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St. Fleur #1

Widower's Aura

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He’s a guilt-ridden single father and she’s a believer in second chances.

Sofia Brazier lives in a world full of colors.

Her ability to see auras has been useful in her career as a juvenile probation officer in New Orleans, but when things go south, she escapes to the small town of St. Fleur.

The photography business is her chance to try to rid her life of all the dark auras surrounding the damaged souls she once tried helping.

But her comfortable new world is upended when widower, and ex-security-forces-turned-handyman hunk, Noah Tyler enters the local pub and her life.

Noah knows better than to get involved with the voluptuous beauty who has captivated his every thought.

The guilt of his wife’s murder still weighed on his heart, and he needed to focus on his daughter.

That is, until his daughter vandalizes Sofia’s building and effectively seals their fate.

After cutting his daughter a break, Sofia begins tearing down the walls he built after his wife’s death.

Just when life finally seems worth living for Noah, Sofia finds herself the victim of a string of crimes. Can he protect Sofia when he failed to protect the only other woman he’s ever loved?

St. Fleur Series:
Book 1: Widower’s Aura (Sofia and Noah)
Book 2: Always Mine (Lindsey and Marc)
Book 3: Duplicity (Jaime Lynn and Jesse)
Book 4: No Going Back (JJ and Rocco)
Book 5: Taxed by Love (Gabrielle and Andrew)

“I absolutely loved this book by AJ Renee. I couldn't put it down. I fell in love with the characters. Friends in a close knit town who are family not out of blood or obligation but due to caring for one another by choice.” – Wicked Tales of Racy Reads

“There is absolutely nothing I love more than reading a book by a down-to-earth and friendly author. To add to AJ Renee's awesomeness, she knows how to write a great book! Widower's Aura was a treat for me in many, many ways. Not only was the story line right up my alley (hello, a Romantic Suspense? YES, PLEASE!), but I loved ALL, yes ALL, the characters. Also, the small-town environment was perfectly described/developed and had me feeling like I lived in St. Fleur.” – HEA Bookshelf


Published August 18, 2016

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About the author

A.J. Renee

27 books397 followers
AJ Renee loves to write steamy romance with a happily ever after. When she isn't writing or interacting with her readers, you can find her spending time with her family or reading.

She graduated from the University of Central Florida with her Masters of Science in Criminal Justice and a Bachelors of Science in Psychology.

Amazon: https://bit.ly/ajrenee
Bookbub: https://bit.ly/BBajr
Facebook: https://bit.ly/faceajr
Instagram: https://bit.ly/instaajr
Twitter: https://bit.ly/twajr




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2,070 reviews311 followers
August 1, 2017
What a hidden gem of a book. Okay so it’s not that hidden as it has just been released.

Welcome to St. Fleur!

Sofia Brazier has been living in St. Fleur for two years now. Orchid Photography and has become quite popular. She left her old life behind to start anew and has settled in with new friends and finally feels like home. Sofia sees auras of people. Green, blue, orange and red all have a meaning it tells her a lot about people. That is until one night at Whiskey’s….a hot buns hunk catches her eye.

Not seeing an aura around the man had been unsettling. It wasn’t a bad omen necessarily, but it was the first time that it had ever happened.

Which will make things very interesting. Very interesting.

Noah Tyler his wife Vanessa was murdered he blames himself. Hard trope the dead spouse but it was done well. Air Forces was a cop. The last two years have been tough for him and his daughter Lexi. They have been a drift at sea. That is until he sees a woman at Whiskey’s that takes his breath away that makes him feel again. Thinking that their paths will not really cross again he pushes her to back of his mind. But there is Lexi………

Noah had to let her hand go. He would either strangle Lexi for her latest act of rebellion or take this woman right here, right now with the sheriff and his daughter to witness it all.

Instead of pressing charges, Sofia gets Lexi to do community service and starts to mentor her. The interaction and love between the two was real. It is a rocky start for all three of them. Sofia gets some good advice though.

“No, you keep it. Whatever you do, don’t let him turn from you. He thinks that he needs to be punished for what happened, but it’s not what the woman wants. The girl will come around as well she just needs love.”

But then he was a goner.

After the first bit, he knew he was a goner. Not only was this woman gorgeous, but she was giving his kid a break, she kissed like a goddess, and God save him – she could cook.

This worked really well for me. It was engaging, captivating and I had a great time reading it. I couldn’t put it down. I was reading when I told the hubby that I only needed one more minute before bed. He reminded me ten minutes later that I was meant to sleep. Ops!

I love that the author built in a somewhat paranormal aspect into the book.

Both characters have depth and they mesh well together although they both have some things that they need to come to terms with. I felt that although Noah spoke about his deceased wife and it was mentioned that what he had with Vanessa was a slow burning love from friends to lovers. Whereas what he has with Sofia burning, consuming and passionate. There was no comparison and Sofia didn’t live in her shadow but just took on a different dynamic in the family that they have.

Even Lexi tried to match make.

Lexi said, “You should ask my dad out. It’s obvious you guys have the hots for each other, and he’s not manning up. You guys would be great together.”

I did not see that ending coming and there was suspense with what was going on but it wasn’t OTT and was done well that I had no idea who it could be and at the end I picked the wrong person and that hardly ever happens.

What bothered me was that he should have asked her if she could see his aura when she mentioned her ability. It felt kind of important to me that they would talk about it. And a term of endearment that drives me batty is “honey” there were quite a few of them. I love how they danced around one another and the build-up was great but that anticipation didn’t continue after they got together and I don’t really know what could be done to keep it going but it did pick up again.

Highly recommended

Book can be found @ http://jerisbookattic-reviewblog.blog...

Book received by Love Between The Sheets in exchange for an honest review.
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1,181 reviews35 followers
March 30, 2017
3.5 Stars
So I took a chance on a new to me author and really enjoyed this story. It was a light, romantic, slightly suspenseful read and I found myself pleasantly surprised. Sofia, is adjusting to a new town and a fresh start after leaving her last job. She meets Lindsay and they become friends. Fast forward to two years later and she meets Noah. There is insta love with the two characters. That was my only issue with the book. I prefer and need a slow burn but it is what it is! I loved the secondary characters, Lindsay and Marc. Loved how Sofia and Noah's daughter Lexi interacted. Sofia was able to reach through her when Noah couldn't! Sofia knew her place and didn't try to replace her deceased mother Vanessa. There was one scene with Noah, Sofia and Lexi that I didn't like and was happy Lindsay was there to talk some sense into them. Despite that one issue everything else was good and their interactions in the story seemed genuine. Despite the insta love this was an enjoyable read for me and looking forward to Lindsay and Marc's story and catching up with the gang.

*arc was given for an honest review*

For more reviews check me out at: http://www.shellysbookcorner.com
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1,866 reviews417 followers
August 29, 2016
The book started out a little weak, but because I could see the possibility I kept on reading, and it was totally worth it. By the end of the book I was having a lot of trouble putting it down because I needed to know how things were going to turn out. While I feel that the aura business at times was a little bit extra that didn't necessarily need to be part of the story, some of it did work out to add interesting details to certain situations. The sexy scenes were pretty good, and I loved all the best friend characters. In fact, the little excerpt at the end of this book for the next one featuring Lindsey only served to make me very impatient for that book to come out, which isn't until 2017.

I definitely will be recommending this as a quick, fun read, with suspense, romance, and definitely steamy scenes in parts. I also enjoyed the New Orleans setting, as I am getting ready to visit the city myself in about a month for the second time. Full review posted on Lisa Loves Literature.
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559 reviews14 followers
December 28, 2022
Sweet romance.
This was another great find at a book signing event. It has been sitting on my shelves for a while but I finally found the time to read it.
I loved the characters. The story has romance, mystery and a bit of suspense. There is nothing intense or earth shattering in the story, but it flows well and just has a good feel to it.
Profile Image for Mollien Fote Osterman.
723 reviews10 followers
August 21, 2016
Title: Widower's Aura
Series: (St. Fleur
Author: AJ Renee
Publisher: KBN Publishing LLC
Reviewer: Mollien
Release Date: August 16, 2016
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance, Suspense
Page Count: 260 pages
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

Living in a world full of colors, Sofia Brazier escapes a career gone south as a juvenile probation officer in New Orleans. After moving to the small town of St. Fleur, Sofia opens a photography business in hopes of ridding her life of all the dark auras surrounding the damaged souls she once tried helping. Her comfortable new life is upended when widower, and ex-security-forces-turned-handyman hunk, Noah Tyler enters the local pub.

Noah attempts to avoid the voluptuous beauty who has captivated his every thought. That is, until his daughter vandalizes Sofia’s building and effectively seals their fate. After cutting his daughter a break, Sofia begins tearing down the walls he built after his wife’s death.

Just when life finally seems worth living for Noah, Sofia finds herself the victim of a string of crimes. Can he protect Sofia when he failed to protect his own wife?

This book is the first book in the St. Fleur series. It is also the debut novel by this author. I am happy to say that I enjoyed this book. It is a romantic suspense with a little paranormal tossed in. Sofia has the ability to see the Aura that surrounds people, which gives her the ability to read their emotions. Plot. Sofia has moved to St. Fleur, Louisiana to open a photography studio. She has made a good life for herself and has made many friends in her new home town. When Noah Tyler comes to town with his teenage daughter, Sofia is instantly attracted to him. The story moves along quickly introducing us to other people who live in St. Fleur. The curious thing is that she can’t see his Aura. There is exciting chemistry between Sofia and Noah. The book has a good ending, and I am hoping that we see more of this couple in the future books in this series. There is a lot of character development going on in this story. We find out about Sofia’s strange upbringing, and Noah’s relationship with his deceased wife.

SCORES on a scale of 1-5 Stars rate each of the Following 5
PLOT: 5 Stars
PACING: 5 Stars
ENDING: 5 Stars

Review Copy of Widower's Aura provided by the AJ Renee for an honest review. Reviewed by Mollien from Alpha Book Club
description description
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3,332 reviews12 followers
June 22, 2017
Widower’s Aura by AJ Renee a fab four star read. This is the first book in the St Fleur series, the series is set in a small town outside of New Orleans called St Fleur, the locals have a lot of character and each book focuses on a couple, but it’s the secondary characters that make this book and series amazingly funny and sweet.
Sophia Brazier moved to St Fleur two years previous, she moved to set up a photography studio and enjoy a small town quiet life. Not everyone understands her reasoning behind the move, least of all her mother, but Sophia has her reasons and that’s all that matters.
Noah Tyler lost his wife and moved with his daughter Lexi to small town St Fleur thinking that a fresh start will allow them to live a normal life, and he doesn’t want to forget his wife, but he needs to come to terms with the fact that he didn’t save his wife and learn to deal with the guilt and grief they both face.
Lexi is an integral part of the story, the path she is on can lead her many ways. But when you see her story develop you understand her and the reasons she acts the way she does, her story was the tie that binds the whole story together. Where she could just be a minor blip, she is her own person and I love how the author has created her character.
This story is a great start to what I am sure will be a fantastic series. This has been one of those books I have had on my TBR pile for ages, but just decided that I should get it read as the third book comes out soon, I am so glad I didn’t wait any longer.
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668 reviews48 followers
May 15, 2017

I absolutely loved this book by AJ Renee. I couldn't put it down.
I fell in love with the characters. Friends in a close knit town who are family not out of blood or obligation but due to caring for one another by choice.
Noah and Sofia pasts don't define them but rather have them in a holding pattern on life. Their instant attraction leaps from the pages coming to life within your hands as you flip from page to page.
I especially loved the dynamics with Lexi, Noah's daughter. The issues with a teenager we're realistic and her emotions rang true in dealing with the loss of her mother.
Sofia's family history and her relationships with her mom, Mrs Brazier, and her grandmother, Mrs. Blanc were endearing.
I did enjoy the added special gift of Sofia is seeing people's auras and all that it entails. It was interesting to not only read about it but to have it explained and explored throughout the story.
Noah's pain and loss were sad to read about but really helped to define his character and personality as well.
Sofia's network of friends may not have been large in number, but large in caring and supporting her through all that she endured and experienced. I hope for more from this group of friends in future books. Marc and Lindsey definitely has a story that needs told as do Jesse and Jaime Lynn.
Profile Image for Chasing Away Reality.
449 reviews31 followers
May 1, 2018
This was my first full-length novel by A.J. Renee and looks to be her debut novel. That being said, I think she did a decent job with developing her characters and building their world, especially since it would be a series. Sofia, Noah, Lexi, and all their friends were great characters. I could envision their lives in the small town of St. Fleur. I loved that they had a local pub to meet up in, girls'/guys' nights, and a close community that supported one another. I also liked that there was some intrigue when it came to Sofia. Her ability to see auras added to the Louisiana culture and gave an interesting element to the story. Her troubles toward the end added some excitement to it as well. However, I wished her history and experiences would have been fleshed out more, and I think the story in general needed more focus. There were just too many things going on; it would have been nice if the author would have focused on one element in Sofia or Noah's life to add drama to their journey rather than 5 or 6.

At first, the book was tough for me to get into. I felt like the author struggled to find her footing. It picked up a few chapters in but started out with so much detail about the mundane. For example, instead of simply saying Sofia had oatmeal with berries and tea for breakfast, the author gives a play by play of her getting berries out of the fridge, mixing oatmeal with hot water that she previously detailed Sofia's actions for heating, and mixing in berries and a banana from a basket on the counter. She also included detailed information about Sofia's working process and interactions with clients. While I love learning about a characters job, I feel like there needs to be a purpose in the details given. I kept waiting for someone to mess with her SD cards or for there to be some follow-up or backlash from the birthday party situation with Bridget.

Now on to the relationships. I enjoyed watching Lexi and Sofia work together and develop a closeness that allowed openness and respect. Sofia was the perfect person to help Lexi find herself again. It was nice to see Lexi find comfort with Sofia and recognize the growing attraction between her and her Dad. I had, however, hoped to see more of that after Sofia and Noah started dating. It felt like the author pushed her to the side a bit at that point. We no longer got to see them work together in the photography studio, nor do we see them develop their relationship beyond what already existed. I also would have liked to see Lexi and Noah work through their issues.

In regard to the love story, I enjoyed Noah and Sofia’s interactions and the passion they felt for one another. I wasn’t a fan of the insta-love that seemed to occur as soon as Noah decided to take a chance on them. It was too quick in my opinion and should have been more of a slow burn all things considered. His concern for his daughter in the beginning was warranted, and I felt like he should have held on to that a little longer. Instead, Noah and Sofia were immediately open with their affection before easing into it around Lexi. Something else that bothered me was Noah’s constant reactions every time he saw or thought about Sofia. He was always staring at her large breasts and getting aroused. It didn’t matter if they were having dinner with his daughter or some other everyday moment, he just couldn't control his body's reaction to her.

I'm hoping that we get more character development in future books in this series. Since the friends are so close and involved in each other's lives, maybe we'll see more growth from Sofia, Noah, and Lexi as they become a family.

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Readers Copy of this book.
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92 reviews4 followers
February 21, 2017
An Epic Love Story

A couple of things before I start.
The storyline was 10/5. seriously. I loved the way the story progressed - smoothly and enticingly.
Characters were awesome. They grew with the story and developed with each plot twist.
The only thing I had an issue with was all the touchy feely stuff. Like, kissing in public all the time. I dunno, to me that's a little weird that they did that while out with people. But then again, I've never been with someone that I can't keep my hands off, so I could be bitter!

As for the book itself, and my review, I really enjoyed the book as a whole. The characters interacted well with each other, and I super related to Sofia with her mortification regarding the Lindsey incident. Seriously, that was way on the money. Then, to top it off, Marc gets in on it and is just plain awesome. I think he's my favourite character, just by the way he teases Sofia and Noah.

The author obviously expressed her own sense of humor when developing the discourse of Marc throughout the book, and has a great grasp of his and Noah's friendship. I also want to point out that while Noah is a little possessive (just enough to be delicious), the author didn't take it so far as to make the relationship vaguely abusive. Believe me, that can happen.

You'll want to read this book because of the storyline (a girl moves to a new town, meets a guy thats still dealing with heartbreak and wants nothing to do with her, but she's been forced into his life through circumstance), but you'll keep reading for the characters that will make your heart ache for even a little of what they offer. You'll keep reading for the humor that the author has interspersed throughout the book, and then, like me, you'll be heartbroken that the next book isn't out yet. You'll cross ever appendage you have, and use all your willpower to not threaten and force the book to come out earlier.

It won't help, though
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458 reviews6 followers
September 8, 2016
Sofia has an amazing gift, she can read people's aura's. It has come in quite handy, especially working in a juvenile correction facility. After a situation at her jobs, she needs a fresh start and something different to do. She moves to St. Fleur and starts a photography business.
2 years later she is respected member of the community and loves everything about this town. Her business is still going strong, and she has amazing friends. Her love life kind of took the back seat 2 years ago.
After her building is vandalized but a young woman named Lexi. Sofia realizes her Aura is that of a young woman who is still hurting and just feels so lost in life. This also brings in Noah the young girls dad, his Aura is that of a person hurting also. When Noah offers to clean up the graffiti, he gets it done fast because he needs to stay as far away from the owner as possible. Sofia is waking up feelings in Noah he thought were long burried. He is completly taken back when Sofia offers instead of pressing charges giving Lexi a chance to work it off.
Sofia wants Noah but she knows he is being stubborn. She can see in his Aura that he is feeling something. As her relationship with Lexi grows Noah comes to realize that it's harder trying to stay away from her. As Sofia's past comes back to find her, Noah's need to protect her is so strong it surprises him. Will Noah finally open his heart again and let Sofia in? or will his own stubbornness cause him to loss her for good?

I loved this book from start to finish. I couldn't put it down. It's jammed pack with mystery and the romance is so amazing. Sofia is a one of a kind woman, she is kind, smart, beautiful, and she stands up for the little guy. She gives the underdog a chance. Noah, wow, I could picture him in my head as this broken single father trying to salvage his relationship with his daughter and trying to stay away from Sofia. It was comical.
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118 reviews22 followers
September 10, 2016
I was given "Widower's Aura" by A.J. Renee for an honest review. This book is as sweet as chocolate covered strawberries. A.J. has a fantastic way of describing things in her book so that if feels like you're actually there experiencing everything firsthand. Enter Sofia, the sassy and witty juvenile probation officer turned photographer and Noah, the frustrated and slightly awkward single dad.

Sofia and Noah meet due to the shenanigans instigated by his daughter. Luckily for all involved, Sofia was once a juvenile probation officer and is willing to work with Noah's daughter. Unfortunately for the single dad, he now sees Sofia every time he turns around. As you can imagine, Noah and Sofia begin to see each other differently and romance ensues. There are only two things that could throw everything out of whack: his daughter, and the string of crimes that Sofia is a victim of.

I give this book 4 stars. A.J. did a great job telling the story of the single dad with an impressionable daughter and his romance with Sofia. The actions of the the characters were believable and true to life, and I really enjoyed watching the relationships develop.
Profile Image for Lydia's Bookshelf.
869 reviews182 followers
February 6, 2017
4.5 Stars!
There is absolutely nothing I love more than reading a book by a down-to-earth and friendly author. To add to AJ Renee's awesomeness, she knows how to write a great book! Widower's Aura was a treat for me in many, many ways. Not only was the story line right up my alley (hello, a Romantic Suspense? YES, PLEASE!), but I loved ALL, yes ALL, the characters. Also, the small town environment was perfectly described/developed and had me feeling like I lived in St. Fleur. If these aspects weren't enough, that little something AJ threw into the mix regarding Sofia, made this book refreshingly different. In fact, I don't think I've ever read a book where a character has that quality. A sure bonus!

Despite Noah's efforts, the man could not stay away from Sofia. Holy sexual tension, Batman! It truly sizzled and then some... Thank gosh for Lexi and her teenage ways!! I'm sure that otherwise, Sofia and Noah would have exploded from that pent-up energy! And then...*fireworks*!! Man, talk about PASSION. That build-up was worth it. Noah and Sofia had a deeply rooted connection that I had no problem whatsoever in feeling as a reader.

Things definitely got better and better as I kept on reading. I was completely enthralled and wanted to know how everything would come full-circle. AJ Renee did NOT disappoint at all! This book made my heart very happy and I could not have read it at a more perfect time, seeing as I needed a happy ending after my last bookish heartbreak!

This was hands-down a great debut!! I will certainly be reading the next installment, which I'm VERY excited about!!
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167 reviews4 followers
August 26, 2016
What can I say, but how much I loved this story! So well written, I could picture myself there with them. Now I need to try a muffuletta! Sophia is pretty kick ass and Noah, well who wouldn't want Noah as their next book bf?! The seeing auras was a great addition. It wasnt too much but added a great element to the story. I also love how the characters were introduced, even tho Lindsay's dog named deogee took me a while to catch on. Absolutely loved it and can't wait for the next installment!
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551 reviews5 followers
August 30, 2020
Widower's Aura is the first in the St. Fleur series.

I found Widower’s Aura to be a sweet love story with a few twists and turns. For me, it started out slow but did build by the end of the book. I enjoyed Ms. Renee’s attention to details and character development – the storyline flowed nicely.

Sofia Brazier is former juvenile probation officer who now owns her own photography business after a traumatizing experience made her change job directions. A new life in St. Fleur with a new job is just what she is looking for.

Noah Tyler is an ex-cop for the Army, has now turned into the new handyman for St. Fleur. With his daughter Lexi in tow they need to start re-building their lives after a traumatizing experience.

This story is packed with tragedy, love, acceptance, healing, a bit of suspense and I enjoyed the paranormal element that was tossed in. The only thing I though was missing was a little more back story on Sophia and her life as a juvenile probation officer – but overall a great read and I would recommend it
Profile Image for Chantelle Smith.
215 reviews14 followers
June 9, 2017
After moving to a small town after her job becomes increasingly unsafe she escapes her previous career as a juvenile probationary officer. Sofia moves to a small town called St. Fleur, in which she starts her own photography business, where she hopes the dark auras that previously surrounded her of the damaged people she tried to help will start to disappear. But when her new life suddenly makes a sudden change in the form of an ex- security forces-turned handyman hunk Noah Tyler, she realises not all aura’s need to be seen for you to understand a person.

Noah tries at every opportunity to avoid the beauty that he laid eyes on in the pub and left him utterly captivated. But avoiding her is not going to be easy especially when his daughter vandalizes Sofia’s building which inevitably seals their fate.

When things are just starting to look up for Noah, and his future. Sofia finds herself a victim of a string of crimes that could lead to some bad situations, can Noah protect Sofia especially when he failed at protecting his own wife?

Widower’s Aura is book 1 in the St. Fleur Series, from author A.J. Renee and my first book from this author, and I cannot wait to see what other great stories I can read from this author, and what else she will bring to this series.

This book was brilliant read that I was unable to put down. The two characters in this book were captivating to read and I liked everything about them. I’ve been happy, sad, angry all while reading this book. There were also situations that happened in this book that I really didn’t expect to happen that shocked me. In some case these two trusted each other enough quickly that were able to reveal things about their past to each other, even no matter how hard it was for them, their connection made it too hard to hide it from each other.

I loved the chemistry that these two characters had, yes, they developed a connection really quickly, and it developed into something quicker than either of them thought but they were real. Their relationship was real, their connection was real, their trust was real, and I think that is what both of them needed at that point in their life. They quickly broke down each other walls, that they had built up and slowly help piece each other back together. I love reading their developing connection, I liked how Sofia never forced Noah to ever be over his wife, she accepted it and knew he would always share his heart and that made her so much more of a wonderful person, that she could take that and understand and not make a bigger situation out of it. I also liked how without even realising it, how much they were helping repair each other from the inside. This wasn’t the only beautiful developing relationship in the book, I loved reading the connection that grew between Sofia and Lexi (Noah’s Daughter) they immediately hit it off, and Sofia made an impact on how Lexi was starting to make things difficult for her Dad by taking her under her wing and using her talents for something productive and good. Sofia, really did become part of the family quickly but it was beautiful to see the dynamic change of the three and how they coped with Sofia coming into their lives. This book had me smiling on numerous occasions throughout the book with seeing their connection blossom and change. These two are defiantly an incredible couple as they each balance each other out, heal each other and have an undeniable connection inside and out.

This book also has some great secondary characters that I’d love to read their story such as Sofia’s best friend Lindsey, her other friend Jaime Lynn and of course Noah’s best friend the very cryptic Marc. After a brief introduction and a little backstory, I’d love to read their stories.

Another great thing with this book, is that its written with Dual POV’S. I love reading the book this way as it really helps you connect with the characters and get their thoughts and feeling from them rather than someone else.

When we first meet Sofia, you can immediately tell she is a strong, independent woman who is used to facing things her own way. I like that we learn some of her backstory and how she managed to get her first job, of being a juvenile probationary officer. But I especially like talent that she has. It works great in everyday life and also in her works which by the descriptions in this book she has a real talent at capturing things behind a lens. I love watching the developing connection with her and Noah, but also the one with her & Lexi. She doesn’t realise that the way in which she helped her changed her life for the better, and actually helped Lexi make something out of a bad situation. She made her open up, and do things with her that she would normally miss out on. Her relationship with Noah was beautiful to see develop whether it was fast they started something that was real for them.

When meeting Noah, he is closed off, kind of moody and keeps himself to himself. But unknown to other he is trying to keep his distance from someone that truly changed his life from the moment her laid eyes on her. Without either of them realising Sofia, slowly breaks down his walls and reservation about being in another relationship, but he is determined not to let her once he realises that she is the one he really wants. You can see the struggling relationship between him and his daughter in beginning as well, but Sofia is not only good for him but Lexi as well as it helps both of them heal, the pain that both of them carried around. I liked how he fit into the town, and became friendly with everyone and really fit in with Sofia and her friends. But no one can deny the connection that Noah & Sofia have from the first moment they lock eyes.

This is a beautiful story of love and healing, second chances, friend and family with the added suspenseful factor. This isn’t one to miss and I am looking forward to Book 2 Always Mine.
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777 reviews54 followers
May 9, 2017
Great contemporary romance

This is my first read by this author but certainly not my last. I really enjoyed the journey into the town of St. Fleur and meeting its residents.
Sophia came to St. Fleur to start a new. She has found her niche and friends she calls family. Her world is rocked when she meets Noah and Lexi. Little does she realize in the beginning just how much they would rock it.
Noah didn't know what to do but Sophia was becoming an obsession. He is strong and fiercely protective of those he loves.
The secondary characters are just as fabulous and the leads. I cannot wait to see where their stories lead. I found myself becoming vested in this imaginary world. I couldn't put the book down and loved the refreshing vibrancy of this author.
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1,311 reviews4 followers
September 13, 2020
Wow! What an awesome read! This is what I believe to be my first read from this extremely talented author, and all I can say is WOW! I hope to be able to read many more from her. The characters are down to earth, with real issues and feelings, and many obstacles to clear on the path to happiness. The story they have to tell is intriguing and spellbinding, yet realistic. I enjoyed the pace at which the tale was told, and had an extremely difficult time putting this down to deal with life as we know it. I am absolutely hooked and can't wait for the next book in this series.
In this particular book, we had the distinct pleasure of meeting a host of characters, but the three principals, Noah, Sofia and Lexi, are simply adoring. Their instant chemistry was a joy to feel, and their journey together breathtaking, as they deal with feelings, issues from the past and present, people they love and some they don't. An absolute charm. I anxiously await to read Lindsey and Marc's story, as the sparks flowing between them threaten to burn the place down!
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September 27, 2020
Widowers Aura

I gave it a 5 star rating as I really enjoyed the story. A true second chance romance with suspense thrown in.
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2,104 reviews7 followers
August 28, 2020

l did enjoy reading this book. Most of the characters in this story I really liked except for one. Annabelle. You will have to read it to find out who she is. There are ups and downs in this story so Read it for yourself!
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September 14, 2020
Whoever's Aura(St.Fleur Book1)

I was very pleased with this book . I enjoyed every page and didn't want to put it down once I got started . You know when you are reading and it be so good when you know anything it is into the night before you know it so y'all need to get the book and read it . You want be sorry .
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20 reviews
July 15, 2018
Amazing book

Such a great book! The friendship between Sophia, Lindsey, and Jamie Lynn is like no other!!! Noah... He's just dreamy in my eyes 😍 I would recommend this book to all my romance loving readers
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Author 18 books37 followers
June 21, 2021

Widower's Aura was amazing. I loved the storyline of Sophia and Noah and everyone else in St. Fleur. The ending totally shocked me and I loved it. Great love story!
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November 5, 2020
3.5 stars

I enjoyed Sofia and Noah's story. It was sweet and had a great HEA. I'm sure the next book will be just as good.
484 reviews
June 14, 2021
I loved this story! I was worried at first it may be a bit too mystic with the Auras and all but it really wasn't. It just added a nice extra layer to the story.

The characters were very well written and drew you into their world easily. You couldn't help but root for them to come out on top! I felt very strongly for Noah and the struggles he faced raising his teenage daughter on his own. He is a passionate man that any woman would easily fall for! And sexy as hell to boot!

I look forward to reading the rest of this series and getting to revisit these 2 lovebirds again!
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June 14, 2021

When I first started reading this book. I was not sure what to expect. I thought it was Sophia was the widower. As the story unfolded, it was Noah. Getting to know the characters in this storyline was absolutely amazing. Scary towards the end. Talk about a cliffhanger. But the friendship of Sophia and the girls in St. Fleur is touching. Add the dash of Noah and his daughter Lexi, Sophia's mom and her biological grandmother. Just is a cherry on this treat.
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3,916 reviews27 followers
June 6, 2017
Widower's Aura (St. Fleur Book 1) by AJ Renee is a story about a woman who moves to a smaller town to start her life over. This story is full of action, suspense, drama and romance. This is my first story by this author but I enjoyed her attention to details and character development. She has created a story that will pull you in from the first word and keep you engaged until the end. You will enjoy how these characters connect to each other and are true to life. You will find yourself connecting with them and being pulled in their world. Find out what happens to this woman as she starts her journey of starting over.

Sofia Brazier is a woman escaping from her previous job and moving to a small town to start her life over. She opens a photography business in hopes that she will get rid of all the dark aura she has around her. What will happen when he walks through the pub one night? She is instantly attracted to him and he has upended her new comfortable life.

Noah Tyler is a widower with a daughter to raise on his own. What will happen when he meets her eyes in the pub one night? He has tried everything to stay away from her but he can't get her out of his mind. Then one day, his daughter vandalizes her building, will their fate be sealed forever? She cuts his daughter a break but is that helpful? Will she be able to break through the walls he has built after the loss of his wife?

Sofia and Noah's relationship is one that they try to avoid and deny until one day they can't anymore. They are both instantly attracted to each other but are leery Just when he feels that he has something worth living for, she is put in danger. Will he protect her when he feels he has failed at protecting his wife? Will they finally tell each other how they feel? These two characters are really great together. They fit together so well that you will find yourself hoping they find their HEA. They are both strong characters that really do grow and learn from each other from beginning to end of their story. She is independent, smart, knows what she wants. He is an ex-security forces hunk with a guilt hanging over him. He is protective, strong, and confident. He has a way about him that when he says something she usually does it but yet she can get him to yield to her when she wants. The secondary characters in this story are just as great. They will make you laugh at their banter and I hope that there is another story their with a couple of these characters. Find out what is she will break down his walls and if he will protect her rid himself of guilt.

Even though this is my first story by AJ Renee, I can't wait to see more from her. I hope she has more of this series coming soon. AJ is a military wife and mother to three children. She has lived in Florida where she got her Master in Science in Criminal Justice and Bachelors of Science of Psychology. She never expected to find herself writing verses what she went to school for. When she is not shuttling her children around, you will find her at her laptop creating. This is a fast paced story that you will have a hard time putting down. You will find yourself sitting on the edge of your seat one minute and the next needing something cold to cool off. You will need to see what happens behind every corner and every page you turn, you just maybe surprised. I highly recommend this story as I know you will want to see if these characters find their happiness.
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797 reviews19 followers
February 1, 2022
Surprises in Store

I love a book that can made me feel. One that can surprise me. This is a romantic suspense. It's also has some humor. Sexy Noah is such an Alpha male. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. From a Fan... Pam James
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2,047 reviews25 followers
June 6, 2017
Widower's Aura (St. Fleur Book 1)
By: AJ Renee
5 out of 5 stars

The story Widower's Aura (St. Fleur Book 1) by AJ Renee is a military/contemporary romance book. This is the story of Sofia Brazier and Noah Tyler. Sofia has a successful photography business and her life is going along well, that is until Noah walks into the local pub. Now he is the only one she can think of. Then Noah’s daughter vandalizes Sofia’s building and she finds that she is going to have a chance to see this handsome handyman up close. Noah has been attracted to Sofia even since he laid eyes on her. Now thanks to a situation that has come up with this daughter he is going to be seeing a lot more of her. They both feel their attraction for each other. Who will make the first move?

This is a wonderful romance story that had me quickly turning pages to find out what happens. It is the first book that I have read by the author and she has an amazing writing style and has created wonderful characters. Sofia is a strong, independent woman who has created a life for herself in a small town. She has an eye for photography and she really knows how to get customers to open up to her. She seems to have a sixth sense as to what they want. Sofia has friends that she meets with regularly and their bantering back and forth makes for some amusing conversations. I love how these characters all care and look out for each other. When she first meets Noah, Sofia can’t take her eyes off him. This leads to a lot to teasing from her best friend. Sofia has had situations in her past cloud her future and she doesn’t easily open up to people. As the story goes forward Sofia finds herself falling for Noah. Will Sofia take a chance and open up to Noah?

Noah is a widower that is new to the town. He is an ex-forces cop turned handyman. He also has not been able to get Sofia off his mind since he saw her so he tries to just avoid her. Then when his daughter is caught vandalizing Sofia’s building he finds himself unable to hide anymore. Noah is a man with a lot of guilt. He feels that he is the reason that his wife is dead, that he didn’t protect her. He loves his daughter and doesn’t understand why she has acted out. With Sofia taking his daughter under her wing instead of pressing charges, Noah finds himself falling deeper in love with her. Then several situations come up where Sofia’s safety is in question. Will Noah be able to come to terms with the past? Will he be able to protect Sofia?

There are many other characters in this book and I enjoyed reading about them and their lives. While the main story is the romance between Noah and Sofia, finding out about the others in town and also about Sofia’s family is very interesting. This story had me believing in soul mates and true love. Read this book to find out if Noah and Sofia get their HEA! This story does have some violence and adult situations which include steamy romance scenes. It would be for those 18 years of age or older.
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June 21, 2017
Widowers aura is the story of Noah Tyler and Sofia Braizer will he be able to put his grief and guilt behind or will Sofia convince him to take a chance on the growing chemistry between them.

Sofia moved to St Fleur two years ago to set up her own photography studio and is enjoying living in a small town. St Fleur sits just outside of New Orleans and the small town feel suits her less hectic lifestyle now, her mother constantly questions the reason why she choose such a quiet town but she has her reasons.

While she is meeting her friend Lindsay in the local bar, he walks in and totally takes her breathe away, this hunky good looking stranger and as they stare at each other across the room, she is shocked that he has no aura. Then he is gone and she then tries to understand this man, as they are discussing it Lindsay reveals that he is her new neighbour and is a solid hunk. But as they are enjoying their meals in walks the sheriff and asks Sofia to pop home as someone had painted something on the side of her building.

Sofia is absolutely blown away when she rounds the corner and sees a half finished orchid painted on her wall and the sheriff has the culprit in custody, then out of the blue the hunk appears and addresses the culprit and to Sofia’s astonishment the girl is his daughter.

Noah has moved into this small town after his wife had died, he is trying to live a normal life with his daughter, Lexi but now he finds himself in front her, the woman he could not take his eyes off in the pub and now staring at him to answer questions regarding his daughter. Why is Lexi acting out this way and why has she painted her mother’s favourite flower, could it be that the studio is called Orchid Photography.

As the story goes on you understand that Lexi is a good child and has a creative streak which with Sofia’s background in Juvenile court she takes Lexi under her wing to serve her sentence out in community service. The relationship between these two characters weave cleverly in the story and becomes a great friendship. Noah is pained by his wife’s death and the guilty he feels of not being able to protect her when the accident happened but eventually through the book he learns to love again with Sofia and that although he loves Sofia now she understands she will never replace his late wife.

I thought the secondary characters where great and the author sets up the relationships for you want more books to get to read the other characters stories and I am already hoping for certain stories next. This is the first book I have read by this author I will definitely be downloading the next story in the series.
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