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Forever #2


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“Serenity”—Dereck kisses me as he gently lays me back on our bed, moving his body over mine—“if I fail, if I lose you, will I see you”—he chokes on the painful words—“again?”
My throat tightens, fully understanding his fears. He has lost me in every lifetime I can remember. I softly reply with my open heart, “Dereck, you will see me in the future, the present, the past. For everything, including you and me, is as one.”

The phenomenal connection between Serenity and country music star Destiny Crowe cannot be denied. But will they have the chance to learn what this connection is about when dealing with unexplained interferences? Can they handle the pressure, discovering more about who and what they are? Because the more the two women are together, the more things start happening, for better and worse.

The brighter they shine, the more they are seen.
The more they are seen, the more other energies notice… and try to interfere with fate.

In this second novel of the Forever series, destiny will be tested, darkness will be tempted, and love will show its truest form.

410 pages

First published September 1, 2018

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About the author

India R. Adams

45 books1,248 followers
Souls on fire…

USA TODAY bestselling author India R Adams writes stories of souls on fire. Whether India’s characters are feeling the heat from hell or the wings of grace, they are all transforming and want to share their journey with you. Her novels range from Dark MC, Paranormal, to Contemporary, but each story is either a path of destruction or a road to redemption.

Sometimes both.

So, if you want to read about voyages of the heart, the grit to rise from one’s knees, or the strength to break free of the binds of a spirit, then pick one of India’s stories because she believes damaged souls are worth saving and that there is nothing more beautiful than a soul on fire.

One of the best ways to follow India and stay up to date with her latest work is her newsletter. As a thank you gift, she is presently offering Hostile Illusions with the signup!

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6,765 reviews579 followers
May 8, 2017
Who and what are Destiny and Serenity? What is their special bond that transcends the earth plane into a land of dreams, visions and emotions? Why do they draw people to them? Why do some become their protectors? Is it Fate? A bond beyond human comprehension? Their pasts holds some answers, but brings more questions. Questions that cannot be understood until they are ready. For all the light they give to the world, there is a darkness that attempts to douse their goodness, and it is getting ever closer, ever more dangerous and ever more deadly.

India R. Adams brings the second book in her Forever series to light with DESTINY as we follow Destiny, the popular singer/entertainer and witness the guidance she gives to Serenity and the confidence she shows in the powers Serenity is just discovering are growing.

Serenity’s powers make her fragile, her demure size makes her seem waif-like and encourages other to watch over her in a world that cannot know she is different. With life comes choices and change and both Serenity and her husband and protector, Derek have changed their life paths when Destiny takes them under her wing and gives Derek the opportunity to fulfill one of his dreams, to be a rockstar. Could it be this very change that will help Serenity learn to grow from within and embrace her true potential as a special being who has faced hell and survived?

When evil closes in under its cloak of darkness, even her protectors may not be enough to keep her safe. Will her innocent view of the world and the undying trust she feels in those around her be her downfall? Could it be that only one can truly protect her with undying and eternal love? Could it be Destiny's strength and knowledge that will be the light they all need?

Ms. Adams brings a world of fantasy and the unknown to her readers as Destiny and Serenity’s tales unfold. Whether you believe in spiritualism or not, in a power we cannot see, in the possibility that there are those who walk among who are more than human, this tale of love, intrigue, devotion and loyalty will certainly grab at your heart as these characters are caught between what they can see and touch and powers that go beyond human understanding.

There is a special atmosphere to Ms. Adams’ writing as she gives us full-bodied characters, some that seem too naïve, some too fearful and some fiercely loyal and protective. It is the evil or dark side that remembers veiled and threatening. There is no face to place on the villain. Could it be because evil invades the weak or the self-righteous, making its number legion? Will Serenity have the strength she needs to come into her own? Will Destiny remain as her guide?

A unique read that flows along almost poetically at times, peppered with humor, kindness and caring.

I received an ARC edition from India R. Adams in exchange for my honest and voluntary review.

Series: Forever - Book 2
Publisher: India's Productions; 1 edition (May 16, 2017)
Publication Date: May 16, 2017
Genre: Visionary | YA
Page Count: 617
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3,040 reviews1,502 followers
May 14, 2017
Destiny is the second book in the Forever series by India R. Adams. The story in Destiny picks up after the ending of book one of the series, Serenity. The series a YA/NA fantasy romance story that centers around young Serenity grew up with an abusive home life but also knew there was something a bit different about her in which she can see the light surrounding everyone around her.

Serenity has a small group of close friends in which she trusts which includes her now husband, Dereck. At the end of book one they had met the famous country music singer Destiny who shared a special sort of bond with Serenity. Dereck is now performing with Destiny allowing Serenity and Destiny to explore their bond.

This series is a bit different than any I've read in the fact that it has such subtle touches of a fantasy edge to it with Serenity and the bond she shares with those around her. But the story contains such heavy subjects such as abuse, rape and alcoholism that I would warn of those for the casual fantasy fan. The story can be lighthearted at times but also covering heavier topics at other moments for an emotional roller coaster. The author as always has brought her characters to life in such a way that is always quite compelling. Quite the unique read with complex characters with a bit of a fantasy element.

I received a copy of this book from the author. For more reviews please visit https://carriesbookreviews.wordpress....
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2,188 reviews632 followers
May 3, 2017
4.5 stars


The second book in Forever series follows the lives of Serenity, Dereck, their Crew - Josh & Jolene, Roc but now they are intertwined and even more connected with Destiny, a famous country singer, her husband Sawyer and the memeber of the band while Serenity's and Dereck's lives change in the terms of making career choices, and their future (in their life together), the pending fears of horrors we've faced along with Serenity in book 1, here, we find her growing more but still staying the innocently open-hearted, inspite the damage and pain and hurt she experienced in her young life, along with the knowledge that she is indeed different, special...
Some people are telepathic. they hear voices or thoughts not said out loud. Some are clairvoyant. They see images or little movies in their head. Some people are empathetic. They feel others' emotions or pain. Some people are healers. Some are protectors. Some people have precognitive dreams, and some have great intuition, an immediate insight to a situation they're in. Some people read auras, the energy light around your body...

and she's just trying to cope with the notion and accept it along the way...
We should love our space, which is truly loving ourselves. You worry so much about everyone else's space that you are not taking the time to love your beautiful space.

and still Serenity is doing just that - giving in to the space and opening up the heart to the close unity of people that love her and protect her, especially Dereck who is her lifeline and the essence of her existence, her savior, her protector - while the evil spreads its tentacles trying to shatter it all into the dark abyss of destruction using the rare human vulnerability - empathy - into its favor, taking the collateral victims along its devastating path...

and still the scary event is yet to take its place...

It's really hard to present this story and not really give the details away, and yet you can't say anything from the top of your tongue cause it will sound utterly sensless, meaningless not to say stupid. Gah...

This is a complicated story, carefully intervowen with the threads of lulling poetic writing of India R Adams and just when you think you picked up the right tone and pace, she tosses you a curve ball and brings turmoil and whirwind of shattering events and emotional rollercoaster that all you can do is gasp, then curse the hell out of the read pages, then sigh in relief that you made it along with the characters till the end, after all...right?! Right?!

amazingly beautifully written, powerful, emotional, insightful and overwhelming story of
Trust, strength, growth, change, bravery, friendship, love, paths, and most of all...faith.

My solemn bows and gratitude go to the author India R. Adams for her kind gesture of giving me the ARC.

still #Snownotears, lol but keep the faith *wink*
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Author 45 books1,248 followers
May 18, 2017

Create light... and there will be no darkness

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621 reviews127 followers
August 4, 2017
*** Note: I received book from the author, in exchange for an honest review. I am glad I got a chance to read this book. ***

Alert! Alert! It’s damn emotional heartbreaking story. It includes bullying, abuse, rape, privacy invasion, media harassment. It will definitely give heart attack. I don’t know who performed CPR but I’m alive. Yeeyyy for that. And I have this very bad feeling that this is just beginning and more will come in the next book of the series ‘Mercy’. (Have a mercy on me India. 😉 ) So readers be prepared, harden your heart.

Another scary thing apart from all these was ‘Preface’. India scares me right from the beginning in all her books. And keep wishing me oh God, no, this is not going to happen in the book!

Characters– ‘Destiny’ mainly focus on ‘double’- double D and S, couples, and 2 main characters with magical gifts. Am I making this confusing? Sorry!! Okay, so 2 Couples Serenity-Derek and Swayer-Destiny. 2 main characters- Serenity and Destiny. Now it will be clear.

There were many characters in this book, as both Destiny’s boys and Serenity’s crew were together with new characters too in the book. I loved all of them, they all developed with Destiny and Serenity in the book. They all were such a good people with so much understanding and without any jealousy and selfishness that I wish they become real to make this world beautiful as they did for Serenity and Destiny. Apart from my favorite couple Jose and Jolene, I loved 2 bodyguards most as they guided well and talked sense to the featuring couples of the book.

I liked both Destiny and Serenity, but Serenity annoyed me a little as she was too innocent that she couldn’t see how her action will turn out and which she couldn’t bear. Though, it made story more realistic I wish she start acting mature and listen to Derek. Same goes for Destiny.

What I liked? All characters and story, I liked this whole book and India’s flawless writing.

First few chapter of the book cover the brief summary of the first book ‘Serenity’. Amazing opening of the book with the court session. Magical connection, Music, Emotions, Loyalty, Love and Friendship controlled this book. This book shed a light on-

Derek’s career in music industry. I don’t have any musical bone but I loved to know more about music industry in this book. The songs and lyrics in the book were mesmerizing specially ‘my pledge one’.

Destiny’s past life and her fears was heart-wrenching. I can’t believe Destiny has gone through all those horrible thing. It literary broke my heart. While just reading in the book, those scene can disturb me at such high level, I can’t imagine the pain of those who have suffered this cruelty in their real life.

The struggle of characters with their growing fame. Among all dark things of the book, invasion of privacy by media and fans was more highlighted and infuriating. Privacy is one thing I can’t compromise with and so this part touched my nerves. I wanted to kill those reporters. How their mind could work with such negativity! It showed the true face of celebrity’s life. I’m glad I’m normal ordinary person.

Bullies and name calling thing in the book was really disturbing. And the reason they created names for Serenity was just idiotic. I loved it when Serenity called them crazies and how Destiny explained it as a darkness. That’s the proper name for them. I guess every topic of this book was touching my nerve and it is coming out in this review.

And of course we learn more about magical connection between characters. The songs written by Destiny in the first book was described more clearly in this book. I loved learning about Destiny how she wrote in journal, how she connected with Serenity and learned about her gifts. I liked how she explained everything about her and Serenity’s gift to Derek about the darkness they were in fight with. The danger she was in, the threats she was receiving gave a more clue on what is going to come in the next books.

The emotions in the book were so raw that I knew what was coming in the book from very beginning, also at few points in the story, I was even prepared for the worst and still it touched my heart with a force. Not whole book was sad. There were many funny moments that made me laugh out loud and were soothing and a great relief in-between terrible moments. I like India’s humor in this book. I was crying mess at some point and laughing like manic at the other.

The pledge thing was really touching and awe-inspiring. I wonder how other characters recognized that connection. How they felt they need to pledge. The best moment of the book that I loved most was, when Destiny showed Serenity her worth.

This book was comparatively slow than the first one, but the slow pace was worth it. And I can’t read such heavy topic with express speed. I love India’s writing and stories for never giving me a negative point to write.

Overall, I was lost in the book totally. It was damn emotional meaningful book with heavy topics and beautiful romance and friendship.

Who should read it? I recommend this book to everyone. There something to learn for everyone.
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416 reviews35 followers
May 27, 2020
I received a Beta copy of this book from the author India R. Adams. Thank you infinitely India!

This book definitely lived up to its predecessor, Serenity. It was just as heartfelt and emotional, yet had a different level of maturity. One of the aspects I thoroughly enjoyed was Serenity's character development and how India really pushed the envelope; pushed Serenity out of her comfort zone. It really accentuated the maturing of this incredibly strong character, and showed growth on the author's part as well.

Something new about this book that I also enjoyed was the double narrative with Destiny and Serenity. It allowed for an exploration of the similarities and profound connection between the two wonderful females.

Lastly, India is such a poet, it blows my mind. The sporadic poems and songs really grabbed my attention and made me love the book so much more. They are elegant, sophisticated, and absolutely natural in the story. I swear, if she wrote a poetry book, I would buy it.

As soon as this book goes live, every single person should buy it. And if you haven't read Serenity, what are you waiting for?
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289 reviews
May 16, 2017
Wowza !!!
This book was fanfreakintastic!
I am a huge India Adams FAN.
Her books transport the reader into the story.
The characters are well developed and you grow to love each and every one of them.
This book grabbed me from the first pages and I couldn't put it down.
I would have plowed thru it in one day except that work got in the way.Lol
I love love loved this book!! ❤❤❤❤❤
Profile Image for Sharon Mariampillai.
1,964 reviews85 followers
April 24, 2018
I received a copy from the author, in exchange for an honest review.

Thank you India R. Adams for the opportunity to read your book. I was supposed to read this a few months back, but I lost track of time and did not start it when I wanted to. The first book was amazing, and I have to say that I thought that the second book was better. I loved the story. It dealt with so many issues that occur in our world today: bullying, rape, abuse, and so much more. The beginning of this book really pulled me in as it began with a nightmare, and I was hooked from that moment on. I loved the two main couples: Dereck & Serenity, and Sawyer & Destiny. I thought the characters were amazing. They were so relatable and easy to connect with. I usually do not like slow paced books, but this book was perfect at this pace. It was another emotional roller coaster. I really felt sad at the end, but it makes me wonder what book 3 - Mercy will have in store. I cannot wait to read the third book. Overall, a fantastic read.
Profile Image for Tamara Harrington.
512 reviews27 followers
March 11, 2018
Just WOW is how I have to start this reviews. India has done a bloody brilliant job with this book. It is book two in the Forever series and yes, you do have to read book one first or nothing will make sense.
Now having said that, this book is brutal to my emotions. This is everything that I love and hate all rolled up into one which ensured that I did not put this book down. I have just spent the last sixish hours reading this book because I am so addicted to how it made me feel. It gives us an insight into who Serenity is and we learn so much about Destiny. I am convinced that I want to know these two woman personally because this book has made me feel awesome! It's a few years later and Serenity has grown and is such a force to be reckoned with yet and yet she still has that naive vulnerability to her that I have come to love. The more people that come into her life, the more I long for such friendships of my own because the love is just too beautiful.
I will tell you that I have laughed and cried and just felt throughout this whole book and at the same time, I am using some of this amazing advice that Destiny has given to Th Crew, The Boys and The Guys and will be surrounding myself with more happiness and focus on bringing more positivity to my world.
Thank you, India for another beautiful book with truly inspiring words.
This is my honest and unbiased review.
Profile Image for Briana.
498 reviews19 followers
April 30, 2017
I love this series so much! The fact that I finished this one day says something Lol

There were so many explanations given in this book, and I loved that. I know many other series wait till the last book to really explain the the things we, the reader, do not know.

I love Destiny, Sawyer, The Boys, The Crew, and every other main person I haven't mentioned #nospoilers

I have to say, I have no bad criticisms of this book. This writing is unique in and of itself and it deserves all the love and awe I have for it, and the books beautiful author!

5.0 stars

***ARC given to me by my BFF India R. Adams for an honest review***
Profile Image for Anna (Adventures with a Book Nerd).
186 reviews59 followers
June 7, 2017
~4.5 Stars

“Serenity”—Dereck kisses me as he gently lays me back on our bed, moving his body over mine—“if I fail, if I lose you, will I see you”—he chokes on the painful words—“again?”
My throat tightens, fully understanding his fears. He has lost me in every lifetime I can remember. I softly reply with my open heart, “Dereck, you will see me in the future, the present, the past. For everything, including you and me, is as one.”

So, I've actually had this book read for a while now, but because of the past couple of weeks being crappy, it never got written. So, here I am! I made it! I'm late, but I'm here. I actually started rereading this a couple days after I finished (the beginning of the crappy weeks), and I had to stop myself. Because it was obviously way to early to be rereading it. You need to wait at least a week.

Oh, and this book didn't kick me into a pit of alligators this time! No, it was a pit of rabid hyenas. So, I guess that we improved?

This book takes place about a year after we left our favorite characters in the first book. All of the gang is in college (well, almost all of them, sorry Sky), and Dereck is working on his music career. Meanwhile, Destiny is helping Dereck, while her husband tries to protect her. This book starts to transition into the paranormal aspect of the series, while still keeping the drama and humor of an Adams's book.

To be completely honest, I was terrified of this book. Mainly because I knew that we would have Destiny's POV, along with Serenity's. And I know exactly why this terrified me. It's because I was scared of loosing Serenity. I didn't know Destiny! Serenity is my main girl, and always will be, but after reading one chapter from Destiny's POV I was completely in love with her. This doesn't mean that you can get rid of my Serenity though! I'm expecting at least half of the next book to be from her POV so that I can get my Serenity fix.

"The cell hits the floor as I run to the couch, retrieving the book I grabbed off Faith's bookshelf earlier- to strengthen my cover- and I sit, acting as if I'm relaxed, reading. My eyes bug out of my head when I realize this book is in Spanish."

I feel like Adams's is just going to pick a different couple every book, and just fuck with them. Because, Adams's, YOU SCARED ME! IT WAS SCARY! WHA, WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED IF YOU HAD PULLED ANOTHER SKYLER?! YOU CAN'T KEEP DOING THIS TO MY HEART! That being said, A+ on the "Let's make Anna Cry" test. You passed.

I do wish that this book had had a bit more action. Because the event that the book was leading up to, never actually happened. This made the whole book feel like a filler book. It is crucial to the series, yet not much happened. But, I wasn't ever bored while reading this one. Figuring out what was happening, and why. Along with getting to know our new group of friendly faces (remember, boys, to always use condoms!).

So, did I like book one more than book two? Short answer, no. And I wasn't expecting to. The thing with Serenity was that I read it at the right time, and it really impacted me. Serenity will always hold a piece of my bookish heart, and it will be very hard to beat. So, was Destiny a bad book? Fuck no. Destiny was fucking majestic, but it was different that the first book. It isn't as emotional, and more mature in a way. Which is good. The writing and story telling matured with the characters, and made this book a treat to read. This book has me developing theories (mainly regarding some of the writing, one character that is no longer with us, and the phrase, "back when my human form"), and I'm very excited to see where the story advances next.

"The beast stalks the fairy
The fairy chases the light
The light seeks the heart
The heart fears the night"

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest, and unbiased review.
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575 reviews13 followers
August 7, 2018
I don’t even know where to begin with this review. This book slayed me. In my last review I said this is a book that deserves to be read. Let me repeat myself. This is an important piece of work. Although it is fiction, the author has taken very relevant issues and theories and put them into a meaningful and entertaining context. Please don’t misinterpret entertaining as light and fluffy. Think of this as more interesting, fascinating, compelling and absorbing and you can’t get this story out of your head!

The author touches on issues that will trouble you but are very prevalent in society, such as domestic violence, mental stability, and people’s belief systems. She brings to light that just because a mass of people believe something to be true doesn’t necessarily make it so. I, for one, believe this to be true. Just look throughout history. I’m sure many people thought our greatest inventors were a little (or More than a Little) out there.

On a much lighter note, the characters in her book are handsome, beautiful, quirky, fun, and people for the most part you want to hang out with. It’s not all doom and gloom. If I’ve given that impression I apologize. She has some steam in this book that will make you swoon and bring all the feels. It’s described passionately and believable. The tender moments brought tears to my eyes as well as a smiles and at times laughs. The guys in this book are to die for!
Let’s just say, I want a Dereck, Josh, Rocco, Sawyer, Blake.... yeah I’m not greedy or anything. Once you read this book and Serenity, you’ll want them too! The lead females characters are strong, beautiful, powerful and smart! They are not femme fatales. These women have substance! Yet they are tender and charming and stand together, not snarky and they don’t belittle. It’s a beautiful thing!

The problem I have with her books is that it’s very hard for me to stop talking about them because they make me think and want to discuss instead of just review. She takes the fiction and makes it personal. This author is telling us much more than she actually lets on. It is important for you to keep a very open mind when reading her works. Believe me it won’t be easy when you read the story, it can be disturbing, but it is worth the journey you’ll take. There is so much more that I want to draw attention to but I don’t want to divulge the content. Just trust that if you read her work not only will your heart expand like the Grinch but also your mind, soul, and the love you possess inside for yourself and the universe we are all eternally a part of and connected to will as well. The worst part of this book is that it’s over and I have to WAIT for the next one to be released. Thanks for that India! Seriously, though, well done! I am so looking forwards to the next book. Although, I fear you will once again gut me but teach me in an insightful and beautiful way!
Profile Image for Karin.
2,053 reviews
May 15, 2017
Destiny picks up shortly where Serenity, the first book in the series, ends. I didn't think I could love Serenity anymore then I already did but, I do. She is truly resilient character having overcome so much and is still so sweet, kind & not jaded in a way. She is also written beautifully, as is Dereck. I forgot how much I missed these characters. We get the see Serenity and Dereck a little more grown and matured in this book, as all the secondary characters. This book also starts revealing more and more information as the story goes on which I appreciated cause I am truly impatient at times.

With Indias writing I try to leave my review as vague as possible only stating my opinion as opposed to spoilers cause it will be very easy to ruin the book which would be such a disappointment when it comes to her stories. Her writing is truly magnetic in a way to me and has been ever since I read Steal Me. She can draw me in, in a way not many authors can. There's virtually nothing that she could write that I wouldn't read. She is truly a very gifted writer and her books always bring out genuine raw emotion in me. When I read her books it takes me on a journey along with characters. There's only a handful of authors I'm truly a fan girl of, and India is on top of that list!!

I voluntarily reviewed a advanced readers copy of this book

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Author 25 books79 followers
May 16, 2017
What a hauntingly beautiful story! Such a fan of India’s work. It’s a difficult book to put my thoughts on Destiny into words without giving much plot away but I will say that the writing will pull you right in and in an instant you’ll be back in Serenity and Dereck’s world. This time you’ll follow Destiny, mysterious singer with a connection to Serenity. It’s a subtle world of fantasy and the unknown. Something spiritual and powers that are more than human, testing love and fate. It was one of those books that I devoured in an afternoon. If you haven’t read Serenity, the first book, pick that up and make sure to make time for Destiny!
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443 reviews2 followers
May 1, 2017
Wow India did it again! Yep she made me cry.
I had a plan to how I was going to approach this book. I didn't want to rush through devouring it in one session. So I intended to pace myself.
A few pages in and i had to put it down. What I was reading caused an ache in my chest and a deep inhale. Off to grab the kleenex I went.
My good intentions didn't last long. I was soon devouring the pages. Growing as the characters grew. Hurting as they hurt. Loving as they loved.
I'm not going to tell you what happens etc as I feel this series in particular is about how this story makes you feel.
Connecting to all the characters in a story is rare. But in this case it's impossible not to.
I'm still clueless to the purpose of Serenity and Destiny. And I'm still perfectly ok with that.

Thank you India for allowing me to read Destiny and for bringing me into your world. Sharing your heart and light with us all. #Createlight
Profile Image for Sage Knightly.
524 reviews26 followers
February 16, 2017
I hate that it took me so long to read this magnificent work of art! It's an emotional roller coaster I never wanted to get off of and I still don't want it to be over. I adore this series<3
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158 reviews1 follower
July 4, 2017
Serenity and Dereck are married, navigating life at the University of Texas where Dereck is a beloved football star and Serenity is often heckled and scorned for her misunderstood past. After a video of Dereck singing at the Destiny concert goes viral, he is suddenly launched into stardom with a record deal, music video, and summer tour with Destiny. On the road, Serenity and Destiny's relationship deepens, and new protectors are added to the unusual group of people in Serenity's life. As they try to understand their unique relationship to each other as well as their unique abilities, a darkness threatens the group. Seeming to grow more powerful and dangerous as the groups relationships and devotions solidify, not everyone will make it out unscathed. 

I am glad that I stuck with this book and listened to my gut that this story had great potential as I really enjoyed the second installment to this series. Perhaps it was the fact that I was going into it with the knowledge that this group was different and that there seemed to be a greater force at work within their lives and relationships? I think the flashback scenes to previous lives were interesting and reinforced the idea that this group of people are meant to be together and have purpose. I would even venture to say I would love to see more and longer flashbacks that drew into the current plot line and struggles the group is currently facing. Speaking of the plot line, it definitely came together more in this second book with a much deeper understanding of how everyone really fits together, why they are they way they are if you will. The addition of all the new characters (there were a lot) seemed to fit together with the core group nicely. The new characters were all well written with fleshed out personalities (Zane was kind of my favorite, seconded by Tank). The sense of familial love palpitates from the pages and without giving away any spoilers, the scene with a main character facing mortal danger was honestly so tense and heartbreaking my eyes were flying across the pages to see what happened. Overall a good read and I am excited to see where Serenity's story takes us next! 
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659 reviews6 followers
October 6, 2018
Another hit from India R. Adams with Destiny!

Destiny is a another book that hits your heart in a hard way. This book continues from the first book, but a few years from then. Serenity, Destiny, and the rest of the gang are hit with challenges that they do not see coming, and so don't we.

This book covers some extremely sensitive issues which may cause triggers, but for those who can read the novel, it will definitely tug at your heartstrings.

Just like the first book, this book hot me hard. This book is real, even with the special element of Fantasy. I was again taken on a journey that made me laugh, smile and then break my heart. It looks deeply into fame, obsession, love, identity and many other social issues that affect us today.

We also get to see in more perspective than just Serentiy's. As for others, we get to see from Destiny's eyes, which I found very exciting as I was intrigued by Destiny's character from the first book.
It was nice to get to know more than just Serenity's. This book feels more evened out because - and I don't usually connect with stories concerning a third person perspective, but I had no issues at all, I just got caught up in the story.

I am so emotionally invested in this story. From the way the author left this book, I need to know what happens with Serenity and her crew, Dereck, and Destiny. This story touched me on another level, and I can't wait for book three. Bring it on!
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October 2, 2018
Again wow! Amazing storytelling, amazing and loveable characters. I love a series where you feel a part of the story,of their lives. These are the kind of stories that stay with you. I love that the paranormal aspect is more real than your typical paranormal series. It's all about the mental aspect,and being in tune to the energies around you. This story picks up where Serenity left off. Derek and Serenity are still touring with Destiny,Sawyer and the boys! We get introduced to some new faces in the form of a bodyguard for Serenity. Zane was being stretched a little too thin. Doug has a sister, Hope who will play a big role in their lives,but in one person in their circle's especially. The date of Serenity's father Rex is fast approaching and threats made against Destiny are increasing. It's from a person in her past, who turns out is also connected to one the Crew loves. We also get another incident that has you on the edge of your seat. Will things ever settle for them all? Guess we'll have to wait and see! Can't wait to read the next in the series.
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June 25, 2017
First of all I might be really late but I did get this book as an ARC from the lovely India R. Adams. Thank you so much India!!!
This book was a wonderful sequel to the Forever series. I love the character dynamics; they are complex and engaging and I wanted to know everything I could about each fully developed character.
While I did miss the Crew a little bit getting to know the Boys was a good trade off. And I really liked how the Light allowed insight into different aspects of the story.
Can't wait for the next one! :)
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March 12, 2018
Book 2 in the Forever series is just wow...There were tears yet again but gah India's words are so god damn beautiful I highly recommend getting lost in the wolrds she creates..I loved Destiny and the emotional rollercoaster it put on I'm so excited for book three..Give me more.
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May 31, 2017
4.5 stars
I don't know why I loved this weird book, but I did. It's great for relieving the stress the author put me under and then some more. I don't understand why I became stuck halfway and then the rest of the book flew super fast?!
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September 11, 2018
India R. Adams
Destiny (Forever Book 2)


“Serenity”—Dereck kisses me as he gently lays me back on our bed, moving his body over mine—“if I fail, if I lose you, will I see you”—he chokes on the painful words—“again?”
My throat tightens, fully understanding his fears. He has lost me in every lifetime I can remember. I softly reply with my open heart, “Dereck, you will see me in the future, the present, the past. For everything, including you and me, is as one.”

The phenomenal connection between Serenity and country music star Destiny Crowe cannot be denied. But will they have the chance to learn what this connection is about when dealing with unexplained interferences? Can they handle the pressure, discovering more about who and what they are? Because the more the two women are together, the more things start happening, for better and worse.

The brighter they shine, the more they are seen.
The more they are seen, the more other energies notice… and try to interfere with fate.

In this second novel of the Forever series, destiny will be tested, darkness will be tempted, and love will show its truest form.

MY REVIEW ::📕📗📘📙📒📚

As the Forever series, beautifully written by India R. Adams, continues the story of Serenity and her crew,The plot definitely came together more in this second book with a much deeper understanding of how everyone really fits together along with new characters . ( which are alot )
This book takes place about a year after we left everyone in the first book. Its not as emotional as book 1 Which is good. Keep in mind It is book two in the Forever series so you need to read book one first or nothing will make sense.
Overall, I loved this book . It was an emotional meaningful book with heavy topics and beautiful romance and friendship.
With Indias writing I try to leave my review as vague as possible only stating my opinion as it would be easy to give away spoilers. Her writing is truly amazing. Im speechless....this book was amazing. Never experienced anything like this. She is def a talented writer.
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October 16, 2018
Destiny is a lot like Serenity, both the characters and their books. This book is full of wonderful Characters and deep emotional ties among them, that seeps through the pages to the reader. I am emotionally invested in these characters and what life is handing out to them. I always have this sense of something horrible coming to destroy the happiness they have and am even sometimes afraid to keep reading for fear of losing one of my favorite characters. India R. Adams has developed these characters so that I love them all, not just the main characters. The light shines through each page. This was a touching and emotional read. I loved it!
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November 8, 2018
Destiny is book two in the Forever series and picks up where Serenity, book one, left off. You definitely have to read book one to fully understand what's going on in Serenity's life. This is an emotionally intense story that pulls the reader into the story and squeezes at your heart. Love the connection between Destiny and Serenity. What can I say other than I love this series! Dereck and Serenity's journey is dark, intense, and emotionally deep and had me on the edge of my seat reading straight through. I am so looking forward reading Mercy and riding that emotional train till the end. I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book.
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October 14, 2018
The Boys

Wow... Just... I'm hoping I can find the right words to do this amazing book justice.... This book means so much to me. SO. MUCH. So, I'm going to try.

Book 2 of the Forever Series is the perfect continuation of Serenity's story. We learn so much more about our favorite characters and watch them all grow more in different ways. And dear LORD is it an amazing story!!!

There was suspense, humor, love, fear... all of it mixed in to this fantastic story!! This book helped me to give me strength in myself when nothing else had worked.

I have to say... in was laughing pretty hard at quite a few different places in this one... This was thanks to the Boys!

I cannot wait for Book 3! I highly recommend this book!!!!
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October 29, 2018
I almost have no words to say for this one. I was blown away with Serenity and now to get a little more of the connection Serenity and Destiny have was fabulous!!! To have a connecting that is sometime hard to explain and may look or seem odd to those who don't know you.

Again my heart was full of love for this group that seems to grow when more who come into their lives just know there is a reason they are there but can't seem to know the reason for the connection.

My heart leaning more of Destiny's past was almost too much but I was able to survive this one. I am now trying to prepare for Mercy as I know India will make my heart go through the ringer again. I can't say how much I have loved this series and am only sad it took me so long to read it.
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January 11, 2018
This sequel is as riveting as the first in the series! Some areas seem long, some rushed, but it kept me on the edge of my proverbial seat! I couldn't wait to read more to see where the author took us this next chapter. If you haven't read India, yet, you simply must!
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October 1, 2018
I am so in love with this series. Serenity and Dereck’s soul connection is so spectacular. But than to learn that she is connected to her favorite song artist is even more astounding. The connection all the characters hold is breathtaking. They love together, they grieve together, and they exist together. This was another emotional roller coaster for me. I cried, i got angry, i grieved, i love right along with Serenity. She is someone i can kind of relate to. Although i havent had to battle this kind of darkness, i have my own darkness to battle. I find strength in Serenity and her journey. I am in awe of her and how after all she has endowed she is finding strength in Dereck and the others to go on. I love this book and can’t wait to see what Mercy has in store for us readers!! ❤️❤️❤️
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September 26, 2018
Destiny is the second book in the series, were it continues to tell you the story of serenitys life and how her and destiny are connected. It's such an amazing book so many new things happen and so much action. India's real life like situations in her book hit hard for me its deffinalty a feelings book!
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