.
Cynthia Fridsma I've to admit that I'm a huge fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but I wonder how it would be if the Vampire Slayer was actually a 263 old vampire. And what if vampires just could walk during the day, without sparkles, and Holy objects can't kill vampires? And why shouldn't a vampire use modern weapons to fight evil? And if they fight evil, then why wouldn't they work together with an Anti-Terrorist Unit? These questions resulted in my first novel.

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