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No One Returns From the Enchanted Forest

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In this fantasy adventure graphic novel, a shy goblin must play the role of hero.

They say no one returns from the Enchanted Forest—but that won’t discourage Pella. Earthquakes are destroying her village, and worst of all, they’ve caused the Midsummer Festival to be canceled. According to legend, the Earth Queen is to blame for these violent quakes—and the Earth Queen’s tower lies at the heart of the Enchanted Forest. Late one night, Pella sneaks away to find the Earth Queen and give her a piece of her mind. But she’s not afraid—she’s never afraid.

It’s Bix, Pella’s sister, who does the worrying for both of them. She’s the one, after all, who was tasked with keeping her sister safe after they lost their parents. But despite her fears and the very real dangers that lie ahead, Bix will do anything to protect her little sister—even walk into the Enchanted Forest with only a ball of yarn to guide them home.

They say no one returns from the Enchanted Forest. Will Bix and Pella be the first?

240 pages, Kindle Edition

First published January 1, 2021

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Robin Robinson

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177 reviews4 followers
June 23, 2021
goblin unions goblin unions goblin unions goblin unions goblin unions
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719 reviews132 followers
March 23, 2021
Goblins, mischievous sisters, festivals and earthquakes in this colorful and funny comic.
In 'No One Returns from the Enchanted Forest', goblins Bix and Pella mut find the elemental queens in order to stop the earthquakes at her home place, thus providing a big adventure full of dangers, odd creatures and even more odd characters. I love the illustrations and it was the cover who got me hooked on reading it in the first place.
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Author 27 books2,523 followers
November 22, 2021
I immediately fell for the art in this book, all of the whimsical, magical creatures and landscapes of Teacup island. The story opens with orphan goblin siblings Pella and Bix's home being threatened by a series of earthquakes. Goblin lore says that earthquakes happen when the Earth Queen is unhappy. Reckless Pella, the younger sister, decides to head into the Enchanted Forest to confront the Earth Queen. Anxious Bix has to chase after her to try and save her, even though Bix has always been told that no one returns from the Enchanted Forest. Both sisters paths lead them towards different allies and enemies, dodging dangerous wildlife and carnivorous plants. I really liked all of the goblin and troll characters in the story, but was less captivated by the powerful beings who lived in the forest's center. I think their motivations fell a bit flat for me. But I still think this is a very charming book for young readers, who likely wouldn't notice the minor things that bothered me.
176 reviews
July 14, 2021
Sister story! With magic! And problem solving! I especially enjoyed the extra little comic about the nymphs unionizing.
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Author 11 books8 followers
June 13, 2021
Even though Pella and her older sister Bix annoyed me at points (Pella for the most part was unbearable), I enjoyed this story. I loved the friendship between Cici and Bix and the world-building was awesome.

And also, thank you for writing true villains. It's popular now to write villains that you can kind of support but it's nice to have a villain that's a villain, you know?

Hopefully there will be other stories in this world, I would love a deeper look at the Enchanted Forest and all of Teacup Island.
Profile Image for Mathew.
1,525 reviews176 followers
October 10, 2021
This was such a sweet graphic novel with a lot of Moominesque qualities about it. A pair of orphaned Goblins find themselves and their community in peril when the island they inhabit becomes threatened by a series of earthquakes. Is the Earth Queen unhappy with them? The younger of the sisters, Pella - who is definitely channelling a lot of Little My, sets off into the Enchanted Forest to find out. But no one ever returns from the Enchanted Forest...will her older sister, Bix, be brave enough to go after her?

This is a lovely book about companionship, being happy with who you are and the strength and loving and caring for one another. A little delight. My 8-year-old son, a reluctant reader of fiction, devoured it in a single evening.
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25 reviews
May 6, 2021
Absolutely lovely graphic novel! I was given an advanced read on NetGalley for an honest review: I absolutely loved this book. The art is stunning, full of life and colorful, the creatures are creative and mystical and the story was wholesome and relatable. It was a perfect story for a middle grade reader
Profile Image for Jessica.
840 reviews29 followers
July 7, 2021
A cute new middle grade graphic novel series about goblins and tree trolls and other mythical, mystical creatures. When Pella the goblin goes to give the Earth Queen a piece of her mind, her ever anxious big sister Bix has to come to her rescue. Along with the help of her new friend, the tree troll Cici, Bix embarks on the adventure of her life!
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1,576 reviews50 followers
July 11, 2022
No One Returns From the Enchanted Forest is a cute story of sisterhood, friendship, dealing with anxiety, the value of community, and toppling tyranny. It's fun, relatable, has some great messages, and the art is super cute. I really enjoyed Robinson's art in The City On The Other Side so I've been looking forward to seeing it here, as well as seeing Robinson's debut as an author. Recommended!
Profile Image for Lovely Day.
712 reviews96 followers
December 28, 2022

I thought this would be a cute magical adventure, but I felt like the author was communicating a misguided view of God’s sovereignty over mankind, and all of creation….also there seemed to be some subtle social agenda slipped in with a possible F/F relationship? That part was a bit unclear.

Also-unrelated…a full spread of spiders that I had to quickly flip past 🤮🤣
Profile Image for Allison Schoel.
26 reviews
May 19, 2023
What a lovely graphic novel! Themes of how your actions can effect others and responsibility. A lot of colorful and unique characters that feel so full of heart and complex. The art style and storytelling reminds me a lot of Steven Universe which I adore so this was a very pleasant time. Also, letsss goooo knitters!
Profile Image for Jenna.
3,513 reviews43 followers
September 23, 2021
While some of the POV transitions were a bit fast for me (flipping between the two sisters' POVs page by page), it was an adorable story and adventure. The themes felt a bit heavy-handed, but I can see readers enjoying the story and relationships.
Profile Image for Hoover Public Library Kids and Teens.
2,661 reviews58 followers
September 24, 2021
Since their parents' deaths, Bix has watched over her impulsive little sister Pella. So when the little goblin takes off into the Enchanted Forest to confront the Earth Queen about all the earthquakes that are destroying their home, Bix has to follow. Even though she's scared . . . and only armed with yarn.
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188 reviews5 followers
November 8, 2021
This is adorable! Big shoutout for the color work and all the art of the forest, which is like a magical candy-colored dreamscape. Bix and Pella are both a bit obnoxious characters, but I also found Bix and her severe anxiety disorder pretty relatable. My main complaint about this book is that some of Bix's overhead narration feels a bit unnecessary and distracting, but other than that, this is a cute, quick, kid-friendly read about sisters, bravery, collaboration, loyalty, and creativity.
Profile Image for April Gray.
1,336 reviews7 followers
July 18, 2021
What a lovely story! So many issues kids go through are addressed- sibling rivalry, feeling like you're not being listened to, being scared and worried, feeling helpless, not wanting things to change, and more. It's told in a way that is relatable without being too obvious; you know how Star Trek addressed societal problems by using alien species and worlds, to sneak in the lesson without making it too obvious it was a lesson for the humans watching? This story is like that. We have Bix and her little sister Pella, two goblin children living in the underground goblin city alone, since their parents died. Earthquakes have been troubling the city, and the goblins decide they must move to the northern mountains immediately, cancelling the midsummer festival they normally have. Headstrong troublemaker Pella runs away in the middle of the night, to go find the Earth Queen in the dangerous Enchanted Forest, and give the Queen a piece of her mind. When Bix discovers her sister is missing the next morning, she goes after Pella, despite her own fears and worries. When Bix gets into a scary situation, a tree troll named Cici comes to her rescue, and tags along to help Bix find Pella. They learn that the Earth Queen and her sister, the Water Queen, have a rivalry going about how the island should be, and they now must rescue Pella and keep the Queens from destroying the island trying to one up each other. Will they succeed, or will all be lost?
The story is well paced, with a good balance of action and quieter moments, and the characters develop nicely as the story progresses. Everyone learns something, including the adult characters, and I appreciated that the adults had flaws too. The art is so lush and gorgeous, and the world building is well done; we learn about the world of the island as Bix does, without info dumps. The ending leaves us hopeful for a better future; the story could continue should Robinson decide to do a sequel, but we're not left with a cliffhanger, this stands alone nicely. I enjoyed the story a lot, and would've loved it when I was a kid. Definitely recommended!

Profile Image for Shylo.
252 reviews4 followers
July 25, 2021
Great book for people of any age who worry or have anxiety and who wish they could see themselves in a protagonist. Very cute artwork.
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134 reviews2 followers
January 21, 2023
The story reflects all perfectly imbalanced sister-ships. Coupled with beautiful landscapes and wonderfully written (layered) characters. What’s not to love?
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3,756 reviews33 followers
July 12, 2021
How many times did my little sister drive me mad? How many times did I know best? How many times did I have to rescue my little sister from an angry earth queen who had the power to create volcanoes? Seriously, I lose track of all the shenanigans!

So maybe I didn't have to rescue my sister from imprisonment from an angry earth queen, though our MC now has that as part of her litany of worries. When two sister queens, literal opposites, cannot stop fighting over a magical island, all the island's creatures, large and small, will pay. Fighting has a price: floods and earthquakes, homes and lives lost, and families destroyed.

However, the Earth Queen and the Water Queen don't care. Midsummer Festivities approach and the two sisters are locked in rivalry again this year. Little Pella, who isn't afraid of anything (even when she maybe should be), is furious that Midsummer is being spoiled and sets off to tell the Queen off. Big sister Bix is terrified of EVERYTHING, and only the mingled fear and love for her sister will get her to go into the Enchanted Forest on a doomed rescue mission. What Bix finds there is totally unexpected.

The art was what kept me going with this story. The story was a bit long at times and bumpy. I think that it could have been trimmed just a bit and as a big sister, I would have wished for more of an arc with Pella; the story hinted at it but then nothing happened. I felt a bit like I was overpromised on something. Though Bix's story certainly lived up and beyond! Thank you for that and for Cici's character as I thoroughly enjoyed her.

It seems like there might be a continuation which I would like to read. This is not your usual fantasy quest fairy tale which is good! The usual tropes certainly don't always hold here. I will recommend this.
Profile Image for Peacegal.
10.2k reviews94 followers
April 18, 2022
3.5 stars--A young goblin summons strength and skills she didn't know she had when her sister is in peril. Cute, clever junior graphic novel.
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91 reviews1 follower
December 16, 2021
Bix and her younger sister Pella are two ordinary goblins living in a cave with their village. When earthquakes threaten to tear their village apart, Perla takes it upon herself to confront the Earth Queen, the cause of the earthquakes. Doing so means going into the Enchanted Forest, and no one returns from the Enchanted Forest. Of course, this doesn't stop Pella, and soon Bix must go into the forest herself to save her sister. What the two find in the forest will either tear their world further apart or bring it back together.

With an art style that is a mix between Steven Universe and Adventure Time, No One Returns from the Enchanted Forest is bright and fun. The mysterious nature of the forest is on stunning display in page wide scenes, which can range from whimsical to drastic and sharp. The characters too under go slow changes, showcasing their shifting worldviews. Bix, for instance, becomes more confident and relaxed, her outfit reflecting that throughout the story.

As for the story, the pacing got a little slow in the middle, but overall each scene was needed to better understand each if the character's perspective. While some characters could have been fleshed out a little bit more, I didn't feel like any were unbelievable. It helped as well that in their own way each character was likeable. Bix because her doubts were ones both kids and adults would sympathize with and Pella because she added some much needed comic relief to what could have been a heavier story.

The only true negative was the thought bubbles that appeared for the main character. These detailed what she was thinking but much if these thoughts could have been gleamed from the pictures. Honestly, the thought bubbles were a distraction from the story and little else.

3 out of 5
--great artwork
--deep main character
--good story
--pacing needs work
--side characters needed fleshed out
--distracting thought bubbles
Profile Image for Becky B.
7,729 reviews101 followers
June 10, 2021
Bix and Pella’s home underground is threatened when an earthquake happens. While Bix is a cautious worrier who takes caring for her little sister seriously, Pella is a little spitfire with no fear. When Pella hears some other trolls say that the Earth Queen is responsible for the earthquake, she decides to go into the fearful Enchanted Forest to give the Queen a piece of her mind. Bix wakes to find her little sister gone, and while bemoaning Pella’s ability to believe myths as truths and daring to go into the Enchanted Forest no troll has ever returned from, tries to summon the bravery to go after her. But both sisters have something to learn from the adventure, and maybe a Queen or two too.

This is a fun little fantasy adventure featuring one spunky heroine, a very reluctant and anxious heroine, and another fun-loving companion. The colors and illustration style of this graphic novel definitely help transport you into a different world. I liked the twists and turns of the story, and didn’t actually see all of them coming. I also liked how the book explored sister relationships, and that no one personality is always the best. Definitely need to get this for our school library. Hand this to graphic novel and fantasy fans.

Notes on content: No language issues or sexual content. Deaths of parents in the past from floods/falls are mentioned (setup for deaths shown, but actual deaths not shown on page). Perilous situations faced and some predators eating other non-sentient creatures in the forest shown.

I received an ARC of this title from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Profile Image for Kellen Green.
94 reviews3 followers
January 14, 2021
A comic that got my attention for its cover and end up leading me to an amazing artist and a beautiful story of overcoming ones fears and ansieties, figthing for a future, friendship and much more.

This tale, that seems to come from the sweetest yet reality filled fary tales, follows the lives of two sisters that, after losing their parents, have to support each other (one more than the other) and continue living as best as they can.

But, as in all fantasy tales, all will change when the world their community lives in is about to be destroyed by a terrible goddess. To stop it, Bix, the younger sibling, will take matters in hand and will attempt to scold the missbehaving goddess and secretly scapes to the "Enchanted Fores" her mysterius domain. A reckless action that pushes her Pella (the older sister) to fight her fears, make unexpeted acquaintance and live the adventure of herl life.

A story filled with amazing illustrations with an incredible color pallet, and characters filled with our own fears and desires.

Extremely recommended for both young and old!

An e-ARC of this book was kindly provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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