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The Five Find-Outers #7

The Mystery of the Pantomime Cat

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Who could have robbed the theatre's safe? The theatre safe has been robbed and Boysie, the pantomime cat, is top of the list of suspects. But could his best friend and fellow actress, Zoe, be the real thief?

234 pages, Paperback

First published January 1, 1949

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About the author

Enid Blyton

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See also:
Ένιντ Μπλάιτον (Greek)
Enida Blaitona (Latvian)
Энид Блайтон (Russian)
Inid Blajton (Serbian)
Енід Блайтон (Ukrainian)

Enid Mary Blyton (1897 - 1968) was an English author of children's books.

Born in South London, Blyton was the eldest of three children, and showed an early interest in music and reading. She was educated at St. Christopher's School, Beckenham, and - having decided not to pursue her music - at Ipswich High School, where she trained as a kindergarten teacher. She taught for five years before her 1924 marriage to editor Hugh Pollock, with whom she had two daughters. This marriage ended in divorce, and Blyton remarried in 1943, to surgeon Kenneth Fraser Darrell Waters. She died in 1968, one year after her second husband.

Blyton was a prolific author of children's books, who penned an estimated 800 books over about 40 years. Her stories were often either children's adventure and mystery stories, or fantasies involving magic. Notable series include: The Famous Five, The Secret Seven, The Five Find-Outers, Noddy, The Wishing Chair, Mallory Towers, and St. Clare's.

According to the Index Translationum, Blyton was the fifth most popular author in the world in 2007, coming after Lenin but ahead of Shakespeare.

See also her pen name Mary Pollock

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Profile Image for Teresa.
553 reviews116 followers
March 25, 2023
Enjoyed this mystery. It was intriguing and I had no idea who the culprit was. Mr Goon's arrogance and cruelty is to the fore here. He really showed his true colours in this story. Fatty is as full of himself as ever. There are some interesting theatre folk and I felt for Boysie. A good story.
28 reviews8 followers
June 29, 2016
This was a fantastic novel. Very interesting. I wish I could be a find outer too because their mysteries are so amazing and this one was one of my favourites. Really a nice one. In the starting it was really difficult for them to solve this mystery but off course it was young bets who suddenly had a brainwave and as usual fatty used his clever mind to solve the mystery along with the other four and the dog!!

Also I wish Enid Blyton was alive so she could write more books like these !!
Profile Image for Kavita.
760 reviews370 followers
May 7, 2017
This is quite a grown-up style mystery, but the children manage to solve it. One of the best books from Blyton's Mystery series.
Profile Image for Lady Clementina ffinch-ffarowmore.
760 reviews170 followers
December 11, 2017
Findouters Challenge: Book 7. The second of the Findouters books with a “cat” in the title and theme. In this one, Goon is going away on holiday and is being replaced by a much-friendlier PC Pippin who is in every way Goon’s opposite. However, when it starts off Pippin is quite eager to please Mr Goon though he doesn’t quite believe what he has to say about the children. But Goon’s behaviour towards the children, and particularly Buster soon changes his mind. The children in the meantime have decided to make up a mystery, yet again for Pippin to “solve”―clearly not having learnt very much from their past experiences. Their “mystery” as is usual leads Pippin to stumble onto a real one, a robbery at the village pantomime. Someone has broken into the safe and stolen all that was in it. Goon’s (who is back by then) chief suspect is the pantomime cat Boysie Summers, and his friend, one of the actors Zoe (who plays Dick Whittington). And it doesn’t at all help that Boysie is somewhat slow and can be browbeaten into a confession, while the clues the children “planted” included a handkerchief with the initial “Z” as well as the cigarette ends of the brand Zoe used, making Goon’s case stronger. So of course, it falls on the children to solve the mystery and clear their names. So starts off a new adventure where the children interview suspects and witnesses, check alibis, and of course, beat Goon to it. But this time around, only just.

This one had quite a few of the trademarks of the Findouters books with Fatty using his disguises (mostly to fool poor Goon), Bets stumbling upon the right answer in the nick of time, and quite a bit of food. In fact, on the “foodmeter”, this one rates the highest so far (plenty of sandwiches and snacks, biscuits and buns). The solution to the mystery had some obvious elements but also some creative ones so it was good fun overall. The children still come across as rather arrogant about their own skills and intelligence, believing themselves “free” to trick just about anyone, despite obvious disapproval from their parents, and Inspector Jenks. [But without their tricks of course there would be no mystery.] Still, despite this, in this one their behaviour was far better than the previous book with Ern where I felt they simply gave no thought to their actions. I enjoyed their investigation though―approaching the actors and other witnesses, checking alibis, and all in a way that children could do (and Goon certainly couldn’t), but alongside also having fun with a trip to the pantomime and a picnic as well. Overall, this was a fun instalment with an interesting mystery element.
Profile Image for Raven.
414 reviews30 followers
August 20, 2019
Untuk Tantangan Baca GRI Agustus 2019: Buku yang Membuatmu Merasakan Nostalgia

Sejujurnya saya sudah tak ingat apa dulu saya pernah membaca seri Pasukan Mau Tahu. Zaman SD dulu kebanyakan saya baca buku rentalan. Meskipun begitu, Enid Blyton adalah pengarang yang selalu menimbulkan perasaan nostalgia dan buku Misteri di Teater Kecil ini tak kalah suksesnya.

Pasukan Mau Tahu terdiri dari lima orang anak nakal dan seekor anjing. Geng ini menyadari bahwa sering sekali terjadi kasus setiap mereka berkumpul untuk liburan bersama. Kebetulan, musim panas ini, polisi desa yang menjadi musuh besar mereka, Pak Goon, ingin pergi berlibur dan dia menugaskan seorang polisi muda, Pak Pippin, untuk menggantikannya. Pasukan Mau Tahu kepikiran untuk menciptakan kasus palsu untuk mengerjai Pak Pippin. Mereka membuat petunjuk-petunjuk palsu dan membuat Pak Pippin mengejar orang-orang yang tidak ada. Sialnya, sebuah kasus betul-betul terjadi dan orang yang tak bersalah menjadi tersangka karena petunjuk palsu itu. Bagaimana Pasukan Mau Tahu akan menyelesaikannya?

Pasukan Mau Tahu (The Five Find-Outers) adalah salah satu kelompok detektif cilik sepantaran (? mungkin sepantaran?) Trio Detektif (bikinan Robert Arthur) dan kelompok STOP (karya Stefan Wolf). Dibandingkan dengan trio detektif, kasus mereka lebih mudah dan mereka lebih sering bersenang-senang mengerjai orang daripada menantang bahaya, apalagi sampai berada di ujung pistol. Namun, petualangan mereka tetap seru dan menyenangkan. Saya jadi memaafkan kasus yang kelewat cepat tertebak. Kenakalan mereka yang lucu-lucu ngeselin pun jadi tak semenyebalkan itu karena korbannya memang orang yang pantas menerimanya. Novel yang gampang dimengerti untuk anak-anak.
Profile Image for Kirsti.
2,456 reviews82 followers
November 18, 2012
This mystery really has them stumped, and of course it's little Bets who nails it. She really is a clever little thing, and what with her soft spot for Fatty I can see them married and solving crimes together! But I get ahead of myself, about the book. It was a good mystery, more serious than the usual Enid Blyton mystery. After all, being drugged and robbed is a little harsh. But there are lashings of food and fun, so you know it will end well, and the baddie seems repentant in the end. Goon makes an idiot of himself, as always. Now, there's my review for y'all, just CLEAR ORF!
Profile Image for Georgia.
985 reviews52 followers
November 20, 2022
Δείτε επίσης και στο Chill and read

Τα 5 λαγωνικά βρίσκονται και πάλι μαζί και είναι έτοιμα να λύσουν ένα ακόμα μυστήριο, ή και να δημιουργήσουν ένα.

Η Μπέτι και ο Πιπ έρχονται με το τρένο και οι φίλοι τους, ο Χάρι, η Ντέζι, ο Φούσκας και ο σκύλος του ο Μπάστερ, έχουν πάει στο σταθμό για να τους υποδεχθούν! Τουε έχουν λείψει οι φίλοι τους και ανυπομονούν να τους δουν και να ενωθεί και πάλι η ομάδα των 5 λαγωνικών! Την ίδια ώρα, ο αστυνόμος Γκουν φεύγει για διακοπές και στο πόδι του αφήνει τον νεαρό υπαστυνόμο Πίπιν. Τον ενημερώνει για ό,τι μπορεί να συμβεί όσο εκείνος απουσιάζει, τίποτα δηλαδή και του συνιστά να προσέχει ιδιαίτερα την παρέα των παιδιών, καθώς μπορούν να εξελιχθούν σε κακός μπελάς! Ο Πίπιν έχει ήδη συμπαθήσει τα παιδιά, αλλά δεν ξεχνάει τα λόγια του αστυνόμου, που άλλωστε έχει μεγαλύτερη πείρα από εκείνον.

Τα παιδιά ενθουσιάζονται που θα λείπει ο αστυνόμος Γκουν και που θα μείνει στη θέση του ο υπαστυνόμος Πίπιν! Έτσι, αποφασίζουν να σκαρώσουν ένα μυστήριο οι ίδιοι, ώστε να δημιουργήσουν ένα μυστήριο για τον υπαστυνόμο. Που να φανταζόταν όμως ότι την ίδια στιγμή, ένα πραγματικό μυστήριο θα εμφανιζόταν στην πόλη και τα ψευδή στοιχεία που φύτεψαν έξω από το θέατρο, θα παραπλανήσουν την έρευνα των αρχών!

Ο διευθυντής του θεάτρου βρίσκεται ναρκωμένος! Όταν συνέρχεται, συνειδητοποιεί ότι τον έχουν ληστέψει. Όλα δείχνουν πως μόνο ένας ηθοποιός του θιάσου θα μπορούσε να το κάνει, αυτός που πρόσφερε το τσάι στον διευθυντή και ο αστυνόμος Γκουν είναι έτοιμος να τον συλλάβει. Όμως ο Φούσκας και τα άλλα παιδιά δεν πιστεύουν σε αυτή την τόσο προφανή εξήγηση. Έτσι τα πέντε λαγωνικά λαμβάνουν δράση για να λύσουν το μυστήριο!

Η αγαπημένη γραφή της Ένιντ Μπλάιτον μας ξαναπάει πίσω στην εποχή που ήμασταν παιδιά και διαβάζαμε τα πέντε λαγωνικά, τους μυστικούς εφτά και όλα τα άλλα βιβλία της που μας κρατούσαν συντροφιά με τόση αγωνία! Χαίρομαι που έχουμε και πάλι μεταφράσεις των αγαπημένων βιβλίων, σε σύγχρονες εκδόσεις και που μπορούν να τις διαβάσουν και τα παιδιά μας! Τα βιβλία της είναι τόσο καλογραμμένα, με φράσεις κατάλληλες για τις ηλικίες που απευθύνονται και μηνύματα που μόνο θετικά μπορεί να τα χαρακτηρίσει κανείς!

Κατάλληλο για παιδιά από 7 χρονών και πάνω.
Profile Image for Abigail.
7,113 reviews185 followers
April 12, 2019
The seventh entry in Enid Blyton's fifteen-book Five Find-Outers and Dog series, in which five British schoolchildren spend their holidays playing detective, The Mystery of the Pantomime Cat sees Fatty, Larry, Daisy, Pip, and Bets tackling their most complex case yet. When Mr. Goon, the village police bobby and the children's nemesis, goes on vacation, the Find-Outers play a trick on his replacement, PC Pippin. Imagine their surprise when the false clues they've laid out for him, lead him to a real mystery!

The manager of the Little Theatre has been drugged, and the theater safe robbed. It looks as if Boysie Summers, the developmentally disabled young man who plays the Pantomime Cat, must be the guilty one, but the Find-Outers don't believe it. Can they prove Boysie's innocence? And will their innocent prank land goodhearted PC Pippin in hot water?

This installment of Blyton's series was fairly enjoyable, despite the clunky prose and formulaic plot that seem to characterize many of her books. Blyton does manage to inject some genuine humor into her accounts of the children's confrontations with Mr. Goon, and it was refreshing to see Fatty actually regretting some of his mischievous "interfering."
Profile Image for Nira.
14 reviews1 follower
October 9, 2012
Mr.Goon is on holiday, a new police name Pippin are replace him. Elisabeth Hilton (Bets) very, very like Pippin. She give Pippin a name card...
11 reviews1 follower
May 12, 2021
A most mysterious case for the find-outer everything going just the opposite way they want it too. this book is one of my frequent read and I keep on reading it again and again, in the start the find outer's find that goon is going for a holiday or something and to take over a new policeman has been brought in, the find outer's make a kind of mystery for pippin (the policeman who took over when goon was gone) and end up leading him into a real one. one of my favorite story from the five find-outer series.
5 reviews
March 5, 2019
It is about a cat that was very creepy and the five kids wanted to put a police man on a false mystery but ended up not as they expected
Profile Image for Farseer.
614 reviews1 follower
March 2, 2020
Another find-outers mystery. This time the novelty is that Mr. Goon is on holiday and a novice policeman, PC Pippin, is substituting him. The children extend their war against Mr. Goon to PC Pippin, but the young policeman turns out to be an ally. One has to remember that these are books for children, because the find-outers planting false clues for the police as a prank is funny in a whimsical child's universe, but it is less palatable for an older reader.

It's a fine story, as these mysteries go. If you like the previous books you'll like this one. Personally, I enjoy Blyton's adventure stories more, but I admit that she does a good job at this "Agatha Christie for kids" series.
Profile Image for Sha.
976 reviews35 followers
October 27, 2017
The most baffling part of this mystery was how nobody in the entire cast realised that a costume can be taken off from one person and put on another.

There were a couple of funny lines, though. And I actually liked most of the setup. So I'm gonna go with "meh" rather than "ugh."
11 reviews1 follower
February 12, 2021
It's a fantastic book ,a lot of suspense .The reason of giving it 4 star is that it is a bit shorter than I
Profile Image for Carolina.
280 reviews4 followers
October 3, 2019
Calhou-me ler este livro, eu que odeio a Enid Blyton de morte e que odeio ainda mais os parvalhões dos bem comportados e bons meninos dos Cinco.

Sempre achei os Cinco uns patetas, uns meninos que não sabem viver aventuras e só fazem tropelias e se metem onde não são chamados simplesmente porque são irritantes e não sabem estar. Em vez de coleccionarem pedras como os miúdos normais andam por aí a inventar que apanham ladrões e que têm "pistas" e que são muito espertos. Irritam-me todos eles sem excepção, sobretudo os mais pequenos, que raio de amigos são estes que levam estas criancinhas para situações perigosas e bizarras, uma irresponsabilidade tamanha, deviam era morrer todos numa dessas aventuras para verem o que é a realidade das coisas e nunca chegar à vida adulta irritantes como são.

Pronto, já disse.

Agora que estou mais calma, posso dizer que o livro até seria divertido se não fosse a existência dos Cinco. E se o crime do mistério fosse realmente um crime. Porque pelos vistos Enid Blyton, essa fascizóide, quer tanto inocentar as crianças e as aventuras de crianças que nada do que acontece tem qualquer tipo de consequência. O que é um pouco chato e eu já achava isso quando era miúda.

Para a próxima afastar-me-ei dos mistérios juvenis dos cinco taralhocos como da morte. Obrigada.
Profile Image for Ayacchi.
635 reviews9 followers
August 22, 2020
Siapa sangka, niat mengisengi polisi pengganti malah berujung membantu si polisi menemukan kasus baru!

Petualangan kali ini cukup mengasyilkan, dengan adanya polisi pengganti Pak Ayo Pergi. Ditambah lagi anggota teater yang cukup banyak, yang harus diselidiki alibinya. Kasus ini cukup sulit dipecahkan, bukan hanya bagi Pasukan Mau Tahu. Dan Pak Goon harus terima kehilangan muka di depan Inspektur Jenks! Benar-benar petualangan yang penuh emosi dan tanda tanya.
Profile Image for Saffron Mavros.
481 reviews
April 24, 2021
For young minds, these books proved to be so thrilling, the zest, the tumble into adventures, cracking puzzles, finding clues and finally putting criminals and robbers behind bars!

The mystery series were one of the best series in the Enid Blyton collection.

This book was also quite interesting in a way that it had one of Enid Blyton's favorite setting, the circus. And the way through the shows, and people, to crack mysteries.
Profile Image for Martin Zoul.
153 reviews3 followers
January 1, 2022
Jako dítě jsem knihy od Enid miloval. Teď jsem si tak ze srandy jednu půjčil knihovně jako vzpomínku na dětská léta a nestačil jsem se divit. Jasně, zápletka fakt jednoduchá, ale bavilo mě to a musím uznat, že i teď ve 20 letech, mě opravdu zajímalo, jak příběh dopadne.

Knihu popř knihy od enid bych doporučil každému rodiči pro jejich dítě.

Hodnotím 7/10. Ale je potřeba říct, že jako dítě bych dal 10tku :)
Profile Image for Harumichi Mizuki.
1,128 reviews65 followers
July 14, 2022
Karena udah terbiasa dengan image para tokoh 5 Sekawan yang terdiri dari anak-anak baik, aku agak kaget waktu baca Pasukan Mau Tahu yang anggotanya suka ngerjain polisi desa dengan bikin petunjuk palsu dan penyamaran. Tapi habis itu aku baru ngeh, si polisi, Pak Goon", emang nyebelin banget, sih. Dia sampai nyaris bikin laporan palsu, terus menggertak orang tak bersalah agar mengakui kejahatan yang tidak pernah dia lakukan. Parah lah pokoknya.
Profile Image for Nadette Xuereb.
202 reviews25 followers
November 26, 2018
This was really good. I'm currently rereading books from my childhood and these were my absolute favourite. I only read this once, contrary to other books in the series, around 12-13 years ago, but I sort of remembered the plot, maybe that's why it was predicable to me. I forgot how good it was though, I really enjoyed it.
Profile Image for Eskay Theaters & Smart Homes.
431 reviews22 followers
July 5, 2021
This review covers the entire Five Findouters series, not just this book

The Five Find outers series is the best in Enid Blyton's oeuvre of mystery novels, it has some well rounded characters, interesting plotlines and twists, give us a nice glimpse of the English countryside and customs (tea and scones, anyone?)
Recommended nostalgia reading!
Profile Image for K.L..
Author 2 books15 followers
October 6, 2021
Not one of my favourites. Goon is on holiday and the FFO decide to spice up young Constable Pippins life by creating a mystery for him at the Little Theatre. Imagine their shock when the theatre is robbed that very night, and their clues seem to point to Boysie the Pantomime Cat, and Zoe, one of the actresses. The FFO have to act fast to prevent a returning Goon from arresting the wrong culprit
Profile Image for Clare .
843 reviews49 followers
July 24, 2022
Listened to in audio format.

The mystery of the Pantomime Cat is the 7th book in the Five Five Find-Outers and dog.

Actually for a childrens book this was a rather dark story, with forced police confessions and drugging.

As an adult I am starting to get annoyed with the children planting fake clues and never getting into trouble for it.

Profile Image for Ceri.
328 reviews1 follower
February 7, 2023
I’ve picked out 12 books to read this year that meant something to my granny or have a connection to her.
She bought me this book when I was 6 and it definitely kicked off my love of mysteries as an adult!
She read it too and we spent lots of time discussing this and many other Enid Blyton mystery stories.

The book itself is fun and definitely engaging for young readers!
Profile Image for Vinay Leo.
972 reviews71 followers
May 19, 2021
The mystery of the Pantomime Cat sees a new policeman in Peterswood, PC Pippin. I liked that character, and hated the ugly side to Goon’s character too. Almost clichéd policeman character his became. The childish Boysie, and how the children work together with Pippin to help Boysie is brilliant. I didn’t like the manager’s character either, to see the “boss” being so ugly to his people. Stories show children who to be, and in this case, who not to be too I think.
Profile Image for Derelict Space Sheep.
1,071 reviews17 followers
October 18, 2021
One of the weaker Five Find-Outers books. Blyton recycles an earlier plot device and half-explored ethical point (the children manufacture false clues leading to and disrupting a real mystery investigation) while neglecting an obvious line of inquiry, which Bets belatedly tumbles to.
Profile Image for Catherine Ryan.
352 reviews4 followers
August 18, 2017
A extremely enjoyable blast from the past, I can remember reading all the "Five Find Outters" 30 plus years ago, and it's still as enjoyable :-)
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