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Arrogant Devil

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A full-length STANDALONE romantic comedy from USA TODAY bestselling author R.S. Grey.

Everyone in Cedar Creek, Texas, knows Jack McNight is an arrogant devil. Physically, I get it: he’s tan and fit, with coal-black hair that’s clearly been scorched by hellfire. Oh, and his personality? It burns just as hot.

When I show up on the doorstep of Blue Stone Ranch, I’m run-down and rockin’ my last pair of underwear. I’m hoping for a savior, but instead, I find him.

My opinion of Jack is marred by a dismal first impression, but his opinion of me is tainted even before I arrive. He’s heard I’m a spoiled princess there to take advantage of his goodwill. To him, I’m more trouble than I’m worth.

Our button-pushing banter should get under my skin. His arrogance should be a major turn-off. Problem is, devils are known to offer their own form of temptation.

Every one of his steely glares sends a shiver down my spine.

Every steamy encounter leaves me reeling.

Sure, it could be the Texas heat messing with my head, but there’s no way I’ll survive the summer without silencing him with a kiss and wrestling him out of those Wranglers.

Who knows…going to bed with the devil might just be the salvation I’ve been looking for all along.

ARROGANT DEVIL is a full-length romantic comedy of 93,000 words. For a limited time, I've also included an excerpt from my #1 bestselling sports romance THE SUMMER GAMES: SETTLING THE SCORE!

356 pages, Kindle Edition

First published May 10, 2018

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About the author

R.S. Grey

42 books11.3k followers
R.S. Grey is the USA Today bestselling author of over twenty-five romantic comedies. She loves books, chocolate, reality TV, and cold weather. She lives in Texas with her husband, two daughters, and dog. Visit her at rsgrey.com.

Instagram: @AuthorRSGrey

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/RSGrey/


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2,355 reviews24.7k followers
May 6, 2018
Arrogant Devil is by a new to me author, R.S. Grey. You know the saying from the movie, “You had me at hello?” Well, that pretty much wraps up my feelings for this book. Ms. Grey had me from the first page. I now consider myself a devoted fan.

Meredith Avery is probably one of my favorite heroines I have ever read about. Meredith had been married for five years to a rich husband. On the outside, it looked like she had the fairy tale life and that’s the image she allowed others to see. Only it wasn’t, at all. She has finally had enough and in the middle of the night with only the clothes on her back, she leaves for Texas to seek out her older by ten years sister, Helen. Only Helen and her hubby are out of the country. So Helen sends her to her employer for a temporary job. But Helen doesn’t take her seriously. Like everyone else, she thinks Meredith is just on a quest for attention and says as much to her boss before Meredith arrives. So Meredith is already walking into a situation where opinions are already made before he has even met her.


Jack McKnight is the owner of Blue Stone Ranch, a working ranch with many businesses involved. With Helen who is his personal assistant away and a housekeeper that just quit, he’s overwhelmed. When Helen calls to say she is sending her socialite sister who has walked out on her husband, it’s the last thing he needs to deal with, a spoiled princess looking for a place to wait out her husband until he gives her something she wants. But when Meredith arrives and refuses to back down, he offers her the job of housekeeper and offers an old run down shack on the property to stay in. He’s sure she won’t last twenty-four hours. But she does. Jack is rude, unforgiving, and just down-right mean. But she stays and she works hard. And this woman can cook. Could Helen be mistaken about her younger sister? Could Jack have misjudged Meredith?

pretty woman cleaning

Immediately Jack and Meredith’s personalities clash like oil and water. Meredith can’t understand the way she fights back against Jack. All the years she was married she withdrew, never spoke up. Who is this new Meredith? Then there is Jack’s Golden Retriever, Alfred. Meredith is afraid of dogs and Alfred is determined to win her over. The shack Jack offers to her is an old, run down one room building with no air conditioning. She is forced to share the shack with various other varmints like mice and bugs and who knows what else. The bright spot of all of this is Jack’s mother, Edith. Edith takes Meredith under her wing and they become fast friends. Meredith even introduces Edith to yoga and starts gaining interest from some of the other women nearby. In fact, Jack seems to be the only real person that has a problem with her. Meredith is making friends here, people really seem to like her.

women doing yoga outside

When a book can call up so many different emotions within its pages, you know you’ve got a winner. I felt such anger, I mean huge anger, at the way Meredith was treated. Mostly by her sister. Jack as well but his opinions originated from Helen. But all any of this did is make Meredith more determined to do such a great job that there was no way Jack could fire her. She couldn’t let him fire her. She had no where else to go. She worked hard and never complained. I was so proud of this woman! The relationship between she and Jack was a slow progression. It actually irritated him that everyone loved Meredith so much but he finally had to really wonder what he was missing here. And that maybe all that fighting they were doing was really their chemistry. That maybe he had misjudged this woman all along. She gained his respect. I wondered in the beginning if I was going to be able to forgive Jack for the way he was treating Meredith. But just as Meredith won him over, he won me over as well.

golden retriever swimming

This book was just amazing, every single page. You will laugh, you will clench your fists, you will sigh, and if you’re like me, the ending will make your eyes water a little bit. Yes, mine did! This was my first R.S. Grey experience, but I promise you, it won’t be my last.
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422 reviews16.8k followers
May 18, 2018
6+1 Reasons to Read Arrogant Devil

1. Alfred, the A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E golden retriever.

Whether you love animals or not (you monster!), Alfred is going to steal your heart. He's loyal, fluffy and ideal for cuddles and drunken confessions.

2. Cedar Creek, Texas, the getaway you never knew you needed.

If you like books taking place in good ol' South, with its warmth, the homey atmosphere, well-mannered old ladies, homemade cookies and sweet tea, you're going to have the time of your life! Rachel - bless her heart - does a marvelous job describing this tight-knit community, the everyday life in the ranch, and if you close your eyes, you're going to be transported to hidden creeks and starry nights, and you'll taste and smell and touch and feel everything Meredith experiences. It's magical.

3. The city princess turning into a country girl.

Meredith is the best female character Rachel has ever created. There was not a single moment I wasn't invested in her story, not I second I didn't ache for her hurtful past and hope for a better future. The verbal and emotional abuse she sufferred during her marriage was soul-ripping, and so was the damage it inflicted on her self-esteem, but she was a fighter, a survivor, and I was so proud of her, her determination to move on, to stand for herself, without losing her kindness that marked her as a ray of sunshine.

4. The hilarious narration.

I think Rachel is established thus far as the queen of rom-coms, and with good reason. I lost count of the times she put a smile on my face (or made me snort like a pig), she managed to lighten my mood, to somehow make me lighter, more carefree, more optimistic. Arrogant Devil gives the definition to uplifting, and I can't thank her enough for that.

5. The toe-curling romance.

Jack and Meredith. Meredith and Jack. Two comets that collided and created a whirlwind of emotions that cracked my chest wide open. From downright hostility and insults to reluctant friendship to scorching tension and finally to fireworks, they were simply wonderful. Rachel nailed the enemies-to-lovers trope, and the sizzling chemistry made my skin tingle and my mouth salivate, the slow-bulding was torturous but so, so delicious. There was also an umistakable and deep connection between them, that made me all warm and fuzzy. *dreamy sigh*

6. The greatest grandma of all time.

She's a matchmaker. She has limitless energy. She can use a shotgun and even though she adores her grandson, she won't hesitate to reprimand him for his rude behaviour. She is Edith, and she's the sweetest.

7. Jack McNight, Arrogant Devil and Hot Cowboy extraordinaire.

I have to be honest, during the first half of the book I had a hard time liking Jack. He was judgemental, mean and selfish, and treated Meredith like a spoiled brat because of what he heard of her. The thing is, though, that this particular behaviour was the reason Meredith grew a backbone and stood her ground. And as the story progressed, and he revealed his softer, vulnerable and caring side, well let's just say that Meredith wasn't the only one who fell for him.
And don't forget his sharp jaw. His tanned skin. His bulging biceps. His wicked smirk. Oh my, I'm about to swoon.

(Yup, that's how I pictured him. You are allowed to drool.)

Arrogant Devil is a sexy, funny and adorable read that will indulge all your cowboy fantasies!

*ARC generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

Review also posted on BookNest
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1,154 reviews18.5k followers
May 21, 2018
Perfect. Just perfect. I have no words. Other than I’m moving to Texas to find my fuckin’ Jack. And this is my favourite R.S. Grey book to date.

EDIT:I wasn’t going to review this book. But I feel like I must do it, just because this book deserves it. It needs more attention. Everyone needs to read it and have such a book in their lives.

Like I said, this book is my favourite book by R.S. Grey currently. Like with every one of her books, she excels in writing and bringing the characters to life. And with any good book, you want to be able to connect to the characters and them feel as real as possible.
They were. I felt like I was in Texas. I fell in love with Jack (adamant on finding my own now). The side characters. The lovable dog. Perfect!

The story was slightly darker compared to Grey’s other books. Our protagonist was in an emotionally abusive relationship. She escapes and we follow her journey of finding herself and planting her own two feet whilst dealing with the mental repercussions of being in such a unhealthy relationship.

Rachel did a fantastic job in bringing that out of our main character. Whilst she was strong and beautifully positive, she had doubts and confidence issues due to her relationship and she overcomes it in the best way possible.

And the romance that developed, laaawd! 😍
Plus there’s a grandma who knows how to use a shotgun.

I can’t recommend this book enough.
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500 reviews1,163 followers
April 2, 2021
4.5 stars

This might be my favorite book by this author so far??? Don’t ask me to explain , but it just had “the thing” I really enjoy in romances.

“I know you haven’t known us long, but if you want, Edith and I could be your people.”

Meredith has finally left her abusive husband and took a flight to Texas where she took a job as a housekeeper for the grumpy Jack who believes that she’s just a spoiled rich city girl. Meredith is determined to make it work there despite her boss and sister’s assumptions about her.

I adored Meredith! She was such an admirable character with her incredible strength and how determined and such a hard worker she was. I loved how she refused to give up or be intimidated. I loved the slow burn, the sexual tension, the build up, and all the back and forth. And the fact that this took place on a ranch. It was all just so good and so enjoyable to read. Two other things that added too much to the story are; Alfred, the adorable dog and Edith, the matchmaking grandma!! I loved them.

Also, this book has a lot of similarities with you can have Manhattan, another book that I really liked, so I think if you enjoyed one, you’d like the other.
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781 reviews1,638 followers
January 14, 2023

🎧 3rd Read, Nov. 2021 — 5 Stars
🎧 2nd Read, Oct. 2021 — 5 Stars

I’m here to report that I’ve made good on my promise. I’d say I did more than deliver, would you not agree? Not only did I re-read the book (TWICE, might I add) and upped the rating to five stars, this story and these characters have also managed to gain permanent residence in my heart. And I’m not the least bit inconvenienced nor am I regretful. :)

🎧 1st Read, Jan. 2021 — 4.5 Stars

I can’t tell if the following statement is redundant, but here it is. Rom-com extraordinaire at its finest!

“I even find it all a little hilarious—I escape from hell just to run right into the arms of the devil.”

I’ve been holding off writing this for a while. There’s so much, but Idk where to start. So, I’ll just keep it short and simple. You know that overwhelming elation words can’t describe typa feeling you get when you just find something precious and wanna shout it to the world? Well, that something is this book, and the you is moi.

This book is simply cheff’s kiss. ON ALL FRONTS. I’m not going to elaborate, but things that made me fell in love with the story:

✓ the starting over trope
✓ the city princess turned country girl trope
✓ the first impressions gone wrong mix up
✓ the HEROINE and hero (eventually)
✓ the hate but sizzling chemistry to love
✓ the enemies to friends to lovers
✓ the workplace romance
✓ the tension and slooowww burn
✓ the beneath the stars scene
✓ the banter, the humor, the writing
✓ the ✧ depths ✧ on one of the darker themes
✓ the feisty grandma matchmaker
✓ the ranch area and countryside setting
✓ the Texan hospitality
✓ the adorable dog Alfred

Basically the book in its entirety. 😭 This is probably going to end up on my Favorite Books of the Year list by the end of 2021.

Leaving the rating as it is for now cause I’m planning to re-read it and will hand in the five stars then. Could be my bias talking, but I think this book should be a staple alongside The Hating Game in the romance genre and community. Wow, I hope I didn’t overhype it. If you love the things I mentioned, go pick up this book!

“I know you haven’t known us long, but if you want, Edith and I could be your people.”
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1,568 reviews1,186 followers
December 13, 2018
Update May 18, 2018

I update my rating from 3 to 3.5 stars
Just finished a book with similar plot and this one (I mean THIS book) was done better, so much better!!!

I liked the heroine a lot. I love to read about women, who become stronger and this one was a fighter! Fortunately they didn’t embarrass her much, they didn’t put her in silly situation and she apart from her love interest in a man, who treated her bad, she was a solid woman!

It’s better not to have any sibling than h’s sister (who spread the judgemental crap/lies about the h). I know why she bashed her – she was jealous of her younger sister, who married a wealthy man. They say ‘money doesn’t make happy’, but the most ppl are jealous of rich & successful.
And if not for h’s immediate forgiveness (I hoped she made her sister at least apologize!), I would have clicked 4 stars.

Hero was a jerk. Judgemental jerk. Ugh! I wouldn’t have forgiven him so easily… he needed to grovel much more. He was ok and even sweet at the end, but how he treated the h for ¾ of the book was unacceptable. But at least he was NOT a manwhore!!!
Update: not the worst hero I read, by far NOT the worst!

Cool grandma. Cute dog. Sweet epilogue.
Profile Image for Nissa | Of Pens and Pages Book Blog.
337 reviews995 followers
May 12, 2018

Review at Of Pens and Pages.

I am in love with this book. In love with Cedar Creek. In love with Alfred!!! In love with Edith, Chris, David, the rest of the ranch hands and the people in town, and most importantly, I'm in love with Meredith and Jack. I feel like I say this every time this author releases a new book, but Arrogant Devil is officially my favorite R.S. Grey book!

Meredith Avery has had enough of her cheating, bigshot producer husband, and flies from California to Cedar Creek, a small town in Texas, hopeful that her half-sister might take her in and help her find a job. The problem with spontaneous trips is sometimes it doesn't go the way we'd hope it would. Meredith's sister Helen is in Paris with her husband, and their house is currently unlivable. The only thing keeping Meredith from losing hope is that Helen can hook her up with a job at the ranch where she works.

Jack McKnight is almost at his wit's end. His housekeeper quit on him, and now his secretary is on a break in Paris and asking for a favor. Blue Stone Ranch is currently a mess, and now he's tasked to scare away the spoiled brat of a little sister his secretary told him needed a job. Surely cleaning the toilet and sleeping at a dilapidated shack would scare her off, right? WRONG.

Jack has underestimated the power of desperation, because Meredith refuses to leave and takes on anything he throws her way. And it seems like Cedar Creek has no issues with the newcomer, because they've welcome her with open arms and cookies. But just because everyone loves her doesn't mean he should. She pushes his buttons and gives him so much sass, he doesn't know if he wants to kill her or kiss her. He can't get too attached, because Meredith is a married woman who loves to play games. When she's tired of her temper tantrums, surely she'll go back to her fancy life in California and not look back.

As devilishly handsome Jack is, Meredith focuses on the devil part instead. He makes her blood boil and has made it clear he wants her gone, but no way is she ever going back to her husband. If she has to clean toilets all day and fend off Jack's affectionate dog, then she will.

Before anything else, let me just say I'm not usually into cowboys. I can count with my two hands the number of cowboy books I've read and enjoyed, so I was weary to read this when Rachel announced this book. I should never have doubted her because now I'm daydreaming about Jack McKnight, the hot cowboy with all that southern warmth and instilled chivalry taught by his parents and grandma; I dream about Texas and the men with the swoon-worthy accents. I've found the way!

I like the way the author tackled the toxic/abusive relationship between Meredith and her ex-husband Andrew (who can go choke on a muffin, btw). It's very straightforward, told in the usual lighthearted narrative R.S. Grey is known and loved for, but by no means was it not taken seriously. The story shows that financial stability and luxurious presents do not a healthy relationship make, that society is quick to shrug off a person's cry for help just because the victim is showered with presents and the best thing money can buy, that it's so easy to believe an abuser and fall for their facade.

Meredith had to suffer people's judgments, including her sister's and Jack's, all the while coming to terms that she was a victim. People in abused relationships don't often realize they're in one until they're out of it. I felt so much for her and cheered her on as she got back on her feet. After leaving her husband with nothing but the clothes on her back and a few jewelry she could pawn off, she had nothing to her name, nothing to help her start over again. For me, the fact that she was able to do that while holding her head up high proves how strong and amazing of a woman she is.

Jack is every bit the devil at the start of the story. He's rough around the edges, suspicious of Meredith's intentions that he makes it hard for her. He's brisk, distant, and seemingly unfeeling, but you know my boy has a lot of heart in him. He needed a lot of growing up to do, a lot of opening up as well, to change his ways and become a better man. He's still brooding, but there's the old, more happy-going Jack in there, too. All thanks to the combined efforts of the two women who love him—his grandmother Edith, and Meredith.

I love R.S. Grey and would buy her books in a heartbeat, so it's not a surprise that Arrogant Devil did not fail me. The narrative is entertaining and hilarious (I love the voice and tone of the story, even with the more emotional scenes), the characters dynamic and growth wonderful, and the pacing just the way I like it. All of the scenes felt perfect for Jack and Meredith's story, and I savored each word like my life depended on it. The side-characters were great, too! Shoutout to Edith, the best grandmother and matchmaker in Texas.

Like most of her recent books, there's a slow-burn feel to it, but not too slow. It was perfect for Jack and Meredith's relationship, and for their characters' growths as well. From hostility to reluctant friendship to luuuurve. The banter throughout brought me to tears—mostly in laughter, and one in hurt and frustration.

For anyone looking for a fun hate-to-love romance with so much heart, humor, and growth, I promise you won't regret picking up Arrogant Devil!

What to expect from Arrogant Devil: heart, soul, and so much humor in a slow-burn romance about a city girl trying to find her way and a cowboy who's been emotionally detached for too long set in a small, tight-knit town in Texas.

P.S. That last paragraph was too gooooood.

Tropes: Hate to Love, Opposites Attract, Small Town
POV: First Person, Dual POV
Standalone: Yes

*ARC received in exchange for an honest review.

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1,260 reviews9,964 followers
May 7, 2018
*****FIVE STARS*****
{ARC Generously Provided by Author}

It feels like we’re going fast, but there’s no slowing down, no going steady. This moment has been weeks in the making. I’ve written a thesis in my head about the things I’d like to do to her body.

I am an R.S. Grey “fangirl” for LIFE!! I love her stories and ”ARROGANT DEVIL” is going up there as one of my top favorites by this amazing author!! No one pulls off the ”enemies-to-lovers” trope as perfectly as she does! I devoured this book!! Absolutely loved the heck out of it! The chemistry between Jack and Meredith is ”WHITE HOT” from the start and Grandma Edith was a true spitfire and an utterly endearing character!

Meredith has always been considered a ”pampered princess”. It seemed that things always came easy for her. When she married one of Hollywood’s most successful producers and was living a glamorous lifestyle, she was the envy of everyone. Then one day she goes from having it all to basically only owning the clothes on her back. She’s left her husband who spent the better part of their marriage verbally abusing her and tearing her down any chance he got. During the five years with her husband, she isolated herself from family and friends because she didn’t want them to know how truly miserable her life was. Now, with barely any money on her, she has no choice but to seek help from her older half-sister who lives in Texas. Unfortunately, her sister is in Paris on a month long vacation with her husband and while Meredith may not have a close relationship with her sister, she does help her get a job at Blue Stone Ranch.

Blue Stone Ranch is owned by Jack McKnight, a handsome but insanely arrogant man. He’s overly abrasive and feared by most of his employees and the residents of the small town of Cedar Creek. At first, he’s anxious to hire Meredith because her sister is her personal assistant and one of his most valued employees, but when Helen paints a less than favorable picture of her sister, Jack is reluctant about hiring her. He goes out of his way to be extra rude and mean towards Meredith but there’s nothing he can do or say to her to make her quit because she needs this job more than anything.

As time moves on, Jack starts to see what everyone in Cedar Creek and his grandma Edith has noticed from the start—Meredith is a sweet gal with a warm heart. Her personality shines brightly and she even wins the heart of his dog Alfred.

For most of the story, Jack tries to keep his distance from Meredith. He’s got a misguided opinion of her, thinking that she’s a poor little rich girl that is messing with the heart of her devoted husband and that any second she’s going to run home to her posh Hollywood lifestyle. But he’s not the only one who’s got the wrong idea about how things really are. Jack has suffered tremendous loss in his life and he carries the pain deep in his heart. He’s built up walls to protect himself from ever letting anyone become important in his life so that he never has to suffer that loss again. Meredith starts to see that deep down, Jack is a really good guy who would do anything for his loved ones.

There was an extremely slow build to the romance between Jack and Meredith. I’m not going to lie, I was nearly dying for things to finally happen between them, but boy was it worth the wait!! I actually think the anticipation made the story even more entertaining!

Here are my overall ratings

Hero: 5
Heroine: 5
Plot: 5
Angst: 5
Steam: 4.5
Chemistry Between Hero & Heroine: 5

ARROGANT DEVIL releases on May 10th! Pre-order it now for 99 cents! You will not be disappointed with this one!!!

AMAZON US: https://amzn.to/2JVt7jh
AMAZON UK: https://amzn.to/2rotxI6
AMAZON CA: https://amzn.to/2rpdedz
AMAZON AU: https://amzn.to/2ro9mdp

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1,347 reviews1,420 followers
May 11, 2018
5 Stars!
(ARC provided by author)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Meredith Avery is a beautiful 28 yr. old woman living in California who married her wealthy husband right out of college. To the outside world she lives this grand life in Beverly Hills where she has everything she could ever want. Her reality is a much different story. One evening Meredith decides her marriage is over, and she leaves in the middle of the night with literally just the clothes on her back. She boards a plane to Texas hoping her sister will give her some much needed comfort and understanding. Instead all she finds is an impossible, rude, inconsiderate man named Jack McKnight.

Meredith’s sister is on vacation, so she sends Meredith to the Blue Stone Ranch where she works for the owner. Unfortunately he already seems to have formed his opinions of her, and they’ve started out on the wrong foot. Meredith is alone, out of money, and in desperate need of a place to live and work. She just wants a chance to prove herself, but Jack clearly already judged her & thinks the worst of her from the start.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Jack thinks if he makes things hard on Meredith she’ll go running back home. He’s decided she’s an entitled, spoiled princess who isn’t cut out for his ranch. If he’s patient he will soon be rid of her, and his favor to her sister will be fulfilled.

Meredith is taking control of her life. She’s never stood on her own two feet. She wants to leave her old life behind and have a fresh start. She’s going to pave her own way for her future, and even though Cedar Creek is completely different from her life in California, she starts to feel at home in this small town.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Meredith & Jack are like oil and water, and clash at every turn, but the more time they spend together the more aware they become of one another. Meredith wishes Jack wasn’t so attractive. He’s the manliest thing she’s ever seen, and soon she develops a crush and can’t help desperately craving her boss. Over time they become more friendly and she goes from not being able to stand him, to having delicious cowboy fantasies about the sexy, arrogant devil. The closed off Jack who never lets anyone too close finds himself blindsided by his feelings for Meredith.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I loved everything about this book from the hilarious banter to the red hot chemistry. I also adored Alfred and Edith! This was a fabulous story that kept me captivated from start to finish. I was instantly into this arrogant devil and couldn’t put this book down!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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2,434 reviews4,574 followers
May 8, 2018

I loved Arrogant Devil so much!What a beautiful story,I fall in love with the characters!It's not a secret that I love whatever Rachel writes but I feel with this story she touched me even more!


The banter between Meredith and Jack was entertained and one of my favorite things in the story!They have so many funny and sweet moments!I felt so connected to their characters and the story!This one is dealing with some serious issues !I have so many feelings while I was reading it!

I highly recommend it to everyone!It was phenomenal , one of my favorite books for this year!!


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723 reviews611 followers
May 22, 2018
So I know I was supposed to fall in love with Jack buuuut I’m eloping with the silver vixen Edith instead. 😄

I’ve been seeing so many rave reviews for this that I’m honestly a little baffled by how medicore this actually was.

To sum it up in a few quick words: The romance was deliciously slow and had a lot of potential but the way Jack behaved towards Meredith for a good portion of the book was horrible and ruined the romance for me.

I hate injustice, prejudices and people being treated unfairly, so I really struggled with how Meredith was treated by her sister Helen and the love interest Jack.

From the second Meredith set foot on Blue Stone Ranch, Jack treated her exactly like the spoiled bimbo airhead he had written her off as, thanks to the poison her jealous and spiteful sister Helen had poured down his throat. I get believing your friends, or in this case, a trusted employee, if they say somebody is - insert some prejudiced bullshit here - and having made up your mind a little bit about that somebody even though you haven’t met them yet yourself - but the fact that Jack kept making the most harebrained assumptions even though Meredith did absolutely NOTHING to prove them right, really drove me up the wall. I had a hard time swooning over a guy, who had his new housekeeper - who was obviously in a not-so-good place at that time - sleep in a rundown shack, which was basically close to collapsing (with holes in the floor, mice, spiders and snakes and no AC in the Texan summer) only to drive her away. I hate people who will do you a favor only to make sure you feel every step of the way how much they hate doing it. Just don’t do it at all then, for Pete’s sake.
I could’ve tolerated this sort of behavior for a while, but he continued with that crap for the entire first half of the book! Meredith had escaped an abusive relationship, so Jack’s behavior basically felt like he was kicking someone who was already down. How she almost couldn’t handle the slightest show of kindness really broke my heart. The only person who realized pretty quickly what was really going on, and took Meredith under her wing, was Jack’s grandmother Edith and I LOVED her for it.
Everyone got along so well with Meredith - Edith, the ranch hands, the rest of the town - she worked SO hard and STILL Jack kept believing what her sister had said about her. I honestly didn’t get it and I had a hard time getting over my annoyance with Jack even when he did end up seeing Meredith for who she really was eventually.

The romance was slow, which I liked, but somehow all that build-up led to a rather mediocre climax and after that, the last part of the book just fell flat to me.


Buddy read with the Kimster 🍆
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June 7, 2019
"All I know is that I was turned on and fidgety. I wanted to fan my face and shout 'Lawd, have mercy' with a serious southern twang."

I think whenever R.S Grey releases a new book, my current most favorite book from her gets toppled from the top and is replaced with her newest book. I guess if someone were to ask me what my single most favorite book from her EVER, I'd be dumbfounded and speechless because it keeps changing every time! (Sorry, I'll get back to you on that, but in the meantime, I would LOVE to recommend ALL of her books to you.)

Right now, I'll have to choose this book. I'm sorry The Allure of Julian Lefray, The Allure of Dean Harper, A Place in the Sun, The Beau & the Belle, etc. Please don't murder me in my sleep. I really loved you all, but it's not you. Or me either. It's R.S. Grey's fault.

Arrogant Devil was so, so good. Please believe me when I say that it really is and I'm not only saying this because I was given an ARC. Hah. My life is now devoted to recommending this book to anyone I know who loves rom-coms and just an overall really nice, great book.

"I'm referring to it as an apartment and not a dilapidated lean-to because I believe in the power of delusion."

At first, I was a bit worried I won't like this book as much as R.S. Grey's other books. Cowboys aren't really my thing and after reading the blurb I had doubts. But HOLY COW (pun intended), Rachel just made me wanna throw my heart away at Jack McNight and just beg him to take me as one of his ranch hands. *wink wink* (The benefits to that is e n d l e s s.)

And as much as I want to just give my praises to Jack, his abs, and his Adonis Y (My Holy Trinity, if y'all ask me), the real showstopper here is Meredith. My girl is just so, so funny, charming, and adorable. Her personality just brings everyone to the yard, sans the milkshake. But there's more to her than her good looks and great socializing skills. Dude, she's also headstrong and determined to get away from the shadow of her past.
"I will not march back into the house and announce to Jack that I've had yet another failure. He probably keeps a list of them stowed away in his top desk drawer. It's laminated, and he pulls it from time to time just to make himself smile. Sometime soon, he'll splurge and have it framed."

Arrogant Devil is different and refreshing to read from R.S. Grey. Her books have always been a delight to read as they're light, has funny and relatable female MCs, and just charming as eff guys. This book though, it has an undertone I was surprised to get from her. This book tackles abusive relationships and finding the strength to leave a manipulative marriage. If there is one thing I absolutely love from this book, it's how strong and positive Meredith still is after going through a terrible and cruel relationship. She didn't let that period in her life harden her heart and make her bitter, but instead, she learned from it and gave herself more time and self-love to heal.

I love it when a book highlights how women are not damsels in distress. They're strong AF and can save themselves just fine without a knight in shining armor. Thank you very much but we got this. Although a little bit of help might come handy. Whaddya know, right?

The writing style was exceptional and suited just right for my taste and more as if Rachel knows exactly how I want my rom-com served. It has good side-characters, my favorite being Edith and Alfred. My mom is named Edith too and boy do I love me some good and fluffy dogs! (I have two Shih Tzus and one Maltese!) I've also fallen so deeply in love with Jack and Meredith so much in just a span of 30 chapters and an epilogue.

The setting of the story is just really dreamy and somewhere I could definitely see myself living in.

If you love a good hate-to-love trope with some funny banter and slow-burn romance, I highly, HIGHLY recommend this book to you. R.S. Grey just outdone herself with this book. I promise you won't regret it.

Thank you for the author for giving an ARC for me to review. My thoughts and opinions on this book are 100% honest and I have provided a money-back guarantee if you have purchased this yourself and didn't thoroughly enjoyed it.

"Seriously, not even a smile, Susan? Surely you have shown emotion just once all throughout this book? Do not lie to me, The Lord is watching!"

Thank you for reading my review! <3
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May 10, 2018
When it comes to RomCom, nobody does it better than R.S. Grey. Between her quirky characters, their quick-witted banter, and their absolutely winning personalities, it’s a recipe for success. I knew the moment I started Arrogant Devil that this was my kind of read. It screamed HEART and LAUGHS and SWOON and whoa, did it deliver. Meredith and Jack are enchanting as their distaste for each other turns into something so delightfully tender. Grey really infuses her stories with heartfelt emotions, realistic plot-lines, and the best dialogue EVER. Between the laughs, the tears, and the achingly sweet moments, I was won over time and time again, and I simply can’t recommend this romance enough. It’s without a doubt one of the best of the year.

Finally gathering the courage, Meredith leaves her horrible husband and miserable life behind. But with no money, no clothes, and absolutely no place to go, she’s in more than a bind. Contacting her step-sister, she ends up in Texas, at Bluestone Ranch. There she meets Jack, the biggest a-hole under the sun. Jack’s not thrilled to have Meredith on his ranch. However he owes Helen (Meredith’s stepsister) a favor, and so he gives her a job she desperately needs. However, tainted by preconceived notions of who Meredith is, he’s ready to give this California Princess a run for her money. He wants her to quit and leave him alone. But what Jack has to learn is that Meredith isn’t the woman he thinks she is, and he ends up with something completely unexpected.

And boy, is this romance ever swoony. Our strong willed, optimistic, and thoroughly enchanting heroine slays you. She brings so much heart to the story, maybe even more than our hero Jack does, and he brings a lot. Meredith’s like a breath of fresh air, like rain on a hot summer afternoon, always striving to see the positive in every situation. I loved her spirit, her zest to make her life her own. I found that so endearing, her so funny and so completely charming. Reading these two together was electric and energizing. The back-and-forth that happens, the heated moments, the moments that are packed full of passion and chemistry are sizzling. Jack is a moody hero, and his temperamental personality was out of control sexy, but also frustrating in the best way.

Overall, I think this is R.S. Grey’s best work to date. There so much goodness in Arrogant Devil, so much romance packed into such a smart and captivating story. With a wicked slowburn, dynamic characters, and a plotline that hits you in the feels, you truly can’t go wrong. It’s the perfect way to spend an evening or afternoon, just losing yourself in the pages of this great book. It’ll leave you happy and charmed, and there’s simply nothing better than that. This is must read recommendation, a top FAVORITE of 2018 for me! So great.

***Thank you to Social Butterfly PR for the ARC I received in exchange for an honest review.
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June 18, 2018
I am telling you... I love R.S. Grey books.
They are quick, easy reads for me and always break me out of any reading slump.
This book was fantastic.
Loved it. Couldn't put it down.
The enemies-to-lovers aspect was done well.
The steamy vibes coming off these two was delicious.
I'm looking forward to my next R.S. Grey read!

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January 13, 2021
Arrogant Devil is a standalone novel that gives you exactly what the blurb promises, romance and humor, pluss a little extra.

“That truck runs just fine when I drive it!” “Yeah, the engine’s probably running from you like everyone else around here!”
The gif might not be appropriate, but it's a dog dressed as a devil, so I'm sticking with it.

The character list includes two highly attractive main characters (obviously), a feisty grandma and a adorable dog.
"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."
Roger Caras

The story is told from two point of views as we follow Merediths journey from leaving an emotionally abusive relationship in California, to Texas where she's starting a new life on her own two feet.

“It’s like looking out a single window and thinking you know what the whole world looks like.”

I loved Meredith. She was kind, funny, strong and flawed, just like a main character should be, and there was never a moment where I was annoyed being "in her head".

“It’ll be a fitting end, both of us suffocating under the rubble. Just as we’re gasping for our last breaths, I’ll offer to make peace, and very quietly, he’ll whisper back, Go to hell.”

What could have made the book better? More dogs. Always add more dogs.
I wish there was more to the storyline, and more angsty moments, because R.S. Grey is obviously great at writing them. I, personally, just felt that the first half of the book was a lot stronger than the second half, but I'm also known for having strange opinions 💁‍♀
It's a book I would recommend to readers who likes new adult romance. It's also a great book to read if you're just done with a series, and need a fast paced, light read.
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May 12, 2018
I am thinking about moving to Texas to find a man like Jack McNight.
So yeah, I pretty much loved this book.

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May 11, 2018
I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Arrogant Devil is definitely my cup of tea. I live for hate-to-love stories that isn't an insta-love. The story was simply delightful and lighthearted. Jack and Meredith have great character developments and both shine on their own. They're just lovable, even Grandmama Edith.

Meredith Avery grew up in a comfortable and luxurious life. Some people think she's lucky and happily married to her rich husband for five years. It was the opposite. Her douchebag husband was verbally abusive and she had enough of it. She left her glamorous life without second thoughts and goes to Cedar Creek where her stepsister Helen lives and works She and Helen were never close but Meredith badly needs a job and a place to live in for a while until she figures out a new plan. While Helen and her husband are on vacation in Paris, Meredith temporarily fills in her spot at Blue Stone Ranch and meets the high-and-mighty but sexy boss, Jack McNight.

Jack and Meredith never get along in the beginning. Jack had a wrong impression on Meredith as a rich spoiled brat and I slightly hate him for judging someone based on other's opinion instead getting to know the person. In fact, Meredith was such a lovely woman. She's witty, unpretentious, resilient personable and hardworking. She never whined about her new job and country lifestyle. Despite Jack giving her a difficult time, she's thankful and content of what have at the moment. All the bad impressions on her faded when she proves them all wrong *coughs* Jack and Helen*coughs* She learned a lot from her previous marriage and she comes back stronger, braver and more confident. That's why I love her and there's no question I'll take her side.

Jack wasn't a terrible guy. He's actually sweet, thoughtful and loyal to those people he cared. He's quite broody and rough round the edges at first and I'm glad I gave him the benefit of the doubt. After knowing his past, I finally understood and thankfully Meredith was so patient on him. Eventually, this sexy cowboy comes around and stopped being an ass. What a stubborn man.

On the romance department, Jack and Meredith have a remarkable chemistry. They constantly butt heads which intensifies their chemistry and bringing their best qualities out of each other. I love the slowburn romance and the adorable exchange of banters between them. Polar opposites but perfectly matched. I'm getting mushy here because they're so cute together! ❤️

Grandmama Edith is one of the best supporting characters EVER. I love her so much! She's so sassy, hilarious and bold. I can't stop laughing when she's a third wheel or matchmaker. She's lowkey rooting for Meredith and came up with as many excuses as she can so Meredith and Jack will be together. 😂 Don't piss her off though or else she'll pull out her shotgun.

Overall, I love this book and the best one I've read so far by R.S. Grey. It's a must pick if you love romantic comedy or enemies to lovers romance or if you're having a bad day and in need of good vibes, this will put a huge smile on your face. Because in my case, it did. 😉💖
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June 9, 2018
4.5 stars

I have read, and enjoyed, a few books by this author, but I honestly went into this book blind by not even reading the blub. I was sucked into the story from the very beginning and I really had a hard time putting it down.

Meredith has finally left her abusive husband and is now in Cedar Creek, Texas to start a new life on her own. She finds herself at Blue Stone Ranch as a housekeeper and is determined to make it work. Her main focus is to keep her head down and work hard, not to be attracted to her arrogant, cranky boss. She is confused about her feelings towards Jack, does she hate him or is there something more?

Jack McNight is a hard man, and he doesn’t do emotions. His main focus is on Blue Stone Ranch, and other businesses. When he agrees to let Meredith help, he doesn’t understand his feelings for her. He is told she is a spoiled rich brat from California, just looking for attention. Then why is everyone falling in love with her, including his dog?

I loved Meredith from the very beginning with her determination and spunk. The banter between her and Jack was funny. Even Jack’s grandmother, Edith, got involved with her wise ways, to show Jack what was right in front of him. I enjoyed Jack’s inner turmoil on his true feelings for Meredith. But most of all, I loved the man he really was, underneath all that gruff exterior.

All in all a great little story!
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September 21, 2019
I want to know when exactly I let my guard down enough to fall in love.

Good “city girl, runs away to the country” read. I enjoyed Meredith and Jack’s back and forth. I loved that she felt like she could be strong with him and not back down. All in all this is a great “enemies to lovers” combined with the “new in a small town” trope. It’s a little funny, a little sad, a little sweet, a tiny bit steamy. All in all a good read.
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April 15, 2020
Finding your happy place…

My friend recently 5-starred Arrogant Devil and it made my head pop up like a book-nerd hearing about a 50% off sale on all books. At first, there was the usual trying to talk myself out of “needing” a new book. Then, I convinced myself that it couldn’t be as good as rumour says. I took my first step towards the shiny object. How could I deny myself a treat? I work hard for my money, I deserve a treat. But, then, I stopped…took a squinty look at the cover and hesitated. Ummm…Houston, we have a problem. I didn’t love the last book I had read by R.S. Grey.

Anyways…I absolutely LOVED THIS ONE!! Well, actually I LOVED THIS ONE…after I got to know the characters a bit better. When I first met Meredith, my lip was curled, and I was seriously judging her…unfortunately…like everyone around her judges her. My bad, I learnt a valuable lesson about judging a full picture instead of just a quarter. Then, I met Jack and he gained a sneer or two AND a cross my arms, give my e-reader a scowly face. These two do not make fantastic first impressions.

Time goes on, and the characters I first met make a complete metamorphosis. It was like their shells cracked open and a new them was created. Now, that hard shell needed a little help to be cracked open. A gun-toting, Edith, helped smash through their barriers. She may be a Grandmother, but she sure ain’t sweet. Absolutely lovable, but definitely not sweet.

While Edith, Jack’s grandmother, helped bring Meredith and Jack together, really, it was Alfred who was the main matchmaker. Sleeping beside Jack to show him he’s loved and appreciated, and giving him a sloppy kiss every morning to show he cares. Never giving up when Meredith ran away screaming, following her into danger and sniffing her crotch to show his protective side. Alfred, well he was a shell cracker of a different kind, the woofy, barky kind. His magic tongue saliva can dissolve any shell.

Both Meredith and Jack have histories that shaped them. They’re both hesitant to open up to each other and find it easier to bicker and sneer. If you ignore people who provoke emotions, it’s easier to keep from being hurt.

I loved the journey to happiness for both Jack and Meredith. Sure, I made squinty faces at them in the beginning, but by the end, I had that goofy, just satisfied with love face, that a good romance read will put on my face.

Sorry, R.S. Grey for not loving your last book and hesitating to buy Arrogant Devil. I’m so glad that I took this chance to meet Jack and Meredith. I got an absolute treat. If you’re taking requests…I would LOVE Tucker to find his own HEA…and maybe Christine too.

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May 26, 2018
If there's a book you could say defines perfection, this book, Arrogant Devil, is IT.
What an absolute joy it has been to read this book.
To be honest, after I was done reading, I though to myself "this would make such an awesome movie".. it's hilariously funny, it's hopeful, it has moments of trials, face palm moments, moments where you want to punch some faces, cry your heart out... Have moments of intense hopelessness and in a snap... Have people around you give you unconditional love and support. And please let's not forget the intense chemistry between these two beautiful characters!Wouldn't a movie you'd watch again and again, every weekend?
Arrogant Devil is AWESOME!
Arrogant Devil is perfection!
Arrogant Devil is a book you need to read ASAP!!!
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May 17, 2018

This story sucked me right in from the very first page and kept me glued to the very ending. Jack was a total asshat to Meredith, wrongly pre-judging her and making her life hell just to get her out of his hair. Meridith had an enormous amount of strength, and she never lost her sense of humor. It was fun watching these two scrabble through most of the story then finally start to come together as a couple by the ending. I was so bummed when this story came to its conclusion. I adored every word of this adorable little tale. I cannot recommend this one enough!
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April 24, 2019
The heroine is adorable, I liked her very much. With her sweet sense of humor, it is impossible not to like her. However, I hated the hero. For 71% of the book, he is a cruel judgmental prick! Thanks to the heroine’s jealous, cold-hearted and judgmental half-sister, he believes that the heroine is a spoiled rich princess who is on an adventure to give her husband a lesson so that he comes begging. The reality is so very different but our hero Jack doesn’t even ask her. He puts the label on her and treats her like a piece of shit.

Oh, he is no good to other people, either. He is distant and rude. And the reason he is usually an as*hole to the whole world but his grandma is that he closed his heart after his parents died when he was 20.


Oh, boo hoo, as if he is the only person in the world losing their parents. Not everyone becomes an as*hole like him after a loss of loved ones. People turn to their relatives, friends etc to feel better but he chose to push everyone away and treat them rudely. Even if one chooses to push people away, there is no need to be rude and cruel to people.


The heroine, Meredith is a beauty inside and out. She was in a marriage in which her rich husband abused her verbally and destroyed her self-esteem. She was made to think that she was nothing without him. And he was also cheating on her. So, one day she says enough is enough and leaves him. She doesn’t wait to make a smart plan because she is scared that she would lose her courage. So she leaves home with nothing. She asks the help of her half-sister, who directs her to Jack, and both the half-sister and her boss Jack believe that if she lives in miserable conditions she might take a lesson and go back to her husband so Jack makes her life miserable.

Only after 71%, Jack understands he was wrong about Meredith and feels remorse.

That’s why I was unhappy when Meredith was too forgiving. She forgives Jack and Helen too easily. I would put Jack through hell and back before I forgave him. And I would expect a good enough apology from Helen, as well but Meredith was too sweet to do that!


And also, I don’t like it when it is the woman who proposes that they should have sex, I want the guy to be the one doing it. So, I was disappointed in Meredith when she offered it. And after he said he was also interested in it, Meredith begged to do it all at once but he resisted and took things very slowly. I also don't like it when the women beg.


The dog Alfred was a sweetheart and contributed to the story very much.

Grandma was good, too :)


Another thing I wasn’t happy about the book is there is too much telling and telling outweighs the dialogues. I prefer more dialogues between the couple. If it is Meredith telling it, she has a good sense of humor and I liked reading her thoughts but I definitely would prefer more dialogues.


The book is safe as far as the hero and the heroine are concerned; there is no cheating between them.

Their kissing and getting a bit intimate starts before her divorce is finalized but they have sex after her divorce is finalized; so if you are sensitive about these issues, there is that. As far as I am concerned, her marriage ended when she decided to end it and left him so I had no problem with it.


Dual point of view / 300 pages
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May 10, 2018
Happy Book Birthday

With Arrogant Devil, R. S. Grey delivers a delightful, entirely captivating story.

Five years ago Meredith Avery thought and everyone around her she’d won the husband jackpot and married for love. The truth no one knows is that she’s been trapped in a loveless and abusive marriage until she can’t take it anymore. With the clothes on her back she leaves towards Texas in the hopes her sister Helen will help, only to find out she’s out of town.

Jack McNight has his hands full running his ranch and all its branches. The last thing he needs is a spoiled socialite getting in his way, he does need a housekeeper though. After the unpromising assessment from her sister, Jack expects Meredith will be out of his hair in less than a day. But between all her hard work and sweetness she’s been getting under his skin and what was once a barely tolerable acknowledgement of two people has slowly grown into a sizzling hot romance.

Jack is as sexy as he is brooding, rude, closed off, and of course arrogant. And to top it off, his preconceived of Meredith doesn’t help matters. Only his feisty grandmother Edith and adorable dog Alfred seemed to love him. I was worried it’d be impossible to redeem himself. My doubts were for naught of course.

Having to deal with Jack’s displeasure, scrub toilets, do laundry, and reside in a barely livable shack is nothing compared to enduring a marriage with a monster. Meredith is determined to stand on her own two feet and combined with Edith’s help she thrives, delivering delicious muffins to the ranch hands, introducing yoga to the town’s ladies and bringing a happiness to Jack’s life he never would have imagined.

Grey crafts a lovely enemies-to-lovers read providing constant smiles with a sassy heroine, a hero you’ll love to hate, the right combination of slow burn sexual tension and banter, and charming secondary characters that make Arrogant Devil an addicting tale.

Arrogant Devil is a standalone contemporary romance by R.S. Grey. It is funny and heartfelt. Told by several points of view with a swoon worthy ending.

Amazon -> https://amzn.to/2JYWYre

* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author. The excerpts are from that copy. I am voluntarily reviewing this title. *

Stalk me on FaceBook * Twitter * Pinterest Book Teasers * More reviews
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June 13, 2021
Pretty good enemies to lovers story with a touch of Cinderella and nice bantering tension between the H and h.

The heroine has left her emotionally abusive husband and asks her half-sister for help. Little h becomes the maid on the ranch. Worst sister ever and her pettiness and sabotaging of the heroine from maligning her to the hero and siding with the mean husband overshadowed the romance for me.
I guess contemporary romances have to have the heroine be a doormat at some particular point. While the heroine can and does stand up to the hero, she ends up apologizing to the sister. Why, I do not know. Existing?

Overall a very entertaining romance with the exception of evil Helen.
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