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Sophie Foster is on the run—but at least she's not alone.

Her closest friends from the Lost Cities have gone with her to join the Black Swan. They still have doubts about the shadowy organization, but the only way to find answers is to start working with them. And as they settle into their new lives, they uncover secrets far bigger than anything they’d imagined.

But their enemies are far from done, and unleash a terrifying plague that threatens the safety of an entire species. Sophie and her friends fight with everything they have—with new allies joining them—but every choice has consequences. And trusting the wrong person could prove deadly.

In this game-changing fourth book in the Keeper of the Lost Cities series, Sophie must question everything to find a truth that will either save her world—or shatter it.

672 pages, Hardcover

First published November 3, 2015

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About the author

Shannon Messenger

48 books13.4k followers
Hi! I'm the NYT and USA today bestselling author of the KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES series and the SKY FALL series! And yes, I DO accept friend requests here--BUT! Please note: I *never* check my private messages here, so if you send me one, you won't get a reply. My real contact information is on my website: shannonmessenger.com

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Author 48 books13.4k followers
June 16, 2015
WOO HOO--I can finally reveal the title!


And now my editor has officially approved the draft!!!! I know that probably doesn't sound like that groundbreaking of news, but it's huge because it means the book is *almost* done. Just needs a few more polish rounds and it'll be ready to go in November. So I'm moving the book to my "read" shelf to celebrate (even though I've probably read it 300 times already, no joke) :)

(And in case you can't tell, that's Sophie, Keefe, and Biana on the cover--but don't worry, the other boys are in the book just as much!)

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446 reviews13.5k followers
May 12, 2022
Daję 5 gwiazdek, bo to najlepszy tom póki co!
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190 reviews7,248 followers
April 12, 2021
Y’alllllll this series keeps getting better!! I’m honestly not sure at this point if I have a favorite book in the series because I’m reading them so fast they’re blending together, but I’m also totally okay with that because I’m having such a great time

(Team Keefe 4ever)
July 3, 2018
Holy angst! So enjoyable! I seem to be unable to stop raving about this series. It's seriously addictive!

I love stories about crazy schools, it's my pet topic and Exillium is so very seriously bonkers that one can't help loving this part of the plot. THIS school offers some serious fun and entertainment to attendees (I'm kidding!). 

✨ Its attendees are called Waywards (while in Foxfire they are called Prodigies!). 
✨ Waywards are not allowed to use names or interact with each other. 
✨ They are welcomed into school by surprise, hanging upside down! And the very botched procedure of Waywards getting out of this predicament helps teachers to sort them into an even more botched system Hemisphere-oriented groups (Right, Left or Ambi). 
✨ The curriculum of Exillium doesn't sound as bad as might be reasonably expected from the info above. It actually might be more useful than Foxfire, since it focuses on skills not talents. Including slowing breath (Dex is good at it already, as we know!), blinking control, developing night vision, regulating body temperature, hunger suppression, levitation and telekinesis. 
✨ Exillium's location changes every day and is always in the Neutral Territories. 
✨ The fashion sense in Exillium? Don't get me started on it!
✨ You don't get expelled from here: you get EJECTED!
✨ The economic situation with it, incl. the supplies and pretty much everything else is horrible and makes initially little sense in the light of how everything is supposed to be economically effortless for the elves who get all those fun endowment funds. I'm not spoiling this at the moment. Suffice it to say that there is a lot more to this all!

Who knew kids' books could be THIS MUCH FUN?

I will do everything in my power to help my world. (c)
All it takes is one to stand where others fall. (c)
We will never be more than a few words away. (c)
… I’m hoping you’ve learned the dangers of inventing new weapons. (c)
Instead, everything was earthy and natural. Fall-colored leaves had been woven into brightly patterned rugs, which felt softer than dandelion fluff but still made that great crunching sound (с)
It truly was life changing. Every bite felt like home, warming her from the tips of her toes to the top of her head and making her feel safe, happy, and loved. (c)
They’re walking around crusted with ice and turning their bodies to stone. Cactus head is nothing. (c)
And here I thought we were training your minds to think critically and solve problems. (c)
“Are you throwing shoes at me?” …
“Seemed like a good idea. Now I don’t have to wear them.” (c)
They leave their hatchlings alone because they know their young need to be strong. Moonlarks face more predators than most other creatures. So even though the parents follow their eggs across the ocean and are never far away from the babies, they do not make contact, and they do not bring them to the nest. Their instincts know that if they did, they would shelter the younglings and weaken their ability to survive. (c)
I do my best thinking when I can tuck my consciousness away. (с)
I tried solar-powered stuff, but it still seemed too techie. Then I saw some branches on the ground and thought, why not?
Only Dex would decide to jab a gadget with a stick. (с)
Who knew you were such a rebel?”
“I have my moments. (с)
It took her longer than she’d expected to de-serial-killer his room. (c)
“Is this guy bothering you?” Fitz asked.
“Is that a guy?” Dex added. (c)
Whoa, let’s not add projectile vomiting to the list of Awesome Things We Get To Do Today (с)
“We’re trying to have a private conversation.”
“Then you shouldn’t have it in a common room.” (c)
It’s pretty much the Great Vacker Hurlfest. Every time Fitz spews up black gunk, it makes Biana barf, and then Della loses it—and repeat! (c)
Yeah, I’m cute and glittery—what’s it to you? (c)
“I guess everyone has a few crazy family members they’d don’t know what to do with. You’ll be mine.” (c)
LEAVE IT TO you to try to burn down Exillium on the first day (c)
All I know is it tasted like kissing a muskog.”
“And you have a lot of experience with that?” (c)
“I listened. And I realized their voices had been silenced. So I gave them mine. I sang of sunlight and rain and rich soil. And hope. Always hope.” (c)
If words could cast a shadow, they would’ve darkened the whole house. (c)
NOW SOPHIE KNEW what the ancient gnomish songs had meant by their warnings of a great Withering and an endless Fall. (c)
“But how is it redeeming to only care about ourselves?” … someone needs to tell them they’re wrong. (c)
They could be learning things that might help the gnomes, and instead she was trying to air-swim. (c)
It’s called shadow-whispering. My shadow is carrying my consciousness, so no one can hear me except you (c)
Sophie was pretty sure they were setting a record for Exillium disobedience. (c)
��Sometimes the greatest power comes from showing mercy,… “Especially to those who may not deserve it.” (c)
“You build entire cities out of jewels and live in glittering castles,” Sophie said, “but you can’t spare any medicine or food for a group of kids who are smart and talented and would try way harder if they weren’t constantly being told they’re worthless? What’s the point of having the school in the first place? It could be a valuable rehabilitation center if you supported it. But you’re letting it go to waste.” (c)
“I think I’m going to like this assignment,” Keefe said. “What else can we fling at Fitz?” (c)
He’s not all bad. No one is. That’s what makes villains so scary. They’re not as different from us as we want them to be. (c)
Evil is better than dead, Mr. Sencen. Evil can change. Though neither is in your power. (c)
You keep trying to fix everything, Sophie. You even fixed Exillium. But you can’t fix me. (c)
But your dad’s enjoying it. He’s been rigging traps... (c)
Nothing like jumping off a cliff you can’t even see. (c)
… I want them safe more than I want them close. I want to know they can run away if they need to… (c)
Greyfell stretched his wings and stared at the grayish blue sky. It wasn’t as beautiful as the rainbow sky inside the Sanctuary, but it was the first real sky Greyfell had seen in decades. Sophie watched his brown eyes glint... (c)
But the best words were her last two: VISIT. SOON.(c)
“Is anyone who they really say they are?”…
“You are, and always will be, Sophie Foster.” (c)
We want you to know that you’re never alone, ...
We’re always here in one form or another. All you have to do is trust us.” (c)
There are many shades of trust... and most of them are gray. (c)
Never underestimate the power of the page. (c)
Hindsight is a dangerous game. (c)
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650 reviews402 followers
June 28, 2021
A fucking masterpiece!

It has destroyed me, but I'm so thankful for it.

You know there are those series that just take over your life.
This one is like that.
Please do a favor for yourself and read it!

Also, can we please appreciate the fact that 77 is my lucky number and chapter 77 killed my soul?
Thank you.

But like everything with Keefe & Sophie is my favourite.
I'm looking at you, chapter 25.
The perfection, you are.

Maybe chapter 77 killd my soul, but chapter 25 gave it back.
Let's just read chapter 25 for the rest of my life.

Buddy read with Rue.
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333 reviews369 followers
April 18, 2021
~4.5 stars~

(Reread 12/19/20)

I had a lot of fun with this book! I finished more than half of it in less than a day, which either means it's really good, or I have no balance in my life.

Two of my favorite characters were introduced, Tam and Linh, who I just love.

I think the plot of this was really good. I know that after Lodestar or maybe it's Nightfall, that it basically just beocmes a circle of events, where we end up at the same place, but this book really helped tie together a lot of things, and I appreciate and love seeing the foreshadowing. There was great character and relationship development, and I look forward to seeing if what opinions for the the other books in the series remain the same a second time around.

Now, on to the reason I couldn't give it a full 5 star. Yes, I loved it, despite all it's flaws, but one flaw I can't escape is repetition with certain phrases and the cringe. I mentioned this in my Everblaze review, but I think it's worth mentioning again. Of course, this may be greatly due to the fact that the characters are preteens, but dammit, there is no way I can put up with all the excessive blushing.

Hopefully I can start Lodestar soon, and have the series finished before my hold of book 8.5 is ready at the library, and so far this has been an overall pleasent re-read, so I hope that streak continues.
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488 reviews718 followers
June 23, 2021
"Never underestimate the power of the page."

I finished this book and I'm not okay. Now I have to wait two weeks until my copies of the next four books come into the mail. Please send help, I'm not sure I'm gonna make it. So far, this is my favourite book in the series. This was everything I ever wished for.

The plot was so well done. There were times when I was simply laughing way too hard and there were times when I felt like I wanted to cry. And god, that ending! In the last thirty pages I was literally like that TikTok trend with "oh no", if you know it. There were so many things happening and the only thing I could do is freak out because everything was going downhill.

My heart broke for Keefe in this book. He is my favourite character and I don't want him to suffer. He did not deserved this! I liked how Sophie was there for him during the whole book, as he was for her in the previous two books. Their relationship is so precious! One of the most precious things in this whole wide world.

"Team Foster-Keefe will always be cooler."

I could have dealt with less Fitz in this book. I like the friendship between him and Sophie but nothing more, I don't want to see them together. They do not fit together, at all. They trust eachother, but there are also times when they do not have the best understanding of eachother. The best example being Fitz's reaction and how he acted towards Sophie during Exile.

I really liked the new characters that got introduced in this book. I really liked the twins, Tam and Linh, and I found it so interesting to learn about them. By the way I loved their hair.

It was interesting to learn more about the Black Swan. I won't lie, at the beginning I was kinda annoyed at how they did not include the kids in their plans and they just told them what to do. Yeah, they may be kids, but they've been through so many things because of the Black Swan, that they should at least be included when the plans are made. I am curious to learn other characters who are part of the Black Swan, but, at the end, I did not expect those to characters to be part of it!

I don't know how I'll be able to wait for two weeks for the next books. I am a mess. I need the next books! I. NEED. THEM.
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128 reviews34 followers
September 9, 2020
4.5/5 | I want to scream, cry, rage and throw things all at once. Since I have been warned not to do any of those things, here’s an attempt at gathering my totally calm thoughts.

Before I get started, allow me to explain how it is times like this that I wish I was a more renown book reviewer so that I could preach my adoration for this relatively underrated series to a larger audience and help it gain the notoriety it truly deserves.

*sigh* I'll get there.


This was the weak point (and I use weak in a very loose sense seeing as just about everything about this book was far from weak, I assure you).

I wish the adventures in Italy lasted longer because they were really fun! Seeing Sophie’s elvin buddies trying to blend in with humans was a comedy goldmine—from girls gawking at Fitz to Keefe discovering ice cream and Batman. I NEED them to spend more time in the human world! No, I do not care that the elves call them ‘the Forbidden Cities’ for a reason.

Sadly, majority of the book was spent in Alluveterre, which was kind of dull. All portions of the plot spent there were essentially one long training montage mostly focused on Sophie and Fitz’s outrageously quirky bestie bond. Not exciting stuff, I must admit.

I was in it more for the characters because, while we may have been suspended in one exceedingly drab setting over most of the course of Neverseen, I was off on a rollercoaster of character emotions so the setting didn’t bother me that much in the end.

HOWEVER, things got a little more spicy once reaching the dreaded Exillium! I much preferred that place to even Foxfire! It has to be revisited! It was not interchangeable for anywhere without the Council like Alluveterre was but was rather defined, captivating and so, so magical.

I cannot go into the few interesting plot developments because DUH SPOILERS! I will say, though, that it kind of sucks that I got spoiled about most of the twists (curse you, Pinterest, and my incessant craving to look up Keeper of the Lost Cities fan art!). I’m still a mess, but I would have been an utter WRECK if I hadn’t known said twists were coming! Shannon Messenger sure knows how to deliver proper, brutal shock value.


Sophie who? Fuck that; I’m starting with Keefe!

Keefe. Keefe, Keefe, Keefe. Keefe Sencen. Keefe Sencen, Keefe, Keefe, Keefe Sencen. Why am I crying by just typing his name out several times?

Seriously. I could write poetry about this dude.

I just... my heart is shattered. He goes through such a range of believable, truly conceivable emotions and that is what hurts most of all. It all feels so fucking REAL. Going into Keeper of the Lost Cities, getting such a raw but somehow complex character out of the series was absolutely unfathomable to me. I could not have begun to guess at Keefe Sencen’s emotional journey and the fact that I am quite literally getting pretty damn emotional by just vaguely glossing over it, several days after finishing Neverseen, just goes to show how impactful his storyline is. And I have to praise Shannon Messenger’s writing here because it is one thing to have a brilliant character concept (as Keefe does) but it is quite another to execute it in such a sense where it is this ridiculously hard-hitting.

Keefe legitimately made the book for me. Without him, I honestly think this book would have been a 3 star read. Then again, I can’t even imagine this series without him.

(Gods, if I keep at this high as hell praise for this character every Keeper review, I am going to run out of coherent things to say.)

So Sophie. I love Sophie. While she may be a “Special Sophieflake”, as her ingenious human classmates put it (and I truly appreciate the self awareness there, Shannon XP), my List of Things Sophie Gets That No One Else Does Because She’s Special is SO MUCH SHORTER! It goes as follows:
Sophie can follow someone’s thoughts to their source, Sophie can age 9 months in a day, Sophie has 1711101927378911 powers.

But that’s it. I consider this massive progress.

In all seriousness, I can’t not adore her. She is so down to earth, so supportive, so selfless and just and grounded. Everything she does for all of her friends—especially Keefe—is just... so admirable. She is a truly lovable protagonist, even more so in a supporting role.

Fitz Vacker. The Gryffindor of Gryffindors. The Gryffindoriest of them all. I really don’t know what else to say. I’m trying to like him, I really am, but he’s so booooooooringgg. I know he’s got it in him! Just because Pyrokinetics are forbidden don’t mean Shannon gotta forbid Fitz from showing his own lil’ fire!

It’s official: Biana takes the title of most boring Vacker. That is quite an achievement considering her competition. The only remotely interesting Vacker is Alden and he just so happens to be the only member of the family that isn’t present in Neverseen.

I am impressed and frankly thrilled that Dex is still in the picture. If anything, I’m surprised! I really like him. I think it says a lot about Dex that he takes the time to learn underrated skills like advanced thermoregulation and holding your breath for extended periods of time. He’s genuinely really clever and works for his abilities rather than just having them handed over to him (cough Sophie cough cough). No shade.

The second most prominent source of my excitement: Tam and Linh. They have a fascinating backstory, really defined characteristics and AMAZING powers. Describing Linh as a fragile bird while her brother, Tam, is the prowling tiger is a perfect encapsulation of their characters and paints a striking contrast. These two could bring so much to the table!

Their look may just be the best thing about them because, first of all: Hello there, Representation! I was wondering where you went off to for a second! Of course, combined with their silvery-black-hair-twin-dynamic-anime-character-Kpop-star look, it’s a recipe for greatness!


So instead of a girl choosing between zoophilia and necrophilia (in infamous Twilight fashion), we have the sweet love story of an adorable Hufflepuff breaking the hearts of millions of loyal readers (such as myself) by being into a Gryffindor and also a Slytherin. There is no Ravenclaw in the equation as their logical mind would be able to deduce in an instant that the Slytherin is the obvious choice.

Okay. No more stalling. This is serious. Let’s get to Sokeefe.

Sophie. And. Keefe. Are. O. T. P. The amount of moments they have in this book is fucking unreal and I cannot begin to comprehend how, exactly, one does not ship them.

“The sharpness in his tone made Sophie reach for his hand.
“I’m fine,” he promised. But he didn’t pull away.”

Keefe and Sophie ARE SO FUCKING CUTE. MY HEART MELTED WHEN HE WAS GRIEVING AND SHE WAS GOING OUT OF HER WAY TO MAKE HIM FEEL BETTER, IGNORING EVERYONE’S WARNINGS TO KEEP HER DISTANCE. SHE KEPT HER DISTANCE WHEN FITZ AND BIANA WERE GRIEVING IN BOOK 2 BUT SHE REFUSED TO LEAVE KEEFE ALONE. This girl treasures Keefe’s smiles and laughs and, Jesus Christ almighty, I completely understand why Keefe would have a thing for her. She’s the one that cheers him up but is also his shoulder to cry on.

They are made of comfort and loyalty. There is so much of it here and, once again, it hurts my heart because, on one hand, they are so perfect and cute and good for each other but, on the other hand, MY HEART, because the reason for this comfort is painful as fuck.

Sophie and Keefe are adorable, precious and perfect. They need each other. They are ALWAYS there for each other.

What a fucking OTP.

(Can you tell I’ve chosen a team?)

Okay, I realise I keep taking the piss out of Sophie and Fitz being pushed together for the plot, but I suppose I understand the general purpose? It’s just that her interactions with Keefe were all them; there were no other players obligating them to spend so much time together. Sophie and Fitz are... fine, but I don’t see the spark. They just don’t interest me.

Fitz and Keefe have absolutely zero chemistry. I actually can’t believe they’re best friends seeing as they never even talk. Dex and Keefe are a faaar superior combination, in my not so humble opinion. It’s great when they team up.

Tam and Linh’s relationship is amazing! Right from the get-go, I adored their twin dynamic! The edgy emo who hates everything but will literally do ANYTHING for his sweetheart sister. Also, I like that Tam wasn’t thrown by Sophie’s beauty or uniqueness or whatever. That alone is enough reason to respect him. No, Tam has eyes for Biana and THANK GOD FOR THAT. GOOD. FOR. THEM. Biana deserves more appreciation! She may not do anything but she’s got to have something going for her!

And why do I love that Fitz has a thing for Linh so much? See, Fitz, who knows he’s Mr Perfect, making goo-goo eyes at a humble, genuinely insecure girl who doesn’t know she’s breathtaking? I can ship that.

Biana’s crush on Keefe, once again, only got literally one sentence of mention. Why should Sophie feel bad about growing so close to Keefe when Biana doesn’t do anything to convey her feelings for him? More so, why doesn’t Biana do ANYTHING AT ALL? Ugh. It bothers me how useless she is.

... ...

The casual mention of ship names like Sokeefe, Fitzphie, Dophie, etc, elicited plenty of eye-rolls from me. These kinds of things shouldn’t be acknowledged in canon material! That’s a fandom thing, Shannon!
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1,597 reviews3,487 followers
May 26, 2023
Even though I saw a bunch of those twists coming, I was still shocked. How does that happen? Not sure.

A lot (and I mean a lot) happens in this book, so I'm honestly not sure what to say or where to begin with this review. I would have to do a lot of spoiler notes, if I really wanted to talk about different events. The books in this series are huge. HUGE! Why? I mean, it covers a lot of events and such, but, goodness me, these books could probably double as a weapon.

I can see why this series is popular, but I can also see why some parents are concerned about different elements of it as well. In the prior books, lying and disobeying adults is somewhat common (more so Keefe and then Sophie disobeys because she knows that there's something she has to do; this could also be in part of most of the adults keeping the kids--because they're kids--in the dark and the kids not wanting that), but in this book an adult that was behind all the notes and clues that caused Sophie and the gang to lie and disobey/disappear specifically says that he is the one that was planning/implementing it all to go well and not to go off by their own plans (but this is a fiction book and we all know that everything works out--even when the group decides to off of on their own plans). I still would say this series is more for 13/14+ rather than the Middle-Grade ages of 8-12, partially because of this element.

Unlike the first three books where I found the world and it's systems easy to understand, I did find myself a bit lost with all the new places and characters in this book. That said, I'll definitely be continuing on with the series to hopefully see that a certain character didn't go completely off the walls.

Main Content
Basically completely the same as the prior books, so please see my reviews of those to get an overview on content so far for this series: First book, second book, and third book (this fourth book is probably the closest in content compared to the third book).

In addition:

Language like 'gah' and other words priorly listed are used; The word 'fanny' is used in the US edition as another word for bum.

Someone is able to make water walkable for herself & others; Gnomes are said to be very close to nature and *Spoiler* ; There's a few mentions of the Stone Age & different species and nature being "thousands of years old" (not millions); A mention of someone looking like a goddess.

Continuing mentions of terrible parents (mainly Keefe's); A few mentions of a mother falling off a balcony and cracking her skull, leaving her with a traumatic brain injury (it's suspected that a lot of wine was. involved).

There's an adult that tells Sophie and the bunch that "we must rely on our own moral compasses. Right here [touching his heart] we know what is necessary and true. You all must hold to that and let it guide you through what lies ahead."; Lying is a common thread of this series now because of the secrets different groups keep and enemies they have (Keefe lies and Sophie thinks about he talent at it, "never fully [appreciating it]" until a certain dangerous moment; an adult calls Keefe's lying a "talent for spinning covering stories and excuses" and another adult corrects it by calling it lying, and the other adult says that it's "a trick we've all been forced to rely on at times").

Mentions of torture & a possible death (including Sophie being concerned that the side she is on is torturing someone, which poses the question about how far someone would go for their side of the battle, up to semi-detailed); Sophie sees someone's memories of being attacked by a troll (& their possible death, barely-above-not-detailed as Sophie cuts it off).

There's some mentions of alicorn baby-making (Sophie is shown more than she ever wanted to know about that topic and thinks that it's a natural, beautiful thing, but "ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww" and calls it TMI ); Sophie and the gang see the naked state of David (which none of them want to see "his stuff" as Keefe calls it and Sophie explains the it's art and most of the old artists did nudes); Della & Sophie have a little conversation about inequalities as Sophie doesn't really want to wear a pretty princess dress when the boys get to wear pants (Della says their society hasn't been plagued by inequalities like the human world and "no one views gowns as a sign of our gender's lesser status"); Elves count their age by their inception date which is when they consider the life of the baby to begin; Mentions of a fertility doctor, frozen embryos, & miscarriages; Mentions of an animal called a "boobrie" and the boys making jokes about it; Mentions of a make ogre wearing a metal diaper/underwear and the female ogres wearing only a bit of leather on their chest and hips; A few mentions of kisses & Keefe saying he's kissed a girl as a dare; A few mentions of some of the boys' muscles and tight shirts (not in a noticing way, more so a comment or teasing comment); A mention of Sophie assuming a gnome is a 'he' based on his outfit (overalls compared to a skirt, and is confirmed to be a he); A mention of someone wanting to shove a book where someone "really won't appreciate it"; A mention of a boy's boxers.
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280 reviews59 followers
November 10, 2015
Well, that was totally, 100% worth the wait!

Pre Release Review:
Where's a TARDIS when you need one?! This will be a long year.
Profile Image for ✧˖° lydia °˖✧ {hiatus}.
159 reviews122 followers
October 28, 2022

Rereading this was one of the most traumatic experiences I've ever endured.

"Please don't hate me."
"I could never hate you, Keefe."

I've read it more times than I can count, but maybe it's reading it in the faze I'm in where books make me cry super easily, or reading it after knowing how much worse his life is going to get in Legacy, or reading it while re-reading the series in order, and seeing Keefe go from the careless boy in book #1, to have his world shattered in book #3, and then to slowly crumble apart in this one.

But whatever the reason, this reread absolutely destroyed me. I started sobbing more times than I can count watching Keefe desperately try to keep it together.


These books have me so emotionally invested it hurts. Which is obviously so much fun! 💀

~God bless and Happy Reading ❤️~
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929 reviews802 followers
July 22, 2019
4.5 stars

This would have been a 3.5 star read because it took half of book to get me re-engaged, but then THAT ENDING sequence.

Pacing: ★★★
Plot development: ★★★★★
Character development: ★★★★★ for Keefe, ★★★ for everyone else.

Neverseen is the fourth installment in the Keeper of the Lost Cities series and arguably the slowest of the first four. Sophie and her group of friends have been banished from the Lost Cities/elven society, and are on the run with members of the rebel organization, the Black Swan.

For a novel that was "on the run," we spent a fair amount of time enjoying ourselves in an underground grotto in a tree house and interpersonal drama. Don't get me wrong, the dialogue and relationships remained interesting and the setting was cool, but it was S L O W.

Given its snail-like pacing for the majority of the novel—and the fact that it's a whopping 700 pages—I found myself setting it down way more than I did for the first three. However, once the story kicked off and Sophie's team makes some disturbing discoveries about a plague that's threatening the gnomes and a plot bubbling in the ogre's land, Neverseen really kicks off.

Oh, and Keefe. My poor, precious snowflake. He wrenched my heart right out at the end there, but there appears to be hope at the end of the tunnel. (At least, there BETTER BE. Lol.)
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785 reviews98 followers
May 7, 2022
*More like 3.5 stars than 3.*

The new setting in this book shook things up and made it less formulaic than the other books. It was definitely the best book in the series so far, however, that didn't mean this book didn’t suffer from similar issues the previous books suffered from.

The largest issue was that for the majority of the book no one had any idea what was going on. It was seriously frustrating and things only started to make sense in the last 20% of the book. If it wasn’t for Keefe, I would’ve stopped reading long before.

Keefe as a character shone in this book. He grew so much in much more complex ways than any of the other characters and it was great to see him as more than just the comedy relief. His progression made the ending all the more hard-hitting.

Speaking of the ending, the revelations came one after another and some hit hard and others felt empty. Still, we got more reveals in this book in relation to the Black Swan than any of the previous books combined, so that seemed like something to rejoice about.

One thing I hated so much was the constant shipping of characters. Sophie couldn’t so much as talk to Fitz without someone talking about Sophitz or Fitzphie (both of which were ridiculously cringy ship names). The fact that the author created ship names in the book was so distasteful. And no character was spared from this over-the-top romanticisation of children; the two new characters Tam and Linh made romantic connections the literal moment they were laid eyes upon. Despite Sophie being aged up from 13 to 14 in an absurd way, this amount of shipping still felt uncomfortably perverse. I’m all for young romance but every time someone talked or looked at each other it was “my cheeks reddened” or “my heart fluttered”. It was even odder when Sophie admitted she didn’t even want a boyfriend, so then why did the author keep pushing for romance at every opportunity she got?

I feel like I’ve gotten to a point in this series when at last things are being revealed, but everything has been shrouded in mystery for so long that I’ve forgotten what questions I was asking to begin with. I feel as though the plot has become so muddled that I can’t remember what the original goal was. I suppose now the only options I have are to go along for the ride, seeing where the winding roads take me or to jump out of the car before it inevitably careens off a cliff.
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June 10, 2016
In general, I don’t really believe in guilty pleasure books. I mean, how fucked up is it to feel guilty about things that are harmless and bring your pleasure. Still, I have to admit that I have them, and this series would top the list. Well, actually not even the whole series. At some point, I was most definitely one hundred percent hate reading. Then, at another point that changed. Neverseen is the point where I am completely fully embarrassed to admit that, as much as I know it’s completely terrible objectively, I’m also a complete emotional wreck in the scary shipping place. This, my friends, is a guilty pleasure, so much so that I binge read in a couple of days even though I was busy and it’s unreasonably massive.

It is really hard to be completely logical about this series because it is so absurdly ridiculously weird and silly. As Gillian said (we read it together), we would definitely have loved this to pieces if we were wee children. TBH, we love it now but also we hate ourselves for it and that’s the difference. There’s this phrase over and over in Anne Bishop’s Others series that really applies to Keeper of the Lost Cities: both wondrous and terrible. I mean, quality-wise most of it is dreck, but there are these flashes of brilliance and oh my god the feels.

Basically, it all comes down to one character: KEEFE. Somehow, in the midst of obnoxious, flat, boring characters, Keefe was born. He’s hilarious, sarcastic, clever, and basically a lost Weasley twin who somehow ended up in this book. He’s completely unlike all the rest of Messenger’s characters in either series (though the YA one does have a pale imitation). Keefe makes everyone and everything better. Like, you know how Major Lilywhite on iZombie is boring as fuck but then the moment he hangs out with Ravi he’s totally okay? Keefe is like that. Every single character is improved by Keefe being nearby, most especially Sophie. But even Dex is tolerable in this book because he and Keefe bond together to make fun of Fitzphie and basically Keefe is the best ever.

What is not the best ever is stuff like the plot. The five kids (Sophie, Keefe, Fitz, Biana, and Dex) have been expelled from their fancy elf school so they run off to Black Swan to avoid punishment by the Council for their shenanigans in book three. Black Swan is like “okay, kids, you need to study for a couple of weeks and then we’ll take you on a mission” and the kids are like “WHAT DO YOU MEAN STUDY MISSIONS NOW.” Meanwhile, I’m like “um, you’re five, so you should go on no missions.” Like, I actually totally support the studying and safety plan for the children which basically means I’m a boring adult now.

However, these adults are total idiots. Fitz and Biana’s mom and the leaders of the Black Swan Collective agree to the dumbest shit. Their actual plan for the mission is just the worst. Literally, they’re like “kids, you do all the work. We’ll come along for moral support and to be the distraction so you can escape if things go wrong, which we’ll do by wiping our memories and thus leaving the movement for good we are leading. And for some reason all four of us need to go because reasons.” Is it any wonder the forces of evil are winning? Absolutely not, given how good these guys are at noticing suspicious behavior that is foreshadowed with all the subtlety of a hammer to the eyeball.

Then there are the kids’ plans which tbh are slightly better but still terrible. When the kids tell the adults, the adults are like “oh okay, yeah, why don’t you do that? but we couldn’t let you go into enemy territory alone!” At which point you’re all “YES DO NOT LET THEM.” And then the adults are like “make sure you take these two children who are not part of our organization with you.” Like, how the hell is Della not stopping this shit or at least going along to protect them? The adults in this series could not be more useless, I swear. I mean, they didn’t even hug Keefe.

Then there’s the straight up whacked out nonsense, like how all of these young teens have stuffed animals with cutesy names they cannot bear to be without. Or the fact that Biana randomly adopts Iggy in the middle for no reason. Why is Iggy even still here? But anyway. How about the scene where one of the members of Black Swan basically disguises himself as Grover from Sesame Street? Or the fact that another one is disguised as The Thing from Fantastic 4 and goes by Granite? The weirdest shit though was the two plus pages about alicorn sex. I am not making this shit up, I swear.

The plot and world building is like .5 stars but the feels are like a million stars, and I just refuse to rate this higher than three stars but my god I was mess reading this book. Shannon Messenger is SO FUCKING MEAN to Keefe in this book. I cannot even. No one else really has character development but Keefe’s arc is so well done albeit cruelly. I really do not get how he appeared in this book and is such perfection at all times.

I do not have the ability to explain the amount that I am invested in this ship and this character and the amount that I was completely wrecked by the events of this book. Sophie and Keefe are so perfect and clearly IN LOVE but she doesn’t know and Shannon Messenger spends the WHOLE BOOK taunting both Fitzphie and Team Foster Keefe shippers, but come on Sophie and Keefe hold hands like three million times SURELY IT MUST BE CANON. But also I do not trust Messenger to make the right choices with the romance here and I am fucking terrified of book five for so many reasons.

I preordered this book in hardcover and paid actual money for it and I’m going to do the same with book five. This has been an exercise in self-loathing, desperation, and the scary place. You should all join me here because misery really loves company it’s great.
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December 31, 2015
So after finishing Everblaze I have a TON of predictions/please make it happen!

1. Does any one think that Master Leto is Mr. Forkle/ works with the Black Swan? Because during the boo. He says "you kids" and no other character has said that except Mr. Forkle. Also we know that Prentince was the beacon of the cold tower, couldn't they have someone in the sliver tower? Another thing is that Jolie was in the Sliver tower when she died. Lastly, master Leto a telepath and so is Mr. Forkle. And he wanted Sophie not to tell the Councillers that Sophie could still use her powers with the circlet.

2. I want to find out what special abilities Jensi and Marella get.

3. Why is Marella so tired? I know for a fact that she was jealous of Biana, but what if she's a.... Pyrokecnic?( sorry if a spell it wrong... But FIRE USER!!!!!) but it would make sense. But maybe her paras ts are in the Black Swan and she's a spy or something?

4. Is this quartet or a five book series?

5. Anyway i think we all know that she'll end up with Fitz, but TEAM KEFFE!!!

UPDATE 1/11/15

1. We got a title a couple days ago:NEVERSEEN. Pretty mysterious don't ya think? I hope we get some more back story on the rebel group.

UPDATE 4/17/15

Okay it's been forever since the cover was revealed, but I do have something thoughts on it. The cover does look cool, but is still think that the Everblaze one was awesome!! So hmm. First thing I see is a big wave coming in on a stone building. Maybe they're in Atlantis? Or maybe they're using one of those forbidden stars light to jump. All of our crew is dressed up pretty fancily, maybe there's a party is some sort? And why only Keefe, Biana, and Sophie? Of they were going into any danger, Dex and Fitz would have insisted on being there. And Biana and Keefe kind-of holding hands? *arches eyebrow* Do I smell a romance? We'll they can have me blessing, but I still want Keefe for myself.
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May 24, 2022
Das hier ist bereits der 4. Teil der Keeper of the Lost Cities. Wie immer wird das Hörbuch von David Nathan vorgelesen, Stimme ich wirklich unglaublich mag. Er liest die Geschichte einfach nur toll vor. Das Hörbuch ist insgesamt 18 Stunden und 46 Minuten lang und ist somit ungekürzt.

Sophie Foster und ihre Freunde erwartet ein neues Abenteuer, das mich wieder sehr fesseln konnte. In diesem Teil werden viele Geheimnisse gelüftet, vor allem rund um die Geheimorganisation Black Swan. Außerdem kommen zwei neue Charaktere dazu, dich sehr sympathische und auch interessant fand. Wieder macht Sophie einiges durch und gerade das Ende ist mega fies für sie. Da wird es nämlich noch einmal richtig dramatisch.

Mich konnte der 4. Teil wieder völlig überzeugen. Ich liebe diese Reihe mittlerweile echt und finde die Charakter alle so toll. Das hier ist eine richtig Wohlwühl-Reihe.

Jetzt heißt es leider wieder warten auf Teil 5, der leider als Hörbuch erst im August erscheinen wird Von mir gibt es eine klare Hörempfehlung mit voller Punktzahl.
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December 16, 2015
Have you ever felt like you just want to curl up in a ball and die or just scream at the top of your lungs at anyone who approaches you? If you answered yes, then this book is right for you.

This book pulled at my heartstrings and kept my brain jumping around in anticipation the whole time, and even after it the book ended, because who doesn't like waiting a whole year after a cliffhanger?

Shannon Messenger is a goddess and devil at writing. (No offense intended.) What she has is both a gift and a curse, and I wish that it would be spread about more in the book community, because these books definitely need more recognition.

After book three, Everblaze, this series was on par with Harry Potter. After Neverseen, KOTLC has well surpassed it in my favorite series list.

So while, you're reading this and you might think I'm a calm person. (Well, probably not, but just go with it.) Just know that although I may look like a calm person on the outside, on the inside I am a mess of a person trying to cope with all the feels that are currently consuming my life.

Who cares about school or grades or work when you can shrivel down and cry while obsessing over fictional characters? (Just kidding, stay in school, you kids. (See what I did there?))

There is so much more that I would like to discuss with you, but right now I can barely write down any coherent thoughts in my mind. Although, Shannon Messenger, if you ever happen to read this, I have a few things to say.

Keefe.... Why..... How.... Prentice....ASDFGHJKL.... Thank you.
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May 17, 2022
Sophie Foster und ihre besten Freunde haben sich den Black Swan angeschlossen und mussten ihr gewohntes Leben und ihre Familien hinter sich lassen. Als wäre dies nicht alles schon genügend verunsichernd, haben die Black Swan Geheimnisse und lassen sich nur ungern in die Karten schauen. Werden sie es schaffen, mehr über Sophies Vergangenheit oder über die geheimnisvolle Krankheit herausfinden, die den Gnomen zu schaffen macht?

Dies ist der vierte Teil der 'Keeper of the lost Cities' Reihe. Ich habe jede einzelne Seite genossen und die Geschichte schafft es immer noch spannender zu werden. Ich schätze ganz besonders, dass jeder der Jugendlichen ein bestimmtes Talent hat, aber nur im Team unschlagbar werden. Es müssen wieder Geheimnisse gelöst und Risiken eingegangen werden. Es gibt ein Wiedersehen mit den Charakteren aus den anderen Teilen, aber auch neue Charaktere spielen eine große Rolle. An einer Stelle wird das Buch ein wenig traurig, aber es war für mich auch gleichzeitig ein sehr schöner Moment. Ich mag die Gedanken zu Chancengleichheit und Artenschutz und es ist auf seine Art hochaktuell. Um es kurz zu machen, auch der vierte Band hat mich völlig überzeugen können und ich freue mich sehr, dass die Geschichte um Sophie & Co. noch viele Buchseiten für mich bereithält.

Das Buch wurde mir als Rezensionsexemplar zur Verfügung gestellt.
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November 4, 2016
“The more she thought about it, the more she realised both sides had lost an important alternate perspective. And maybe that was what she'd been created for.
A girl from both worlds, who'd seen the follies and triumphs of each side.
And her job was to shake things up and do something new.”

When I finished reading Neverseen, all those information was too big to absorb, and I didn't like it at first--because I had no idea what had been going on. So I went and reread the book--and this time I wasn't disappointed. It truly was better than Everblaze--making it the best book in the series--Shannon Messenger has outdone herself once again.

We have our 5 heroes--Sophie, Fitz, Keefe, Dex, and Biana--setting out to join the Black Swan. There were new characters like Tam and Linh, Calla, Sior, Lur, Mitya, Blur, Squall, Wraith, Granite...etc etc. My favourite new character is now Tam. And my least favourite new character is Calla.

I have nothing against Calla. It's just that I could open any book and it would tell the almost exact same story as how Calla's ended.

Also, Calla is great, but I would've wanted to see more of Sior, Lur, Mitya, and the other gnomes that represent the entire species.

Tam and Linh were my favourite characters in this book, probably partly because they were the new characters that had the most potential of becoming main characters in the later books. I found their clashing personalities a little like yin and yang. Also, Tam's protectiveness over Linh is adorable, and the tough situations they have faced makes me want to give them a big hug. I loved the relationship between Sophie and Tam too--how Sophie tries to convince Tam that she could be trusted and she could help him and Linh.

Sophie and Linh share a lot of similarities--they are too powerful for their own good, they're cast aside by others, and most importantly, they know what it's like to be different. I believe these two could really be good friends as the series progresses.

"I made her a necklace one time. Did I tell you that? I made it out of beads to match her favourite bracelet. I painted a different flower on every one. And do you know how many times she wore it?"

Overall, I felt that Neverseen was more of Keefe's story rather than Sophie's, even though it's told in Sophie's point of view. Sophie and Keefe had so much moments together that develops their relationship even further--to a point that both of them trust each other like how Sophie and Fitz do. Keefe takes on an angrier side in this book--and Sophie is usually the one who goes and comforts him.

Quite a lot of people are saying that they didn't like Keefe's personality in this book, but I understood him perfectly and got why he was the way he is in Neverseen. This book really spoke to me on different levels and I really enjoyed reading it.
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March 20, 2016
I loved this book!!!!!!!!
Personally, I think that this is my favorite series. ( better than Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, etc. )
I also hope that Sophie ends up with Fitz, though I feel really sorry for Keefe. ( you'll know why if you read the book )
I think that Keefe ( I advise you not to read the rest if you haven't read the book ) is still on his friend's side, and that he's not *bad* basically not really siding with the Neverseen.

TEAM Sophie❤️Fitz FOREVER!!!!

I ship Keefe and Linh
Biana and Tam
Dex and Marella

Practically *dying* for the next book...........................
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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May 28, 2022
Ich weiß, ich höre mich an wie eine kaputte Schallplatte wenn ich das sage, aber ich liebe diese Reihe! Von Band zu Band hat sie sich immer mehr zu einer meiner absoluten Lieblingsreihen entwickelt. So spannend, so viele Geheimnisse, Intrigen, Bösewichte, fantasievolle Wesen und Welten, so viele Emotionen, so tolle Charaktere. Auch wenn Keefe mir diesmal ein bisschen das Herz gebrochen hat, aber er hat ja noch viele viele Möglichkeiten es wieder gut zu machen.
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December 27, 2020

Alexa, Play I'm Not Okay by MCR.

I am a Empath. Just something I've discovered.

I apologize because this section isn't gonna be as long as it usually is, because something very emotionally traumatic happened and I really need to get it all out. I'm currently reading the next book and it is taking me a quite a bit to get as far as I am which isn't even that far, because I am putting the book I am currently reading the next book and it is taking me quite a bit to get as far as I am which isn't even that far, because I am putting the book down and like screaming into my pillow just screaming WHY???
If you haven't read this book yet, or you're about to, prepare yourself please. No one gave me this morning and I really wish someone had.
This series is amazing comment it really does get better as it goes on. I'm officially a standing in the fandom, so you were wrong past me! I completely get why so many people like this I completely get why so many people like this series, and I am one of them currently. And I highly doubt that that is gonna change.
I apologize for any grandma mistakes, I am in a very delicate emotional state.



Keefe Character Analysis:

So usually, I do Sophie first cause she's main character. But I really have to get this all out. Sue me. Okay here's the deal. Keefe is my favorite character. Only see was my favorite character. I'm still very very conflicted. When I 1st found out, I was crying in the middle of 3rd Period. Then I was waiting about to him in my head, call him a bunch of censored stuff that we get me grounded for quite a long time. Announce, after being almost 100 pages in, I don't know. I can't say I'm neutral, because I'm definitely not neutral. But here's the thing: I love Keefe. And it's crazy how fast you can go from love to hate. But I really don't know if I hate him. I want to. I definitely Did when he first found out, but now I don't know! It makes me very upset to see my favorites in the position he put them in. It's crazy how many cute Sokeefe moments we get in the next book, even when he's a traitor. I know, I know. He's not technically a trader. And it made me think when Edeline brought up the fact that Jolie did the same thing. But Keefe's just affects me so much more! For a bit, I couldn't even read the next book, because it brought up Keefe so much! But, we're talking about this one. I miss Keefe's old humor, I miss Keefe and general!
Before the takes up too much room, I'm just gonna stop while I'm ahead and move on to Sophie.

Sophie Character Analysis:
Now Sophie! I'm really warming up to her, and actually it's an understatement. I freaking love Sophie! Her character development is so visible to me now. She's just such a great character, and I don't know if Shannon planned it that way come out or if she just improved with her writing over the years, or probably both.
How much has to go through at such a young age is astounding to me. So most of our main characters are very young when they go through all this shit.
This women deserves so much recognition as a character, and I feel that weirdly and she's underrated in the fandom.
I've heard people say that Keith deserves better, and I'm sorry. But Sofia is such a good character! And it's odd, but people are sleeping on her!!! She's one of my favorite protagonists ever at this point. ❤❤❤
Stay strong.

Fitz Character Analysis:
I honestly don't get why people don't like him. People say he's talks it, or that he's just really bad character, but I have grown to love him. I get that some puma not like him because they ship Sokeefe. But I do too, and I love Fitz! (Lmao, autocorrect changed it to fit sex)
His development as well is really popping out to me, as are pretty much all the characters. They've all grown so much and these books, and isn't weird to say that I'm proud? If it If it is, I really don't care.
Long story short I like pets, stop hating on him. Ha, low-key Taylor Swift reference.

Thoughts on plot:
It's surprising that I cried more over Keefe's betrayal than Calla's death, but I did cry. I think the reason is because he was just such a comfort character. Whenever things we're I think the reason is because he was just such a comfort character. Whenever things we're getting super bad, he just cracker joke and make me smile. I don't remember the last time I've been this emotionally attached to her character. And it's hard when you find out that they're not who you think they are. And it also added on to my trust issues. I know it's silly, he's just a fictional character. But his character just meant so much to me and it felt like a deep and personal betrayal. I might not make sense or seem silly, but it really hurts.
The plot overall just keeps on getting better and better than each book, and I'm not even 100 pages in for the next one and they already think I'm gonna like it more than this one. I'm a full on stan now as I said before, and I'm officially in the fandom.

Final Thoughts:
These books just get darker and darker as they go, and I'm basically drowning and a pool of my own misery at this point.
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November 17, 2015
I JUST FINISHED EVERBLAZE AND I NEED MOREEEEE!!! I think its obvious Keefe likes Sophie now- cmon people. Though we all know she is going to get Fitz. ANYWAYS I just wanna say the struggle of waiting another year for yet this next book will be painful- but totally worth it <3 KEEP DOIN WHAT YOU ARE DOING SHANNON!

Th3 K33P3R Club lov3s you <3

Edit: I finished Neverseen as quickly as possible. Coming home to finish my homework so fast just so I could stay up late to finish it. I love this series so much. Seriously this book is amazing. I am so happy with it and will probably read it over and over until 2016 when the next book comes out. Cant wait to keep reading, i almost want the series to never end. (Well- If Shannon could magically poof books out the day after the one before was released thatd be great (; )
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December 31, 2019


I'm so upset omg

Like quality-wise plot-wise worldbuilding-wise this book is like 2.5 stars but my feels are six billion million stars of PURE THROBBING AGONY with a serious side of middle grade OTP and I hate myself and I hate the book and I hate YOU and I hate my choices and I hate my emotions for existing and honestly I just need to be alone because that was god damn murderous
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248 reviews
November 11, 2015
Actual Rating: 1,000,000/10

This is a robot speaking right now. BookishOtaku's brain processing abilities have shut down at the moment after completing Neverseen by Shannon Messenger...

5 simple words. What. Did. I. Just. Read?

That's it nothing else. Goodbye.

May 15, 2022
I’m so in love with this series! Wowohwow! They really do get better & better, & the intensity & EVERYTHING increases each book so far as well. Characters to add that have heart now include Calla. Wow. Also, 2 new characters with 2 new abilities that just FASCINATE me. This author knows how to write incredible characters that for sure. As usual, this was a roller coaster of emotions. My heart broke for 1 character, & what they’re going through. It’s something that can change a person, & I was praying it wouldn’t them, but then that ending?! I didn’t know what to think! Ahhhh! Lol There are some important topics weaved into the story as well, such as abuse. It’s not always physical. I’ve experienced all forms of abuse, & I’ve always said sometimes words can hurt more than physical. A character says something similar in here, & I FELT THAT. It all takes a toll, & you feel like you’re alone & deserve it all. Especially when the ones who are supposed to love & protect you are the ones doing it. The sad thing is, you want that love from those more than anyone. You’re not alone! Reach out for help, talk to someone. ANYWAY, just wanted to mention that. Also, our “scars” prove we are survivors, & we can overcome. When you 1st look at the The Lost Cities, it’s easy to think it’s a perfect place. Nothing is perfect. Sophie’s the perfect person to help this world, & make them question the things that need to change….things they never thought to question before. The humor part of the roller coaster is still amazing lol Silveny & her TMI info was hilarious! Then the twists!Then there’s a scene that had me crying at the end..beautiful but so sad..then I’m smiling ear to ear with Sandor. Emotions. Everywhere. Let’s just say I’m already over halfway through the next book lol Still HIGHLY recommend these! Another BEAUTIFUL cover by Jason Chan too!💜
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