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The Last Hours #2

Chain of Iron

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Cordelia Carstairs seems to have everything she ever wanted. She’s engaged to marry James Herondale, the boy she has loved since childhood. She has a new life in London with her best friend, Lucie Herondale, and James’s charming companions, the Merry Thieves. She is about to be reunited with her beloved father. And she bears the sword Cortana, a legendary hero’s blade.

But the truth is far grimmer. James and Cordelia’s marriage is a lie, arranged to save Cordelia’s reputation. James is in love with the mysterious Grace Blackthorn, whose brother, Jesse, died years ago in a terrible accident. Cortana burns Cordelia’s hand when she touches it, while her father has grown bitter and angry. And a serial murderer is targeting the Shadowhunters of London, killing under cover of darkness, then vanishing without a trace.

Together with the Merry Thieves, Cordelia, James, and Lucie must follow the trail of the knife-wielding killer through the city’s most dangerous streets. All the while, each is keeping a shocking secret: Lucie, that she plans to raise Jesse from the dead; Cordelia, that she has sworn a dangerous oath of loyalty to a mysterious power; and James, that he is being drawn further each night into the dark web of his grandfather, the arch-demon Belial. And that he himself may be the killer they seek.

656 pages, Hardcover

First published March 2, 2021

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Cassandra Clare

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"Cassandra Clare was born overseas and spent her early years traveling around the world with her family and several trunks of fantasy books. Cassandra worked for several years as an entertainment journalist for the Hollywood Reporter before turning her attention to fiction. She is the author of City of Bones, the first book in the Mortal Instruments trilogy and a New York Times bestseller. Cassandra lives with her fiance and their two cats in Massachusetts."

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January 31, 2023
[2nd read]: 5⭐
"You cannot save people who do not want to be saved. You can only stand by their side and hope that when they wake and realize they need saving, you will be there to help them."

ohmygodd finishing my reread just in time, the very last moment we will know peace before COT... also that ending will forever be so frustrating. COI 🤝 miscommunication

[1st read]: Original Review, 5⭐

Tell me, what do I say? What do I say about this masterpiece?

I would change nothing. And I mean nothing. actually maybe just that bloody ending *sobs*


No, this is true torture. She really fooled us smh this book hurt so much.

The secrets, the lies, everything was painful. I don’t like having my heart torn into pieces.

There are so many ways to destroy me, ah I shouldn’t have been surprised that Cassie was able to do it again -- and in the most unbelievable way possible considering where I stood last book.

My queen is ruthless :’)

(🛑There shall be SPOILERS from Chain of Gold...you have been warned.🛑)


"When you want something very much, you are willing to accept the shadow of that thing."

"Even if it is just a shadow."

That line is the embodiment of p a i n. *sobs*

Oh Cordelia, how my love has grown for her. Imagine marrying the love of your life, but not actually marrying him, yet suffering through it with determination and not yielding to that pain. My respect 📈

And to add on to that, you know that he's in love with someone else that isn't you. I don't know how she endured that, especially when James here would continue making stupid mistakes.

But of course, it's not his fault. As we all know, it's because of that cursed bracelet that's making him feel that way. That bracelet that Grace gave to him -- orders given to her by Tatiana Blackthorn, the true monster here.

Cordelia's strength and kindness is so awe-inspiring. Throughout the book she continued to amaze me sdfsdfsadf I seriously love her so much -- and that's exactly why it pained me so much to see her in pain. but that was me with everyone here, so ig that's nothing new *cries*

And that dangerous oath of loyalty to the mysterious power she swore herself too...ohmygodd guys I'm so shook. I'm telling you that if you guess what and who it is, you are a scary genius -- but I have to say that I don't think anyone's going to guess it. It's truly something none of us could've imagined, so be ready.


"I believe what he means to say is that it cannot be the responsibility of one's friends to prevent one from doing something one believes is right."

"It is, however, the job of one's friends to rescue one from the consequences of one's actions when it all goes skew-whiff."

Ahhh James Herondale, he really does give one of the best speeches known to humanity. I must say though, I did not like him in book 1 and could not possibly compare him to Will -- now though, omg he's stolen my heart and I would die for him.

It can't be helped that the bracelet has bewitched him into 'loving' Grace. And watching him and Cordelia together in their fake marriage...ohmygod my heart-

I've been converted to Team Jordelia. *le gasp* I know, practically everything I said/thought in my Chain of Gold review has totally changed. Where I once was totally Team Fairstairs...ahh I must betray my fellow friends. Jamie and Cordelia is so sweet and wholesome🥺



"I know what it is to be in pain, and not to be able to seek comfort from the one you love most, not to be able to share that pain with anyone you know."

And that brings me to my cinnamon roll, Matthew Fairchild. All I want is for Matthew to be happy. He doesn't need to be in a romantic relationship or anything -- I just want him to find his happiness and be able to forgive himself. Please, Matthew. but with how Cassie's like, I don't believe thats going to happen *sobs*

The Matthew and Cordelia moments also broke my heart. They both could relate to so many things ughhh and this was where I'd be cheering for Fairstairs, but in the end, I say that it's better off with the two being friends -- not lovers.

But why does Matthew continue to destroy pieces of my soul?? The way he hides away his grief and suffering with witty and dramatic comments...and with his consumption of alcohol omggg I'm so so scared. This really isn't going to end well.😭 He needs help and I pray that he finds that help.

My cinnamon roll needs all the love in the world.


"I remember what it is to be hot or cold. To want things. To need things. All those things are real for me again, as nothing else has been real to me since I died--except for you."

sdfdsfd that is so beautiful. When I say Cassie wasn't holding back on the feels, I truly mean that. It's like she's setting up everything for all of it then to come crashing down on us in the last book-

WAIT, SHE PROBABLY IS DOING THAT ON PURPOSE. That monster Her plan is working *sobs* I'm not ready. I'm not ready. I'm not ready.

Lucie has grown so much in this book, although it pains me to see her keeping so many secrets from the others. No longer is she being kept from the action as she was before, but now her mission, along with Grace, is to bring Jesse back from the dead and give him the life he deserves.

However, while I did ship Lucie and Jesse in the Chain of Gold, my amazing friend, Sofia brought up a good point about how bland Jesse is.

And I see that now. There really isn't anything at all that's really amazing about him. He's just...a ghost? He's kind to Grace? Hmmm maybe I'll love him more in the next book. Watching those two together was so beautiful and heartbreaking, though.🤧

But I will say this -- Lucie needs no man. She's the strong and independent girl I love <3


"If there was one thing she couldn't bear, it was other people having expectations. She would always disappoint them."

And here's another opinion I had in CoG that's changed now:

I LOVE Grace.

You're probably wondering how? or maybe you weren't blinded by rage bc of the gracelet and could see past all of it unlike me

Grace really is the victim here. Her parents were killed when she was so young and then after being sent to live with the devil Tatiana Blackthorn, she was never cared for or loved by anyone, except for Jesse and he died-

That is just so devastating, I can't imagine how terrible that is. And look at how corrupt and vicious Tatiana is...and then just imagine living in the same household as that demon . *shudder* The horror.

And then when you have Cassie giving you Grace's POV and more of her background story/secrets...oh come on, I really can't see how one would still despise her after learning all that. The true monster who needs to die is Tatiana. Let me just reaffirm though that this doesn't excuse any of the horrible actions Grace has made beforehand, but really I do believe she deserves a redemption arc and hopefully it's handled well. Such a morally grey character !!

Also, I'm so shipping Kit and Grace -- they're literally perfect for each other ohmygod I seriously just had a goofy smile on my face reading their scenes. Grace is so confused with Kit's honesty and innocence sdfsfsfs I love it. They couldn't be more perfect for each other.

I just have to share this scene-
"You don't seem that surprised," Grace observed.

"On the contrary. I've never heard of transferring a rune between Shadowhunters—"

"No, I meant—" Grace wished she hadn't said anything. "I only meant that you didn't seem surprised to see me put a rune on myself."

"Why would I be?" Christopher asked, obviously confused. "You're a Shadowhunter. It's what we do."

Grace's heart sank. Now Christopher probably thought she was completely peculiar—and for some reason, that bothered her.

(okay, i'll stop now)


"I am nothing like you, Thomas, because you are one of the better people I have ever known. You have a kind nature and a heart like some knight out of a legend. Brave and proud and true and strong. All of it. And all the time you have known me, I have been a terrible person."

So, you see. We are nothing at all alike."


This is exactly what I mean. She cannot stop making me feel this way.

ThomasxAlastair moments were so sweet.

AriadnexAnna moments were filled with so much longing.

JamesxCordelia moments with so much angst.

GracexKit moments being so adorable and innocent.

LuciexJesse moments...so beautiful and heartbreaking.

My heart cannot take this I-

I truly believe nothing is going to go right in Chain of Thorns . And it doesn't help that this series is called The Last Hours nor does it help that Cassie herself said that the ending of this series is much worse than Clockwork Princess AND I THOUGHT THAT WAS HEARTBREAKINGLY PAINFUL-

*laughs in 'I don't want to die'*

But ignoring that haha i could never, I could go on and on forever with how perfect this book felt to me. The amount of TDA references in this book?!?! ohmygodd it actually just left me shook -- Cassie said that this series interconnects with The Dark Artifices and I so see that now. I'm in awe. Did she really plan all of this beforehand?? She's a witch.

I will never be able to say everything I want to in this review. *cries* Already I'm reaching the word limit dammit. Honestly, if you read all of this I applaud you. It truly is an honor.🥺

Now just one more thing. DONT LOOK AT THE SPOILER TAG IF YOU HAVENT READ COI. Trust me.

So yeah, I can tell that we're all screwed and Cassie is going to be the only one laughing by the end of this.

Death is coming.

Ave atque vale


Eternally thankful to Simon & Schuster Canada for gifting me this ARC in exchange for an honest review. *still screaming*


Update: Feb. 1st,2021:

You know, the thing about finishing this early is that if I do give an overdramatic reaction (bc thats what i always do), people will think the worst, and if i dont give an overdramatic reaction, people won't think the worst.

And I love like to watch people suffer after I've already suffered so I'll say this:

This was a bloody masterpiece and my favourite CC book by far *sobs* I love it.

Have fun my friends🙂

RTC on release date *cackles*


Update: Jan. 28, 2021:



Chain of Gold: ★★★★★
Chain of Iron: ★★★★★
Chain of Thorns: TBD
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Author 8 books74.3k followers
March 3, 2021
Cassandra Clare decidió elegir DOLOR al escribir este libro. Otra vez aquí estoy yo, LLORANDO por el final. Ese último capítulo me dolió en el corazón UGH. NO PUEDE SER CASSANDRA, ES NECESARIO TANTO ANGST???

Después daré un review más coherente (???), pero por ahora les puedo decir que el libro me encantó, pero creo Chain of Gold me gustó todavía más. No sé qué calificación ponerle a este. LO PENSARÉ.
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366 reviews109k followers
March 30, 2021
honestly, how could she
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461 reviews1,205 followers
Want to read
April 13, 2020
Just when you think that you are out of trilogies, don't worry Cass Clare will come up with one every year.
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266 reviews6,190 followers
April 10, 2022
This book stole my heart and I am pressing charges.

Chain of Iron, the second installment in The Last Hours series, takes everything that Chain of Gold did well and adds to it. Layers and layers of character development, mysterious motives, addictive writing style, added to stunning romance and heartbreaking angst. I was literally beaming while reading this book. I felt like my whole body was smiling. There were painful moments, too—many, many painful moments. In fact, the ending made my heart feel like it had been processed through a paper shredder and then stomped on.

This book opens with a murder on the streets of London. Shadowhunters are being killed by a mysterious person—or demon—that is frightening the community. Shadowhunters can no longer go on patrols by themselves. But are these murders connected, or are they simply the product of a killer’s suppressed rage?

While this is happening, Cordelia Carstairs is contemplating her situation. She’s engaged to James Herondale, but it is a false marriage brought about to save her reputation after she sacrificed her social standing to save him from unjust imprisonment. Lucie Herondale is working with Grace Blackthorn, attempting to raise Jesse from the dead in a plot they keep secret from all the others. Matthew Fairchild is struggling with his alcohol addiction and his hatred of himself, despite the love he receives from others. Anna Lightwood and Ariadne Bridgestock are trying to save their love after the heartbreak that happened between them. Thomas Lightwood and Alastair Carstairs have undeniable romantic tension, but neither of them are willing to admit it. Meanwhile, Tatiana Blackthorn is scheming again, and nothing is as it seems…

Cordelia is one of my favorite heroines of all time. She’s probably the best protagonist Cassie Clare has ever written. She’s so insightful and always notices things about people they didn’t know themselves. She puts James’s feelings first, over her love for him, and she doesn’t force him into anything. She knows he loves Grace, and while it pains her and despite her suspicion that he may have been tricked into that love, she accepts him for how he is and doesn’t try to change him. She’s quietly brave, determined, and thoughtful—and actually a strong female character without shoving it in our faces.

James is a character I surprisingly adored in Chain of Iron. I had lukewarm feelings about him in Chain of Gold, simply because he didn’t stand out to me as a very unique character, but I absolutely loved him in this book. I have been converted to a Jordelia shipper. James x Cordelia is my new OTP.
James is so wonderful because he’s more mild than typical CC love interests like Jace and Will. He feels deeply, he cares about others in a quiet way, he’s relentlessly loyal to Cordelia despite the fact that their marriage is fake. He is the new Sam Cortland. I need a James in my life. He’s so sweet and intuitive and considerate. He has the emotional maturity that so many characters (*cough* Will *cough*) never had.

"Someone who broke your heart is often not the person who can mend it."

Lucie, unfortunately, is not my favorite character anymore. She’s still ambitious, and she’s still witty, but in this book, she starts to hide things from Cordelia, even though they will eventually become parabatai. She has secrets and never really apologizes for hiding them from her family and friends when they could have helped her. Lucie was the only one in this book besides Jesse who had negative character development. She became almost infatuated with Jesse, and got too caught up with her need to live a fairy-tale life to focus on the feelings of her future parabatai.

Jesse is still my least favorite character. He’s just a ghost. He’s very bland and gets angsty at random moments for no reason. There’s nothing interesting about him, besides the fact that he’s dead, which I think is the opposite of intriguing. He and Lucie have romantic tension that comes out of nowhere. I don’t like it. Unlike all the other relationships in this book, CC was forced to tell us that they were romantically interested in each other. There was no build-up, no small, heartwarming moments between the characters. I have a theory about this, which I will share in the spoiler section.

Matthew is such a sweet cinnamon roll. He always acts like he doesn’t care, but he does deep inside. He struggles with feeling like he’s not wanted, or that he’s isolated because of his alcohol addiction. We learned at the end of the first book that he loves Cordelia, and there are so many little moments that bring this to life. I personally don’t ship Fairstairs because I like them better as friends at this point and I ship Jordelia too hard to give it up, but I also have a theory about this, which, again, will be included in the spoiler section.

Cordelia hesitated. "Sometimes," she said, "it is not enough for others to love you. I do not think Matthew loves himself very well."
Lucie's eyes widened. "What is there about him he could possibly not love?" she said.

Grace was one of my least favorite characters in Chain of Gold, but in this book, she’s much better. She has a clear motive and a personality. I’m actually sympathetic towards her. She was forced into this situation by Tatiana. She’s been used her whole life. All she wants is to get her brother back. I still don’t like her, but I appreciate her as a character.

All of the characters in Chain of Iron were perfect. They were fully fleshed-out, each with their own personalities and unique traits. This is the best cast that CC has ever written. I have so much love for each and every character, excluding Jesse.

There was very little plot in the first one hundred pages, but I had no problem with this. This book could be 100% fluff and I would not care. I love the characters so much that the plot was just a nice thing to have on the side. And the plot twist was actually surprising. I didn’t expect it at all.

One thing that stood out was the way the male characters treated Cordelia and Lucie. They respected them but didn’t go out of their way to say “oh, Cordelia, how very strong and female you are” like some characters do, just to emphasize how amazing and independent the women are. They respect the female characters without worshipping them.

As always, Cassie Clare did her research, and Edwardian London was really brought to life in this book. The balls, the dresses, the atmosphere—it was all perfectly written.

🚨🚨🚨This next section includes my predictions for Chain of Thorns, as well as some spoiler-y theories I have about TLH. Proceed with caution.🚨🚨🚨

Major spoilers are marked with a red heart. Minor spoilers are marked with a yellow heart. In-between spoilers are marked with an orange heart.

💛 I think Lucie will become an antiheroine. This theory is very depressing, but the foreshadowing all seems to point to this. She and Cordelia are growing apart and keeping secrets from each other. They were supposed to be parabatai, but Lucie continually puts Jesse ahead of her family and friends. In the previous book, we learned how much Lucie loves stories and fairy-tale endings. She might have wanted to live in her own story, and got so caught up in longing to live that life that she manipulated people. There’s a lot of potential here for a corruption arc.

🧡 I’m guessing that Matthew will be revealed to be in love with James. At the end of both Chain of Gold and Chain of Iron, we saw that he was in love with Cordelia. But Anna said that Matthew prefers "a hopeless love," meaning he only loves people he can't have. And there's not much chemistry between him and Cordelia at all. In fact, there's more chemistry between James and Matthew. That is still a hopeless love, since they’re parabatai, so that's why I think he must be in love with James instead of Cordelia. He’s just projecting it onto Cordelia. I really don’t want another parabatai love triangle, but I’m getting those vibes.

🧡 I also think that Cordelia and Lucie will never become parabatai. There’s too much bad blood between them from the secrets Lucie was hiding related to Jesse, and they just don’t fit together anymore. They have forgiven each other, but I don’t think the tension will ever fully go away.

❤️ I’m guessing that Jesse will become a villain for multiple reasons. First of all, his romance with Lucie was bland and lacked the chemistry that the other romances had. It was rushed and not believable. It came completely out of nowhere. I think that he's actually manipulating Lucie, tricking her into thinking he loves her so he can use her for his own gain. And Lucie will think that she is the one tricking him, using him to get her dashing fairy-tale prince. Second, I believe that Belial corrupted him. He was possessed by Belial and I am choosing to predict that part of the demon is still inside him. I’m guessing that he will be an agent of evil in the future. The betrayal plot twist is too good to pass on.

🚨🚨🚨Spoilers have ended.🚨🚨🚨

5 stars

Chain of Gold review

Chain of Thorns review

"Because," Ariadne said, "when you want something very much, you are willing to accept the shadow of that thing. Even if it is just a shadow."
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1,158 reviews97.9k followers
September 18, 2022

1.) City of Bones ★★★
2.) City of Ashes ★★
3.) City of Glass ★★★
1.) Clockwork Angel ★★★
4.) City of Fallen Angels
2.) Clockwork Prince ★★★★
5.) City of Lost Souls ★★★★
3.) Clockwork Princess ★★★★★
6.) City of Heavenly Fire ★★★★★
*.) The Bane Chronicles ★★★
*.) Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy ★★★
1.) Lady Midnight ★★★★★
2.) Lord of Shadows ★★★★
*.) Ghosts of the Shadow Market ★★★★
3.) Queen of Air and Darkness ★★★★
1.) The Red Scrolls of Magic ★★★★★
1.) Chain of Gold ★★★★★

listen, i love them too, but herondales will forever be the weakest link.

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436 reviews703 followers
March 9, 2023
”My father used to tell me that sometimes you can not reconcile with someone else. Sometimes you have to find that reconciliation on your own. Someone who has broken your heart is often not the person who can mend it.”

How does Cassandra Clare expect me to wait patiently for Chain of Thorns now? Not that I was ever going to wait patiently for it I can be quite impatient lol, but this is pure torture. I am not going to be okay until I have the last book in my hands. After that ending, I need that book so badly.

**there will most likely be some spoilers for Chain of Gold in this review and any spoilers for Chain Of Iron will be marked with this ⚠ **

Set in 1903, after the events of Chain of Gold, Cordelia and James are engaged and set to be married soon. Both of them seem to have everything they want, but the truth is so much more complicated. Their engagement is a sham, arranged to save Cordelia's reputation and James is in love with Grace Blackthorn, whose brother, Jesse, died under mysterious circumstances years ago. Cortana has started to burn Cordelia's hand whenever she wields. And a murderer has started killing Shadowhunters. Together, our cast of characters must discover who the killer is while keeping some shocking secrets from eachother: Lucie plans to raise Jesse from the dead; Cordelia has sworn fealty to a mysterious entity: and James may be the killer we are looking after.

There is so much drama in these books and I'm just here for it. I need that tea. Be warned, I'm most likely going to be just as dramatic.

“You cannot save people who do not want to be saved,” said Magnus. “You can only stand by their side and hope that when they wake up and realize they need saving, you will be there to help them.”

I preferred Chain of Gold over this book, but still this is such an amazing book, one of the best books Cassie has written, in my opinion. I read this book in 2 days. This 600-page monster in 2 days. I just couldn't stop reading. I needed to know what would happen and how would this end. I plan on re-reading this soon as I know there are so many things that I've missed and I also love putting myself through pain. I will probably know this book by heart by the time Chain of Thorns is going to be released.

There are so many elements that she has woven together and she put so much thought in the way she has written this book adding so much foreshadowing for her reveals and plot twists. If you think about it she has hinted at so many things that happened through out the story that just went over our heads while reading.

I loved the plot of this book so much no surprise there and Cassie has tortured us on so many occassions through out the story. She is such a demon if she thinks it's okay to end a book like this. stop playing with out hearts please I was just suffering by the end and I don't like it. I need Chain of Thorns. * sobs *

I had so many theories about this book from the snippets and everything Cassie has told us and I'm embarrased by how many of them proved to be so wrong. If you wanna see some of them you can just scroll down to my pre-read thoughts.

This cast of characters is probably my favourite out of all books Cassie has written in this world. And I'm not saying this lightly as I also love The Dark Artifices cast a lot. But somehow I ended up loving them so much more, I'm not sure I can handle this.


”That love is complicated,” said Cordelia. “That it lies beside anger and hatred, because only those we truly love can truly disappoint us.”

Cordelia is my favourite character in this series no question. I aspire to be like her. She is so brave and witty, although she may have done some less than fortune decisions in this book, she still has so many great qualities and I just wanna be like her. She is so badass and anyone who disagrees can just leave.


”You are right of course; it is only perhaps that we worry that you are too honest-too good, and goodness can be a blade sharp enough to cut, you know, just as much as evil intent.”

James is my favourite Herondale. I'm sorry Will, I love your son more. He can be so funny and has some of the best lines in this series. I just love him when the gracelet isn't affecting his brain that much and I'm not sure who I would like to marry more. Him or Cordelia.


”Don't have too much hope, Lucie. Sometimes hope is dangerous.”

I'm not sure I like the path her character took in this book. She has just so much since the beginning of Chain of Gold and her character has developt so much, but I'm not sure if that's in a good way or not. There are so many decisions that she has made in this book and most of the time I wanted to strangle her. Lucie talk to someone at least. Talk to Cordelia. I'm begging you, She could help you.


”All I want, Math, is that you love yourself as much as I love you.”

I just want him to be happy. That's it. There are so many things that happened to him in here and he deserves so happiness. Please Cassie give him the happiness he deserves. Aside that, in the last 20 pages of the book, I just wanted to strangle him this is becoming a theme now huh. Matthew why?


”You will see, Grace. Love leads to pain, but if you are careful with the way you weild it... you can use it to wound as well.”

In this book, we got some backstory on her and we saw why she is the way she is. Knowing all that, do I like her now? Not really. Do I understand her? Yes. There is so much more to her character than we see in CoG and even though I can't say I like her, some of my favourite chapters where the ones where we were getting her backstory.

Other characters

”Alastair-he has always been his own worst enemy, seemingly determined to ruin his own life.”

I'm an Alastair stan now. I loved him before, but in here my love for him just multiplied by 100. He can be a difficult person, but his life hasn't been that easy either. The scenes that him and Cordelia had together were everyhting and I just want to see more of their dynamics.

"Thomas has very nice shoulders. Legendery shoulders, in fact"

I've never really had strong feelings on Thomas and even though he isn't one of my favourite characters, I love him with my whole heart. You can see him here dealing with the things that happened in CoG and how they affected him.

I need more of Christopher in these. Don't get me wrong, he is present in these books, but not enough for my taste. I love him so much, he is one of my favourites charcters and I just want more of him.

”Those feelings are proof that you belong here, with the living.”

Jesse can be interesting. Sometimes. I really liked him I CoG and wanted to know more about him, but I'm not sure how much I actually like him. He definetely plays an interesting role in the story, I cannot deny that. It's just that he has become a bit boring in this one as there wasn't really that much mystery surrounding his character anymore. It also felt like his behaviour was inconsistent at times and some of his reactions felt out of place with the character that Cassie created.

The miscommunication between these characters was killing me. So many things could have been avoiding if they just talked to eachother I wouldn't be in pain right now

I loved the ships in this book so much and the way it ends for some of them... I'm not happy. Jordelia is my favourite ship. I love them. Their interactions in here were amazing and I just want more. I'm craving for more.

The first editions of this book has some stunning illustrations through out it and I was just so happy whenever I stumbled upon one. I was originally going to read my fairyloot copy when it came, but it's already been a month and it's not here, so instead I bought the paperback. You should have seen how many scenes I've tabbed. I'm not sure I've tabbed this many before.

⚠ And here comes my spoilery section so if you have not read Chain of Iron I will kindly ask you to skip this section as I will spoil the ending ⚠

* this part of my review is going to be pretty chaotic *

I wanna strangle Cordelia and Matthew so much. They've just left for Paris. Cordelia, you could have at least had a chat with James before you left. But noooo, just leave. I screamed so much at that scene. I can't stand seeing James suffering so much. If they are not reunited in the first 100 pages of CoT, I'm probably going to die.

Cordelia swore the oath to Lilith. WHAT THE HELL?! From the beginning I've realised that nothing god will come from swearing that oath to supposedly Wayland the Smith, but I wouldn't have guessed it was actually Lilith. My poor Cordelia as she has not suffered enough.
I didn't expect Lilith to play such a big role in here. She is already a pretty present in some of the TMI books so it was kinda shockig seeing her again.

THE GRACELET FELL OFF. I REPEAT, THE GRACELET FELL OFF. I was so happy when that happened. After Cordelia and James were having a nice chat and freaking Grace decided to come and ruin everything. And also make me suffer. Cordelia thinks James is still in love with Grace and I'm just screaming on the inside. I need them to be together.

Lucie raised James from the dead and now we don't even know if she is okay. She passed out and that's the last thing we know about her. I'm so scared about what she will do in the next book. I hope that she wouldn't be as reckless as she was in here and please, Lucie, trust Cordelia. Talk to her.

Not gonna lie I expected Filomena to play a bigger role in here, but nope after probably 200 pages she was killed. I expected her to be a new love interest for Matthew, but saldy that wasn't meant to be.

Thomastairs happened in this book and I can't believe they still didn't work out. Not one of my ships ended up together by the end and I'm just mad.

THE CHESS SCENES oh my god, I love them. They were eevrything and I loved the way Jordelia were interacting in those moments and I want more. I NEED MORE.

Also the scene where Will tests Thomas with the Mortal Sword. Hilarious.

”Is Gideon aware he still owes me twenty pounds?”
“Yes,” said Thomas, without being able to stop himself, “but he is pretending not to remember.”

⚠ End of spoilers ⚠

As much as I loved this one I prefer Chain of Gold over it, mostly because of the miscommunication that happened in Chain of Iron. It has been quite a bit since I screamed so much at a book. To be honest, I think The Last Hours might be my favourite Shadowhunter's series. (of course that will also depend on Chain of Thorns) As much as I love The Dark Artifices, I somehow love this one so much more and more people need to read it. Seriously. Cassie has outdone herself with this series, addding some many layers and plot points to it, and I couldn't ask for a better series from her.


I am done. I finished this and I am not okay. Send help 😭


So there are only a few days until this is relased oh my god I can't I NEED THIS BOOK. I. NEED. IT.

but cassie has been posted this snuppets lately and i cannot just sit here without theorizing (and doing a bad job at it)

"I kissed Grace today."

This can't be James, right? RIGHT?! ok so my theory is that it's Christopher and with the whole family tree thing it would actually make sense, but I'm so scared it isn't him since Cassie loves to torture us 💀

"A message from Annabel Blackthorn"

OH MY GOD HOLY CRAP! so this is how TDA ties with TLH this has to be a clue to it! IT HAS TO

"What I want for you more than anything is this world is that you follow the truth of your dreams."

This seems like something a parent would say hm. I feel like it could be Tessa or Jem. It seems like something they would say.

"Thomas has very nice shoulders. Legendery shoulders, in fact"

This could be Alastair, but also I doubt he would say something like this. He filters so much of what he thinks, that I feel like there's no way he would say something like this. But, well it could be one of the Merry Thieves mocking Thomas haha.

"He is not yours. He is mine. He is mine."

So I have two theories for this one. The first one, is that this is Charles talking to Thomas about Alastair. And the second of is that this is Tatiana talking to Belial about Jesse. There was this line at the end of Chain of Gold that had me thinking about the second theory:

"I will let no harm come to Jesse," said the Prince of Hell. "What he carries is too precious."

Like what?! Oh my god, I'm so scared. I know I'm gonna hate whatever this is about.

Also here are two of my favorite theories about this quote from Twitter:
"my theory is that I'm going to cry."
"Brother Zachariah about Church LOL."

Also that Grace snippet that we got from tor, I think. I wanna know more about her!! And Lia keeps telling me that I will probably love her by the end of Chain of Iron and ahhh I need to know more about her. (also Lia stop being a demon and scaring me)


[2nd July 2020]

WE HAVE A COVER!! And it is beautiful!! Lucie is on the cover and she looks amazing! And it's blue! I love it so much!! I do have to say I prefer the cover for Chain of Gold, but still this is extremely beautiful too.

God, how will I be able to be a functional human being until this book is released? Plz wake me up in march when this book is released

Also the synopsis, I'm already in pain oh god

"a serial murderer is targeting the Shadowhunters of London"

"Cortana burns Cordelia’s hand when she touches it"
WAIT, WHAT?? I'm really concerned, what's that supposed to mean? How is Cortana burning Cordelia's hand? more importantly, WHY IS CORTANA BURNING HER HAND? Cordelia, dear, what did you do?!

"All the while, each is keeping a shocking secret"
Well, it isn't a Cassie Clare book if there's no drama

"Lucie, that she plans to raise Jesse from the dead"

"Cordelia, that she has sworn a dangerous oath of loyalty to a mysterious power"
WHAT? CORDELIA WHAT ARE YOU DOING?? I wonder if this is tied with Cortana burning her hand... and plz tell me this is not related to James's grandfather

"James, that he is being drawn further each night into the dark web of his grandfather[...]And that he himself may be the killer they seek."
I'm sorry, WHAT?!
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March 18, 2021
Alastair Carstairs Fan Club President
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June 29, 2021
Review to come

My copy is a month and 20 days late - but she is here! and she is beautiful!

thank you to Walker and Pan Macmillan for the review copy
What I think needs to happen in Chain of Iron:

More Magnus Bane!! There's no such thing as too much Magnus Bane
• more cutesy domestic Will&Tessa moments

✨ Please refrain from posting spoilers in the comments. Use the spoiler tags! ✨

Short stories / Novellas that feature our crew from The Last Hours:

The Bane Chronicles:
4. The Midnight Heir - [very important!!] about James Herondale, set just before COG

Tales from the shadowhunter academy:
3. The Whitechapel Fiend - about Tessa and Will and the kids are still babies. Not very relevant to COG but still interesting to see domestic will/tessa
4. Nothing but Shadows - [important] James at the academy

Ghost of the Shadow market:
2. Cast Long Shadows - [important] about Matthew Fairchild
3. Every Exquisite Thing - about Anna Lightwood

My reviews for:

The Infernal Devices Series
Book 1: Clockwork Angel
Book 2: Clockwork Prince
Book 3: Clockwork Princess

The Last Hours Series
Book 1: Chain of Gold

[Sorry no reviews for TMI, I read it too long ago and don't plan to re-read]

The Dark Artifices Series
Book 1: Lady Midnight
Book 2: Lord of Shadows
Book 3: Queen of Air and Darkness
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February 19, 2022
“You cannot save people who do not want to be saved," said Magnus. "You can only stand by their side and hope that when they wake and realize they need saving, you will be there to help them.”

~Rating- 4 stars~

Content/ Trigger warnings- Alcoholism, Alcohol use (underage drinking), Blood, Death (including parental), Manipulation, Mind control, Miscarriage (mentioned), Murder, Violence {Source}

-No mention of these in the review-

Chain of Iron by Cassandra Clare is the second book in the Last Hours Trilogy. I was very excited to read this book, and I'm happy to say it didn't disappoint.

While I enjoyed Chain of Gold, I wasn't a huge fan of it, but this book had me sold on everything.

*Spoiler alert for Chain of Gold*

(There are no spoilers for Chain of Iron)

The plot

James and Cordelia are now getting married, but it is a fake marriage to save Cordelia's reputation. James is in love with Grace Blackthorn, who's brother died years ago in a terrible accident, and Lucie is trying to raise him back from the dead. Cortana burns Cordelia when she touches it, and Shadowhunters are being killed by a secret serial killer.

James and Cordelia must try their best to convince everyone of their marriage, while the Merry Thieves help in finding out who is the killer of the Shadowhunters.

“Hast thou gone among the streets of the city and the watchmen there, and found the one thy soul loves?”

I loved the plot of this book! I found it to be pretty-non-existent, but I still enjoyed it thoroughly. The killers perspectives were definitely interesting to see, and I didn't see all of the plot twists coming. I'd say I liked this more than Chain of Gold.

The world building

I like the Shaowhunter world quite a lot, but there wasn't much world building in this book.

“Life is in balance, just as magic is in balance. And so there is no way to grant life without taking life.”

One thing that bothered me a bit is the fact that the only Institute from India is the Bombay/ Mumbai Institute that's mentioned throughout all the books in this franchise. I find it odd that from the whole of India, which is the second most populated country in the world, there's only one Institute? Not to mention how inconvenient it would be to other states, cities, villages etc in India if everyone had to report in Mumbai. It makes no sense. Are there more Institutes in India, and if there are, where are they all located?

As an Indian, I have no idea how the Shadow world works in my own country which makes me quite sad. I think a few sentences of explanation could have been easily mentioned in the book, specially considering we have a character who was Indian. But I'm still happy with what we got.

The writing

“My father used to tell me that sometimes you cannot reconcile with someone else. Sometimes you have to find that reconciliation on your own. Someone who broke your heart is often not the person who can mend it.”

After reading almost all of Cassandra Clare's books in the Shadowhunter series, I felt this one was one of her best work.

The book was very well written, filled with humor and beautiful quotes. I loved the writing.

“Well, you know what they say," said James. "All the best men are either married or Silent Brothers.”

And now we come to the best part of the book, the characters-

James Herondale

Aaah my sweet James, you've come a long way from book 1.

“You are right, of course; it is only perhaps that we worry that you are too honest—too good, and goodness can be a blade sharp enough to cut, you know, just as much as evil intent.”

In Chain of Gold, I was very indifferent towards James character. I found him to be a bit of Gary Sue, with not many flaws, but this book changed my views on him.

“I sometimes wonder, " James said, "if we can ever quite understand other people. " He ran a hand through his hair. "All we can do is try, I suppose.”

I wouldn't say he's my favourite character, but I surprisingly liked him in this book. The love he has for his friends and family clearly shows, and I admire his courage and strength. I am so excited to see where his arc goes in book 3.

“We are none of us perfect, and no one expects perfection. But when you have hurt people, you must allow them their anger. Otherwise it will only become another thing you have tried to take away.”

Cordalia Carstairs

“That love is complicated,” said Cordelia. “That it lies beside anger and hatred, because only those we truly love can truly disappoint us.”


In book 1 I didn't really like her as I found her to be a Mary Sue, but I am 100% sold on her character now.

She is one of the best female characters I've read. She's kind, selfless, brave but she still has flaws and I am so excited to see where her arc goes in Chain of Thorns.

"When you want something very much, you are willing to accept the shadow of that thing."

"Even if it is just a shadow."

Mathew Fairchild

"I know what it is to be in pain, and not to be able to seek comfort from the one you love most, not to be able to share that pain with anyone you know."

Someone give my poor Mathew a hug.

Mathew deserves happiness, and I truly hope he finds it. I don't care about a romance, I just want him safe and sound.

"I believe what he means to say is that it cannot be the responsibility of one's friends to prevent one from doing something one believes is right."

"It is, however, the job of one's friends to rescue one from the consequences of one's actions when it all goes skew-whiff."

Lucie Herondale

In Chain of Gold, Lucie was my favourite character and I thought she was very underrated, but unfortunately I wasn't happy with her character in this book.

“One should not questions miracles too closely.”

I realized she is 16, and thus my age (as of 2021), but I felt she wasn't mature enough in a way? I mean, raising someone from the dead is a stupid idea, and it will have consequences, everyone knows that. I felt her relationship with Jessie was very insta-lovey, so I wasn't really able to root for Lucie in this book. I hope I like her more in book 3.

Jesse Blackthorn

I don't like Jesse so much.

"I remember what it is to be hot or cold. To want things. To need things. All those things are real for me again, as nothing else has been real to me since I died--except for you."

He seems to be very flat as a character, and I wanted more from him. I hope we get to see it in the next book.

Grace Blackthorn

"If there was one thing she couldn't bear, it was other people having expectations. She would always disappoint them."

I liked Grace a bit in the previous book (I know, unpopular opinion!), because despite the Gracelet thing, I found her character to be complex. I was very happy with the direction her character went in this book.

“I am my mother’s blade indeed.”

Tatiana Blackthorn

You must be thinking why has she even got a mention?

In book 1 I hated Tatiana for all that she had done, but I still felt sympathetic for all that she's been through. In this book however, my thoughts changed on her character completely.

“The point is,” Tatiana said, “we must take all power that is available to us, for we are so far below others. We must take it just to have a chance to survive at all.”

I can't say much about her spoiler free, but I feel a lot of people are going to hate her even more after this book.

I loved Alastair, Thomas, Christopher, Anna and Ariadne as well, and I want to see more of these characters. [I don't have space left to go in detail 🙁 ]

Character dynamics

“Love is a rarity in this world, and true friendship,”

James and Mathew: James and Mathew are such adorable parabati. I'd go as far as to say I like them as a team more than Will and Jem, which is a huge deal as Jem is an adorable cinnamon role who must be protected at all costs.

Cordalia and Lucie : We don't get much of Cordalia and Lucie together, and I would have liked to see more of their friendship. I hope we get some more scenes in book 3.

Grace and Lucie : I actually like Grace and Lucie as friends, and I'm curious to see how their friendship goes. Definately looking foward to their bonding in book 3.

The Merry Thieves : The Merry Thieves have my heart.

A snippet of their conversation-

“May I have your permission to shout, keeping in mind I am not shouting at you?” he [Thomas] said to Cordelia.

“Oh, quite,” she said. “I like a good shouting in general.”

“Yes,” agreed Lucie. “Shout at Matthew if you like.”

“Thank you very much, Luce,” said Matthew.

“Stop,” said James. They all looked at him in surprise. “We need to discuss what we’re dealing with before we argue about who’s going on patrol and when. Patrol is meant to be about demons, and Math told me the Enclave is already thinking this wasn’t a demon’s doing—”

“WHAT?” said Thomas, so loudly they all jumped. “Sorry,” he said. “I was all prepared to shout and I hadn’t got a chance yet.”

What I love about them the most is the way they have different personalities, yet their friendship is so pure and wholesome. I need want more of them in book 3.

The romance

“Love is not always a lightning bolt. Sometimes it is a creeping vine. It grows slowly until suddenly it is all that there is in the world.”

This is probably the only book where I ship all of the couples AAH. I just want them to be happy.

“To love one another is to come as close as we ever can to being angels ourselves.”

Let's break these relationships down-

James and Cordelia:


“You have always believed love came at a cost,” said Matthew. “That it was torment and torture and pain. But there should be some joy. There is joy in being with someone you love, even knowing you can never have them, even knowing they will never love you back.”

Ok, I'll admit I didn't like them together in book 1, but I adore them now.

If Jordalia don't end up together I will riot.

“We suffer for love because love is worth it.”

Lucie and Jessie:

I shipped them in the previous book, but I don't really want them to end up together. I found Jesse to be a very bland character. His only personality trait is kindness? What else? That made me dislike their relationship.

Alastair and Thomas:

"I am nothing like you, Thomas, because you are one of the better people I have ever known. You have a kind nature and a heart like some knight out of a legend. Brave and proud and true and strong. All of it. And all the time you have known me, I have been a terrible person."

So, you see. We are nothing at all alike."

THEY ARE SO CUTE fhftxgcgchcgxgh

Not saying anything more, I want them safe and happy.

Anna and Ariadne:

“We are special, unusual, unique people. That means that we must be bold and proud, but also careful. Don’t think you have so much to prove that it makes you foolish.”

I really love them together, though I would have liked more of their relationship.

Christiphor and Grace:

They are very sweet together, but I honestly prefer them as friends.

Final thoughts

Chain of Iron is worth the read, and I'd urge you to pick it up now. It doesn't have much of a plot but these characters are life.

“You may fear what will happen if you speak your heart. You may wish to hide things because you fear hurting others. But secrets have a way of eating at relationships, Jamie. At love, at friendship—they undermine and destroy them until in the end you find you are bitterly alone with the secrets you kept.”

Buddy read with Iffat. Thank you so much for buddy reading it with me!

My ratings and reviews for other books in this series-
Chain of Gold- 3.75 stars
Chain of Thorns- (Predictions)

Note- DO NOT see my status updates if you have not read the book as it has SPOILERS.

Review written on 30th April, 2021.

DISCLAIMER- All opinions on books I’ve read and reviewed are my own, and are with no intention to offend anyone. If you feel offended by my reviews, let me know how I can fix it.

How I Rate-
1 star- Hardly liked anything/ was disappointed
2 star- Had potential but did not deliver/ was disappointed
3 stars- Was ok but could have been better/ was average / Enjoyed a lot but something was missing
4 stars- Loved a lot but something was missing
5 stars- Loved it/ new favourite


Update- April 28th 2021


The plot was pretty non-existent but I still loved the book.

4 stars.

Review to come.


Update- April 24th 2021

I have located a copy. Starting this now! 🥳


Update- Feb 24th 2021
I’m going to reread all the books to prepare for this. Buddy reading it this time.

Update- Feb 23rd 2021

So, *sighs* I won't be able to read this when it comes out as I won't have a copy and I'll be having exams. I have no idea how I'll avoid spoilers.


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March 23, 2021
4.5 stars ✨

“You cannot save people who do not want to be saved," said Magnus. "You can only stand by their side and hope that when they wake and realize they need saving, you will be there to help them.” - this quote shows that a person has too accept things theirselves , love doesnt always fix something it has too come from within you too get better or accept certain things about yourself no matter how people say that you are amazing........

Did this book finish me or did I finish this book its the big question. This book finished me , I am a screaming mess right now , Cassie certainly knows how too create drama and mess with our feelings.....

this revieuw doesn’t contain any huge spoilers for this book , it does contain light spoilers from chain of gold but also nothing super big.

Chain of iron by Cassandra emotional destroyer Clare is the second book in the last hours trilogy , the spine off trilogy of the infernal devices that follows the children from the main character in the infernal devices. The book starts of right where chain of gold left off. Cordelia and James are going too be married in an arranged marriage [ witch is a trope I am a huge sucker for and was so well done in this book ] but there are also murders being done by some creature that kills shadowhunters just before dawn and takes their runes but why ????!!!

Plot wise Chain of iron is in my opinion a lot better then Chain of Gold. We still have the Cassandra Clare famous drama and the amazing character dynamics that she is literally the queen off and the character focus and dynamic focus that is the most important thing in the book but this one also had a interesting plot that kept me on my seat the entire time , there are murders going on and the group of friends aka the bbys try too figure out who does them while James has these visions at night and can see the murders happen. I loved this and was constantly questioning who was doing the murders , we also follow Lucie her story with grace as they try too get Jesse Blackthorn back too life. this is the reason I didn't give this book 5 stars , I found this part of the story more boring and the other parts and povs interested me more then this one. Cordelia and James have povs while they are married and developing feelings for each other and sharing a life together , I will go more in depth too them in the dynamics section but dammen Cassandra clear knows how too write amazing dynamics and tension between characters AAAh. Overall the plot is just good and enjoyed me and it was a great balance in here between charracter/dynamic focused and actual plot which lacked a bit in chain of gold for me.
The first 100 pages where a bit slow but after that I loved this book a lot....

Charracters the Charracters in this book I can't. Cassandra is really good at writing Charracters that struggle and have many layers. In chain of gold I had a little problem with connecting too Cordelia , James and Lucie and only felt a big connection too Matthew and Anna but in this one that totally changed. I love Cordelia Carstairs now with my whole heart. She is such a warrior and not the '' scream in your face '' warrior but the more silent warrior , she is so caring for the people she loves , she is driven and she struggles , she is a queen. I also love James a lot who is a smoll bean. I still don't feel a big connection too Lucie as I said earlier. I still love Matthew , he struggles with his drinking problem and the things of the past that haunt him and that story continues here and is truly heartbreaking. protect this precious bean at all cost , why can't Matthew see himself as anyone else sees him truly amazing that is. his story also really shows the you can't fix someone just by loving the person and telling them they are okay , a person has too believe those things themselves and accept themselves and want too get better , that quote from Magnus at the top of my review about Matthew really shows that. This is so important and really hits me hard. I hate Tatiana she can go choke in bleach , grace is moral grey and manipulated my Tatiana bitch her whole life. I also Alistair who is very moral grey and Christopher and Thomas are also precious < 3

Charracters Dynamics - cassandra clare is queen of character dynamics , relationships , friendships and character chemistry and those things really shine in this book and made me feel so damn much. I am a huge Cordelia and James shipper now , all their scenes are so full of chemistry and tension. I loveeeee the smut scenes they are perfect truly and not forced or anything. I love their tension , the way they see all the little details of each other and well the freaking ending. we all knew it * cries in corner * I also love the dynamic between Alistair and Thomas aaah. The friendship between Cordelia and Matthew , the dynamic between the Merry thieves and the whole group of friends. the dynamic between James and Matthew. Cassandra Clare has written her dynamics just really perfectly.

“I thought of you,” he said again, “and it was as if you were there, with me. I saw your face. Your hair …” He wound a finger through a dangling curl beside her face. She could feel the warmth from his hand against her cheek. “And I was no longer afraid. I knew I would be able to come home, because of you. That you would lead me back. You are my constant star, Daisy.” - JUST LOOK.

The world building is still the same as in all her books and was just fun and nice as usually. I did wish that we got some more jam , will and Tessa content but on the other hand we focus on different Charracters now so its okay.

Overall this was a really fun , dramatic sequel with a great plot and amazing Charracters with their dynamic that I almost couldn't put down. will I be able too wait more then a year for the other book HA no I will not , will I be deceased , yes I will.

i do think cassandra clare her books are repetitive. the same worldbuilding , always the love triangle ish thing between parabatais etc. but however i do think this book was very enjoyable and cassandra clare her books in general are for me quite enjoyable even tho they are repetitive.

also the ending destroyed me and got me screaming , cassandra clare you are a monster. i miss these charracters already ugh.....
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October 31, 2021

“When you want something very much, you are willing to accept the shadow of that thing. Even if it is just a shadow.”

In this sequel to Chain Of Gold, Cassandra Clare serves her regular books filled with to die for characters, swoon-worthy romances and an intense plot. I do have some larger negatives with this book than any other book of Cassie’s but that’s for later on!

As usual the writing of Cassie’s is amazing. Each book it becomes more atmospheric and detailed and she truly knows how to craft an amazing tale.

“You may fear what will happen if you speak your heart. You may wish to hide things because you fear hurting others. But secrets have a way of eating at relationships, Jamie. At love, at friendship—they undermine and destroy them until in the end you find you are bitterly alone with the secrets you kept.”

The plot, I admit, was a tad underwhelming for me. I mean, I am a mystery lover so a serial killer murder mystery is my forte. But I feel it wasn’t used as well as it could’ve been, and also I guessed the killer correctly. And that goes into my next point- I literally guessed every single plot twist. I am not kidding you.
That ending? The cliffhanger with James and that letter? I guessed who wrote it and what would be in it before I even read this book, all based off of one piece of art. So I guess my enjoyment of this book went down because I wasn’t at all shocked and I expected a bigger twist. Although I admit how Lucie’s plotline ended definitely makes me most excited for her in Chain Of Thorns!

“Love is not always a lightning bolt. Sometimes it is a creeping vine. It grows slowly until suddenly it is all that there is in the world.”

The characters! Ahhh Cassie writes such excellent characters and I loved most of them!

Cordelia was my least favourite of the three main characters this time around. I was just finding myself annoyed with many of her actions towards the end, especially her last major one. She just acted so goody too shoes in a way, she was so unwilling to bend a little to more dark things.... maybe it’s my love for a bit more morally grey characters, which Cordelia is not. But I do still love her, just less now.

Lucie was so amazing in this book! Doing illegal things? Keeping secrets? Ghosts?? Of course I would love this plot! I just adored Lucie so much. She’s leaning into a more villainous role and I am so excited for it. She is the most underrated character I swear. She’s amazing!!

James remains the softest boy ever 🥺🥺 I adore this boy with all my heart. He is such an adorable and multi layered character that Cassie has written so well. His struggles and pain are so real and I adored all of his POV’s and all of his scenes and just him. James and the gun is *hot*, okay? He was a precious boy with shadow powers and a connection to a demon. I would die for him, I love him so much.

Some other characters:

Grace remains one of my favourites. She is very complex and morally grey and has so many layers and such a complexity that I can’t help but love. She 10000% deserves a redemption arc and I love her:)
Christopher was such a precious cinnamon roll I just wished to hug him and keep him safe. He’s so cute🥰🥰
Thomas was a chaotic gay mess and omg I love him. We stan. He’s a really good character and his POV is always hilarious (it’s the gay panic for me)✨
Alastair is my self sabotaging child. He deserves so much better and the pain he goes through makes me super sad. I just want a huge POV of him in COT along with happiness for him.
Ariadne was surprisingly a really good character! I had never connected with her before but now she is definitely very interesting to me. Also the quote of hers I put first thing in this review? One of my favourite things Cassie has ever written.
Jesse was amazing! I really love this boy. He’s so kind and sweet and after the end of this book I just want my ghost boy to be okay:(
Matthew was.... something. Unpopular opinion time but I’ve never really cared for him. Like I do but he’s for sure one of my least favourites. And this boy annoyed me at the end so much I want to smack him. So it’s a love hate relationship. But my respect for him is non existent after that ending. That being said, I do want him to be happy.
Anna was iffy to me as usual. From book one I just didn’t vibe with her and that’s sadly the same here. I just don’t like her that much.

For romance!

Jordelia is the best ship and if they don’t get together at the end of this series I will personally sue Cassie. They make me so half and have such a soft yet angsty relationship and *screeches*
I definitely loved their development in this book. Plus we got some pretty good kissing scenes. Their relationship is growing very realistically.

Blackdale was the tragic romance and I loved every second of the sadness and pain in this ship. I do think we missed a chunk of development for them but I adore them too much to care. Happiness seems so unlikely for them and I’m devastated 😭

Thomastair had me squealing and screaming and if they aren’t endgame as well I may just die. The angst y’all! The development they had wasn’t as much as I had hoped for but their scenes together probably were the scenes that drew the most emotion from me while reading.

Ariadnne was okay. Like I said I’ve never liked Anna a lot so it was just kind of weird to read when I couldn’t connect with her emotions. That being said I am curious how it will end for the two of them:)

Gracetopher is FLUFFY ✨✨💞💞 AND MUST BE ENDGAME OMG. I need them together seriously one scene and I will cry if they don’t get more fluffy science scenes they’re so amazing and deserve the world and everything in it-

And for that ending:
I hate it. I hate Matthew and Cordelia and I love James so much more. It was a stupid ending and yeah :)
I just don’t think Cordelia and Matthew we’re acting logical and I just hope they all correct this mess early on in COT.

In conclusion I need COT as soon as possible so I can see if my babies are okay. Thank you Cassie again for making me fall in love with such an amazing cast of characters.

(Thanks to Lia for listening to all my reactions and theories before, during and after reading. You’re so amazing <<33)

“To love one another is to come as close as we ever can to being angels ourselves.”

Edit December 1: WE GOT THE FIRST TWO CHAPTERS AND THEY WERE PERFECT. I swear the amount of times i had to physically stop reading to process the new info, the angst, the relationships.. and I say this in the best way. The little information we got that I know is foreshadowing, the little things, and I can't wait to get my hands on the rest of this book:) I was bursting with emotion (in the first two chapters only. FIRST TWO), and simply 5/5 based on those. the wait is killing me<3
Edit August 28: I need this book so much!! Ever since Cassie said it is off to the publisher I’ve been waiting for some official snippets. But this book sounds like it has everything.
- angst
-childhood friends and crushes into lovers
- unrequited love
- secrets
- ghosts
- strong friendships and strong family bonds
- demons
- serial killer murder mystery
- bargaining with mysterious beings
- dark magic and power
- legendary swords
- betrayal
- pain
- amazing characters
- 19th century London in winter
- princes of Hell
- warlocks
I mean what more do you need?!

I need this ASAP. March 2021 can’t come soon enough....
Things I want in this book *SPOILERS BELOW*
~ Alastair to be forgiven and become part of the merry thieves and date Thomas
~ Matthew to start to heal
~ someone to grab that goddam bracelet off James
~ Jesse to come back to life
~ James and Cordelia scenes
~ more Lucie
~ more Magnus
~ more Christopher
~ more WILL!!!
~ Tatiana to die
~ Grace to get a redemption arc
~ Anna to find love
~ Lucie and James to learn about their powers more!

Chain of Gold (The Last Hours #1) ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
April 5, 2022
I think these books may have made me fall completely in love with fantasy!

Chain of Iron returns to the lives of Cordelia and James as their wedding day fast approaches. But all isn’t the dream that it seems to be. A killer starts murdering shadowhunters and all sorts of Princes of Hell shenanigans occur, can they stop the killer in time?

I just cannot get enough of these characters! I love every single one of them. They have so much depth and detail. I love that the moral greyness of some of the characters was shown in this novel. Things are rarely black and white, so I loved this conflict between good people who have done bad things. I also love the historical setting of these novels. I read them and feel like I’m surrounded by horse drawn carriages and corsets! I love the beautiful blend of a fantasy world within London in the early 1900s.

Unfortunately I didn’t quite love this one as much as the first one. Mainly because I find the miscommunication trope incredibly frustrating! I just want to climb into the book and get them all into a room so they can use their words!! Does it leave me on the edge of my seat? Yes. Does it make me feel incredibly angsty and uncomfortable? Yes. That being said, I loved that parts of this book gave me mental links to other books I’ve seen around. Now I want to go and read them all! I absolutely adore this Shadowhunter world and I can’t wait to explore it more!

I recommend this book to any fans of young adult fantasy, especially if you’ve enjoyed any of the Shadowhunter novels! I want to thank Tandem Collective, Walker Books and Cassandra Clare for allowing me to read this book and give my personal thoughts.
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409 reviews16.7k followers
December 14, 2021
tw: alcoholism; death of family members; possession

These books continue to be a fun time for me, especially as I've started to view them as fantasy romances instead of just fantasy books. The relationships in these books are the main focus, with the fantasy plot elements being simply a backdrop for those stories to play out. Cassandra Clare retcons things she does in her earlier work, but I'm fine with it as I go in with realistic expectations of what I'm getting and these books meet those expectations. She continues to know how to do slow burn and angst with every single one of her romances in this series, and I'm here for it.

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April 12, 2022
zaraz wracam, czekam na kolejny tom
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March 22, 2022
4★ | Chain of Iron—Reading Vlog

For now, I just want to say that the cliffhanger didn't seem as bad to me as much as it was hyped to be. The only reason I didn't like it is that I wanted more of Lucie and Jesse and yeah (the Spoilery part)... but like, I'll have to wait now. I don't ship Matthew and Cordelia but I'm happy for them. I feel awful for Grace. I need to know more about Alastair...
I don't much care for Anna but I understand her and Ariadne, both. Same goes for James. I kinda feel what he's going through but I can't care about him enough.


(Deleted some of my embarrassing words written in excitement—i guess I'll remove the whole stupid review later, lol)

The Book Trailer!! Ughhh. And those letters? ❤️

The first two chapters are out and I can't wait to read. Have you read it?

And I also can't read those first two coz then waiting for the rest of the book for months would be too much!!
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October 14, 2021
I came for the ANGST, YEARNING, and NOSTALGIA.

so the waiting for Chain of Thorns.... begins.

I will now be peacefully staring at a wall. Thank you.

"But love is not always a lightning bolt, is it? Sometimes it's a creeping vine. It grows slowly until suddenly it is all there is in the world."

I'm actually going to pass out.

Dare I say it that I think this series is better written than TID.

I mean it makes sense because this was written years after TID and CC has obviously learned a lot since then. But I have to admit that even though I think TID and TLH are the reigning rulers of the Shadowhunter series… this was just better with the details and balancing out characters. (but I get all the incest jokes now *le sigh*)

I still don’t care about all it’s flaws because Will, Jem and Tessa (TID) are my parents but OHMYGOD James, Cordelia, Matthew, Alastair, Lucie, Jesse, Anna, Grace, Thomas, Christopher, ++ is just on another unprecedented level.

I'm sure part of the reason this series hits different is because we are following the children of characters we know and love or have already been acquainted with. You're already invested before you even meet them (I sure was).

special note: Christopher is such an unbothered King that I actually ship him with . And every time they call him KIT…. my heart cannot handle the TDA and TWP connections.

The flow of the plot flows so well if you came from TDA and we just love that. The mystery was fun and my enjoyment levels were really though the rook. I screamed so many times.

If you want that YA angst accompanied with the perfect plot to make you feel all the feels... here you go. But PLEASE... read all the other shadowhunter books before starting this series. I promise that you will appreciate it a lot more. ↢

so for the nth time: I LOVE THESE CHARACTERS SO MUCH. and no one can make me believe otherwise.

“We suffer for love because love is worth it.”

— 4.5 —
content warnings//

[ let’s pretend i posted this 3 days ago]


let me just add this to the list of books that I automatically scroll past my timeline when I see the cover in hopes of avoiding spoilers
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April 3, 2021
Wow. Just wow.
Possibly my favourite Shadowhunters novel to date? Possibly my favourite cast of characters EVER?
I'm in pain I need the next book but I just can't bear the thought of this series ending
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Want to read
July 1, 2020
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August 5, 2021
First of all: I adore everything CC writes and I don’t care the book is heavier than wine boxes!

And I still don’t care the plot rambles at first 100 pages, going nowhere because Shadowhunters premise and taking a adventurous, action packed tour at Edwardian London, meeting with Merry Thieves and feeling the tense atmosphere already checked all the boxes of my fantasy addict’s craving list.

Hands down! Coredelia Carstairs, that selfless, lovely, tough, determined heroine was one of the best female characters created by Ms. Clare. My love and high connectivity level with her pushed me to give this book four stars ( it could be five starred reading if I don’t hate Grace so much and my desire to skip her narration parts of the book. )

William Owen Herondale and Matthew Fairchild were my other favorite characters! Especially my sweet pecan pie Matthew who was suffering from unrequited love ( at the end we learn for whom he fell so hard which was not a big surprise for me) drinking to death, dealing with his self-hatred melted my cruel heart!

I think instead of reading Grace’s POV and getting more annoyed at each second, I would prefer to read Christopher, Alastair and Thomas’s POVs which may have brought dynamism to the story ( Thomas’s heart pounding journey truly picked my interest)

The side story about Lucie and Grace’s secret merging to bring Jesse back from death was interesting but Lucie became more irritating character throughout the story’s progression, lying to her friends, acting suspicious ( maybe seeing her as accomplice with Grace made me more dubious about her actions, who knows)

Poor Cordelia marries with her best friend to save him even though her feelings are unrequited ( at least James is cursed and cannot control his actions which gives us more reason to curse at Tatiana Blackthorn more! ) James was not deeply layered, strong, idealistic hero figure for me. I think he stays at la suisse territory: I don’t hate him but I don’t like him so much either.

Overall: after slow burn, bumpy road we took at the beginning, the book’s direction changes and the fast pacing, surprising, magical elements start erupting from the chapters, capturing your attention till the end!

The ending was great but also agitating, angsty experience because it means you have to wait for one more year to read the sequel.
Being patient is not one of my traits and after putting down my hard copy , I will keep screaming all night long to annoy the hell of each person at my vicinity!
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August 15, 2021
My reviews of 'The Last Hours' trilogy:

- Chain of Gold: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
- Chain of Iron: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
- Chain of Thorns: to be published.

3.75 rounding up to 4 stars - because apparently I'm too attached to the charaters and can't seem to bring myself rating the book lower than 4 stars.

I think the title 'Chain of Iron' would have been more suiting if it were actually named: 'Chain of Miscommunications and Keeping Secrets'.

Attention! This review includes:
⁃ Spoilers
⁃ Unpopular opinions
⁃ Rant
⁃ Me babbling over characters
⁃ Fanarts
⁃ And many more

Was this better or worse than Chain of Gold? Neither, because both of them are completely different from each other with different plot lines despite the characters being the same.
But if I have to compare with 'The Infernal Devices' or rather 'Clockwork Prince' in this case (unpopular opinion time) I’d say this was better, yet again. TLH characters are behaving more like teenagers, obviously - because they're in fact are teenagers, meanwhile TID characters behaved like adults, and for me that is bothersome and a bit unrealistic to me.

While I was going through my book and searching quotes that I kept tabs on, I realized that The Last Hours espeially Chain of Iron focuses so much on love and more romantic love as a matter of fact than other plotlines.


- Blackdale/Ghostwriter: I wanted to start off with these two, because they've become my ultimate OTP! Lucie and Jesse are literally Edwardian version of Romeo and Juliet (No! I'm not a fan of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet). Lucie and Jesse's romance was not rushed I see that a lot in reviews people find their relationship rushed or even toxic because of the age gap, which is only 7 years and in the 20th century that used to be normal, but we all know that Jesse is stuck at the age of 17, after his death he hasn't aged, at all. Don't forget that this book takes place 4 or 5 months after book 1 and in book 1 they slowly becoming fond of one another, plus in the past 4 or 5 months after the events of book 1 they hung out almost every night so naturally it was going to happen. It was them who had the best communication when it came to express their feelings towards one aother.

- Gracetopher - (I know, they had literally one or two scenes together but I'm already shipping them): I Would love to see more development with Grace and Christopher together and as individuals, these two nerds has so much potential to become a couple. Not to mention I have a soft spot for science geek couples.

- Jordelia: If only these two weren't stupid enough to realize that both parties are indeed madly in love with eah other. There are a lot of moments between these two that I found very swoon-worthy.

''He is not yours. He is mine. He is mine.''
description Art by lita.fleur

What I didn't like:

- Elias’s death wasn’t discussed enough. I know he was not the best person and he kind of deserved that death, truthfully I didn't even bat an eye when he got murdered. But him dying felt as passive as the other unimportant Shadowhunters.

- Cordelia needed to stand up more for Alastair. I mean she literally met the Merry Thieves gangand she chooses them over her own brother, just to ''please'' them. I really like Cordelia, but I found it horrible on her part that while Alastair did everything to protect his little sister and his families reputation ever since he was young and Cordelia seems so blind over his actions.

Cordelia and Lucie's friendship, because I think this needed to be discussed:

Cordelia and Lucie may not have been as close as they were in book 1 or as I was anticipating them to, but the friendship within the group is fantastic. It’s the kind of the friendship that everyone desires to have and experience at least once in their lifetime. It is also obvious both of them care deeply for one another, but it's understandable how they've grown apart from each other, since both of them are consumed with their own problems and secrets. I see that how many people blamed it on Lucie on how she is the one who ''ruined'' their friendship or the fact that they aren't as close as they used to due to her teaming up with Grace to resurrect Jesse, but that blame should be put as much on Cordelia, as well. Their Parabatai (to be) bond was a bit off and I guess I just don't like seeing female friendships getting ruined because of guys.
I'm rooting for them to be better friends to one another and trust each other more in the final book. It has been their dream to be each other's Parabatais and I would hate to see if they keep more secrets from each other.

“You cannot save people who do not want to be saved," said Magnus. "You can only stand by their side and hope that when they wake and realize they need saving, you will be there to help them.”

Characters I want to talk about a bit:

- Alastair: He deserves someone that’ll truly love him and not mistreat him like Elias or Charles did. Now I do like him and Thomas together very much and they fit together, but Thomas in my opinion is still isn't comfortable enough with his sexuality and I don't want seeing Alastair getting hurt yet again. I started appreciating Alastair more in this book. When I read Chain of Gold for the first time I didn't pay much attention on him. However that changed entirely when I re-read the first book, now that I've read the second book as well he has easily become a favorite character of mine.

- Grace: I know Grace is a disliked person and others portrayed her as being one of the villains of The Last Hours trilogy, but we have to look at her life from her own perspective and in a non judgmental way. I think Cassie made a great choice on adding Grace chapters in this book. I never hated Grace, neither in book 1. I always saw her as a complex character, I mean she has got to be one of the most well written and developed morally grey characters in YA literature. Her actions are understandable (yes, at times also dislikeable), she has been both emotionally and physically been abused ever since she was a little girl by a woman that hasn't even adopted but BOUGHT her!!!
I think the best way to look at Grace's personality is to compare her to the Ying Yang sign; There's a little badness in every good person just as a little goodness in every evil character.

- Ariadne: I wanted to see Ariadne/Kamala on her own when she wasn’t obsessing over Anna or wanting her to get back it’s like her entire arc revolved around Anna. I know she has a big room for more developement and I loved how in the end she ended her ''fling'' with Anna and chose herself for the first time. This does not mean I don't want Anna and Ariadne to be together. I just hated the direction both of them book relationship wise in this book.

- Charles: I don't understand all the hate that Charles gets, I mean yes, he's annoying, and arrogant, but look at it this way: His entire life he wanted to be a politician and a part of the counsil, because Charlotte also inspired him. But he is in that period of time where being what he was was not acceptable and he has to hide by faking engagements and relationships with other women.

- Tatiana: How petty and messed up can you get?! Just because once upon a time when you all were barely teenagers Will Herondale rejected you, you decide to turn your own kids against them? Even if I do a teeny tiny bit sorry for her, I don't see her redeemable at all. I hope she wouldn't survive in the last book, meaning: she dies in Chain of Thorns!

- Lastly: I think we can all agree that the most unproblematic character was Oscar the Golden Retriever.

“If I must fade,' he said, 'I would like to fade remembering this as my last waking dream.'
'Don't go,' she whispered. 'Hold on, for me. We are so close.'
He touched her cheek. 'Only promise me one thing,' he said. 'If I do go, give us a happy ending, will you? In your book?'
'I don't believe in endings,' she said, but he only smiled at her, and faded slowly from view.”

description Art by lasq.draws

“When I am with you, I imagine that my heart is beating, though it has not beaten for seven years. You give me so much, and I can give you nothing at all.”

Love triangle/square:

The entire James, Cordelia and Matthew love triangle has overshadowed the rest of TLH cast's romances, character arcs and developements. Most of them felt rushed because of that unnecessary love triangle. Unpopular opinion alert!!! I think if Cassie wanted to add a love triangle (since its her specialty) she should have done it between Matthew, Lucie and Jesse. That would have made much more sense. Since Matthew has been in love with Lucie or at least had a crush on her most of his life, even though she constantly rejected him, because she only sees him as ''brother'' or brother's best friend.
While this trilogy till now mainly focuses on the love triangle between Matthew Cordelia and James and it is boring and there shouldn't have been a love triangle between those three in the first place, if anything it's a love square since Grace is included in it too, even if it's beacause of the bracelet, but both books began with Lucie so Lucie is once again being overlooked again despite having a major roll in one of the most important plot lines.
Also a theory of mine is that Matthews and Lucie’s friendship/possible romance in the next book. Let's look at it this way, whenever someone asks Matthew about Lucie and where their friendship/relationship stands he always seems to find a way to change the subject on that matter. While I may be overthorizing everything, but I think this may be a future reference or foreshadowing to their relationship in the last book. I hope matthews feelings/crush he has/had for Lucie will be more explored because everytime someone speaks for that topic he somehow avoids it. That must mean something, right?

“When you want something very much, you are willing to accept the shadow of that thing. Even if it is just a shadow.”

Last chapter aka the most hateable chapter of all time:
The last chapter was overly dramatic and anticlimactic, ridiculous yet angsty all at the same time . It was awful and I hated it.
If the ending were only that James could catch Cordelia from the train, tells her about Lucie and how she has been kidnapped by Malcolm she would’ve left the train and go with James to save her future parabatai. And that way Matthew could've stayed in the train instead amd went to Paris on his own. I think he needed to figure all his feelings alone without any more drama near him. We all know Cordelia doesn't love him romantically nor she ever would, because for her it has always been James and no one else. So him going to Paris with Cordelia will only hurt him more.
Here's the thing, Matthew was at wrong for doing what he did at the end, I don’t hate him and while Cordelia was at wrong here too. She was under a lot of pressure, she wanted to become an ideal daughter/wife, but at the end she saw that everyone disappointed her, so she decides to run away from all that, that was very understandable. But with your husband's parabatai? That was just plain stupid on her part.

description Art by Laira Blog

Epilogue: When Belial saying Jesse has done an excellent job then he winced. I know I’m overthinking but why did he wince or does all of this have other secret meanings too? I love Jesse Blackthorn, he's so kind, caring and precious. However, there comes times, even when I read Chain of Gold for the first time that he's faking his friendship with Lucie and is using her, but the reality is that he's working with his mother and Bellial. I alway get the feeling that he somehow he would turn out to be a villain working along with his mother and Belial and has been using Lucie all along.
Also, this is the second time that the epilogue ends with Belial and Tatiana. Obviously because they’re the main villains of this trilogy. But think about it, the Blackthorns are playing a major role in this trilogy it’s just that basically everyone is being overlooked because of the unnecessary love triangle between James, Cordelia and Matthew. I think the last book is going to focus more on Jesse, Grace and Tatiana. Not to mention that the title itself has the word Thorns in it and Jesse's pendant has thorns on it too plus their house was always surrounded with thorns.

“...sometimes you cannot reconcile with someone else. Sometimes you have to find that reconciliation on your own. Someone who broke your heart is often not the person who can mend it.”

In conclusion: Was this book flawless? Of course not! There were so many good moments as much as moments that made me angry. Although this doesn't need to sound too surprising, since it's the second books in series, especially if it's a trilogy. They (middle books) tend to be the most bizzare installement in the most bizzare way (and good and bad).
The book itself didn’t blow me away. It was adversitied to be more scandalous and dramatic, but hey to me this was the perfect Jesse and Lucie book and I love them a little too much and if it weren’t for their sweet and overly tender moments together I don’t think I would’ve given this the rating that I gave, despite the fact that I enjoyed most of it, except the last chapter.
While I do understand this doesn’t quite as good as the previous book, it keept me on the edge of the seat almost during the entire time. I myself am not the biggest Shadowhunters fanatic since I haven’t read the most important sagas, however, 'Chain of Iron' wasn’t as bad as I saw everyone was describing it.
I don’t know how is Cassie going to be able to fit all of these characters’ plot lines into the last and final book and it’s going to be a humongous book for sure. I just hope she is going to give each and every single character their own time to shine and that there would be no plot holes.

Did I finish this book or did the book finish me?!


Am I...finally reading this book? Yes!!!

Let's do this Alexandra.

I'm in agony right now. Why? Because my copy won't be arriving anytime soon. I have to wait from 2 to 3 weeks. 😭😭 In the meantime I'm going to read the novellas that are about TLH characters, because I need TLH content like right now.

By the angel!!!!! Only one more month till we have to endure for torture, heartbreak and lots and lots of sobbing (I'm sure).

I have never been more terrified excited for a sequel than I am for Chain of Iron.
*Impatiently counting down the days...*


My favorite Herondale is on the cover and Lucie is finally getting the appreciation that she deserves. 🙌🏻🙌🏻👏🏻👏🏻

I though the Dark Artifices has the best book covers among the shadowhunters series, but the Last Hours is breaking that record.

Also, can we talk about the cover. I mean there are so many details to observe. (But I’m tagging them as spoilers)

Alright, here are my theories regarding the cover:

That’s all I have to say about the cover for now, but oh boy am I terrified of what’ll happen in this book. Oh, and the synopsis has left me SHOOK!!!!!
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Author 8 books2,452 followers
April 11, 2021

Dentro de poco publicaré mi reseña oficial.

Al final he decidido ponerle un 3,75 casi 4 :)
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April 12, 2021
“Hast thou gone among the streets of the city and the watchmen there, and found the one thy soul loves?”

This review is going to be 90% me freaking out and ranting about this book and only 10% of actual analysis. GOD I LOVE THESE CHARACTERS SO MUCH HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO WAIT A OVER A YEAR FOR THE NEXT ONE??

Anyway, I’m going to try to talk about things in chronological order so if you only want to know my thoughts on the ending scroll to the bottom.

Warning: there will be major spoilers from here on. I don't mention who the killer is, but I talk about almost everything else!

⇢The Wedding
Oh my god, I absolutely adored the ceremony itself. JAMES MORGAN HENRY HERONDALE. CORDELIA KATAYOUN CARSTAIRS. I LOVE IT. Now I know that the wedding after-party reception was basically ruined by Elias and the thomastair interaction, but I can’t say that I’m that mad about it, because I don’t think anyone really expected it to go without any hiccups. Overall, let’s just say that I thought it was super cute and the problems that ensued didn’t didn’t take all that much away from my enjoyment.

“He has given us a tremendous capacity to love. To give of our hearts, to let them be filled and filled again with the love that consecrates us all. To love one another is to come as close as we ever can to being angels ourselves.”

I’m gonna also talk about herondaisy / jordelia here since I might as well. So, I obviously really like James and Cordelia together and hate am not a fan of Matthew and Cordelia as a couple. Herondaisy… this book put their relationship through a lot, which was definitely what I expected. CC main couples never get together before the last book in the trilogies so I anticipated that. BUT SO MUCH STRESS AND ANGST AND PAIN? That, I was not ready for. The whole book I was screaming at James to take the Gracelet off and then when he finally did?! Well, you’ll see in the paragraph where I talk about the ending. But let’s just say that it made me very mad and I am still thinking about how things could have easily worked out if not for my least favourite trope: communication issues.

Also, here’s a snippet of Will’s advice to James before the wedding… if only James had followed it UGH.

“So here it is: always tell Cordelia what you feel.” He looked James in the eye. “You may fear what will happen if you speak your heart. You may wish to hide things because you fear hurting others. But secrets have a way of eating at relationships, Jamie. At love, at friendship—they undermine and destroy them until in the end you find you are bitterly alone with the secrets you kept.”

⇢The Killer’s POV and the Murders

I actually really liked reading those short snippets from the Killer’s perspective. It made the book a lot more exciting and actually made the killer seem more threatening. CC’s books are definitely more character-based than plot-based, but I have to say that this book actually did have a lot going on in terms of the storyline. And that seems to be how her more recent books are turning out.

⇢Grace’s POV and the Flashbacks
I said that this book would make me hate Grace a lot less and I was right. It was really hard to dislike her after seeing just how much Tatiana controlled her and how all she wanted was a friend and a family. It’s obvious that the majority of her bad actions were simply her following Tatiana’s orders and once you read from her perspective you see just how hard it would be for her to break free of Tatiana’s control.

“She would smile at Grace in the carriage as they returned home from a particularly successful night. “You are your mother’s blade,” she would say, “cutting these arrogant boys down to size.”
And Grace would smile back, agreeing. “I am my mother’s blade indeed.”

I didn’t love the flashbacks that involved things that we already knew (i.e the scene where Tatiana says that she’s going to ask James to cut the briars or whatever) but I enjoyed Grace’s chapters overall.

⇢Lucie and Jesse
Wow, I actually liked them so much more in this book. I loved seeing Lucie so passionate about something, and the scenes they had together, including the dance, were very cute.

“Lucie. You were wrong in what you said—but only when you claimed you are not like Princess Lucinda. Not brave or resourceful or clever. You are a thousand times those things. You are better than any imagined heroine. You are my heroine.”

I think things moved a bit fast, but since we don’t know how things ended off after Lucie brought him back, I won’t say that their relationship developed too fast because we don’t even know how Jesse reacted. For all we know, CC may introduce a whole other conflict to separate them in book 3.

⇢Anna and Ariadne
Honestly, I really wanted more development for these two. Yeah, we got to see Ariadne determined to win Anna back, and their scenes at the Hell Ruelle, but what I really wanted was emotional development. And to say the least, this book had practically none.

“Ariadne stepped into her petticoats. “I’m not leaving.”
Anna looked at her with real curiosity. “Why not?”
“Because,” Ariadne said, “when you want something very much, you are willing to accept the shadow of that thing. Even if it is just a shadow.”

Also, I NEED MORE ARIADNE APART FROM ANNA. SHE IS AN AMAZING CHARACTER, SO WHY ARE ALL HER SCENES JUST HER AND ANNA? Especially since Grace living at her house could have been a way for CC to give her some character development… CC please give your sapphic characters a role for once, please.

⇢Thomas and Alastair
WHY DID WE HAVE TO WAIT SO LONG FOR A HAPPY-ISH THOMASTAIR SCENE UGH. BUT IT WAS WORTH IT!!! The entire scene was adorable… the aftermath not so much. I just really want them to be happy even if that’s sort of wishful thinking…

“You were always my secret,” said Thomas softly, and Alastair turned a startled gaze on him.”

As for their solo development, I of course loved the start of Alastair’s journey. (If you don't like him at this point... All I have to say is HOW??) It was obvious that he made an effort and I loved seeing him healing after all the events that took place in Chain of Iron. Now all I want is for Thomas to be in a better place too so that they can be together. Crossing my fingers for no thomastair death trope.

⇢Grace and Christopher
So… it seems like CC has in fact decided to make Grace and Kit a couple? I don’t want to get into it that much because I know there are super conflicting opinions on them: some people say that they’re cousins and that’s it, and then there are others who argue that since they’re not blood related and that since Grace is more Tatiana’s ward than daughter that it’s okay.

I think I’m in the middle somewhere, so all that I will say is that it’s nice that Kit treats her like a friend even after all Grace has done and that he finally has someone who is interested in his experiments. I honestly just hope that CC will take the less controversial route and make them friends…

⇢The Ending

GOD. I WANT TO ATTACK SOMEONE RIGHT NOW OH MY GOD (/lh). Did I ask for whatever is going on with fairstairs? NO. Did I ask for James to be an idiot and make things worse? DOUBLE NO. Did I ask for Cordelia to misinterpret things and RUN OFF????? NO NO NO. And then the fact that I won’t even know what happens until Chain of Thorns? AHHHHHHH I HATE IT HERE

. ⋅ ˚̣- : ✧ : – ⭒ ❦ ⭒ – : ✧ : -˚̣⋅ .

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February 9, 2023
5 Stars

Re-Read 23.09.2022

AHHHHHH this was soooooo good! What's more is that I literally forgot SO much of what happens in this so at parts it felt like I was reading it again for the first time (it was great cause I got all those feeeeeeels)

I do have to say out of all of the story lines, I am most intrigued by Lucie and Grace.

Learning more and more about Grace I can't help but have sympathy for her because of how much she's gone through and how she was treated.

I am SO excited for Chain of Thorns after this re-read!


How can it possibly end there?!
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Happy Release Day Chain of Iron 🙌🏻 I’m so so excited to read this... I feel like it’s a repeat of last year in the sense that I am very certain that Waterstones has messed up my order and it’s not going to be here today... the exact reason why I chose not to go with Amazon whyyyyyy does this keep happening 😞


It comes out tomorrow woooo! Can’t wait to Buddy Read this with Katie, probably going to cry together... I swear to god if this book gives us another LoS moment WE WILL RIOT!

Here’s to hoping it’s not like last year where my copy arrived days later!

Less than a month to go! So painfully excited for this, so many preorders, but I am PRAYING that it’s not going to be a repeat of CoG where my copy comes late 🙃

My girl Lucie made it to the cover, get it girl 🙌🏻

But seriously, it’s BEAUTIFUL!


Look at that Synopsis... OOOOOOOFT



After finishing Chain of Gold yesterday, I don't think I've been so eager to get my hands on the next book in such a long time.

Look right, I'll be honest, I see Cassandra Clare, I see Shadowhunters... I buy it.

HOWEVER with the knowledge that I'm getting more Will (even in snippets), Cordelia and Matthew I am sold.
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May 21, 2022
what the fuck Cassandra Clare

» chain of gold | ★★★★★
lucie looks gorgeous with the killer bees ahh and we’re getting a magnus and jem short story in the collectors edition too i can’t wait
UPDATE: we just got the official summary for this book and wow this series just became wayyyy darker than I thought it would. I mean James, a serial killer? I’m actually both terrified and excited for this.
MARCH 2nd 2021?
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July 30, 2021
2.5 out of 5 stars.

❝And thus the heart will break, yet brokenly live on❞

Cassandra Clare really fumbled her bag with this one…

Chain of Iron was a big disappointment. First of all, it was unnecessarily long—and when I say it was too long I don’t mean that it was maybe fifty pages too long, but hundreds of pages too long.

I honestly believe that this entire Last Hours trilogy could easily have been a duology. I feel like Cassandra Clare is dragging out this entire story way too much. I guess she just loves writing trilogies, but not every story needs a trilogy—a duology would have more than sufficed.

The plot was so weak, it was honestly abysmal. There were some good moments every now and then (which is the reason why I kept reading) but looking back at it now, I’m just disappointed. I know Cassandra Clare has written better books than this so I don’t know what happened here…

It made me feel extremely frustrated, and honestly made me feel less invested in the story.

Also, the whole plot line with Lucie, Jesse and Grace was so boring and I couldn’t care less about them. Lucie was one of my favourite characters in the first book, but in this one she annoyed me so much. She was acting so foolish, But I guess love turns people into fools, especially Herondales.

I feel like this entire series had so much potential, but the execution did not work for me at all. Cordelia deserves a better series than this to be honest. She’s such an amazing character, and it genuinely saddens me that I gave this book such a low rating. It is not worthy of Cordelia Carstairs.

❝Keep hold of me, Daisy. Keep hold of me and don’t let go.❞

Also, very controversial opinion: Cordelia deserves a better parabatai than Lucie. I can almost see y’all preparing the pitchforks, but hear me out.

I hated the final act of this book so much. It was Terrible. I debated giving this book three stars instead of two, but I can’t do it. Honestly, if this hadn’t been a buddy read, I might have DNFed it. And that alone says enough about how I feel about this book.

The highlight of this whole reading experience was the fact that I buddy read it with my good friend Noa 💖

Every situation has a silver lining, I suppose :’)

Will I read Chain of Thorns next year? I honestly don’t know. I am mildly curious about how this story will be resolved and what will happen to some of my beloved characters, but I don’t think I’m curious enough to read another seemingly never-ending book that will probably be over 600 pages long… But never say never, right? Maybe Chain of Thorns will redeem this series for me, who knows? I guess we’ll see.

One thing I know for sure is that I’m going to reread The Infernal Devices this summer! I need to cleanse my mind from the mess that is this book. And Will, Jem & Tessa are just the best <3

❝It is not wise to forget to believe.❞


hope this is even better than chain of gold !!

1.) Chain of Gold — 4.25 stars
2.) Chain of Iron — 2.5 stars

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