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Zodiac #3

Black Moon

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Book 3 in the breathtaking sci-fi space saga inspired by astrology that will stun fans of the Illuminae Files and Starbound series.

One final secret stands between Rho and the enemy. But will the devastating truth be enough to destroy her first?

Rho, the courageous visionary from House Cancer, lost nearly everything when she exposed and fought against the Marad, a mysterious terrorist group bent on destroying balance in the Zodiac Galaxy. Now, the Marad has disappeared without a trace, and an uneasy peace has been declared.

But Rho is suspicious. She believes the Master is still out there in some other form. And looming over all are the eerie visions of her mother, who died many years ago, but is now appearing to Rho in the stars.

When news of a stylish new political party supported by her best friend, Nishi, sends Rho on another journey across the galaxy, she uses it as an opportunity to hunt the hidden master and seek out information about her mother. And what she uncovers sheds light on the truth–but casts darkness upon the entire Zodiac world.

320 pages, ebook

First published December 6, 2016

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About the author

Romina Russell

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Romina Russell (aka Romina Garber) is a Los Angeles based author who originally hails from Buenos Aires, Argentina. As a teen, Romina landed her first writing gig—College She Wrote, a weekly Sunday column for the Miami Herald that was later picked up for national syndication—and she hasn’t stopped writing since. When she’s not working on ZODIAC, Romina can be found producing movie trailers, taking photographs, or daydreaming about buying a new drum set. She is a graduate of Harvard College and a Virgo to the core.

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1,069 reviews839 followers
December 12, 2016
***Review posted on The Eater of Books! blog***

Black Moon by Romina Russell
Book Three of the Zodiac series
Publisher: Razorbill
Publication Date: December 6, 2016
Rating: 4 stars
Source: Review copy sent by the publisher

Summary (from Goodreads):

One final secret stands between Rho and the enemy. But will the devastating truth be enough to destroy her first?

Rho, the courageous visionary from House Cancer, lost nearly everything when she exposed and fought against the Marad, a mysterious terrorist group bent on destroying balance in the Zodiac Galaxy. Now, the Marad has disappeared without a trace, and an uneasy peace has been declared in the Zodiac Galaxy.

But Rho is suspicious. She believes the Master is still out there in some other form. And looming over all are the eerie visions of her mother, who died many years ago, but is now appearing to Rho in the stars.

When news of a stylish new political party supported by her best friend, Nishi, sends Rho on another journey across the galaxy, she uses it as an opportunity to hunt the hidden master and seek out information about her mother. And what she uncovers sheds light on the truth--but casts darkness upon the entire Zodiac world.

What I Liked:

People often question why some readers continue to read a series that they are not totally enjoying. Why waste your time? What's the point? Well, folks, THIS novel is why I keep reading a series that I might not completely enjoy. I liked Zodiac but was a little disappointed by Wandering Star, but I enjoyed Black Moon a lot. THIS is why I keep reading - because I hope that the series will get better, and how else would I know but to keep reading?

In this third novel, Rho and her friends are trying to navigate in the minefields of politics while also trying to discover the truth about the master and the Marad. Bouncing from House to House, Rho doesn't know who to trust. Her friend Nishi invites her to House Aquarius to support the Tomorrow Party, a new group that has emerged with grand plans of a House-less planet not under the jurisdiction of the Plenum. It seems like fate, since Rho has Seen her mother as an Aquarius. But everything is not as it seems on the Aquarius planet, and the truth will shock everyone.

The thing I liked probably the most about this book is Rho's character development. FINALLY I feel like I am completely on her side. She grows so much in this book, more than she did in Zodiac and Wandering Star combined (in my opinion). She is always riddled with guilt over lives lost and taken, how much she's sacrificed and how many people she has hurt. But she is learning to take the hurt and move forward, rather than wallow and shut down. Rho has to be more and more of a politician in this book, and I think she handles the constant secrets, truths, scheming, and double-crossing well.

Another thing about Rho that I was totally on board with... she finally sorts out her feelings. It's obvious to us readers that she knew all along, but I like how Rho comes to those conclusions. The beginning of the book seems like two steps backwards, but about halfway through, Rho is very definitive and assertive, and clears the air with both boys.

I hate love triangles, and 90% of why I felt disappointed by Wandering Star was because of the resurfacing of the love triangle (surprise! Mathias isn't dead, at the end of Wandering Star). But even though I hate the love triangle in the previous book, I think the author did a REALLY good job of making it disappear, in this book. I will say that both boys are alive (i.e. the author didn't do the cliche kill-one-of-the-boys-to-resolve-the-love-triangle). But the way the author removes the love triangle is really well written, in my opinion. And for me to say that... well, you all know that I abhor love triangles. This book wouldn't have gotten more than three stars, if I thought the love triangle was something more in this book. I LOVE that it disappears.

To avoid spoilers, I won't say much specifically about the romance, but I loved the romance and the direction that the author took it. Good for Rho, for sorting everything out, and NOT stringing along anyone (too much) in the process. She is intimate with one guy throughout all three books, and it is wonderful to see that she knows her mind and sticks with it, and separates past feelings for the other boy. I loved the romance, and I'm very happy with it.

I love how political this book was! There is a lot of politics, and Rho is much more than a figurehead leader. She goes to Aquarius to join the Tomorrow Party, but she recognizes that things aren't as they seem. Rho uses her influence and her skills wisely. She doesn't trust anyone, and is always looking for ways out. She's smart, and it's good in politics.

This book has a lot of parallels with events of the world today. House Cancer was practically destroyed, and the other Houses are wary of the refugees, because the Marad (think terrorists) are among the refugees of the destroyed Houses (besides Cancer). Sound familiar? How about what is happening in the Middle East, and the reputation of the refugees, how countries won't accept them? I like that Russell "went there".

One of the reasons why I stuck with this series, despite hating the love triangle in Wandering Star, is because I love science fiction books, especially novels set in space. Russell does a great job with the world-building of this series, and she has created a unique world and setting. This is science fiction with some elements that almost seem magical, and I love it.

So many revelations in this book! There is no way that this could be the end of the series. I am really looking forward to reading Thirteen Rising.

What I Did Not Like:

I'd mention the love triangle, because while it does disappear about halfway through this book, it's there in the beginning. I like that Rho is definitive in this book, but obviously I wish she had been from the start. I hate love triangles, and while I liked this book a lot, I will warn you that this series (at least, Wandering Star) does have a love triangle (though it's pretty much confined to Wandering Star, and it's not too bad - she's only touchy-feely with one guy).

Would I Recommend It:

I highly recommend this series if you like space-related science fiction novels in YA! However, I can't recommend this series if you hate love triangles. I don't regret reading this series up until this point, but part of me wishes I had waited to possibly binge-read the books. I might have been more "okay" with the love triangle. At this point (with only one more book to go, and the love triangle being completely resolved by the midpoint of this book), anyone who hates love triangles (like me) is sort of safe to binge-read the series.


4 stars. Of the three books published so far, I think this one is my favorite. I'm most impressed with Rho's character growth (you go, girl!), but I also love the developments in the romance, and the plot twists that lead right up to the cliffhanger ending. Bring on Thirteen Rising!


I didn't enjoy Wandering Star as much as I'd hoped, but I am looking forward to reading this book!
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1,190 reviews88 followers
September 24, 2019
I wasn’t prepared. I should have been prepared, I was fully appraised of how this world works so it’s shocking how unprepared I was but here we go. Because once against I’m shocked at what has gone down. Like each twist and turn still throws me for a loop and everything I think I know I don’t and all my suspicions are right for being suspicious but I’m wrong each time about the person I should be suspicious with. Just again and again it’s horrible and amazing and honestly I need to finish book four now because to much is in the air.
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469 reviews231 followers
March 11, 2018
Puntuación: 3,5

Vale, lo he terminado anoche y realmente el final ha sido todo un SHOCK... no me creo que haya pasado ESO y menos mal que no tengo que esperar mas que 9 días para leer el desenlace final :O

En general me ha gustado pero tal vez de los tres que llevo leído hasta ahora fue en el que menos cosas han pasado, con la trama algo mas lenta (menos las últimas paginas que pasa de todo)
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205 reviews42 followers
September 4, 2020
This third book in the Zodiac series lost a star from me for its slow start, but almost earned it back as the pace picked up in the second half, and it certainly ended with a bang.

The Marad appear to have vanished, and in the uneasy peace declared by the Plenum, Wandering Star Rhoma Grace and company head to Aquarius at the invitation of her best friend, Nishi, who's become a leader within the Tomorrow Party, which is attempting to unite the Zodiac.

In the course of her travels to Aquarius and Pisces, Rho again encounters Ophiuchus, learns more about the story of Kassandra, the mother who abandoned her long ago, and finally resolves the love triangle among herself, Lodestar Mathias Thais, and Libran Ambassador Hysan Dax.

I'm looking forward to reading the series finale, Thirteen Rising, to find out if the Last Prophecy comes true.
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161 reviews257 followers
September 15, 2017
I just can't convey enough how much I love this series! The world is so complex and vast and interesting. The plot just keeps getting bigger and the characters are developing beautifully! I love this series and I can't wait to go on and read the final book and find out how it all ends.
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49 reviews
October 7, 2017
I received this book through Goodreads First Reads.

I felt lukewarm about the first two books but Black Moon seemed to improve in terms of interesting storylines and keeping readers guessing on the reveal of the master. I always like a book that makes you wonder about a reveal until it happens. I was impressed by who it ended up being since I thought I had it all figured out by the half way point of the story but I didn't see it coming on who it actually ended up being. I do feel like the ending was a bit rushed with the reveal but I am assuming that more will be explained in the final book. Overall, I still feel like series has lacked in some areas but I do want to read the conclusion just to see how everything turns out.
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87 reviews
June 25, 2022
It has been a long time since I was obsessed with a series! This book got five fabulous stars just like the other ones.

It would be complicated how to explain my opinion without spoilers. Therefore, I’m only gonna say: What are u waiting for? I still don’t understand why this awesome series is so underrated!

Romina Russell knows how to create a world building: different cultures among the planets of the Zodiac, the past of their civilitations and a dangerous Profecy. I take my invisible hat off: this author perfectly knows how to apply the cliffhanger as a narrative resource.

This third book contains everything that a great story needs: a cruel reality about politics, strategies, suspicious facts, confussion about love, identity’s problems, family’s conflictions, characters’s recounter and glorious plot twists!!!

I’m looking forward to read the last book and I’m pretty sure my expectation will be exceeded!
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331 reviews1,191 followers
November 24, 2016
It seems like only yesterday I was turning the pages of Zodiac, book one in the Zodiac quartet. Yet here I am attempting to review the third installment. Black Moon is without a doubt my favorite book in the series, and here's just a snippet of what you can expect: action, kissing, a royal ball, magical creatures, suspense, betrayal, and deception. What more could I ask for??

What I love about the Zodiac series is that each book expands, deepens, and complicates the plot of the series. Each new development really heightens the urgency and makes the readers invest in the story that much more. Black Moon takes place two months after the end of the last book as Rho takes on her new status as Wandering Star and investigates the Marad terrorist group and other potential threats to the Houses.

I love the extensive culture and worlds that Romina crafts from the twelve Zodiac Houses. It's fascinating to hear about their different gadgets and technology, their values, culture, and how they go about their everyday lives. We visit three new Houses in this book, and I like how this book really devotes time to explore these Houses and the characteristics of their worlds. Romina creates some amazing elements in the different Houses and some of my favorite scenes are just her descriptions of the diverse and fascinating settings. Her world-building has always been a strong suit and she really let her imagination run wild in this installment. I was also relieved by the lack of information dump in this book. Sci-fi novels tend to be very complex by nature as the setting is greatly expanded to an entire galaxy with lots of advanced technology and such, but Romina found the perfect balance.

Rho has definitely changed from the innocent and naive protagonist that she was at the beginning of Zodiac. I like that Rho really asserts herself in every situation and is growing into the leader she was meant to be. She trusts her instincts more and she's less afraid to listen to them. I felt like this book moved at a much quicker pace because of Rho's maturity and decisiveness. Rho's romantic entanglements also straighten up in this book which I greatly enjoyed!! The romance and swoons are spot on. :)

Black Moon also captures space politics in an interesting way. A new political party, The Tomorrow Party, has formed and I liked seeing the workings of the politics. Although this novel takes place in a setting so unfamiliar to us, Romina still chose to address issues we face in our lives.

Romina's superb writing has consistently gotten better as she writes more books. I thought the pacing and flow of this book was the best of all three. Her plotting was stellar as well as we see all the details from the previous books and Black Moon building up towards something even greater to come in the final book. It'll be a painful wait but definitely worth it.

Overall if you've read any of the Zodiac books I highly recommend you continue the series as each subsequent book gets better! If you haven't started the series and would like a sci-fi adventure novel then this is the series for you.
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145 reviews14 followers
February 25, 2017
The original review can be found at The Book Portal.
4.5/5 stars.
Awesome world building! The images pictured by the author are amazing! This book has it all. Character development. Big reveals. Or should I say HUGE! :)) Ok. Ok. I am gonna stop the jokes. We finally get some answers regarding the Zodiac's origin. Now we finally know what happened with the thirteenth house. The big bad villain if finally revealed. And I am glad that some of my brain-storming theories were right.
Unfortunately, we have some deaths and betrayals. Good part is that we also have some alive and coming back to life characters too. Hint-Hint! There are twists and turns in this book... Man! I literary throw my iPad aside screaming "What!?!"
That ending thou! Clap-Clap!
How could you, Romina? How could you?!! Now I have to wait... let me see... until August. Well, it is better than December.
I love that the author brings into question a lot of the ethical problems we go through in real life. And the characters' response to them reflect the ones you, me, your friend, or a person X will give. It makes you think. You learn to see from a different perspective. The author does not present only the good option. She also offers the bad one. And... It feels more realistic that way. Opinions were not forced on me. That, dear reader, is what I love in a book.

One last note, this is a slow-ish paced book. Make sure you are in a mood for it.

This is my sole opinion. ^_^

Also, feel free to check out my other two reviews on book one and two, Zodiac and Wandering Star.
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Author 2 books194 followers
February 9, 2017
3.5 stars. Perhaps i read this at the wrong time, but unfortunately i was disappointed with Black Moon. The pace felt really slow, and i felt like nothing much had really happened. I was also disappointed with the development of most of the characters. Some of them had changed, and not in a way that seemed consistent with their development from the first two books. Basically i felt like I didn't know some of the characters anymore. Could it be because it's been nearly a year since i read Wandering Star and i forgot a lot of detail? Perhaps. But still, i was not impressed with the plot nor the characters, and unfortunately even the romance and the writing couldn't save it for me in this one. Some of the dialogue had seemed...awkward? Too formal? I don't know, maybe it's just me. I lost interest so many times and sort of just blanked out while reading. I loved Zodiac(4.5 stars) and i thought Wandering Star was a decent sequel, but i expected a bit more from Black Moon. I really really wanted to love this book but it felt a bit like a filler book to be honest. I'll still read the final book, and i hope it'll save this series for me.
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494 reviews144 followers
February 11, 2020

Otherwise this was a delightful read, amazing world building, great tension, 0/10 will *love* that ending, 10/10 might consider throwing the book.

Seriously, I loved this one. Especially since the cover is gorgeous and doesn't look like poop. Yes, I, Rian, am a cover whore. I'm so glad I picked this series up on a whim 2 years ago and am so proud to work at a bookstore where I can sell it.

But still Romina, are you trying to pull a Pierce Brown? Ruuuuuude. #goldensonwillfuckyouup
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825 reviews400 followers
November 14, 2016
Gah I don't know why I thought this was the end of the series! But as I read I knew there had be another book coming. It was really good but not my favorite of the series. Also there's one thing that made me rate this a 4 instead of a 5 but I can't say because it's spoilery. But I do really want to see how the series ends so I will be reading book 4.
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207 reviews54 followers
May 20, 2022
4.5 stars!!!

I know it seems I didn't like it because it took me a month but I loved it!

And the writing was great. I would love to get a physical copy so I could annotate all the beautiful quotes I need in my life.More people need to read this. Seriously read it! I CANNOT WAIT FOR AUGUST!

Finished Sept. 13

I'm probably going to edit this review later but what else can I say other than read this book because it's freaking fantastic! Just read it. Do it.
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656 reviews56 followers
January 5, 2018
Reseña originalmente posteada en: https://www.instagram.com/p/BTm00xODI...


Esto más que una reseña es una breve opinión de lo que me pareció el libro en términos muuuuy generales (si ya lo leyeron mandenme directs y fangirleamos!), así que lean tranquilos que no hay spoilers de ninguno de los libros de la saga!
Bueno, qué puedo decirles de Luna Negra?. Primero, lo más importante: hacía rato que no fangirleaba TANTO pero TANTO con un libro. El mundo que Romina creó se complejiza y expande cada vez más. El argumento, que en la primera entrega de la saga pareciera más bien tratarse sobre una lucha entre el bien y el mal, evoluciona a pasos agigantados con cada libro. Esta es la novela más fuertemente política en lo que va de la saga y eso sin dejar el romance y las descripciones que nos quitan el aliento de lado.
No sé que más decir sin spoilear. LEAN LEAN LEAN LA SAGA. Y acompañénme en una vuelta por este universo que espero los enamore tanto como a mí
Calificación: 4 Marusitas 🌟🌟🌟🌟
Gracias @delnuevoextremo por el ejemplar y la buena onda de siempre 💜
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Author 31 books258 followers
March 13, 2018
Si la primera parte estuvo bien, y la segunda fue increíble. Esta tercera parte golpeará con fuerza vuestras mentes. Romina hace un despliegue táctico creativo y arremete contra todo, dándonos a una protagonista más madura y segura que en las anteriores partes. No esperéis un final tranquilo, y tened amano la cuarta parte, "Ofiucus asciende" porque la vais a necesitar.

Reseña en vídeo próximamente.
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313 reviews26 followers
March 10, 2018
4,5 sobre 5

Solo puedo decir que el último tercio del libro (en concreto los últimos capítulos) me ha dejado sin aire. En mi opinión tanto la trama como los personajes han mejorado un poco más con respecto a Estrella Errante. Estoy deseando leer Ofiucus Asciende.
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182 reviews19 followers
March 13, 2018
Menos mal que he esperado para leer este libro, porque con ese final necesito el siguiente ya.

Tenía una idea de las cosas que iban a pasar y no he acertado en nada jejeje, quizá por eso me tenga más intrigada, ahora mismo no sé por dónde puede ir la historia.

Para mi, de momento, mi favorito sigue siendo estrella errante.
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558 reviews26 followers
May 20, 2020
Review 5/19/20
OMG I am in in love with this series again!

I had a bit of trouble working through the first part of this book, because it really was so nothing. Also, I missed Hysan so much at the beginning.

This book really gets at the magic of female friendship in the Zodiac universe. Rho's acceptance and blossoming friendship with Pandora is one of the most beautiful things in this series. Although Rho and Nishi were always close in the series, seeing how they went through the healing process together. Female friendship as a genre is something I'm just starting to explore, and it is definitely something lacking in fantasy and science fiction. Romina Russell takes this in new directions that I would love to see more writers emulate. I love all the female characters in this novel, and the way they are there for each other and build each other up.

Part of me knows I have a reading schedule that I have to follow with my various challenges, but part of me really just wants to pick up Thirteen Rising ASAP!
Review 11/25/20
Romina Russell is the master of the art of plot twist. And it really is an art. There are no words to describe the way things change so rapidly, and the suddenness of it all. First there's nothing happening, and then everything is. I just love it, and I've never seen anything like it. All three books will be on my Christmas list this year, and I absolutely can't wait to read the fourth. This series is just absolutely everything to me.

One of my favorite subtle things about the series is how Russell uses "she" instead of "he" for the main pronoun. It makes me really happy to see an author doing that. It's very important to me that girls sometimes get represented as the center of all things science fiction.

I'm just so happy with all of the series.
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Author 1 book23 followers
February 24, 2017
I read this book during the time when I'm actually on hiatus for my book-related stuff, including reading, book blogging and actively talking about books on social media. I was so excited when my office's administrative staff passed the package to me with this pretty book in it.

I've always love the Zodiac series. The world building is so extensive and complex, the characters are enthralling and the story is simply soul-gripping.

In Black Moon, we're introduced to another three houses, i.e. Scorpio, Aquarius and Pisces. I really admire the amazing creativity and imagination of Romina in the world building. It's not only one but 12 houses/planets! There's a big contrast between House Scorpio and House Aquarius. House Scorpio features advance technology (sci-fi) whereas in House Aquarius, it's like a fairy tale land (fantasy).

The one thing I love in each of the houses:
House Scorpio - very advanced filtering system in Planet Sconcion which splits H2O to oxygen for breathing and hydrogen for fuel. We need this technology in order to move into space!
House Aquarius - Of course it's the closet archiver! Isn't it a dream gadget for all ladies?
House Pisces - This could be the only one house with real books and shelves but on top of that, they have Pegazi!

I was awestruck by the ending and honestly speaking, I started to get annoyed to read books in series. Too bad I have to wait until August 29th this year for the final installment of the series.

This review is originally posted on my blog: http://wp.me/p6Uw1h-qa
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8 reviews4 followers
August 23, 2017
Romina does it again! Black Moon did not disappoint. I'm still sitting here after reading feeling as though I've taken some Abyssthe myself. I'm totally buzzing!

I love this galaxy of unique characters Romina has created. Each book takes us to a new constellation, and we get to see more of each house. I love all the worlds!

Another thing I enjoy about these characters is the diversity. Each house has its own characteristics when it comes to appearance, personality, and lifestyle. Rho is so accepting of the many cultures. I love how fierce she is to unite everyone. She's a visionary. It's great to see a fantastic role model for young people in this context.

The book does get political at times. Many themes parallel today's current events. Which to me is awesome! Rho only has her voice. She isn't a super hero or magical. She's a girl with a vision of a future where the Zodiac galaxy is united. It's quite refreshing to see her find herself and discover just what kind of impact she's having in her galaxy. I've seen other reviews complain about this. I'm not sure why. Romina has written beautiful characters I feel, at times, we can all relate to. We NEED more of this today. We need more people to speak their minds!

So many questions were finally answered, all while new ones were created. Can Thirteen Rising come out tomorrow? It's so hard to wait between each installment of this story! I wish it didn't have to end in the next book.
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476 reviews116 followers
July 1, 2017
Romina Russell la saca del estadio una vez más con la construcción de su universo, pero para mi pesar, eso fue lo único que logró retenerme y hacerme emocionar con Luna negra.

El conocer a Rho y las transiciones que atraviesa debido a todas las situaciones que pasan en el Zodíaco, es muy importante de cara a su papel como Estrella Errante, pero no pude conectarme con el sentimentalismo que la permeaba constantemente y que me hizo pensar que estaba con algo muy diferente a lo que venía leyendo con el resto de la saga. Sentí que nuestra heroína no crecía, no pasaba nada con ella, lo cual me resultó muy frustrante.

Algunos de los hechos que tenían lugar no se me hicieron convincentes o no tenían el desarrollo que esperaba. Me hizo falta fuerza en muchos tópicos de la historia y me sobró información en otros. No sé, quizá leí el libro en un mal momento. No lo sé.

Confirmo a Nishi como mi personaje favorito de la serie, y espero poder hacer match con el último tomo de Zodíaco.
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2,412 reviews192 followers
January 21, 2019

Seriously pissed about that damn cliff hanger ending. But man this was an explosive third book! It really upped its game for me. So many questions that were swirling through my head have finally been answered or the answer is unraveling and it just blew my mind!

I love that in each book we get to see another Zodiac planet. I love learning about the people and their cultures. The Tomorrow Party really drew me in with its ideals. I so want their goal to be realized, but it may need to come around in a different way.

The thing I was most excited about in this book is that: RHO ENDS THE LOVE TRIANGLE. I'm so fucking relieved she FINALLY picked one guy. Like, girl, why you gotta be so indecisive!? But lmao if that also isn't me!
Profile Image for Flor C..
168 reviews31 followers
May 31, 2017
4.5+ Luego de varios días de lectura, pausa para renegar,lectura de nuevo y 3 paquetes te post it azules. Vengo a descargar mi corazón por terminar Luna Negra.

Atrás quedaron los primeros pasos conociendo el Zodiaco y tratando de entender como funciona cada planeta, intentando memorizar esos nombres tan originales y fallando en ese intento más de una vez.

En este momento lo imprescindible es saber en quien confiar y tratar de encontrar la verdad para salvar la galaxia sin morir en el camino.

Romi se supera con su narración y es algo que no sorprende. Lo que si lo hace, es la cantidad de información que descubrimos y las vueltas que da la historia mientras avanza.

Me encuentro dolida por ese final tan abierto y ya veo en puerta una relectura de los libros al llegar la conclusión de esta espectacular saga. CONCLUSIÓN!! Que miedo tengo de esa palabra, ahora queda contar los días para el final y para ser sincera no es algo que quiero realmente.
Hago llegar mi reclamo por la falta que me hizo Hysan durante la lectura pero es algo casi (dije casi) perdonable por sus presentaciones (y mis suspiros) estelares.
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921 reviews130 followers
April 28, 2019

Quizá no tenga tanta acción como los anteriores, pero es el libro en el que conocemos a fondo todo el mundo del zodiaco, el cual es buenísimo! Me encantó que vamos visitando cada constelación y se nos explica lo más relevante de cómo se gobierna, los valores de sus ciudadanos y algún que otro chisme.
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