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The Paper Magician #2

The Glass Magician

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Three months after returning Magician Emery Thane’s heart to his body, Ceony Twill is well on her way to becoming a Folder. Unfortunately, not all of Ceony’s thoughts have been focused on paper magic. Though she was promised romance by a fortuity box, Ceony still hasn’t broken the teacher-student barrier with Emery, despite their growing closeness.

When a magician with a penchant for revenge believes that Ceony possesses a secret, he vows to discover it…even if it tears apart the very fabric of their magical world. After a series of attacks target Ceony and catch those she holds most dear in the crossfire, Ceony knows she must find the true limits of her powers…and keep her knowledge from falling into wayward hands.

The delightful sequel to Charlie N. Holmberg’s The Paper Magician, The Glass Magician will charm readers young and old alike.

222 pages, Paperback

First published November 4, 2014

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About the author

Charlie N. Holmberg

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Charlie N. Holmberg is an award-winning, best-selling, and internationally published author of fantasy and romantic fiction. She was raised a Trekkie alongside three sisters, who also have boy names. She is a proud BYU alumna, plays the ukulele, owns too many pairs of glasses, and finally adopted a dog. She currently lives with her family in Utah. Visit her at www.charlienholmberg.com.

Amazon: amzn.to/2BXoQNZ
Instagram: Instagram.com/cnholmberg
Facebook: Facebook.com/cnholmberg
Twitter: Twitter.com/cnholmberg

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January 30, 2015
After reading the first book in this series, I felt that there were some promising aspects to the story and some, well, not-so-promising aspects. Unfortunately, I felt that this got worse, not better.

In 'The Paper Magician' one issue I noted was that the villain was completely without depth - she had neither motivation, background, or a clear agenda. I thought that in the second book, we might find out more about her. No. Instead, we continue with two of her henchmen as villains - who are ALSO completely depthless and motivation-less. In addition, Back in 1870, Jules Verne, in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, did a far better job giving his Indian character believable resentments and motivations...

In addition to new villains, this story also gives Ceony a friend, Delilah. She is introduced with startling rapidity, and seemingly just for the purpose of illustrating some new types of magic. (Delilah is one of the Glass Magicians of the title). However,

Another of my major problems with the first book was the romance aspect. At the outset of this book, I was relieved to see that Mg. Emery Thane had not yet reciprocated Ceony's crush on him, and was actually conducting himself in a professional manner. For a minute there, I thought we might actually get a very sensible plot progression about how sometimes crushes are inappropriate and unrequited! Alas, such was not to be. Instead, most of the way through the book, we get an abrupt, jarring scene from Mg. Thane's POV (the rest of the book is all-Ceony, all-the-time) Sigh. I suspect that the author listened to critics of the first book who said it seemed odd (and makes the romance even more inappropriate) that Ceony's apparently never dated anyone before, because here, one throwaway line is inserted that she did have a high school boyfriend. No, that doesn't 'fix' things.

Even so - the romance could be salvaged if I was really convinced by the author that these were two kindred souls. But what do we find out in this one POV scene where the master is talking about his student (who, incidentally, is shaping up to be a brilliantly talented, brave magician who shows remarkable insight and initiative in apprehending dangerous criminals?) Well, he likes the facts that she's cheerful, dedicated, beautiful, and most importantly, a good cook. I roll my eyes.

If that was the only scene where cooking comes up, I could let it slide. After all, it's already been established that Ceony loves cooking and had considered culinary school if the magic thing didn't work out. That's all good. Except for the scene where she's at another bachelor's home, and his lack of gourmet cuisine elicits this: "Ceony determined the man needed to get married right away," and she considers setting him up with her friend. The friend that's also a magician. Because, although women can clearly be magicians, it's also their job to cook for men. Ugh.

That's nothing, though, compared to the casual, throwaway sexism involving clothing. OK, in the first book, we learn that Ceony was groped by a school administrator. (She dumps wine on him, causing her [she later discovers] to lose a scholarship, but never actually makes a complaint about it.) In this book, we learn that because of this incident, Ceony prefers to wear long skirts, as they're harder to get a groping hand up. Seriously? The answer to sexual harassment is to wear long skirts?!?!?!? Yeah, someone in a position of power over you will totally be put off by the skirt. At other points in this book, we learn that Ceony believes that a knee-length skirt is shockingly short, and that the shortest acceptable skirt is mid-calf. This is also specifically tied in to whether one is a 'liberal' or 'conservative' woman.

At this point, I felt like the setting in general began to be an issue. I know that some reviewers had an issue with it in the first book, pointing out how it didn't feel 'period' or 'English.' For the first book, I gave all that a pass, just telling myself that it was in an alternate-world fantasy setting. However, this book makes it more specific - I could no longer ignore that this is explicitly supposed to be England at the end of the 19th century. The referenced skirt lengths simply do not match British fashion of this time period, OR cultural attitudes of the time.
It's not just the skirts... it's the guns. (and oh so much more).
It's already been established that Ceony owns a gun. Here, she makes a comment that when she's stressed out, she likes to go shooting. OK, at this supposed place and time period, an upper-class woman might have hunted with a gun. But it's already been established that Ceony's family is supposed to be poor. (Although, when we meet them, they seem like an American middle-class family in every way). And the gun attitude is just... yes, American, Conservative, Middle-Class. It jars the reader right out of the story. The amount of research the author did into the social issues and political divisions of England at the time: ZERO.

Oh, and then there's a brief scene where we get magically transported to French-speaking Belgium - where everyone talks like they're in a first-year French textbook. And... well, I am driven to provide a quote here:
..."she found another sign, this one reading "Zuydcoote un kilometre au sud-est." She imagined "kilometre" meant kilometer, but she couldn't piece together the rest."
Bear in mind, Ceony is NOT supposed to be a mentally disabled character. Also, if you are one kilometer north-west of Zuydcoote, you are actually in the water off the coast of France, not in Belgium. Just saying.

However - all of these issues are mere quibbles compared to my main problem with the book. Which is the ending, and what it all hinges on. It's a step worse than deus-ex-machina - it's more like: "Everything I told you earlier and asked you to suspend disbelief for? Forget it! It's just not true!"

Well, this turned out to be quite an essay. I'm pretty sure I'm done with this author.

Book provided by NetGalley and 47North. Many thanks, and, clearly, my opinions are solely my own.

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November 5, 2014
How great it would be if someone else took this intriguing world and wrote a completely different book.

Also, I wish I'd read this in paperback rather than on a Kindle so I could have thrown it across the room when Ceony says that Langston, whose cooking is not all it could be, "needed to get married right away".
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August 21, 2018
Much better than the first

What I liked
- I really enjoyed how this one focused on Glass magic. Paper is cool and all, but glass is so much more interesting. I loved learning about the different enchantments one can do with glass which includes finding people and going from one place to another, through glass.

- I loved how subtle and cute the romance was in this. Although it seemed pretty much one-sided because of the whole ‘inappropriateness’ of the situation, the rare showcase of romance from Thane was V.cute. Like his creation of paper roses for her birthday. I would classify the romance in this as angsty but not to a point that it becomes over dramatic

“Why do you do all this for me, Ceony?”
“You know why.”

- This book is fast-paced and easy to read. I appreciate that because sometimes, one is in a mood for a quick read

- This book is kinda dark without going overboard. There are descriptions of violence/mutilations (same as the first book) but it was the right amount and it actually made the book interesting

What I didn’t like
- The MC made some stupid decisions which she did in the first book too. Is she ever going to learn her lesson? But her heart was in the right place so I didn’t really hate her for it. It was just a little bit irritating

- This book isn’t a 5 because I still feel like there is something missing. Like I enjoyed the book but it wasn’t anything spectacular. I didn’t feel the need to read the 3rd book asap (I will though) so I didn’t think it deserved 5 stars
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Author 15 books10.1k followers
February 10, 2020
As usual my reviews will contain spoilers so if that bothers you stop reading now.

I'm going to start with the things I don't like so I can end with the things I like and people can walk away from my review feeling optimistic about the book because my compliments will be the last thing they saw.

There were parts of this book I liked and parts of it I was really annoyed by. The romance still annoys me because it feels so forced. Ceony was Emery's apprentice for such a short amount of time before she fell head over heels for him and I get it, she went through his heart in the first book but I just, I was really annoyed by how over the top in love they were with each other the first time. Like Emery felt closer to her because of it when he could've felt violated just as easily. It almost felt like they were in love the moment they met. Anyway, I don't want to focus solely on the romance because I don't hate it, it's just an annoying and unnecessary subplot.

I couldn't stand the support cast. This was clearly the story of Ceony and Emery, the other characters felt like they were just props to tell their story and didn't have much of a story of their own. Sure they had some backstory, but the details just felt kind of irrelevant and they felt 2 dimensional at times. Their only recurring traits felt sort of superficial. Like Delilah, I mean come on. Was I supposed to feel emotion when she died? Was she really just introduced in this book to be the cute little girl who wants to help then dies? Cause that didn't make me feel anything during the book and when I look back on it now it feels kind of contrived and manipulative. I mean she was such an inconsequential character. She helped Ceony by being able to cast spells Ceony couldn't cast herself and by being scared to show how brave Ceony was.

This brings me to the part of the book I actually couldn't stand. Everything I've said to this point maybe got a shrug from me while I was reading. I still could've maybe given it 4 stars or at least 3.5 if those were the only knocks, but Ceony herself has such a martyr complex that just doesn't make any sense. She doesn't feel real, she does things that purposefully put herself in danger then lucks out of them and talks like she's a master magician when she hasn't even been an apprentice for a year, and Emery just enables her cause he's in love. Also her entire meaning of existence is Emery, then when her family is in danger she's like oh yeah I forgot about them now I need to sacrifice myself for them. Like seriously, she felt like she was going out of her way to put people in danger so she could have the right to die for them.

Oh wait I have one more complaint, sorry I just finished reading the book so it's all still sinking in. It bugged me that the entire magical structure in this world is now fluid. The division is what made it so interesting and unique. Now Ceony is going to be even more powerful despite being an apprentice for less than one year and she had totally contradicting thoughts to this. She was like I'm a folder, it doesn't matter I'll always be a folder, then it ends with her looking out the window saying she could be anything she wants. Like come on, so much inconsistency in her character on the last couple pages.

Okay, time for what I liked. Though I thought the villains were defeated a little too quicky in the final fight I thought they were compelling figures. They were at least more powerful than everyone in the book and I were treated with the respect of dangerous threats at large. Since it's the second book in a series, I would've preferred it if they won this round and built up the tension. I mean we know the good guys are gonna win, but you couldn't even give the bad guys a book to prove how powerful they are? Wow, okay this was supposed to be my complimentary paragraph. I guess I'll just say I liked them for the amount of time we had them. They were formidable until they weren't.
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April 5, 2020
The Glass Magician more like I Came Out to Have a Good Time and I'm Honestly Feeling So Attacked Right Now.


Seriously, I jumped into this expecting cuteness, some action, character development and maybe even a few kisses, but all I got instead is an insane dose of frustration (Ceony, I'm looking at you) and a headache.
Book #3 better be so good it makes up for this catastrophic sequel and the damage it caused to one of my favorite books and my (former, for now) fictional heroines, or I'm gonna be incredibly pissed for the next decade.


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February 10, 2022

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I was enchanted by THE PAPER MAGICIAN and eager to dive right into the sequel. Sadly, I didn't think THE GLASS MAGICIAN was as good. Grath and Saraj weren't quite as compelling a pair of villains as Lira, and their motivations weren't quite as compelling. Likewise, whereas the first book followed a trajectory of self-discovery and immersion in the magic system, this book mostly just felt like thriller. Even though it takes several months after the events of the previous book, not much has progressed romantically or magically, and by the end of the book the romance is debatable and the magic follows the rather tired and predictable trend of making the heroine super special.

2 stars
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May 23, 2023
3.5 Stars

I quite enjoyed this sequel to The Paper Magician as Ceony continues her apprenticeship to Emery Thane. Things are on course until Thane’s foe returns, wanting answers from Ceony as to how she defeated his partner in crime. What ensues is some cat and mouse and plenty of displays of magic that held me rapt.

Again, I appreciated the world building in this. I liked seeing Ceony learn new things about her craft and Holmberg showing how the other magical systems work. Less enjoyable was Ceony going off on her own and thinking she must do anything and everything to save the situation. However, one can’t totally place all the blame on her as this historical setting prides itself on propriety and rules that encompass a tiny bit of misogyny as well, forcing Ceony to take action.

Peppered with a dash of romance, Thane is a compelling hero (though distant), and it will be interesting to see how Ceony evolves further in her abilities. This was good enough storytelling that will take me to the end of this trilogy!
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964 reviews164 followers
November 19, 2014
I enjoyed “The Glass Magician”, by Charlie N. Holmberg, far more than I did its predecessor, “The Paper Magician”.

The plot flows extremely well and is engaging from the first chapter, bringing more spark to the world established in the first of the series. I found myself fascinated with the inner workings of the magical world, all the way from the apprentices to the villains. All of them are intriguing, and I am looking forward to learning more of their stories in the next book. There is a surprise point of view changed for one chapter that I loved reading, as well.

The various forms of magic are clever and fun to read about, and much like choosing which house you should be in if you were to attend Hogwarts, I dare you not to give a good bit of thought to which material you would like to bond. The mix of the steampunk, fantasy, romance, and history works well together to make a world I think many readers would like to visit.

Highly recommended. Also, if you do not love Emery Thane, I do not think we can ever be friends.

This review is based upon a complimentary copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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November 28, 2014
This is really 2.5 stars.

I really hate it when a sequel falls really short of the first book in a series and you are left wondering if book three is going to be worth your time.

The Glass Magician takes place three months after the events of The Paper Magician. While Ceony has fallen had for Mg. Thane, nothing seems to have happened between them and he lessons have continued as normal. But as attempts on her life start to occur, Ceony and Mg. Thane must try to find who is behind it before it is too late.

I think the thing I liked most about this book is the magic. I find it fascinating to find out about the different types of magicians. And the second half of the book was action packed which is while I feel this should have been 2.5 stars rather than 2.

However let's talk about that first half. Which largely consisted of this:

Her stomach fluttered

And this:

She became hyperaware of Emery's hand on her shoulder and despite her every urge for it not to happen, her cheeks burned with a flush.

And this:

Her pulse raced, and she could hear his heart through his shoulder.

And this:

She dropped her gaze before she could flush too deeply.

And... Well you get the idea.

I can't stand romance for this very reason. All the blushing and fluttering and primping. And the first half of the book is all about that. Every time she's with Emery or he touches her we have to know precisely how her body is reacting.

How about instead making the villain less one-dimensional? I'm still not even clear what the motive was.

The other issue I had with the book was its abrupt ending. It was almost as if the author was given a certain number of pages and could not go over. So after she filled page after page with blushes, she had to quickly wrap it up in two chapters. It was messy and not at all what I was expecting after the great debut.

If romance is your sort of thing you may enjoy this, but its unfortunately not for me.

Cross posted at Kaora's Corner.
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6,317 reviews215 followers
December 22, 2017
I don't know what the hell I was doing with my life before I found these books - it was probably something very mundane and boring like grocery shopping or something. Seriously, I'm very upset that it took me this long to accept this series into my heart and onto my kindle.

These books just keeping getting better and better and I'm loving every second of it! I seriously can't wait to read the next one while at work tomorrow. I'm giddy already guys.

I love everything about Ceony and I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. I'm constantly rooting for her and Emery AND THEN WHEN THEY KISSED I WAS FUCKING SWOONING GUYS!

But that is all I got. A KISS! But I will live within that kiss forever and forever. I expect more from these two in the next book. I'm begging people. I want more. PLEASE!?!

I also want to know what the hell is going to happen in the next book. Who will be the next villain? Will Ceony become a paper magician again? Will Emery just admit his feelings for Ceony and just take her?!? MARRY HER?!?

GUYS! I need more right now! I don't think I can wait until tomorrow!
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Author 3 books102 followers
November 24, 2014
(I got a copy courtesy of NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.)

Again, an easy and fast read, much like the previous installment, but had not I already gotten a copy through NG, as mentioned above, I doubt I would've read it.

Some parts of the book were still pleasant. I still liked the idea behind the magic, and the more prominent use this time of Gaffers and their powers—seriously, working with mirrors, travelling through them, using them to spy on or find people? That's awesome! It would have remained awesome if the rules of magic in that world hadn't been

Ceony this time just plunged deep into Too Stupid To Live territory, taking actions that a character as smart as she's supposed to be would have immediately thought twice about. So, sure, she came prepared... but clearly not enough. And she definitely did not think through all her moves and what they may imply for other people. Not wanting to endanger more people is a very fine motive, only not when it ends up achieving exactly that.

As in the first volume, some historical elements were too out of place: she's supposed to be of a struggling, working class-like background, but her father would take her to fire a gun when she was younger? This doesn't scream "poor family background" to me, not in London at the end of 19th century. Other jarring elements included Ceony's take on skirts and other views of women as creatures made to cook and take care of men:

"Langston didn’t seem to notice—he thought the tomatoes alone were a treat, and Ceony determined the man needed to get married right away. She wondered if Delilah could be coerced into dating him."

This might have worked for another character. Not for a young woman who's shown to act in daring ways, affirms her right to stay with her current master even though some may disapprove, wants to decide her own fate, and so on. Which is one of the problems I had with the romance in the first book: centered around the man, who was everything.

Speaking of the romance: still not convinced, all the more because of that weird chapter from Thane's point of view, thrown among all the others narrated in Ceony's, in which he thinks about his feelings for her. Less cooking this time; more fussing over things that seemed to spring out of nowhere (the allergy, for instance). Also, more blushing.

As for the villains, I found them paper-thin (pun totally intended). Grath and his fellow magicians would have been impressive in other circumstances, and their powers and cunning should have been put to better use. Instead, I never got to really understand their motives. Freeing Lira? All right, but what about a bigger plan, why have they been such targets for years (except for Excision, of course)? And Saraj.

Decidedly, this isn't working for me. (Nor is the cover, which is nice, but doesn't look like anything that was in the book.)
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1,081 reviews21 followers
November 5, 2014

Publisher: 47 North

Publishing Date: November 2014

ISBN: 9781477825945

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 1.3/5

Publisher Description: Three months after returning Magician Emery Thane’s heart to his body, Ceony Twill is well on her way to becoming a Folder. Unfortunately, not all of Ceony’s thoughts have been focused on paper magic. Though she was promised romance by a fortuity box, Ceony still hasn’t broken the teacher-student barrier with Emery, despite their growing closeness.

Review: Really like the cover art. Hmmm, now lets see how many times Ceony referenced “Emery’s green eyes” or her fluttering , clenching, swirling, dropping, sinking, lurching, cramping, growling, churning, souring, writhing, heaving, drained and turning stomach. Lets not forget her blushing face/chest/arms. WTF happened here? We went from possible redemption in terms of a story line with The Paper Magician to the Nora Roberts School of Writing meets Harlequin in The Glass Magician. This was just plain awful.

Ceony is being chased by two bad men. One of which wants her “secret” to freezing Lira and the other just wants to kill her. She flees with her hunky green eyed man, Emery, to the city where they take up residence in an apartment (Oh how scandalous!) and proceed to flirt, blush and think naughty thoughts. Ceony goes from a one dimensional character to a one dimensional character with a libido. All she sees is Emery with mischief in his green eyes and when he touches her she feels the warmth of his hands and hopes that he doesn’t see her blushing. FUG ME.

This was a fine example of trampling a good idea with romance. Ceony could have been this cool badass magician that learns her craft in the hard knocks department, can take a man or leave him, loves her paper dog more than modesty and can tell the establishment to fug off once in a while. What we got was a semi-feisty nun who runs around cleaning up after men or cooking for them every night or fainting in their arms. Oh lets not forget her stupid braid that is mentioned CONSTANTLY but has nothing to do with anything.
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289 reviews
June 3, 2018
ARC via NetGalley

The Glass Magician, much like the first book in the Paper Magician Trilogy, is a frustrating combination of high-potential world building and terrible character development. Holmberg's unique take on a historical magical London is compelling, a rare treat in an arena that had been so well covered in recent years. But Holmberg's heroine, Ceony Twill, is a Mary Sue of the type so popular in poorly written semi-romance novels directed at teens these days. She's the best at everything she attempts, always foils the bad guys (twice using techniques that would have otherwise been considered impossible or inexplicable in the world she inhabits), attracts sexual and romantic attention wherever she goes (despite, as has become popular with the Mary Sue's patterned after Bella Swan, the author repeatedly claiming she is 'plain'), and is possessed of a single and largely inconsequential failing (hydrophobia). It's genuinely hard to like Ceony and harder still to get on board with her endless angst over her much wanted romantic relationship with Magician Thane (primarily because it has only been three months, the girl needs to CALM DOWN).

Other problems typical to this sort of novel appear as well. These include the romanticizing of threatening male control and dramatic moments that shift in severity according to the author's whims rather than logic . While the pacing of the romance is problematic, the writing overall goes on at an entertaining clip. There is real talent here but very little of it seems to be directed towards making a realistic or compelling heroine. I have hope for Holmberg, if not for this particular series.
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884 reviews343 followers
January 2, 2018
A really solid sequel to the first book in this trilogy. It begins a few months after the events of book 1, and begins with Ceony having multiple attempts made on her life.

I actually really enjoyed this sequel and I am, all around, surprised at how much I am enjoying this series. It's such a fun lighthearted series with a really unique world and premise.

I think this one was a little bit weaker than book 1, I found it slower and the story was not as exciting. It was a bit irritating to see the characters being disregarded and left out of things, but I also understood the motivations.

All I can end with is I love Ceony and Emery dearly and while their age difference makes me a bit squeamish, I want them to have so much happiness <3
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1,067 reviews383 followers
December 10, 2014
I absolutely LOVE the world of the Paper Magician. Such a creative and unique and clever magic system and world that Holmberg has created. It makes me wish that *I* could bond to paper or metal or glass or whatnot. What a fun concept!

The plot in this one is much better than book one. The whole heart storyline from book one was a little blah, but this one really packs in the action. Be prepared, though, for some heartache as there are some sad moments.

I think my biggest gripe with the series is Ceony. She's just... cookie cutter and unlikeable. She's naïve, makes poor decisions, and definitely seems much less mature than her age suggests. Also, it gets exhausting hearing her blame herself for things out of her control (though to be fair, some of the blame should be placed firmly on her shoulders for her poor decision making skills). The rest of the characters are fine, some of them great, but Ceony is by far my least favorite of the bunch.

I do adore Fennel though. :)

Thanks to Netgalley for providing a copy of this book for me to review.
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260 reviews30 followers
May 26, 2018
3.5 Sterne
Tatsächlich hat mir ein bisschen die Magie rund um das Papierfalten gefehlt. Zwar lernen wir die Glasmagie etwas mehr kennen, aber hier kam nicht ganz so viel von dieser tollen Atmosphäre rüber, wie im ersten Teil beim Papier. Ausserden ging es mir an einigeb Stellen etwas zu schnell. Ansonsten war die Geschichte um Ceony wieder sehr unterhaltsam.
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469 reviews231 followers
May 21, 2016
Reseña completa -> http://thewordsofbooks.blogspot.com.e...

«Siento como si lo conociera desde siempre. Como si él siempre hubiera estado destinado a formar parte de mi vida. Y el plegado… me encanta el Plegado porque él me lo enseñó, porque él me enseñó la belleza en las cosas simples. La belleza que tengo dentro de mí.»

Pues me ha gustado mas que el primero... Y me parecen unos libros muy originales y divertidos de leer. Estoy deseando leer el último :D
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346 reviews
November 28, 2014

BTW, How did this book get so many high ratings?

I read the first book and gave it about 3 stars but then after a day or two and talking about it. I felt it was really a 2 star book. I just needed to digest all the misguided parts of the story. I shouldn't have continued on in the series. I didn't know it was going to be about Mg. Thane and Ceony. It's like a repeat of their relationship but denial involved making is sickening with how childish the whole things is. I can't stand Ceony. She is a brat and if she doesn't get her way she has no respect for her mentors and schooling. She stomps off and has tantrum. Is this the behavior we want from a so called hero of our story. No thank you. She shows no respect and has superwoman syndrome, thinking she can save the world. It's a shame. Total shame because this series could be really wonderful. There is a lot of neat elements that Holmberg didn't even touch upon that would make her world come to life. She totally lost the whole thing with the dreaded love story she was trying to get in this book. I just wanted to roll my eyes all the way through. I pushed myself to finish this book as fast as possible. I can't stand it and will not continue on in the story. Do a major service to yourself and your time, Don't read it! Ceony is a horrible person and friend. Better yet, tell all the characters not to be her friend because she will do nothing but put their lives in jeopardy just because of her ridiculous stupidity.
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1,401 reviews48 followers
August 14, 2018
The glass magician 🎩

We follow Ceony on her adventures through learning to be the perfect paper magician but she runs into some trouble. Well alot of trouble.
From a mass murderer after her to falling deeper in love with Emery her life is all over the place.

I love the magic system and the different types of magic. Paper magic was simple and beautiful but glass magic and going through mirrors but not imperfect mirror that wont work. It was just beautiful. A quick read and really fun, cant wait to continue with the rest of the series.
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694 reviews98 followers
September 3, 2019
"A man doesn’t have to have dark magic to do dark things"

I freaking love these books, they are nice short reads with just enough magic and a spurt of potential romance! I love Ceony's education and how many facets and potential spells there are to folding.

I'd also like to claim Thane as my new book boyfriend, thanks😍

Totally recommend these for a quick, action filled, magical read that doesn't make you think too hard while still feeling ALL the feels!
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Author 1 book469 followers
March 28, 2018
I'm waffling between 3 and 3 1/2 stars.

I really enjoyed the first book in this series: it was sweet and unassuming, and I loved how Ceony and Emery's relationship unfolded. It was also a bit on the light side, but after many months of psychological thrillers, a light fantasy seemed refreshing.

This book is darker, which is nice, but I have to echo the other reviewers who pointed out the villains are not well characterized, and one is very much an evil foreigner stereotype (complete with unflattering descriptions). I did like learning more about Ceony's past, and her relationship with Emery is still enjoyable, but really, the glaring stereotypical character knocked a star off for me.
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January 16, 2015
(Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to Amazon Publishing and NetGalley.)

“It is my responsibility to fix this,” she whispered.
Delilah turned from the window. “What?”
“My fault, my responsibility,”

This was an enjoyable story, and I liked it a lot more than ‘The Paper Magician’.

Ceony was once again happy to walk straight into dangerous situations in this book, and seemed to get in worse and worse scrapes! She really was single-mindedly fixated on saving everyone, especially Emery.

“If I didn’t take risks like this, you’d be dead!” she shot back. She swung her hand out, nearly knocking a seashell from the sink beside her. “I can’t sit idly by while the rest of the world goes on without me!”
“You do not hold up the world,” Emery replied, closer to his normal volume. “You are not God, and it’s time you stopped acting like you were.”

The storyline in this book was a lot more enjoyable than the first book, and we didn’t get any silly wandering through someone’s heart which was good! I did feel really sorry for the poor dog when he got wet, and I liked the different spells that glass magicians were able to do with glass.

“Delilah grabbed her hand, sucked in another breath, and held it. She stepped up on the dresser – pulling Ceony onto the chair, their hands linked together – and slowly slipped through the silvery glass.
Ceony squeezed her friends hand tighter and gasped at the coldness of the glass as her hand, arm, and shoulder squeezed through it. She closed her eyes as the rest of her body slipped onto the other side.”

The romance escalated a bit in this book, and it seemed that Emery was suddenly on the same page as Ceony. It was nice to see the pair of them like that though, rather than Ceony suddenly deciding that she loved Emery after taking a stroll through his heart!

“You have a great deal of good fortune in your blood, Ceony, but you cannot continue to take these kinds of risks. You’re not immortal. Do you have any idea what it does to me when you put yourself in danger?”

The ending to this was better than the ending to The Paper Magician, we got a bit of action, a couple of deaths, and an exciting discovery with regards to the material bindings!

6.25 out of 10
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June 13, 2021
Bardzo fajna,luźna fantastyka. Zapewne jest ona kierowana do osób,które jeszcze „raczkują” w fantastyce,ale ja świetnie się bawię przy tych książkach. Ciekawy system magiczny,bohaterowie nie są mocną częścią tej książki,ale i tak lubię tą serię.
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February 10, 2017
***2.5 Stars***

I don't remember Ceony being as annoying in the first book. It was really off putting for me. She was either whining or blushing or crying. And the way she acts with Emery is the way a child would act with his or her parent, aside from the romantic element of course. Actually, no, not even then. Her attempts at getting his attention are exactly what a child would do to gain the parents attention. That's not what I want from a female protagonist.

I am still enamored with the magic system. The paper folding especially. To be able to take a piece of paper, mold it into shape, and then breathe life into it. That's got to be the coolest thing. I'm mesmerized by the concept. I just wish this book were more about that, and less about this weird quasi father/daughter romance deal we have going on. If Ceony seemed more mature then maybe I could get behind it. But as it stands now? No. Just no. Don't get me wrong, I like Emery, with all his stodgy up-tightness and burning green eyes. I just don't like him with Ceony unless she somehow manages to grow up immensely in the next book...which I'm not sure I'll even attempt.

What a shame.
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October 30, 2014


2.5 stars

Ceony Twill, apprentice paper magician, saved her mentor and love interest from death. But evil folk are still at large, putting Ceony and her friends and family at risk. Left out by the powers that be, she nonetheless struggles for a solution, while learning surprising things about the nature of magic.

The Paper Magician, the first book in the series, started strong, but soon bogged down. This second book retains Holmberg's strong writing skill, but falls short in plotting and storytelling.

The first book introduced a not-very-credible romance, and unfortunately this sequel doubles down on it. Holmberg largely discards the interesting magic system that drew me to the book, in favor of what feels like a young-teen crush, as told by a twenty-year old. I've got nothing against romance novels, but I'd have liked to see the story offer more. Even when there's a sudden and jarring shift to mentor Emery's point of view, we learn little new about him, despite the story's intense focus on what he really feels.

Much as the Harry Potter series is really more a young person's adventure story than a fantasy story, the Paper Magician series is more a teenage romance than steampunk alternate history. The magic system, initially so promising, is reduced to simple tricks, never really explained. As with Potter, the spells are largely cast with a single word and some preparation - spells that anyone could do without much training, calling into question why there is such an elaborate training and apprenticeship program.

The governance of the magical world is similarly confusing. Choice of a type of magic is built up as a critical and personal choice, yet Ceony was forced (it's never clear how) to choose paper. She has graduated, but it still subject to the decisions of her former teacher. She's apprenticed to a master magician, but the former teacher seems to control the apprenticeship as well.

In short, what at first appeared to be a very promising series about magic has dumbed down into a constant internal "he loves me, he loves me not" dialogue, punctuated by the brilliant apprentice and cook casting random spells. With endless status updates about her braid (which plays no important role whatsoever).

All in all, this book is hard to recommend. If you're a fan of romance novels, feel free. If you're more interested in a consistently-built world, or in novel magic, look elsewhere. I personally won't be going on to the third in the series, because while a somewhat interesting new magic idea was introduced at the end of this book, I feel certain that the coming focus will be on a romantic setup that was predictable from the first chapter of book one. However, Holmberg certainly has talent, and I hope she applies it to something sturdier in the future.

NB: Received free copy from Net Galley. 
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April 2, 2015
This was an enjoyable sequel, possibly a tiny bit more so than the first book, even. That Ceony sure knows how to find trouble, but it seems as if there's always someone there to rescue her. It's all a little too convenient but I guess that's the case when magic is involved. ;) I could never BE so lucky.

When I saw I was only 40 minutes away from the end of the audiobook, I started getting nervous because I was afraid of a major cliffhanger, the way things were going. But convenience stepped in and saved me from that. And there's still enough left unresolved for the next book. :)
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August 11, 2018
Now the action is starting to pick up, which I like. We see that Ceony is facing with one of the criminals, who has turned Emery Thane's wife against him. Even though Ceony has made some reckless deeds to stop the criminal, her intentions were right. The Criminal Affairs couldn't stop him, because they thought of him less of a threat. Ceony, however, thought of the opposite.

Oooo And I saw that both Ceony and Magician Thane have developed a sizzling relationship. It's cute since Magician Thane is not much older than her. Maybe they would get more intimate after Ceony's magicianship. Then again, this is the two we're talking about.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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August 9, 2021
La verdad es que disfruté bastante el primer libro, es una historia divertida con una ambientación bien lograda de un Londres de época lleno de magia y su mismo sistema de magia es atractivo. Sin embargo, en esta entrega todo el tema del enamoramiento de Ceony terminó molestándome.

Ceony sigue con su entrenamiento con Emery y la tensión no dicha entre ambos. Pero cuando una serie de ataques comiencen a ocurrir alrededor de ella descubrirán que viejos enemigos del mago vuelven para atacarlos y Ceony parece ser el foco.

Me gustaba Ceony, era esa chica aplicada dispuesta a hacer todo de la mejor forma. No porque le saliera natural, sino que porque se dedicaba a ello. En el primer libro me encantó el que se enamorara de Emery y la relación sutil de ambos. Por desgracia, aquí Ceony pierde todo lo que me gustaba de ella por este amor. Dejó de ser ese personaje racional que antes tenía todo un plan para salvar a Emery y lo llevó a cabo, ahora solo actuó por un impulso con un plan bastante mediocre. En el libro anterior era una chica lista que logró salvar a quien amaba, acá fue la chica impulsiva que se culpó de todas las cosas malas que pasaron y al querer salvar a todo el mundo se puso en peligro y tuvieron que salvarla.

Sé que son solo 200 páginas, pero la historia se sintió estructurada de una forma extraña. Pasé más de la mitad sin saber cuál era el hilo de esta o hacia dónde nos movíamos. Luego, en la segunda mitad, Ceony lleva a cabo su desastroso plan y después llega el climax. Estaban bien los villanos y sus motivaciones, pero el cómo todo estaba hilado no me convenció. Pasó de 0 a 100 de forma algo brusca.

Algo que también me molestó fue todo lo relacionado con Delilah, la amiga de Ceony, su rol en el libro fue muy evidente. Una forma manipuladora de aumentar la emoción del climax. Insisto, sé que solo son 200 páginas, pero quedé con la sensación de que intentó abarcar demasiado y lo hizo sin profundizar. Todo sucedió tan rápido que esa maravillosa amistad de Ceony y Delilah tampoco me la creí mucho.

Aun así The Glass Magician es una historia divertida y corta que profundiza más en la magia, en este caso la magia de cristal. Además, con lo que sucede al final se abre todo un abanico de posibilidades para el futuro que se ve interesante.

"A man doesn't have to have dark magic to do dark things"
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