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Lock & Mori #3

Final Fall

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Mori is out for revenge. Imprisoned in the English countryside, with her brothers held as leverage, she’s never felt angrier or more helpless. When an opportunity for escape arises, Mori takes it and flees back to the streets of London, where she is finally able to plot the demise of her recently freed father and his cohorts.

But after a bittersweet reunion with Lock, she discovers that he may not be the ally he once was. In the face of blackmail, threats, and Lock’s noble attempts to thwart her crusade, Mori has an impossible decision to make.

Can Mori wash the blood from her hands and walk away? Or will her final fall from grace be the end of everyone she loves?

201 pages, Hardcover

First published November 28, 2017

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About the author

Heather W. Petty

5 books195 followers
YA author of the LOCK & MORI series (available from S&S BFYR). Awkward Witch of the Forest. High Cat Lady of Reno. Kdrama addiction specialist.

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423 reviews1,011 followers
December 14, 2017
For me it was always hard to resist a Sherlock Holmes retelling, especially when it is about Holmes and Moriarty. The story of two mortal enemies and how they became to be the enemies is what caught my attention a few years ago when I first noticed Lock and Mori. The more alluring this story seemed as Holmes and Moriarty are not just enemies - they are lovers; Moriarty is a girl and I found it quite an intriguing idea, making everything more dramatic and preparing my poor heart for a heartbreak in advance. After I finished the first book I was a little bit on a crossroad about this series: from one side, it was a promising new trilogy; dark and realistic, and I saw a lot of potential in it. For me it was a question either book 2 will beat its predecessor and become my next favorite series. Alas, it did not happen.

The problem with Lock and Mori is that with every new book it was getting less realistic and more dramatic, which would not be a bad thing if drama was not too much of a teenage kind. After finishing Final Fall I cannot for the love of all chocolate understand what was the reason of characters becoming mortal enemies? Just the enemies standing on different sides of the law - yes, but where's this 'mortal' word in there I can not see. It felt like two lovers were divided because of their differences about the world and what is considered good or bad. Also, because the heroine Mori had crossed the line that cannot be crossed and there was not coming back from that, unless Lock decided to cross that line too, which would never had happened according to the original story as we know it. But despite all those hard choices there was no space for hatred or for blood feud. In my opinion, the concept of mortal enemies includes much more 'issues' than the ones portrayed in this story.

Moreover, I find the image of Sherlock Holmes in this book lacking; lacking in everything: brain, stamina, deductive thinking and peculiarity inherent to the original Sherlock Holmes. This version of Holmes is a teenage and a dull one. You can argue that he is a teenager and we witness how Sherlock was made, but I can also argue if not for the author's every-page-remarks how smart and different Lock from everyone else, I would think that he's simply a teenager with nothing distinctive about him. But those 'reminders' kept me looking for something special in Lock, which I couldn't find no matter how hard I was trying. Mori, on the other hand, showed a great deal of potential in her becoming of an ultimate villain. From book one her struggle was real, and until book 3 it was shown step by step her turning to dark side. But she is not our classic villain, she is in a grey zone, and I think if we had more books about her, we would see more development from her side.

As for the plot, it was dull as well. The only interesting story was in book 1, the rest is just a fantasy and uninteresting one. Secret societies, secret agendas, something else secret - it did not keep my interest in the least.

All in all, Lock and Mori had a potential, but lost it in the process. Simple like that. I will probably check the author's future works, because of that potential, but my disappointment with this series will leave a bitter aftertaste for a long time, making me more suspicious of any Holmes related books. Sometimes when we love something and are trying to prolong our joy it can play a cruel joke on us. Beware of your desires...
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5,212 reviews461 followers
November 29, 2017
*Source* Edelweiss
*Genre* Young Adult Fiction / Mysteries & Detective Stories
*Rating* 3.5


Final Fall is the third and final installment in Heather W. Petty's Lock & Mori trilogy. As the story opens, Mori is Alice Stoke's captive having been taken from London to the English countryside. She's kept in a cage away from her brothers who are being used as leverage to keep Mori in line. With Alice's real threat of taking her brothers to America without her, Mori must bide her time and scheme her way to freedom. Alice needs a soldier to be her sword against those like James Moriarty. 

*Full Review @ Gizmos Reviews*


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1,235 reviews446 followers
August 2, 2019
This book was so disappointing compared to how amazing books 1 and 2 were. I had such high hopes for Final Fall, and I was let down. Following her kidnap by Alice at the end of Mind Games, we meet Mori in captivity. She doesn't know how to get out, find her brothers, and keep everyone she cares about safe. That is her biggest wish, and Alice is training her to be a weapon to use against her enemies. Most of this book surrounds Mori, with Lock hardly playing any role, at all. I really missed him, and his and her banter, but Mori believes that they shouldn't be together, that she is making him weak and vulnerable, and is sacrificing herself. This being the catalyst for the great hatred and animosity between Holmes and Moriarty just didn't make sense, and it's tarnished my love of the previous books. Really, if you want a Holmes retelling, pick up Brittany Cavallaro's series - it's much better!
August 11, 2022
꧁𝓜𝔂 𝓓𝓮𝓪𝓻 𝓢𝓱𝓮𝓻𝓵𝓸𝓬𝓴꧂
ᴡ ᴇ ɪ ʟ  ᴇ s  ᴇ ɴ ᴅ ᴇ ɴ  ᴍ ᴜ s s
« ʀ ᴇ ᴢ ᴇ ɴ s ɪ ᴏ ɴ »
Handlung: Wo soll man da mit dem Schwärmen nur anfangen? Dieses Buch hat mich überrascht, berührt und mitgenommen - alles auf einen Schlag🙊❤  Sie hat so viele tolle Momente, sie war durch und durch spannend und hat viele gute, unerwartete Wendungen😍 Ich habe es von vorne bis hinten genossen. Das Ende hat mich traurig gemacht, aber ich verstehe, warum es so enden musste...
Charaktere: Mori muss sich entscheiden, welche Person sie sein will. Ich konnte gut nachvollziehen und verstehen, weshalb sie den Weg gewählt hat, den sie letzten Endes genommen hat🙈💕 Die Entwicklung zwischen ihr und Lock fand ich richtig heftig🙊❤ Und doch musste es einfach so sein😭...
Schreibstil: Der Schreibstil war wieder sehr gut😊 Es wird wieder aus Mori's Perspektive in der ersten Person erzählt. Man kann sich gut in sie hineinversetzen und ihren Entscheidungen folgen.
Fazit: Das Ende von "My Dear Sherlock"❤ Aufregend, herzzerreißend und einfach genial. Ein besonderer Abschluss einer ganz besonderen Reihe
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2,798 reviews120 followers
November 19, 2020
I was kinda scared to pick this book up and I wasn't even sure what option scared me the most: The one where this book would all of a sudden get a happy end, with Sherlock and Mori being in love and with Mori not becoming Sherlock's enemy in the future. Or the one where this book would end with Sherlock and Mori opposing each other, Mori because she finally let all her anger out and Sherlock because he still believes you have either good or bad in this world.

However, since I didn't want to take this book with me to my parents, I had to read it today. And the further I read, the more I knew which option it was gonna be. I think it was the best option, the most fitting one, the one that those three books clearly aimed for. That doesn't mean that it hurts any less. The entire series is written from Mori's perspective and despite her choices, it's really hard not to feel for her. Because deep down, just like Sherlock, we keep on believing that there is a good girl inside Mori, a girl who just wants to be happy with a guy who loves her.

Mori's character growth, if you can somehow still call it that, is amazingly well done however. We see her struggling with the anger rushing through her veins, we see her wanting to be like her mother, but knowing that she also has her father's genes. We see how in a way she does love Sherlock, and she does want to be with him, but being who she is is so much stronger than anything else and she loves him that much that she refuses to take him with her when she falls.

In a way it's also very heartbreaking. We know that this will turn Sherlock into the emotionless detective we get to know later in life. This is why he's always objective, detached and with his emotions switched off. He once trusted someone. He once loved someone. He once dared to feel something for a very special girl. And she betrayed him in every way possible. In the worst way possible.

I have no doubt that this Mori and this Sherlock will meet again. And I have no doubt we all know exactly how it will go and how it will end.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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1,739 reviews60 followers
May 31, 2018
Like a bad Saturday night scifi channel movie, I got into this in spite of myself. It's poorly written, poorly plotted, and totally outrageous. But the conclusion was fun, and I like that it was like a prequel to the story of Sherlock and Moriarty's rivalry.
July 7, 2021
Liebe Daffy,

alles muss einmal enden und so ist es auch mit dieser Reihe von Heather Petty. Im Jahr 2017 brachte cbj den abschließenden Teil der Trilogie „My Dear Sherlock“ auf den Markt, welcher im amerikanischen Original als „Lock & Mori – Final Fall“ veröffentlicht wurde. Für die deutsche Übersetzung zeigt sich Catrin Frischer verantwortlich und der Untertitel des Buches lautet „Weil es enden muss“.

Jamie Moriarty darf nicht aufgeben. Weil dann das Böse gewinnen würde. Weil ihre Brüder auf sie zählen. Und weil sie Sherlock Holmes wieder sehen möchte.
Gefangen zwischen Drohungen, Käfigstäben und Verbrechen muss sie einen Ausweg finden, um sie alle zu befreien.

Du merkst vielleicht schon, dass sich die Geschichte nur kryptisch zusammen fassen lässt. Das liegt vorrangig daran, dass ich nichts verraten und damit die Spannung verderben möchte. Heather Petty hat es geschafft, im Verlauf ihrer Trilogie so viele Überraschungen einzubauen und die Welt rund um Sherlock Holmes und Moriarty völlig neu zu interpretieren.
Hierbei steht Jamie Moriarty im Mittelpunkt und ist der Dreh- und Angelpunkt jeder Handlung. Sie ist eine starke, aber auch vollkommen zerrissene junge Frau, die einen Drahtseilakt zwischen Gut und Böse zu bewältigen hat.
Wie bereits erwähnt, handelt es sich hier um den Abschluss der Trilogie und nun fühlt sich die Geschichte an wie ein großes Ganzes. Allgemein muss ich jedoch sagen, dass dieser Teil für mich der schwächste der Reihe war und der Auftakt der Trilogie besonders stark und innovativ.

Ich kann dir die Reihe absolut empfehlen, wenn du Lust auf eine Neuinterpretation der Figuren Holmes und Moriarty hast.

Deine Daisy
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513 reviews
April 21, 2018
After liking the second book I was hoping a lot from this one. This was a disappointment. The storyline was so dull. The reason for Mori and Lock being enemies is so lame honestly. Mori being an honourable shit by doing dishonourable stuff was so annoying. Her refusing help just to save loved ones was so pointless and masochist. Lock is sooo less in this book. This is no fun at all. Unrealistic and frustrating. Ik it was very little possiblity for a HEA (cuz Sherlock and Moriarty) but this ending left me unconvinced. This series really had a potential but it failed, sadly.

Look at them! Completely turned away from one another! :O

Bittersweet reunion with Sherlock? Oh my :"(
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239 reviews4 followers
December 27, 2017
My heart has been completely and utterly broken into a thousand pieces.

I can't even words.

There are no words.

There is only devastation.
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61 reviews4 followers
November 22, 2017
Heather W. Petty's Final Fall (Lock & Mori, #3) was the PERFECT conclusion to one of my favorite trilogies of all time!

The third installment of this book picks back up right where we left Mori at the conclusion of Mind Games (Lock & Mori, #2). I needed to go back and reread the final chapter of of Mind Games in order to jog my memory; however, Heather W. Petty does a great job of reminding you of the pivotal plot points you need to know as the remainder of the story unfolds.

These origin stories always get me because we kind of know how it's going to unfold overall and we don't want it to happen. We kind of hope (in a way) that the author will take this a different way even though we KNOW that they can't and there's nothing any of us can do but go down this rabbit hole with them. This installment is equally destroying in that it's the last in the trilogy so you are both flying through it and simultaneously wanting yourself to stop being such a book glutton . . . the end is near and you don't want this series to be over. Heather W. Petty, you've destroyed me, but I loved it!

SPOILERY PARAGRAPH ON THE LOOSE! You have been warned . . . .
I have to say, the beginning of this book was giving me New Moon vibes--I spent a LONG time in this one waiting for an appearance of my beloved Edward. In Final Fall, I waited a good 50% of the book before a true Sherlock sighting. Even a sighting is worth it. If you've read the Twilight trilogy and are reading this one as well, we get each other.

Once again loved the Lock & Mori relationship. Loved the mystery. Loved the suspense. Loved the page-turning (or, since I used my Kindle, swiping or pressing). Thank you for a perfect conclusion to your lovely series, Heather W. Petty! Can't wait to read more of your treasures in the future.

Thank you, Edelweiss and Simon & Schuster, for providing me with an advanced copy of Final Fall in exchange for an honest review. I will pick this one up next week to go with my other two hardcovers in the series.
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89 reviews
January 11, 2018
I read book one in the series as a Goodreads ARC, intrigued by the idea of a modern day female Moriarty (Mori) who has a personal connection to Holmes (Lock) before they became enemies. I enjoyed their fraught teenaged feels, so I picked up book 2 for more. I got book three just to see how it all turns out.

The strongest part of the series for me has always been Mori’s internal conflict. Mori’s life goal is to make herself and her little brothers safe from their abusive, alcoholic police officer-turned-serial killer father. With the police siding with her father and all the adults she knows being either useless or criminally inclined because of their connection with one of her parents, the author did a great job backing Mori into a corner. It’s entirely believable that she would feel like murder was her only option.

However, the other strong aspect of the book, the relationship between Lock, who sees right and wrong as black and white, and Mori, who lives in the grey, is almost entirely absent in this book. For the first half Mori is in captivity and can only talk to mental constructs of Lock. Once she’s out, their relationship pivots 180 degrees from lovers to opponents as Lock tries to ‘save’ her from committing crimes by turning her over to the police while she views him as an obstacle in her quest to eliminate the threats to her little brothers’ safety. It’s such a jarring shift and I couldn’t understand why Lock, who’s supposed to be a genius, would assume that the police would be of any help, given their terrible track record. I also couldn’t figure out how he didn’t find her, even though she was gone 6+ months and was in a location easily tractable to her family. It smacks too much of ‘this needs to happen because they have to end up as enemies.’ It would have helped to have Lock as a second perspective character, but as with the other two books, we’re looking at everything through Mori’s eyes.

Speaking of people who are supposed to be smart, Mori herself is supposed to be a genius too, but in this book she sure doesn’t act like it. She spends months in a cell without looking for an escape route. She throws bloody clothes and murder weapons in dumpsters near the scene of the crime where they will be easily found by police, and is tricked numerous times by opponents who are supposedly not as smart as her. But then again, the mystery plots have always been the weakest aspect of the series.

I also feel like the ending was unfinished. It does put a pin in the relationship between Mori and Lock, which was ostensibly the theme of the book. But plot wise her goal was to get back to her brothers. There should have been an epilogue resolving that.

Overall, it was a weak ending to a good series.
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183 reviews29 followers
December 26, 2017
Final Fall picks up where Mind Games left off. Imprisoned by Alice, with her brothers held as leverage, Mori’s never felt angrier or more helpless. Mori creates and finds an opportunity to escape back to London, where she is finally able to execute the demise of her recently freed father and his band of corrupt officers. Lock and Mori are reunited, but it is bittersweet because Lock is still on his noble crusade to stop (save) Mori.

Mild spoilers ahead.

You were too late to save me the day you met me, Sherlock Holmes. I was never meant to be saved by you.

You have read the books.

You know what happens next.

And oh. It was tragic and sad and...

Totally understandable.

I completely understood Mori's POV and Lock's desire to stop her. It made complete sense. Two different paths. Two different opinions. Two different views of justice. It could go nowhere but here. I think that's the appeal of Heather's writing. Both opinions made sense. I could see why Mori viewed the police as corrupt, because her experience with them was horrible. I could understand why Lock was on the side of the Law because the basis of Law is to prevent us from descending into chaos.

You don't have to believe in fate to see the inevitability of our destruction.

All of this is to say, that even though we knew where this series was going to end, it didn't make it any less painful.

Side note: I would like to point out my appreciation for the covers. I don't really like seeing faces on my book covers, BUT I liked the imagery of them growing apart through the series. Book 1 had them facing towards one another. Book 2 had them side by side. Book 3 has them facing away from each other. I like it. Good job.

All quotes aren't final unless viewed in the published copy.

Thank you to the publishers and those over at NetGalley for an eARC of this book.

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45 reviews
December 6, 2017
Final Fall starts off exactly where we left off. With Mori held captive by a person she once trusted. She must find a way to not only escape but help her brothers escape somewhere far away from the trouble her family's past has caused.

This book wasn't as fun as the first two. The book focuses strictly on Mori (with Lock barely making an appearance) and her decision to "clean up" the people who have wronged her and her brothers. While it still had the dark tone, there was no mystery to be had. It was a straight up action thriller as Mori finds herself constantly moving on from one person to the next, leaving stains of blood in her wake. The book makes it very clear that Mori can't be redeemed. She can't be saved. She has absolutely no problem murdering everyone, even questioning if she could kill Lock if she had to.

I was kind of disappointed by the lack of Mori and Lock interaction. We didn't get any sort of closure on their relationship and by the end, it leaves the relationship on a very sour note. I mean, I guess you could assume it wouldn't end well with them being Sherlock and Moriarty. But I wish there would have been more time to actually establish where their relationship stood by the end. It kind of felt cold and I didn't really feel any sort of emotional impact by it essentially ending in the way it did after spending the entire book apart and Lock being completely left in the dark for most of it.

I'm kind of disappointed at the end. The fun mystery and character interactions are what made the first two books enjoyable. This book was missing both of those elements, dropped for a depressingly pessimistic tone and left on a rather unsatisfying conclusion. I knew it might end this way but I guess I wasn't fully prepared for it to end with so many plot threads left open and so many questions left unanswered.
840 reviews6 followers
September 18, 2018
"Weil es enden muss" ist der dritte und damit finale Band der "My Dear Sherlock"- Trilogie.

Nachdem ich die beiden Vorgänger recht begeistert gelesen habe, stand außer Frage, dass auch Band drei keineswegs fehlen darf. Als großer Fan von Sherlock Holmes und seiner Raffinesse war ich neugierig, was wohl in diesem Abschlussband für ein fulminantes Finale folgen wird und stürzte mich begierig in die Seiten. Dabei werden die Ereignisse nahezu nahtlos fortgeführt, sodass man wieder sehr gut in die Geschichte hineinfindet.

Allerdings mangelte es mir in "Weil es enden muss" ein Stück weit an besagter Raffinesse. Sherlock Holmes tritt kaum auf den Plan und die Geschichte dreht sich zum größten Teil nur um Rache und wie diese ausgeführt werden kann. Stellenweise hätte man bestimmte Sequenzen um ein Vielfaches verkürzen können, um dafür andere Stellen besser zu unterfüttern. Zwar hat die Autorin dieses Finale gut geschrieben, doch konnte es mich nicht in dem Maße mitreißen, wie ich es mir gewünscht hätte. Bereits am Anfang begann es sehr zäh, wurde dann zwar etwas besser, erreichte aber nie das Niveau, das zum Beispiel Band 1 von sich behaupten konnte.

Auch atmosphärisch blieb die Geschichte aufgrund der ständigen Rachegelüste etwas auf der Strecke. Es wirkte manchmal wenig lebendig und auch die Protagonisten konnten ihr Potential und ihre Vielschichtigkeit nicht wirklich entfalten.

Das Ende erschien mir dann auch ein wenig unbefriedigend, da es sehr abrupt und mittendrin aufhörte. Man hätte durchaus noch einen kleinen Epilog hinzufügen können, um diesen Schluss runder hinzubekommen.

Fazit: Gut zu lesender Abschluss, allerdings wurde das Potential nicht so umgesetzt, wie ich es mir gewünscht hätte, wobei Vieles auf der Strecke blieb.
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744 reviews10 followers
February 12, 2019
This book was on the short side which surprised me since the second one averaged 300 pages. It ends on a satisfying and angsty, but also bleak note. At best, Mori is a morally gray character. I loved Mori as a character, she is hell bent on exacting revenge on everyone who has harmed her and her brothers or turned a blind eye to their abuse at the hands of her father. So, she justifies her killings. Mori is so fucking smart, cunning, and badass, just the things that comes out of her mouth! Super witty and unafraid. However, I would have loved to see some vulnerability to her. It’s been awhile since I read this series, add to the fact that I have read other Sherlock inspired books, I thought it would be hard to remember what had happened. But once I was thrown back into this particular Sherlock universe, I remembered how dark and unflinching this version was. For such a short book, there are parts of the story that could have been fleshed out. I would have loved to know why Alice was so obsessed with the boys. What was her endgame? Furthermore, while the book does end completely, I think an epilogue would have tied up some loose ends, perhaps a happier ending and a glimpse to the future. How are the boys doing? What is Mori up to now; how is she adjusting to a “normal” life in America after the trauma and abuse she has endured? What about Lock? What happens to Mori and Lock? Does Mori ever visit London again?
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213 reviews9 followers
September 12, 2023

IT'S OVER?!!! I can't believe this is it. 😭😭
I am so in my feels right now.

AND after STABBING MY MANS SHERLOCK?!!! Sheeeeeeeeeesh

This book was wild.
I was so pumped/scared/excited to jump in after whatever the heck Alice was up to at the end of the last one, and then all that crazy locked up and escaping and training-as-a-sword shenanigans was going on.

I have feel like I have so many answers and yet so many questions.
Glad we got her dad all wrapped up because that was a big yikes, I'm not surprised she killed him... but then she went and killed some more?!

Super stoked on the brother finally being safe and away. About time.

And good to know Alice is like for real ded, and I guess glad that Trent showed up again 'cause he wasn't brought up again that would've felt weird, but holy moly.
I totally thought they'd blame/pin it on him which Mori kinda did but then again, SHE JUST DIPPED AFTER THAT?!
And like I get it 'cause again my main mans Lock was being a pesky good boi which I don't know how I feel about, but gosh dang my mind is just in turmoil from everything.

I just want everything to be perfect, so I wish they had pinned the crimes on Trent and Sherlock would let it go and him and Mori could finally be together for real for forever but alas.

Glad and upsetty I finally finished this series after years. What a rollercoaster it's been.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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1,568 reviews59 followers
January 7, 2018
Featured in Series Salute: Lock & Mori on Intellectual Recreation.

I really like Heather Petty's Moriarty origin tale series. In Lock & Mori, the Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty characters are teenagers, and Mori is a girl and the two fall for one another. But, as this is Moriarty's origin story you have to know that Mori is going to have some really rough stuff. This series is so dark.

Final Fall is a great end to the series. And it's the darkest of the bunch. (Torture, isolation, murder.) It's bad. It has to be because Mori is beginning to morph into Moriarty.

Sherlock Holmes stories carry with them an element of tragedy, and this series has that in spades. I love how complicated Mori is.

Review copy from NetGalley.
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1,763 reviews15 followers
December 2, 2017
The events that have been pushing at Mori since two books finally reach a breaking point in Final Fall. The story opens with Mori in captivity, being held by Alice and trained to be a weapon. But Mori has had enough of being under other's control, and starts devising ways to change her state, get her brothers out and safe, and ensure they can have a happy life after all. But before that, she has revenge to take, and people to kill - and one by one, she transforms into a hardened creature.

This book actually doesn't have much of Lock in it - it is purely about Mori. Sherlock pops up in some places, trying to make her see the light, but she no longer thinks they can walk the same path. Her rejection of him has more to do with the fact that she thinks herself to be his weakness, and she doesn't want to drag him into the darkness. So, in order to turn him away from her, she becomes the villain that the character is known to be. There is something heartbreaking about seeing her go about it alone, when he was her rock for two books, but then again, we knew this story would never have a happy ending.

As a finale, I think it did good. Trent was an addition I could do without, honestly, but otherwise, the book wraps up many threads of the story. A satisfactory conclusion.

Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review from Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, via Edelweiss.
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1,568 reviews1 follower
January 9, 2018
Thanks to NetGalley and Simon and Schuster Children's Publishing for the opportunity to read and review Lock & Mori: Final Fall by Heather W. Petty! So much intensity occurs in this book that I had to ponder and process my thoughts before I could write my review. Mori is still amazingly strong, intelligent and brave and she continues to be the biggest advocate for her brothers. When the story opens, Mori is imprisoned by Alice and her paid guards while her brothers are being used to threaten Mori into compliance. Mori has two goals in mind- 1. Save her brothers and 2. Rid the world of their father. Action and controlled anger take over the story as Mori does everything it takes to complete her goals. This final book in the Lock & Mori series completes a part of Mori’s life but ends with foreshadowing for her future. 5 stars for this mystery retelling of the relationship between Sherlock and Moriarty!
590 reviews1 follower
May 25, 2022
Sadly, Final Fall didn't do much to impress me. It felt even more far-fetched than the second book, and Sherlock was less present, which also made it less enjoyable. I guess I just have trouble believing how crazy everything went...the extremes were too big relative to the characters and the conflict that had been set up. Alice's role and motivation never quite make sense, and it seems like someone as clever as Mori should be smarter about how to keep her brothers safe. Her transition to cold-blooded killer also didn't feel realistic enough - it's like there was an effort to keep her morally gray, and while that can certainly be argued and supported, it does little to make her rationales coherent or understandable. I should probably have just stopped with the first book, but that's no way to treat a series!
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23 reviews9 followers
February 1, 2018
3.3/5 stars I loved the first book in the series - such a unique retelling of Sherlock Holmes! But the second and the third were each a slight disappointment, mostly because I disliked the main character Mori more and more. Because she went through tragedy and heartbreak, I see how she came out as the intended villain (specifically her namesake), but I wish that her fall had been a little more tender and slow so that we could appreciate her character more and better understand her decisions. Because this is a Sherlock Holmes retelling, I knew how this story would end up, but it didn't stop me from wishing that there could have been more chemistry between the main characters in the end. Overall an enjoyable series, but the first book was by far the best.
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May 3, 2018
I felt like there was way more to this trilogy. I am a little disappointed, to be honest. The once again, the characters drove the story so well. I have lost a little love for our main protagonist, Mori, but I still would hold her in high regard. This unique trilogy is perfect for fans of the BBC Sherlock or mysteries in general. The whole trilogy would be amazing as a full read through. The first two books flew by and are incredible. The final one, unfortunately, was not as stellar. It was still an enjoyable read, but a bit lackluster. There should have been another 100 pages to close this trilogy out correctly. This book felt way too rushed.
Favorite Characters: Lock. He’s one of my new favorites
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March 5, 2019
Actual rating: 2.5 stars. I went back and forth a lot with the rating for this one and I realized that my desire to give it 3 stars was solely due to the fact that I wanted this to be better. With only 200ish pages, there's never a chance to pause and take in everything that Mori is doing and has done. The pace is just too fast. Lock's decision for them to become enemies at the end isn't earned either because the entire book sees him trying to help Mori. The 180 is way too sudden and doesn't make sense. Finally, and this is just a "me" thing, I really think it would have left the series on a better note had there been a short epilogue with them, years later, as nemeses. Ultimately, this is another fascinating premise that isn't executed well.
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November 29, 2019
The problem with reading a story about someone who turns into a villain is that they actually have to turn into a villain at the end. That's why I have such a hard time enjoying books like that.

This was a pretty good book. I don't remember much of the first two, so I barely knew what was going on, but such is life. We don't have a lot of Lock and Mori together in this book, which is sad as they are so cute together.

But of course, the part I liked the least is watching Mori turn bad. She kills multiple people, stabs her best friend, and all that. It's hard to read and the ending was so sad. I also would have liked a more complex mystery for the final book. Overall, not bad, but a little depressing.
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February 13, 2018
In the history of Holmes & Moriarty, together they are always a recipe for disaster. Their games of cat & mouse often set them on paths of mutual destruction that one can't help but watch as the train wreck happens. This being said, going into this trilogy I still somewhat held out hope for a happily ever after, even if my heart knew it wasn't bound to happen. Overall, all loose ends were tied up & this was a solid way to end the series. It doesn't mean I necessarily have to be happy about it though.
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February 26, 2018
Dieser letzte Teil wirkte auf mich an vielen Stellen leider sehr heruntergeschrieben. Einfach so, als ob die Autorin es als Pflichtübung gesehen hat, die Geschichte zu beenden. Anders ist es jedenfalls nicht zu erklären, dass Lock nur noch eine Randfigur ist, während Mori immer weiter abdriftet und nur noch auf Rache aus ist ... Das ist für mich leider sehr, sehr eindimensional, da wäre viel mehr drin gewesen in diesem Finale. Schade, denn die Trilogie hat für mich sehr vielsprechend angefangen.
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March 11, 2018
More of a 3.5. Mori is out to punish those who have caused problems for her brothers and herself. But along the way she must also face off against her onetime friend and love, Lock. Can Lock talk her out of her plan and take responsibility for her actions or is she too far gone? Mori must decide who she wants to be and what she is willing to do to protect those she loves.

While in the past I have loved these stories, I just had trouble connecting with this one. I am said this is the end. I would love to see another story with Lock and Mori when they are a little older.
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February 12, 2019
This series is so dark, but it is written in such a way that I had to finish. I kept hoping for the happy ending, but it never came. I kept thinking: they will work it out. She’s not evil. She can tell the police and be who she was at the beginning, but it wasn’t meant to be. Petty did such a great job creating the relationship between Lock and Mori, and now that I have finished the third book, I feel like I’m going through a breakup. Definitely a must read for fans of Sherlock Holmes or young adult fiction, but only if you’re okay with the unhappy ending.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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November 25, 2017
I requested this book from NetGalley thinking that I had read the first book in the series. I had not but I didn't feel like I needed to read either of the first two books in this series to understand the story. There was some back story on why the book opens with Mori in a cell, trapped by her aunt and separated from her brothers.
This book focuses mainly on Mori and her search for revenge. We don't get a lot of "Lock" in this book and their meetings are... I guess the "bittersweet" from the back cover blurb sort of covers it.
Not my favorite update of the Sherlock story but not horrible.
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March 20, 2018
This was so disappointing. Spoiler alert: At the end these two aren't enemies, they're just teenagers who aren't dating anymore.

Mori becomes some sort of super villain, but Lock never gives up on her. Mori still loves Lock but tries to do things that will cause him to hate her. Big whooping deal. This does not set up a lifelong enmity where they fall off a waterfall together. This sets up a failed date to the prom. I hoped for a lot more.
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