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Vampire Knight #1

Vampire Knight, Vol. 1

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Yuki Cross has no memory of her past prior to the moment she was saved from a vampire attack ten years ago. She was adopted by the headmaster of Cross Academy, and now works alongside Zero to guard the Academy's secret. Cross Adademy is attended by two groups of students: the Day Class and the Night Class. At twilight, when the students of the Day Class return to their dorm, they cross paths with the Night Class on their way to school. Yuki Cross and Zero Kiryu are the Guardians of the school, protecting the Day Class from the Academy's dark secret: the Night Class is full of vampires!

192 pages, Paperback

First published July 5, 2005

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About the author

Matsuri Hino

101 books1,645 followers
Name in Japanese: 樋野 まつり

Matsuri Hino was born on January 24 in Hokkaido. She was a bookshop keeper who one day decided to become a manga artist, and all of nine months later, in 1995, she published her first manga title, Kono Yume ga Sametara (When This Dream Is Over), in Japan's LaLa DX magazine.

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340 reviews423 followers
December 21, 2010
Vampire Knight Yaoi Pictures, Images and Photos

Random babbling...

Beautiful love/suspense/horror/action story, lots of plot twists, a very very good vampire story. Very addictive, kick ass action! If you're interested in vampires you'll definitely love it!

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94 reviews673 followers
October 6, 2012
Who needs Yuki?

Okay, so I watch plenty of anime, but this is actually the first manga I've ever read. I liked it very much, BUT here it comes...some parts really ticked me off, like:

-The lack of action.
-Yuki. She was such a a bit of a goody-two-shoes. Which annoyed the hell out of me.
-The story tended to get a bit melodramatic.
-The mystery parts could've been done so much better.
-The cheesy dialogue.
-Blood drinking being depicted as "erotic." Yeah, try having someone's teeth stuck in your neck.

Basically, the plot didn't impress me and I wasn't exactly blown away by the dialogue. What intrigued me more than anything was the dynamic between Zero, Yuuki, and Kaname. I also LOVED the artwork, I think I enjoyed looking at Zero and Kaname more than anything, really. xD

That said, I'm willing to read the next one, since I've heard so many great things about this series, and I have a feeling it will turn out to be kickass.

PS, the Chairman reminded me a lot of Shigure from Fruits Basket. I love him!! <3
36 reviews
March 20, 2011

:Review Updated:

Vampire Knight -
This is the first manga I have read in my entire life.

So this manga's about: A boarding school is divided into two classes, Day Class and Night Class.
Zero and Yuuki are best friends, childhood friends are guardians protect the Night Class' identity: they are actually vampires.
Kaname Kuran is their leader and Yuuki's madly in love with him since he saved her life from a vicious vampire and Yuki thinks he's(Kaname) is the beginning of her life.

Zero is always by Yuuki's side. He's serious, he never smiles and he has a sad, tragic life. Yuki's also there to protect him.

Zero and Kaname hate each other.

and Dun.Dun.Dun theres a love triangle in the story.
and a HUGE one.

So the three main characters are all likeable, I guess.

I never thought that I would ever read a manga about vampires.EVER.
But ya know its true that unexpected things do intend to happen.
This manga's definitely worth a try. The story's better than you will expect it to be. The plot is excellent and I think this manga about vampires is one of the best mangas yet.

- Quotes -

"The world is dyed with the color of blood. It will never be able to go back to the way it was before"
"The next time you open your eyes the world might have already changed"
"I will cover and hide the part of my heart that wants to cry and scream"
"Being like this makes me feel like we've returned to the old days somewhat. Yeah. Zero is Zero. Even if you are a vampire now."
"I didn't understand anything. Zero suffered and suffered for four years. What were you thinking, all by yourself? He loathes vampires so much, he wants to kill them all. All this time, Zero wanted to kill himself too."
"I long for him.... but I understand. There's a line that vampires and humans can't cross."
Yuuki Cross

"I want these gentle hands and this kind smile, even though I should not want such a thing"
"Her very existence means the world to me"
"Because Yuuki was there, I might have been able to live on..."
"But you thought it would be okay to become a vampire, right...? I will never let you turn into something like that. Even if it means I have to make Kaname Kuran my enemy...and even if it means you will hate me..."
"Thats why for you, you have the right to be cruel to me.
No matter how much you make me worry or how much danger you put me in, just as much as you like, but these are not enough compensation even I have to sacrifice my leftover life for you. I'd not utter a word of complaint"
Zero Kiryuu

"Humans should never be turned into vampires. But in the old days, hidden from history, when the war between vampires and vampire hunters was at its peak, vampires turned many humans into vampires to use in battle. And now the aristocrats have the duty to manage those survivors. Sometimes we have to kill them off..."
"It's all right. You be just the way you are, Yuuki. You're different from the Night Class students who wait on me... You're a warm-hearted girl, Yuki. That's more than enough."
"Zero, you're suppose to be the one that hates vampires more than anyone else... but you need blood more than anyone else. I think you're more vampire like than any other vampire."
Kaname Kuran

"I'll show you a sweet dream next night"
- in the anime. <3

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436 reviews277 followers
May 29, 2021

I really enjoyed the Vampire Knight anime a few years back so I knew I'd like this one. It was a little hard to keep track of the characters at first since a lot of information is thrown at you in this one, but I know that it'll get easier as the series goes on. Zero is definitely my favorite character and I can't wait for the later volumes when the night class characters will (hopefully) be explored more.
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62 reviews3 followers
August 14, 2021
Hace como dos o tres años me vi por primera vez el anime de Vampire Knight en donde me encariñé mucho con Zero y un tiempo después lo volvi a ver y esta vez me encariñé fue con Kaname. Luego de terminar el anime, por segunda vez, quedé algo picada porque se notaba que tenía mas historia además de lo que contaron el capitulos que habia visto previamente. Depués de esto fue que me enteré que era basado en un manga con el mismo título y que en este continuaba la historia a la que tanto llegué a querer.

Se puede decir que este es el primer manga que realmente he querido leer desde que pensé en comenzar en este mundo. Por los momentos es la unica serie de manga que estoy continuando si o si. Ahora si les comentaré un poco que me pareció este Tomo número 1.

Cuando comencé a leer Vampire Knight me di cuenta de que habían adaptado muy bien el anime que basaron en esta historia, ya que los capitulos son exactamente iguales al manga. Es interesante que cada vez que Yukki nombra a Kaname o a Zero, en mi mente lo leo con la voz que le pusieron a su personaje en el anime.

Se nota que son capítulos introductorios pero no quiere decir que sean pesados o aburridos, todo lo contrario, son interesantes ya que (como dije anteriormete) te ayudan a introducirte en la Academia Cross y a concer un poquito de sus clases diurnas y noturnas.

Una de las cosas que mas me gusta de este manga son los dibujos, son demasiado hermosos y no puedo dejar de quedarme un rato viendo los detalles característicos que tienen los protagonistas principales. Mi único problema es que me cuesta un poco diferenciar a los vampiros nobles que acompañan a Kaname, ya que casi todos ellos tienen rasgos muy similares (todos con el cabello blanco y uniforme).

Sin duda voy a seguir leyendo este manga para poder saber que es de la vida de Yukki, Zero y Kaname después de ese final en el anime.

Reseña completa: aqui
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Author 6 books1,616 followers
December 3, 2020
It's rare to see such detailed art in long manga series. The kind the Vampire Knight series has, I mean. I usually review and rate not just for my personal taste and experience with the book, but also for its merits and considering its genre-audience. It's the first anime I watched (thanks to my younger sister), or maybe it's the second one I watched and Death Note could be the first. After that, my ride with 50+ anime series began just as an animeholic otaku's should.

And even when I'm almost 30, currently in 2020, I'll say this is the best of its genre. It's a perfect genre blend of romance, thriller, mystery, and of course paranormal and everything. What made it different from the rest of the anime or manga of Shojo genre is that it has a solid story. In the beginning, it might feel slow. Now that I remember, (and reading it for the art now), even around the middle and end, it'll feel slow. But the twists paid off. Even though around the end, I wanted the villain to be doing more than what he was doing. I wanted Kuran Kaname to be more active, and Yuki to do more than just scolding people. Maybe I wanted a strong fight, a witty mind-game in between the villain and Kaname. So, that part still feels unfinished; it left a sort of vacuum when it ended without that, without that game. The fight ended quickly.

Yet, Kaname was a heart.
Now that I think about it, maybe I created Yuan vs Ruem in my Wisdom Revolution series to fulfill that missing feeling. Wisdom Revolution's world began somewhere around then.
So, above all, as I'm checking the manga again, it has one of the most detailed and clean arts I've ever seen in Manga. If you are looking for comic/manga art samples for your sketch practice, especially for the world/setting details, this one is my recommendation along with Kuroshitsuji.
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691 reviews312 followers
April 13, 2018
Again... Found this series by Netflix... The bane of my existence.

BUT I LOVE IT ANYWAYS! Even with all of the...


sexual tension...


as well as the love-triangle.
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355 reviews613 followers
February 3, 2015
Since I'm fairly new to Manga I'm not sure if they're all like this.

The dialogue was awkward and stoic. The characters all fell flat, except for Zero. I think he's the only one I liked.
As for Kaname and Yuuki, GOD! Those two are boring as heck. Every time they have a conversation I can't help but cringe. I'm not really sure where this is going but all the reviews I see are telling me to quit while I'm ahead, so I'm not sure what to do.
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319 reviews288 followers
September 15, 2017
Well Netflix has ruined me and I'm totally fangirl crushing on this anime ... so of course I had to pick up the manga too <3

Um ... I'm obsessed

Zero is my love 💕❤💕❤💕

Ok so I'm by far NOT the authority on the intricacies of manga critique here but um .... I'm obsessed so I'm giving it the 5 star rating because I can dammit! The art is beautiful and I love the storyline and the tension and ... yep I'm addicted 😏
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160 reviews871 followers
April 1, 2019
I've already watched the anime, and I don't usually read manga, but I'm trying to give it a shot since the anime had no ending (which you can bet still makes me salty to this day).

This was an interesting experience. The anime is one of my favorites and I'm glad I decided to try the manga.

Idk how I'm going to approach rating manga from now on, but I still love the story and the characters in this format so it's a positive for this experience here.
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563 reviews78 followers
November 30, 2008
Stop me if you've heard this one before...there's a school that has a day school and a night school. The night school students are just a little bit different than everyone else...because they're vampires! Okay, so the general concept has been turning up quite a bit in manga (and likely to turn up even more with Nightschool on its way to us from the lovely author of DramaCon). Still, this particular series seems to have more emotional tension and more engrossing characters than some of the vamp manga with a central triangle that's far more sexy than silly.

Yuki Cross and Zero Kiryu are the designated Guardians and eternal odd kids out at the school at the heart of this series. Neither has a family of their own and both have been taken under the wing of the eccentric head of the academy. In return they must stick to a grueling schedule balancing their life as normal students with their professional duties guarding the school's secrets and maintaining the peace. Not quite brother and sister but more than friends, their complicated relationship is up for some major tests. Yuki's growing friendship with Kaname, a pureblood vampire who once saved her life causes a lot of tension with the vampire-hating Zero. Then Zero's discovery that he himself was "turned" immediately sets the series up for even more drama.

Viz rates this series for older teens--most likely for violence (in one scene a bad vampire is literally split in two by a sword). While these scenes can be a little shocking, there's not all that many of them: the majority of the story is really dedicated more to the personal growth of the characters and the developing relationships rather than battle scenes (based on volumes 1-4 at least).Recommended for 14+...and for Twi-hards this could be an enjoyable crossover read.
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956 reviews319 followers
November 19, 2010
I have been reading manga ever since I was in high school, the first manga I ever read being “Ranma ½.” Well, just recently, I have stumbled upon another manga series called “Vampire Knight” (not to be confused with Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy series) which is created by Matsuri Hino and it is about how a young high school girl named Yuki realizes about the existence of vampires at the private school, Cross Academy, while attending to her duties as one of the Guardians of the academy. “Vampire Knight Volume 1” is a truly awesome volume for vampire and manga lovers everywhere!

Oh my goodness! I would have never thought that I would read a manga about vampires and get totally hooked into the story and the characters! Matsuri Hino sure knows how to make the characters in this volume both interesting and full of “wow” entertainment! I think that all the characters in this volume are awesome, but my favorite characters would have to be Yuki Cross, Zero Kiryu and Kaname Kuran. Let us start with Yuki Cross first. Yuki Cross is a truly spirited and innocent character that has the bubbly personality of most of the anime heroines you see on TV. What I really loved about Yuki’s personality is that she is one devoted girl who takes pure pride with her work as one of the Guardians of the academy and I also loved the fact that she is a true believer of pacifism as she wants vampires and humans to live in harmony. But Yuki is not the only character who makes this volume truly worth reading as Zero Kiryu and Kaname Kuran are also awesome characters as they are polar opposites from each other. Kaname is the polite yet mysterious elite vampire who seems to have romantic feelings for Yuki, even though we do not know why exactly which fits his mysterious personality. Zero on the other hand, is your typical bad boy and kick butt guardian that anyone who love bad boys would love! I also loved the relationship between Yuki and Zero as they have the typical love/hate relationship that seems hilarious to me! Matsuri Hino’s illustrations truly define what “beautiful” as every character, especially the elite vampire students look hot and beautiful at the same time and yet have mysterious looks on their faces, especially of the image of Kaname who has spiky black hair and an extremely mysterious look on his face that will make you wonder what he is really planning behind our little backs.

For fans who do not like seeing blood in books, this volume contains some bloody images, especially of the images of the vampires sucking the people’s blood (making this volume receive the infamous “older teen” rating).

Overall, “Vampire Knight Volume One” is definitely a manga that any vampire or manga fan will cherish for many, many years and I am definitely looking forward to reading more of the “Vampire Knight” series after this volume! To see who this book is recommended for, I will just recite what the rating for this volume said at the end:

“Rated T+ for older teen, ages 16 and up due to sexual themes and violence.”
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820 reviews70 followers
January 22, 2015
It's so ANNOYING and it DRAGS. It's confusing, more things pop up just to keep the story going, it's long and boring, the girl can't make up her mind, the guy can't decide if he's evil or not, the other guy (who I actually like) should go find someone better, the heroine and her brother can die for all I care. I only want Zero to be alive at the ending. A tragedy sounds GREAT!Anyways, I'll come back in 2013 or 2014 to finish this. It should be done by then. All the people I dislike should be dead by then and the stupid thing should be done by then.

2.4/5 stars

When I first began this manga it was a no-kidding: 5 stars manga.
Then it became 4 then 3 then 2 then 1 then 'if only I could give it a zero' then 2 then 2.4/5 and now, years after it became a 2 star and shredded and killed off all of my excitement, obsession, intrigue, addiction, and love, hype, fascination, and support, it's back to a three. I've been intrigued again. It's been a long time coming since Vampire Knight has been able to deliver and I like what it's finally giving me. Bloodshed is something to look forward to, definitely, in the upcoming chapters.. and an End. I even feel my excitement stirring, that last chapter Matsuri Hino? Was a good one. Good play, caught my interest.
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458 reviews54 followers
August 8, 2020
I will forever be indebted to Matsuri Hino for creating the character that is Kaname Kuran. *fans myself*

Since I’ve already seen the anime, I suspect the first few books will feel repetitive to me (through no fault of its own). The anime was basically scene-for-scene but I’m so excited for the later volumes to branch out, and to learn more about the individual intricacy of the characters and the world building. Even without colour and music, the art captured a charged and dark horror/romantic-esque atmosphere perfectly.

I love this series so much but I already know that people hate the finale and that there’s a major character death. Welp.

Ready for volume 2...
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500 reviews110 followers
March 30, 2013
 photo vk_zps82dfa659.gif

I heard this was a "Twilight" Manga, and in a way it was, but I was really happy that there were tons of differences! At Cross Academy you can find both humans and vampires. The vampires go to class at night and are called the Night Class, however the humans (Day Class) don't know that the Night Class are vampires, they just know that they are extremely pretty.

Yuki Cross who can be seen as the main character was strangely not my favorite - she was a bit irritating. I like the brooding Zero Kiryu, but I am dreading the love-triangle that I see forming! Although I didn't love it to death, I would give the next volume a try, just because I hear great things about where this series is going!

 photo vkgif_zps502c8923.gif

Note on my review copy: There was a "For review purposes only" watermark right in the middle of every single page, and when there was a text bubble on that section 50% of the time I couldn't make out what it said. At least I could figure out what was going on from the panes I could see.

Illustrations: 3 stars
Story: 3.5 stars
Overall: 3 stars
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24 reviews30 followers
July 4, 2013
In the end, after I've read all the chapters of Vampire Knight in existence, I can't really tell whether or not I liked it.

On one hand, And I really did like the idea of the vampires, and the whole world Matsuri Hino built around them.

But with that world, I also kinda feel like she didn't explore it enough. We're informed that Level C's make up the majority of the vampire population, but they're barely in there. So, where are they? What is there place in society? Are they treated little better than humans or Level D's? Or are they almost as good as Level B's? I really wanted to know that. The side characters are likewise only developed enough to serve the story's purpose, that is to say, not very much.

I like the series, and I really like Zero, but both Yuki and Kaname fell flat as characters to me. Yuki is all the things no one likes in a heroine: dull, weak, dependent, obsessive, and useless. Kaname is overpossessive, massively sexist and egotistical (he practically imprisons her after she ), controlling, manipulative, and creepy. But most of the manga series focuses on the two of them. ...I don't get it.

I could do a full-on feminist rant about all the undertones of a controlling, abusive relationship in this series, but I'm tired. So, in conclusion, a good story, interesting premise, but after the anime ended, all feminism went to hell.

One more thing: I don't know if it was because I was reading an online version, but some of the plot points were wordy and confusing. I ended up skipping over them.
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Author 81 books410 followers
November 14, 2011
Vampire Knight is the manga that actually got me addicted to…manga. And anime. Not only is this a successful, still ongoing manga series in Japan and the rest of the world, it also served as the base for an intriguing anime series existed of two seasons: Vampire Knight and Vampire Knight: Guilty. Each season has thirteen episodes of anime goodness. If you’re a fan of vampires you definitely shouldn’t miss out on this series. Even if you’ve never read manga before or if you’re not generally an anime fan, this story definitely has all the goodies vampire fans will swoon over.

The setting is Cross Academy boarding school, a school for both regular teenagers and vampire teenagers. The school is divided into two separate classes: the Day Class existing of regular teenagers who occasionally swoon over their vampire counterparts and the Night Class where said vampires reside. Like in any self-respecting vampire series, the vampires are all equally gorgeous, Kuran Kaname the most handsome one of them all. That’s because, as is revealed quite early in the story, he is actually a pureblood vampire, whereas the other students of Cross Academy are only nobles. Although this faintly reminded me of Harry Potter and the entire pureblood drama, it can’t really be compared. In the universe of Vampire Knight there are only a handful of purebloods left and since they’re supposed to be the rulers of the vampire world, this naturally causes a lot of trouble.

The story starts with a young girl who’s standing outside on a snowy night and who is suddenly attacked by a vicious vampire. Luckily enough, the evil vampire is stopped by…yet another vampire. This time a more gorgeous one, local pureblood vampire Kuran Kaname. He saves the little girl and brings her to Cross Academy. This little girl is actually a younger version of our current fifteen year old heroine, Yuki Cross, prefect and school guardian. It’s her job to keep the Day Class students as far away as possible from the Night Class students. This gets extremely hard around the time the Day and Night Classes switch, since all teenage girls keep on swooning over the vampires and would do everything humanly possible to touch them. It’s actually more serious than it sounds. But whereas none of those unfortunate girls even get the chance to come remotely close to any of the vampires present, we see Kaname asking Yuki if she’s alright after she is thrown on the ground by the over-enthusiastic teens. It’s revealed practically right away that Yuki has a huge crush on Kaname, since she blushes feverishly when he talks to her.

So now we got to know one part of this epic love triangle, in walks the second part of the love triangle, Kiriyu Zero. He is the other school prefect and the only other person apart from Yuki and the headmaster who know about the existence of vampires and their presence at Cross Academy. A flashback teaches us that Yuki was raised by the headmaster of Cross Academy after she was brought there by Kaname on the faithful night he saved her from the vicious vampire that tried to kill her. A couple of years later, Zero is brought to Cross Academy as well after he witnessed his entire family getting slaughtered by a vampire. Needless to say, Zero is not a big fan of vampires. On the contrary, he hates them.

As the basis is set for the most epic love triangle you will ever come across. Most love triangle immediately point out one of the potential love interests as their favorite, but Vampire Knight refrains from doing so, pointing out both Zero’s and Kaname’s strong points. Yuki Cross is obviously stuck in the middle, except that she’s clueless about most of the things going on around her. Even though she’s madly in love with Kaname she has not the faintest clue that he likes her as well. And although she occasionally stresses the fact how much Zero means to her, she doesn’t realize the depth of her own feelings let alone Zero’s feelings for her. This obvious lack of insight could make Yuki an annoying character who makes the reader want to bump their head on the keyboard, but this isn’t the case here. Her innocence actually has a disarming effect, making the reader – at least, this happened to me – like her instantly. It’s not that Yuki’s a complete moron, it’s that she has two troubles. Lack of self-confidence leads her to believe that Kaname couldn’t possibly care about her in the slightest, and the fact that Zero is a master at hiding his feelings causes her not to see past the facade her fellow prefect has put up.

The supportive cast of this novel is impressive as well. The vampires, although hard to distinguish at first – some of the male vampires look remarkably alike – each seem to have different personalities, some of them well-developed, others still enhanced in mystery. Of course, this is still the initial setting so I suspect to learn more about the supportive cast as well, even if only gradually. There were some additional scenes in this manga that made me want to jump up and down in excitement. For instance, there is a racy exchange between Yuki and Aido Hanabusa, Cross Academy’s resident bad boy vampire, that hints at an erotic subtext missing from the rest of this volume. The flashbacks to the night when Yuki and Zero met are haunting and touching. Yuki’s interactions with her best friend indicate that there is more to this supposedly innocent and blatantly kindhearted protagonist than what meets the eye. She can be stubborn and resolved as well, and she’s obviously not afraid to fight for what she loves.

As a side note, the volumes are broken into Nights, rather than chapters. Chapter One is conveniently called Night One. I thought it was definitely an original thought. Secondly, the artwork for Vampire Knight is simply amazing. I read in other reviews that some people don’t like the artwork, or that it takes some time to get used to, but from all mangas I’ve read after reading this one, I still have to say I liked Vampire Knight’s art the best. The glassy eyes of some characters give this book a supernatural and ethereal appearance whereas the occasional cute chibi form adds a hint of humor to a manga that doesn’t shy away from dark themes and angst.

Each of the main characters has an interesting back story that explains why they display certain personality traits. For instance, we understand quickly why Zero is hateful towards all vampires in general, and we instantly feel for him when one of his darkest secrets is revealed in chapter four. On the other hand, we learn that Kaname cares for Yuki, but we’re still in the dark as to why exactly. The secrets and mysteries pile up and suck you right into the story. The characters were complex and enthralling enough to keep me on the edge of my seat, thanking God and all saints in heaven that I bought more than one volume of this manga. If you like reading about vampires, don’t dare to pass out on Vampire Knight. Although the first volume serves mostly as a way to set the mood and introduce us to the characters, it already holds a fair share of suspense, reveals some devastating secrets and some surprising plot twists, and makes the reader yearn for more.

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1,014 reviews92 followers
February 17, 2020
For more awesome reviews, check out my blog! The Butterfly Reader

This first volume serves as more of a prelude, giving the reader a glimpse of all the characters, showing that Zero is a vampire; turned by a Pureblood who killed the rest of his family. We also get to see just how much Yuuki already loves Kaname and how he cares for her very dear to his heart also. It tells you that Kaname is a Pureblood (not the same one that turned Zero), the most powerful vampire out there. Pureblood's have more abilities than Aristocrats. You see just how loyal all the students are to their Pureblood dorm president, Kaname. No real plot follows this volume, but it sets up more when the action and romance really take off in volume two.

The art is amazing, some of the very best I've seen in manga, it's honestly my favorite. Matsuri Hino puts so much detail into evertyhing, even the backgrounds. I've seen plenty of manga artists who skimp of the fine details of such things.

Something I really love is her take on vampires, they are still fierce and powerful without being too far out there. They still have fangs (sexy....) and red eyes. They aren't killed by sunlight but it weakens them and makes them tired. I also thought a good touch was only Purebloods can turn a human into a vampire, makes it seem more realistic to me. Overall, this is an awesome way to start a fantastic series.
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1,155 reviews643 followers
August 31, 2010
Vampire Knight by Matsuri Hino was great! I’ve definitely found a shojo manga series I want to commit too, and I can’t wait to read the next book! I loved the story line, the art work was amazing, and the ending had me driving to the bookstore to pick up the next installment.

In Vampire Knight we meet two groups of students who attend Cross Academy. There is the Day Class, where Yuki Cross and Kiryu Zero serve has Guardians, and the Night Class that is full of vampires. Yuki was attacked by a vampire ten years prior and has no memory preceding that event. She was adopted by the headmaster of Cross Academy and guards the Day Class alongside Zero, who has secrets that haunt him and his existence. Despite her past, Yuki believes that vampires and humans can peacefully coexist, but Zero feels differently.

It’s probably too soon to draw my alliances, but if I had to call a team, I’d have to say I’m Team Zero. Don’t get me wrong, Kaname was intriguing, but there’s something about a tortured soul that just gets to me. Great first installment and I have the second manga in this series at the ready.
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1,695 reviews655 followers
May 9, 2011
This was a fun vampiric manga set in a school where there are "day students" and "night students". Yuki is a cute heroine and there is what looks like a love triangle (groan, I know) possibly forming between her, the gorgeous and mysterious night school class president who saved her life years earlier and her tormented friend Zero who is keeping many secrets. I'm rooting for Zero but who knows what will happen? It is in black and white and because several of the characters have very similar features I was a bit confused at times who was who but this is pretty common in most of the manga I read.

Thanks for sharing this one with us chucklesthescot!
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February 19, 2019
A cool story. My manga/graphic novel reviews are always quite short because not that much tends to happen with them, but here's a little ramble. I like the night class/day class concept and I'm enjoying the characters. Zero and Kaname are great, Yuki is a little bland but I do like her. I think I'd connect with this more if it was an anime. The love triangle is good, I'm unsure who I prefer yet. I didn't actually see that big reveal coming, it's added an extra layer of plot to the story that I'm excited to see more of. Mainly, my issues lie in how I feel about most manga/graphic novels-I don't get that attached or invested.
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November 12, 2021
This is a review of the entire series.

Yuki Cross has no memory of her past prior to the moment she was saved from a vampire attack ten years ago. She was adopted by the headmaster of Cross Academy, and now works alongside Zero to guard the Academy's secret. Cross Academy is attended by two groups of students: the Day Class and the Night Class. At twilight, when the students of the Day Class return to their dorm, they cross paths with the Night Class on their way to school. Yuki Cross and Zero Kiryu are the Guardians of the school, protecting the Day Class from the Academy's dark secret: the Night Class is full of vampires.

The opening chapters are little cliche, but the story quickly builds up to a rapid spiral of drama, psychological trauma and vampiric romance that isn't overly lovey-dovey. Yuki is the protagonist, but there's not much to like about her. The driving forces of the series are Yuki's two love interests. The tragic backstory of Zero and his desire for vengeance against a powerful vampire, and the alluring mystery of Kaname and his strange obsession with Yuki carry the plot. Zero and Kaname develop a bit of a rivalry for Yuki's attention that ends up leading to some pretty dramatic stakes and tension.

There are a lot of characters in this series, but only a small handful of them are actually engaging and memorable. Out of the 35 or so characters, only 5 or 6 of them carry the plot on their shoulders; some of which don't even stick around very long. Zero and Kaname are the stars of the show but the story grows rather dull when they're not around. Ichiru and Shizuka were cool but they only made a few appearances.

There is a pretty wicked climax in the middle of the series that really drew me in, but the rest of the series fails to live up to what that climax set up. The characters become less interesting, the plot falls apart and struggles to find a proper pacing and purpose. I really liked the first half of the series, the second half was just passable in my opinion.


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April 4, 2020
It's been many years since I've picked this series up, and since I'm stuck with only studying and staying indoors I might as well pull out the old books. I have the first 15 volumes in this series, so it's time to do some binge reading and sink into the world of Vampire Knight.

I was OBSESSED with this series as a kid. I went to my local Wal-Mart every week to see if there was a new volume. I'm not kidding, I searched the book section like there was a pot of gold hidden.

So, the basic summary of this series: there's a school where the day class are humans and the night class are vampires (shh, it's a secret). Kaname is a hot vampire who's the lead of the night class. Yuki is a human and is guarding the day class and making sure those pesky vampires aren't up to their old tricks. Oh, by the way, everyone has some deep, dark secrets.

There's pretty pictures (because seriously, Matsuri Hino's art is STUNNING), a potential love triangle coming, lots of fantasy lore with vampires, some action, and lots of teenage drama. It's your YA addiction all wrapped into a manga! It's one of the better YA vampire adaptations, if you ask me. I still need to check out the anime of this too...

This first volume in this book isn't packed full of action, it's more story telling to set up this massive series. Don't be scared off by that though, this series does get better once you know everyone and get into it.

Yuki is kinda silly and annoying for me as an adult, but I adored her as a teen. It's seriously based on your reading preferences with how you're going to take this book. Go back into your YA mindset and you'll adore it. There is blood and a little rough action in this book, but it's nothing a teenager couldn't handle.

Four out of five stars! It was such a delight to grab this series again!
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March 28, 2015
I saw this popping up on several lists of "must read manga" so I decided to give it a try.

At first I thought it would be a typical teenage vampire story. In brief, this is the story of an exclusive private school. Normal students attend the day classes, vampires attend the night classes. The day class does not know vampires exist so they don't know the night class (full of gorgeous, hot guys) is all vampires. They only get a glimpse of them at sundown.

Two students from the day class know the secret and they are the guardians of the school, keeping the day and night students separated.

Even though I was thinking this theme has been done to death by fangs numerous times, I ended up really liking this book. I'm not a teenage girl but it didn't matter. I really got into the story and I plan to continue on. Zero, Kaname, Yuki - they are good characters. I'm interested, I care.

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January 26, 2008
This delightfully trashy manga wallows in all sorts of vampire cliches (see: gorgeous and mysteriously broody vampires, bloodsucking as sexual innuendo). I was spoiled for one plot point before reading this, and I was amused to find it in chapter 2 or 3; normally you'd have to slog through volumes of a series for something so emo-tastic. Seriously, this is perhaps the least subtle work of fiction I have read in ages. I will definitely have to read more of this.
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April 26, 2012
So. I don't particularly like love triangles, or vampire romances, or heroines that are supposed to be competent but aren't really. But it's very popular, and the art is incredibly stylish (though I don't really like the way the eyes are drawn) so I gave it a shot. Twice. It isn't badly done, but it just hits too many dislikes for me to get really into it. And after two tries, I think I can leave it be now.
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July 16, 2011

Every line is a story itself. It could take pages and pages to describe just one picture and yet wouldnt be enough. So little to be said, so many to be thought. Each character has a backround and each act hides a reason combining the perfect dark and diisrupted world that this manga conveys. A work of Art.
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