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The Coast-to-Coast Murders

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A detective and an FBI agent join forces on what seems like an open-and-shut case—but a new rash of killings sends them on a pulse-pounding race against time in this intense thriller.

Michael and Megan Fitzgerald are siblings who share a terrifying past. Both adopted, and now grown—Michael is a long-haul truck driver, Megan a college student majoring in psychology—they trust each other before anyone else. They've had to. Their parents are public intellectuals, an Ivy League clinical psychologist and a renowned psychiatrist, and they brought up their adopted children in a rarefied, experimental environment. It sheltered them from the world's harsh realities, but it also forced secrets upon them, secrets they keep at all costs.

In Los Angeles, Detective Garrett Dobbs and FBI Agent Jessica Gimble have joined forces to work a murder that seems like a dead cinch. Their chief suspect is quickly identified and apprehended—but then there's another killing just like the one they've been investigating. And another. And not just in Los Angeles—the spree spreads across the country. The Fitzgerald family comes to the investigators' attention, but Dobbs and Gimble are at a loss—if one of the four is involved, which Fitzgerald might it be?

From coastal California to upstate New York, Dobbs and Gimble race against time and across state lines to stop an ingenious and deeply deranged killer—one whose dark and twisted appetites put them outside the range of logic or experience.

555 pages, Hardcover

First published September 21, 2020

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James Patterson

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James Patterson is the world’s bestselling author. Among his creations are Alex Cross, the Women’s Murder Club, Michael Bennett, and Maximum Ride. His #1 bestselling nonfiction includes Walk in My Combat Boots, Filthy Rich, and his autobiography, James Patterson by James Patterson. He has collaborated on novels with Bill Clinton and Dolly Parton and has won an Edgar Award, nine Emmy Awards, and the National Humanities Medal.

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1,196 reviews3,035 followers
December 20, 2020
Coast to Coast Murders is a fun and murderous ride. It's almost 150 chapters in about 576 pages and the short chapters really irritated me until about the 60% mark and then I just got over it. But, I do think there is a reason some of the chapters had to be so short, now that I finished the book, and from the reviews I have read, most people loved the short chapters, so I'm the minority with that viewpoint.

Michael and Megan Fitzgerald are the adopted siblings of an Ivy League clinical psychologist and a renowned psychiatrist, both famous and high powered in their field (and maybe elsewhere). Despite being adopted into a well-to-do family, Michael and Megan had horrible childhoods because they were constantly under observation by their parents and treated to cruel experimentation, on a regular basis. The constant barrage of mind altering abuse and twisting of memories makes it hard for Michael and Megan to always be sure of what they really remember. Both of them have things in the past that they would like to never remember, but their psychiatrist father makes them remember, in very evil ways.

Michael left home years ago and works as a truck driver although he has always stayed in touch with his younger sister Megan. Now Michael needs Megan's help because he finds a dead woman in his bathtub. He has gaps in his recent memory but he's being accused of being a serial killer by law enforcement.

Detective Garrett Dobbs and FBI Agent Jessica Gimble are the lead investigators on this case and they are baffled as more murders are committed across the country. Michael seems to be able to accomplish impossible feats...just how many people are involved in these killings and what is motivating them to keep on killing? This story is all action, violence, and mystery and things are not what they seem!

Published September 21st 2020

Thank you to Little, Brown and Company, J.D. Barker, and NetGalley for this ARC.
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November 19, 2020
In the main, I’ll let the synopsis speak for itself, but briefly, Detective Garret Dobbs and FBI agent Jessica Gimble take on the almighty case of catching a most devious and clever serial killer. After being alerted to the murder of a young woman in Michael Fitzgerald’s apartment, they quickly find that the killing spree continues from coast to coast, and it’s going to be the mother of all investigations, so hang onto your hats, because the shocks in this riveting psychological thriller begin virtually from the word go!

This was a complex (and at times, confusing tale), but there’s no doubt that it was gripping, and, aided by the use of short chapters, very fast paced, however I do believe a slightly shorter version would have worked equally as well without detracting from the overall storyline - it was rather lengthy. Nevertheless, it was clever, and compelling, and there’s no way I could put it down for long.

A psychological thriller written by two greats - James Patterson and J D Barker, where we are treated to an engrossing storyline, odorous red herrings, and twists galore (the plot was turned on its head more than once) non stop action, and for me, a crazy mixed up son of a gun storyline that yells, make a movie out of me!

*Thank you to Netgalley and Random House UK Cornerstone for an ARC. I have given an honest unbiased review in exchange *
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814 reviews12.7k followers
June 8, 2020
3.5 stars

This book had my head spinning!

A serial killer is on the loose. A seemingly innocent man is arrested for the murders, but there’s a WHOLE LOT MORE to him than meets the eye! When it comes to the killer, NOTHING adds up, and I mean NOTHING, until the final pages.

The narrative unfolds through alternating POVs told in various formats. The chapters are short, end with cliff-hangers, and then switch to another POV. This element was fun at first but grew increasingly annoying as the story progressed.

Megan’s story, the suspected killer's sister, is told through a detailed written statement. She shares details including dialogue (word for word), and other moving pieces that normally wouldn’t be included in a written statement. I was questioning the level of detail in Megan’s statement for the entirety of the book, and while I am still skeptical about this format, it made more sense in the end. However, I am still not completely buying it!

Overall, this was a fast-paced and intriguing read. Elements of the book have the JD Barker feel (not too sure about James Patterson, since it has been many years since I have read one of his books).

There are a lot of moving pieces and a lot of characters and names to remember. There is also non-stop action, plot twists, and drama. At times, the plot becomes a little confusing and quite often muddled due to the number of characters and constant twists. While all threads come together, the plot unraveled towards the end and left me with some unanswered questions. However, even though this book made my brain hurt at times, it was wholly an entertaining and enjoyable read.

I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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2,708 reviews25k followers
May 8, 2020
JD Barker has teamed up with James Patterson in this most twisted of psychological thrillers that shocks and surprises whenever you think you might have got a handle on where it is all heading. In Los Angeles, long distance truck driver, Michael makes a horrific discovery on returning to his apartment, a dead woman lies in his bathtub, and he does what any innocent man would do, he calls 911. LAPD Detective Garrett Hobbs and FBI special agent, Jessica Gimble, appear to have a slam dunk of a case, with a obvious suspect with the weakest of alibis. Michael proclaims his innocence, but there is evidence that ties him to the victim and his clothes are in the home of the dead woman.

With a terrifyingly troubled and haunted past, Michael and his sister, Megan Kepler, were adopted by Ivy League psychology professors, the Fitzgeralds, treated as test subjects for their warped experiments. Michael manages to escape, the only person he trusts is Megan, a college psychology student, in search of the truth. It soon becomes there are a series of murders throughout the country, all with a connection to Michael and his past. There is a crazed, off the wall, dangerous killer at large, is Michael innocent and being framed or is he guilty? The authors write an adrenaline-fuelled, action packed thriller, fast paced with its short, snappy chapters from a variety of perspectives, and bursting with suspense and tension.

This is a must read for fans of the authors, it is entertaining, with some jaw dropping twists, an insightful exploration of what it takes to become a killer. I recommend this to all those who love their addictive and compulsive psychological thrillers. Many thanks to Little, Brown and Company for an ARC.
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1,126 reviews3,709 followers
October 11, 2020
My goodness! I cannot remember the last time it took me a month...that’s right an entire month to read a book! And a James Patterson one at that! I used to be able to fly through his books in a day. Perhaps it was the new pairing with J.D. Barker? Though I have enjoyed his works in the past.🤔

Michael finds the dead body of a woman in his bathtub. He has never seen her before and has no idea who she is or how she got there. Yet the police believe not only did he know her but he had a relationship with her. They can back up their theory with pictures of the two of them together! And they know this isn’t his first victim. Now Michael is on the run for his life with only his adoptive sister Megan to help!

I ended up with very mixed feelings for this book. In my opinion it was MUCH too long! Though having super short chapters ( a James Patterson trademark) did help move the pages along.

So why the month long marathon read?💁🏻‍♀‍

I think overall the storyline failed to capture me till the very end. Once the twists started they never ended and I was left exhausted and tangled in a knot by the end! Lots of mixed reviews for this book. So if its on your list and you are a fan of these authors give it a try! You might love it!

Thank you to NetGalley and Little, Brown and Company for an ARC to read and review.
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519 reviews125 followers
May 21, 2020

A long list of names from which people are being systematically murdered. Two adoptive siblings, a brother and a sister, Michael and Megan. One a suspect for the multiple murders, the other ignoring everything else to help her brother no matter the cost, both wanted by the police! The list of names all somehow have a connection to Michael, his adoptive parents and the orphanage he was at previously. And Michael is just as interested in learning everything that is going on to help clear his name…. assuming he is in fact innocent. Why are these people being hunted down and killed? And the big question “Did Michael kill them?”.

The cast of characters is excellent, and each add to the story in their own way. There are several POVs, but three primary ones the book focused on are the brother, the sister, and the tough, no BS, FBI agent in charge of hunting down Michael. It all adds to upping the suspense and to keeping your heart rate way above normal!

This exciting, fast paced eighty mph story is non-stop action. Michael and Megan are constantly on the move trying to find evidence to prove his innocence while also evading the police. The reader will continue to second guess themselves all the way until the very end.

I love reading thrillers. I have been disappointed with many books as they were advertised as thrillers, but ultimately were not. I am incredibly pleased to say this book is a true thriller! I could not put it down. It is a long book close to 500 pages. Yet the pages still flew by and I read this in a day!

*Thank you to J.D. Barker via NetGalley for providing me with the digital review copy!
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2,415 reviews35.2k followers
April 15, 2020
James Patterson + J.D. Barker = one heck of a road trip (and it's down memory lane folks) as a man on the run, with the feds on his trail, goes off the rails and bodies pile up.

Who is on the Mark?

Michael Fitzgerald, a long-haul truck driver, is having a bad day - a very bad day. He finds a woman dead in his bathtub and that is only the beginning. He claims he is innocent; the evidence says otherwise. What is the truth? He seems convincing, but the evidence doesn't lie, does it? Michael has no idea what to do but he does know that his sister, Megan is the only one he can turn to. Both have been adopted by their parents - one a psychiatrist, one a psychologist. Both have had traumatic pasts, and both trust the other more than anyone else in their lives.

But then Michael escapes and always seems to be a step ahead of the police. Soon, Detective Garrett Hobbs and FBI Agent Jessica Gimble have joined forces to work this murder investigation. But there have been others. Many murders have taken place all over the United States. They all have one thing in common or is it two things in common? hmmm

As the body count climbs, so does the tension, the suspense and even more so the questions as to what and who can be trusted. If you think you know what is going on, if you think you have it figured out, if you think you are on the mark with this one, think again! There are some great little (some not so little) twists and turns along the way with one heck of a whopper at the end. I'm lucky I didn't get whiplash with that last one because it was a head-turner.

This was one heck of a ride and never disappointed. The writing was solid (of course it was, come on), the pacing was solid, and I was riveted to this thrilling ride. If you enjoy psychological thrillers, look no further. Captivating and brilliantly plotted, this was a thrilling read from the first to the very last page. Patterson and Barker delivered and riveting read.

Thank you to J.D. Barker, Little Brown and Company and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All the thoughts and opinions are my own.
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911 reviews1,405 followers
September 3, 2020
I really struggled to finish this book. This is an action packed thriller with a large cast of characters that includes car chases and foot chases and shoot outs and tech talk and police lingo and I was left in a permanent state of confusion. There was so much stuff going on. Dare I say too much stuff going on. I could not get a grasp on anything which means that I never really cared about what the final outcome would be. I really just wanted it to be over. Can you suspend disbelief? If you can't then I urge you to stay far away from this one. The twists, especially at the end, only made my eyes roll.

As you can see by all the rave reviews pouring in that I am in the minority. If you are a fan of these authors already or you're a lover of action packed over-the-top thrillers with a side of wise-cracking then by all means please give this a try. 2 stars!

Thank you to NetGalley and Little, Brown and Company for providing me with a digital ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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1,189 reviews2,252 followers
September 25, 2020
Turns out that one of my most anticipated reads for this year, was not a good fit for me after all!

I enjoyed the first few chapters..If Michael Kepler had never met Alyssa Tepper, then how could there be so many framed photographs of the two of them in her apartment? Or his coffee stained tennis shoes?

Is he being framed for her Murder? Or was he responsible for killing her and the many others Victims Coast to Coast which share the same calling card?

As local police team with the FBI, the majority of the book, becomes like an Action movie, with law enforcement always a step behind Michael and his sister, Megan.

From California to NY, with several stops along the way-shoot outs and destruction of property are left behind in five States-until the final confrontation.

I don’t like ACTION MOVIES. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Then, the ENDING.
You must be able to suspend disbelief to buy into this one.
A LOT of disbelief.

I don’t do well with THAT either! 🤦🏻‍♀️
And, I couldn’t.

I used to read a lot of James Patterson before he began collaborating on all of his books (the Alex Cross series).

And, I have loved the descriptive words, and creative mind of J.D. Barker, especially, “She Has A Broken Thing Where Her Heart Should Be”-5⭐️

But this book, just wasn’t enjoyable for me.

We all find ourselves as the OUTLIER from time to time-so if the two things I mentioned don’t usually put you off of a book-I encourage you to still give this a try as there are many 5 star reviews for this one, as well!
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605 reviews206 followers
October 22, 2022
My thanks to Little Brown and Company, Mr. Barker and Netgalley. Yes, yes. I know that Patterson's name came first. But, that's what James Patterson does. In all honesty, I had no intention of ever reading this book. I was frankly astounded that these two had paired up. Then Mr. Barker sent me an e-mail and pre-approved me. Whether it was him or the publisher's, I was unable to say no! Yes, I'm weak! But, it's Barker! So the book? Yeah, I did love it! I spent way too much time saying "what the hell is going on!" I like that! As for the James Patterson effect? I couldn't suss out major differences. Yet, Patterson was always upfront and center because of the lengths of chapters. I have a very strong and abiding hatred of short chapters. I know that some people like them. It moves the story along quickly! To me, short chapters mean I'm missing out on character development. To be honest, Patterson is the one who made me that way. Until this book, I hadn't read a Patterson book since 2006. That's the year that I bought a hardback, and read it in 2 hours. Maybe Barker hooked up with Patterson for the bigger audience. If so, I hope it works! Fact is that Barker is better than most. I have a few comparisons, but I don't think it's really fair. Barker is something special. He has quickly become someone I look forward to reading. His stuff is always different. Like a few of my favorite author's. I really want to talk about that ending! But, alas! I've been having a hell of a time trying to figure out who screwed the pooch on that! My thought is Patterson, because he's just that lame! In the end, I guess it doesn't matter a single bit! I will still devour every Barker book that I can get my grubby hands on, while Patterson will be ignored. Hopefully Barker has found a wider audience! For all my whining and moaning, I truly loved this story. For me, once I passed the "what the hell?" Then it was game on! There are a few iffy parts "for me." At the beginning and near the end. Also, because I'm honest..I am taking away a star because of Patterson. It's not only the fact that I think he's a user, but I've seen him interviewed, and the man is very full of himself. I hate that! Loved this story! Am now waiting for pure Barker! This man doesn't need anyone! O.K., Hopefully James Patterson can help him find a wider audience. This man deserves it! Best wishes🍒🐞🐾☔⛄
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2,048 reviews2,103 followers
March 9, 2022
EXCERPT: A bolt slid into place.

A lock clicked tight.

Half in shock, Dobbs pushed back against the wall and sat up, staring at the door. He pulled his knees tight against his chest. His heart thudded against his rib cage. His left hand reached for his damaged arm, squeezed, held the wound. Blood flowed through his fingers. He sucked in a ragged gasp; pain radiated out from his torn shoulder, down his arm, to his fingertips.

The world tilted, his vision clouded, his body attempted to shut down. He forced himself to focus, he grasped at the present.

His eyes drifted over the walls of the small room.


Hundreds of pictures.

And he instantly knew that if he were to shout,nobody would hear him, not here.

And that's when the lights went out.

ABOUT 'THE COAST-TO-COAST MURDERS': Michael and Megan Fitzgerald are siblings who share a terrifying past. Both adopted, and now grown—Michael is a long-haul truck driver, Megan a college student majoring in psychology—they trust each other before anyone else. They've had to. Their parents are public intellectuals, an Ivy League clinical psychologist and a renowned psychiatrist, and they brought up their adopted children in a rarefied, experimental environment. It sheltered them from the world's harsh realities, but it also forced secrets upon them, secrets they keep at all costs.

In Los Angeles, Detective Garrett Dobbs and FBI Agent Jessica Gimble have joined forces to work a murder that seems like a dead cinch. Their chief suspect is quickly identified and apprehended—but then there's another killing just like the one they've been investigating. And another. And not just in Los Angeles—the spree spreads across the country. The Fitzgerald family comes to the investigators' attention, but Dobbs and Gimble are at a loss—if one of the four is involved, which Fitzgerald might it be?

MY THOUGHTS: The human mind is the most dangerous weapon in the world.

How can you not love a book that begins: Where will you be when your life ends?
I was in the grocery store, squeezing a mango.

Twisted. Unpredictable. Intricate. Fascinating. Scary. The Coast-to-Coast Murders is not a book to sit down and relax with. Remember that scene in the movie 'The Exorcist' where Linda Blair's head is spinning on her neck? That's how I felt reading this book. It will mess with your mind. It will tease and tantalise you.

What starts out seemingly as a simple murder soon escalates into so much more. A serial killer? Yes, but who? A set-up? A conspiracy? Every time I thought that I knew something, I was wrong.

But that's not all that's going on . . . there are mad doctors, abandoned facilities, delusional and hallucinating people, suicide and people trying to kill one another for a variety of reasons - or just because they like killing. There are more bodies in this book than you're likely to find in a busy inner city morgue.

Not a book for the faint hearted, but if you want a great, crazy, scary (in the fact that people's minds are meddled with) rollercoaster of a read, then this is it. Don't be put off by the size of the book, the chapters are bite-sized and action packed, the pace relentless.


#TheCoasttoCoastMurders #NetGalley

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THE AUTHORS: James Patterson, in full James Brendan Patterson, Jr., (born March 22, 1947, Newburgh, New York, U.S.), American author, principally known for his thriller and suspense novels.

J.D. Barker is an American author that writes suspense thrillers with elements of horror.

DISCLOSURE: Thank you to Little Brown and Company via Netgalley for providing a digital ARC of The Coast-to-Coast Murders by James Patterson and J.D. Barker for review. All opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own personal opinions.

For an explanation of my rating system please refer to my Goodreads.com profile page or the about page on sandysbookaday.wordpress.com

This review is also published on Twitter, Amazon, Instagram and my webpage https://sandysbookaday.wordpress.com/...
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3,815 reviews12.8k followers
August 27, 2020
First and foremost, a large thank you to NetGalley; James Patterson; J.D Barker; and Little Brown and Company for providing me with a copy of this publication, which allows me to provide you with an unbiased review.

This first-time collaborative effort shows that some authors have amazing chemistry with James Patterson, adding depth and intrigue to a novel that keeps the reader enthralled until the very end. With great psychological build-up and stunning development throughout, James Patterson and J.D. Barker take the reader on the most intense journey as a serial killer is revealed. When Michael Kepler (Fitzgerald) is called back to his apartment by a nosy neighbour, he suspects it’s a burst water pipe that has flooded his place. When he discovers the body of a woman in his tub, he is not only disturbed, but highly agitated. After calling the authorities, it is soon discovered that this cross-country truck driver may not be telling the truth, as the victim seems to know him quite well. Her apartment is full of photos of Michael and they seem to have shared quite the intense relationship. However, Michael is sure he has never met her, even if a great deal of evidence says otherwise. When he is taken into custody and questioned, the attorney provided for him violently helps Michael flee LAPD custody and off they go. Michael’s sister, Megan, receives many calls from her brother and is trying to piece this all together. Both are unsure what’s going on, but they fear telling their mother, a renowned psychologist, who is sure to judge them both harshly. When FBI Special Agent Jessica Gimble is alerted to the crimes, she reaches out to let the LAPD know that Michael Fitzgerald is a wanted serial killer for many murders across the country, the manhunt is on to find him. As the story progresses, Michael tries to assert his innocence, though there is something about his past that leads him to second guess himself. Adopted at four by a wily psychiatrist, Michael becomes a test subject in a number of highly intense studies based on his horrible early childhood. As the chase continues, Megan tries her best to help a brother she thought she knew well, but has come to believe that he might be the monster everyone seems certain he has become. It will take a great deal of effort to keep Michael out of the hands of authorities, though the bodies are piling up and there does not seem to be any way to explain it all away.... or is there? A chilling story that will take the reader on one of the most far-flung rides of their reading career, as the pieces slowly fall into place. Stunning in its delivery, this is sure to show that James Patterson does still have some magic left in him, depending on who is collaborating with him. Recommended to those who love the work of J.D. Barker, as well the reader whose enjoyment of intense psychological thrillers is second to none.

I always enjoy a great psychological thriller, particularly when it is penned by one of the greats in the genre. This unique collaboration has proven to be one of the great surprises of my reading adventure this year and it works so very well, as the story flows smoothly without being too quick to end. Michael Kepler/Fitzgerald is quite a complex character, though all becomes a little more understandable as the story progresses. Taken from a horrific situation, Michael was placed in an institution and then adopted by a family who saw him more as a lab rat than anything else. He is intensely scarred by the experience, which is revealed throughout the piece, especially as he remembers bits of his past. There is some obvious development to his character throughout, though it remains somewhat questionable as more is revealed about his life and the murders he is said to have committed. The banter between Michael and Megan is also key to this story, as she takes on a secondary protagonist role in this piece, helping to fill in many of the gaps the reader might not understand otherwise. This pair help lead the story in many curious directions, though the full cast of characters do a wonderful job of keeping the reader entertained throughout this long and meandering piece. There are so many angles and such flavouring of the narrative that the characters all play an integral role in the story’s overall success. This is definitely one of the most thrilling rides I have taken in a novel in a long time, as the story gains momentum, so did my interest. While the size of the book may seem daunting, the action and constant story development help to propel things forward. Using the usual Patterson quick chapter recipe, the reader can tackle large chunks without feeling the onerous task of wading through this piece, finding a rhythm and working with it until all is revealed. There are also numerous perspectives told in the story, offering the reader an even more intense look at the overall development of the piece as it progresses. Patterson and Barker have so many interesting ideas and some strong subplots in this piece, there is no doubt that this is sure to be one of those novels people talk about for months to come, while many hope to see another piece by these two heavyweights before too long. I am still trying to wrap my head around what I read and hope others feel as strongly as I do about this novel.

Kudos, Messrs. Patterson and Barker, for this sensational piece. While there is always a gamble when collaborating, you two have hit the nail on the head and I cannot wait to see what’s next!

Love/hate the review? An ever-growing collection of others appears at:

A Book for All Seasons, a different sort of Book Challenge: https://www.goodreads.com/group/show/...
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Author 22 books464 followers
September 21, 2020
I'm a huge J.D. Barker fan, but James Patterson's work has never particularly thrilled me. Thankfully, this book is all J.D.

The Coast-to-Coast Murders is a story about the hunt for a serial killer. Simple enough, right? WRONG. There is so much more than meets the eye with this novel and I'll be honest, when you're reading...not only do you have to suspend belief, but there will also be confusion. Rest assured it's meant to be that way but considering this book is nearly 600 pages long, the constant barrage of characters and facts can be overwhelming, especially when they don't necessarily add up at that moment.

Everything wraps up nicely at the end (I think?), although I'm still trying to figure out a couple plot points. I did end up suspecting the twist but I believe it will definitely surprise and satisfy many.

If you enjoy a twisty, diabolical, police procedural, you'll likely enjoy this crazy ride.

3.5 stars

Available September 21, 2020

**Many thanks to NetGalley and Little, Brown and Company for my review copy.
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399 reviews257 followers
April 6, 2021
¡Guauuu! Cómo he disfrutado con este libro :-)))

Uno de esos libros que te atrapa. La cabeza te va a mil intentando seguir y adelantarte a la trama, haciendo mil suposiciones sobre quién, cómo, ... ha cometido los crímenes. La tensión en esa huída/persecucion de los agentes federales es voraz. El ritmo se vuelve frenético, los capítulos cortísimos avanzaban sin parar. Los constantes pequeños giros y avances te hacen ir completamente perdida, mientras ves como caen tus impresiones, suposiciones y, por supuesto, tus predicciones, igual que el descarte de naipes de una baraja. Mil cosas he pensado y en alguna he acertado, pero aún así necesitas llegar al final, saber que más hay.

Toda una comida de cabeza, que te exige estar concentrada y muy atenta para no perderte. Muy bien trabajada toda la parte psicológica -la de los personajes y en especial la destinada al lector, jeje-, el punto de crudeza y locura, los personajes y las emociones.

Puede que para alguien le resulte largo y piense que da muchas vueltas, pero yo he disfrutado con cada detalle y con cada uno de sus quiebros, hasta llegar a un final sorprendente, que me ha pillado desprevenida tal vez por "vivir el momento", por no saber ya ni dónde estaban esas "migas" que ha dejado por el camino, fundidas en la maraña de datos, acciones y sentimientos que tenía en mi cabeza. Pero cuando te paras a analizar ese final, todo encaja y las "migas" perdidas resurgen resplandecientes defendiendo su lugar.

Hay algún tema un tanto duro, sensible, de esos que te remueven especialmente cuando hay menores por medio, pero en toda novela hay personajes buenos y malos y esta no iba a ser menos.

Y de postre, un epílogo que da para pensar .... ¡Ojalá tengamos más!

Como no podía ser menos ;-)

Valoración: 10/10
Lectura: abril 2021
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2,038 reviews710 followers
June 11, 2020
I have to say that I would read anything that J.D. Barker writes. I swear this man could make a shopping list be thrilling and intriguing. Granted, I have not read a Patterson book in eons, but putting these two authors together was definitely a stroke of genius.

Murder and mayhem are once again afoot as we are introduced to our two main protagonists, Michael and Megan Fitzgerald who were adopted by two doctors whose specialty was psychology. It's been a very rough upbringing for these two siblings and now with a plethora of murders occurring, these two are thrown into the fray. Meanwhile an FBI agent, Jessica Gumble, and an LA homicide detective, Garrett Hobbs, join forces to hunt down the killer, as killings have occurred across the USA.

When Michael's supposed girlfriend is found murdered, Michael becomes the chief suspect. as all the clues point to him. The similarity to other murders coupled with Michael's job being a long haul trucker, offers him the perfect opportunity to be the serial killer that Gumble and Hobbs are searching for.

Michael begs his sister's help, as she is the only one he feels is on his side. The two play a cat and mouse game and as the law seems to be tightening the circle around them, more and more is revealed about how these two were raised. It's a harrowing story and one that the two authors weave so well, that the reader is both awed and riveted to the page. ......and then we meet Mitchell.

Not to give too much away, I will once again say that this was a book I couldn't put down. It kept me on my toes and as soon as I thought "ah ha" I've got it, another curve was thrown in....and that ending well....it was just perfect.

Thank you to NetGalley for a copy of this awesome book that for many hours took me right into the midst of the mind of some seriously devious and deranged people. Definitely heartily, most assuredly recommend this book due to be published on September 21, 2020.
January 6, 2021
Hot Popping Dang! Literary popcorn! J.D. Barker describes his writing as literary popcorn, and I am not sure what that means, but that popcorn was popping all over the place here in this convoluted, dark, twisted horrifying action-packed psychological thriller with more twists and turn then I could keep up with. If I were holding a bowl of popcorn while reading this one, it would be flying all over the place with those graphic violent details.

With authors like James Patterson and J.D. Barker, I knew I was in for one "deeply deranged killer with a dark and twisted appetite" well, dang, this was some deeply twisted psychological sh*t going on here!! I am one picky reader when it comes to delving into psychology and twisting it for the plot and twists to the story. At times I was worried I would end up disliking this one, and that overthinker was going to come out in all her nastiness. However, I was in some skillful hands here, and only talented authors like this could make up this level of dark and twistiness and make it work for this picky overthinker!

It's all about the action here with this twisty ride coast to coast, and at times, it's was so intense I had to get off and take a mental break before getting back in this ride. I listened to this one, and with 560 pages and 14 hours of listening, I have to admit I was ready for this road trip of terror to end, but those deranged twists keep coming right up to that last page.

Now that ending left me thinking you got to be kidding me! They weren't!!!
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2,245 reviews642 followers
August 18, 2020
James Patterson and J.D.Barker's new thriller ticks all the boxes: suspenseful, short punchy chapters, action packed, addictive and as twisty as a mountain road with the reader struggling to hold onto their brain to make sense of it all.

Michael and Megan Fitzgerald are the adopted children of an eminent psychologist and his psychiatrist wife. Due to the way their adoptive parents treated them they had a difficult upbringing and so grew up very close to each other. Michael now has nothing to do with his parents, has dropped out of college and drives a long distance truck while Megan is still a college student.

When Michael returns to his flat to find a dead girl in his bathtub, he does what any innocent citizen would do and calls the police. However, he becomes the number one suspect for murder of the girl he claims to have never seen before with the FBI also suspecting he may have committed a string of murders across the country. Soon, aided by Megan, Michael is running for his life, trying to prove his innocence, but as more bodies pile up the reader has to wonder who is innocent and who is guilty and exactly what happened to Michael and Megan while they were growing up?

Told from three points of view, Michael's, Megan's and FBI Agent Jessica Gimble's there is never a dull moment in this fun, high tension thriller.

With thanks to Little, Brown & Company and Netgalley for a digital arc to read.
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281 reviews41 followers
November 17, 2020
An engrossing and gripping thriller, THE COAST TO COAST MURDERS follows brother Michael and sister Megan Fitzgerald as they work together to find out who is framing Michael for a murder. The Los Angeles police are convinced of Michael’s guilt and Megan rushes from New York to come to his aid to prove Michael’s innocence.

The action is quick and the tension thick on each page. The fact that every chapter is short and alternates between characters helps to drive the pace of the story—it’s the ultimate what’s going to happen next?!!

Don’t let the fact that I didn’t devour this read within 24 hours make you think, “yeah, sure”. If I had been able to, I would have skipped not only sleep but meals to finish in one sitting.

I highly recommend this 5star read to anyone who wants to be entertained and thrilled. I think Messrs. Patterson and Barker should team up again.
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2,180 reviews212 followers
April 2, 2021
The beginning is okay. Mid story is okay. The end is awful. This story has so many twists its hard to keep them straight. Too bad the authors ran out of ideas for a good way to end this lengthy novel. 3 of 10 stars
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Author 1 book882 followers
June 19, 2021
Desde que leí la trilogía de El cuarto mono soy fan de J.D. Barker y tenía mucha curiosidad por estos crímenes de la carretera escritos a cuatro manos.

En una entrevista que J.D. concedió recientemente al Club Literario Atreyu confesó que James Patterson y él escribieron esta novela sin esquema previo, alternando capítulos y tratando de arrinconarse mutuamente. Todo eso se traduce en una historia con un ritmo endiablado y con muchas sorpresas.

No sé quién de los dos autores estaba en la palestra en cada capítulo, pero mi lista de cosas que me han gustado de la novela sería la siguiente:

🚛 Si sus formas de escribir fueran un coche, sería uno sin pedal de freno. Solo acelerador. Siempre pisándolo a fondo y aumentando la velocidad.

🚛 Los capítulos narrados por Megan en forma de declaración escrita me gustaron mucho.

🚛 Todo lo relacionado con aquel cuarto oscuro es 😱.

🚛 El inicio de la novela me pareció brillante y el final sorprendente.

Se me cae una estrella porque en la parte central del libro sentí confusión. Como cuando éramos niños y nos mareábamos con las curvas.

En cualquier caso, seguro que volveré a leer a J.D. Barker. Sus viajes nunca me defraudan 🙌.
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2,078 reviews1,658 followers
September 15, 2020
Michael and Megan are the adoptive children of Dr Barton and Dr Rose Fitzgerald who are renowned in their expert fields of clinical psychiatry and psychology. Michael is estranged from his parents and is a long haul truck driver, he remains close to student Megan. He’s at a store in LA when he gets a call from a neighbour that his apartment has flooded and is damaging the building. On his return he finds the cause - running bath water with a dead girl in it. Detective Garrett Dobbs investigates and is later joined by FBI agent Jessica Gimble. Michael is now the chief suspect for multiple homicides in at least ten states across the USA. Is Michael the dangerous serial killer ‘The Birdman’ or an unwitting patsy? The story is told principally by Michael, Megan, Dobbs and Gimble.

Can I get off the crazy train now please??!! My head is completely spinning and I suspect my brains fried. Talk about messed up! Did I like it? Of course I did! Yes, it’s twisted, totally convoluted, jaw dropping, eye popping, chilling but definitely entertaining. Far fetched? Probably, but this is fiction after all although when you hear some real life craziness maybe not. Plot holes? Yes, I’m still trying to figure one or two things out which I’m not sure make sense but it may be that the fast pace means my overworked brain hasn’t caught up. However, it’s a thrill a minute, absorbing, compelling and gripping. It’s very tense at times and on more than one occasion I had my fists clenched wanting to punch the manipulative, immoral masterminds in this devious plot. It has all the ingredients that you’d expect from these authors, with excitement and high octane action and it will make a great movie. I like the short action packed chapters as they are frequently action packed which are a good match for the unfolding drama. You think you have everything sorted in your head but nope. You cannot relax for a second as it has more plot twists than many thrillers!

Overall, I think I’ve just about got my breath back but my brain is still in a bit of a spin. I might need to meditate - or medicate! This is a really good thriller which I really enjoyed.

With thanks to NetGalley and Penguin Random House / Cornerstone for the ARC for an honest review.
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816 reviews210 followers
July 18, 2020
"The coast to coast murders" was a rollercoaster and reading it a hell of a ride. When it comes to this books collaborations I never know how much each author contributes, but in this case I've recognized J.D. Barker in each and every line, starting with an intricate plot, characters sharing some traits with characters from his previous books and twist after twist that force you to keep on reading cause when you think you have everything figured out, he throws you another spin that turns your head inside out.

You know how some books take some time to take off while setting all the pieces in place? Well, this one is not one of those. If, as I said in my opening, you think of this book as a rollercoaster, chapter one would be when you're at the highest point after the initial climb inmediately before you are dropped into a series of loops that won't give you a break till you reach the end.

It's been quite a few years since I read some James Patterson, so I can't quite judge his latests work, but I've read almost all J.D. Barker novels and this one it's up there with his best ones (if you loved the 4MK trilogy this book is for you)

Brilliant thriller with a twisted plot that will hook you up from page one and that confirms J.D. Barker as the thriller king.

Thanks to J.D. Barker, Netgalley and Little, Brown and Company for providing an eARC in exchange for an honest review.
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3,104 reviews352 followers
April 9, 2020
Patterson and Barker have teamed up and given us the thriller beyond a thriller. Don't open this up if you have other things to do -- like sleep and eat. Guaranteed you are not going to want to put this down and you better set up your chiropractor appointment cause you are going to have whiplash your head is going to spin so much.

It starts out with the classic pulp theme of an innocent man being framed for a grisly murder that he didn't commit -or did he? It's gonna get harder and harder to believe Michael is innocent as the bodies and evidence pile up. Her body is in his bathtub. His clothes are in her house. There's video of them together. But, he called 911 and swears he didn't do it. His alibi is crap. He saw a movie alone and fell asleep.

But, that's just the opening salvo. Wait till the cross-country hunt behind and the FBI's best can't hold Michael as he escapes jails, roadblocks, and more.

And the twists keep coming. Don't think you've got it figured out. You don't.

Many thanks to the publisher for providing a copy for review.
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521 reviews178 followers
April 23, 2021
Thank you to J.D. Barker via NetGalley for providing me with the digital review copy.
I have a suggestion, before you start this, have a huge breakfast, turn your phone off and lock the doors. Once you start this, you will not want to stop. It is definitely “just one more chapter” type of book. I had some very short nights, because of this book. Wish I had saved it for a holiday read.
The pace of this book is fantastic, helped by 148 chapters in approx. 480 pages. Each and everyone of them ends on a cliff hanger. The story is told from alternating POVs told in various formats, including the alleged killers’ sisters very detailed witness statement.
What appears at first reading, is a seemingly innocent man is arrested for multiple murders, but as you read on there’s a lot more to him than you think. Just when you think you have it sussed… have you really? Probably not, because the evidence does not fully add up, until the very last few pages.

This book is non-stop action, plot twists, and so much drama. At times the plot is a little confusing, partly due to the number of characters and plot twists, but as always with J.D. Barker it all (Well most of it) comes together right at the end.

Overall, this was a captivating, brilliantly plotted, thrilling read from the first to the very last page. It will keep you intrigued right to the last page. To me this felt more like a JD Barker book than James Patterson, which in my opinion was no bad thing. Despite the fact the book made my brain hurt at times, it was an entertaining and enjoyable read.
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491 reviews1,518 followers
December 29, 2021
El ritmo de la lectura es un sin parar, hay acción de principio a fin y no deja de sorprenderte hasta el final. Puede hacerte mil teorías que ninguna va ha ser la correcta y eso hace que sea un thriller excepcional, ya que no pierdes el interés en ningún momento y te vas pensando las mil teorías de lo que puede estar sucediendo.

Es una historia que empieza fuerte y termina que te deja con la boca abierta.

Debo decir que había cosas que no me cuadraban durante la lectura, cosas que creía mal escritas. Pero no, todo está hilado perfectamente.

Es un thriller que recomiendo sin ninguna duda. No se lleva las 5 estrellas porque considero que ha habido algunas cosas que no me han terminado de convencer... los investigadores no me han gustado mucho 😅.
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161 reviews32 followers
April 10, 2020
J.D. Barker and James team up together to deliver a pulp-themed book about a man being framed for a murder that he didn't commit ... but did he?

All the cards are stacked against Michael Fitzgerald and it gets harder to believe that Michael is innocent as all the evidence and bodies tend to sway his direction. Michael and Megan Fitzgerald are both adopted siblings who share a terrifying past. Michael is a cross-country truck driver, and Megan is attending college with a major in psychology. At the beginning of the book he finds a woman in his bathtub dead and leaves him questioning why and how. There is a video of them together. He calls for help and tells them he didn't do it but his alibi doesn't pan out and seems weak. That is the beginning of a wild cross-country hunt searching for the truth and ultimately stopping the killings.

Detective Garrett Hobbs and FBI Jessica Gimble join up together to try and solve what started out in the beginning as a "simple open-and-shut case". Then the bodies start piling up and the case gets way more involved that first thought. We watch as Michael avoids roadblocks, escapes jails and more. The twists and turns keep hammering away building tension. Just when I thought I absolutely knew what was happening my head got snapped in yet another direction and proved me wrong. From coast to coast, the Detective and FBI Agent try to stop this crazy killer. It is definitely a wild ride that leaves you flipping pages to the very end.

In typical J.D. Barker writing style ... don't count on figuring it all out until the explosive ending.

Many thanks to the J.D. Barker, Little, Brown and Company and also NetGalley for the ARC to review.
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959 reviews147 followers
May 30, 2020
"There is no hiding from the past. It’s the driving force behind all we do."

The Coast-to-Coast Murders is co-written by one of my favorite 5 star authors, J.D Barker and the best seller James Patterson.
A true psychological thriller, the book is a non-stop twisted roller-coaster ride.

They call him the Birdman Killer. He has been on a killing spree for years, leaving a feather on the body of the victims. His hunting ground? All over the country.

He is a clever monster and has to be stopped.

Michael Fitzgerald, a truck driver with a troubling past, is the FBI's prime suspect. All the evidence points towards him being the culprit. He claims he is innocent. He claims someone is framing him.
Is he telling the truth? Or is he a manipulative psychopath?

Thanks to the authors, Little, Brown and Company and the NetGalley for my advanced copy.
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84 reviews267 followers
October 24, 2020
This was a good, strong, easy read that I would actually give 4.5 stars to. I enjoyed the storyline about siblings Michael and Megan. It was fast paced with lots of action. These adopted siblings had a very clinical upbringing, their adoptive parents were each renowned psychiatrists. Michael has pretty much dropped off the grid as a young adult but is suddenly the suspect in a murder, or is he? He denies guilt and looks to his sister to help him prove his innocence. He is soon on the run with FBI and local detectives tracking him across the country.

As the book progresses, you wonder.. What is going on here?? There are definitely more layers that a police chase to this one. Their deranged upbringings have caused damage to their memories and grasp on themselves. I was caught up in the memory stories of their childhood.

I loved the fast pace an short chapters, classic Patterson styling. Didn't mind the action and violence, seemed to fit into the plot for me. It was a definite roller coaster, my mind switched through suspects over and over again.

My only detraction would be that I didn't love the FBI agent but that is often par for the course with me lol. I felt like the police personas were a bit rushed but again didn't really matter too much to me on the whole.

I enjoyed the ending as well, would definitely recommend this for people who love a solid police case novel with lots of action and a psychological thriller combined in.
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April 1, 2021
Quiero empezar explicando que el libro me ha entretenido (sobre todo al principio) y la historia tiene intriga.
El problema ha sido que después de un comienzo muy bueno, la historia se ha alargado demasiado y empecé a perder un poco el interés.
Tiene un ritmo rápido, capítulos muy cortos. Y sorpresa final, lo que es un plus.
Aún así no ha logrado que me enganche y no poder parar de leer. Demasiada acción, demasiado frenético.
3 estrellas.
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August 12, 2020
What did I just read? That was freaking fantastic. It’s hard, with a collaboration, to work out who wrote what but I thought this book had J.D. Barker’s fingerprints all over it. When Michael Kepler finds a dead woman in his bathtub his first call is to his sister, Megan. Only after that does he call the police. Michael claims that he doesn’t know the woman, Alyssa Tepper, has never seen her before. But the Police find plenty of evidence to the contrary so he is taken in for questioning.

A lawyer turns up for Michael and ends up breaking him out of LAPD custody but the getaway is very messy. While Michael tries to gather information with his sister to work out what is going on, the FBI swoops in and takes over the case. Special Agent Jessica Gimble has been tracking the Birdman killer across the country. He has killed 18 people over the last two years and she is convinced that Michael Kepler is that killer. The Birdman leaves a specific type of feather at each murder scene - and such a feather was found at Alyssa Tepper’s home.

And now you’re on a runaway train of drama, suspense, action and clever twists. It is clear that Michael and Megan’s adoptive parents - Dr Bart (a renowned psychiatrist) and Dr Rose (a renowned psychologist), among others, have a lot to answer for. Both Michael and Megan were unreliable narrators because their childhood minds had been so warped by the good (bad) doctors that it was impossible to know who and what to believe. The complexity and twists in this story will leave you reeling. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and was sorry when it ended. In a very interesting way! Huge thanks to Netgalley, Little, Brown and Company, James Patterson and J.D. Barker For providing a review copy in exchange for an honest review.
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