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The Black Jewels #5

Dreams Made Flesh

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Return to the realm of the Blood in Dreams Made Flesh—featuring four revelatory all-new adventures of Jaenelle and her kindred….

Jaenelle is the most powerful Witch ever known, centuries of hopes and dreams made flesh at last. She has forged ties with three of the realm’s mightiest Blood warriors: Saetan, the High Lord of Hell, who trains Jaenelle in magic and adopts her as his daughter; Lucivar, the winged Eyrien warlord who becomes her protector; and the near-immortal Daemon born to be Witch’s lover. Jaenelle has assumed her rightful place as Queen of the Darkness and restored order and peace to the realms…but at a terrible cost.

In Dreams Made Flesh, discover the origin of the mystical Jewels, and experience the forbidden passion between Lucivar and a simple hearth witch. Witness the clash between Saetan and a Priestess that may forever change reality. And learn whether the sacrifice of Jaenelle’s magic has destroyed any hope of happiness between her and Daemon.

439 pages, Mass Market Paperback

First published January 2, 2005

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About the author

Anne Bishop

73 books9,903 followers
Anne Bishop lives in upstate New York where she enjoys gardening, music, and writing dark, romantic stories. She is the author of over twenty novels, including the award-winning Black Jewels Trilogy. She has written a new series, the Others, which is an urban dark fantasy with a bit of a twist.

Crawford Award (2000)

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1,861 reviews370 followers
April 5, 2022
The illogic of this fantasy world drives me nuts. Supposedly the women are dominant and in charge, but then there are Saetan, Daemon, and Lucivar rampaging about, making all these theoretically powerful women wet themselves from fear. If women actually ruled, there wouldn't be all these snarly alpha males hogging the limelight. It makes me grumpy.

This volume consists of four pieces of short fiction in the Black Jewels world. The first one was almost incomprehensible to me, so there's that. Then each of the remaining three centred around one of the three men mentioned above. Two of them (Lucivar's and Daemon's stories) are basically romances, getting Lucivar married to Marian and repairing Daemon's relationship with Jaenelle (and incidentally marrying them too). Despite all the referencing of Hell, darkness, spiders, venom, etc., they pretty typical romances, complete with jealousy, misunderstandings, and forgiveness culminating in happily ever after endings.

Several of my friends really like a couple of other series that Anne Bishop writes, so I'm hoping to like those better when I get to them. Despite all my eye rolling at the details that distract me in these books, I like them well enough to continue on. However, I completely understand those folks who find them ridiculous, I think I understand why some love them, and I would never critique either position. We like what we like. I probably wouldn't choose to continue if they weren't part of my reading project, but I don't hate them, so I’ll continue onwards.

Book Number 449 of my Science Fiction and Fantasy Reading Project

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1,607 reviews1,481 followers
July 19, 2019
Overall Rating 4 Stars ★ ☆✰⭐

Dreams Made Flesh is a compilation of stories told in the world of the Black Jewels. It is four stories of various lengths and I can’t say that I usually enjoy that since you don’t get the same depth in a short story but since we have a lot of world building and knowledge of this world it works.

★ ☆✰ Weaver of Dreams is a pretty short story of how the Black Widows and Weavers were gifted their magic from one of Draka’s daughters. It is a cute story shown from the perspective of a spider and that isn’t something you read every day. Because it is so short it wasn’t my favorite of the compilation.

★ ☆✰⭐✩The Prince of Ebon Rih is my favorite story in this book and the main reason I’d recommend reading it. It is set before Queen of Darkness, which is great since I was so confused with Lucivar was already married in it and we’d never read anything about his wife prior to that.

Marian comes from a family that didn’t value her because she was a hearth witch and not powerfully jeweled. After her father makes an unforgivable bargain, Marian is saved from a horrible fate and ends up in Lucivar’s household.
“Marian sank down on one of the kitchen chairs and braced her head in her hands. He got mad at her for sweeping up spilled sugar but dragged her outside to throw a skillet at bales of hay. She threw a pot at him and missed, so he was going to teach her how to clobber him with a skillet. Even taking into account that he was an Eyrien male, there was only one explanation for his behavior. The man was insane.”

I loved the story of how Lucivar and Marian became friendly and then more than friendly. They had plenty of things to overcome due to his power being so much greater than hers, his mother’s interference and Roxy who is a spiteful little twit. But the patience that Lucivar shows to Marian to make her his wife eventually was incredibly tender and sweet.

So happy for his HEA love story.

★ ☆✰⭐ Zuulaman explains why even though it might have been easier to kill Lucivar or Daemon, Heckatah wouldn’t dare. Saetan has been the mentor in these books. He is the quiet patient man with crazy kids and kindred running around everywhere. But once he walked in the land of the living and married the wrong woman, once she tried to play him and an entire people paid for her vicious game. This story shows that even when you thought you hated Heckatah as much as possible, you are wrong and could hate her more. Saetan is a powerful man and no one remembers Zuulaman now because of the part they played in Heckatah’s schemes.

I liked how this story shows how vicious Saetan could be if pushed. It also showed how he was with his boys when they were young and what a good father he could have been to Daemon and Lucivar, had they not been stolen from him. The take away from Zuulaman…Don’t mess with Saetan.

★ ☆✰⭐ Kaeleer’s Heart is in the aftermath of Queen of Darkness. Jaenelle has paid a price to save the blood and the land and the price was high. Only the kindred believed enough to save her. She is weak and healing and Daemon would never press her for anything, he will stand by her through it all, so why does it feel like she is pushing him away.

I really liked how this explored how sometimes when someone has been ill, they are put in a little protective box and it is so hard to see when they are ready to be better. Jaenelle is healing and while weak she is better but the boys of the family aren’t ready to see it. With a little push from Surreal and Marrian they will try to help Jaenelle out and get her back into fighting and loving form.
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1,557 reviews117 followers
March 17, 2023
In my opinion, this book and most importantly the second story in it -"The Prince of Ebon Rih" needs to be read before you read Queen of the Darkness .

The second story is my favorite and is about Lucivar finding the love of his life and coming out of his bleak shell.

The reason I find it so important to be read before Queen of the Darkness is that knowing Lucivars story will make the horror in QotD all that more realistic to the reader -and much more horrible for the horror fans!
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174 reviews8 followers
February 29, 2020
From the moment I began reading the first book in Anne Bishop's Black Jewel Series I was captivated, moved, and entralled with the story and the characters. Having fallen in love with the dark jewel trilogy I was expecting a lot from this book. AND I got it... The book consists of 4 stories. Usually I am not a big fan of short stories, but "The Prince of Ebon Rih" and "Kaeleer's Heart" are long enough, and detailed enough to be really satisfying. I really liked the way the story of Lucivar and Marian was fleshed out. My only complaint is that I think it would have been even better if Lucivar had had a conversation with Marian's family...
I'm also so glad Anne Bishop added a footnote to the end of "The Queen of Darkness." "Kaeleer's Heart" lets the reader know how Janelle's recovery progressed and what her powers are like with twilight's dawn. It adds a feeling of completeness that I missed with "The Queen of Darkness."
"Zuulaman" is short, but haunting. It adds on to the story of Saetan and Heketah; it doesn't tell us much we didn't already know, but it adds emotion and depth to Saetan's character--and Hekatah's depravity.
I absolutely love the Dark Jewels universe and these stories. The authors style pulls your whole-heartedly into the story and envelops you in the character's world. This book of stories fills in some of missing events between the original three and makes the collection more vibrant and meaningful. An absolute must read if you like the dark jewels universe.
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1,813 reviews474 followers
March 4, 2020

There are four short stories in Dreams Made Flesh.

The first story, Weaver of Dreams features the Spider spinning her web and how and who gifted them with magic.

In the second one, The Prince of Ebon Rih, Lucivar is the main character, In this story, we learned how he met and fell in love with Marian, his wife.

The third one, Zuulaman is all about Saetan. Is narrated in the past. Saetan is still married to Hekatah and he has a son with her and another one on the way. In this one, you learn of the power Saetan has and how scheming and evil Heketah really is.

The fourth one, Kaeleer’s Heart, belongs to Daemon and Jaenelle. This short story happens after the events of the Queen of Darkness. A woman has decided that Daemon must be hers and she would do anything to get him. Mistakenly, she believes Daemon is staying with Jaenelle for duty and not love or attraction. Jaenelle is still recuperating and while weak, she is getting better day by day. She's just having trouble with any of the men around her to understanding that she's ready to

I like the last 3 stories. Weavers of Dreams is too short to offer an opinion.

I love romance, so Marion and Lucivar's love story was good with just the right amount of drama to enjoy it. I got to see another facet of Lucivar. One where he tries to be romantic but at the same time showing Marian how to defend herself instead of recurring to violence.

Zuulaman gave me a better understanding of the power of Saetan. It reinforced the love he had for his family and how when push comes to shove, he'll do whatever is necessary.

Jaenelle and Daemon's story wouldn't be as great without Surreal. She steals most of the scenes.

Overall, I liked it.

Cliffhanger: No

3.75/ 5 Fangs

MrsLeif's Two Fangs About It | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
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3,336 reviews1,015 followers
November 20, 2018
Dreams Made Flesh is a collection of short stories and novellas set in the world of Anne Bishop's Black Jewel series, the stories add in some extra backstory and also work as an extended epilogue to the original trilogy so I wouldn't recommend reading this book until after Queen of the Darkness. If you enjoyed the first three books then I'm sure you'll love this collection though, it gives so much more insight into some of the character's backstories and I loved getting a chance to spend more time with some of my favourites.

Let's talk about each story individually though to give you an idea what to expect:

Weaver of Dreams:
This is set well before the beginning of the series and gives a bit more insight into the dream weaver spiders. The story is very short and I have to admit I didn't enjoy it as much as the others in this collection but it was interesting to read something from the point of view of a spider.

The Prince of Ebon Rih:
In my opinion it would be worth buying this book for this story alone, I loved Lucivar's character in the original trilogy but even though I was glad that he had found a HEA I was disappointed we didn't get to see it happen for ourselves. This story fits into the timeline during Queen of the Darkness and lets us see how Lucivar and Marian first met and fell in love. They meet under dark circumstances but their actual romance was really sweet and heartwarming and I loved the way Marian stood up for Lucivar against an unwanted rival.

Another fab story this gives us a bit more background into the relationship between Saetan and Hekatah long before Daemon or Lucivar were born. This was pretty heartbreaking and made me love Saetan more than ever even though he takes truly drastic measures to get revenge after something horrendous happens. It never ceases to amaze me how low Hekatah is willing to sink in her quest for power but this shows us exactly why she's so terrified of Saetan throughout the series, he really isn't someone you should mess with!

Kaeleer’s Heart:
This story is like an extended epilogue to Queen of the Darkness that shows us the fallout from Jaenelle's sacrifice both physically and emotionally. There's no denying what she did saved the world but the aftermath put a lot of strain on the relationship between Jaenelle and Daemon that they now need to work through in order to move forward. I really enjoyed seeing how Jaenelle was affected by what happened and how all of the family reacted to that. I also really liked how this story tied back in with The Prince of Ebon Rih with the reappearance of a certain character who desperately needed to get her comeuppance. I'll never get enough of this world or these characters so was thrilled with this glimpse into their happily ever after.
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1,021 reviews167 followers
March 11, 2020
4,5 stars solely for the novella “Prince of Ebon Askavi” because that’s the only one I reread this time… it tells the story of how Lucivar met and fell in love with Marian… once I reread it again at some point, more slowly this time, cause I devoured it way too quickly after having a long break from the last time I did it, I will write a more comprehensive review, but for now, that’s all I have for you :)


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23 reviews
November 2, 2010
This book contains 4 short stories set in the world of Anne Bishop's Black Jewels Trilogy and should only be read by those who have read at least the first 3 books. You don't need to read the 4th book as it has nothing to do with the events in this book. **Warning** If you haven't read the first 3 books there could be possible SPOILERS in this review.

The first story in Dreams Made Flesh is called "Weaver of Dreams" and my interpretaion is its about how the dream weaver spiders came to be. Out of all the stories this one shortest and less interesting. A little because it was a tad confusing at what time this occured, before all of the Blood were created or at that start of when Jaenelle (Witch) was made into existence.It was beautifully written with very dark descriptions but I was a tad confused of the timeline.
"The Prince of Ebon Rih", is about how Lucivar and Marianne met, I enjoyed finding out about the progression of this relationship.
"Zuulaman", the third story, for me this was an awesome story, but I am a bit confused as to
why, if Saetan has such power,why he couldnt use it to destroy Dorothea and get his sons back. However he does have an awesome power and I liked reading more about him.
The fourth and last story is "Kaeleers Heart", and is about the events that occured between Jaenelle and Daemon after Book #3 in the trilogy, for those of you who wanted more closure after that book this one ties up a few loose ends. I must confess I am getting quite bored with Jaenelle and Daemons relationship problems. But if you are a big fan of those two you will love this story too.

Bottom line this was a good "fix" for my Anne Bishop addiction but I am wearing thin on the Jaenelle/Daemon relationship. They were more fun when
in the earlier books
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593 reviews11 followers
December 21, 2021
I have reread this book so many times that spine is more a series of creases than anything else.

Popsugar 2016 Reading Challenge | Task 40: A book guaranteed to bring you joy

Prior to 2016:I loved the story about Marian and Lucivar, it was such a hole in the plot during Queen of the Darkness.
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1,248 reviews
July 11, 2020

Second read on Feb 12, 2018: 5 stars. I reread something I just read because apparently 1) I don’t have other books to read (lol) and 2) I couldn’t stop thinking about what a perfect novella this was. Bumping up to 5 stars.

First read on Feb 11, 2019: 4.5 stars. I love this so much. I know the Black Jewels world is problematic but I could read a hundred novellas like this. Lucivar and Marian make my heart melt (the cold feet! The fussing certificate!).
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2,676 reviews79 followers
January 11, 2022
This series of stories is just the perfect complement to this series. I loved it the first time I read them, but I do remember having a hard time accepting Janelle's change in status the first time. But no on this reread through the series I love where Janelle's at. Being older I understand so much better how she could have wanted to live more of a normal life. But all of these stories just filled in so much background around some of my favorite characters.

Weaver of Dreams
Oh this is just wonderful. I love seeing the origins of the Weaver of Dreams. How the golden spiders gained the powers to weave a tangled web was just so unique and interesting.

The Prince of Ebon Rih
Oh my god, yes! I loved getting to actually see Lucivar and Marian's love story. They had a lot to work through to find each other, but Lucivar's patience was just lovely to watch. Marian is so sweet but with a backbone of steel. I loved seeing her discover her own power and come into her own. She flourished in Lucivar's household and they are just adorable together.

Saetan, you poor thing. God this one just rips out the heart. Hekatah was always evil, but man her unmitigated horribleness in this one takes the cake. She's just horrendous and Saetan always deserved better. His love for his children is epic. Oh, how I hate her. But I adore him so much.

Kaeleer's Heart
Jaenelle and Daemon! These two...they've been through so much to save the world. I love getting this extra long epilogue as these two learn to be together again. Daemon is so fearful of losing Jaenelle he doesn't recognize that she has truly healed from the damage done during her decent into the abyss. Their reconnection, and Lucivar and Surreal's parts in it, was just fun to see. Of course it wouldn't be a story without some horrible evil bitch wanting what isn't hers. I love this story as it gives closure to Jaenelle and Daemon's story. They're perfect together and deserved to have their happily ever after.
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865 reviews116 followers
April 20, 2020
3.5 Stars

I've enjoyed the dark and intriguing world of The Black Jewels. Dreams Made Flesh consists of four stories that gives more insight and depth to the world building and it's characters.

Weaver of Dreams : This was too short to form any opinion but it was intriguing how much power and dreams were woven into the web for The Witch.

The Prince of Ebon Rih: In Queen of Darkness Lucivar was already married to Marian. This story gives the background of how it happened. It's the best in this collection.

Zuulaman: Saetan has always been portrayed as a loving and caring father figure to Jaenelle and the coven. In Zuulaman we get to see his ruthless side. Saetan has been my favorite character and to see him interacting with Peyton and Mephis, making mistakes and wielding so much power was a pleasure to read. I thought I couldn't hate Heketah more but this proved me wrong.

Kaeleer’s Heart: The ending of Queen of Darkness had left me unsatisfied. This story picked up right off the events that led to Jaenelle's sacrifice and it's aftermath. It was fun to see Daemon and Jaenelle working on their relationship but after sometimes it got boring. I thought the story was dragged a bit with all unnecessary drama from another witch.

All in all Dreams Made Flesh is an interesting addition to this series.
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1,918 reviews10 followers
November 18, 2017
Good collection of stories! Ties up some loose strings! I just love these characters!
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2,030 reviews29 followers
December 4, 2020
Book 5 Dreams Made Flesh
Love anything Ann bishop. It's an awesome book but more a collection of short story’s. Even if I think I read them in wrong order it was still mind blowing.
1st Story Weaver of Dreams
This is the beginning of how the Blood were made. The only female dragon left in world with power decides to fly over the world and gift people with the power to protect the earth and people less powerful then them.
The main focus is how the Dragon gifted the Weaver of Dreams The spiders power of the jewels and eventually help Jaenelle Weaver Tangled web.

2nd Story The Prince of Ebon Rih
Jaenelle rescued Lucivar from mines and near death, healed him also became Jaenelle’s First Escort when she became Queen and set up the dark court.
Jaenelle gifts Ebon Rih to Lucivar to rule and protect.
This story is after the third book but before Daemon comes back from Twisted Kingdom. Lucivar is over run with helpful females and Jaenelle recommends a housekeeper which Jaenelle finds and Lucivar finds himself falling in love with her.
I absolutely love this story and re-read often.

3rd Story Zuulaman
This is prequel to all previous books when Saetan was married to Heketah and a baby was born but then killed. This book is about the strength of Saetan power and what he would do to if his children were killed.
Not my favourite especially with how upsetting the child’s death is but explains a lot more especially as Lucivar ask Saetan why he did try and get Daemon and Lucivar back once they were in Heketah and Dorothea control.

4th Story Kaeleer’s Heart
This book takes place after Jaenelle and Daemon defeat Dorothea/Hekatah and Daemon breaks his friendship with Lucivar and Covent for keeping the secrets Jaenelle asked him too.
Jaenelle has now returned from healing web but now before it was fully finished leaving her fragile and easily bruised by Daemon when he moves her.
For the secrets Daemon demanded a wedding ring to become her husband and not consort but after Jaenelle’s recovery Daemon and Jaenell’s relationship struggles. As neither properly talk to each other and assume neither wants to be held to there past obligations.
I love that Jaenelle’s new jewels are a big part of this book and a lot of explained why she now longer where Ebony-grey jewels.
Just gutted it’s not a full novel but a absolute must read for Black Jewel fans.
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1,271 reviews29 followers
August 14, 2010
The short stories in this book are best read only if you read the original Black Jewels Trilogy as they fill in some of the blanks. I must say these stories are a lot less gritty and dark than the trilogy (except for one), but I found three of them a joy to read and was happy to find out more about some of the things that were only hinted at in the trilogy. Bishop's writing is excellent and rich as always.

Here's an overview of the stories:

Weaver of Dreams
This story is about the creation of the Jewels and although I loved the richly written text I found the story a bit boring I must confess.

The Prince of Ebon Rih
This story is about how Lucivar finds love.
I really like this one and was glad it was included as I thought Lucivar's marriage was glossed over very hastily in the Trilogy.

This is the only dark and disturbing story of the four, but I loved it. It gives more insight in Saetan and why he became who and what he is.

Kaeleer's Heart
This is the story about what happens just after the end of the original Trilogy and centers on Jaenelle and Daemon. A great read.
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4,155 reviews13 followers
March 7, 2016
Read 10th June 2014
I loved this books of four stories ~~ ★★★★★

Weaver of Dreams (2%)
This story is about the creation of Dreams

The Prince of Ebon Rih (4%)
Lucivar and Marian
I love seeing Lucivar and Marian fall in love. Was so great so see more of Luciver

Zuulaman (52%)
Zuulaman was mentioned briefly queen of the darkness. This short story tell what happened. I thought I already hated Hekatah, but this story cements that. I love Saetan.

Kaeleer's Heart (61%)
Jaenelle and Daemon
This story is set just after the end if the original trilogy. These two love each other immensely, but are having a few doubts as to wether to feel worth of each other. However when outside force try and harm them. The is no doubt in their love and faith of each other.
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Author 12 books194 followers
October 26, 2010
And I thought "Queen of The Darkness" was a terrific ending...this book attach all the loose strings on the past books, and in what way!!!
We got to know more about Lucivar and Marian (a delightful and exciting story) and of course, what happened with Daemon and Jaenelle. I mean--sigh--their story is one of the most romantic and heartmelting stories I've ever seen. If you go and look "unconditional love" in a dictionary, their names would be placed next--in capital letters. Just breathtaking...
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1,100 reviews9 followers
July 24, 2012
Holy crap, I love this woman! (author) I love her people, i love her world, I love her story. I want to be a part of it. The characters are worth their weight in gold. I never want this to end, never! This book was actually four short stories. Loved every one of them. I'm not a lover of novellas, but I loved these.is there a limit on how many times I can say love?
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1,964 reviews8 followers
March 16, 2018
"You are my breath, my life, my heart."


The is a quartet of stories from the world of the Black Jewels.

1. "Weaver of Dreams" - this was adorable, though I don't know if it was meant to be. It's how the Weavers gained their gift of weaving tangled webs, and you learn who they got that gift from.

2. The Prince of Ebon Rih - the story of how Lucivar and Marian came together. Good overall, but I would have loved to see more lovesick!Lucivar, to be honest. He's adorable.

3. Zuuluman - a glimpse into Saetan's history. What happened to his third child is so sad and awful, but this outcome I more Sadist than the High Lord we've seen, so it was definitely interesting.

4. Kaeleer's Heart - what happens to Jaenelle and Daemon after the ending of Queen of the Darkness. It's interesting, but it's a lot of the same Daemon-chasin-Jaenelle, who's pushing him away becae of "reasons" that we saw at the beginning of QOTD, so not as enjoyable to me as The Prince of Ebon Rih.
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Author 4 books49 followers
July 13, 2017
Está a ser um verão excelente, este em que volto a mergulhar neste mundo negro e fantástico em cujo universo se passa a série Joias Negras. De tal modo que considero, de bom grado, voltar a ler os três volumes principais, logo que terminem as férias e que acabe de ler estes volumes independentes entre si mas que estão interligados. Como uma teia de sonhos, construída pela feiticeira Anne Bishop para gaudio dos seus fãs – onde me incluo.
Dividido em quatro histórias, este volume responde a algumas questões… Ficamos a conhecer a história de Lucivar e Marian, porque é que Zuulaman desapareceu e porque é que Saetan o fez. E ficamos, por fim, a saber, quem é o coração de Kaeleer e o que significa a joia que Jaenelle passou a usar.
Cativante desde as primeiras páginas, este livro fez-me passar alguns bocados mais constrangedores nos transportes públicos ou mesmo enquanto almoçava. E tudo porque algumas passagens me deixaram a rir ou a sorrir. São 498 páginas de puro deleite, de reencontro com velhos amigos e que me souberam a muito pouco (o que, aliás, é um problema recorrente nos livros de Anne Bishop. Sabem-me sempre a pouco).
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3,386 reviews73 followers
January 9, 2019
This anthology contains four stories set in the Black Jewels universe.

Weaver of Dreams tells how spiders learned from a dying dragon how to weave webs that can hold or create lives.

The Prince of Ebon Rih takes place after the events of Heir to the Shadows and tells the story of Lucivar's courtship of Marian.

Zuulaman tells a story from Saetan's past when he was married to Hekatah and the Warlord Prince of Dhemlan. A country called Zuulaman tries to get the best of his country, aided by the 100 families of Hyall and Hekatah, and Saetan shows them just what a black-jeweled warlord prince can do.

Kaeleer's Heart tells what happens after the events of Queen of the Darkness when Jaenelle heals quite changed and Daemon wonders if she doesn't love him anymore. Their relationship is complicated by someone who wants to ruin Daemon's reputation and wreck his relationship with Jaenelle so that he will turn to her. He shows everyone why he was nicknamed the Sadist while he was a pleasure slave in Terreille.

All of these stories were great at providing more about the fascinating Black Jewels world. The Prince of Ebon Rih and Kaeleer's Heart were also wonderful romances.
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1,842 reviews27 followers
March 26, 2020
I'm not a big fan of short stories. This book is different, though, because I already had a connection with the characters and the world because I'd already read the prior books.

My most favorite part was that I finally got to see how Lucivar got married. It was such a shock to find him suddenly married in the third book in the series. Frankly, I felt a bit ripped off.

Because of my dislike of short stories, I never bothered to read this book before. I'm glad that social distancing meant I got a chance to read it and finally have some answers.
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27 reviews
May 21, 2023
I’m conflicted about this one because it was so satisfying to get the epilogue of sorts as well as Lucivar and Marian’s story, so many details filled in and questions answered, but I hate one of the main tropes in this book (I won’t say which one bc I don’t want to spoil it). Also the side story of Saetan felt odd, out of character, and unnecessary. It kind of ruined his character imo. Like why did she feel the need to add that?? But again, Lucivar and Marian’s story was so charming. And we got to see events after the war and I enjoyed reading it. Again just… conflicted.
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90 reviews
February 26, 2023
I love getting the background stories in this book with how lucivar and marian met and fell in love to the story of Zullaman
I also enjoyed seeing how Deamon and Janelle re-connect and rebuild their relationship after she saves Kaleer and comes back with Twilights Dawn rather than the black
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12 reviews
July 23, 2018
I am so happy she wrote this book!!! This is one of my favorites she had written!!
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354 reviews2 followers
October 27, 2018
The more I read this series the more I want to read another one This one clears a few mysteries
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