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My Wolf and Me

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Their love was innocent.
Their friendship was pure.
Their fear was real.
Their danger was true.

When little Marlena is left to care for an abandoned wolf pup, her parents see their irrevocable bond, and this humble family embarks on an adventure trying to care for the needs of a rapidly growing wolf, and the needs of their headstrong daughter. The comical complications of such a venture only darken when Marlena, now a high school student, witnesses her wolf shift… into a young man.

Secrets and the pure hatred from a man out for revenge take Marlena, her family and her wolf on a heartbreaking journey of devastating loss, captivity, and ultimate sacrifices.

This love story will haunt you well after you finally set this book down.

260 pages, Kindle Edition

Published April 26, 2016

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About the author

India R. Adams

45 books1,248 followers
Souls on fire…

USA TODAY bestselling author India R Adams writes stories of souls on fire. Whether India’s characters are feeling the heat from hell or the wings of grace, they are all transforming and want to share their journey with you. Her novels range from Dark MC, Paranormal, to Contemporary, but each story is either a path of destruction or a road to redemption.

Sometimes both.

So, if you want to read about voyages of the heart, the grit to rise from one’s knees, or the strength to break free of the binds of a spirit, then pick one of India’s stories because she believes damaged souls are worth saving and that there is nothing more beautiful than a soul on fire.

One of the best ways to follow India and stay up to date with her latest work is her newsletter. As a thank you gift, she is presently offering Hostile Illusions with the signup!

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2,188 reviews632 followers
October 26, 2017
4.5 "my wolf" stars

Again India R. Adams managed to overwhelm me with this multiple layered story, with sincerity, poised and incredibly insightful thoughts and life-altering notions on this journey of self-discovery, growth, innocence, friendship and making difficult choices, and sacrifices but most of all, it's a story of hope and love so pure that it transcends time in its epic infinity

The story begins with an insight in Prologue, and then we are taken back to the very beginning of the most palpable, overwhelming devotion of friendship between a 6 year old Marlena and a family of wolves. Her carefree pure hearted manner was no threat for the wolves as then bond in the nearby woods through out the years...

the little baby wolf, whom Marlena named Romy has taken a special likeness and fondness towards her and they seem to have an understanding beyond the one way spoken words....

But then when a tragedy strikes, taking away the lives of Romy's mother and father, Marlena is witnessing a shocking revelation of the true identity of her friends, not understanding it at first, she has sworn to keep the secret and help Sebastian aka Romy when his time of transformation comes...

The years have passed, Romy was taken in as a part of her own family and Marlena has forgotten the secret...until the night it all changed...physically, emotionally, mentally...

Sebastian/Romy is a wonderful, unusual being and the lines of friendly love soon crosses over towards something deep and stronger, as he's learning the ways of the world, trying to cope with his change, the unknown experiences of flesh and the devotion towards Marlena...

their fates will soon be threatened by the cruel ways of humans' action based on misunderstanding and fear then revenge and their own hidden agenda as they capture them both and put in captivity, shattering them by torment in the name of scientific research.

It's also the time, both Sebastian and Marlena face the most excrutiatingly overwhelming and overpowering feelings of belonging as their love grows and their mental strength is tested, until the secrets are revealed and a new notion is given to them as a sacrifice but also a freedom.

A fantasy that lives inside of us all, My wolf & me is a book that can awake the inner purity of hearts tainted by the everyday's hard and sometimes harsh, cruel and merciless lifelines and yet we try to hold on to that spark of warmth of what truly makes us humans.

Once again, India R. Adams showed me the spectre of emotions, one can only grasp in this one moment of time, and feel the eternity of its strength.
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3,040 reviews1,501 followers
May 27, 2016
When Marlena was a small child she spent her time playing in her make believe world with her pretend friends and pretend castle. Only little Marlena actually did befriend a pair of wolves while on her adventures. Those two wolves had a baby and when the pair are killed little Romy is left in the care of Marlena. Marlena's parents aren't excited over the wild animal being so close to their daughter but try with all their might they can't separate the two.

My Wolf and Me is the fourth book I've read by India R. Adams and I'm happy to say she never fails to amaze me with her stories. This is really completely different type of story from the others but I could tell that it was still her work just in the way she writes, I think one thing she excels at is getting into the head of her characters and making you feel that they are telling you their stories.

I absolutely love Marlena's tale from start to finish. The reader is able to watch her grow from her younger years and befriending the wolves through her teen years where the story becomes a bit of a coming of age tale with love and friendships and heartbreak all involved to touch the reader.

My Wolf and Me is a bit of a different tale from the other books I'd read as Romy the wolf is actually a werewolf. But as soon as I thought I knew what was going to happen in the story there were more twists to come to keep me completely engaged until the very end.

Overall, another great read from India R. Adams. Definitely an author I'd recommend.

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a honest review. A huge thanks again for allowing me to review this book.

For more reviews please visit https://carriesbookreviews.wordpress....

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971 reviews216 followers
April 15, 2017
Thank you Susani for your recommendation. This was FABULOUS!

4.75 stars

A few points off for not elaborating more on the antagonists (near the last half) and their backrounds.

All else.. I have no complaints. RARE for me.

This is the type of romance I LOVE!! My FAVORITE!! Both MC's virgins that have grown up together, never separating.

Basic summary:

Marlena finds a a male & female wolf (mates) in the woods behind her house when only six years old.

She befriends them, playing with them every day. Not long after, the mother wolf introduces her new cub to Marlena. When the mother and father wolf dies, the mother wolf shifts to human form, and in her last breath tells little Marlena that "Romy" (or "Sebastian" as she calls him)loves her, and to help him in the human world and to tell him some things when he comes to an age of shifting.

Yadda yadda,, wolf cub and human child grow up together..fall in love, very slowly might I add, and go through some very intense conflicts.

Oh what a sweet sweet romance. But not just sweet.. there is good solid conflict! I read this in one day. Couldn't put the book down! I laughed, I cried, I was hanging on the edge of my seat!

The author did well in not having any loose ends. Everything was explained, nothing left hanging or forgotten.

One small thing I didn't like was how prude Marlena was with Romy. I mean it wasn't that bad but I felt it a bit of a ploy to create angst. Oh and the whole thing of having to explain sex and such to Romy/Sebastian was a little overdone. I mean even being a wolf, his insticts should clue him in to why his body was reacting as it was. Anyway, it was something I could overlook.

Loved it, will recommend, and I will certainly read more by this author.

Content: Clean read. Sex not detailed but off camera. Condoms used. No cursing to my memory. One scene involving alcohol. Mild violence.

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498 reviews19 followers
November 29, 2021
Wow when I think I had a review, wellllll since I reread in November 2021, I might as well right the review for it too!

I loved this innocent love story! India is a great book friend and she knows I will forever love her writing, and this didn’t disappoint.

One thing though, Boss. His point of doing what he was doing? Yeah that wasn’t written as well as it should’ve. Didn’t flow enough for me to connect with the story as much. There could have been a bit more explanation.

I love Romy and Marley. So cute. Loved their innocence. Too cute. Definitely YA in nature for this book, loved it!

4.5 star rating. Can’t exclude the Boss character.
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6,765 reviews579 followers
September 6, 2016
She was young and fearless, he was furry, protective and her best friend. When Marlena met and named Romy, little did she know the newly orphaned wolf pup would become her greatest friend, protector and be the catalyst that would alter their lives forever.

As Marlena grew, so did Romy, and as she became a young woman in high school, Romy, too underwent a change, from a huge wolf into a young man with devastatingly good looks, a gentle kindness and a fiercely protective nature. Sounds like the perfect coming of age love story between souls meant to be together, but hatred, blind fear and twisted science were about to turn their lives into a living nightmare. A nightmare so terrifying that every second lived was often one second too many as Marlena is used as the bait to cause Romy’s demise. Has their love for each other matured to create the soul deep bond that fires the will to survive? They say love conquers all, but can it be victorious when the odds are attacked so greatly against them?

India R. Adams’ My Wolf and Me is sweet, sometimes comical, occasionally brutally heartbreaking but always impossible to put down. From start to finish Ms. Adams creates a magical world to become part of, from the adorable young ones at play with their pure innocence to the maturing teens caught up in a world that should be filled with the joys of youth and young love to the harsh realities of a world too vicious to accept the differences of others all around them. With dialogue that grows with the characters, quirky friends and sidekicks that are part of growing up, Ms. Adams makes her tale come to life with that special feel that not all authors can achieve. When we needed harshness, she was harsh, and every step of the way, through each scene, everything was choreographed to perfection!

Suitable for older young adults, but a tale that should not be missed by anyone who has a heart, once again, India R. Adams takes us on a treasure hunt to great reading and My Wolf and Me is firmly planted where X marks the spot at the top of the hidden gem pile!!

I received this copy from India R. Adams in exchange for my honest review.

Publisher: India's Productions (April 26, 2016)
Publication Date: April 26, 2016
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy | Romance | YA
Print Length: 220 pages
Available from: AmazonBarnes & Noble
For Reviews & More: http://tometender.blogspot.com

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621 reviews127 followers
June 5, 2017
(Note: I received review copy of this book from author, in exchange for an honest review. I am glad I got a chance to read this book.)

* 4.5 Stars *

Characters- They were all so good.
What I liked? Phew, whenever I start writing this section after reading India’s book, I have to think what point I will include. Because whole book is so nice I have to stop myself from writing everything here and from becoming a spoiler.

So, in short just points-
Childhood of Marlena- funny, lovely, adorable, I loved this part most.
Phases of Marlena’s life- from childhood, a teen, and as a wolf lover.
Teaching the wolf- that was funny.
Climax- well as its definition states the most intense, exciting. This is my fourth book of India and I think, India is master in writing this section of the book.
End- sad and sweet and lovely.

The book was nicely woven with both fantasy and real world that makes this wolf book different from other similar kind.

Only thing was, Marlena was too naive for my liking.

This book is not for faint-hearted. Harden your heart if maltreatment to animals upsets you. Yeah, it made me upset that I want throw my tab... then I gave it second thought so my tab is in good condition.

Read full review here-- https://booksteacupnreviews.wordpress...
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Author 5 books198 followers
February 3, 2017
Firstly, the layout of this book is amazing, really well done in every way. And again, the author has written the story in such a way that it plays on all your emotions, leaving you a wreck at the end of it.

The story revolves around Marlena, who from the age of six had a wolf as a friend. Romy, the wolf, remains by her side over the years, loving her, protecting her...getting in the way of her love life, with some comical results. Keeping her out of harms way...etc, etc, etc.

Again, I couldn't fault the writing, everything was spot on, and the dialogue...well, what can I say. I love the fact that India always writes in the first person POV, it makes all the difference.

On to my next India. R. Adams novel. She is definitely one of my favourites, and deserves all the attention she is getting. Good on you, India! And keep up the good work!
Profile Image for Tamara Harrington.
512 reviews27 followers
March 12, 2018
I absolutely loved this book!
I am starting to realize that India can do no wrong when writing these amazing words.
This is my 5th book by the author and I enjoy each one as much as the last. Once I started reading, I could not put this book down. I had to sleep but picked right back up as soon as my eyes were open. This is a touching story about how naive children are and so Marlene makes friends with wolves. Romy grows up with Marlene and their friendship grows into the most beautiful love that you can ever feel.
Once again I was left with the most overwhelming sense of emotion by the end. I laughed, I cried, I learned that in our world we make it all so complicated that sometimes you need to take a step back and enjoy the simplicity of it all. I learned that not all is as it seems and not to follow in blind faith but use my own mind for judgment. As always India wraps me up in a sense of the most beautiful friendships that we experience not just between Marlene and Romy but also with Trevor and Hound.
The ending of this book has left me feeling rather at peace and I'm thankful for how it all comes to an end. Hope you enjoy this book as much as I did.
This is my honest and unbiased review.
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399 reviews32 followers
July 25, 2017
5 Stars!!!

*I have received a free copy of this book from the author, as part of the Read to Review program in We ♥ YA Books! group on Goodreads, in exchange for my honest review.*

My Wolf and Me tells the story of Marlena and Romy.

When Marlena was 6 years old she found 2 wolves in the forest near her home and befriended them. Soon, they had a baby, which she named Romy. Little Marlena and Romy quickly became best friends and would play together every day.

So… when both of Romy’s parents are shot and die… Marlena knows she’s the only one that Romy has left, so she doesn’t want to leave him alone, so… she stays in the forest , at night, with him… and then, she brings him to her home.

Marlena’s parents aren’t very happy with having a wolf near their daughter … but they see the strong bond and the affection that exists between their little girl and the wolf… so they end up allowing Marlena to raise the wolf as a pet.

As the years pass by… Romy and Marlena’s affection and bond keeps developing… Romy is very protective of Marlena and she just loves and spoils her Wolf to bits.

But… there’s something Marlena has forgotten from the night Romy’s mother died…

And … when she is 17 years old, after being with Romy for 11 years, Romy suddenly disappears... Marlena ends up finding him, but he’s sick… is he going to die?!

But then she remembers what she has forgotten…

And, then, her wolf changes into his other, new, form: a Human - Sebastian.

“Wolf, Romy. Man, Sebastian.”
“But the same… p-person… wolf?
“Yes. Two forms. Two names.”


After Romy turns in to Sebastian… Marley and Romy’s relationship gets deeper and stronger as they now can communicate with words. She gets to know Sebastian, who she comes to love as much as she does Romy, the wolf. They start having stronger feelings for each other and… they fall in love (more like they realize they were in love with each other)... theirs, is one of those one in a lifetime, one of a kind, fated, meant-to-be, unstoppable love, in which no other one will do, but their loved one, no matter what!

"Marley, I believe moments like this...emotions like this...they're what God wants for all of us, all his creatures. I thought your kisses were magic, but now I know it's you. It's you, Marley. You are magic to me."

BUT… how do you deal with being in love with a person that is also a wolf and has to hide this secret from everyone?! How do you keep safe such a huge, dangerous secret like that?

Because… Life isn’t all roses, there’s pain, too, in the mix… and in their story, too, it, realistically goes like that…

the big secret would never be easily kept … someone was bound to find out...

and when hunters start lurking around… things might take a turn for the worst… and they do!

… Our couple struggles, is put through the test, suffers irreparable losses, has to make hard choices, BUT keeps fighting, hoping, loving and living!

“No matter what they do to me, know this - I will love you forever, Marley”.

I Loved this book so very much!! It became a favorite :)

I think this book was very well written and, more than that, it was beautifully written as it makes you come to love these characters and it makes you FEEL!!! And that for me is the definition of a GOOD book … one who makes you experience different worlds/perspectives and makes you FEEL and think.

I absolutely adore the all childhood friends to lovers theme, but this one was just extra special, as it was beautiful to watch as the bond between Marlena and Romy evolves… they are friends, family, each other’s companions for life…

It’s just such a sweet and strong love story… I loved the characters, especially Sebastian, who was so cute and innocent and so in love and protective of his Marley… he was such a sweet guy!

I also Liked that the book was kind of humorous at parts (especially with Sebastian, so innocent, being taught about the changes that come along with a human’s maturing).

And I really liked and appreciated the epilogue of this book! It was so wonderful that they thought about doing things as they did (you’ll understand once you read the book and the epilogue) and it just made the book end full circle, leaving no lose ends, which I really liked.

To sum it up:
I loved this book! The sweet love here is in its most powerful, true, pure form and this book has just left my heart full! I Totally Recommend this book for Romance Lovers! Give it a try. You’ll most definitely Adore this book :)
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Author 3 books12 followers
May 5, 2016
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

This was such a sweet and funny book. I loved following the childhood of both Marlena and Romy. It was wonderful to see them grow up in a warm cozy family and overcome their grief together. There was so much more to the story than just the two leads which I really liked because the other characters were well developed too. Marlena's parents were so inspiring and her friendship with both the guys was deep too.

It was hilarious to see Sebastian deal with everyday situations and adult concepts once he came into the picture. I was expecting things to go bad but that was a whole twist of plot that wasn't simply presented as just a hurdle for the hero and heroine to jump over. I liked the attention even the villains received and the entire back story that was revealed too. I was surprised by Marlena's friends' reactions at the end though. I think that could have been done better.

Overall, it was short fun read that I would recommend to anyone who'd like to go on a journey with a young girl and her adorable wolf :)
June 8, 2016
I received a free copy of this book from the author for an honest review.

This story was not what I expected. It took me on a journey of laughter, worry, fear, anger, tears, anguish, and many other conflicting emotions. What started out as a cute and playful child and "pet" relationship between Marley and Romy, grew over the years into a strong friendship, undying love and fierce protectiveness for each other. I felt great sadness and anger as their beautiful world was shattered by heart-wrenching loss and brutal cruelty. When you're in love, you forget how harsh the outside world can be. If you're lucky, an enemy might gain some insight and understanding and realize what they are doing is wrong, but that doesn't happen often. This is a well-written story of distinctly described characters experiencing love, loss, and the ability to find your inner strength to fight for the ones you love.
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127 reviews103 followers
November 5, 2016
I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Marlena, a little girl plays alone in the woods behind her home. She plays and dreams. One day she meets a couple of wolves and ends up taking care of their pup.

The wolf and the girl grow up together, they have adventures and become best friends. Years later, Romi (a lycan) transforms into a human called Sebastian, and they become sweethearts.

There is danger ahead, though, and Marlena and Romi/Sebastian soon have to fight for their lives.

I won't tell you more details, you'll have to read the story if you what to find out what happens to them.
Profile Image for • Island Queen Reads • Ofa •.
765 reviews80 followers
August 30, 2020
I normally don't read these kinds of books but something made me give it a chance. I loved it! It had me on the edge of my seat. I fell in love so hard with Sebastian and Romy. I could never choose between the two. And the angst. God, it drove me crazy.

Watching the relationship between these two characters blossom was encouraging. I've never read of a love like this, something so fated that the whole world would be upside if they were to be apart. I loved it so much. Twists and turns like no other.

It was a bittersweet ending, because I couldn't let them go and my heart was in so much pain and yet so full. Such an amazing read!
Profile Image for J-9.
289 reviews
March 22, 2017
I read this a long time ago but for some reason I reviewed it on amazon but not on here.

Oh my god I am so in love with this book.
I began reading it through my tears. The first part was so sad especially for a crazy animal lover like myself.
The relationship between Marlena and Romy made me smile.
Parts of the book had me so worried and anxious. I was so frightened about what was going to happen. I love the ending.
India Adams has a knack for transporting the reader into her stories.....this book was no different.
This book is fanfreakintastic!
One person found this helpful
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3,396 reviews91 followers
January 19, 2017
My Wolf and Me is a gripping story that I would say is suitable for older YA. It tells the story of a young country girl, getting lost in her imagination each day. She meets, and befriends a pair of wolves, and her games continue. Her world changes though when one wolf disappears, and the other is seriously injured. Marlena learns that they were shifters, and it is now up to her to look after 'Romy'.

The only way I can describe this book is to say that it is innocent! There is a deep bond between Romy and Marlena, but it is a pure one. There is nothing underhand or dark about it at all. If anything, some of the best parts of the book come when Romy goes through the change and becomes Sebastian. Some of the things he comes out with had me laughing out loud. Then again, his behaviour as Romy was humorous too! Throw two male best friends into the mix, and you have quite the comedic situation. However, the story does get darker, and Romy/Sebastian and Marlena are in incredible danger. Things happen, information is given, and their world is turned upside down.

Once again, I loved this book. The epilogue was perfect, and gave me the closure I needed for Hound and T. There were some questions raised by the ending, like "Who were they? Where did they come from? How long have they been around?" To be honest though, those questions only arose after I had finished the book, and had chance to digest. Not knowing the answers to the questions, or even knowing that I had questions, didn't ruin the book at all for me. I was completely engrossed, gripped by every word, every scene. I really hope that there is a second book to be made. Perhaps then some of those questions will be answered. Honestly though, I'm just not ready to leave Romy/Sebastian! Highly recommended by me.

* A copy of this book was provided to me with no requirements for a review. I voluntarily read this book, and my comments here are my honest opinion. *

Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!
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416 reviews35 followers
February 3, 2018
I absolutely loved this book. Review to come!

UPDATE: Review up on the blog! www.thereadingcat.weebly.com

----Wow, I was a little shit eh? I apologize, here's my review:

I received an ebook of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you India!

I read this book in two sittings, and not by choice. If I could have, I would have read it all in one. In between the sittings, this beautiful story consumed my thoughts. It also fed my already existing fantasy of having a pet wolf; not really a desired side effect, haha.

My favourite aspect of this book were the characters. In this story, they were so easy to connect with, and become invested in that one becomes fully and completely enthralled in the story. The main characters in this story, Marley, Romy, Jimmy, and Trevor, have beautiful souls and hearts. India has this affinity for creating immensely powerful bonds between beautiful characters. I'm not going to lie, my eyes may have welled up at a few instances because of their friendship.

I don't want to give any spoilers, so I'm going to finish by saying that the plot was unpredictable and that the last quarter of the book was emotionally packed, riveting, and out of this world - pun may be intended. If you haven't picked this book up yet, what are you waiting for?

My sweet, you know who you are, I have two words for you: absolutely stunning.

Profile Image for Chrissie.
434 reviews5 followers
July 14, 2017
I really liked this one, did it have its flaws? Absolutely, however it was a different to anything I've read before and that I could really appreciate.

The ages of the characters puzzled me most, their immaturity in dialogue and just In general. Sometimes I was thinking they were 18, other times 13 but then at points they were drinking and having sex, then it was actually mentioned that Romy changed at 11, and no mention of birthdays or time hops so I'm left wondering if they were actually 11/12, I still don't know!! The age was just a really huge issue and really badly effected what otherwise would have been a really good original story.

It was completely safe relationship wise, a little OM 'drama' but at the same time not really, hard to explain but I can't imagine it distressing anyone in the safety gang. The heroine had had a few make out sessions with said other man but apart from that they were both (the hero and heroine) completely inexperienced. The hero kisses a girl as an experiment at one point in front of the heroine, it's a humorous scene, she's a total stranger and is so shocked by the random kiss in the school hallway that she doesn't even respond, the heroine finds it amusing and the hero explains he was trying to see if kissing someone else would affect him like it does with the heroine, he's a little clueless to the human world and social customs so it was a sweet funny situation, definitely not something that would offend me or most. So relationship wise it was safe but there may be triggers such as violence and deaths elsewhere so be warned if those are things that bother you.

Short sweet epilogue that nearly made me tear up, however no information on MC's future that people would normally want, a little disappointing as I don't see any other books and it doesn't say this is a series.
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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135 reviews5 followers
January 1, 2020
We read this book for episode 48 of our podcast.  This book is the first Young Adult/New Adult book we have read for our podcast and a bit out of our comfort zone.  While the book may not be as steamy as some we have read in the past, there is no denying the romance that builds between Marlena and Sebastian/Romy.  The is a beautiful book full of some of the best relationship building I have ever read. We are witness to the amazing love between Marlena and her parents, the iron-strong friendship Marlena builds with Trevor and Jimmy, and the tender romantic love of soulmates Marlena and Sebastian.  When the danger Marlena fears shows us and destroys their peace be prepared to ugly cry. This book does not pull punches and takes you on a full emotional rollercoaster in the end. Listen to our episode to hear more about our thoughts on the different relationships in this book and learning to appreciate the people in your life while you can.  For more of our thoughts, listen to episode 48 of Shhh We’re Reading Dirty Books found on any podcast platform!
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Author 24 books284 followers
April 15, 2017
I have something of a love/hate relationship with shifter stories and have shied away for some time, but I really wanted to read something by this author, so I dove back in. This a wonderful, well written, and emotional story. I'm not ashamed to admit that the beginning had me in tears and some of the middle scenes had me cracking up, but the last half or so, that was rough. Lots of nail biting and tense moments. There were a few teen boy posturing moments that made me cringe, but overall, this was fantastic. Highly recommend reading.
105 reviews
December 11, 2019
Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!

I have never had so many emotions with one book in my entire life. This book was so, so excellent. The editing was excellent. The characters were excellent.
1,557 reviews2 followers
July 13, 2017

Such an amazing read!! I couldn't put my Kindle down. I picked up the book with the intention of reading a book during a bad thunderstorm, but I got so wrapped up in this book, I stayed in bed reading. The writing was so detailed and at times I could see what the author was actually describing.

Marely is 5 years old when she finds a woman wounded and little boy and unbeknownst to Marley they are shifters. The mother entrusted Marley to teach her boy Sebastian about the real world, and she does.

I'm not going to ruin anything else so I'll leave it at that. But I would definitely recommend reading this book.

977 reviews1 follower
July 21, 2019
Sooo good!

Ok, I am going to be honest.... some parts of this book were unexpected! I loved how Sebastian loved her!!! It was very cute book!!!
140 reviews3 followers
July 9, 2016
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Beginning: The beginning was very original. It starts off with Marlena playing outside where she meets two wolves. The wolves end up bonding with her. Marlena and the wolves who can later shift into a human form end up growing up together and facing many adventures as well as grief. This is definitely a coming of age story as the beginning takes the characters through many years beginning with a very young childhood to growing into adults.

Characters: My absolute favorite part of My Wolf And Me were the characters. All of the characters were fully developed, complex, and very lovable. Marlena was the perfect main character. She was head strong, reliable, independent and showed continuous growth in maturity through the years. Romy/Sebastian was clearly a thought out character. He was very complex. What I loved most about his character was that he had a good heart and a strong sense of protectiveness over his loved ones including Marlena. Trevor and Jimmy (aka T and Hound) were also really great characters because they added some humor into the story. And I love funny characters! Another favorite part about the characters that I enjoyed was that there were some adults incorporated in the story. I find that many parents in stories are left out because they don't add anything to the overall story. However, adult characters appeared throughout the novel and they were fully explored to their full potential.

Plot: Overall the plot was mostly original up until the last 1/4 of the book. It was there where it became a little cliche and flaws were very apparent. There was hesitation and tension that seemed a bit much. The conflict at the end was also rushed compared to the rest of the story. Overall, the storyline of the book was easy to follow and some aspects that were touched upon in the novel include: family, love, trust, loyalty and courage. Though the ending was a miss for me, I generally enjoyed the plot. Especially because there were werewolves and I am obsessed with them!

Romance: Romances are seriously my weakness in stories and this one was no exception. From Marlena and Trevor to later Marlena and Romy, both relationships were realistic and emotional without being too much. Marlena and Trevor's romance was my least favorite of the two. However, her relationship with Trevor wasn't something that the author just added on for additional drama. Their romance was completely necessary to keep the plot going. As for Marlena and Romy, their romance was absolutely amazing! Romy was super protective when it came to making sure Marlena was safe and that was one of my favorite aspects of the novel. I was cheering for Marlena and Romy's romance throughout the entire novel.

Ending: The ending definitely wrapped everything up. However, as mentioned before, the plot was very slow, but the ending was very fast. Everything was just thrown at the reader to tie up the conflict and any lose ends. Due to that, it felt very rushed compared to the rest of the story. For that, I had to deduct some points from my rating.

Overall, this story was a fun and interesting read. I definitely recommend it; especially to people who love a good shifter novel/romance.
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June 1, 2016
This is the first novel that I have read by this author - but it certainly won't be the last. I loved escaping into this very different paranormal novel.

Four year old Marela is a highly imaginative, independent young child who enjoys exploring the woods near her isolated home, making up stories and generally having fun. When two wolves appear in her woodland playground she isn't frightened by them, indeed she encourages them to join in with her games. She's amazed when they bring their recently born pup to join in her games, then devastated when both adult wolves are killed. His dying mother shocks Marela by transforming into a human to ask Marela to look after her pup, telling her that he loves her and giving her a message for when he's older. That's how the pup, who she calls Remy, goes to live with her family. He's very protective of Marela and the two are inseparable - except when she has to go to school. You'll have to read it yourself to learn more about how the two interact as they grow up, how she keeps his mother's ability to shift secret and what happens after he manages to shift. Don't assume it will all finish there - there are fun times ahead as he tries to join in school and horrendous, unanticipated dangers awaiting Marela and her family, too.

The author brings the characters and scenarios to vivid lifein the readers' imagination. There are some humorous moments, especially during their childhood and later involving Marela's two best friends from school and Romy's reactions to their scent on her - and his determination to stop T kissing her. There are some really sad moments, too, and some suspense filled thriller times as they fight to survive. Through it all this skilled writing makes you feel like the characters are talking directly to you, telling you about events, feelings and others. The whole story has you thinking you know what will happen next and then you're on a roller coaster ride down a dark tunnel, never knowing just what will be around the next bend, keeping you page turning and totally enthralled.

I have no hesitation in highly recommending this novel to anyone who enjoys stories of children growing up, friendship that will last a lifetime, teen angst, and true love overcoming the odds in a well crafted shifter romance that is definitely different to the norm in an excellent way! As the blurb suggests, this is one I believe will stay with me, one I'll remember and want to re-read again in future . . .

Many thanks to the author, publisher and YABBT for gifting me a copy of this brilliant novel in exchange for my honest review.
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October 1, 2016
My Review

What Worked
This was an incredibly well-written book. I think I may have noticed two typos in the entire book, very well-edited and easy to read.

The story itself was phenomenal. It definitely gets you in the feels, especially in the last half of the book. I thought the author did a fantastic job of setting up the characters and building their relationship to what it needed to be for the big stuff that happens in the latter part of the story. It starts out with Marlena as a young child, and ends with her as at the end of her Junior year in high school, and the progression was a good way to really show how deep the connection ran between Marley and Romy/Sebastian. I enjoyed the supporting characters, and was happy to see how one of them redeemed himself later on in the book.

If you want to know how gripping this story is, then it might be telling to say that when I went to bed last night I was at about 30% (Chapter 8), and when I finished the book it was 4:10 a.m. I think I cried for at least a good ten minutes afterwards, too, not going to lie.

A few of my favorite quotes that I highlighted that won't require any spoilers include:
-Chapter 7 - I learned that love is a simple, wondrous feeling to feed your body and soul. If what someone is giving you feels bad, it is not love.
-Chapter 10 - On one side of the battlefield was my heart, worrying for my best friend. The opposing side was full of hormones, demanding to be released to conquer the beautiful young man holding me.
-Chapter 13 - If you wish for me to stop breathing, then ask me to go and live my life searching for other wolves. But if you wish for me to be happy, unbelievably content, then ask me to stay and live my life with you.
-Chapter 16 - I looked into many different shades of eyes as I took the walk that changed my perception on life.

What Could Use Some Work:
There really isn't much I can say on this section other than things that solely rely on my own personal preference, which was that I felt that the early chapters of the book were a little too happy and easy going. I like to see a little more conflict early on in the book, but there were a few things here and there, and I definitely think that the middle and end sections of this book completely made up for any of that.

Overall, if you enjoy YA, fantasy, werewolf, and/or paranormal romance books, then I definitely recommend My Wolf and Me.
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July 26, 2017
Four point five stars

My Wolf and Me is a paranormal fantasy. Six year old Marlena and her family live in the backwoods, where Marlena entertains herself playing imaginary games in the forest. When she meets two full grown wolves, she’s not afraid; instead, she includes them in her games.

One day the wolves arrive with a pup, Marlena is delighted to have a new playmate, and at once the pair become best friends, with Marlena naming him Romy. Danger arrives when Romy’s father suddenly disappears, and the search for answers, from the pup’s own mother, has her returning to them close to death. With her last breaths, Romy’s mother turns into a human; she asks Marlena to look after Romy, especially when he “changes” in the future.

Marlena’s parents are rightfully fearful and reluctant to have their daughter be friends with such a dangerous species. However, her strong will and bossy determination eventually win them over, bearing in mind the obvious loyalty and protection that Romy offers their daughter.

When Marlena is old enough to attend school, Romy must share her with other humans. She makes friends with T and Hound, two boys whose respect she earns, and the trio go through their school years together. Romy grows and grows; at home the pair are still inseparable. Yet, in her late teens, Marlena notices a change in Romy; forgotten messages from her childhood return as Romy, very obviously, heads for a very difficult transition. The secrets the pair now hold become a ticking time bomb, but what happens when strangers come through the forest take their innocent beliefs to a whole new level.

Another beautifully written story from an author who gives her characters great depth of feeling, and emotions with which the reader can easily empathise. There’s always room in this genre for well written books which transport the reader to a far off place. I highly recommend this to paranormal fantasy readers who like books featuring wolves.
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August 23, 2016
This book is the ultimate coming of age love story. Marley & Sebastian, the two main characters, will stay with you long after you’ve read the last sentence. I laughed, cried and feared for them, never able to put it down from the first chapter onwards.

Sebastian’s joy at discovering the world, his first steps from man to wolf, discovering love, being in love, it makes you aware of all the things you take for granted. Marley’s own change, as she goes through puberty and adolescence, is described and witnessed in such a way you know the author definitely knows what she’s talking about. Their romance, from the beginning, tugs at your heart strings, hoping to no end that your own daughter would find someone this dedicated and loving.

The author managed to weave together a pure, romantic story, with strong characters and funny anecdotes. I could go on for miles of paper about how wonderful the story is, how well the Lycan plotline is described, how truly fearful the danger they face made me feel… But there’s only so many words I can put in this review.

Suffice to say, from the main characters to the background secondary ones, each one tugs at your heart. The seamless flow of the dialogue, the description of the environment, it all has you viewing the world the author created through her eyes – and what a wonderful world! I will be recommending this to friends, without a second thought, because it’s the kind of story I feel everyone – especially young girls out of their teenage years – needs to read.

I would love love love to read more about them, or their world, in the future.

*I received a free copy of the book in exchange for reviewing it, and it has not altered my opinion; this is my true and honest review*
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