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We all have tragic backstories in today's world.

I wake up chained to the wall of a dark cell aware of two things: I failed my sister, and I smell my enemy.

When I’m taken to meet Dare, the alpha of the Silver Tip pack, I’m sure I’m about to lose my throat. The last thing I expect is for the Alpha to recognize me as his fated mate. No way is he going to let me go now, and I still have to find a way to rescue my sister.

As I plot my escape to save her, I find that if I leave, Dare could be killed by power-hungry members of his pack. And now he’s more to me than my fated mate—my heart is involved. With time ticking by on my sister’s life, I have to make a choice I never thought I’d face—my sister’s life or my mate’s? That’s if I can survive the undead shifters intent on killing me first...

313 pages, Kindle Edition

First published November 14, 2016

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About the author

Megan Erickson

43 books1,847 followers
Megan Erickson is a USA Today bestselling author of romance that sizzles. Her books have a touch of nerd, a dash of humor, and always have a happily ever after. A former journalist, she switched to fiction when she decided she likes writing her own endings better.

She lives in Pennsylvania with her very own nerdy husband and two kids. Although rather fun-sized, she's been told she has a full-sized personality. When Megan isn't writing, she's either lounging with her two cats named after John Hughes characters or... thinking about writing.

For more, visit meganerickson.org

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724 reviews2,585 followers
November 24, 2016
No Rating.DNF @ 61%.

I wanted to love this.I haven't read any solo books by this Author but have absolutely loved her writing with Santino Hassell.
I don't know if it's just because I've read a few shifter/pnr books recently but this really wasn't doing it for me.

I haven't even finished it but can pretty much predict the outcome.I wasn't feeling the thing between Reese and Dare at all and even the sex scenes did nothing for me.

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Author 43 books1,847 followers
Want to read
November 15, 2016
**Now available**

I took my love of Underworld and The Walking Dead and made a book baby. It's sexy and kinda snarky and I hope you dig it.

If you want to be notified when this book releases and get up-to-date news on all of my books, you can sign up for my newsletter here. Thanks!
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534 reviews133 followers
May 9, 2017
2,5 stars rounded to 3
Related image

It seems I'm in the minority here, but I couldn't quite get to love this story. I had high hopes about this one as I adore all Megan Erickson's books written with Santino Hassell.

There are some things that didn't work for me, but mostly the insta-love-bond, the miscommunication between the MC and some childish discussions that got me rolling my eyes. Oh and the couple didn't really convince me.

There were some parts I enjoyed and I'll admit it was an interesting world created by the author, but mostly I couldn't quite get to turn the pages as fast as I would have liked.
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1,557 reviews286 followers
November 6, 2016
Immediate thoughts:
2. Shifters, Megan Style - loved them!!
3. Dystopian Reality - usually not my favorite, but I LOVED it..
4. Lots of animalistic down and dirty sex!
5. Bring on the next book!! (Yes, this is a full story..don't worry)
One of the best books I have had the pleasure of reading in 2016 - way to Go Megan!!!

Full Review:
When I saw that Megan Erickson was writing a Paranormal, Shifter - M/M story -- I was ecstatic! I expected a great book. I expected it to be cute, fun, loving. I should have known she would blow my expectations all to hell! This book was not fluffy. These shifters are not cute puppy dogs with fluffy tails. What Megan Erickson has created in her new series, Silver Tip Pack - is awe-inspiring with endless possibilities. She can literally take this series anywhere because not only did she decide to go beyond normal shifter lore - she created her own world and she kicked up the expectations for shifters for all authors to come!

In Daring Fate, you enter the world that is unlike the world we live in today. Humans, Gone. Luxury, Gone. Food sources, very limited. In this world, there are three species - Werewolves, Were's, and Nowere's. The difference? A werewolf is your typical shifter - two forms - human and four-legged wolf. A Were is a type of shifter that has three forms -- human, four-legged wolf, and upright wolf/human hybrid. Finally, a NoWere is an undead Were. They are stuck in were form and they roam around killing werewolves and turning were's into nowere's. So you have werewolves, hybrids, and undead were's all in one living in a dystopian world trying to survive; and of course, there is some love, some hate, some evil, some good, lots of hot sex and characters you are going to love! Before I even get started on how amazing the story was I have to applaud Ms. Erickson on her creativity that has blown me away - way, way above my expectations!!

The MC in this story are Dare and Reese.


Dare is Alpha of the Silver Tip pack. He is a were. He is not someone you ever want to mess with. In his human form he stands over 7 feet tall and is full of muscle - in his wolf form he is a large black wolf with a silver stripe down his spine and his ears are tipped in silver. His brilliant green eyes mesmerize Reese even before Dare has a chance to win him over with his personality - He is stunning according to Reese and who are we to argue?




Reese, a gray werewolf with a white throat - of the White Throat pack who has been living under Xan's rule in the Bluefoot pack.


When these two meet they couldn't be more different yet they know immediately they are true mates. The mating call and desires are high and it takes all of Dare's strength not to jump his mate straight away - but first he has to nurse his mate back to health. Because Dare and Reese didn't just meet on accident. No, they met after Reese and his brother Jude were exiled from their pack and Reese was left beaten half to death in an area that the Nowere's would find him and finish him off. If it hadn't been for Jude's quick thinking (which you will see he does a lot of) then Reese and Dare probably would not have ever met. However, Jude went to the Silver Tip pack for help and that was pretty much the start of an amazing relationship!

Were with a werewolf, how would it work? Werewolves were inferior to the Were's. Well, one thing for sure is these two don't lack in the chemistry department - once those pheromones start flying, it's on!
'"Mine," he growled against my lips.
Not gonna lie, I was fucking terrified. Dare was only half there, his Were pulsing inside his skin. I didn't know his Were, and I hoped to hell Dare had enough power to stay human.
I shifted my hands to grip his face, my fingers digging into his scalp as I rutted against him. The mating instinct overtook all my other thoughts. So, despite my terror, I was hard as hell. "Yours," I muttered back.
His chest rumbled, and he pressed our lips together -- hard, punishing, furious--before delving his tongue inside.
"The kiss was possessive and all-consuming. While I'd Fucked around plenty, I'd never been kissed in my life, so I didn't know how to deal with it. My head was spinning, my body on fire, ass clenching in anticipation for being taken. I wanted it. God help me, but I wanted him to pin me down and fuck me until I broke. I wanted to be owned.

I was going to be mated. To a Were. And there was no going back."'
Supporting characters include Jude, Reese's younger brother. G - who is one of Dare's guards and trusted confidant. Cati who is the mother of Dare's son, Mav. Then Bay Dare's brother.  These characters were all brilliant in and of themselves and they all have stories to tell.  I can't wait to read Jude's story and find out what makes him tick - I guarantee it's going to be another amazing story!

From the beginning of the book until the very end the story keeps you totally enthralled!  I read this book  in one sitting because I could. Not. Put. it. Down. There was just no way!  I needed to see what happened next, then what happened after that - and my need to know just never stopped.  This book has no low points.  You won't be bored and you won't want to put it down.  While I admit I am a huge Megan Erickson fan - my opinion of this book is not influenced by that at all - this book is JUST that awesome!  If you don't like shifter books, I urge you to give this one a try - you will be surprised.  It is perfectly balanced between paranormal, romance, hotness, Alphaness, sexiness, and mystery - add in a world that is intriguing and you have a winner!  

I highly recommend this book - 5+ Stars! 

Review Copy of Daring Fate provided by Megan Erickson for an honest Review.

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1,094 reviews733 followers
November 16, 2016

OMG! Did I read the same book as everyone else?

Apologies in advance if I am hurting peoples feelings but this didn't work for me.

Dare didn't convince me as an alpha.
I found Reese childish.
The instalove/mate thingy was awkward and undeveloped.

I know this is going to sound weird but sometimes I couldn't picture the MC's as guys. The male POV sounded, to me, like a female POV.
The plot was weak and the characters were shallow.
The story was boring and I have struggled to reach 60%

I normally don't rate books I haven't finished, I will in this case because I crossed the 50% mark.

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2,174 reviews380 followers
Shelved as 'dnf'
November 17, 2016
DNF at 62%

I don’t think Megan Erickson’s writing is for me. It seems everyone is overcome with all kinds of emotions when reading her work, and I’m either bored or completely indifferent.

With this I just couldn’t get into, and I tried and tried and tried (because you know, everyone and its mother seem to love this), but after several days of constantly putting this away, I have come to the conclusion I just don’t like the book.

I kept wanting Dare and Reese to have an actual conversation. I felt as if the main focus was the world building, the pack business and the fact that Reese and Dare were True Mates (and the sex). But spending a week locked up together having sex and talking about how the pack works, does not equal a good relationship to me.

And after this first period together, the action started happening and I could kiss my relationship and character development goodbye, so I threw in the towel.
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1,921 reviews3,431 followers
November 20, 2016
3.5 Stars!

Definitely a case where I need 3.5 stars. Rounding up since I didn't skim. But I can't say this one wowed me. But it was good.

Entertaining if not a bit eye roll inducing. Reese at times was reminiscent of a TSTL heroine. Lots of lack of communication which I hate.

I thought Dare could have been alpha-er. But the dirty talk was nice.

Likable secondary characters - I'm curious to read their stories.

Not a bad read but certainly not a 5 star read.
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1,557 reviews226 followers
March 11, 2018
Note (added 11/03/2018):

In light of recent events, I can no longer recommend this book to my friends (or any reader, for that matter).

However, my Goodreads review space provides me an opportunity to rate and review books, expressing how they made me think, feel, question, or react at a particular moment in time. Sometimes, I use my review space to share stories about my life or comment on the world around me, drawing comparisons between myself and the characters and plot lines that I read about. As such, they are a time capsule of sorts and the historian in me won't let me erase them from the historical record.

So I am going to leave my ratings/reviews intact, but reiterate that I can no longer recommend this book to my friends.

Originally rating and/or review:

*** 4.25 Stars ***

Shut the front door! Megan Erickson is writing shifters?! It's like all my Christmas wishes came true... in November! This story was fabulous - a completely unique universe combined with Erickson's signature of strong writing, lovable characters, and smexy moments.
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1,546 reviews363 followers
November 16, 2018
Reread November 2018

This just goes to show you how timing is everything. I was much more annoyed by the lack of communication and secrets this time. However, I still love it and it's a good mate story.

**Reread July 2017 in preparation for Chasing Destiny**

Okay so whatever bothered me last time did not bother me this time and I enjoyed it way more so I'm upping my rating. I absolutely LOVE Dare. He is awesome. Reese annoyed me just a wee bit but not enough that I wanted to punch him. Looking forward to book 2.

Original Review March 2017

**4.25 Stars**

Loved things about this. Didn't love others...just personal preferences. It kept me totally engaged and I couldn't read fast enough. I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop though and when it did my heart broke. I will be continuing with this series for sure. It's definitely different. I'm really looking forward to Bay's story next!
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1,154 reviews260 followers
November 14, 2016


 photo image.jpg1_zps7psopdko.jpg

Megan Erickson has written my favorite shifter story to date. I love Paranormal Shifter Romance but more often than not I DNF the samples. Usually, I end up finding them cheesy. Well, there's nothing cheesy here, my friends. What we have here is an intense, gritty romance.

What I loved:

-The plot. The author created a post-apocalyptic world in which humans no longer exist. There are three species left: weres, werewolves, and noweres (which are pretty much zombie wolves). Reese is a young wolf determined to save who is left of his family and take them back to his homeland. Except he gets caught, beaten, and left for dead. It's after that he meets his mate, Dare. Dare is the alpha of his pack, and despite coming across as hard, he has his pack's best interest at heart.

-Reese. He's young, but he is smart and full of heart. He'll do whatever he needs to do to protect those he loves even at his expense.

-Dare. What was there not to love about this powerful were? Book Boyfriend Alert!

-The supporting characters. Jude, G, Bay, Mav, Cati. These characters were well developed and were an integral part of the story. I'm hoping we'll be getting some books in the future for them.... :D

-The chemistry between Reese and Dare was equal parts romantic and scorching hot. I swear I could feel my iPad getting hot. LOL

-The pace. It was smooth and fast paced. I had to force myself to slow down because I didn't want the book to end. It was unputdownable.

-Narration. Dual POV<<---my favorite!

-And the end left me emotionally happy and excited for the stories to come.

Negative wise there's nothing to report- I loved everything about this story of family, devotion, selflessness, trust, and love. 5+ Gimme-Gimme-More-Megan-Erickson-Shifter Stars!

 photo 8488928_zpskir0ggwk.gif
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1,370 reviews649 followers
March 30, 2017

***4.5 Stars***

My first MM shifter book and it was a huge success!!! HELLO NEW OBSESSION!! I want to read all the MM shifter books now!

I'm not a big PNR reader (though that appears to be quickly changing) and I sometimes worry that all the world building will bore me or overwhelm me, but here I was super intrigued (yeah, there are some things I'm still a bit confused about...but nothing that brought down my reading enjoyment).

Here you've got your standard werewolves...but also Weres (werewolves that are super huge and walk on two legs) and Noweres (basically Were zombies who steal your soul) and an intriguing history of each animal. Creature? Type? I don't know what the right terminology is.

Reese, a werewolf, and his True Mate Dare, a Were have a scorching hot chemistry! I'm talking about can't-keep-their-hands-off-each-other fiery inferno! I was all about it. The two complimented each other perfectly. The two of them fumbling around trying to figure out their bond was all kinds of swoony to watch and really strengthened the scene where everything finally clicked together. I seriously loved these two!

"Fate is not always right. A lot of times she's a wrong bitch. But she was right with you, my mate. She was so right when she gave me you."

All of the secondary characters introduced drew me into the story just as quickly as Reese and Dare. The theme of friendship, family, loyalty, home and love is present in every scene. I loved that.

I don't want to give much of the plot away, as there are some twists and turns, but this is definitely a book that's difficult to put down. There's a constant momentum pulling you forward. And the action sequences...get ready to break a sweat. I was glued to my kindle.

Megan Erickson created a world that will draw you in from the first page. And I'm so happy to say that her signature style carried over into PNR flawlessly. The endearing characters, the engaging plot, the humor, the steam....all of it has her stamp on it. And I loved it all.

I'm hoping Bay's book is next and I'm secretly hoping that there'll be a twist with who his love interest is. But I also want a book for Jude and his guy. And Vaughn too. So, basically I want them all #noshame
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2,299 reviews718 followers
November 14, 2016
I love Megan Erickson's books. I've enjoyed her m/f contemporary series and her m/m contemporary series. And then she told me she wrote a paranormal shifter book. Not only that, but a m/m fated-mate story. Feed yourselves family, mom is busy!

This world is set-up as shifters meet The Walking Dead. There are no humans left in the world, but three types of shifters: a werewolf, who can either be human or shift into a wolf. A were, who can be human, shift into a wolf, or be a half human/half werewolf upright creature. And finally, a Nowere - the undead Were (zombie werewolfs) who walk around in hoards eating everything in sight.

Reese is a werewolf and when he was younger, his parents ran him and his brother and sister to safety but accidentally into the hands of a horrible alpha. This man killed Reese's parents, and enslaved Reese, his brother and his sister. Now an adult, Reese is desperate for himself and his siblings to escape this horrible man. Reese gets himself and his brother Jude out, but his sister is left behind. Reese though isn't free yet. He wakes up to find himself chained in another prison. This time, the man who has him is named Dare, and is the alpha of the Silver Tip Pack - a pack of weres. Reese is frightened, as he has heard of this pack and how ruthless their leader is. And even more confusing, Dare takes a big sniff of Reese, and he realizes they are fated mates. Dare will now do anything to keep Reese safe - all Reese wants to do is to go rescue his sister - but Reese is afraid that would cause a war - and he is too scared to tell Dare he needs help.

I find that Megan Erickson writes very emotional characters and her shifters are the same way. Reese wears his emotions on his sleeve. He cares deeply for his siblings and will do anything to keep them safe. He is horrified his sister got left behind with the monster that enslaved them and is desperate to go back and rescue her. But it's complicated to go back and he doesn't know what to do. He is terrified of Dare at first because of all the rumors about him. Dare is large and menacing, but also protective and warm. The warm part doesn't come into play at first.

The footsteps stopped, and I held my breath until a movement caught my eye. In one moment, the space in front of me was empty, and in the next, a Were was there, landing with a shuddering thud from out of nowhere, the dust swirling up around his black boots and legs clad in leather pants. My gaze rose. And rose. And rose. Up past thighs the size of my torso, a bare stomach rippling with muscle beneath tanned skin, twitching pecs glistening with sweat, over shoulders that could bench press three of me, and finally up to meet the green-eyed gaze of Dare.

You guys - twitching, glistening pecs.

Once Reese is assured his brother won't be harmed, Dare takes Reese to his room so they can get to know each other and complete the mating bond. This fated-mate is presented well but keep in mind it is pretty much insta-love. But I liked it that way. Both feel the call to be with the other, and their sex is so intense - Dare even blacks out.

Beneath me, his mouth dropped open, and he screamed, his fists clenching around my wrists. When the smell of his release hit my nostrils, my Were went beserk. I heard myself howl, and then everything went black.

And they do it a lot:

I couldn't stop attaching myself to Dare's dick.

I love that they have that time to get to know one another. I also love the fact that Megan Erickson takes the time to let us get to know the Silver Tip pack and their culture and politics and the personalities of the other members. There is Bay who is Dare's brother who made me laugh a lot. And G, who is Jude's guardian who I came to really like.

There is upheaval in Dare's own pack, a race to save Reese's sister and zombie werewolves trying to eat everyone. Lots of action, lots of sex, lots of romance and a pack I really enjoyed.

Grade: B+
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1,549 reviews3,802 followers
November 15, 2016

This book was awesome ! This is definitely one of my favorite mm shifter books.

I also liked that it was a bit different from the regular shifter stories.

In this apocaliptic world, humans no longer excist. They were wipes out a decade ago by a nasty virus.
Three different kind of creatures are left roaming this world.

The werewolves, which are like the regular werewolves we read about. They can shift to either human or wolf form. They live in packs and stay with their own kind. One of these werewolves is Reese.

Then there are the "Weres". Now they are a different kind, because they are much bigger then werewolves and they also have the ability to shift in 3 different forms. Human, werewolf and wereman. They also live in packs and stick to their own kind. Dare is the alpha of a giant pack of weres.

The third kind of wolf is a very nasty kind. They are calles the Noweres. They are undead Weres whom were either infected by the virus, or bitten by other Noweres. They are Were zombies. These zombies roam around trying to infect the Weres, and killing the werewolves, since werewolves can't be infected / changed.

I loved the world building in this book, it was amazing and I was intrigued from the very first page.

Reese is trying to escape the werewolf pack that he is in with his younger brother and sister, because his current Alpha is cruel dick. After getting his brother out, he goes back for his sister but is captured, beaten and left in a hole in the ground for the Noweres to find.

His brother goes for help though and they are both saved, by the Silver Tip Pack. Only problem is that this pack is a Were pack. And their Alpha "Dare" is one huge badass. Also turns out that Dare and Reese are true mates. Reese is not really excited about this fact at first. He has been a captive for most of his life and he isn't looking forward to being a captive again, even if it is to a big handsome and strong Alpha Were.

He can't stop his (phsysical) attraction however and neither can Dare. The heat between the two of them is too strong.....boy was it. I'm still fanning myself ;)

Now this book had plenty of steam, these two can't seem to keep their hands of each other. Also Reese can't seem to stop sniffing Dare ;)

They might be attracted to one another, but that doesn't mean there is trust or love. Also, Reese has some other pressing things on his mind. Then there is the fact that a couple of weres are starting problems for Dare within the pact and there are Zombie wolves outside on the other side of the walls waiting to rip them apart.

I absolutely loved every single page of this book. The supporting characters were awesome and I can't wait for the next book to get here, which will be Bay's book (Dare's brother).

June 17, 2022
2.5 Stars.....I tried, but


Sorry, but it is what it is. And this is not for me.

What went wrong for me.....well,

1.Reese, I kind of did not like him. He was YA and childlike.
2.The I will let you fu** ...me....but, I won't trust you game.
3.The bad guy, okay I knew who he was from the beginning.
4.The plot did not hold my attention. More sex than plot :-(
5. The world building. Well, I did not feel it. Not like I expected, this writer is so loved by so many readers that I expected to feel it... to feel the pull into this world into this book.

And, yes,

In this book, after reading the blurb, I thought we were going there. I loved the intro, and I had high hopes from there. But, it went from gritty to fluff fast. And, that's okay but it's not what I wanted. However, Jude, G and Bay sparked curiosity, and made me want to keep going, but, gosh, when Reese did a pout and turned his back at Dare, then jumped up in fear of his brother being hurt, and than the fight and Dare tossed him to safety of which was cute and loving, but, gosh, I lost my interest and started to skim.....and, ultimately gave up.

Sorry, mark this as everybody loved it but me. I did a DNF.
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528 reviews255 followers
November 16, 2016

#TeamBay #TeamNash #TeamDare

Fun, exciting, great writing, and impossible to put down. Super hot scenes with great dialogue.
Dare was obviously my favorite. Well, and Bay, but this isn't his book, so he'll have to wait his turn.

My cold little heart broken when we met Nash. And then when--YOU KNOW.

Did I mention this was super hot?

Book 2, pls!

*off to read more shifty books*
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2,144 reviews216 followers
December 1, 2016
Overall I enjoyed it, but the miscommunication nearly did me in a couple of times. Though it's well written and the reader can totally see the thought process behind Reese doing what he does...which makes up for a lot. But...this is definitely one of those times a simple conversation could have prevented a lot of heartache.

But, like I said, in the end I enjoyed it and I'll look forward to Bay's story next.
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1,758 reviews177 followers
March 8, 2018
Review removed because the author may have supported/encouraged another author who may have misrepresented themselves as ownvoices and accepted cash gifts from fans under potentially false pretenses.”
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481 reviews87 followers
May 12, 2021
Highly enjoyed this! It was like The Walking Dead but with hot gay shifters boning each other and zombie werewolves!! It was amazing.
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2,079 reviews424 followers
June 7, 2017
4 Stars!

I would say for the most part, if you like shifter stories, then this definitely should be your cuppa.

What gained extra points for me here and what made this stand out from the usual fare, was the post-apocalyptic setting. Humans are extinct and Werewolves (human + wolf) and Weres (human + wolf + manwolf hybrid) struggle to survive while staving off Noweres (zombie Weres ready to attack anything living). As if life isn’t tough enough as it is, the first two races are hardly what you call friendly.

Werewolf Reese and his brother Jude, have escaped the evil rule of their alpha but just barely. Technically saved by the Silver Tip Pack, Reese is shocked to realize his True Mate is the terrifying Were alpha, Dare. Their union is unprecedented, never having heard of this happening between the two races. Both can’t resist the pull of the bond, but while the sex is out of this world fantastic, it does not necessarily guarantee love and loyalty. Each hold their feelings and agendas close to the vest, and to make matters even more complicated, Reese is conflicted as to whether or not to trust and/or involve Dare in a personal, pressing matter - he must leave to save his sister Selene who was left behind.

So Dare and Reese are bombarded with many challenges - their own conflicting emotions, the pressure of massive responsibilities and obligations, nefarious pack politics, and simply remaining safe and secure from the ever constant presence of Nowere attacks.

In and amongst all this, don’t fret. There’s claiming and mating aplenty, with dashes of angsty insecurity. This is definitely the dirtiest I’ve seen Erickson, and I’m not complaining at all. Thoroughly enjoyable as Reese and Dare come together literally and figuratively, to fight some tough battles with themselves and their enemies. It’s safe to say that I look forward to reading more!
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628 reviews122 followers
November 14, 2016
*ARC received from author*

PNR from Megan? Oooh...

I don’t often venture into PNR and when I do, it’s usually from established PNR writers OR fave ones. The latter is the case here. If you’re a Megan fan like me, you’re gonna love this. If you’re a shifter rom fan, you’re gonna love this. Whatever, you’re gonna love this!

Reese was in a bad place when he met Dare. Bad, as in he was in Dare’s pack’s dungeon. As soon as they met, they both realized that they’re each other’s true mate, so it goes without saying that the pull is right there. The lust is immediate and very palpable.

Meanwhile, as they’re grappling with the idea of being mated to each other, Reese has all the intentions of looking after his family and finding a place where they belong. And Dare, as a leader of his pack, has responsibilities of his own.

I can’t even fully describe how much I enjoyed seeing Reese and Dare navigated their way around each other. There was such an ease to their interaction even when it was adversarial. Individually, their strengths shone through in their thoughts and actions. Reese’s sense of humor will catch you off guard in the most endearing way. Family and freedom is clearly important to him. His care and concern for Dare is heartfelt. Dare is as alpha as alpha gets. His protective instinct is too delish for words. And his care and concern for Reese is just swoonalicious.

Now, Reese + Dare = smokin’ hawt!!!!!! As true mates, the heat between these two was combustible. Lotsa’ smexy times to be had!!! And you know what, not one felt gratuitous. And what’s more delish, past the lust is the true affection that developed between these two… le sigh…

This is very well paced that lets you see Reese and Dare get to know each other without compromising the plot. In this dystopian world they’re in, their needs boiled down to that of simple times. It’s become about survival, protecting your own, and just finding that person to stand next to you. As the story’s reaching its climax, my heart was racing for these two. And to see the love they have for each other, whether they were ready to admit or not, it was splendid to see how it all manifested in the way it unfolded. Sooo cool!

What can I say, I bought every bit of this world that Megan has created for our shifter H’s. Again, this is coming from someone who normally doesn’t read PNR. So that alone counts for something, no? And for me to be eagerly anticipating the rest of the series is an understatement.

Whatever motivated Megan to switch things around and venture into the world of PNR, I’m glad she did. Another winning read, yay!
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November 28, 2016
3.5 stars

I had to think about my rating for a bit. Because while I liked 'Daring Fate' quite a lot, I didn't love it like I'd thought I would.

'Daring Fate' has a lot going for it. The book is set in a post-apocalyptic future where packs of werewolves and Weres (two different species) live in fortified settlements to defend themselves from roaming packs of undead Weres. It's a unique and entertaining twist of werewolves, dystopia, and zombies.

At first, Dare, a Were alpha, comes across as a macho jerk, demanding complete subservience. But it soon becomes clear that his exterior is very different from what's on the inside.

Reese plays the submissive wolf in public, but has no problem challenging Dare behind closed doors. His primary concern is his surviving family, his brother and sister. He struggles with the True Mate bond that pulls him towards Dare, and his desire to be free.

The emotional connection between the MCs doesn't come until much later. At first, it's all sex. They may have reservations about each other, but Dare and Reese can't keep their hands off one another. If you're looking for lots of hot growly sex, this book will definitely deliver.

The emotional relationship builds slowly, starting and stopping many times, as Dare and Reese learn to live together. Unlike many shifter books with the fated mates trope, this book doesn't rely on insta-love, and instead builds a believable relationship between the MCs.

However, I was let down by the action plot. It just wasn't as gritty as I'd expected it to be, based on the blurb and early reviews. While there were a few heart-stopping moments, the eventual outcome was a fluffy happy ending for not just the MCs, but also for all of the important secondary characters.

The ending just fell short, given the ominous build-up.

Overall, I enjoyed 'Daring Fate'. There's lots of hot sex, it's hard not to root for Dare and Reese, and the setting is an original concept. Though I would have liked a grittier plot, I'm still impressed with Erickson's first shifter book. I'm looking forward to the sequels!
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August 8, 2017
Whey!!! What is happening here?
This is the THIRD werewolf/shifter book I've read and really enjoyed.

It helps if you love the author who is writing the book. Sure. But in the end it is the characters and story that decide whether you like a book or not. And that certainly happened here.

Megan Erickson draws a dystopian world which - after humans became extinct - is populated by a range of shifting creatures: weres, werewolves and noweres, the latter being a deadly force for the other two races. The only way to stay safe and alive is amidst walled communities.
Although there is a tentative peace between various packs of weres and werewolves, danger and death are ever present. Not to forget the deadliness of the noweres who ravage and kill anyone just to feed themselves.

Reese, a werewolf, and Dare, an alpha were, meet against this background -and both are hit hard by the fact that they are True Mates. Not many of those are around anymore. And not that they know or even like each other. But how can you fight the pulls of a bond as strong as that?

Well, you can't. There is a lot of raw and rough sex (growling and biting included! XD) right from the start, because mating is overwhelming and urgent (and yes, they were totally hot with it), but that doesn't have to mean you really like the other person, does it?

Just like in Leta Blake's "Slow Heat", the dilemma of fate 'choosing' a true mate for you (whether you like him or not) was well dealt with. Despite the inevitable insta-lust, there certainly wasn't insta-love (thank you!). Reese and Dare get to know each other slowly before any kinds of deeper feelings emerge, although the time frame for the two men falling for each other was a little bit on the short side.

The plot itself was a bit predictable. but honestly, that didn't really bother me much. I would, however, have really liked to know more about the special powers developing between the two men. Some things were left unexplained, imo.

I am hoping that this might happen in book 2. Which I will definitely go for.

Certainly a promising start to a new series!
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May 23, 2021
Rating removed


Original review:

Megan Erickson’s first foray into paranormal romance was a raging success (IMHO).

This M/M shifter story is set in a brutal and disturbing post-apocalyptic world, where a deadly virus has extinguished the human race, and all that remains are three types of shifters – werewolves, Weres and Noweres (zombie Weres).

When Reese (a werewolf) is left for dead by his former pack, he and his brother, Jude, are taken in by the Silver Tip Pack of Weres. Reese has heard horror stories about the Silver Tip Pack and its formidable Alpha, Dare, so when he is faced with the Were himself Reese is horrified to realise (instinctively) that they are fated True Mates.

Thankfully, Reese’s preconceived notions aren’t completely accurate. The longer he spends with his new mate and the members of the Silver Tip Pack the more he witnesses the goodness (of most) of the pack members, which makes it harder and harder for Reese to contemplate ever leaving his mate and his new pack.

Reese and Dare have a long way to go from their feelings of attraction and the intense pull that the True Mates bond instinctively provides, to building a relationship based on respect and trust, let alone love. They are on the right track from the get-go, but both men harbor their own agendas and keep secrets from the other; secrets that could potentially effect the safety of the Silver Tip Pack, as well as impact their bond as True Mates. They must learn to trust one another in order to safely overcome the hostile forces they face both within their ranks and out in the wild.

All the delicious mating and claiming action that lovers of shifter romances crave commences quickly in this story, with Dare and Reese yielding to the True Mates bond almost immediately upon meeting. The heat level in this book is fairly high, to the point where I actually started questioning when the sexy times would let up and when the action and drama would begin. But, never fear, the story-line has a steady build up, with lots of claiming, marking and mating in the first half, and then explodes into a fast-paced, heart-racing plot of high-stakes and survival in the second half.

The world-building was remarkable; I feel like Erickson was able to create a gritty, dark and complex post-apocalyptic world, using several elements of shifter lore that I’m extremely fond of reading in my paranormal stories. I especially love the coveted True Mates trope and I’m definitely interested in glimpsing more backstory regarding the virus and its origins.

I truly enjoyed the secondary characters in this story. I particularly warmed to Bay (Dare’s brother), Mav (Dare’s son), Jude (Reese’s brother) and G (member of Dare’s guard and protector of Jude). These characters and their safety became extremely important to me as the story progressed and I definitely relish the prospects of getting to know them better in future sequels.

The story itself had me on edge from start to finish. Even when Reese and Dare were safe and consumed by each other in the safety of the Silver Tip compound, I was still nervous about what was to come. I guess those feelings of unease are just expected when reading a story with a post-apocalyptic setting; I’m always on high-alert, worried about the multiple ways shit can go pear-shaped unexpectedly in this kind of story. Regardless of these intense feelings, I still enjoyed the heck out of this story and eagerly await the sequel.
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February 24, 2017
Loved it.
Absolutely loved it. I was entertained from start to finish. This was one of those books where I "communicated" with my kindle.... as in I yelled at it, laughed at it, spoke out loud to the characters through it. In my opinion that is the sign of a good book.

I am not an action thriller lover at all. This book had action but I was not bored. Usually I skim through action sequences but not here. I loved all of it.

Oh boy, and it was sexy. I have two sexy requests from this book. One major and one minor.
Minor, more detail please.
Major, and hopefully this is knot a spoiler, but I think shifter lovers deserve to know up front (excuse my word play, but I'm in the mood). This book does knot have that special kinky something that a wolf shifter lover should knot have to live without. Why knot Erickson?

I will definetly be reading book 2. I love Bay already and can't wait for his story.
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