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Descendants #2

Shifting Fate

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According to prophecy, Brianna Drake was born to save the world. The trouble is, she doesn't have the slightest idea how. Her visions should have given her the answer, but they’re beginning to shift, making the danger too unpredictable, even for a prophet.

If she can just help her sister restore their hidden powers, she might be able to stop what’s coming. But an old enemy returns, and he’s got plans for Brianna and her visions.

What neither of them knows is that fate has given a stranger one chance to find her. He was trained to protect the chosen—but if he fails, the future will crumble.


First published November 1, 2013

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About the author

Melissa Wright

56 books1,357 followers
Melissa is the author of more than a dozen YA and fantasy novels including The Frey Saga and Between Ink and Shadows. When not writing she can generally be found talking with an author friend about a book, painting something from a book, or tucked between headphones listening to a book. It’s kind of a theme. She loves reasonable heroines in unreasonable situations, noble--if brooding--heroes, slow burn and sweet kisses, a lot of havoc, and a little magic. Stay updated on works in progress at Instagram. Contact her through the web at www.melissa-wright.com

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56 reviews47 followers
January 4, 2018


Shifting Fate is a compelling and romantic sequel of urban fantasy that takes you away on a journey about lineage. – Abooktopia

Shifting Fate picks up right from where we left in Bound By Prophecy. Only this time it’s from Brianna’s point of view. I thoroughly enjoyed the switch in POV as last time we read from her sister, Emily’s perspective. I got a much better understanding of Brianna’s character in this sequel, as in the first novel she appeared to have been weak and frail, but that clearly was not the case in Shifting Fate. Instead she came off as a strong independent woman, as she shoved unwanted spotlight away from herself as she kept secretes hidden away from her twin sister, Emily, and the man she loved. Logan. The chemistry between Brianna and Logan was all the more hotter than Emily and Aern’s. Truth be told, I never expected to love someone more than Aern, until I actually fell in love with Logan, within three seconds flat. I loved the way Logan supported Brianna, even in the hardest of times. I found Brianna to be a much deeper character than I had first thought, as there was so much more to her story than the eye can see.

Shifting Fate was all the more intense, and action packed than the first novel. I loved how throughout the novel, we as readers watched as Brianna grew to believe in herself, despite her visions and powers altering. Knowing the outcome of what is coming, Brianna is desperate to change the course of the future.

Though I enjoyed this novel, I found Emily and Brianna’s heritage to be confusing at times as I got a bit lost when it came to Brianna researching about her linage and discovering how to fulfil the prophecy. I’m sure that the last novel in the trilogy will clear things up, especially about who or what the seven lines and shadow are.

***I received a signed copy of this book in return for an honest and unbiased review***
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1,718 reviews181 followers
December 6, 2013
See my original ARC review here.

4.5 Stars

Melissa does such a great job from the beginning of her books pulling you right in. One of the main heroine's from the last book, Brianna, is recovering from some injuries. She's a prophet and can see glimpses, images, words, and sometimes just feelings of the future. She knows what the outcome of what is coming. She knows that she needs to change that outcome, but she doesn't know how or what specifically will happen between now and then. She's trying to recuperate and search for answers at the same time, which is somewhat of a difficult thing to do and leaves her feeling exhausted and hopeless sometimes.

Brianna is in the middle of a type of tug-of-war. Aern of the Council wants her protected. So does the Division and both want to take control of that protection. I really, really loved how Logan stepped between the two, even though he's basically a Council man. I loved the way Logan supports Brianna and that it wasn't always with words or actions, but sometimes just in a touch, a look, or in silence. He tried to make sure she rested and ate and had a way to get where she needed to be. They compliment each other beautifully. Logan is quite different than Aern, but I loved that difference and that he was just as strong of a character. I loved Logan's question to Brianna of "Is it now?" It was great every time and just immediately brought up that romantic tension between the two of them. You'll have to read it to find out what I mean. No spoilers here. ;)

I did get a little lost when Brianna was researching her lineage and how to fulfill the prophecy. I really love the setting and the history behind these people who possess powers. I wanted more! I wanted to understand more and really see how it all worked. I still feel like I'm missing something and maybe I'm supposed to since the third book in the series comes out next year. I guess I'll have to wait and see...

The thing I probably love most about this series is that I love the characters! They are each different and feel realistic. They aren't perfect and they don't know or do everything they should, which I think is part of the reason they feel authentic. I also love that the feeling of time slipping away and the urgency for Brianna and her sister to figure things out before it's too late is always present. This really helps drive the story forward.

Overall, I really loved Shifting Fate! It was an engaging, paranormal romance that I would definitely read again! I would recommend it to those who love the YA and NA genres.

Content: Some violence, but I would consider this clean, which I really appreciate.
Source: From the author, which did not affect my review in any way.
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190 reviews4 followers
February 2, 2018
See, Brianna is the prophet, no longer the chosen. Of course, nobody else in the Division knows it, and she is attacked after Aern stabbed her, Morgan having place Aern under his sway. When her safety becomes vital, she is placed under the protection of Logan, whom she finds herself falling for, and hard. When she has a vision of their kiss, and alerts Logan of it, Logan uses that knowledge to know about whether or not they’ll die in troubling situations, because if the kiss doesn’t happen, then they can’t die; another useful reason to work with a prophet. Brianna goes searching for the place that Morgan held her mother.

From the notes that her mother hid, she learns that she is the Dragon Slayer, and a shade, a shadow, her powers bound by the broken bonds, the lines that run in the veins of the Seven Lines. Using what little she has, she connects the bonds, gives Emily her magic, and herself her abilities to see the present and the future. But Morgan, after being imprisoned, has escaped his prison. Will her powers be enough to stop him?

The second book in the series, it is captivating, just like its predecessor, filled to the brim with action and danger, as well as some parts of romance. Told in the view of Brianna, while the first was told in the view of Aern, Brianna’s story carried on the urban fantasy story. I loved how the intensity of the story makes it seem as if you are right there with the characters, there was subtle hints of romance, and how there is a dark secret behind Brianna and Emily’s family.
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912 reviews
December 20, 2019
Definitely better than the first book. It's still nothing special, but I found myself actually really liking it - and I always get into a good mood around christmas, since I finally get off from university, so four stars it is. :D

Thankfully, I already knew what was what this time around, so no confusion dampened my enjoyment of it. Not to mention, I think I liked Brianna and Logan more than Aern and Emily from the first book - they were still kind of rushed, but the progression of their relationship still seemed more... natural to me. So the story also flew better along with it.

Not to mention that it was a bit more action-packed than the first installment, where half of the story consisted of the author (not exactly successfully) trying to show us the world and context.
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Author 21 books83 followers
February 21, 2015
You know how books suffer from second book syndrome? How the plot is drawn out to boring and the characters go a little flat and not much happens? Shifting Fate is not one of those books. It's full of action and danger, consequences and prophecy.

Shifting Fate picks up right where Bound By Prophecy left us, but from Brianna's point of view. I wasn't sure about that at first but she really grew on me. I ended up loving her as much as Emily, and admiring her bravery in the face of physical weakness even more. Melissa Wright really knows how to write female characters. AND male characters. I didn't think you'd ever get me to love someone more than Aern. But Logan. Damn, he's got that noble, duty-bound soldier thing going on, along with being blonde (you know I love blondes) and having a heart of mushy gold when it comes to Brianna. They almost killed me with their moments. "Is it now?" If you mean me crying over these precious characters, yes, it's now.

The only thing that kept it from being one of my all time favourites, like the first book, is that I didn't completely understand the Shadow thing. I'm guessing that's gonna be explained more in the next book but I couldn't grasp the meaning in this one. That's really my only issue, and it's pretty small in relation to the book.

A compelling, romantic sequel from Melissa Wright, who continues to astound me with her incredible Descendants series.
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565 reviews51 followers
November 1, 2015
*I was sent a copy in exchange for an honest review.*
God, I love this series so much!
I thought Aern was my favorite character in this series but this book introduced me to Logan and I'm sorry but he stole my heart after three seconds of reading about him!
This book is glorious! It's action packed and I love a story that incorporates abandoned places! This picks up right where the first book left off and Morgan is still an amazing villain. I was kept in the edge of my seat the entire book and the emotions I experienced while reading were so hard to handle, I could barely breathe! I would've finished this book in one sitting had life and sleep not gotten in the way! I love Melissa's writing so much and this series needs so much more attention. I would love to share my love for Logan with somebody! He is so hilarious and has the best expressions, I love it. Oh, Brianna is a lucky woman! There is nothing I didn't like about this book and I was sad to finish it but on to the next!
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Want to read
December 9, 2013

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1,490 reviews26 followers
June 17, 2017
Holy Crap it worked... I mean my kindle didn't freeze up while I was reading it like it usually does.... Oh I'm sorry did you think I was talking about something else? Did you think I meant that someone got a big BUTT whoppin'? sorry to be the bearer of bad news but that is surely not what I meant. This series has brought me laughter and tears and wanting to slap the BEEP out of some douche who thinks he should rule everyone he needs to be taken down a notch or twenty.
111 reviews
May 1, 2019
Just got the last one. This is a great set of books that has everything going for it.
Go on and try it.
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398 reviews3 followers
October 3, 2016
This picked up almost where the first left off. It did not take long to be brought into the arc of the story. There was a difference in the second book however. I believe mostly because there was time to get to know the characters more and there was now more depth to them. I now felt a part of the story. This is essential in what makes a book special. A shame that it took the second in the series to do it.

There is not much I can say that will not spoil some of the twists and this is something I do not do. I like others to be able to enjoy the book and get their own surprises as I did. It is one of the reasons I do not read some of the critiques.

This sequel truly has more of what I was so desperately looking for in the first. The darkness of the story you could feel it pressing in not to mention to indecision when uncertain of your choices. Something I believe all of us have felt.

I hope that you will enjoy this second book and did not get turned away because of the first.
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67 reviews7 followers
November 12, 2015
Brianna Drake was born to save the world. The trouble is she doesn't have the slightest idea of how to. In Shifting Fate Brianna finds out many important and shocking things that leads to the prophecy. Most of her visions are painful and deceiving because they contain scary information about her family, plus her visions lead from one thing to another.

In Bound By Prophecy Aren and Emily are the main characters in the book. But what I really thought was amazing is that in the second book in The Descendants series "Shifting Fate" comes from Emily's sister Brianna"s perspective. Which I really liked because we got to see the way two sisters thought throughout the entire story.

In Shifting Fate we learn more about the world and Prophecy that Brianna is tied into. Scared for her sister and the Division Brianna stays up for days searching for new information that may help her and her sister succeed in fulfilling the prophecy before Morgan destroys the world. Thankfully the Division currently has him captivated. So there are no worries about him hurting anyone else.... Right?

Even though both Emily and Brianna are twins, in Shifting Fate it feels like Brianna is much older than Emily. Maybe since Brianna can see the future her maturity is at a higher level because she's learned to accept what will happen next?

While learning more about the Prophecy Brianna didn't ask for anymore unnecessary distractions. But I'm not sure you could call Logan an "unnecessary distraction". Ever since one of Morgan's men tried to capture Brianna, Aren ordered Logan to listen and protect Brianna at all costs.
Once Brianna realizes that Logan has been in her past visions, every time she glances at him.. she blushes.
While studying about the Prophecy, Brianna's mind and eyes are elsewhere studying Logan and all of his beauty.

Logan used to be a destined protector for both brothers Morgan and Aren. But when Morgan overthrew the Council, Logan knew he couldn't live on Morgan's dark side. So he decided to live his own life. Helping on with side with the Division and continuing being loyal to Aren. Which means being completely and utterly loyal to Brianna.

Both Brianna and Logan know that they have a special connection and are meant for each other. They want one another. Waiting for the perfect moment Brianna saw in her vision. Both of them decide to wait on their romance.

But when Morgan escapes the Division he takes Brianna along with him. Being kept weak and chained up for days Brianna has anger eating away at her from what Morgan did to her family. With no hope she thinks that she'll never get out.

Here we go again. In book one of The Descendants series Emily finds the powerful sweetheart Aren. And in book two of The Descendants seres Brianna finds the sweet,caring,tender loving Logan! I'm honestly so in awe that there are wonderful male characters in this series! It's so hard to come by amazing guys.. Especially in books! The uncertainty that courses through Brianna thought Shifting Fate eventually get resolved and I feel that Brianna's character grew up by several years because of that.

The pacing in the novel was mostly fast paced which kept me on my toes! I felt that in Bound By Prophecy the story was still panning out and solving it's self. But in Shifting Fate we go more in depth about solving as well as resolving with what happens next.
Shifting Fate was written so beautifully. utterly amazing ,and captivating. With a steady blaze of fire that keeps you comfortably on your toes.

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298 reviews208 followers
April 28, 2014
We are The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club, to know more about this book, go to the post in our website:

Shifting Fate (Descendants Series, #2) by Melissa Wright

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The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club

The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club's Review:

Rate: 4 stars


Shifting Fate is the perfect follow-up to the Urban Fantasy series of the Descendants. Once again there's a lot of action, danger, prophecies and definitely romance. I can tell you that once I started I couldn't stop!

I read the first book in the series a while back so when I started reading this book, I was expecting to read where Bound by Prophecy was finished and from the main character's, Emily, point of view. I had to re-read the first page to fully understand what was going on. This book is from Emily's sister, Brianna, point of view. The sister everyone thought was the chosen one? Yep, that girl. I liked Emily, so badass, and Brianna is completely the opposite, sweet, innocent and almost vulnerable. But I loved even more this story!

So, the story follows right where Bound by Prophecy ended, but from Brianna's point of view: wounded and in the hospital. She has to fully understand the prophecy in order to defeat creepy and scary Morgan. But it's still kind of difficult for Brianna to be safe, when even after locking up the bad guy, he's control over the people around her.

With a more insight in what's going on with Brianna and Emily and her world, you start this story fully prepared. It was nice the change of characters and to be in the "mind" of the prophet gives the story some insight, too. Somehow I enjoyed more the story from Brianna's perspective. Maybe because she feels kind of lost and vulnerable for not being prepared as the warrior, like her sister, but the prophet she's destined to be. However, she overcomes this and fights it and tries to be that hero that the prophecies have predicted, even when she doesn't even know what she's looking after exactly.

It's true that I got a little bit lost with all the process of studying the prophecy and even know I cannot understand how she discovered/arrived to the conclusion that she did, but at the point I didn't care because I was more focused on the romance. I am a complete romantic, I admit it, and Brianna and Logan's story? Swooned. I ended up with a big goofy smile on my face. I think that the romance and the innocence that Brianna provides into the relationship is what makes it simply amazing. I loved it.

Maybe I would have liked to see more interactions between Aern and Emily, romantic ones. But since we are reading from Brianna's point of view is completely understandable.

The ending was a wrap-up one. Leaving the reader satisfied, but with the possibility of having another book. And the writing was simply great. I wasn't bored at all and I ended up the story pretty fast.

I highly recommend this book to those YA/NA readers who would like an Urban Fantasy read full of action and danger with the threat of the destruction of the world as it is. And also to those who love those romances that are "meant to be". Definitely an enjoyable read.
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1,481 reviews71 followers
October 8, 2016
Shifting Fate is the second book in the Descendants trilogy by Melissa Wright. We pick up a little after the ending events of Bound by Prophecy and this time we have the pov written in Brianna's, Emily's twin sister's, voice.

Brianna is the prophet that is suppose to save everyone (that's the Seven Lines and the human race) from Aern's brother, Morgan. Recap Morgan was the leader of the Seven Lines (people with superpowers) who has gone mad, creating an army to rule not just his people but the world. He has done horrible things to achieve his goal and he is not going to stop unless he is stopped.

This is where Brianna and Emily come in. Brianna and Emily couldn't be more different. Where Emily is a fighter, Brianna is a strategist, she uses her visions to help fight Morgan and his men. Brianna also has the power to repair the broken connections in the Seven's powers. So as you can see Brianna is important and needs to be kept safe, that's where our new character comes in. Logan is introduced in this book and he is there for one thing and one thing only, protect Brianna at all cost.

While we see the other characters from the previous book this one is concentrated on Brianna and Logan and if you haven't figured it out Logan is Brianna's one. Logan protects and takes care of Brianna while trying to help her figure out a way to stop her visions of fire and death from happening.

Shifting Fate has a good plot, is fast paced and has a lot of action, I mean hell breaks loose a few times. It will keep you on your toes and after I read the ending to this one I am now wondering what in the hell is going to happen in the last book of the series. I guess I will find out in Reign of Shadows.
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290 reviews12 followers
January 6, 2014
Oh how I love when a fabulous book has a fabulous sequel! It makes me do a happy dance :) tee hee hee! The first book in the Descendants Series, BOUND BY PROPHECY, is an amazing read (see my five star review on my blog, Known to Read) and I've been salivating to get a hold on this baby, SHIFTING FATE. It totally does not disappoint!

We start off stepping away from Emily's POV to a shifting POV that focuses on Brianna's story. I loved getting to know this girl who, while being Emily's twin, is so different. Then we get to meet Logan. **happy sigh** Logan is this amazing alpha male who is completely devoted to protecting Brianna. The chemistry between these two is like fireworks! Awesomesauce!!!

The plot of SHIFTING FATE is intense. It's a race against time, but the timing is so uncertain because Brianna's visions keep changing and her powers alter, causing even more trouble. Brianna must find a way to free her and Emily's powers to prevent a horrible future from coming to pass. While she is trying to accomplish this, psycho kidnappers, chase scenes and explosions keep getting in her way. I love her tenacity throughout this book and I love how she grows to believe in herself.

My only complaint is that Emily's and Brianna's heritage got confusing for me. As the mystery unfolds on who they are and how Brianna will ultimately free their powers, I got a bit lost, but I'm pretty confident that book 3 will clear these things up. I'm crazy eager to see where this series goes from here and anxiously await Descendants #3!!!
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614 reviews104 followers
March 1, 2015
This is the second book in the Descendants series, so as usual with these kinds of reviews I won't be covering anything about the plot as I like my reviews to be spoiler-free.

I enjoyed this book much more than the first in the series, and I feel this is partly due to the change of perspective. This book is from Brianna's perspective for the entire novel. Brianna was my favourite character from the first novel, and so I loved spending more time with her in this book. I really liked her character development in this story and enjoyed seeing her interactions with other characters, especially Logan.

This book also helped rectify some of my problems with the first in the series. Everything started making more sense, although I do still think the series would benefit from more world building overall. It was nice to see that this had been worked on a little this time, though. As a reader, I didn't spend half of this book feeling lost, which is a vast improvement.

Overall, I'm glad I continued with the series despite my misgivings from the first novel within it. This book is significantly better and the character building is brilliant. I grew more attached to Brianna in this book and I can't wait to see how it all comes to an end in the next book.
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323 reviews43 followers
February 20, 2015
3 Stars


Melissa Wright spins an enjoyable tale in this installment. She wastes no time and the plot never drags. What I really enjoyed about this book was the change in perspective. Personally, I enjoyed Brianna's voice and view more than Aern's. And the romance in this book was lovely. With that having been said, I feel that there were some gaps in this story and some things that were unexplained for most of the duration of this book. Because of the different view, of course Brianna has different knowledge/history than we read about in Bound by Prophecy, but I think that there was some background that needed to be disclosed. Also, you know that character in movies and books who (when a revelation is made but not shared by some other people) throws their hands up and demands, "WHAT IS GOING ON?" Yeah, that was me several times during this book. Still, I did enjoy this more than Bound by Prophecy so I have high hopes for the conclusion to this series!
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481 reviews7 followers
February 16, 2015
Not as good as the first one, but I liked the switch in POV. The pacing and action are still just as fast as in the first book (this is a good thing) and I think the sexual tension between Brianna and Logan was MUCH hotter than the chemistry between Emily and Aern in the first book. I'm curious to see where the final book takes us. I think there's going to be a much bigger and badder villain out there than Morgan. Apparently Brianna and Emily figure out a lot more about this mysterious prophecy in this book, but the reader is left in the dark about a lot of these "revelations" which I found frustrating. Even when they finally acted on some supernatural power level, it was a little tricky to tell what was actually happening. There are a lot of references to something called a "Shadow" but I'm still really confused about what that means. There's a chance this is intentional and that everything will be answered in the final book. Sometimes middle books are tricky in a trilogy, so onward to the third book to hopefully get some answers.
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50 reviews20 followers
September 7, 2016
On this book is the continuation where Bound by Prophecy left behind, but instead of Aern's perspective, it was the POV of Brianna the twin sister of Emily the Chosen one.

This book has so much visions, images, puzzles, etc since Brianna is a prophet. Well she needs protection, so Aern introduce his Best friend Logan to her to be a body guard. She's searching for answers and clues......

.....for what? For the prophecy?

After reading the book, there's still so much questions that's unanswered. i dunno if it's just me? I'm a lil bit confused now, I think I lost track. I'm just being honest.

I do like the connection between Brianna & Logan but the relationship between Aern and Emily is still more sexy... and by the way, I rarely saw Aern and Emily. Ugh!

Sorry, I so much love the 1st book than this sequel.

I'm still intrigued about the prophecy and the....dragons? or are they really a Descendants from the Dragons.

I really look forward for the conclusion, I hope I'll get some satisfying answers.
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Author 24 books550 followers
November 2, 2017
As a long-time fan of. Melissa Wright's works I'll confess I was predisposed to absolutely adore Shifting Fate. I began reading her latest urban fantasy late yesterday evening and did not stop until my eyes were blurry, my heart was full and I had finally clicked onkto the last page. If you've read Bound then you already know how action packed and fun Wright's story can be. The sequel not only delivers but offers the point of view of a quieter, more introspective character. Right out of the ballparck Wright threw me for a loop by shifting what I thought was going to happen into an entirely different direction. Which really is the soul of Brianna's story. Rather than. Be ruled by the visions that plague her, the prophet learns to make her own destiny. Anxiously anticipating the next chapter in this marvelous series!
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275 reviews36 followers
December 22, 2013
I read the pre-edited copy and I can tell you all that you are in for a treat!! I am not going to give anything a way but I am going to tease you by saying that any fans of the first book will love the sequel. It is jam-packed with more of Aern and Emily and a little something for Brianna as well. The actions, tension, suspense, humour and mystery is there too. The ending is amazing but the lead up and plot is even amazinger (I just realised that isn't a word).

One of the previous main characters narrates this book, starting out by recovering from her injuries. Melissa soon jumps straight into the action and mystery. What I loved so much is that because it is from Brianna's perspective we get front seats to all of her visions and inner thoughts and what a treat that is. Ok my lips are sealed now :P

Happy reading guys :) x
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954 reviews39 followers
September 3, 2016
Well written and well edited. The plot has a fever pace in all the right places taking the reader on a fast paced adventure with well fleshed out characters whom are easy to connect with and feel for. The story is well conceived and played out. This is a fun entertaining and easy read, and one I easily recommend to most readers. It's refreshing to read how a character develops through their experiences as opposed to being static. A free copy was provided by Prism Book Tours in exchange for an honest unbiased review. Read more reviews, author interviews and enter giveaways on my blog.
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11 reviews
June 26, 2014
Great sequel!

This book was written from the other sister's perspective, and I was hesitant about that at first. But it turned out to be an outstanding story, with very few editing errors and Brianna was a much deeper character than I first thought. There was much more to the story of Brianna, and the author did a great job of showcasing her and why she does the things she does without giving all the answers too soon. All in all, if you liked book one, you need to read this book!
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634 reviews
September 7, 2015
Stronger than the first

Maybe it's that there weren't so many secrets unsaid, so people could build relationships more easily, or because it was the second book & readers knew more, so Brianna's voice seemed a stronger narrator than Aern in the 1st book.

The prophecy vs free will business was handled well too. Sure everyone is making choices based on 1000s of years old prophecy, but because we were hearing the story through Bri it was refreshing to see how prophecy/fate is fluid as people make different choices.
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1,084 reviews3 followers
April 29, 2015
If I could give 3.5 stars, I would simply because of the character development between the main characters. I so wanted to like this book, really I did. I only read it to see if I could figure out what the @#$% the first book was about. Two books in and I STILL DO NOT KNOW WTF IS GOING ON. The last two chapters were so stupid and made no sense and didn't really explain WTF was going on. I will take an act of God to get me to read the third book in the trilogy.
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488 reviews
February 25, 2015
I'm always a fan of reading from the POV of the girl, and I'm so glad this was. I finally understand the weakness and frailty of the twin to with the gift of prophecy.

LOVE the guy, LOVE the building up of their relationship, and LOVE the thrilling romance!

Perfect for the slightly older young adult.

So disappointed that the next one in the series is from the POV of the bad guy... still debating whether or not I'm going to read it.
94 reviews2 followers
June 20, 2017
This is the second of a three book series and it starts where book 1 ends. Brianna was born to save the world; Emily was born to protect her sister, Brianna. Morgan was born to rule (or so he believed) and he stops at nothing to get what he wants. Aern's, Morgan's brother is love with one sister and has promised to protect the other. Members from both sides, the Division and the Council, look to Brianna whose hope is she can save them all.....
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Author 86 books580 followers
December 20, 2013
A solid sequel to the first book in the series, but switching up some of the main characters POVs and introducing new, lovable characters as well. The tangled web caused by prophecy - and those who succumb to it as well as those who try to change it keeps the reader on their toes in this high stakes, adrenaline pumping read. 4.5 stars.
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Author 22 books162 followers
September 20, 2014
I really like this series a lot. It's a very interesting premise and there are some very surprising plot twists. The point of view shifted from Aeryn to Brianna which was a logical choice as she was the pivotal character in this story line. I am intrigued by the special abilities and hope to see more of them in the next book.
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April 27, 2015
Líbilo se mi to stejně jako první díl. Místy zmatené, ale začínám mít pocit, že se začínám maličko orientovat v tom Proroctví. Narozdíl od jedničky jsem si zamilovala Briannu, která to celé vyprávěla. A samozřejmě Logana. Jsem vážně zvědavá, jestli v trojce bude ta plánovaná "Apokalypsa", protože podle obálky to tak vypadá.

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