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Forbidden #3


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After tragedy strikes on the day they were to wed, Jayden must support Kadesh as he ascends the throne and becomes king of Sariba. But with the dark priestess Aliyah conspiring to control the crown, and the arrival of Horeb, Jayden’s former betrothed, Kadesh’s kingdom, as well as his status as king, is at stake.

Jayden knows that the time to be merciful has come and gone, and that some enemies can only be halted by death. Now she and Kadesh must prepare to fight not only for their love, but also for their kingdom.

384 pages, Hardcover

First published February 7, 2017

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About the author

Kimberley Griffiths Little

13 books514 followers
Kimberley Griffiths Little was born in San Francisco, but now lives in New Mexico with her husband and their three sons.

For such award-winning middle grade novels as When the Butterflies Came, The Last Snake Runner, The Healing Spell, and Circle of Secrets, her writing has been praised as "fast-paced and dramatic," with "characters painted in memorable detail" and "beautifully realized settings."

Kimberley adores anything old and musty with a secret story to tell and makes way too many cookies while writing.

She's stayed in the haunted tower room at Borthwick Castle in Scotland; sailed on the Seine in Paris; ridden a camel in Petra, Jordan; shopped the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul; and spent the night in an old Communist hotel in Bulgaria.

Her amazing, filmed-on-location book trailers are right here on Goodreads. https://www.goodreads.com/videos/list...

Awards: Southwest Book Award, Whitney Award for Best Youth Novel, Bank Street College Best Books of 2011 & 2014, Crystal Kite Finalist, and New Mexico Book Award Finalist.

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Author 13 books514 followers
June 30, 2016
The newly released cover for RETURNED is SPECTACULAR!!!!!! I love how the model is evolving and evocative - strong and yet vulnerable, exotic and mysterious. With each book we get to see more of her face, I love that.

RETURNED is the 3rd title in the FORBIDDEN trilogy, and I swore that during those drafting and revising months my brain and heart would explode. Spoiler: I'm still here and no, I'm not checked into a hospital yet. Now we're off to copy-edits and then typesetting and proofreading. Seven months until launch day!

I'd love it if you added RETURNED to your To-Read pile and I hope you enjoy the entire FORBIDDEN trilogy!

A stupendous giveaway is happening now for a chance to win 3 sets of the entire trilogy in hardcover. Enter the Rafflecopter here (USA & Canada): http://kimberleygriffithslittle.blogs...

Thanks, dear friends!

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1,069 reviews843 followers
October 5, 2017
***Review posted on The Eater of Books! blog***

Returned by Kimberley Griffiths Little
Book Three of the Forbidden series
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication Date: February 7, 2017
Rating: 4 stars
Source: Copy won from a giveaway

Summary (from Goodreads):

After tragedy strikes on the day they were to wed, Jayden must support Kadesh as he ascends the throne and becomes king of Sariba. But with the dark priestess Aliyah conspiring to control the crown, and the arrival of Horeb, Jayden’s former betrothed, Kadesh’s kingdom, as well as his status as king, is at stake.

Jayden knows that the time to be merciful has come and gone, and that some enemies can only be halted by death. Now she and Kadesh must prepare to fight not only for their love, but also for their kingdom.

What I Liked:

You don't come across too many YA books set during Mesopotamia, 1759 BC - or set during any biblical times (or thereabout), really. Forbidden (book one) stood out to me back in 2014 because of the setting. I love historical fiction, but I'd never read a YA series set in this time period and location. I loved Forbidden and Banished, and the author did the series justice with Returned.

Banished ended with Kadesh and Jayden's marriage ceremonies being interrupted, and their marriage contract being stolen. Kadesh is the King of Sariba, and he must strike quickly in order to stop Horeb from stealing his lands and his bride. Meanwhile, the High Priestess Aliyah has stolen something that Jayden wants back, and Aliyah is demanding power and the crown - and she wants Kadesh. A war on all fronts will put Sariba - and Kadesh and Jayden - to the test.

I'll try to be as vague as possible with this review, as this is a conclusion novel. However, you may see light spoilers from Forbidden and Banished. This is a worthy conclusion novel, and it wraps up the series very well. There is a HEA!

This book had more action than the other two (or so it seemed to me), which I loved. It was a lot of high-stakes action so I was constantly on the edge of my seat or biting my nails. Either Jayden was in danger, or Kadesh, or both of them separately, and there was a lot of other important things going on. Jayden kept going on dangerous excursions that drove Kadesh crazy, but I like that he never tried to stop her. Jayden's efforts definitely paid off.

I adore Jayden - she has grown so much throughout the series. This book really shows her determination and her strength. She stands up for herself as a woman, but also as the (future) queen of Sariba. She hasn't married Kadesh yet so she isn't technically queen yet, but she holds herself like a queen and she also fights alongside her people and Kadesh. Jayden is still sweet and compassionate, but she has become a more assertive, brave woman with a stubborn streak.

Kadesh, on the other hand, has a soft, understanding heart hidden behind a will of iron. He is a capable king and leader, despite all of the obstacles that lay before him and behind him. He thinks of his people and minimizing the effects of the war, and puts himself in last. He is a good strategist and a good man. He's much more than a love interest, as his role as king and commander of his armies is possibly the most important in this book, and in this series. This series may be told in Jayden's first-person POV, but Kadesh is equally as important as Jayden, throughout the series.

As a pair, I love Kadesh and Jayden. This book doesn't focus on the romance but it is always obvious, how much they love each other. It is little things that make their love obvious. Their bond has grown so much strong over the trilogy, despite all impediments. The romance is barely there (i.e. there isn't a ton of on-page chemistry and I-love-yous and kisses), but it is an important part of the story.

This book is action-packed and has a fast pace, so I was never bored. I almost read this book in one sitting, but unfortunately I had to go to bed to get up for work the next morning (aw man!). Given the chance, I would have read this book in one sitting. It's extremely engrossing, especially since the author piles the stakes higher and higher, from the beginning, on top of everything from the previous two books. Very good storytelling by the author!

Speaking of action-packed, the body count is incredible in this book! So many deaths, both in terms of the war, and in terms of characters important to the plot. Some really key people died and I was shocked! All I will say is that Kadesh and Jayden get their happy ending - everyone else is fair game.

You already know how much I love the setting. There aren't a ton of YA books set in ancient or biblical times, which is a shame. The author did a beautiful job with the world-building and the imagery and the setting. I thought she did her research well and made the culture and customs come to life. I know the author traveled extensively in the Middle East, and to me, it showed.

Overall, this was a wonderful conclusion to the series. I've found that I struggle with YA trilogies for various reasons, and one of the reasons is the quality of the conclusion novel. More often than not, I don't like the conclusion novel. But this conclusion novel was excellent, and well worth the wait (the series in general, too).

What I Did Not Like:

The only thing I really wanted to see more of was (you guessed it) the romance. I really wanted to see more kisses, more adorable scenes, more sensual scenes, you get the idea. I had a tough time finding a swoony scene that was more than one sentence long, for my weekly Swoon Thursday post. Maybe I wanted the romance to be more present - that would have been nice!

Would I Recommend It:

I recommend this series to anyone who enjoys historical fiction. And desert fantasies, though this isn't really a fantasy novel. It is a desert-set fiction novel, which I loved. It is a YA novel but it is a great crossover novel (and series), for adults who like historical fiction (note the difference between historical fiction and historical romance though). If you read Forbidden, or Forbidden and Banished, keep going! This conclusion novel might be the best of the series (it's hard for me to pick a favorite!).


4 stars. I've really enjoyed this trilogy and I'm sad to be finished with it! But I'm also really happy with how everything played out, and with Kadesh and Jayden's happily-ever-after. I would love to read whatever YA fiction the author has planned (hopefully something)! If it is anything as intriguing and imaginative as this series, then I'm ready!

EDIT: June, 27, 2016:

Cover! We have a cover! Check out my exclusive cover reveal post, and enter to win the entire trilogy!


Huge thanks to Nick (The Girl with the Happily Ever Afters) for making this banner!

(Post-Banished frenzy type of mood)


*rocks silently in a corner*
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726 reviews621 followers
February 10, 2017
3-3.5 stars

I'm struggling with how to rate this book. Here's the thing: almost everything about it was exactly what I was hoping for. Jayden and Kadesh are as fierce and determined as ever, and not once did I question their love and not once did their support for each other waver. They make a strong, endearing pair. The setting is vivid and the pacing quick, with sprinkles of sweet swoons throughout.

But. There's one bit at the end that I absolutely hated and found so unnecessary. It tarnished my view of the whole book. Other readers probably won't mind it as much, but it's one of my biggest pet peeves. Just, no. I hate when authors do this!! So for now I'm going to round down instead of up. :/
Profile Image for Shannon (It Starts At Midnight).
1,189 reviews1,020 followers
March 22, 2017
You can find the full review and all the fancy and/or randomness that accompanies it at It Starts at Midnight
Solid series end. Not as emotionally powerful as the first book, though I imagine nothing could be. Stronger than the second, though at times a little predictable. Still, wrapped up the series well, and the characters were amazing as always. I liked that the author kept Jayden a strong, powerful, and influential woman while still making it believable within the confines of the society she was in. I also loved the role of family and friendship as pivotal to the story. As a whole, this is a strong series and definitely perfect for fans of historical fiction.
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1,017 reviews97 followers
March 18, 2017
Perfect ending to this wonderful trilogy! Everything happened the way I hoped it would and I could not have asked for a more satisfying ending. Usually I'm pretty 50/50 when it comes to wrapping up the series but I had nothing to fear here. It's simply breathing and wonderful. Lots of action, romance, Jayden grows even more in this book and I love watching her though out the whole series.

If you've not read this series yet, then get to it. Freaking great!
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2,998 reviews251 followers
March 10, 2017
This is a series I have loved from the very beginning. I have been waiting for this final third book to finally make it to my hands. The last book left off in such a crazy place that left me feeling a bit desperate. I don't like that feeling but finally the wait is over and the last book is HERE! Yay! This book picks up exactly where the last book left off. It's like I never left (Well, except for the months of waiting in between. There was that.). If you haven't started this series, how lucky you are that you can read one right after another with no waiting at all! This book is meant to be read last. You will not understand what is happening if you do not read these books in order.

This series is really jam packed from beginning to end. There is constant movement, danger and activity happening. It's intense and somewhat consuming. I am always drawn in and kept captive while reading these books. This book whole book basically revolved around war. I felt like this story was more plot driven and less character driven because I guess we had two books to get to know the characters and now the plot is in full force for a climactic ending.

I was so glad to get to the end. Resolution always feels so good after a series like this. It was a hard fought ending and not everything turns out rosy (boo) but still, it's nice to be at the end of a good series. Sigh.

Content: war and violence (some graphic in nature), black magic and human sacrifice

- I received a copy of this book from the author. A positive review was not required and all opinions expressed are my own.
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856 reviews85 followers
October 6, 2017
Returned was a beautiful ending to an exciting series. I absolutely loved Jayden. She is brave, cunning, determined and a fighter. Jayden is the perfect example of a strong female character. She never gives up. Yes, she has flaws but that is what I like best about her. Kimberley depicted this era perfectly. The setting itself was a character. I truly loved this series. Kimberley is a fantastic writer and I can always count on a wonderful book from her.
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574 reviews199 followers
October 20, 2020
As the last book in the series, naturally Returned wraps up the loose ends of the tale and contains its most climatic moments. It’s actually much faster paced than the first two books, because it begins right at the start of the “battle arc” of the tale and continues past the outcome to a nice wrap-up ending where all the questions are answered and we get a happy ending looking towards the future (I don’t think that’s a spoiler; a happy ending is to be expected, right? —Right).

I enjoyed the last installment of this tale very much and read it pretty quickly. It’s roughly the same length as the last two books, just a handful shy of 400, and reads very well. This series is ultimately pretty straightforward, but very enjoyable due to its unique setting. The story was well told and ultimately I feel very satisfied with this book and the series as a whole. It’s the kind of book series I can see myself revisiting because it strikes the right balance to not be too heavy or complex to casually enjoy, but not so basic or boring that a single read through is all you’ll ever want out of it.

I think perhaps this is the strongest book in the series, just because it’s the installment filled with all the climatic bits and where we see Jayden’s character fully become that of a woman worthy of being queen. I give this particular installment of the series 4.5 stars and rate the overall series a solid 4.

My only qualm is that Jayden forgives Leila. Like if my sister ever thought killing me or another family member was okay I’d disown them. Just saying, Leila was pretty easily forgiven after three books of being really selfish and stupid. But I digress, I think this was written in as more of a happy, sappy YA ending to make for a clean ending, since Jayden spends so much of the series focused on Leila and it works more with that theme (though like, Leila should have been given some kind of redemption arc; the scene where all is forgiven is just Too Convenient)
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Author 5 books6 followers
February 17, 2017
And then THIS. I am definitely reading this the second it comes out. Thanks for inspiring me with your beautiful writing, Kimberley. :)

EDIT: I just binged the entire book in a day.
Kimberley creates the most intense, most emotional conclusion to the Forbidden trilogy. The conclusion will leave you in laughter and tears, as the characters fight for what they believe in, down to their very last drop of strength. I loved Jayden's character; she fought the enemy using only her mind and ideas. And her sword from time to time. She found herself trapped in the smallest of corners, but always managed a way out. It goes to show how strong of a character she is.
The imagery and intricate scenes are also very well written out. I was left feeling like I was actually living in the ancient world, long after I closed the book. This is a trilogy I definitely recommend to anyone who loves romance and belly dance. It's very unique among fantasy and romance.
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4,093 reviews320 followers
February 13, 2017
I didn't like this final book as much as I did the other two. It felt like Jayden and Kadesh didn't connect much in this one. They had been through so much together that it felt wrong that they spent so much of this book in the same place, but apart.

The storyline with Leila tied up too nicely for me. After everything that Leila had done, it was hard to believe that Jayden would that easily forgive her...especially when I didn't really sense any remorse from Leila.

All storylines tied up with Jayden and Kadesh getting their HEA, but I felt like there was something missing to the depth of these characters that was there previously.
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976 reviews710 followers
December 11, 2017
I don’t think this is a terrible book inherently, I just never quite got into it? It’s unfortunate because I was looking forward to the end of Kadesh and Jayden’s story but I found myself giving 0 fucks as I read the book. I didn’t care about the war, didn’t care about the deaths and most of the secondary characters barely made an impact on me. Maybe I just forced myself to read the book when I wasn’t entirely in the mood for it but again, I just had no emotional attachment to the book or the characters. It’s all rather unfortunate, honestly.
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1,907 reviews440 followers
April 10, 2017
I have been a fan of this series since the very first book, Forbidden. And if you haven't started this series yet, you may want to go find my reviews for the first two books before you read this.

The time in history that this takes place during is one that I hadn't read many other stories set in, at least not YA-wise. It was definitely a very interesting time though, and the author intertwines little details that recall things I learned in Sunday School, but never thought more about other than how they fit into those bible stories. While this isn't a religious book in any way, it definitely has a heavy aspect of it that is related to the religions of the time. Those included the early Jews, Egyptian gods, Ba'al, etc. This final book in the series does such a great job at winding up the loose ends, and truly completing the story.

You can read my full review at Lisa Loves Literature.
597 reviews16 followers
June 25, 2017
Where did the passion go? This story felt hollow as it jumped from one plot point to the next, creating missed opportunities. The pauses the characters took, even to grieve, we're so brief that it made it difficult to consider them and their plights real. Nothing seemed to matter if it was not in the moment, leaving consequences and the altering of dynamics between characters nonexistent. The most obvious example being Leila...
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891 reviews
May 5, 2017
The final entry in this trilogy about a desert tribe princess, now queen-to-be of the Frankincense Lands, runs slow and long. Jayden has grown into her own over time, but she still can't stand on her own. (And thankfully, she doesn't constantly resort to dancing, a habit that was tiresome and somewhat unhelpful in book #1.) The reader was faced with page after page of dialogue, plotting, and inner thoughts and regrets -- comparatively little action. What little action occurred often had few consequences, which failed to take advantage of the natural stakes of war/sacrifice that could've heightened drama or impact. Jayden spends almost no time dwelling on one of the more important deaths in the book; in fact, she seemed brood more for people she didn't ever personally know.

Though Jayden can claim several heroic moments (e.g., killing an assassin, war tacticals against Horeb's army, recruiting Basim, fighting alongside the men, growing as a leader and future queen), in three or four instances, Jayden got herself into a bad situation and someone promptly showed up to rescue her. She was not owning her power, and she also failed to do reconnaissance while captured. She may have grown in courage and fighting prowess over these 2 years (I *cannot* believe her rock sling is a legitimate weapon when the enemies have swords, spears, and horses), but she stupidly exerts her will to be on the battlefield and to carry out missions that she is not prepared to see through. It's one thing to have confidence in personal self-defense. It is an entirely different thing to be battle-ready and on the freakin' front lines. With no special abilities and a mere few weeks of training from Asher, she thinks she's ready to fight alongside professional soldiers who are constantly training -- making herself a liability.

Now, I'm not suggesting that Jayden should have stayed safely in the castle like a good little girl because that would have been dull for the readers. Why would we stick with her while the action was happening elsewhere? Either give her meaningful (i.e., building toward the goal of defeat) work to do while she's off the battlefield that keeps the reader's interest or make her position on the battlefield legitimate. I feel certain that a girl who grew up in a tribe out in the desert would have more practical skills that Little could call back to, other than camel-riding. Living in a palace where there are servants assigned to those practical tasks (tending to wounds, foraging/killing for food) relieves Jayden of practical abilities she could have contributed. She also can't read. Instead she does things like look after the belongings of the dead and have uninspiring conversations (e.g., with Laila, Horeb, Aaliyah) that don't change anyone's mind or serve any dramatic purpose.

The setting and language shine just as much as they do in the earlier books. Little has a way with words, and the characters' finery and surroundings (such as the temple and palace) glitter as if real in the reader's mind. I did love the circular closing that harkened back to Jayden and Kadesh's first meetings and important moments from their "courtship."

There's also so little romance in this book -- truly a shame, as it was what captured me about the first book, and Jayden almost seems like a different girl entirely. In book #1, she was naive yet mature. She tended to wounds and helped others, providing a strong but stable role. In book #3, she's almost cocky, doing little other than making plans (which often don't succeed) and rushing into situations that she can't handle. I do also wonder at the protective culture of the men. Was Little inserting more modern, Victorian or Anglo-Saxon-era values into a context where it might not have belonged? I'm certainly no historian, but throughout history, there were cultures and civilizations where women were warriors or soldiers -- either out of desire or necessity -- and I think it was a relatively normalized attitude in these civilizations that they didn't need to be protected. The way Kadesh and Asher behave seems like it might more in-line with future cultures where gallantry and chivalry rule.

Though the Forbidden series was an enjoyable ride, this final installment drags interminably and lacks the magic and passion of the first book.
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181 reviews
February 13, 2017
It wasn't as good as I thought it'd be.

Jayden and Kadesh are still reeling from what happened at their wedding.

Aliyah - sister of the Queen of Sheba; aspiring psychopath.
She just seems to be spiraling down in terms of her sanity.
I have no idea how someone this insane gained so much influence. When Kadesh recieved the go ahead from the Queen of Sheba to kill the psychopath; he hesitated.

This nearly cost him everything.

Aliyah is so out of control that she considers herself the "goddess" of Sariba. She manages to get away with it because she's drugging everyone. (No one does a thing about it!!!)

My question is, how the heck did she get away with murdering all those babies? After she murdered Kadesh's mother, Aliyah should have been hanged or something. I mean everyone knew that she had Kadesh's mother eating out of the palm of her hand. They knew something was wrong when she started to hallucinate and eventually became mentally unstable after her visits to the temple.

What also doesn't make sense is the fact that Aliyah still had the upper hand in the end. How the heck did she manage to make Kadesh and Jayden squirm like that? All Kadesh had to do was shoot an arrow at the witch or order all his guards to capture the woman. Instead, he freaking got himself drugged.

Why did the Royal family of Sariba allow this psycho to gain so much influence with the people in the first place?

Leila - Jayden's sister
I honestly gave up on her in the last book. Jayden just won't give up. What's infuriating is the fact she acts surprised everytime Leila did the exact opposite of what she wanted.
When Leila was ok with sacrificing her sisters, I...........wanted to throw her in solitary confinement so that all the drugs could get out of her system.
She was still semi loopy in the end.

Kadesh and Jayden
I like them, I really do but all the wierd dialogue is kind of ruining it for me.
"My king"
"My queen"
It's all so formal, aren't they in love? Shouldn't they do without all the formalities? They are getting married, OMG!
Nobody else is saying, "My husband, you should look out behind you."
They'd say, "Kadesh! Look out!"

Their relationship just irks me sometimes.

They managed to make the same mistakes throughout all three books. Save sisters. Oh no, they don't want to be saved. Oh no, we made a mistake of coming here, now we could die. Jayden - I have to save my sister, she'll come with me this time.
Nope! Same result, different venue.

There were many things in this book that didn't make sense to me. There were also things that just weren't explained. I feel like that last run in with Aliyah was thrown in by the author to bring in more action. All it did was aggravate me.
This book was by far my least favorite. I only gave it three stars because it was the last one.
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94 reviews
March 13, 2017
I really struggled with rating and reviewing this book. It was exciting. I couldn't put it down and have been finished with it for some time. I was glad to see the resolution to this story. I found the build-up to the war to be very well done, especially as the characters had to deal with one problem after another. The book has lots of interesting twists and great character moments.

Yet I finished the book feeling somewhat dissatisfied. The war resolved in a great way. I was dissatisfied with how things resolved with Aliyah. Aliyah is a terrifying figure in the second book because she is smart, manipulative, and crafty. She seems to always be one step ahead of Jayden. She seems to always know just what to say and do to draw people to her and make Jayden feel inferior. In this last book we see Aliyah's plan unfold and it's all the more terrifying to realize the steps she has taken in her plot.

But then Aliyah suddenly morphs into a different kind of villain, and in my opinion loses her true terror. Horeb is the villain that had to be subdued by physical force. Aliyah was the villain that should have been defeated through political maneuvering. So I wasn't happy with the way her story resolved. For multiple reasons. It just felt like taking the story in that direction was unnecessary. I thought maybe I'd get over it if I just waited and thought about it for a few days. I haven't. It pains me to take a star away but my disappointment hasn't ebbed. Maybe if we could rate with half stars I could call my rating a 3.5
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37 reviews11 followers
July 19, 2017
I loved the first book in this series and have been disappointed by the second and now third title. The setting is such a unique one compared to other YA historical novels and I loved learning a little about the ancient Middle East. I was bored throughout most of this book and was forcing myself to finish. The conflicts felt forced and a little too convenient that everyone was plotting elaborate plans against Jayden. She is just a simple desert girl in the first two books, and now there are thousands of soldiers fighting to get her back for Horeb? I also hated the forced love triangle that appeared in the last few chapters of the book.
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1,063 reviews3 followers
May 26, 2017
I think this series is just not for me. It has a lot of action and adventure, danger, and intrigue. But at it's core, I did not feel that the Plot had enough depth. A war based on revenge seemed really superficial and all the points leading the bad guys to the city of Jaden and Kadesh were very convenient. I kept thinking that the desert is huge and how could all these people be connected? I needed more buy into the plausibility of it. But if you are looking for a quick, eye candy read, than this series is a great go to.
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1,192 reviews
February 14, 2017
This was such a great ending to a great series. There is so much to overcome and so many things that happen. As with war there is death and I was doing okay until the shock at the end that had me crying for sadness, happiness and relief. So many feelings. I have been thinking about it for days. It will be hard to say goodbye to these wonderful characters. I guess I will just have to read it all over again.
200 reviews2 followers
April 22, 2017
A book with a bizarre amount of poor military strategy, grown men forgetting how to kill an unarmed woman, and forgiving a girl who tied you to an alter to slit your throat after attempting to murder your infant sister.
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983 reviews8 followers
October 4, 2017
I have to say this final book in the series was disappointing. The plot was good, but they kept making the stupidest choices possible. And there was a lot of redundance in the internal dialog for the heroine. I was wading through the last half wishing for it to end.
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Author 2 books82 followers
February 27, 2017
I couldn't wait to read the final book in this series, and I wasn't disappointed! Fast paced, beautifully written, and a wonderful conclusion to a wonderful series! I highly recommend it!
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1,044 reviews1 follower
January 29, 2018
The creepy religion stuff gets a lot more prominent right up to the horror movie-esque conclusion. Books with someone getting possessed are almost always a no-go for me and throw in the child sacrifice bits and I really struggled to finish this one. It didn't help that the first two thirds of the book spend a lot of time talking about getting around to some action but have only short scenes of anything faster paced than planning meetings. Following all the waiting around comes scenes of larger battles and smaller fights that seem to completely defy any sense of realistic time and distance.
Characters that I sort of liked get dead so that's crummy.
The ending was full of forced cheerfulness amidst misery and the only reasons provided seemed odd or maybe selfish. Maybe I've read a few too many regency romances but I wanted to slap a few people with a proper period of mourning armband instead of accepting that ending thing.
I was bothered by references to the eyes of the one-eyed man in the last book but the wording changed to just one eye was possibly more creepy. There may not be a good literary style for meeting the gaze of a one-eyed man.
Violence, no sex, mild language. Themes of all kinds of crazy stuff (see above) and drugs and prostitution.
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340 reviews6 followers
March 22, 2021
Jayden and Kadesh are in Kadesh's Kingdom recovering from their ruined wedding and the king's death. 

Their betrothed have banned together to destroy them.

Facing war on all sides, the two have to come up with a plan to save their world.

Unfortunately, this writing is pissing me off. It seems as if timelines are completely forgotten, paragraph structure seems off, and the characters say the most random things. 

Timeline- Jayden goes to the temple, she is invited to the ceremony where her sister is to be sacrificed in 3 days time. 
Her sister arrives the next day with an invitation saying in 2 days time.
Days later, Jayden is telling aunt Naomi (or someone) 3 days. Weird how days keep passing, yet no days have passed.🤔
I noticed this in the previous 2 books as well

This feels like reading a college paper that has to be a certain length and the writer ran out things to say🤷🏽‍♀️

It feels like 40% of the book is preparing for battle. A battle that was supposed to take place days ago. It makes no logical sense. 

I can say it was not worth my time.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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56 reviews
May 9, 2017
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July 27, 2017
What an epic battle for an epic ending! This one is a tearjerker. Such an incredible journey the author took us on from book one to book three. I could see this in my head as a tv series. I was biting my nails on the edge of my seat reading this one. It's like with every book the author stepped up her game. The writing, visuals and historic accuracy pulled me in and kept me there. I don't want to give anything away, but there is a character loss that I wept for! :( Great read though. The ones that make you cry are always best.
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July 30, 2017
The author ended this series well with emotional and action-packed scenes throughout. So much was at stake for these characters who I've grown to love that I read this much faster than I wanted to (saying goodbye now is so difficult). Jayden stayed strong and intelligent and resourceful in this series and stayed true to the historical time she lived in. The author added so many details about the lifestyle, attire, gods and goddesses, food, and more that it once again felt authentic to me. I hope this author writes more YA in the future as I am a fan of her beautiful writing.
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June 15, 2017
I'm torn between a 3 or 4 star. I loved book one but struggled with book two. Book three started off overwhelming for me. Too much happening at once and a lot was predictable. I persevered through the book because I wanted to see Jayden and Kadesh finally have peace and love. I'm glad I finished the story, but don't think I will be rereading this trilogy.
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July 31, 2017
The author did an amazing job on this series. The leading lady was strong and well rounded. I love a series that you can get wrapped up in and think, “Wow” the characters came to life on the page and the plot was interesting. This series is worth the read and I am excited to see what this author will write next.
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October 6, 2017
After their wedding is spoiled by assassins, Jayden and Kadesh must put preservation of kingdom and family ahead of their own happiness. They learn to be truly noble as they strive. I found it harder to believe, in this one, that Jayden survives her own impetuosity. A few passages struck me as inconsistent, which was distracting. Still, it's exciting, and most of the good guys win.
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