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Alyssa Palombo Hi Rusty! Thanks so much for reading THE VIOLINIST OF VENICE; I'm so thrilled to hear you enjoyed it! My third novel, THE SPELLBOOK OF KATRINA VAN TASSEL, will be out October 2nd, and while music is not a focus of that book, it is an element of the story. My fourth novel (which I can't say too much about yet!) is much more in the political realm than the artistic. With all that said, I do have a couple more music-focused novels on the back burner - here's hoping that my publisher wants to publish those at some point in the future!
Alyssa Palombo 1.) Read in all genres, not just the one you hope to write in (though I hope it goes without saying that you should read very widely in the genre you yourself write).

2.) If you want to be a writer, start now, today, and get in the habit of making time in your day to devote to writing. I think a lot of people put off starting a writing project because they think a day will come when they'll have a lot of extra time to get started. This day will never come; there will always be something to fill your time, and so if writing is important to you and is something you want to pursue, the perfect moment is now.

3.) Find some critique partners (or even just one!) who gets your work and whose feedback you really trust. Having another set of eyes on your manuscript can be invaluable.

4.) Along the lines of the above, get comfortable with constructive criticism. If a critique partner/beta reader has nothing but good things to say about your work, while that may be nice to hear, it isn't really helpful. All work can be improved upon. I am personally very excited when I get constructive criticism from my critique partners, my agent, and my editor; I am excited to find ways to make my story better, and outside readers can often see those things in a way that the writer sometimes can't.
Alyssa Palombo I can't really sit around and wait for inspiration to strike - as an author who also has a full-time day job, I have to sit myself down in whatever time I have available and get to work. I definitely do take days off here and there, though, and it's very important to me to take breaks in between projects or in between drafts to a) avoid getting burned out and b) to refill the creative well. Resting and consuming other art is how you're able to stay fresh, inspired, and come up with new ideas.
Alyssa Palombo I'm currently finishing up my research for my fourth novel, which I can't say too much about yet :) Then I'll be doing a revision of it before turning it in to my editor this summer. Hopefully soon I should be able to share more about it!

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