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Redoubtable (Kris Longknife, #8)
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(Kris Longknife #8)

4.06  ·  Rating details ·  2,609 Ratings  ·  47 Reviews
Lieutenant Commander Kris Longknife has precise orders: seek out, engage, and destroy pirates, slavers, and drug lords operating beyond the rim of human space-without interfering in Peterwald family affairs. But when slavers kidnap a twelve-year-old girl, Kris's mission becomes personal. And if destroying the pirate compound flattens some Peterwald interests-well, to hell ...more
Paperback, 336 pages
Published November 15th 2010 by Ace (first published October 26th 2010)
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Jacob Proffitt
Jan 16, 2016 rated it really liked it
Shelves: sci-fi
Another on the low end of my four-star ratings, though perhaps unfairly. The plot is good and the pacing excellent (with a single overarching through line, though it has three theaters of action). The battles are satisfying and all that stuff.

My discontent is with the (lack of) character development. And by that, I mean the big fat nothing developing on the relationship front. I'm not completely sold on Jack and Kris. I'd like it to happen and would love to see them move forward as a couple, but
Sep 29, 2011 rated it it was ok
I hated having to rate this book. Hated it.

On one hand it was enjoyable, an easy three stars, but by the end I had a sinking feeling in my stomach and horrible taste in my mouth. This series is starting to head in a direction that I really don't like. And I hate it. I hate that a series that promised so much has in the space of a book nose-dived. Okay, so there were hints that it may go sour in the last two books, but really I thought it could be done well.

Not any more. (view spoiler)
Man, I keep reading these books, and being frustrated by the copy editing. (Just because the word is spelled correctly and has similar letters doesn't make it the right word, argh.) But I continue to buy these books - yes, I own the whole run - because there is a Pretty Good Book aching to get out of all of these books. (If only someone could put in *question marks*. Or to remind the author that Kris is still injured after the first 50 pages.)

The story arc with the teenager is not nearly as anno
Barb in Maryland
Nov 29, 2011 rated it it was ok
Shelves: dnf, military, sf-f
Well, I swore after the last one that I was giving up on the series. But I do believe I am addicted. This one wasn't so much a DNF as a totally skimmed to catch the plot points and to see what's happening with the characters.
I did get frustrated though--and this is a problem with a long running series where you only get one episode a year--I have forgotten a lot of what happened in earlier books. For the most part that's okay, but I am fairly certain that Kris was more grown-up several books ago
Apr 11, 2012 rated it really liked it

Nutritionally worthless, mostly air, ... but irresistibly tasty!

Every time I finish a "Longknife", I swear I won't waste my time on another. I say the same thing after every bag of popcorn.
Quite good, the whole series is truly enjoyable.
Steven Allen
Sep 18, 2017 rated it really liked it
Shelves: books-to-go, not-kept
This was another excellent book in the Kris Longknife space opera series. We see Kris learn some hard facts about the sacrifice of command, and living with the consequences of choices while in command. This book also features more about Cara and her Aunt Abby (Kris's "maid".) Action is spread throughout this book, although there are some slow spots where things get a bit tedious with political wrangling.
Oct 20, 2017 rated it really liked it
Another high action novel with some nervous-making spots. He really kept me tense and slightly grossed out in a spot or two (I hate slavers too). Yet another must-read.
Russ Holthaus
Mar 13, 2017 rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Frenemies working on solutions

Great read while combining the to family navy and marine compliments in settlement of pirates. Well enjoyable and onward to the next one.
Jan 01, 2011 rated it really liked it
Shelves: 2011, science-fiction
Mike Shepherd's Kris Longknife series was one of the first SF series I read and liked. I fell in love with the main character, unsurprisingly named Kris Longknife and her merry band of... what shall we call them, compatriots? Soldiers? Employees? Let's go with friends, because the main supporting cast are Kris' friends, sometimes despite their own best judgement. The books are filled with fun characters whose snark and humour tickle my funny bone and I really love the dialogues and interactions ...more
Hali Sowle
Another fine entry into the Kris Longknife series. This book sees Kris out in the rim of space, still recovering from landing on a mine (surprisingly not meant for her) and in much more fragile health than any other book. Denied the, reasonable she thought, request to go find out what lurks out beyond the rim of space with her new friend the Itchee Ron, she is instead tasked with something much more thankless - to head out to "Sooner" space and try to find out and stop the pirates that are preyi ...more
Apr 15, 2016 rated it it was amazing
This is the 8th book in the Kris Longknife series by Mike Shepherd. Kris Longknife has been sent on a mission by her Grandpa, King Ray. Unfortunately it's not the mission she wants to be on. What she would like to do is to accompany Ron, a 4 legged, 4 armed and 4 eyed Iteeche, to investigate a mysterious star system which his people's scout vessels have attempted to visit several times only to disappear without a clue. Because the Iteeche are traditional enemies of humanity dating back some 80 y ...more
Mar 06, 2015 rated it liked it
This is book eight in the Longknife series. Kris was promoted to Lieutenant Commander at the end of the last book and sent back to the Rim to patrol for pirates and watch the Greenfeld (Peterwald) territory. Kris is still healing from the wounds she received in the last book and Nelly is enjoying her new babies. Kris is disappointed because she wanted to go hunting for what is happening to the lost ships in book 7. She is now in command of a small fleet of pirate hunters.

Kris arrives to help Kas
Jul 30, 2011 rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
I have enjoyed each of the Kris Longknife books. She is an intreging character faced with some tough moral an ethical societal issues. I like how she processes through them to try and find the right moral choice. As the series has grown the characters have grown as well which is pleasing.

I enjoy the contrasting worldviews between Peterwald and Longknife territories and the looks into socialism, totalitarianism and the contrast with a free market system. The pressing need for free market systems
♥ Ashleigh ♥  contrary to popular belief i'm not actually mad!
it took me a while to get into this book but by the end of Redoubtable I have to say I was rather enjoying it. I only had a few issue's with this book, the biggest is prob that I was CONSTANTLY told had bad ass Kris was, which got annoying real quick, the second thing was how often they called her princess, I got it no need to say it a thousand times.
so overall a pretty good book, being that this is apparently book 8 in the series I'll go hunt down the first book and enjoy in the adventure from
Colleen Helme
Nov 16, 2010 rated it really liked it
At first I didn't know what "Redoubtable" meant - so after looking it up in the dictionary I decided that the title was exactly right. It mean a formidable opponent. And Kris Longknife certainly lives up to that name. This book had tons of action, lots more than the last in the series. Some of it was a little gory though, but in worlds without laws and morals... you get the picture. This series is still going strong, but I can't help but be disappointed that there is absolutely NO romance involv ...more
Apr 23, 2018 rated it really liked it
Shelves: sci-fi-space
I’ve lowered my rating during the re-read of this and two prior books. I am getting bogged down with all the inane and sometimes childish conversations with “in-head” computers. Kris’s daydreams about a possible “relationship” with a four-eyed, beak-faced, four-armed, double-jointed-legged alien (UGH) are just too much. Another thought, considering the advanced civilizations — why is there no quick-heal, limb/organ regeneration, or auto docs? It’s like medical science is left in the wake of adva ...more
Nov 16, 2010 rated it liked it
In a spirited and fun science fiction romp, Mike Shepherd takes us along with Princess Kris Longknife and her troop of marines in a hunt for space pirates. Don't worry - despite the noble title, Kris is no coddled damsel. Recently promoted to Lieutenant Commander, she is there to get a job done - one that usually involves explosives, bullets, subterfuge, and political wrangling.

See the rest of my review at:

Joe Slavinsky
Jan 16, 2016 rated it really liked it
What can I say? This is book #8, in the "Kris Longknife" series, which just keeps getting better. This is some great military space opera. Lots of derring-do from our intrepid princess/lieutenant commander, and her ever-growing crew. Battling pirates, and politics, Kris saves a planet from starving, and a young member of her crew from slavery. All in a day's work, with lots of explosive action, in a fast paced plot. This is one series, that any self-respecting military science fiction fan cannot ...more
In this, the 8th book of the series, Kris Longknife is still aboard the scoutship Wasp, now in command of a squadron of scoutships with a vague exploratory and anti-pirating mission "beyond the rim". They come across a planet taken over by thugs, then move on to more serious problems.

While it does move the macrostory of Kris, Vicky and the Iteechee connection forward ever so slightly, this book doesn't really have much more than some half-decent action stories. Still fun if, like me, you are by
John Carter McKnight
Filler. It doesn't advance the arc plot that the previous book set up, but it's an entertaining by-the-numbers entry in a fun series. Of all the gung-ho but humble female naval officers who populated 1990s pulp sci-fi, Kris is a survivor, due to a light tone and a fun supporting cast. The tone here is darker, as Kris goes up against slavers, but the cast shines.

Kris and Vicki really need to hook up: the UST is thick enough to cut with a knife, though I seriously doubt it's the author's intention
Stephen Graham
Jan 10, 2014 rated it liked it
This is more of a coherent novel than the past several entries. Shepherd does indulge in mixing ground tactics, melodrama and ship action. For most of the novel, Kris is acting more as a commanding officer than as a supernumerary Marine officer. This is an improvement. The villains are still more cartoons than characters - pirate behaviors mostly don't make sense. Hopefully, the series will continue to move towards exploration.
May 23, 2013 rated it really liked it
Shelves: kindle
Pirate hunting in high space. Kris hardly gets threatened in this one - only a nearly broken ankle and almost being incinerated by a space laser - but was in no real danger. Appears to be setting up for a Longknife/Peterwald/Iteechee alliance against the at yet unknown threat in deep space. Looking forward to more in this series
Jan 20, 2011 rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: science-fiction
This enjoyable series maintains its pace with Lt. Commander Kris Longknife chasing space pirates. She doesn’t expect to ally with her longtime rival, the Peterwald family, but when her mission takes her into their territory, she has no choice. Terrorists, slave traders, and drug lords become her target in this latest fast-paced episode.

Feb 23, 2015 rated it really liked it
Shelves: space-sci-fi
Good book, space pirates and dead slavers what else can you want out of life. This book is like the interlue before things are about to really kick off. You see it there by the end for sure, It was a good book and it is what was needed to have some forward motion. While not my favorite book of the series it was good none the less and i enjoyed reading it.
Aug 28, 2011 rated it really liked it
Shelves: sci-fi, reviewed-2011
Kris Longknife has a new promotion and new responsibilities - With those responsibilities come a less direct involvement in events and a greater involvement through proxies and in politics.

It's a good evolution and I look forward to what comes next for the heroine.
Nov 16, 2010 rated it really liked it
Shelves: sciencefiction
I looked the book but the ending was abrupt and felt unfinished. The laughs were good as was the action. I liked the growing friendship between Kris and Vicky. Anyways, it gets four because of the ending. The book could have gone another 100 pages and I'd have been happy.
Ron Holmes
Jan 07, 2011 rated it really liked it
Just finished the latest in this series. Mike Shepherd always has enough military information and twists and turns to keep you turning the pages. I have liked all the books, eight now. It is a recommended read of the series if you like science fiction.
Sep 15, 2014 rated it really liked it
Kris Longknife is still hurting from her last attach but out beyond the rim still is filled with pirates and looks like another long time before she can rest easy. Mike Shepherd has not let me down yet. Love these books.
Feb 15, 2014 rated it really liked it
Technically a 3.5* but rounding up. It was good stuff but it felt a bit like filler - a sort of bridge between books to show us how Vicky joins us and getting us ready for the next big story arc progression.
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A pseudonym used by Mike Moscoe.

Mike was born in the Philadelphia Navy Yard Hospital -- and left that town at the age of three days for reasons he does not presently recall. But they had to draft him to get him back there. He missed very little of the rest of the country. Growing up Navy, he lived about everywhere you could park an aircraft carrier.

Mike was one of those college students who didn'

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