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False Memory #1

False Memory

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Miranda wakes up alone on a park bench with no memory. In her panic, she releases a mysterious energy that incites pure terror in everyone around her. Except Peter, a boy who isn’t at all surprised by Miranda’s shocking ability.

Left with no choice but to trust this stranger, Miranda discovers she was trained to be a weapon and is part of an elite force of genetically-altered teens who possess flawless combat skills and powers strong enough to destroy a city. But adjusting to her old life isn’t easy—especially with Noah, the boyfriend she can’t remember loving.

Then Miranda uncovers a dark truth that sets her team on the run. Suddenly her past doesn’t seem to matter... when there may not be a future.

Dan Krokos’ debut is a tour-de-force of non-stop action that will leave readers begging for the next book in this bold and powerful new series.

336 pages, Hardcover

First published August 14, 2012

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Dan Krokos

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August 21, 2012
Check out our Q & A with Dan Krokos, who chats with us about his new book and some of the controversies that have rocked the YA community this year. Some interesting thoughts on GoodReads' author program, too.

Of the many young adult science fiction novels that have been released recently, False Memory stands out as an extremely fun, solidly entertaining debut. This action-packed, suspenseful story follows Miranda North, a teenage girl who wakes up without any memory of who she is. Before long, she discovers that her unusual ability to release a painful pulse of energy is the reason why she's being relentlessly pursued...and the reason why her life, as well as the lives of many others, is now in danger.

From brain wave manipulation to rogue agents to a tonally genuine romance, this book includes a lot of different elements, and manages to present them all in a surprisingly engaging way. The author understands how to balance tension and levity, as well as how to up the ante both physically and emotionally as the story builds to its climax. It's rare to find a YA action novel that is this well-paced, especially since most of its protagonists are also well-developed. Miranda's blind panic and fight or flight adrenaline practically leaps off the page with her POV, but her observations about the other characters also allow us to know them as well.

This novel is notable for: 

--an original, well-plotted story with exciting, unpredictable twists
--a believably conflicted, responsible heroine
--memorable characters
--well-choreographed fight sequences
--great dialogue
--scientific science fiction.

I had a really great time reading this story because it was just so much fun, but what I appreciate most about it is an interesting sensitivity in its heroine that I frankly find rather unusual coming from a male YA author. Miranda is a sensible, fast-thinking character, but she's also very feminine in a way that doesn't rely upon endless descriptions of her appearance or other surface things; it's more of a subtle but very present emotional mindset that I found very appealing, particularly in the way her feelings about her teammates Peter and Noah change over the course of the book.

I really liked the way the love triangle is handled here, by the way. Miranda is placed in a very tricky situation, and even though her confusion and anger lead to some complicated situations, it wasn't hard to understand her predicament, nor to feel sympathy for everyone involved.

This novel is a promising start to a planned trilogy, and it's going to be thrilling to see where the story goes next. False Memory surprised me with its electrifying blend of mystery, drama, and action, and my guess is that fans of science fiction thrillers will absolutely love it. 

Recommended for:fans of Divergent, Legend, The Darkest Powers series, Unraveling, and Partials.

This review also appears in The Midnight Garden. An advance copy was provided by the publisher.


On a more serious note,  I want to briefly address the fact that I originally placed this book on a "will never read" shelf following a serious incident back in January. The author made some ill-advised remarks in defense of a fellow author on a pre-review written by a friend of mine, and like many others, I was absolutely outraged that she was repeatedly goaded on her own space in that way. The author did apologize to the reviewer, however, and following some additional information that I learned, I decided to give the book a chance--and I'm very glad I did, for more reasons than one.

If you'd like more information about what happened, there is a long discussion on this thread, and my reasoning for changing my mind is posted on message #210 here. I've also had the opportunity to discuss what happened with the author at some length since then, he has some very interesting insights from an author's perspective. I've invited Dan to the blog for a chat that will appear next week, so I hope you'll come back for that discussion. I think anyone who is concerned about this current author/reader divide will be interested.

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Author 99 books308k followers
December 4, 2013
Gripping, fast-paced, kick-ass, and romantic. Totally one of my favorite reads of 2012 (I'm seriously still reeling from all the clever twists and turns)! This is one book you REALLY don't want to miss! I'm already counting down the days until Book Two!!
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December 29, 2014


If I was in the library I probably would have looked somewhat like this after reading the book:

[image error]

Yeah you got it right!
I AM SO CRAZY OVER THIS BOOK I DON’T KNOW HOW TO PUT IT IN WORDS! Maybe Scarlett Johansson could show you my reactions as I was reading this.
funny gifs

It was a roller coaster ride and I am absolutely enthralled, excited, breathless and just amazed about how fluid everything when although out the book.
I’m sure you guys want to know what this book is about and why I’m overly crazy over it.


What will you do if one day you woke up and just forget everything that happened to you?
You remember your name but nothing else.

That is what happened to Miranda. She woke up with no memory of how she got where she was and what happened before that. She asks help from a cop because she thought he’ll be able to help her but instead the unthinkable happened. One moment everything was normal and the next there was chaos. Everyone was running around as if it was the end of the world and some of them were actually throwing themselves over railings. In the middle of it was Miranda who had no idea what was going on.

Out of the blue, a guy came who introduced himself as Peter. He assured that he was a friend. He even explained that what happened was because of an ability that they both shared. They were able to release energy from their brains and it could cause confusion and danger to the people around them when used irresponsibly. Hesitant was Miranda might have been she had no choice but to go with Peter for her to find out who she was only to find out later that they were really not who they think they are.


I was seriously hesitant in picking up this book but I grabbed it anyway because I felt I needed a change. I haven’t been much of sci-fi fan but with that said I still loved this book.

The first impression of this book being dragging and boring was completely wrong. It was exactly the opposite. I never thought I’d love this book and completely be hooked to it.

This book caught me off guard just like this ball caught this girl off guard. :p
funny gifs



Miranda North (the main character) was one kick-ass chick! She was the type of character that I definitely have no problem reading about because she was not like your usual female lead that’s helpless, dependent and as much as I would like not to say it stupid. She wasn’t any of that. She was strong but still feminine at the same time. She may have the capacity to wipe out a whole city but really she’s also just a girl who has girl problems. I am absolutely in love with her. She kind of reminds me of Katniss (Hunger Games) and Tris (Divergent). What I absolutely loved about her the most was that even though she didn’t know what was going on around her (since she lost her memory), she didn’t cry on a corner and felt helpless and feel sorry for what happened to her (she didn’t do any of that crap which is so common nowadays with YA female character). Instead, what she did was embraced the unknown and learned to cope with it.


From the start I knew this guy was going to be amazing. He was smart, compassionate and a sweetheart. Seriously, the moment I read of him I was like OMGoossh another BOOKBF! I liked him already. He was just this warm person that lent a hand to Miranda just when she needed someone the most. This guy is just amazing. He wasn’t the perfect guy because he wasn’t the typical cocky sweet type of guy that I use to always like. In fact he was kind of the opposite. To me he was kind of a shy guy. Although he was the leader of their group, when it comes to matters of the heart he was shy and keeps everything inside. It endeared me to him more.
funny gifs


If you are looking for the guy who is gorgeous enough to get away with giving snide remarks, then you found him. Although snarky, sarcastic and slightly arrogant for my taste, I liked Noah. I mean at first I thought he would turn out to be an enemy although I’m not sure if he isn’t yet because it’s just the first book but I was wrong. This guy was definitely another eye-candy and a sweetheart too. I felt his pain though because Miranda can’t remember him which is his fault anyways. Noah is Miranda’s boyfriend before Miranda’s memory made a vanishing act. Although he shows a lot of times that he’s tough and all, he was also a softie. By the way, I am a bit pissed with him because of Olive. I think there’s something. Not gonna say what though. :p


I like Olive. She’s just as audacious as Miranda. I like her too. I think the only thing that I found predictable with this novel is her feelings towards Noah. I like her all the same and pity her for what happened in the end. But like Miranda, she was able to cope with the situation.


His character was a surprise for me. Noah said something about the rogue Rose (that’s what the scientist called them). When he mentioned it, I had no clue what to expect of him. Rhys held a revelation that shattered my mind. It was just insane! Mind-boggling.


I hate love triangles or square! I don’t like the drama of the girl being unable to choose between two guys. False Memory had that but it didn’t bother me one bit for some reason and I kind of liked it. It worked for me. The first time I read about Peter, I knew for a fact that they were going to be an item and I was right. But turns out there was a Noah, who was just as sweet and as alluring as Peter and now I just can’t choose who I am going to root for. Both guys have their own reasons for being with Miranda and yes although Noah has been with her before but there’s just this part of me that is silently wishing it’s going to be Peter. But it breaks my heart when Noah feels that someone he already lost Miranda.

Deciding who to choose between these two awesome guys is making my head hurt!!!
[image error]

There are a lot of highlights on this book and the most important for me was the unpredictability and the consistent action and suspense. There wasn’t a time when I was bored with it. It kept me interested all throughout.

* It had an original concept and the plot was very well written. The twists were unanticipated. I like guessing what will happen next and I would admit that I got almost everything wrong. That rarely happens. That is saying something. 

* A sci-fi books usually have convoluted words that I most of the time could not get and it’s very frustrating when an author drowns you with so much of that, ending up you not enjoying the book as much as you should have. But False Memory has done the exact opposite. It gives you a background on how they were made but at the same time, Dan Krokos made it very easy to understand and follow. Plus it was very believable.

* It had a balanced mix of action/suspense and romance which I am rather more attached to.

* The characters were well-defined. I loved how each of them has their flaws and quirks but all of them worked to make the story work.

* I am always a fan of male authors who could authentically tell as story on a girl’s POV. Mr. Krokos nailed it on this one. He made Miranda’s voice sound so genuine that it’s almost as if it’s a girl or a woman’s whose writing the story. Awesome job!

* The transition of the story was well paced. It didn’t feel hurried even though there were tons of things happening at the same time. It felt like you were right at the middle of it while all the events occur. It was like watching an action film instead of reading it.


”Your power is dangerous. Rage comes to the forefront. This is more than a loaded gun.”

“The looming threat of memory loss is at the front of our minds. I don’t have much to lose. I guess. Two days of memories? But as soon as I think it. I realize I’m wrong. I have everything to lose.”

Peter smiles at me, shaking his head. Behind the smile I can see he’s scared as I am. Blood drips onto his lips. “You never did listen to my orders,” he said.
I smiled back. “Aren’t you glad you’ll have company?”


I think this review has gotten way too long but I think it was necessary. I loved the book and I think it should be given a chance. I know that there had been some issues regarding the author but I seriously I think people should give this book a chance because you are going to be missing a lot by not reading it.

As I mentioned, there are really no words to explain my excitement towards this book and how I’m itching to get the next book and find out what will happen to them. It was a book you’ll easily love and get absorbed in. There are a lot of interesting stuff and concepts that had been introduced to us in this book and I really recommend it to everyone.

If you guys are into love triangles that actually work then I highly recommend this. The love triangle is so good that you’d want the main character to end up with both of them *but of course it’s not possible*.

I have one question though and it kept on bugging me. Why did they name them ‘Roses’?

Anyhoo, I would just like to reiterate that this book was awesome and I recommend it to every YA loving person out there who would like to read a fast-paced novel that is packed with action, suspense and romance, then I suggest picking this book up right now. You’ll get addicted.

A round of applause for this very awesome book!

[image error]

5 stars.
Sorry for the excessive use of the word “AWESOME”.


There are no words to express how AWESOME this book is! :p
Simply no words!
Tons of action, suspense, twists and revelation it blew my mind!
It was sssoooo f*cking GOOD!
I finished it last night and it was just so UNBELIEVABLE!

funny gifs

See, even James Franco thinks so. :p

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November 12, 2012
From the very first page this book grips you with the unknown. At first it's who is Miranda? Without her memory, she has no idea who, or what, she is. Then we move on to who is this unconventional family of hers, then who is this creator who wants to use them, and all throughout--what are we going to find out next?

As far as unreliable narrators go, Miranda is pretty darn great. She doesn't even know who she is! I, myself, have always loved unreliable narrators. They keep you on the lookout, always deciphering and theorizing; the more you find out about Miranda's life, the more fascinating it all becomes. Then of course, there are twists that throw what you've learned a little off track. I really enjoyed this twisty road. I also found the sci-fi aspect very well thought out. It's explained satisfactorily without info-dumping or throwing it under the rug. Plus, using genetics and brain manipulation to create a human weapon is always pretty darn cool if you ask me!

Roses are what these ones are called. Yep. Roses! "Have no fear, the Roses are here" Yeah... I had the same reaction. (Not an actual quote, though there are some similar in tone). These people need better names! Come on! How torturous for them! Moving on.

The characters are all fun and memorable. While I wouldn't say we get extraordinary character development, they're likeable and overall charismatic. Miranda herself has an easy way about her; making it effortless for us to get her and see how she reasons things out. Her and her flower sidekicks make for a great group dynamic with some complicated relationships due to the memory loss. On the romantic side, I found this to be quite a refreshing change from the usual love triangle. I wouldn't even consider it a triangle at this point--having lost her memory, the love that she "was told" she shared with one isn't there anymore. Unfortunately for the other party, this fact is one sided. So really, it's a pretty big mess and I liked it! It's sad and confusing at all once. How can you rekindle something you don't remember? Would you even be the same you you used to be without the experiences and feelings that created who you were in the first place?

The best part is by far the exciting, mind boggling plot. You're never truly sure if what you know is the truth, nor do you know who to trust: On top of the amnesia, we have clones, an evil "creator", and a rogue who's been killing… *snickers*… Roses. Overall, there's more than enough to fill this book with page turning antics that I'm sure fans of sci-fi thrillers will be satisfied with!

An advance copy was provided by the publisher for review.

For more of my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads
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3 reviews
December 16, 2012
Okay. So we start off with some girl named Miranda waking up on a bench in a mall, not remembering anything.(Um, overused much?) So, she approaches a mall officer, ends up beating him up, sends fear waves throughout the mall, ends up killing some innocent citizens, and meets a random, seductive boy named Peter who smells like roses and tries to explain the whole phenomenon to her. Now, coming from this exposition, I seriously thought this book was going to be good. I really did.
It wasn't. It really wasn't.

First off, let me tell you how horrible the characters were. They really were horrible. Our main character, Miranda, is an annoying, one-sided, Mary Sue who's only personality trait is "firey" and is apparently so amazing that two hot guys are head-over-heels for her. And the author is constantly rubbing in our faces about how she's so brave and heroic and all that crap. Sound familiar? Yeah, that's basically the exact definition of every female protagonist in books these days. Are we supposed to like Miranda? I was really hoping for her to die. I really was.
Secondly, we have Peter West, A hottie with another one-sided personality. He's totally in love with Miranda. Because she's sooo amazing, of course. And guess what? He's a complete Gary Stu. A complete Gary Stu. He's completely perfect.
Then, we have Noah East. He's a relatively uninteresting character with a one-sided personality, but I didn't find him that annoying or completely perfect. He's also in love with Miranda. Well, they used to be together. Before Miranda lost her memories. Miranda doesn't love him back now, though. No. He's not as hot and perfect as Peter, so he can't date Miranda.
Lastly, we have Olive South. She is extremely one-sided and stereotypical, but... she wasn't annoying. She has a crush on Noah, of course. Yeah, yeah, Noah, you go off and pair up with Olive, Miranda doesn't want you; you're not perfect.
In all honesty, I'd be more than happy if Miranda and Peter were brutally massacred and Noah and Olive got a nice happy end. They obviously won't, though. They're not the main character and they're not the main character's love interest, therefore they get pushed off to the side and will probably be used later on in the book for an "emotional" death scene to make the reader think that this book is sooo amazingly emotional.
Wondering why I put "emotional" in quotes? Well, I highly doubt that Dan Krokos would be able to pull off a real emotional death. If he does, I owe you a million bucks, okay?

Now, let me get to the plot.
It was boring. It was cliché. The pacing was rushed. It didn't do anything that I haven't seen before in a book. Anything. Now that's pretty sad.
Basically, the whole plot revolves around making Mary Sue Miranda look cool and heroic and setting her up with sexy Peter. Seriously, that's all. That's basically the whole point of this book. Every single thing that happens in this book is an event that tries to do one of those two things.
And guess what? There wasn't even any development in the relationship. It was just "Oooh, Peter, let's make out, I'm in love with you, I can't live without you, blah blah blah." Now, um, how exactly did you fall in love with him? You haven't spent an actual second just talking with Peter in a non-omgPeteryou'resohotandkindIloveyou fashion.
Really, I know it's his first book and all, but Dan Krokos could have at least tired to develop something between the two.
The actual battle scenes and what-not seemed completely anticlimactic, boring, and predictable.
I'm not kidding, I can basically predict everything that happens in this book.

And, I have to admit, the whole clone plot thing could have really been interesting. However, this author didn't pull any strings or do anything remotely different or thought provoking with it. What a waste of an idea.

So, if you're looking for a novel with horrible characters, a boring, cliché, predictable plot, and a universe that completely revolves around the main character and her love interest, read this book.

But if you're not, please don't read this book. It's utterly un creative and it's so bad and overused it's depressing.

If this is the kind of book that goes across as "brilliant" to you people...
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256 reviews87 followers
June 18, 2012
After having the chance to speak with Dan at BEA this year I have made the decision to add his book to my To-Read list and give the actual book a chance. He was very upfront and apologetic about what happened and seems to be sincere. Let's hope he learned from his mistake (hey we all make them) and see how it goes from there.

Oh...the intrigue...it's killing me!!! Must...have...book...two...now...!!!

Detailed review coming soon.
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Shelved as 'dropped'
July 12, 2012

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February 11, 2017
This book since very early on was a serious page-turner: action-packed and lots of mystery, great chemistry and tension between three of the leads. Extremely promising.

I was like :

One teeny-tiny problem though.
Most of that didn't make it to the end.

And I was like :

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Author 3 books23 followers
October 25, 2012
4.5 stars.


So before I proceed, here's the thing: I don't fucking care about all those shits about attack-of-the-authors thing that happened earlier, okay! . Some of you bitches just cannot put it over and fucking move on with your damn life. The author apologized, okay. Deal with it. Nobody's perfect. Stop ranting your stupid ass about how much you hated what the author had done, and STOP DISCOURAGING ME TO READ THIS BOOK CUZ I WOULDN'T LIKE TO CARE TO GIVE ANY OF FUCK, because I've read it and I LOOOVE it. Okay. Get over with it.

Cuz if you feel like buying this book and the thoughts of what the author had done keeps bugging on you, just tell your thoughts to fuck off. And to you who has a cold heart and keeps on spreading words about how awful the author is, all I can say is fuck off. So don't read this review of you're one of them.


Consensus: A thrilling ride for both of the brain and the heart, Dan Krokos's debut is a mesmerizing science fiction debut, that will steals the hearts of many young-adult fans.

Okay, so overall this story is about a chick named Miranda, who wakes up alone on a bench with no memory. And then she releases something out of her head, perfume-like wave that causes chaos. And then when things get chaotic, there's only one guy left. And I know--my strong points are NOT on summarizing.

Let's get through this. First, let's talk about the plot:

I'm so amazed by how Krokos writes. I am COMPLETELY CONFUSED at first--which is a confusion for me like whether this is a bad thing. But then, the main character is also in a disorientation, and it's like I am really on the same page with her, back to front, till the end of the book.


The plot drives you crazy, of course. Sometimes, I felt like slamming my head on the wall just because I couldn't comprehend some things, but then our main protagonist is also in a confusion so I was okay with it.

Actions, although not as heart-pumping as the ones in Insurgent, it still drove me crazy. I was into the motorbike-riding scenes, the fight scenes--I was in love with everything.

I guess if you have read other reviews, you'll realize that the ending of False Memory is nuts--it'll crack your brains and make you scream. It isn't some typical, cliched dystopian cliffhanger--it's something that's very surprising--I didn't see it coming at all. Probably during the ending scene, lots of things were happening, and you couldn't help but focus on to so many things. But that's a good thing, isn't it?

And the cloning concept--from the beginning till the end--it reminds me of the literature short story where we learn in English class, One Is One And All Alone by I-Forgot-The-Author's-Name. The plot twist is also familiar--only a whole lot more intense!


Miranda. Okay, this is amazing.

Dan Krokos has really done a believable female protagonist. I think, many of us underestimates male authors who writes in female's first person narration (well, probably except John Green). Well, now, put Krokos in an exception! He's great at this--but, well, it's not picture perfect, but it's great! Especially for a debut.

But then, the narration reminds me A LOT of Beatrice Prior's narration. I don't know. The way she walks, some of her sarcasms and jokes--it reminds me a lot of Tris.

Even the cover, don't you think?

Okay, here we have a Dauntless symbol on top, above it is the tagline, the title in large capital letters WITH the author's name just below it.

A symbol of I'm not really sure what it's about--something about them Roses--and then above it we have the tagline, title in large capital letters with the author's name just below it.

Aside from Mir, I REALLY REALLY love the other friends; Peter, Noah and Olive. I connected with them strongly, that lots of parts in this book that has to make me cry. I love LOVE LOOOOVE their friendship--I guess that's the strongest point of the book.

The antagonists is a blehhh but it's surprising at the end. You know,


It's okay, I only minus 0.5 freaking star! Now here's for short:

Some things are just inappropriate for the book's atmospheric setting. The world is futuristic--so I don't see staves or swords coming. Even though some scenes in the book used electrical staff--still, it isn't working for me. I only prefer this book to be with rifles and machine guns. I prefer this movie to be the Legend-kind of action-packed tale, where bullets fly in the air. Plus if it is that way, it suits the setting. Now--staves? I don't really like it.

And the first person present tense narration. It's like I've been there before--I really like the kind of writing, but I need something just a little different about it.

Overall, loving this. RECOMMENDED FOR EVERYONE.

Now, I'm out.

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475 reviews16.2k followers
March 13, 2013
This review may contain spoilers. And by may, I mean most certainly will.

False Memory by fellow Horde player, Dan Krokos, caught my attention. Mainly because, well, FOR THE HORDE! But also, because it looked badass. The basic idea is that Miranda wakes up with no memories and no real clue who she is. She soon discovers that she’s a superhero and part of a team of four Roses with the ability to cause fear and panic to normal people.

I mean, it’s an alright ability. Not as good as the ability to burn people with your eyes or use an alien ring to wish anything into existence. But you take what you can get!

So what I might have expected was good writing and interesting, action-packed pages. But that author, he has a soft spot the size of the Mariana Trench. This book was a little more saucy than I expected and I liked it! Probably one of the few love-triangles that I’ve truly liked. Miranda gets more action in a few days than I did throughout all of 8th grade!

so lonely

Miranda was a bit like a rogue sneaking up behind you to stab you in the back. She was fun to read. Then, out of nowhere, BAM! She just kicked the shit out of me and I was left going, “Woah! Woah! Woah!” That sneaky woman just emulsified my cold, withered heart until I was truly rooting for her. Which was a weird experience. I’m not sure how to describe it. There I was thinking I generally liked the book and didn’t mind Miranda, only to suddenly realize that there was no way in hell I was putting the book down and Miranda better live, goddammit! As for the other characters, Peter, Noah and Olive, I was hot and cold on them. Peter was definitely my favourite. I loved the tension between Noah and Miranda. Drama! Beautiful, beautiful drama!

So here’s my problem with it, and this part gets spoilery so only proceed if you’ve read the book.

Over all, I really liked this book. I just feel so exhausted by it. Incredibly, incredibly exhausted. I want to pick up the next one because I want to see how Miranda and the others deal with the situation they’re in. But part of me is afraid to. I don’t know if I’m ready for it. With False Memory, I wanted to feel THIS much. But I wasn’t ready to feel THHHHIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSS much. And with all those truths revealed in the first book? Well, how else is Krokos going to break my heart in the next one? HOW, HUH?!

This review also appears on my blog,
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July 20, 2012
The Adoration of Jenna Fox meets Ender's Game

Looking for a book that is action packed and keeps you on the edge of your seat? Well, here it is. Dan Krokos' debut young adult novel delivers the adventure it promises.

One thing I always find interesting is when male authors write first person POVs with female characters – I mean, how do they get into that mindset? Just like Karsten Knight’s Ashline Wilde, Krokos’s 16 year old Miranda North has a believable voice and I thoroughly enjoyed her. She’s fiesty and stubborn but likable at the same time. And from page one, we’re just as much in the dark as Miranda is about what has happened to her and I think that joint-uncertainty bonds the reader to the character – it puts them on a level playing field, which is really cool.

Another thing I liked about False Memory was the concept behind the actual novel. I can’t talk too much about it without getting into spoilers but it is very much unlike anything out right now and it was fresh and fun. The world building for the science fiction part was great – Krokos goes in depth with some out-of-the-box thinking and makes it feel unique; however, I would have liked a little more setting description, especially since I’m not too familiar with Cleveland and sometimes the environment felt like a blank canvas to me. Of course, it could have been intentional so the reader focused more on what was going on, but I enjoy reading about the setting.

Dan wasn’t afraid to take chances in this book, and it paid off. I enjoyed all the twists and turns and loved that this book made me actually think about what was happening (there were several passages that I had to re-read to grasp what was going on, but not in a “this was poorly explained way”, more of a “wow, this is intricate and makes sense but I don’t get it yet.”).

I’m interested to see where this series goes and will definitely be picking up the next one!
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December 17, 2016
While this book may appeal to many YA readers, I was pretty disappointed. It started fast, and accelerated, but the dizzying action was not enough to hide too many twists and turns and what, at its heart (pun intended) is a teen romance novel. The basic plot is that a scientist has created two pairs of teenagers with the psychic ability to induce fear on a mass scale and who are trained as super soldiers. The big question in the book is why and for whom? However, with the possible exception of Miranda North, there was insufficient character development. I agree with one reviewer who suggested that maybe the author intentionally chose "to make them shallow to show the nature of the 'experiment.'" And, the ending was pretty lame, mostly staging for the next two books in the trilogy.
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Want to read
March 15, 2011
LOOKS AWESOME! >> "Dan Krokos's debut FALSE MEMORY, featuring a girl with no memory who discovers she's a genetically altered weapon of mass destruction and must uncover the truth of her identity in order to save her city, to Catherine Onder at Disney-Hyperion, in a significant deal, at auction, in a three-book deal, by Suzie Townsend at FinePrint Literary Management on behalf of Janet Reid at FinePrint Literary Management (World English)."
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September 7, 2015
ROSES are red
a warning to you
False Memory; a sci-fi adrenaline rush
and Dan Krokos, I *hearts* YOU!
(in a purely, "you wrote an awesome book" kind of way)

False Memory is a Sci-Fi adrenaline rush that I could NOT put down!

When seventeen year old Miranda North wakes up on a park bench with no memory other than her name and age, she does what any normal amnesiac would do, she seeks help. Feeling threatened instead of helped, she panics, unleashing a mysterious energy which incites terror into everyone around her. Everyone, except Peter, the guy with the strange blue eyes who doesn't seem affected or surprised by what's going on. He tells her they're friends, he can help her, but she'll have to trust him. How can she though, he's a complete stranger, isn't he?

They set off for a place called, "home", that Miranda obviously has no recollection of and along the way Peter does his best to explain what's happened to her, and her memories. As they scale buildings and leap across roofs like it's child plays, he tells her there are in fact, four of them, including Noah and Olive (who she also can't remember).

Together, they make up an elite force of genetically altered teens known as Roses. They all have kick ars combat skills and abilities that can paralyze a city in seconds. They "borrow" a car and as Peter continues to talk, he jams a syringe filled with a lemonade type goo into Miranda as they drive and she responds by punching him in the face. (I think this is when my girl crush started.)

See, one of the things that's crucial to a Roses' memory is the shot they need every few hours in order to maintain their memories. If they go too long without it, they lose whatever memories they've already stored and can only make new ones, which is what has happened to Miranda. (Peter might have thought to explain this before jamming the needle into her but he is a guy and sometimes they don't think before acting. *rolls eyes* In Peter's defense he was trying to help Miranda so I think he can be excused...not so sure Miranda sees it that way but, what-evs.)

The Roses are designed to be human weapons but like any weapon which is created for a good purpose, if it falls into the wrong hands, it can be used for evil. When Miranda and the rest of the team stumble upon a devious plan, one that has the potential to harm a lot of innocent people, they decide it's up to them to stop it. What they discover will make them question everything they've believed to be true, about their pasts and where they really came from. When they come face to face with their enemies, it will be unlike anything they've been trained for. *shivers* (I can't even repeat what I said when I got to this part because I will have to put money in the "potty mouth" jar - again.)

The past comes back to haunt Miranda, slowly, in bits and pieces and makes things a little awkward among the team members. Why? Well, because Noah is or was Miranda's boyfriend and they're in love or they were, but she has no memory of that which kinda sucks...for everyone. She has some feelings for Noah but struggles to work those out because she's also feeling a connection with Peter too and vice versa.

Lemme just take a minute and say that the romantical tension between Miranda, Peter and Noah is...Um, *clears throat* yeah, so...

Major props to Dan Krokos for:

a) Being a dude writing from a girl's POV & nailing it!

b) Being a dude who knows how to write romantical tension scenes. (This is harder than you think and some dudes just.don't.get.it.)

c) For making a bathroom stall seem so.very.hot. *fans face* Who knew?!

Here's what I enjoyed about the characters themselves...

I want to be Miranda North when I grow up!! She is made of AWESOME. Not only is she strong, and a 'lil bit reckless, but she doesn't take any snark from anyone and she can kill you.with.a.SWORD. It doesn't hurt that she's beautiful too but behind her tough exterior her compassion for others shines through. When she figures out the truth about herself, she is more concerned about how it will affect others then how it will her. All of these teens are sacrificial, willing to risk their lives for each other.

Peter is the Team Leader and the ruler follower. He's brave, fearless, and he's uber protective of the others, almost to a fault. When staring death in the face he doesn't even flinch. He's all kinds of hotsauce (ALL.KINDS.) with eyes as blue as the sky, a dry sense of humor and the guy knows how to work a bathroom stall to his advantage. *bathroom break anyone?*

Noah, Miranda's "boyfriend" is beautiful and ab-solute-ly SNARKILICIOUS (LOVE.HIM.) which can a deadly combination. *swoons* His mouth is always getting him into trouble one way or another and he's apparently really good with his hands too. (His is a weapon after all.) Of the four, Noah's the stealthiest, managing to finagle his way into and out of predicaments that are both life threatening and lifesaving. He always seems to be smiling but you can tell he's hurting as a result of Miranda not being able to remember any of their relationship and that breaks your heart for him. *offers hugs*

Olive rounds out the elite four and she's the quiet calm of the group. (Quiet can be deadly sometimes.) All of the teens are gorgeous and Olive is no exception plus, she can kill you with sticks. BIG ones. She is a faithful friend to Miranda, something we could all use.

I like that these teens are not only physically strong but that they also showed strong character too. Even in the midst of a bad situation, when it would seem really easy to be selfish, they were thinking of others besides just themselves. They were willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. Were they perfect? No. But they were making the best of the situation they were put in.

There is so much action in this book, one would think you'd be worn out just from reading but it's the exact opposite. I was so wired by the time I finished I felt like I needed to go for a run, or punch, kick, or shoot something. Better yet, slash a bad guy with a sword like Miranda does! (I'm pretty sure I would've gotten arrested if I did any of those considering it was almost midnight when I finished reading.)

I'm so glad I let myself be lured away from ALL THE THINGS into this fast paced, action packed story with it's interesting plot and twists and turns that literally had me on the edge of my chair right up to the last page! And I can't WAIT to find out what's in store for Miranda and the rest of her team in FM2!

I'm just gonna throw this out there b/c I see that a LOT of people have put this on a "Never in a million years" shelf, etc. - If you're refusing to read this b/c of comments that were made about another book, review, etc. (which I wasn't a part of) you are really missing out on a GREAT read! Just my .02 though. :)
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April 7, 2012
False Memory, how do I even begin to explain this one? It was fast paced, action packed, and was host to an awesome cast of characters. To get to the point, False Memory was one of the best books I have ever read.

Science fiction is a very downplayed genre in YA I feel like, but it is one of my favorite genres. So when I learned False Memory was sci-fi-, I was already excited. Only to get MORE excited over the wicked sounding premise. False Memory was one of the coolest, twistiest, mindblowing science fiction ever.

I read False Memory by Dan Krokos in a period of about two and a half hours. I was simply glued to my chair. And mind you, this was in a pre-finals period of insane amount of homework. The story Dan Krokos tells was so intriguing. I just loved the world building and discovering what everyone's plans were. I could never quite peg how the story would go, with all the twists and turns Dan Krokos throws at readings.

It was probably really comical watching me read the last 40 pages or so. They were so intense! I was literally on the edge of my chair the entire time, trying not to yell really loud every time I was worried something bad was going to happen since I was reading at work. It builds up to a really satisfying ending which ties up the story from book 1, and opened up a ton of questions for book 2.

I want to be Miranda North. She was such a badass heroine, and I loved her. I also super loved both the main guys in False Memory - Peter and Noah.They were so different from one another, but I still loved them both. Noah was quite snarky and hot. And Peter was also uber hot and sincere and sweet. All the other characters brought such a mix to False Memory as well, and I always loved seeing when another character would pop up.

False Memory is a simply brilliant debut from Dan Krokos, and I have already begun counting down until book 2 releases. If you don't read this book, you are an idiot. Everyone needs to read this one, as it was an all around awesome kind of read. This is definitely one of the best books of the year.
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February 8, 2017
Miranda wakes up with no memory despite her age and name. In a mall, she realizes she has a power to create psychic fear using only her mind, and in doing so meets a fellow Rose named Peter who brings her back to her home. On the run from the Beta team and a dangerous rogue named Rhys, the four teens, Miranda, Noah, Olive and Peter have to escape from their creators before they can be used as a weapon to destroy people’s lives.

The Roses are aptly named because the scent they give off when invoking fear is the smell of roses. Random I know, but I hope there’s a better explanation for it. I also wanted to know more about the Creators, and why they are doing this in the first place. Some questions were answered, but I was also left with more questions than intended.

Miranda’s memories come and go and serve as an outlook to who she was and what happened in the past. I was all for Miranda, and her drama between her two love interests. I was pretty much rooting for her to pick either of the boys since they both seemed to care a lot about her. Yet I have no idea why no one was attracted to Olive who was also a kick-ass super soldier. The drama strayed in the background which I enjoyed because the goal of the cast of characters was to find answers to who they were and their purpose.

The book reads very fast, and it’s also full of action. The story line develops fairly quickly which I adored because I have no patience for slow moving plot lines. The ending had me questioning so many things and I can’t wait until False Sight comes out for more of Dan Krokos’ story.

Liked the character diverse personalities!

FAST..It doesn’t stop.

Yes the cover is gorgeous and the little designs in the corners of the page are a nice detailed touch.

Liked it a lot, but wanted more answers.

Overall, read this one if you like romance, action and mystery!
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January 26, 2013
This book was...ok. But I didn't really get much out of it.

It had everything I love in a YA novel: action, adventure, romance, mystery, etc. So I should like this book. And I did. But...certain things kept me from loving it.

The main problem I had was the characters. They did not feel real to me at all. Whenever I read a book, I always see the characters as real people, if they are developed enough and properly. But that did not happen in this book. I could not connect with any of them at all, not even with the main character. I couldn't feel any emotions towards anyone. And if you asked me to describe a certain character, I honestly wouldn't know what to say.

Another problem I had was the romance. It was just...blah. I wasn't feeling it. And the love triangle felt forced.

It was a good book, but I just didn't really feel any excitement while reading it. But I'm sure there are others who would love this book more than I did. So I suggest those interested to give this book a try, especially fans of Kelley Armstrong's "Darkest Powers" series. I don't think I'll be continuing the series because I personally didn't find it memorable.
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November 9, 2015
So good!! This was my first ever Sci-Fi read, and it was really good!! The whole premise and the world building of this book was entertaining. The whole book was just so cool!! Losing your memory and not remembering who you are, is something i've never read about.

The characters were entertaining, the main character is badass. I just don't know what else to say.. So much goes on in each chapter I didn't want to put the book down. There was something intense always happening and I wanted to know if the characters would make it alive!

The love story was good as well, I'm totally team Peter. The characters are all really strong, but I feel like they need to start working out all of their issues with each other to really make the story develop more.

I'm looking forward to reading the next 2 books. I really recommend this book, I haven't heard too many people talk about it.
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September 13, 2012
Wow. WOW. I have to say this book had me hooked from page 1. I had pretty high expectations going in, and the story did not disappoint--in fact, it exceeded them. FALSE MEMORY has great pacing, great mystery (holy CROW, the twists are so twisty!), and delicious (I mean DELICIOUS) romance. I literally read this book in one sitting, and I haven't done that with a book since (no joke) THE HUNGER GAMES. If you enjoy major suspense, kick-butt heroines, and swoon-worthy heroes, then definitely pick up FALSE MEMORY.
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September 7, 2014
I really really loved this book!! It was soo action packed and the plot was so mind bending. It was slightly confusing at times, but overall I think I understand, hopefully the second book will clear up some things. I really liked the love story and just could not stop reading! The characters had unique personalities and I really connected to them. If you like Sci-Fi books, I definitely recommend this one!
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December 1, 2012
A mix of romance, sci-fi, adventure, action, mystery, suspense and thriller, this book will surely make sure that you'll have a hard time bringing it down and pausing to read it.

That was what happened to me.

Discovering it for one of my friends recommended it to me and reading the plot summary, my first impression was that it'll be a really good book. And it was.

Plot Summary:

Miranda North just woke up with no memories other than her name. She went inside a mall in Cleveland and was trying to talk to the mall cop into helping her. Thinking she was just pranking him, the mall cop refused and this made Miranda frustrated releasing this kind of energy that made everyone panic in fear. She also discovered she had inhuman strength and wasn't like any other ordinary people.

She was confused, not knowing what to do nor where to go. And that was where he met him. A guy with black hair and unnaturally blue eyes was sitting in one of the dining chairs, a mango chicken in front of him. He wasn't like the other people, panicking or doing things out of fear. He was just there, sitting calmly, watching her as if he had an idea what was happening to her. Curiosity filling her mind, Miranda approached him.

He was a stranger, that was for sure even if he gave her his name, Peter. But, she doesn't have any choice. If she wanted to know the answers to the mysteries around her, she had to trust this guy.

Peter then led her to a safe place and told her almost everything. They were all called "Roses". They engaged in a gene therapy and was born with supernatural abilities. Their purpose was to help prevent war by sending fear signals to the minds of the people.

Miranda North's life would be in a hard roller coaster ride finding answers to who she really was, meeting strangers that were once her friends, learning the true purpose of Roses, people she loved dying, and torn between a man who was actually her boyfriend she doesn't remember loving and a man who just introduced her to this world.

If I were you, fasten your seat belts now and hold on the railing tight and secure yourself on your seat as this book will put you to a roller coaster ride filled with mysteries, romance, suspense and thriller.

What I Love:

[_] The plot is surely one of the things I love. It is very unique (which is hard to find nowadays thanks to cliches). It is also full of action and these scenes are described so amazing it was like I was watching an action movie.

[_] The characters are great too.

Miranda North is an amazing woman. I love how authors nowadays make girls main characters and are not damsel in distress that depends on their prince charming to save them but in the other way around. She was strong, smart and is great in coping up with changes. I also admire that she wasn't selfish and follows what her heart tells her.

Peter West is another of those boys who are handsome and are like prince charming. (He reminds me of Will Herondale from Clockwork Angel with the black hair, blue eyes with the main girl protagonist getting intimidated to him and hopefully ending up with the girl protagonist. ) He's also the leader and wants what is the best for the group. Ever since I first read about him, I know there's something in him that makes him a great love interest for Miranda.

Noah East is a nice guy. He's kind, warm, sweet and shows how much he loves Miranda . He's also a great boyfriend, if you ask me. Too bad, though, that I still like Peter for Miranda than him.

Olive South is a girl you want to be your friend. She's quiet, a listener and take things calmly. She also have this reassuring presence that everything will be alright and is not that vocal, complete opposite to Noah. If I were in this book, she already became my best friend.

Rhys is a rogue Rose who discovered the truth about Roses, making this reason to betray their creators. I like how he helped other Roses see the truth and doesn't let his loved ones get hurt and will do everything so that they won't be a part in the upcoming war . He was at first a mystery but when I had read his encounter with the characters, he was one of the best supporting characters. I also like how he cope up with things and shows everyone that everything will be alright with his carefree attitude.

[_] The writing style. I love how Mr. Dan wrote the action scenes so amazing! I guess that was his specialty.

[_] The title. False Memory. It really describes the whole plot in just two words.

[_] The cover. Are those two shadowy figures of a man and woman are Peter and Miranda? Anyway, I love how it is also unique and reminds me of the cover of Divergent. I love how the blue combines with black, harmonizing with each other. And it is truly nice to look at if you ask me.

[_] I also love how the author answers as many questions roaming around the plot as he can. Why was Miranda there in Cleveland? Why did she have an amnesia and can only remember her name? What is she? Who will she end up with? And the most important question of all, Who is Miranda North really? All of this questions were answered throughout the plot and I love it! It doesn't leave the reader remembering this book as something that didn't answer most of your questions and is left as a mystery to all of us like Rapture. Sure, there are still some questions that wasn't yet answered and I hoped will be on the next book, but, hey, at least I already have an idea of what is going to happen next.

What I Dislike:

[_] Except for the fact one of my favorite characters died, I have no dislikes in this book.


False Memory by Dan Krokos is one of the great books I've read this year and will surely make you grip the railings hard and hanged on your seat as you see yourself in a hard roller coaster ride full of mysteries, romance, sci-fi, suspense and thriller. It also answers most of your questions in the end and some that are left unanswered for you to get anticipated for the next book like I do!

Despite of the horrible thing Mr. Krokos did by killing one of my favorite character, but because of the original plot and a catchy cover and title, I'll be giving this book five stars.

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September 20, 2012
This past year has seen a re-emergence, not only in the fantasy genre, but also in the science-fiction genre concerning YA. While I'd need about a dozen hands to count all the new fantasy and sci-fi books published this year, I only need one to count all the good ones. False Memory, I am glad to say, joins the ranks of good fiction and just may be the only sci-fi novel I ever fall in love with this year. This is the book I wanted Origin and Eve and Adam to be - an fast-paced novel filled with action, plot twists, world-building and just the right amount of romance - not the romance-heavy and dull storyline I actually found within the pages of those two novels. Thus, it is with great excitement and truly bated breath that I recommend highly recommend False Memory.

When Miranda North wakes up in a mall, she has no idea who she is. Yet, when she unknowingly spreads waves of panic and destruction throughout the building, she is forced to turn to Peter, a teenager who not only claims he's her friend, but who also claims he can help her. In reality, Miranda - and Peter too - are products of genetic experimentation and as such, their bodies are quicker, lighter, and stronger than those of the average human. Furthermore, they can use their minds to spread fear and inflict pain on others. The catch behind these supernatural abilities? Memory loss. Unless the Roses, people like Miranda who are called such because of the rose-scent they emit when they put their powers to use, don't take daily shots, they'll begin to lose their memory. So now, the only question is who tampered with Miranda's memories - and why?

Even from the first page, False Memory is a fast-paced adventure that simply sucks you in. Miranda, for all her memory loss, is a kick-ass protagonist who we begin to understand just as she begins to re-learn herself. Krokos takes advantage of Miranda's loss of memory, not only to develop her into a three-dimensional character, but also to explore some of the more subtle nuances of memory and its inner workings. It is evident that he has done his research as False Memory goes into the necessary details behind the genetic mutations that Miranda possesses and explains it all in a concise and easy-to-understand method. Furthermore, the plot of this novel goes beyond Miranda's memory loss to tackle on scientific/corporate politics in an absolutely brilliant manner. It's a story that will keep you frantically flipping the pages until you've reached the end and even then, you won't want to stop.

In addition to Miranda, Peter was an incredible character, not to mention a sweet romantic interest. While we do have a hint of a love triangle in this novel as Miranda struggles between her mixed memories of ex-boyfriend Noah and current attraction towards Peter, it wasn't something that bothered me at all as it took a backseat to the more action-filled plot, which was quite refreshing. Furthermore, more than just the romance, I found that the friendships between Miranda, Peter, Noah, and Olive, four Roses who had grown up together, to be heart-warming. It was easy to feel both the strong bonds of friendship and the pangs of loneliness as Miranda battled to fit in once again with a group of people she couldn't recall but who already knew - and shared memories with - her.

Yet, what really made this novel amazing was a huge plot twist at the end of this book which just about blew my mind! It's worth reading this book just for that incredible revelation and I was beyond impressed by the subtle hints and nuanced writing style that graced this story. While False Memory isn't a perfect novel and lacks some more of the connection I felt needed to be present with some of the secondary characters, it is a remarkable novel overall. I am eagerly waiting for the sequel and cannot wait to see what Krokos has in store for readers next. Believe me, this is one author you want to watch out for.

You can read this review and more on my blog, Ivy Book Bindings.
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August 6, 2012
Read more of my reviews at Dazzling Reads

4.5 stars!

An Addictive Thriller Filled with Action, Romance, Mystery and Raw Violence!

I was so excited to receive False Memory for review that when it finally arrived at my doorstep, I stop everything I was previously reading just to devour this one. Was I too excited? were my expectations too high? Oh my God NO! I was right, the thrilling summary and the beautiful eye-catching cover promised a high caliber novel that does not deceive the reader. It actually surprises us in a very, very good way!

From the very first chapter the story takes off hooking the reader into a solid and enthralling adventure. Miranda, our kick-ass and lovely heroine, wakes up one day with no memories and only four hundreds dollars on her pocket. With no idea of who she is or were she belongs to, she seeks the help of a cop at a mall's food court. Unfortunately, the cop is unwilling to cooperate with her which pissed Miranda off and then chaos is unfold. And when I say chaos, is CHAOS! People died, screamed, cried, and run away as if the four raiders of the apocalypse were descending upon them! Really, it was Mayhem. Then, there is only one person remaining at the food court besides Miranda, a mysterious guy who may be the only person to answer to her questions.

False Memory by Dan Krokos is a highly addictive thriller with amazing sci-fi elements! There is so much going on, yet Krokos executes the story brilliantly and there wasn't a single moment I wanted to put this book down. In addition, the characters are wonderful. Miranda is one perfect female kickass lead whose voice will captivate readers and make them turn pages like there was no tomorrow! Besides her, there is also Noah (Miranda's ex boyfriend/boyfriend), Olive (Miranda's friend) and Peter (who I love and who is in love with Miranda) and holy mother of God! I wasn't expecting such a delicious and toe-curling romance! I knew there was some because of the premise, but this book completely stole my heart! Completely Delicious!

I love the whole concept of the story and the way Krokos brilliantly executed it. The four main characters grew up together and were raised by scientists who hides the truth of these four kids goal and existence (which is terrifying!) I also love the characters' development towards their identity struggles. Krokos certainly provides a wonderful and comforting message concerning this issue by the end of the novel. Having said that, I think the world the author has created is masterfully crafted. From all the mysteries I encountered through out the story, I got a detailed and well thought-out explanations that left me highly satisfied and stupefied. Of course, not everything is resolved in this book but rejoice because there is a sequel on the way!!

False Memory is full of cinematic action, romance, mystery and raw violence that teens and adults will certainly devour in an instant! So get ready to lose one night of sleep while flipping this book's pages. Yo won't be able to put it down!
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September 2, 2012

Miranda North wakes up with no memory of who she is. When she starts to panic it causes everyone around her to flee in fear, all except for a boy her age. The boy, Peter, informs Miranda that they are friends and that she has the power to control crowds. Peter tells Miranda that he'll answer all her questions if she comes home with him. Miranda agrees in the hope that she'll find out who she is and the reason why someone tampered with her memories.

-The concept started of good but then it just became nonsensical with all the different clones and the bad guys that wanted to control the world. The whole evul corporation intent on taking over the world was beyond cheesy. There was no shades of grey with the bad guys and they all just came across as cartoonish.
It was hard to keep track of all the clones - Miranda alone had half a dozen or so - there was original Miranda, the old Dr Miranda, the young looking Miranda that turned out to be the real Miranda, the new Miranda named Sequel, the Miranda from the original alpha team and the evil Miranda from the beta team. It was ridiculous.
Even though most of the storyline was all over the place, I do have to admit that the action scenes were fast paced and enjoyable.

-I didn't really care about any of the characters. Miranda was dull, Noah was a dolt, Peter was boring and Olive was pathetic. The characters had no charm or attitude - I couldn't relate to any of them.

-The romance was rubbish - Miranda had no chemistry with Peter or Noah. It was hard to believe in Peter's and Noah's feelings since their feelings were for the original Miranda (OM) they grew up with and not the new Miranda. If they really loved the OM then they would have realised on some level that the Miranda that was with them wasn't the Miranda they grew up with.

-I felt that at the end that Miranda and Peter should have told Noah what happened to the Miranda he loved so he would get to move on instead of believing that the Miranda he loved was still with him. They had no right to keep that from him.

-The plot and the characters were too just messy, it was hard to keep track of what was what and who was who especially with the multiple clones, the tattoos, the drugs, the amnesia, the downloaded memories and the different alpha and beta teams.

All in all, it just wasn't my cup of tea - the plot was all over the place and the characters just didn't clink with me.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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August 9, 2016
3.5 stars! This immediately starts off with a bang, slows down a bit to set up the rest of the plot but the second half is just nonstop shocking twists and turns!

Miranda wakes up in a mall with no memories and discovers she has a dangerous ability. The only person who seems to have answers is a strange boy named Peter who leads her to a facility with others like her.

Reading this was like watching an action packed sci-fi movie. Overall, character development for some like Peter and Noah could use improvement but hopefully that will come in future books!
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Want to read
July 17, 2012
I'm happy the author was mature enough to apologize (and apparently profusely), because this book sounds really good.
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January 10, 2013
""'You lost your memory
but you had time to go bra shopping?'""
--Dan Krokos, False Memory

So in order to pay my crack-like addiction known as buying books and reading I work full-time as a Registered Nurse (totally kidding, I love my job...even on the days where I get blood in my hair and face...that actually happened this week FYI...Day in the life of a nurse fun fact :)). K, anyways, so because I work as a nurse I have this crazy work schedule where I work 7 days in a row and then have 7 days off. Clearly, the 7 days I work I am pretty much dead to the world because I work 10 hours days but still try and find some time to read in between the hospital and fighting not to pass out unconscious the minute I get home. I started reading False Memory on Sunday, the day before my 7 day stretch began and let me tell you this...huge mistake. I have to get up at 5:20 am for 7 days in a row and because of this book I was staying up until 11:30 pm for 3 nights in a row in order to read. That's the kind of book this is. It will grab your attention immediately, keep you thinking, scratching your head, and continually make you turn the pages to see what happens next.

False Memory opens with a girl named Miranda North...yep, that's about it. She knows her name and that she is a girl and that she is currently standing in a mall. From there, we are harpooned into Miranda's quest to find her past, her present and her future. She discovers she is one part of a four person uber-skilled fighting team that have the ability to mentally instill fear into those around them. They are called the Roses...that right there is pretty badass. These people can take out a crowd both mentally and physically yet they are known by the same name as a delicate flower. 'What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.' Well I don't know if you could call these kids sweet...actually if you did they might very well kick the shit out of you. Ah, I just love the contradiction of delicate being used to describe something so deadly. So clever!

This book never slows down. Every time I wanted to stop reading after a certain chapter, something happens and I would want to keep going...thus staying up until 1130, oh well, totally worth it. The plot is constantly twisting and turning and throwing you for a loop. I had to read several sections a few times in order to fully wrap my head around every small detail...but I'm a huge nerd that needs to understand and connect absolutely everything so keep that in mind. I looooved the scientific element behind it. Gene therapy, brain manipulation, memory removal, it is beyond geek-tastic amazing.

While this book has fantastic action scenes and a lot of momentum it is not an empty shell of guns and sword fighting. The characters have depth. They are complex. And even more than that they really care and love each other. It is so very sweet...ok, I lied maybe and you can describe them as sweet...I hope they don't read this and kick my ass...anyways, Miranda is so cool. Nothing eloquent or verbally clever about my description she is a kickass chick. She can fight, she is smart, and she stands her ground. Love this. I also really enjoyed how she didn't dwell on things that happened in the past that she couldn't really remember. I particularly liked the whole Noah interaction. She knew he was her boyfriend prior to her memory loss but she didn't let that cloud her judgement of the current situation. She let herself make her own choices and decisions based on her current life experiences so far. I don't know why but I just really liked this about her. Almost like she didn't rest on her laurels. And Peter! LOVED Peter! I imagined him as one of those guys who is so kind, so thoughtful, and so great but gets overlooked because he is so nice. He seems to always put others before himself and in doing that he lets others step in and make a move for things (or people *wink wink*) he wants. He deserves happiness and to get things he wants too and I was rooting for him the whole time.

Not only are there lots of fight scenes and tons of action there were several parts of the plot that absolutely wrenched my heart. It was so well written and I felt such empathy for the characters that as twisted as the situation might have been it was also strangely beautiful in a way. The idea of making decisions that affect the greater good and sacrifice for those you love is a theme I fall in love with over and over again. The relationships that Miranda develops with one boy in particular I loved!

The ending is fantastic...slightly head scratching but in a totally amazing way! I love books that make you think and connect plot points and this is definitely one of those books. I cannot WAIT to see what happens in the next book! Is it next August, yet?!?! Argh! :)

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September 11, 2018
This was interesting!! A nice sci-fi type read and something different than the paranormal I feel like we see so often.

Review originally posted on The Book Addict's Guide:
I’ve had FALSE MEMORY sitting on my shelf for quite some time so when I got FALSE SIGHT, the second book in the series, at BEA, I decided it was about time I read it!

The first thing that stuck out to me was that FALSE MEMORY is being directly narrated by our MC Miranda and everything that she remembers (or tries to) after she wakes up abandoned in a strange place. Why is that something that would stick out to me? I was actually kind of a surprised to see a male author using a female voice to narrate the story. Well, I actually did know that before I started the book, but as I was reading it, I had a tendency to every once in a while slip back into the notion that it was a male author but I was reading a female voice and I just stepped outside the book and stepped back in. That being said, I never felt like Miranda’s voice wasn’t genuine. She was a very real character with a lot of complicated feelings and thoughts. (This also may have to be a discussion post later because somehow I haven’t felt the same way when it’s a female author with a male MC narrating in first person… Not sure what the deal is there.)

As far as the story goes? It was interesting! There were definitely some great twists to the plot, some of which I was slightly able to see coming and others where I said, “Wait! What just happened!?!” I really liked that the twists and the plot were slowly revealed to the reader. I think it was perfect to be in the mind of Miranda because as I was reading the book, I only found out things when she did. I shared her shock, her confusion, her triumphs, and her regrets. It’s always interesting to follow a main character who is so in the dark because the opportunity for surprises is endless!

The romance in FALSE MEMORY is complicated. Miranda has lost her memory, but her fellow comrades still have theirs so although she can’t quite remember, she does know she was dating Noah. Things get complicated when she really starts to form a bond with Peter. The question then becomes, if she can’t remember her relationship with Noah, should she still try to make it work? Does she stay with what she’s told she had or what she feels now? It’s actually a really tricky question and I was right there with Miranda, sitting on the edge of my seat wondering what she would choose and how hurt the other person might be. Love triangles can be tricky, but this was SO different that I almost didn’t even see it as a love triangle. It was simply a complicated mess that Miranda really just had to figure out on her own.

The science in the book was incredibly interesting. The reader doesn’t know much going into the book (just the way I like it!) and without revealing TOO much, there’s a LOT to think about regarding DNA, nature versus nurture, independence, and brain activity. The thought and also understanding behind these concepts was fascinating and Dan Krokos did a fantastic job integrating the science technically and molding that to the plot.

At times… It was a little “too sci-fi” for my tastes. I don’t really want to say how because they’re mostly spoilers and have to deal with those twists that I mentioned. I still loved those reveal moments because it was totally wild, but also kind of not where I wanted the story to go. To be perfectly fair, I fully know that getting deeper into sci-fi is not always my bag of chips. The overall book and plot were pretty great, complex, and kind of mind-blowing at times, but this may not be the sci-fi world I belong in. I still really enjoyed the book, but because of its sci-fi roots, it wasn’t a “knock out” book for me; however, I’m definitely still interested in reading FALSE SIGHT to see how things progress from here!
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September 3, 2012
Can I just start off by saying that this novel has exceeded all expectations that I have had for it? This is definitely one sci-fi that you do not want to miss!

When Miranda wakes up alone on a park bench, she doesn't realize that she is a superhuman experiment with special powers and extensive weaponry and combat training. She doesn't realize she can incite pure fear into those around her by giving herself a headache and releasing waves from her brain. At least, she doesn't realize that until she accidentally releases her powers on an unsuspecting mall, inadvertently killing some innocent people. But one boy, Peter, isn't surprised by her abilities and instead begins the journey of bringing her back to herself. Everything that Miranda thought she had known was really false memories.

For the most part, the characterization in this novel was strong, especially with Miranda. I can't say that I always enjoy novels were the main character has amnesia and is trying to rediscover their past, but Krokos was able to manage everything expertly. Miranda's journey to discovery was believable and you can easily connect with her. At times, she's too quick to believe others or just go along with them, but I do understand that such a thing is essential to the plot. Krokos characterizes Miranda in a soft way, something unexpected of a male author, and easily captures the worries of a regular teenage girl without making her melodramatic. Though slightly frustrating, Miranda will do anything to help those important to her and will take you on a whirlwind journey as she re-discovers her memories.

This book does have a love-triangle, although it's an incredibly interesting one. Miranda can't help but feel for Peter, the boy who rescued her in her time of need. Her logic says to hate Noah, her ex-boyfriend who she was in love with before she woke up on the park bench, but the echoes of their past love still resonate inside her. Though I think the love triangle transitions could have been a bit smoother at times, it was overall enjoyable and well-executed. I am definitely on Team Peter!

It's hard to find anything wrong with this book. It keeps you on your toes, the plot twists are insanely awesome, both the main characters and the supporting characters are strong. The one problem is the transitions. There's a lot going on at once between the love triangle, trying not to forget their memories, battles, running for their lives, uncovering secrets, and trying to regain their memories and make sense of the random flashes that Miranda gets every now and then. Some transitions aren't as smooth as others, resulting in situations where everything falls together or appears out of nowhere at the perfect time. A book full of such detail shouldn't have instances such as this. Then again, this is a weird quirk of my own that I, as a reader, don't enjoy, but many others do.

Krokos explodes onto the young adult sci-fi scene with an amazing debut littered with unforgettable plot twists and unique, original concepts. The memorable characters will stick with you for a while, just as their playful banter does. Not to mention the fact that the infinite supply of fight scenes and training sequences will keep you on your toes. Krokos easily grabs your attention and keeps it throughout the duration of this book.
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August 19, 2013
See this review and more at Whitley Reads

This book started out interesting enough, with Miranda waking up to no memory and confusing powers that she unleashes by accident. The writing right off struck me as bland, but it’s focused more on concepts than characters, so that was a minor annoyance.

The first real hint of something wrong came when someone came by to collect Miranda, take her home, and tell her everything. So in the end, her memory got erased for the sake of an infodump. That’s it. That’s the whole narrative purpose of that event, because right after that, the plot chugs right along as if she’s always known everything. Just this way, there’s “handy” infodumps every few chapters.

The plot held my interest through the book despite the iffy writing, though. It was full of action and movement and some pretty cool concepts. It felt like a summer blockbuster movie more than a book, since Rule of Cool ruled the day and there were more than a few points where the flashy action was supposed to distract us from the Fridge Logic.

Sorry about that.

Point being, everyone moved around a lot and did stuff, it was flashy, it was fun, and lots of stuff exploded.

The main pitfall of the book was an issue I have with a lot of science fiction: I have no idea what the base technological level was. At first, the book seems like present day + heroes have a handful of extra advanced stuff. Okay, cool. It’s specified that the main kids have special genetic mutations, so it makes sense for them to have cool powers when no one else does. It’s new, it only applies to a few people, okie-dokie. And then more and more tech gets introduced, using concepts that are more and more outside our current level, and suddenly I’m going “what do you mean you can clone people in an artificial womb?” I get the feeling this book doesn’t realize that by throwing in ‘artificial womb,’ it just blew all the other tech out of the water, because that part is seriously a footnote in this book. A few other things did it, too. So…was this book set in the future? Are artificial human-growing vats a common thing now?

Do the scientists just not realize how useful a kid-grower is?

Another pitfall was the treatment of women in this book. There are exactly two ‘good’ females, and one of them is useless. Seriously. Why was Olive even in this book? Her only role was to follow Noah around, doing whatever he wanted because she was in love with him, and then at the end…well, let’s just say what happened to her was pretty much in line with how much actual presence she had throughout the book. So, basically, we have yet another book where there’s only one relevant female, and the book is all about how she and her male friends go do stuff, and also there’s an evil business woman running around and fucking stuff up with her evil businessman-ness.

All in all, a pretty standard action movie— I mean, book.
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