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Sybil Ingram #3

A Haunting Reprise

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When Sybil returns to her London roots, the past comes back to haunt her.

In book 3 of the Sybil Ingram Victorian Mystery series, actress-turned-medium Sybil Ingram is enjoying life in Paris with her new husband, violinist Roderick Brooke, when her past suddenly catches up with her in the form of her pushy little sister. Polly wants Sybil to help her become an actress—which means getting the blessing of their father, who is near death.

Back in London, Sybil’s homecoming is chilly. Even worse is her reunion with her former mentor, Gerhardt Atherton, who is still falsely claiming that Sybil embezzled from the theater troupe. When Atherton is found dead, his business partner, Ivor Treherne, is arrested for murder. But Sybil isn’t satisfied that the police have unearthed the whole story.

Matters reach a crisis when the drama in her family takes a supernatural form. As she turns to a fellow medium to help her banish a poltergeist and determine who really killed Atherton, Sybil soon realizes that someone is trying to silence her...perhaps for good.

Kindle Edition

Published June 6, 2018

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About the author

Amanda DeWees

35 books144 followers
Amanda DeWees received her PhD in English from the University of Georgia and wrote her dissertation on 19th-century vampire literature—the perfect training, although she didn’t know it at the time, for writing Victorian gothic romance novels. Her books include With This Curse, winner of the 2015 Daphne du Maurier Award in historical mystery/suspense, and the Sybil Ingram Victorian Mysteries series.

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Author 7 books56 followers
June 24, 2018
A Haunting Reprise continues the story of Sybil Ingram and Roderick Brooke, whose relationship began in the novel Nocturne for a Widow. A major decision Sybil made in that novel comes back to haunt her in this, the third novel in the series. That decision is not the only thing haunting Sybil, as she continues to grow as a medium and to help restless ghosts find their rest. A Haunting Reprise will work well as a stand-alone novel, but it does involve characters from Nocturne for a Widow and The Last Serenade, so it might be best to read those two novels before this one. Highly recommended for all fans of Victorian romantic mysteries or compellingly-good mysteries in general.
Profile Image for Susan.
1,391 reviews
July 21, 2018
Book 3 of the series. I have really enjoyed this. Sybil and Roderick go back to London from Paris when her younger sister Polly catches up to her. Polly wants Sybil to help her get started in the theater, but also to get her father's blessing for her to do so. Sybil's family is not very happy to see her, particularly her father. She gets Polly a job as a dresser/understudy with her old troupe. She also finds that her former mentor, Atherton, is still spreading false stories about her to cover his embezzlement, so her former colleagues are not happy to see her, either. When Atherton is killed, Sybil is sure the police have the wrong murderer. She meets another medium, hoping to learn from him, and also has to banish a poltergeist in her own family home. A lot of action in this one, and some interesting information about the Crystal Palace, where Atherton is putting on a play.
Profile Image for Alice.
1,102 reviews35 followers
August 3, 2018
Book Three: Sybil

Sybil and her new husband, Roderick return to London when her long lost sister Polly shows up. Sybil 's father is dying and Polly wants her to ask him to give his blessings for Polly to enter the theater also. Not good. Sybil was cast out by her father when she left home for the theater herself. Polly is a obnoxious teen with little respect for anyone, especially her sister. But Sybil decides to try. After all Atherton has retracted his damaging story and restored her reputation. So she will be able to see all her theatrical friends again.

Or maybe not...
Another great tale with murder, mayhem, family squabbles, and a few ghosts. Can be read alone, but best read in series order and you will be reading them all. Excellent.
437 reviews3 followers
April 4, 2020
It took me forever to finish this book; it wasn't that it was badly written, I just couldn't get into it. With that being said, it was me, not the book. With being shut in because of the corona virus, I was just finding other things to do.
Sybil is visited by her younger sister Polly while in Paris. The girls' father is gravely ill. Polly also wants Sybil's help in becoming an actress. Polly is young, impetuous and rude. Sybil's homecoming is not well received by her father who still has not forgiven her for leaving home to become an actress. Her reunion with her mentor Atherton is not gracious either as he still proclaiming that Sybil was the one who embezzled money from the troupe.
As with the other books, there is a medium, spirits and a murder.
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378 reviews
September 15, 2018
Book 3 of this series. I've loved all of the author's novels which have been set in Victorian times, and this one is no exception. This is an engrossing tale about murder, family drama, and ghosts, in which we learn more about Sybil's family background. It also features characters from the previous books in the series, but would probably work as a standalone if you haven't read the previous novels. And of course, the book would not be complete without showing the wonderful romance between Sybil and Roderick.
27 reviews
June 16, 2020
Wonderfully energetic mystery and fun characterization I was captivated by the history of the Crystal Palace and how the author weaved that history into a fabulous story.

I chose the 5 star rating because of my inability to put the book down. I am biting at the bit to read another adventure for Sybil Ingram.
Profile Image for Larry.
1,466 reviews9 followers
July 17, 2022
I enjoyed this book, quite a lot and like the short stories included. The main characters are a very loving couple who are artists and quite good detectives as well. The plot is easily followed and the story is very good. I definitely recommend this book and the entire series, including the short stories.
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