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The Presence Process: A Healing Journey Into Present Moment Awareness

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Why is it so difficult to respond consciously when we are upset? Why do we instead resort to hurtful, repetitive, unconscious, reactive behaviors?
Through an experiential procedure, The Presence Process reveals to us that we all have deeply suppressed emotional imprints programmed into us through personal experience and observing other's behaviors. This emotional imprinting unfolds automatically, like an energetic osmosis, throughout the first seven years of our childhood. Until these emotional charges are consciously identified and integrated, whenever upset, like programmed organic machinery, we automatically resort to reactive behaviors.
The Presence Process procedure invites us to aspire to 'conscious emotional response' as a way of life, not just as a means to an end. Reading and applying the simple procedure in this book makes it possible for anyone, anywhere, to transform the quality of their life experience from one of uncontrollable, reflexive re-activity, to deliberate, considered responsibility.
We all long to be free of our emotional outbursts and to instead experience increased inner calm responsiveness in the face of unexpected difficulty. What The Presence Process procedure reveals through direct experience, is that any attempt on our behalf to get rid of our emotional discomfort through reaction is futile. Instead, it experientially reveals to us the miraculous transformation which unfolds when we embrace the lifestyle of conscious emotional responsibility. 
The Presence Process is an intimately guided journey into embracing full responsibility for our imprinted emotional condition. It is a simple, step-by-step pathway for us to rescue and renew the unhappy child within us. It empowers us to grow up emotionally.

354 pages, Paperback

First published October 1, 2005

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About the author

Michael Brown

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Until 1989, South African-born Michael Brown was living what he had called a blissfully unconscious life as a music journalist. He then developed an acutely painful neurological condition for which conventional medicine had neither cure nor relief. This caused him to set out on what became an odyssey of self-healing. His exploration took him into numerous alternative healing modalities – then beyond.

In the late 90s Michael began to chart a methodical pathway into present moment awareness with intent to develop a practical procedure that anyone, anywhere, could follow to initiate this experience for themselves. This procedure became known as The Presence Process. In 2002 Michael returned to South Africa and invited others to experience this inner journey. He discovered that as others embraced present moment awareness they too automatically experienced release from physical, mental, and emotional discomfort, including psychological disorders and addictions.

To make this journey accessible to everyone Michael wrote The Presence Process: A Healing Journey Into Present Moment Awareness. The Presence Process enables us to take present moment awareness from a mental concept to an abiding experience.

Brown, Michael, 1962-
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Author 5 books2 followers
December 1, 2016
This book is a must-read for everyone seeking emotional maturity so that you no longer end up in emotionally-distraught states. If you suffer from illnesses (curable or incurable), addictions, you feel like your life's stuck, or you feel awful or hopeless, this book's process is what you're looking for.

Everyone can benefit greatly from this book. And yet 99.999% of people on the planet don't know how to do what this book teaches--emotional processing. It's the most important thing anyone could ever learn in life: how to love oneself unconditionally so that one's dysfunctional emotions (fear, anger, grief, and any mixture of them) will integrate. The more a person integrates, the more they feel whole, like their authentic self. Their life balances out, and when tough times come, they're not triggered by them emotionally anymore. Or if they are triggered, they know exactly how to deal with those triggered emotions so that they don't get overwhelmed and go into a downward spiral.

I was good with psychology and knew myself pretty well before I started this process. But no matter what I knew about myself, and no matter what emotional work I did, I could never seem to get my emotional issues corrected. No one could tell me how. When I read through The Presence Process and let it guide me through the 10-week process, I saw actual emotional transformation. I didn't fear uncomfortable emotions coming up anymore because I knew how to handle them. In fact, I wanted them to come up. The more they came up, the more I got to be with them unconditionally and get used to them or let them integrate. I had no idea how to love myself unconditionally before I read this book. Now I understand how to do it, and I do it daily in order to help integrate my uncomfortable, dysfunctional emotions that drive my less-loving behaviors. When I actually feel the emotions integrate, it's amazing. I laugh and cry (happy tears) at the same time. It's hard to describe unless you've experienced it. I can be happy and depressed at the same time, which seems counter-intuitive or even impossible, but it's actually not. The point is that even when I feel a depression within me, I'm still content and have no problem with it.

When I finished my first Presence Process, I could feel my emotions much better than I ever had in the past. That made life so much more enjoyable! The process made me better at feeling instead of trying to "make me feel better." Yes, this process has the side effect of us feeling better as we continue to do it, but actually, it's about getting better at feeling. We can finally feel the uncomfortable feelings we've repressed from long ago that have been driving our unsavory behaviors. This reverses our desensitization to feelings so we can finally experience them and process them. Feeling those without condition and without judgment has amazing results. The better we are at feeling everything inside, the better we feel our own innate joy and peace. There's nothing better than that.

I used to go to movies before and I would feel a little bit of emotion and I might shed a tear or two, but that was about it. But about eight weeks into the process, after my first big conscious emotional integration, movies became a whole knew experience. I'd watch a movie and feel all of these sensations throughout my body from the emotions running through me. It made movies really cool. It gave life a whole other dimension that made it so much more enjoyable. Music does the same thing to me, as well as powerful scenes in books or in life.

When I finished my second presence process, I felt awful because of all the stuff that it drudged up. But you know what? I didn't freak out about it. I was really excited that all of that stuff had come up and I finally got to deal with it. I enjoyed it. It was tough at times, but not bad, really, because I knew how to deal with the uncomfortable feelings. And I knew all of it was surfacing to help me mature emotionally. The process usually brings up issues to deal with in little bits, but sometimes it brings them up for quite a while. It works like that because we're ready for it and we're asking for it so we can make progress.

The book puts everything in life into perspective, connecting it all so that we understand how everything works and how it's all working together to help us, not hurt us. It flips your perspective on life. I never thought I'd be excited to feel pain, but I am now. When we no longer fear pain, we stop trying to control our life to make it "happy." Instead, we take life as it comes and it's a lot more enjoyable. It's so much easier like that. And we become very unconditionally loving and giving, too.

It's been three years now since I started doing The Presence Process and did five of them back to back, and then continued with the breathing (except for one stint where I was experimenting with not doing the breathing for a while--I edited that into my original statement above). Life is pretty good now. I'm not 100% emotionally mature--that's a long, long process--but I'm doing much better than before and I continue to make progress. I haven't done a presence process in around a year and a half, and I'm not sure I need to bother doing another one. I just make sure I'm diligent about dealing with emotions when they come up and about doing the daily breathing practice in the morning and evening. I've gone through times of depression and anger and who knows what else, but none of them caused me to break down. I took them all in stride and was fairly content through most of it.

Depression is caused by repressed anger. I started out in life repressing all my anger, which caused a lot of health problems and little emotional issues. So finally, that anger is starting to come up--that's what I'm dealing with now. Which means I'm finally confident enough to deal with it. I don't get rid of it or repress it. I actually do my best to contain the anger and keep present with it as much as possible throughout the day. By doing that, I've gotten used to feeling it for long stints without reacting to it. I'm not always successful at that, but I do pretty well most of the time. That's huge progress for me. I used to just stuff anger and end up depressed periodically. That's not good for anyone. Anger is a secondary emotion, always repressing fear along with grief. So I find that when I the anger has been around enough, I'll end up processing the grief during my breathing sessions or when I have some privacy. When it integrates, the anger that was held in place by it will be gone because it's no longer needed. It has nothing to repress, no reason to attempt to control that emotion anymore. Anger's one of the most difficult ones, so I'm glad I'm finally doing well with it.

Don't be hard on yourself at all and take it slow and easy. You will progress at exactly the speed you're supposed to. No need to judge yourself or your progress in any way. Whatever you do and whatever happens is required.

I highly recommend this book to everyone, no matter what your situation. It can really change the way you approach life and make it a lot more enjoyable.
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April 14, 2020
The Presence Process is an exceptional book – has the right intentions and is very practical. The problem with many self-help books is they take a random thread from ancient philosophy and blow it up into an entire book filled with fanciful jargons with little or no practical value. Some are also risky as they tend to promote delusion and false hope with unproven techniques.

The core premise of Presence is very similar or even identical to the philosophies of Advaita Vedanta and Buddhism. However, the book steers clear of terms used in religious texts. And hence the book is about experiencing your oneness with presence, with an experiential process.

Time plays an astonishing influence on our minds. When we live in time, we see life as a challenge to be overcome rather than experiencing it for what it is. The reasoning mind is in a constant evaluation mode trying to relive the past and leap to the fears of the future. Most of us know this is bad – but it is a habit we cannot break free of. The presence process does offer a workable way to be free.

The approach with a weekly plan of action is gradual and eases you into the core philosophical aspects with excellent conceptual introductions to each chapter. The process of self discovery moves on to the higher goal of eliminating the illusion of separation from everything else in the universe.

I did not follow the week wise plan and read through the book, digesting the concepts. I did initially consider sticking to the plan but since I have practised mindfulness since some time now - I decided to read through the book. I do intend to follow the week wise plan with a second read shortly. Even in the absence of following the plan, I still know that the process will work since I practice much of the experiences described in slightly varied forms, and it has worked for me.

The only suggestion I possibly could make for the book is that the author could have explored and outlined other & more advanced meditation techniques. However, it might have detracted from the simplicity of the book which anyone can read and practise in it's current form.

This is a book I would strongly recommend to everyone. It is in fact invaluable to those relatively new to mindfulness.
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876 reviews2,483 followers
January 27, 2019
خط الزمن الفاصل بين عثرات الماضي غير المكتمل وهاجس المستقبل المخيف كمحاولة لعيش اللحظة بكل ما تعنيها الكلمة من تركيز حواسنا عن الأشياء التي من حولنا التي كان قد تبلد منها الحس , فلسفة تأملية في إدراك الحالي والسيطرة على الجسد للتخلص من آلامه النفسية هو ما يبحث به الكتاب , جيد
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March 3, 2022
لماذا الحضور؟ ما المقصود به؟
سؤال لطالما راودني وأنا أقرأ عنوان الكتاب الذي كتبه الكاتب الجنوب افريقي مايكل براون .
بعد قراءته لمدة ١٠ اسابيع وتطبيق ما فيه لخصت فيها هذه التجربة الفريدة التي تركت أثرها البالغ في أعماقي ونفسي وروحي .
لماذا الحضور ؟
انتشرت مؤخرا توجهات كثيرة عن قيمة ادراك اللحظة الحالية وظهر كثير من معلمين الوعي يتحدثون عن مدى أهمية اللحظة الان التي يعيشها الانسان فلا يكون عقله بين الماضي والمستقبل بل هنا والان . ومن تجارب عدة صديقات أسمى صديقتي شجعتني لخوضها دون ذكر تجربتها الشخصية لكني استطيع القول مدى التغيير الذي ظهر على حياتها وودت أن اخطو خطوة شجاعة لتجربتها عمليا . انضممت لمجموعة صديقات في يوم ٢١ ديسمبر وبدأنا الرحلة سوية ممتنة لتذكيرهم اللطيف بالالتزام والتشجيع على الرغم من أن مايكل براون ذكر في موقعه الرسمي بعدم تأييده لمجموعة الدعم !

عن ماذا يتكلم الكتاب ؟
اولا الكتاب عبارة عن ٥ أجزاء : الجزا الاول والثاني يشرح فيها مايكل باستفاضة عن عملية الحضور والاستعداد للرحله
الثالث يتكون من العشرة الاسابيع التطبيقيه لعشرة عبارات " استجابات" تقال اسبوعيا تشتمل كل واحدة على شرح مفصل لها .
الجزء الرابع والخامس بعد الانتهاء من الرحلة يشرح لك فوائد ممارستك لها وثم الجزء الاخير وهو الاستمرارية .
ما هو الحضور ؟
هو منهج منظم لدمج الشحنات العاطفية السابقة في الطفولة وهي أساس المشاعر التي ذكرها مايكل براون بأن أغلب الاشخاص يتفادونها : ثلاثة مشاعر وهم ( الغضب - الخوف - الحزن ) ويمارسها الناس على شكل تخدير - قمع أو هروب أو الاثنين معا .
على ماذا تشجع هذه العملية ؟
تشجع على النمو ووالتكامل العاطفي حيث أن الكاتب وضح مفهوم مميز جدا وهو ليس هناك تشافي وانما " تكامل" للحالة التي يمر فيها اي شخص منا . تدعونا العملية إلى أن نكون أشخاصا يستجيبون لظروف الحياة بدلا من اشخاص يتفاعل معها كرد فعل . " شرح الفرق بين رد الفعل والاستجابة"
هذا الكتاب دعوة لنخوض رحلة عميقة لعملية الحضور من خلال التنفس الواعي سنأخذ نفسا طويلا متواصلا ، ثم نفس آخر وآخر إلى أن تنشط رحلة يقظتنا في ادراك اللحظة الحالية على نحو كامل .

دعوة بسيطة يدعوها هذا الكتاب إلى كل شخص يريد أن يختبر شعور الحضور الكلي " هنا والان " .
هذا الكتاب عبارة عن اداة وأنت المدرب الشخصي المفعل لها . حتى أصدقك القول :
لن تحتاج لمدربين في الوعي والكوتشز وهؤلاء الاشخاص الذين يقدمون دورات في الوعي مقابل مادي لتعرف نفسك
نعم جميعا خضنا رحلتنا الشخصية في التطور والتحسين الذاتي بطرق مختلفة وانا ممتنة بحق لجميع ما تعلمته منهم لكن يظل هناك بابا ومخرج لكل هذا ، غاية تحررك من الانصياع وتتبع كل ما يدور في عالم الوعي والمواد المطروحة من قبل "مدربي الوعي" ألا وهو
الحرية ان تكون مسؤولا عن ذاتك
لا ان يتم توجيهك دوما وأبدا وهذا ما يشرحه الكاتب بصدق بالغ النظير صفحة ٤٢٣
الكتاب هذا تجربة عملية شخصية لن تتشابه فيها مع أحد وتحتاج منك الشجاعة لما سوف تواجهه في رحلة العشر أسابيع واذا ما أقدمت عليها باخلاص والتزام فسوف تنشط رحلة يقظتك في ادراك اللحظة الحالية وبالتالي تعمل على تغيير مسار تجربتك إلى الأبد لأن ادراك اللحظة الحالية هي رحلة لانهائية وليست وجهة لذلك تزرع الصبر والتعاطف اللانهائين بداخل كل شخص منا من أجل أنفسنا لأنفسنا.

أتمنى أن تخوضوا هذه التجربة المميزة بحق .....
ربما سأفعل مراجعة على قناة اليوتيوب الخص الكتاب دون الخوض في
تجربتي الشخصية معه.....
هذا هو الحضور

وكما قالت صديقتي أسمى :”

أن تعيش كل لحظة ب لحظة
مؤمناً ان كل ما تحتاجه سيصلك كل لحظة “
دمتم بود
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32 reviews1 follower
July 6, 2015
This was the best 25 bucks I have ever spent. It’s a miraculous process for anyone who wants real change. It does take a whole lot of guts to enter the process and it’s a book that’ll find you when you are ripe for the work. The process itself is very simple. Once you recognize the causal point of your distress, it’s simple enough to change. However, your fear, anger, and grief will be brought the surface to be integrated. Staying conscious through the storms these emotions are going to stir is the most challenging part of this work. By the time you finish the 10 week process, you’ll feel like you’ve lived ten lifetimes. This book will also unravel why affirmations and the advice given in books like the “Secret,” doesn’t always work. It’s not for everyone, but for those who do decide to take the leap, life will never be the same.
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8 reviews15 followers
November 6, 2015
ليس كتاب فحسب بل تجربة عملية لمدة ١٠ أسابيع على الأقل للتكامل والتشافي.. هو الهامات روحية كما يُزعم كاتبه مايكل براون حيث كتبه بعد تجارب روحية متعددة بنية التشافي من مرض عضال ألم به.. يُنصح باستحضار نية قبل قرائته للوصول الى هدف ما او التشافي من ألم ما.. من الكتب التي أحدثت نقلة نوعية في حياتي عن طريق عيش تجربة الحضور وللاستفادة منه يتوجب الالتزام بالتمارين وبالمدة المحددة لقراءة واستيعاب كل فصل
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156 reviews40 followers
November 20, 2012
I've read 'The Presence Process' three times now, and each time I did the ten week program. I even joined a group that discussed this book once a week. I've met people who have read, 'The Presence Process' upwards of 15 times. They've got their copies of the book underlined, highlighted, book marked, annotated and adumbrated.
'The Presence Process' is a clear and easy to understand guidebook for a person looking to heal their emotional body and move more into the present moment. I have found the book to be a useful tool for personal growth and healing. It's a good book, with easy to follow instructions that really seem to work!
Profile Image for J.
1,960 reviews
March 19, 2019
I could not get through this, or understand why it's so highly recommended. I downloaded it off of Audible and I'm waiting to get a refund. The narrator was terrible, and the first few chapters are mere marketing, telling the reader how "wonderful and life-altering" the presence process is...without ever explaining WHAT it is. It sounded like a woo-woo marketing informercial and was seriously irritating. This book needed to get to the point much faster, or at least be way more engaging to hold my interest.
Profile Image for Fadia Almarzooq.
19 reviews2 followers
November 29, 2012
Best book I have ever red, it really guided me to the way to peaceful mind and spirit.
I red this book twice
and planning to read it a third time soon.
I found the answer of many things I experience and why I face the same situation every time and why i fall in the same problem every time.
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49 reviews6 followers
September 12, 2010
"The Presence Process" has captured a man's spiritual evolution from awakening to current moment, allowing the reader to relate to the triumphs and challenges along the journey. He takes the reader through his highly integrative spiritual practices as he faced deep physical pain and offers practical steps of energetic pathways that can foster a powerful relationship to oneself and others, creating a strong foundation to one's very own experience of life in a state of awareness. This book goes above and beyond by taking the process from the mental state to the emotional state rooted in the heart, requiring a complete surrender to the human emotional process. Michael is offering an opportunity with his insight, a meaningful and valuable offering to become whole, as a mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional being.
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96 reviews14 followers
July 25, 2020
I believe the ideas and techniques of this book are rich, but the writing is waaaaaay too slow.
There's too much repetition of the same ideas using different ways to say it to the point I started getting very bored.
I struggled to finish this book only because it was recommended to me by a dear friend, I am actually sorry I couldn't enjoy it as much as I expected to.
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44 reviews20 followers
October 25, 2018
Ok, so I'm now in a position where I feel I can very objectively and thoroughly review this book. As for a little background on me: I'm an experienced meditator (about 15 years) and practice mindfulness daily (although sometimes I slack off). I suffer from severe depression and anxiety disorder, and chronic, debilitating fatigue. So, I should be a prime candidate for this process, right? First, the good parts about the book:

*The breathing process he describes does indeed require mindfulness, so it's a good thing.
*The first part of the book really is very encouraging and inspiring, and I found myself getting quite excited about it.
*The Presence Activating Statements are useful, perhaps not necessarily as an affirmation in itself, but as a way to bring yourself back to the present moment.

Now for the not so good:
*This book is very repetitive. He defends himself by saying he wrote the book specifically for our subconscious minds, so it might not flow in a way we find natural or comfortable. Haha really? I've heard that claim before in these types of books, and it's a great way of making yourself sound way more knowledgeable and intelligent than you probably really are. Our subconscious minds are infinitely variable. A thousand people's subconscious minds will have a thousand different triggers, responses, etc. so there is simply no way a person could write a book for our subconscious minds. Sorry. So he could've tightened up the writing in the book, for sure.

*Secondly, I was surprised at how much he really glosses over the idea of mindfulness, since that is what the book is mainly about. He makes it seem that doing the EXACT breathing technique he describes, and doing the presence activating statements are the ONLY ways to cultivate mindfulness, and that is laughably untrue. You could do literally ANY type of breathing, and as long as you were mindfully focused on it, you would be cultivating "present moment awareness" as he calls it. You could also do literally any activity, and still cultivate this awareness, as long as you were being mindful.
Ok, so the proof is in the pudding, right? Time to put my money where my mouth is. I did one round (10 weeks) all the way through. About half way through, since I wasn't getting any "results" I decided to double the amount of time he recommends, since I was so used to longer meditations, anyway. Went all the way through that first round with absolutely no objective change in my life, emotional state, physical condition, mindset, perspective. Just NOTHING.
But I decided to go a second round, which I'm half way through, now. Still absolutely no hint of any emotional release, integration (he loves that word), my outward life, internal shifts, etc.

So, should you read this book and try the process? Absolutely. Your mental/physical health are worth the time and effort. And it does seem to help a lot of people. I'm actually sorry I have to give this a bad review, but I can only review it based on my own experience. I will continue to finish the second round, and if something actually changes, I will be happy to amend my review. Well, best of luck with it, should you chose to try it.
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Author 7 books1 follower
November 2, 2014
Many of us have no clue that we're walking around with a layer of pretense; that our hearts are defended; that we're not meeting life as it comes to us, openly, now, in the moment.
We have little clue that we don't have a clue, that we don't have a life, or make a life, but rather we ARE life itself: we're life, we're consciousness expressing and experiencing itself always anew.
You can read books. You can visit favorite gurus. You can meditate twice daily, You can walk the walk for months on end. But ultimately -- in order to strip yourself down to the heart of you, in order to release the immense love and life force that's being held there -- you have to self-facilitate yourself through some process.
Michael Brown, in this book, is offering you a brilliant process, a process I did three times and may work through again sometime soon.
I've been called a healer, a therapist, some folks' guru, teacher, certainly friend -- really I'm merely a lover who knows more now, since working with The Presence Process, than ever before. There was a me before...and then there is a me in the afterwards of this, some four years on. Michael's work begins you on a journey you will never ever regret. He will help bring you gently to your knees in gratitude. And you too will end up knowing that gratitude is the ONLY attitude while you're here alive, as a being showing up as a human life.
6 reviews3 followers
July 26, 2011
Read this twice and benefited from the central message in ways that are still proving to be powerful for me a year later. If you're not ready to be accountable for your life and choices, buy it and dip into maybe just the first chapter for now. When the time is right, revisit it. You will learn about yourself, what holds you back, what keeps you stuck (and all the origins of this behavior) as well as how to move toward and through the drama and trauma to be your best self now!
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3 reviews2 followers
January 24, 2009
Amazing emotional cleansing process when a trigger is activated!
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22 reviews12 followers
July 30, 2016
كتاب ملئ بالنور ،
الاسئلة التي كانت بداخلي وجدت أجوبتها هنا ، بداخل هذا الكتاب
لو استوعبته وطبقت مابه سيعمل لك نقله كبيره على مستوى الوعي الذاتي
قريبا ستكون لي عودة لقراءه الكتاب مجددا
5 reviews1 follower
December 20, 2018
I have no doubt that the process itself would be helpful, but the manner it's presented in part one sounds like a poorly written snake oil pitch.
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423 reviews1 follower
January 17, 2022
الكتاب بالفعل عميق..
سعيدة لأني بدأت به العام وسأبدأ في رحلة العشرة أسابيع في الوقت المناسب بالتأكيد.
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275 reviews
May 7, 2015
After a conversation about how hard it is know what stories were are telling ourselves that keep us mired in the same tired habits of behavior, an acquaintance recommended The Presence Process to me. One can approach this at many levels, but after doing a little exploration about Michael Brown and listening to his overall philosophy and a couple of hours of YouTube.com audio files by him, I decided that I liked his approach and that it was worth my while to read the book and work through the presence process as he presents it. I have been a student of Buddhism for a number of years and have found that the emotional hooks and these old reactions that seem to arise frequently have been very hard to unwind even when I have had a pretty clear insight about their "origin". I easily added the breathing sessions, morning and evening, to my day (why has that been so hard in the past) and maintained my regular hour+ meditation practice. I found the tools in the book useful in priming me to notice when I had reactive emotional patterns come up, and increased my tolerance for allowing myself to simply feel them. I found many of the terms he used more explicit and helpful in my daily musings that the other terms that I have used in the past, and steering clear of intellectualizing I think really helps. I am currently taking a short break and then will recycle through the process again.
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July 16, 2016
This book and the process within is a transformational tool that everyone can benefit from. I read "Be Here Now" many years ago and believe in the importance of being present. But, until I read this book, I did not have the tools to get there. I am very grateful to Michael Brown for writing this book and showing me the way.

The process in this book is not for the faint of heart. You must be willing to feel the pain fully in order to integrate your past and become fully present. This book is enlightening and inspiring and a true to gift to the world.
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January 16, 2013
I'm in my second reading and so appreciate the insight and the work. It takes courage, and faith. I read another review from a Christian perspective; I too am a Christian, and Browne's language doesn't offend me or put me off in any other way. A rose by any other name is still a rose. I highly suspect that Presence is not offended by being referred to as Presence instead of God or Holy Spirit. It is what it is. Thank you Michael Brown.
April 7, 2019
If you are ready to really deal with the inner child that has been suffering for your entire life and causing all sorts of drama and pain - this book is the self help tool of the century!!!! I have read so many books - no prior book has given me such an intellectual understanding, the psychological tools, and the hope for a better future. I want to share it with everyone!!!
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July 12, 2008
Most transformative book I've ever read. It is like doing twenty years of thearpy in ten weeks.
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May 11, 2022
This book was a life-changing read for me. I just finished the first 10-week Presence Process journey and can notice the differences from when I started. I kept a pretty detailed weekly journal and plan to do the same when I go through rounds 2 & 3 of the journey soon.

If you've read books like The Power of Now or Untethered Soul, this book takes the teachings in those books to another level with more practical explanations and a 10-week actionable journey for you to follow.

When I started:
- In a 2-month depression/funk stuck in uncontrollable thought loops and avoiding emotion. As someone who has meditated on and off for many years (3 years daily), I never saw this coming and was shocked that the normal "toolbox" of things I use to ease myself out of minor incidents like this was NOT working and it kept getting worse.
- 7 months before I started this journey, I had quit my job to be a solo freelancer/entrepreneur. Things were going well until I found work drying up and I had started to lose hope. All I could think about was failing and having to move back in with my parents when my money ran out in a few months. I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel for ANY aspect of my life, everything felt hopeless.
- I suspect this downturn in business, and some other major life events that occurred in a short period of time, forced me into a state of stress & discomfort that I had never felt before in my life. After all, I had lived a comfortable life with a nice, cushy salary and never had to fend for myself before. I was pretty sheltered emotionally and had a history of repressing issues instead of facing them. This melting pot of emotions and discomfort likely propelled me into this state.

After I finished the first 10 week process:
- By the end of week 4, after many days of struggle and emotional release, that funk I was going through had passed and I felt light and in control again. I had my best month in business ever during these 4 weeks.
- The next 6 weeks were marked with more emotional highs as I tackled some social/emotional issues I had been avoiding. I went through a bit of a dip here, but trusting in the process allowed me to work through whatever unintegrated emotional charges came up.
- In those remaining 6 weeks, I developed a solid foundation for my business and am more confident than ever that can continue to find work and develop my business further.
- My friend remarked that I am a completely different person now and have a sense of lightness and joy again.
- I frequently find myself just soaking in the present and just enjoying the moment. Negative thoughts come up, but they don't take hold as they used to and I can brush them off quickly.
- Facing challenging life events is simple now as my ability to surrender and integrate unintegrated emotional charges has been greatly improved.

I could go on forever but with a deep understanding of emotional charges and integration, I am confident that I will continue to make progress as time goes on. The knowledge and exercises truly are timeless...

If you truly want to dedicate yourself to changing your life, read this book, make time for the exercises, and just keep rereading parts of the book so the material soaks in.
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April 22, 2020
إن طريق الإدراك يبدأ من الجانب العاطفي مروراً بالجانب العقلي ثم الجانب البدني.
_#الشغف ضروري بالنسبة لنا لأنه يدفعنا لاتخاذ الخطوات الأولى في اتجاه " العالم الذي يهمنا".
_راقب طفلاً وهو يصلي فأولاً يقوم بالركوع على ركبتيه ويضع يديه معا (الجانب البدني)، ثم يتحدث( الجانب العقلي)، ثم نشعر بوقع كلماته البريئة في قلوبنا وتنشط حالتنا الشعورية (الجانب العاطفي)، فرحلة العودة لمصدر الوعي عبر طريق الإدراك تبدأ من الجانب البدني إلى العقلي إلى العاطفي ثم إلى الاهتزازي.
وإذا لم نرجع عبر طريق الوعي ونجلب السلام للطفل في داخلنا، فإننا سوف نبقى بالغين غير متكاملين، كما أننا لن نتمكن من تنشيط الحركة الأصلية في تجاربنا الحالية أو استعادة التناغم لحالتنا العقلية و البدنية.
_لكي تتمتع بالأصالة في أحد هذه الفنون يتحتم في البداية أن نتعلم أن تمنح أنفسنا الانتباه غير المشروط الذي نسعى إليه لدى الآخرين.
_إلى أن نتمكن من الحد من الشحنات العاطفية بشكل كبير فإننا نقوم بإجراء المعالجة الذاتية بشكل أو آخر، فبحثنا عن السعادة والحياة الجيدة والحياة الميسرة هي كلها سلوكيات ترتبط بالتخدير والسيطرة.
_سبب الإدمان هو عدم التكامل العاطفي وعندما ندرك ذلك فسوف نتمكن من التحرر منه.
_ليس أمامنا سوى خيارين لا ثالث لهما وهما إما أن نشرع في رحلة في داخلنا عن طريق الإدراك في سلوك مستمر غير فعال يحاول التعويض عم الحالة العاطفية مع الاعتماد على الآخرين وزيادة المواد التي ندمنها.
_وعند شروعنا في رحلة الحضور في عملية لأول مرة فإنها سوف ترشدنا لفن الاستجابة للشحنات العاطفية فتصبح بمثابة مجموعة الدعم لأنفسنا.
وفي المرة الثانية فإننا نشهد المزيد من الصفاء الذهني، أما في المرة الثالثة فإننا نتمكن من توسيع قدرتنا على التكامل العاطفي.
_وعندما نقترب من إدراك اللحظة الحالية فإننا نشعر بالامتنان المتزايد لكل جانب من جوانب رحلتنا وخاصة الجوانب الشاقة.
_فماضينا يكشف عن نفسه كنقاط انطلاق تؤدي بنا إلى إدراك اللحظة الحالية.
_الثراء هو إدراك أننا نحصل دائما على ما نطلبه بالضبط لتكامل ونمو تجاربنا والفرحة هي الحالة التي تنشأ عندما نتيح لأنفسنا تجربة كل ما يتكشف لنا دون إصدار الأحكام فهي تنبع عندما نتواجد دون شرط.
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October 23, 2021
I really wish I could give this book a better review. There are some great gems in it that I very much loved and will hold onto from reading the book. But I’ve never read a book before that did more to make me want to not finish it. It needed an editor (or better editor) in the worst way. If you need 120 pages to talk about your 120 page process, a whole lot of those pages aren’t doing a good job. Did you forget the name of the book while reading? Don’t worry, he writes “The Presence Process” in there over 300 times, almost once per page. Forget the three steps in week six? He’s got you covered by going over them in detail three times. And if you ever want to read a whole lot of confirmation bias being presented as absolute fact, week 10 has you covered.

In the end, there is a 150-ish page version of this book that I would give five stars to. But as is, I can’t recommend anyone put themselves through this self-indulgent mess.
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February 10, 2009
This got me into a simple form of meditation involving breathing without pausing -- it's amazing how quickly that quiets thoughts.
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January 20, 2023
O carte extraordinara, printre preferate, din care am rămas cu atat de multe idei valoroase. E despre “ showing up and growing up”, asa cum spune si autorul. Si sper ca toata lumea sa aibă curajul sa o faca mai devreme sau mai tarziu.

“Don’t kill the messenger. Receive the message. The messengers are the people and situations that upset us. The messages are unintegrated, not-yet resolved emotional memories and wounds from early childhood that are being played out through this current adult experiences. Like neglected children, they wont’t leave us alone, but continue to out-picture in our daily life as the individuals and situations that cause us discomfort.”

“Running around and getting nowhere is the movement endorsed by the world as a means to rectify the dissatisfaction we feel with the quality of our life. The trouble is, once we are settled in our new location, we discover that despite our altered physical circumstances, our dissatisfaction resurfaces. This is because, despite rearranging our situation (our job, the city, money, etc.) we haven’t initiated movement within ourselves. Because wherever we go, there we are. The real we.”

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