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What if you knew you had just met the other part of your soul—the one who could take away all the pain and loneliness—but no one believes you because the rugged stranger from the woods is nowhere to be found? Would you search for him? Would you be strong enough to believe he exist somewhere out in the darkness where he found you? And if you were to finally find the stranger from the woods and learn he is like no other tale that has ever been told… would you still have the courage to love him?

Rose has no time for romance because her father has passed away from an illness plaguing her small town, and now her mother has also contracted the illness, leaving Rose’s two younger siblings to be her responsibility. But when her best friend forces her to be young for a night and celebrate her twentieth birthday with a bonfire and friends, Rose meets a stranger from the woods, and Rose soon learns he is no stranger at all. In fact, this magical being is trying to keep her… alive.
Two bloods of one will bring down the shadows, to cast, no more...

323 pages, Paperback

Published June 28, 2016

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About the author

India R. Adams

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Souls on fire…

USA TODAY bestselling author India R Adams writes stories of souls on fire. Whether India’s characters are feeling the heat from hell or the wings of grace, they are all transforming and want to share their journey with you. Her novels range from Dark MC, Paranormal, to Contemporary, but each story is either a path of destruction or a road to redemption.

Sometimes both.

So, if you want to read about voyages of the heart, the grit to rise from one’s knees, or the strength to break free of the binds of a spirit, then pick one of India’s stories because she believes damaged souls are worth saving and that there is nothing more beautiful than a soul on fire.

One of the best ways to follow India and stay up to date with her latest work is her newsletter. As a thank you gift, she is presently offering Hostile Illusions with the signup!

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3,040 reviews1,502 followers
February 3, 2018
Rose has not had an easy time, her father passed away from an illness that has hit their small town hard and now her mother is also suffering from it leaving Rose to raise her siblings.

For her twentieth birthday though Rose let's her friend talk her into celebrating at a bonfire with her friends. That night though Rose meets a stranger in the woods and finds herself strangely attracted to him but does he even really exist?

Anyone that follows my reviews at all may notice by now that I've become a huge fan of India R. Adams so it's not really a shocker that this book also rated very high for me. All of her stories really seem to be completely different but one thing they do have in common is really great writing that just brings the characters and story to life and never fails to drag me right into the book where I don't want to put it down until I'm completely done.

Rain is another fantasy type of read from India which blends this small town and the inhabitants with demons and elves. Rose's stranger is there to protect her and shares a connection that she is completely unaware of. There's a love triangle involved in the story but done in a way that is completely understandable and fits the story well. The story was certainly unique and I became easily engrossed in it wanting to know what would happen and when finished I just had another of those where is the next book moments.

Overall, another great read from India, I highly recommend checking out any of her books as they all share great writing and completely unique characters and story lines. At this point I don't think I could pick a favorite read as they are all so different but always have the same feel of making one laugh or cry and just become completely engaged in the story.

I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

For more reviews please visit https://carriesbookreviews.wordpress....
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2,188 reviews632 followers
April 6, 2017
4.75 "she's the Prophecy" stars

Simply beautiful story...

It's hard to present this book without me spilling out all the details/spoilers thus i would be ruining the whole experience for you.

This is a story of Rose, a young woman nearing 20, living the life in a possibly near future, where the creatures we fear of or tell stories of live among us - the ones wanting to bring chaos, pain and destuction, and the other ones that inconspicuously protect us. She lost her father to a plague spread by Demons and her mother got sick as well, she's been taking care of her siblings with a help of her faithful best friend Gunner, who is in love with her.

The ones protecting the families around the land are Gardian Warriors of Elfen world living deep inside the forest, in trees, in total accordance with nature. They are fierce, solemn and honorable yet passionate and deadly when fighting against the evil.

Ryder has been appointed to guard Rose and keep her safe no matter what...cause she's more important for the sake of this world than she's aware of...and Ryder himself is connected to her by the vows of an old prophecy.

But it's more to Rose that speaks to Ryder, he feels her within, he feels her soul, and he's offering her comfort through out the night watch, only by looking at her, whispering soothing words of solace...

But Rose is oblivious of his presence in her wake state, yet she feels this soothing energy and easiness through out the hardship, and yet she instinctively leans on her best friend whom she deeply loves, as she seeks his touch for one night of solace.

The feelings Rose has for Gunner are true, deep and firm yet they are coming from utter devotion of friendship and loyalty, but she feels no passion, no thrive, no inner spark to ignite in her that she yearns for someone out there...as she's questioning herself of her own sanity, wether that someone's real or not.

Until one day, the current events impose a huge threat to Rose, and Ryder has no other choice but to impose his inner supstance/venom into her body to repel the demons away.

That action sets the complicated ties to firmly bond, as Ryder "links" himself to Rose and sets off the prophecy in motion.

Secrets are being revealed, hidden family truths and unspoken vows have been set free, bonding Gunner, Rose and Ryder into the whirpool of complex relations beyond any familiar notion that would transcend the notion of love, itself. As it's more than any of them can comprehend and put in words...and just as another life is growing inside of Rose, not only changing their lives but making her the ultimate target and threat for the way of life as it was...the urge build inside of Ryder and Gunner, to protect her has risen to tighten the bond between them....

They protect me. They love me...but the reality is dawning about how much our lives are about to change.
And the journey has only just begun...

This is a story of sacrifice, a story of different kinds of love, the outer boundaries of that familiar notion that goes way beyond the simplicity of the spoken word - love.

And yet no, this is not a love triangle, not in the way you might think, it's about the unity of three people acknowledging affection, closeness and devotion, strengthened by the mutual cause, by the purity of emotions and the power of the most precious bond within the souls.

My first book by India R. Adams , led me towards the fantasy world where anything is possible, believable and palpable...

there was a fine thin line separating the ongoing emotions twirling like a tornado - from action, danger, passion, laughter, sadness...those emotions all exchanged their paths giving me this unique experience of RAIN.

Those who love the works of Grace Draven and Amy Harmon, will most likely enjoy this book as well.
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2,417 reviews13.8k followers
Shelved as 'venture-out'
November 6, 2016

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467 reviews62 followers
January 30, 2018
The Goodreads author provided a copy of the ePub in exchange for an honest review.

India R. Adams has written a truly original fantastical paranormal novel. Rain (A Stranger in the Woods #1) is filled with the highs and lows of life.
Rose is the primary custodian of her two younger siblings. They are orphaned after the death of their parents. Rose has a true sense of responsibility and unwavering integrity. On her twentieth birthday, her best friend insists that they celebrate at a bonfire in the woods. Her world changes when she meets a stranger and their connection is undeniable. Rose’s journey is touching and filled with emotion including humour at just the right moment.

The author has created a unique world including elves, demons and humans. This well-written read is a true page-turner. The primary and secondary characters have strong and distinct voices as well and add depth to the story. As secrets are revealed the story cleverly draws the reader into this fast-paced novel.

Their story is far from over. Looking forward to the next instalment in A Stranger in the Woods series.
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143 reviews10 followers
February 16, 2017
India Adams is a new author for me and Rain my very first book I've read by her. I can tell you though it will not be my last!
Rain is imaginative and poetic. She created a world that's unique and fresh and one I did not want to leave. Rose is a young woman living in unusual times.
Her father passed away from a strange illness and now her Mother has the same thing. As do a lot of other people in town. She takes care of her younger brother and sister with her best friend, Gunner's help. But Gunner is in love with Rose or so he believes he is. He protects, cares for her and does all he can to make sure her family has all their needs met.
But Rose can't shake the feeling theres something more to life. And to the woods behind her house.

Ryder sits day after day watching over Rose and her family from the tree tops behind her house. He believes that Rose is his mated one. And watching her with Gunner day in and day out is hurting him.
But things are about to change. Because an evil unknown to Rose is headed straight for her....and after her.

I loved this book!! The writing felt like poetry in motion at times. It pulled me in to a warm and fuzzy place I wanted to stay in and just read. It pained me when I had to put it aside to actually do something in the land of the living. I cannot wait for the sequel "River" to be published.
Do yourself a favor and step into a great story, you will not be disappointed!
Thank you India Adams for a beautiful story!
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Author 5 books198 followers
January 1, 2017
Wow! Just....wow! I loved every moment in this book, it drew me in from the very beginning. It covered every emotion you could possibly think of, and I found myself becoming equally emotional...must've been the horror-moans! One minute, I was laughing, the next, I was crying. Some parts of the story are really quite sad. I think I even felt scared for Rose at one stage, as she finds herself in a really frightening situation on more than one occasion.

We have two male leads vying for her affections, Gunner and Ryder, but only one can be her true partner.

The story is based around a virus, or plague that has hit the small town that Rose lives in. Her mum has been struck down with the illness, but she has lost her dad to it, and Gunner has already lost his mum as a result. there are dark forces at work, and it appears that Rose is the only one that can do anything about it. This is where Ryder comes into the picture. he has been charged as her guardian, protecting her the dark forces in question. The ones who had brought about the plague in the first place.

It turns out that Rose is a very unique, and special person. I loved the fact that is was written in the first person. I like to know what the character is feeling. The whole thing was really well written, and I can't wait to see what happens in the next of the story.

True rating 4.5 stars....Awesome read!
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1,875 reviews1,193 followers
April 21, 2020

This story has a massive spiritual and enlightenment vibe running right through its very centre.
It was unusual and very unique and definitely stood out from the crowd.
There is a slight love triangle element to the whole story but I didn't find it overly angsty just not really to my taste.
I'm just not a fan of this type of trope and wasn't aware before I started that this was going to be so deeply a part of the unfolding story theme.
I thought it detracted somewhat from the overall connection between Ryder and Rose and she should have been getting her sole support and comfort from Ryder himself, he should have been her all and her ultimate end game rather than then also having her have such a deeply entrenched connection to a second male character.
I also thought It wasn't exactly fair on Gunner either and he deserved someone who was just solely for him rather than constantly being on the fringes looking in, always an observer.
The language used here from Ryder and the rest of the village was so very formal and stilted and then by such a strange contrast character's would come out with such juvenile slang talk it just didn't feel like it fitted together.
I also wasn't a fan of some of the euphemisms used either, call it what it is none of this member's and tunnel's, please.
I felt this would have been better served if the author had stuck with one or the other, either the formal language or the more slangy YA alternative as the two just didn't mesh at all for me.
This was also pretty repetitive and slow and the relationship itself felt overly juvenile and I wasn't feeling the chemistry here at all.
On the plus side, this has some great potential and some really good and imaginative ideas.
It just didn't wow me and though I was intrigued enough to keep on turning the pages I won't be continuing on any further down the road, there is nothing wrong with the writing itself Im just not invested enough.
This was a different read with lots of action and imagination and plenty have loved this unfortunately this one was just not for me.


Reviewed By Beckie Bookworm
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6,765 reviews579 followers
September 13, 2016
There is a plague decimating Rose’s small town, it has taken her father and is now devouring her mother, one ray of life at a time. She now carries the weight of caring for her younger siblings and if not for her best friend, Gunner, she would never make ends meet. Like a guardian angel, he is her rock, he brings groceries and keeps the wolves from the door when payments are due. Gunner asks nothing in return, he is just-Gunner. Someone else haunts Rose's heart, and she just knows he is out there, somewhere in the woods.

On her twentieth birthday, at a bonfire in the woods, she meets a stranger, a man so big and powerful, yet so kind and gentle, she is drawn to him, in a soul deep way. Ryder is more than just a man, he is her guardian, his only mission in life is to keep her alive, safe from the demons of hell and that job is about to become much more dangerous.

Rose is part of a prophecy to protect the world and this fragile human must be kept safe to fulfill her destiny, but Ryder has fallen in love and is torn between saving her for himself or for the prophecy, could it be they are the same goal in the long run? The magic of friendship, love and trust plays out like a sweet aria in the hands of India R. Adams as she presents Rain.

Truly a fantasy tale filled with elves, demons and the humans who know about them, there is magic in the woods behind Rose’s house as powerful beings share the love and compassion for others that is so often missing in the human society. Sure, there’s violence and danger, but in India R. Adams’ hands, it is the beauty of this tale that shines through as the innocence of young love, trust and true friendship are molded into a force that will protect the prophecy from evil. Definitely a refreshing change telling a fantasy tale with a gentle voice, that will capture the reader’s imagination.

I received this copy from India R. Adams in exchange for my honest review.

Series: A Stranger in the Woods - Book 1
Publisher: India's Productions; 1 edition (June 28, 2016)
Publication Date: June 28, 2o16
Genre: Fantasy
Print Length: 359 pages
Available from: AmazonBarnes & Noble
For Reviews & More: http://tometender.blogspot.com

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2,534 reviews189 followers
March 31, 2018
This is set to appeal to those who enjoy NA books with a paranormal edge although at times I felt it had a mystical feel to it. Essentially we have Rose looking after her seriously ill mother and two younger siblings. Rose has always felt a deep connection to her best friend Gunner but there’s something very wrong where they live as far too many are succumbing to a bizarre wasting disease. Rose feels uneasy as if there’s something out there watching her but she has no idea exactly how much her life is going to change. A sense of just something calling to her, dreams that push into her waking consciousness and then the realisation that there has really been someone in the woods watching her. Rose faces changes but does she have choices as she meets Ryder , the warrior that says he just wants to protect her ?
If I’m really honest I struggled to really connect initially with any of these characters. Triangles are undoubtedly a much used trope in romance ( think Twilight) but I realise it’s virtually impossible to come up with something wholly unique. Rose whilst clearly a kind and resilient character just seemed insipid to this reader. Ryder isn’t always honest with Rose but is very much a possessive male. So where does that leave Gunner ? Well his feelings and attachment to Rose are clearly a visceral thing but fear not this odd triangle actually starts to make sense as we plunge deeper into the world of Ryder and his people.
There are scenes of intimacy but honestly they are possibly the least erotic I’ve read in a while so I’d let my sixteen year old read this. I much preferred the second half of the story as the pace improved with much more information given to the reader. The Elves started to worm their way into my heart and I absolutely loved their humour and camaraderie. This ends with a cliffhanger of sorts and dare I say a new beginning? I’m sure anyone who enjoyed this story will be very eager to get their hands on the follow up book River.
This voluntary take is of a copy I requested and my thoughts and comments are honest and I believe fair
Profile Image for Yesha- Books Teacup and Reviews.
621 reviews127 followers
July 3, 2017
(Note: I received review copy of this book from author, in exchange for an honest review. I am glad I got a chance to read this book.)

First of all story was good, Elves and demons made it different, written so well and exactly India’s style. Alternate POV of Rose and Ryder helped lot in understanding their feelings and their world. First few chapters were intriguing, made me curious to know more about Ryder, made me hungry for the story. I was eagerly waiting for the moment when Rose meets Ryder. And when it came, it was best part of the book, I was holding my breath, worried, tensed and excited at the same time, the chapters after this meeting were heart-wrenching. Love triangle made this book even more interesting. I was like,,, Poor Ryder! Poor Gunner! Poor Ryder! Poor Gunner! Poor Ryder! Poor Gunner!… 😀 And then it made me think no this is not usual love triangle. Totally unpredictable and different.

To Read full review click here.

End- It was nothing like expected. It was open ended. I’m curious to see what will happen in the next book, River. It is going to release this year.
You want some elfish romance? This book is for you.
Profile Image for Mimiorphee.
482 reviews22 followers
February 9, 2018
RAIN , A stranger in the wood #1, is a beautifully written tale; with this sweet, magical, enthralling story, I'm in awe of India's rich imagination.

She created an intricate world of fantasy, with mystic creatures and a strong plot full of mystery and angst.

Surrounded by Elves, Vampire-ish clones, trolls, Rose, Ryder and Gunner will learn to live together and to find a dynamic and rhythm in their relationship.

You'll find strong messages about nature and natural way of life; wether it is your thing or not, it definitely brought out an interesting refelexion.

Sometimes angsty, sometimes fun, at part swoon-worthy,  always intriguing, that's definitely the kind of epic story we love get lost into. 

True to the author's style, the atmosphere in Rain is positive and that's very refreshing.

140 reviews3 followers
June 28, 2016
Review can also be found at: http://www.kaitbooktopia.blogspot.com

What I Liked:

Romance- Of course, I need books I read to have romance in them and this book had that element. There is a bit of a love triangle/rivalry going on, which I didn't mind one bit. The little bit of a love triangle isn't huge, so if love triangles aren't your thing, I would still give this book a chance. The connection between Rose and the man of her dreams I loved.

Paranormal Elements- If Paranormal is a genre you love, then I guarantee you will fall in love with this book. Rain contains demons and elves. Both elements were done in a very beautiful way. And I was immediately captivated by this world.

Gunner- Gunner has been Rose's best friend forever. And I have a sweet spot for those type of characters. It is clear that he has feelings towards Rose, however, Rose may only feel loyalty to Gunner rather than attraction. I absolutely loved his character and he is willing to do anything for his best friend, including putting his differences aside from the man in the woods/Rose's dream guy. Gunner is caring and he is her rock when things get tough.

Secondary Characters: India R. Adams has a serious talent for writing amazing secondary characters. I loved them all, especially Blaze. He was full of wits, and who doesn't love a witty character?

Ryder- Ryder was *takes a deep breath* amazing. He is the guy of every girls' dreams. He was very charming and I also really enjoyed his character.

What I Liked That Some Readers May Not:

The Ending- There was a twist at the very end, so be prepared to be wanting the next book ASAP!

With each new book of India R. Adams that I read, I fall more in love with her writing each time. Rain was no exception. It was beautifully written and is definitely a must-read. I don't just love this book; I am completely obsessed with it! I truly cannot wait for book two to come out!

*** I was provided an ARC in exchange of an honest review***
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524 reviews26 followers
March 18, 2017
I read this quite a while ago, but then I got into a bit of a slump and couldn't find myself able to write a review. Even now, it escapes me. There is just so much about this book that is good and honest and utterly captivating that I can't seem to find the right words to convey how this book has made me feel and why, months after I read it, it's still on my mind.

Thankfully, I took down some points right after I read it, so I'll leave it here as my review:

This author always has such strong, impressionable messages in her books; how does she do it?!

Rose is almost 20, and she lives with a mother who seems to get worse each day and two little siblings who she takes care of and adores. Gunner, her best friend, helps and comforts her as best he can. So much happens in this book!

Great characters
Fantastic world building
Lovely romance
Strong and impressionable messages
Emotional ride
Friendship and love and loyalty
Family and responsibilities
Hope in tough times
Seeing beauty in pain and the good in unexpected sacrifice
How to be compassionate even when your world is falling apart
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Author 14 books492 followers
January 25, 2018
I've been meaning to read this for a long time and was happy that I finally did!

This is a wonderful fantasy world with supernatural beings along with humans, written believably and beautifully. It is magical with fantastical elements, but the characters make it relatable to those of us in the plain old human realm. A classic good vs. evil story where love prevails, it is also a coming of age tale with a young adult protagonist still discovering who she is and what is important to her. What a great start to a new series!
Profile Image for Sadaf.
Author 3 books12 followers
August 5, 2016
I got a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review :)

I was wondering why the title was Rain and when I found out, okay I cried a bit. So please don't give up on this book if you feel lost in the beginning. It just gets better and better until you wish you were living in the world of Rose even with all the danger. Yes, grave danger. Is there another kind? Moving on from Col. Jessup. Also, I am quite upset that the blurb does not do this book justice at all!

You already know how the story begins. Rose is a strong wonderful character. I love how the author writes about family and this one holds a special place in my heart. It's a different kind of family. The secondary characters are very well developed and help hold the plot together. She has two younger siblings to care for since her mother is dying. Her best friend, Gunner, is to die for. No spoilers there. The minute he enters you know he is one awesome guy. I want a Gunner too. I think everyone should have a Gunner in their life. Oh and his dad is amazing too. I mean all these terrific men in one place...Heaven *sighs dreamily* One thing that stands out is that characters don't come, play their parts and leave. This is why the plot is strong. Characters are not dispensable. They are honoured and important to the author. I cannot care about a character if the author doesn't frankly. This is why you connect with them and watch them grow into mature, brave individuals with unique characteristics.

The world building is interesting. It's the world we know but it's not. The stranger's world and the world of Rose have some intriguing contrasts. I really really liked that. There are deeper meanings to this tale, which I always seek in every book I read. I am never disappointed with this author when it comes to meaning. I enjoyed the time line going back and forth and the revelations that came at the right time.

Rose's relationship with her stranger and their communication is so so clear and honest even though they are in fact, strangers. Together, they both have a lot to teach us about love, trust, family and friendship. The relationships between the characters are anything but ordinary. They warm your heart and make you question yourself "Is it really that simple?"

It's not like everyone is perfect with perfect lives. This story is real. It's about real people. They have flaws and do stupid things. They hurt each other and act selfish at times. But, when it counts, they are there for one another. They are not too proud to apologize and make amends. They give importance to people not material. I think that's where they get it right. That's how they stand united in life threatening situations and when their faith in each other is seriously challenged.

There really is nothing that's missing in it. It does have everything and more than you expect. It touches your heart and makes you smile. My favourite parts were when Rose got high or panicked for some insane reason. It turned the most serious revelations and situations into LOL moments. I am so glad it happens more than once :D One word "horrormones" lmao

Things were pretty confusing in the beginning because there was so much mystery surrounding the stranger in the woods. I am good at guessing but I didn't guess right this time, which means it was exceptionally well written. I do love surprises. Not all of them were good though. Things get really creepy and scary so beware, this is no regular PNR with the obvious love triangle and bad guys, who are bound to lose. Prepare to laugh and cry and go awww every few minutes.

I didn't want to add any spoilers but trust me when I say you need to meet these brilliant characters :)

Profile Image for Briana.
498 reviews19 followers
June 23, 2016

I've been having trouble trying to write this review for awhile now because I want to say a lot of things, but I'm trying to say it right. I loved it. I loved the characters, plot, and the fantasy element of the story. Everything flowed so well together. But there was a couple of things that lowered my rating a bit.

I have to say, the author does a wonderful job writing each and every character with, well, character. The element that really stood out in the book was the characters and their love for each other. Great character development throughout the story. I just loved each and every one of them.

The plot was good as well. At some points the plot was at a standstill , and I wanted more. I don't quite know what, I just know I wanted more to the story

Overall a great fantasy written by my girl India! 4.5 star rating.

**ARC provided by author for an honest review**
Profile Image for Alexa Whitewolf.
Author 34 books104 followers
February 3, 2018
Don’t know how I missed not writing a review for this when I finished it a while back!!! GR you sly thing, you could have reminded me!!! 😅

Anyway! Rain is the first of a series and boy, what a story! India weaves through a unique story of love, friendship and...so many things I can’t put them all in a review!

All I can say is this book is a rollercoaster and it will be emotional. Loved it!
Profile Image for The Book Junkie Reads . . ..
4,813 reviews139 followers
July 25, 2016
I would turn over the world to find this one person/entity/being that could take the pain away and remove all loneliness from my life. I would not care if other believed. But at what price will this all come. Sometime that unknown is the key and the known is the lock that binds. Triangles can come full circle and change everything.

Rose has her hands full and life just keeps moving on for her. I found that small town life has its advantages. The disadvantages are just a given. There was a mystery for Rose to discover or should I say uncover. Where will it all lead?

Fresh characters, small town vibe with a fantasy attached to the woods. I would love to see what comes next out of the woods. I believe that India R.Adams have acquired herself a new reader.
**This eBook was provided via Inida R. Adams in exchange for an honest review.**
July 24, 2016
Wow!! This is a wonderful story of love, friendship, family, generosity, and acceptance. There is also physical and emotional pain, loss, and suffering. The characters and setting descriptions are so vivid and very-well written, I believe I am seeing what the author intended. The sense of danger feels real and the battles fought are heart-pounding. The very first chapter set the tone for the rest of the book. Though heart-wrenching at times, appropriate humor is dispersed throughout this story, igniting genuine laughter. When you have suffered tragedy and loss, sometimes your best defense is a great sense of humor.

At the end of this book I learned the sequel River, is coming in 2017. I look forward to reading that and all this author's other works.
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Author 13 books439 followers
June 23, 2016
I love reading India's books because her character and plot development makes for an intriguing and interesting read. This book was far different then what I am use to reading with her, but the style is always the same. Enjoyable and interesting to say the least.

Rose is a woman who has had to take on a lot, after her father dies from an illness and her mother comes down with it. She takes one night to be her age and enjoy herself and it's when he meets him the stranger in the woods that will forever change her life. But who is this stranger and why is he here?
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46.5k reviews4 followers
Want to read
June 6, 2020
🎁 FREE on Amazon & on iBooks today (6/6/2020)! 🎁
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79 reviews
February 3, 2018
Rain is AMAZING! I would recommend this book to anyone who loves magic, suspense, and happy ever afters. The characters feel so real as you are reading that you feel as if you are part of the book. The author draws you into the pages, where magic and love abound. I gave this book 5 stars and I know you would too!
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November 27, 2016
I was provided with a copy of this novel courtesy of the lovely author herself, in exchange for an honest review.

She's done it again - I have no clue how India R. Adams has managed it, but I will read whatever she will come up with because I am now sure that I will certainly not be disappointed. I'm a huge fan of her style - it's descriptive, but not in a dragging 2000000 million word description that makes you fall asleep because it's so long way, it's concise enough to be a real pleasure to read, but you also find out so much about the story you're reading that it leaves you immensely pleased.

Yet again, Adams has developed her secondary characters unlike so many authors of this genre. I absolutely loved Blaze and his humour and sarcasm - there were a few scenes in particular that made me chuckle out loud in the pitch darkness of my room, which must have sounded questionable to anyone who was awake at the time. But honestly, his interactions with Ryder, and Rose's mother and just everyone really were hilarious.

THERE WERE DEMONS, and elves and humans and nature and they were all woven together in a paranormal whirl of events - however, there was also a love triangle... which bugged me a little - I'm not going to lie, they always do in whatever book they might occur in, but I also see how it worked in the story - and I certainly have a few suspicions as to the ending of the book that I just want to discuss right now. Because I can't be the only one who thought that way.

I loved the spectrum of relationships displayed in this book because they were all wonderfully complex - from the elves link to nature to Rose and her family and Gunner (who was a brilliant individual who deserved all of the good things for the way he stuck by Rose, even though I wasn't fully supportive of the whole romantic side of their interactions), to the elven brothers, and all the characters as a whole.

The mix between the traditional and natural way of life of the elves and the modern, as-we-know-it world bewildered me at times, for some reason my brain insisted that Rose lived in a medieval style cottage, and it took me a while to wrap my head around the fact that this book was set in present day.... (thanks brain).

Needless to say, I really enjoyed reading this book, and will definitely be looking to read the sequel, River in the near future.

My Rating: 4.5/5 Stars
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May 23, 2017
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book.

Those of you who follow my reviews will have picked up my teeny tiny dislike of first person AND present tense AND multi point of view. That is the worst way, for me, for a book to be written. I make no bones about my dislike, and I WILL NOT apologise for dumping a book once I discover a book is written such a way.

I KNEW this book was first person/present tense going in. It came highly recommended by someone whose opinion I hold in high regard. I did not know it was multi person as well.


I rather enjoyed this!!

It takes time for things to become clear, and being kept on my toes is always good. That waiting for it all to come together is what kept me reading. Because I did finish this, and I DO want to read book two, River, when it comes out.

Rose meets the stranger in the woods, who saves her life. Gunner is her best friend. But Gunner is more like Ryder, the stranger, than he knows. When danger comes for Rose, both males have to pull it together and keep her, and others, safe.

I don't usually care for younger main characters, but Rose has a wise head on her turning 20 in the book shoulders. Dealing with her father's death and her mother's illness, and that of the others in town, takes a toll on a teenager. Ryder and Gunner, once they realise what's at stake, are great together. Ryder for all his proper-ness and Gunner for all his human-ness.

Without giving too much away, I did like this, really I did. I didn't LOVE it though, but I am still left wanting to read book two when it comes out later in the year. Because there is much unfinished, undone, and now.....that....has happened, things will come to a head soon.

Oh, and Ms Adams?? You made me cry. When Rose says 'I'm gonna be a mama, and I need my mama' or words to that effect. Bawled my bloody eyes out, thank you very much!! Because, no matter how old you are, you always need your mama, more so, when she isn't here any more.

I didn't like the Vikes dialogue. I had to sound out loud every word that wasn't immediately obvious. I looked silly on the bus!

So, a solid...

4 stars

**same worded review will appear elsewhere**
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January 14, 2021
Great Escape

I absolutely loved this book. It was funny. It was gripping and suspenseful. It took me to another world and allowed me to escape reality for a bit. I definitely recommend it. Give it a try and enjoy the brief escape!
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August 10, 2016
Received this book via LOP for an honest review.

This is the first book I have read by this author and omg it was amazing.
I'm struggling writing a review that will give it the justice. How do you give perfection a review?

From the second page till the last, I was hooked. Pulled into a world of demons, Elves, love and war.
PNR Y/A story of love, friendship, loyalty and soul deep bonds. You just cant help but love everything about it.
The characters were perfect and lovable, very easy to connect to. Even the bad guys had a tender moment. I couldn't even dislike them. I loved the world building and plot was well laid out and the pace steady. Everything just flowed perfectly.

Rose is believed to be the prophecy and must be protected at all costs. Ryder is her guardian.

"Two bloods of one will bring down the shadows, to cast, no more."

I could tell you about each character and their role in the demon war but I think its best you read and find out for yourself.

I was confused as to why this book was called Rain but that became clear and melted my heart more. I can't wait till 2017 for the next book.

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May 30, 2018
4.5 stars for me

A good friend recommended this book and it took me forever to get to read it due to other commitments. In the words of Pretty Woman - Big mistake! Huge! I absolutely LOVED it and regret not getting to it sooner.

This book was amazing - such an original take on PNR/Fantasy. I was hooked from the first chapter. I can't say much without giving away the story but I will say that I ADORED Rose. She was so strong and brave all the time. Always trying to do what's right. She has some tough decisions to make and I got really emotional at times on her behalf. I loved Gunner so very much - a beautiful soul and Ryder won my heart. Gah!

The world building was amazing and I loved this fresh take on characters that I have seen before - but never in this way. The story was complex and the dialogue was beautiful.

I will definitely be looking for book 2 in this series and devouring it ASAP!
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January 2, 2018

Nightmares and Dreams can become reality--- things you think you may have imagined, can be at your very window..This writer is talented , she managed to write this story in such a way that it was very convincing.. The characters draw you in , you root for their cause -- you pray they succeed-- they believe they will .. But what is the price, and do they regret it? This will leave you wanting to read the next and the next book.. India you are very gifted and I love your style..More . more .. more
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March 14, 2017
I so enjoyed this and loved the characters- I can't wait to hear what happens to them in the next book! As always, India has the ability to take the fantastical and infuse enough real into it that the reader is left feeling, connecting, and empathizing with the characters while enjoying the highly imaginative and inventive worlds they inhabit.
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