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Tainted Waters #2

Black Waters

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The blue water Whit once loved now looked black because it was claiming her, taking her from me.

Whitney Summers is Link’s best friend. He would do anything for her, even sacrifice their friendship to protect her. Whitney believes she understands what is transpiring in her life, but so much stirs beneath the surface. As her closest friend and protector, Link faces the darkness in his own life to guard the girl he loves.
This is Link’s story…

There was no beauty in her dying that day…

112 pages, Paperback

First published March 1, 2016

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About the author

India R. Adams

45 books1,248 followers
Souls on fire…

USA TODAY bestselling author India R Adams writes stories of souls on fire. Whether India’s characters are feeling the heat from hell or the wings of grace, they are all transforming and want to share their journey with you. Her novels range from Dark MC, Paranormal, to Contemporary, but each story is either a path of destruction or a road to redemption.

Sometimes both.

So, if you want to read about voyages of the heart, the grit to rise from one’s knees, or the strength to break free of the binds of a spirit, then pick one of India’s stories because she believes damaged souls are worth saving and that there is nothing more beautiful than a soul on fire.

One of the best ways to follow India and stay up to date with her latest work is her newsletter. As a thank you gift, she is presently offering Hostile Illusions with the signup!

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Profile Image for Mimiorphee.
482 reviews22 followers
January 4, 2018
"There was no beauty in her dying that day…"

Never, NEVER would have I expected that book to crush my heart like it did. If Blue Waters broke it, Black Waters totally crushed it. 

Like for the 1st opus, I didn't knew what Black Waters was about. I guessed it was the followed up of Blue. Nope. When I saw it was the same story but from Link's point of view, I was intrigued, yes,   although intrigued doesn't begin to cover what I felt.

Let me tell you, the atmosphere in this book is way darker. It was devastating. And true to the author's style, it was beautifully devastating. Oh, boy did I cry!!!

The love those kids have for each other is passionate. What they learn, as the story unfolds, and the revelations unravel had my jaw dropping more than once. And despite everything, they fight harder and harder, never giving up. The thing is, did they stand any chance at all? Caught in the crossfire of elements they never controled, where threats arise and stakes are higher than ever, Link and Crash managed to build a fantastic relationship based on respect and their love for Whit. In the middle of that war and all that anguish, that shred apart Whit, Crash and Link's innocence, the purity of the feelings was like a bubble of oxygen. Protectiveness, fierceness and selflessness carry a tragic plot where hope is progressively disappearing, leaving me wondering until the last moments.

I highly recommend this books if you're in the mood for a strong and beautifully written story with the deepest emotions.

"Secrets can be harmless, or they can be torturous inner struggles that devour you from the inside out"

 India, do you know what? "Red Waters is a must."!!!

*I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book. Thank you!*
Profile Image for Snow.
2,188 reviews632 followers
September 7, 2017

4.5 "Crash" stars


Even though my mind, and this hole where my heart and soul reside are now filled with pitter-patter of those flippery things called emotions of various kind...
I have experienced an ultimate pleasure of a true masterful display of what a good book feels like!

This story is, in fact, an alternate POV from LINK (Reether Jones), Whit's childhood best friend and a guy who is in love with her, as she is in him but she hasn't acknowledged it yet...

And it's bloody complicated...it's not your usual YA drama, this is an emotional rollercoaster in a wharp speed and there's no stopping until all the secrets are unraveled...

as we once more see all the events from Blue Waters all over again in a fresh, interesting way and with a new background story to fulfill all the sidelines and tiny fissures, as it all comes to a full perspective to give us a complete, ultimately captivating story of three interlinked lives that payed a price of their elders' criminal acts...

And the price payed was drastic, final and emotionally crippling...
The blue water Whit once loved now looked black because it was claiming her, taking her from me.

It took more than just breathing again, to set the records straight, to admit and accept the newly, terrifying truths and have enough inner strength to find yourself all over again...
The waters that were once blue, once black, suddenly seemed tainted to me. They had seen too much. The waters had seen and felt happiness, seen sorrow, and then felt despair. The innocent waters of time now had no possible chance of changing the past.

Yet the ultimate sacrifice of love will not stay unheard...will not stay unanswered...and after all the suffering and loss, it will find its way back...home.
We swam toward one another through the black waters of despair, reaching for each other until the tainted waters became crystal-clear blue once more.

I have to admit that I had envisioned this story in a total different way and yes, my heart yelped when it all played out differently but I can understand and being a big girl with badass attitude I can admit and accept the fact that sometimes things can't always go my way...LOL

My heart goes out to the underdog of this story...and my hole where my heart and soul reside, will be filled out again!

Once more, amazingly written, filled with beautiful, meaninful messages through the water analogy, this is an action packed and emotionally gripping story of loss, friendship and love...with bonds much stronger than blood connecting these characters into eternity.

Thank. You.💜

***COPY gratiously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review***
Profile Image for Elfina Renee.
611 reviews202 followers
December 13, 2017
What happens when the sins of the families affect all you know and those you love? Betrayals are measured in bullets and death, yet you don’t have a clear understanding as to why? Just as much as Whitney screams, the vivid pictures of her agony clears...leaving you with more questions than answers.

Choose… choose who will lose For it is time to tighten the noose. No elders need be involved For they’re the ones who caused it all.

I can only surmise India R Adams will have those answers in Red Waters! Ugh this has been so thrilling, captivating, keeping me hanging on this author’s every word!

His cheek brushed her hair. His eyes closed; his face contorted in agony. I could almost hear his tortured inner moans.
High praise alone isn’t enough to do this continuation five star novella justice. India R Adams, thank you so much for generously gifting me this ARC and bringing me into your world of intrigue, suspense and one hell of a kickass storyline! Thank you...thank you! My advice to fellow readers, if you haven’t already gotten a copy….buy the book! Happy reading, enjoy!
Profile Image for Dianne.
6,765 reviews579 followers
September 2, 2016
I’m pretty sure India R. Adams had no idea how deeply Link’s POV would affect readers. We’ve heard Whitney’s POV and now, we are going to hear Link’s version, as Whitney’s best friend, and the young man who would die for her.

India R. Adams did NOT just change the POV and insert names to repeat her story, Blue Waters. She re-wrote and detailed life through Link’s eyes and heart, including his actions, reactions and emotions. Have you ever wondered what true love means? How selfless it can be? How much joy, pain and longing it can bring? Wonder no more. Link is love personified, which doesn’t mean he is perfect, but he is in for the long haul in whatever capacity Whit wants or needs him.

This time out, Link divulges what Whit missed or was kept from, including what he knew about Crash. He also is man enough to admit that just maybe Crash isn’t who he thought he was. Together they form their own protection surveillance for Whit without fanfare or male posturing.

Black Waters is more than a sequel. As the title implies, it is a change of mood, atmosphere and the darkness of evil that is closing in. Follow the events from Blue Waters, taste the flavor of that tale, then plunge into Black Waters and prepare to have your world turned upside down as new truths are uncovered and the strength of real fear, love and loyalty is tested. This goes beyond the hidden gem pile to becoming a rare literary find fro the masses.

I received this copy from India R. Adams in exchange for my honest review.

Series: Tainted Water - Book 2
Publisher: India's Productions; 1 edition (March 16, 2016)
Publication Date: March 16, 2016
Genre: Dark Fiction
Print Length: 124 pages
Available from: Amazon Barnes & Noble
For Reviews & More: http://tometender.blogspot.com

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Author 13 books439 followers
March 23, 2016
dark waters photo: hand-1.gif

The blue water Whit once loved now looked black because it was claiming her, taking her from me.

In the first book, Blue Waters,, we were told the story through the POV of Whitney. In this book, Black Waters, the story is retold through the POV of Link. I, normally, don’t like reading books that switch POV’s of the same story, but this was necessary. Link fills in blanks that we were not given in the first book and to say it was shocking; is an understatement. The twists were mind blowing and kept you engaged into the story, until the very end.

I have to say that India’s writing is unbelievable, the characters she crafts with their imperfections are amazing and I am definitely a lifelong fan and cannot wait to read more from this talented author.
Profile Image for Briana.
498 reviews19 followers
May 8, 2017
**Re-Read 5/7/17 and OMG! CONNECTIONS WERE MADE PEOPLE! You don't understand how excited I am for the next book in this series and in the Forever Series. I'm ready India whenever you are girl! Haha great re-read. Definitely cleared up some details, and was written beautifully at that. Great series of novellas**

Oh this had every emotion interwoven in this book. It had happiness, sadness, betrayal, and more, but most of all it had Love.

I just read this book in one sitting, and I think this summed up everything a reader could know about Link, Crash, and Whit's story. And throughout it all, I am truly on the brink of tears. See! This is what I get for reading this wonderful story in one sitting; me, on the brink of tears...

I don't have to say much about this book overall, critique wise. This was a quick read to me, but it had so much information that was revealed at the perfect time. I mean just in all, I loved everything about it.

The characters!!! I want to cry. I have to give a shout out to this author for her ability to write characters and character development so well. I was just overall speechless for each of these characters' actions. So many things happened in this book alone I am just amazed at how each character handled the things happening in the book differently.

And can we give a shout out to the author for a perfect ending!? I mean everything was just perfect! Wonderful story that portrayed tragic situations, joyous situations, and everything in between so well.

Just a wonderful book and characters and plot and anything else you can think of. I loved it; this book and the entire series as whole. I mean I am just speechless and I'm just filled with emotion.

5 well earned stars.

**ARC kindly provided by India R. Adams for an honest review**
Profile Image for Yesha- Books Teacup and Reviews.
621 reviews127 followers
May 25, 2017
(I received review copy of this book from author, in exchange for an honest review. I am glad I got a chance to read this book.)
*4.5 stars*

This book is rewriting of ‘Blue Waters” from Link’s POV. It’s life story of Link. About Link’s feelings- love, possessiveness, desperation to protect Whit, friendship- and dark side of his family.

'Black Waters' fills the gap or should I say unanswered questions of 'Blue Waters'- What Link’s real feelings were for whit, How he discovered the truth about Crash, What was the unsaid relation between Link and Crash, and more important will he be able to save Crash and Whit at the end. This is the answer of all these questions.

I do want to say what exactly I liked in the book but in doing so, I will give away lot more. So, in brief,--

This book was surprise package. Story coming from Link made me feel both for the story and characters exactly how he felt. And may be that’s why I loved Crash in this book more than the first one. Again I loved the explanation for the title of the book. I liked starting of the book. It was exactly like the first book i.e. amazing. I love how India starts and decides to ends the book and exactly in the middle of the book she starts to open her cards one by one.

End of the book, was sad and yet sweet. And it also opens few questions for the next book of the series -“Red Waters”.

Overall, a great story.
Profile Image for Bonnie.
302 reviews8 followers
March 10, 2017
LOVED LOVED this book! It had me feeling so many emotions. I was even yelling at the book with the twists and the way it went. It grabbed me from the start and never let go. I was crying, I was wanting to knock ones out. It is a powerful read.India R. Adams delivered. She knows hpow to pull you in and never let go. I loved this book. Hated to see it end, but so thankful to have had the chance to read it.

I give it an A+ or 5 stars.
Profile Image for L.N. Denison.
Author 5 books198 followers
October 14, 2016
Whereas, Blue Waters, the first book in this awesome series of novella's, was told from Whitney Summers (Whit) POV, Black Waters is told from Reether Jones (Link) POV. As with the first book, it start off like any other YA/NA novel, bright, quirky and innocent enough, but then things start turning dark and twisted, with so many WTF moments to get your head around, but that what makes these stories so unique. I'm all about the darkness, and this had just enough without going over the top. If you have read the first story, you know what it's all about already, but if you haven't, I'm not saying a word, as it's for you read.

I love that these stories are told in the first person POV, it really works well. The writing is solid and the dialogue is well written, and I can't wait to get stuck in to Red Waters.

This a big, fat 5 stars from me...well done!
Profile Image for Nikki Landis.
Author 108 books1,588 followers
March 9, 2017
WOW Part 2. I am TOTALLY in love with this story from Link's point of view. This book was everything I was hoping for and more. The emotions that coursed through me as I read... again, WOW.

How is it possible to write a story so heartbreaking and devastatingly tragic but redeeming and wonderfully beautiful at the same time? I don't know how India does it but she did, and this book was so full of emotions, lies, truths, betrayal, secrets, love, loss, tragedy, and redemption that I think I'm forever altered.

I don't want to give away any spoilers but this novel is truly life altering, not only for the characters, but also for the reader. Serious adult themes interact with teenage angst and love, but its the SACRIFICE, on SO MANY LEVELS, of the main characters, again and again, that nearly guts you so many times it's hard to keep reading......
and yet you can't stop. You have to know what is happening, you have to follow that unknown and heart racing road to its final finish.

India's writing is so eloquent, throughout the entire book, you experience it as if you are there, as if you are in the story, and you want to reach through the pages...just once, in so many ways. My heart is pounding, and I want to cry and hug the ones I love because Black Waters has touched my soul.

Profile Image for Luv2read.
143 reviews10 followers
February 23, 2017
So much happened in Blue Waters and I loved every word of it. It was told from Whit's perspective of the events taking place in her life. It was written so creatively that you knew unwritten conversations were being spoken between Link and Crash or Link and his parents. But in an effort to protect Whit these things are kept from her. Black Waters tells Whit's story and Link's story from his perspective. India has written both books in such a way that you're not getting Blue Waters rehashed. No, you're getting so much more than you dared hope for. As good as it is told by Whit, it is so much more told by Link. The unspoken conversations, the pain, the lies and the betrayal take on new meaning. More dirty secrets and heartbreak come to light in Black Waters.

Readers, I implore you to not pass up the opportunity to read this book. You will learn so much more that's vital to this sad, beautiful story. Truly, another jewel in my eyes!
Profile Image for Ola.
109 reviews24 followers
November 10, 2016
I received an eCopy of this book courtesy of the lovely author herself in exchange for an honest review.

Honestly, I did not know that it was possible to rewrite a book from another person’s perspective and still make me feel approximately everything.

All of the things were felt whilst reading this novel, from sadness to anticipation, to fear, to outright happiness when the ending rolled around (and not because the book was awful and I was relieved, but because it was a heartwarming ending which I will forever be thankful for because it was honestly such a good conclusion to the novella).

I have to say that I probably should have re-read Blue Waters before starting Black Waters, but it did trigger enough memories of the prequel-ish-not-really for me to be able to fully enjoy it. And enjoy it I did.

This book was so damn detailed I honestly wish all authors cared enough to pad out secondary characters enough to be able to accomplish what India did within the limited page count. Characters I had not cared for or understood before suddenly became incredibly important? I actually understood the actions of Link’s father much more than I had during Blue Waters.

For some reason, though, I could not connect with Link as much as I had with Whitney, at least during the first half of the book, before major events and reveals happened which put his character in a much different, and a slightly more favourable light.

As you may already be able to tell, this book truly was the perfect companion of its predecessor, all the gaps and questions were filled in perfectly and India didn’t stop there.

We were also introduced to completely new ideas, courtesy of Whit’s oblivious state in Blue Waters. Link’s narrative presents us with what seemed like concrete information which seemed like things that really shouldn’t have been able to go unnoticed during the previous novella. So many twists in such a short space of time, my mind was reeling – it was WONDERFUL.

I cannot criticise this book, much alike I was not able to find anything wrong with Blue Waters; the writing style, the characters, the pace amalgamated into another amazing novella; so huge kudos to India R. Adams for writing this series.

My Rating: 4.75 Stars
Profile Image for Tees_BookCave.
554 reviews87 followers
October 9, 2019
"There was no beauty in her dying that day."

From the moment I started this authors work, I was captivated and hooked. This author is not afraid to tackle dark subject themes.
You do need to read Blue waters first as Black Waters is the same story but written from Link's point of view. The feel to this book was a bit more venturing into the darker side of things which I am all for it.

I am amazed at this author's abilities through her writing, the beautiful meaningful messages and the poetry that is hidden throughout. This book is a lot more action packed then blue waters and is emotionally gripping. This is a story about loss, friendship and love. The bonds that Crash, Whitney and Link share is so powerful and stronger than anything.

This story is not only about loss, friendship and love but is also about the discovery of who you are and the family that you belong to. Secrets/Lies were revealed that will forever change Link, Crash and Whitney life. This book had all the twists and turns that I wasn't ready for nor did I expect. This author definitely likes to surprise us with these twists and turns.

When you start this series, you will be hooked like I was. The writing, the story, the characters and everything else will captivate you like no other. I didn't want this book to end but thank god the next one is out "Red Waters". I am now off to read that one.
Profile Image for Ana Manjić.
549 reviews49 followers
April 26, 2021
"There was no beauty in her dying that day..."

To tell you I was surprised and heartbroken reading this story... - omg, I cried with them and for them.

Blue Waters #1 is a must-read - it's Whit's story, from her point of view and it was phenomenal.

Black Waters #2 - I thought it would follow where book1 stopped but no, we have the same story but from Links' point of view.
- BUT - it's so much more than repeating the story - you get a whole new dimension of this amazing relationship between three people, so many secrets and lies were discovered - stuff you can't even imagine or predict and they were just popping out.

But that's what I say every time about India - she's an amazing writer, always surprising you and leaving you breathless.
Damn you fiction characters - I love you!

Recommending this series to lovers of dark, thirsty for selflessness, and hungry for fierceness. Read this.
Read any of her books, you will become addictive as I am.
Profile Image for • Island Queen Reads • Ofa •.
765 reviews80 followers
February 28, 2019
Oh my heart! It's taken me a while to actually be able to put together a string of words to result in a review. I wasn't ready. I was not at all prepared for how to this book played out. I was excited to start this since finishing the first one, but couldn't get my head around it. How this author managed to put so much content into such a small book is beyond me.

I won't go into much detail because it's not a book that can be explained but experienced for one's self. You must read the first book to fully comprehend the events that transpire. I will say though, that my heart was torn literally into a thousand pieces. I was torn with who I was rooting for and what I wanted to happen. Secrets were revealed that had my jaw on the ground and I wanted more. While I'm sad that some of the events that happened made me cry, I do know it was what needed to happen. I'm excited for the next book.
Profile Image for Mg ♥ The Bookishmedialite.
1,150 reviews296 followers
April 1, 2020
And I crashed.

I really thought it was going to be different but deep in my heart, I knew Link and Franky belong together.

I feel like there's still a lot going on in the series, or maybe it's just that I need MORE. I'm so ready to dive into the red waterssssss.
Profile Image for Sage Knightly.
524 reviews26 followers
August 6, 2019

"I found a beauty in living, Link.”

Black Waters is the second book in the Tainted Waters novella series and is just as brilliantly well done as the first story. While Blue Waters was in the perspective of Whitney and followed her struggles and relationships, Black Waters follows Link and shows his side of things that we never saw in the first book.

The writing, as usual, is amazing. It had a great flow, it was easy to fall into and understand, and it allows the reader to feel what the characters are going through. It is truly beautiful and I honestly can't get enough of it!

This is honestly such a heartbreaking story full of loss, grief, and the slow path to recovery. It made my heart break and I honestly cried at some parts. It is so emotional and thought provoking. 

Overall, this is a great story that I do recommend trying to read.

"Her unconventional, intelligent, free-spirited, intricate ways were slowly snuffed out by the people around her. Some of us may have been more innocent than others, but we were guilty all the same."
Profile Image for Anna (Adventures with a Book Nerd).
186 reviews59 followers
November 3, 2016
"There was no beauty in her dying that day..."

This book startled me. Not in a jump scare kind of way, but that this isn't like any of the other books by Adams that I've read before. This book is very different from Blue Waters, which is kind of good considering that this book is another version of Blue Waters.

In this book we follow Link, and his view on what happened in Blue Waters. This book starts at the same time that Blue Waters started, but this book is so much different (in a good way of course).

One thing that really threw me off when I started this novella was the lack of humor. One of my favorite things about Adams's writing is the humor that is mixed in, and so it surprised me when there was a lack of it! I missed it, but I the same time I'm glad that it wasn't really there. This book is very serious at times, and I don't think that the book would have been the same with the humor.

One thing that worried me going in was that this novella would be too similar to Blue Waters, but the two stories are completely different! Link goes through and discovers so much in this book, that I am really glad that we got to read from Link's perspective.

On thing that bugged me about the first book was that I couldn't really connect with the characters; which makes sense because it's a novella. I was able to connect with the characters more in this book which was really nice. I think that of the three books I've read by Adams's, this is my least favorite, with Serenity being my favorite. All of her books are fabulous though, so I really hope that you give them a try. :)

So overall, I loved this book! I was able to connect with the characters more, and the story line was different enough that I was always interested. With a couple Serenity references that made me even more excited for Destiny, I am looking forward to my next read by Adams. :)

~Anna @Adventures with a Book Nerd

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Profile Image for Cecily Wolfe.
Author 14 books492 followers
November 19, 2016

The ending I was hoping for, even thought it was very hard-won and emotionally fraught.

Great to see the story from Link's point of view - I think he is my favorite character from both books.

I'd love to see more of Link and Whitney . . . maybe there are more adventures for the two of them to embark upon?
Profile Image for India Adams.
Author 45 books1,248 followers
May 1, 2017
This second novella was not intended to be written but Link insisted on his story being told... I'm so thankful he did.
Profile Image for Tamara Harrington.
512 reviews27 followers
April 1, 2018
I am literally so emotionally drained right now, I don't even really know where to start!
Black waters is Links story, and where I was going to say that it is just Blue Waters from his POV, I've realized that it is so much more. What I thought would be a fun ride seeing things through Links eyes, was completely different from what actually happened. There was so much more to their story, to his and Whits and Crash's too. That love and friendship that I loved was so much more to all of them. I HATE spoilers and we all know this but I will tell you that even though you will cry your heart out and it will feel like your soul is shredding a little bit more than before, there is a happily ever after for them, I just won't be telling you who it is!
So now I am off to stuff my face with ice cream and wonder what I am going to be able to read next because I am in serious book hangover mode!
Another brilliant job well done by India!!
This is my honest and unbiased review.
Profile Image for Sophie Ruthven.
1,595 reviews100 followers
February 22, 2019
I seem to say that about every new India book that I read, but this book made me utterly speechless, which is normally impossible to do.
So much happened in this book that if I said anything more about this book I'd ruin the story. So many twists and turns you'll finish it and still be reeling days later!!
Profile Image for Erin Scorpio.
148 reviews7 followers
October 23, 2018
Once more blown away.

Wow! This is a story with everything. Love, laughs, lies ,heartbreak, sacrifice, scenes that leave you blown away. Scenes that leave you heartbroken and crying. This was an amazing story or two men in love with the same girl. Link and Whitney are the best of friends. Whitney is sassy, silly,and despises Link's girlfriend Connie. Connie isn't a fan of Whit's either. While at the movies Whit meets Crash. A man who will not only change her life but the life of everyone she and Link knows. The world as they know it will be ripped apart and turned upside down.

Once again, I am in love with the characters.
Profile Image for Sadaf.
Author 3 books12 followers
December 15, 2016
This is the kind of book that leaves you shocked for days.

I really don't think this one is for the faint of heart. That being said, I think everyone should give it a go because it is a real eye-opener. India creates the most wonderful characters that the reader gets super attached to. Then she goes on to peel back the layers of their life and show us what's really happening. That's her magic. Usually we hear about things happening but we don't really feel the pain of the victims and survivors of tragedies. India makes you feel so much that you go numb to block out the horror. This is how it should be. I think if these people can go through horrible things then the least we can do is hear their stories and feel a small portion of their pain.

In the first book we fall in love with three unique and powerful characters; Whitney, Link and Crash. Their relationships, interactions and effects on each other are not quite explained until this book. The first book shows Whitney's point of view and we realize that she is mostly out of the loop. Something big's happening to her loved ones and she feels helpless. I am so glad we got to know what was actually happening. Once I discovered the extent to which things had gone awry, or rather were so deeply dark this whole time was disturbing to say the least. It just goes to show how we can never judge people by what we see or what they project to the world. The truth is often so much uglier and twisted than we could possibly imagine.

It's not just about showing us the darkness but the characters grieve, fall, get back up on their feet and fight for themselves and the ones they love. The selfless sacrifices they perform without hesitation and unbelievable strength that these characters show is incredibly inspiring.


The theme of this book revolves around human trafficking, sexual slavery and the vicious world of drugs. It shows you a lot of different perspectives. Link's mother was sold into sexual slavery bur saved by his dad, who was a lawyer. Whitney's elder brother, Crash's elder brother and Link's girlfriend all die needlessly because monsters wearing human faces needed to make a point. Whitney herself was a part of this terrifying world before she too was rescued. No matter how hard they try to escape them, the monsters keep coming back and destroying their lives. In the end, even after all the loss, there is hope and life. That's what keeps us all hanging on.

Thank you so much for the ARC India :) Your stories are unforgettable.

Profile Image for Paula Brown.
90 reviews23 followers
December 18, 2017

This author has done it again -- am totally emotionally drained..This book has twists and bends upon twists and bends..Everything from living nightmares to murder... Is there a happy ending-- maybe, maybe not. Is the threat finally gone --- maybe, maybe not.
Profile Image for Violet.
336 reviews58 followers
December 31, 2021
This may sound like a complaint but it's really a compliment. No other author can take what I usually despise in books and make me love it, but Ms. Adams is a master at doing just that. Maybe because I know going in to expect anything, I'm able to overcome the things that normally would have me running the other way. I'm an avid romance reader but her books (this book and the previous) are YA fiction. Definitely different for me. They involve couples that fall in love as well as different forms of love, yes, but the focus is on the story first. And what a story it was.
Even though this is a novella, do not be fooled. It packs a punch. So many revelations, so many ups, and downs, so much heartache, and beauty.
My heart hurts. I found myself needing breaks because my heart was either too full or in dire need of a moment to just be. To digest all I had read and all that was to come.
Link, Crash, and Whit are amazing characters facing darkness they should never have to face, yet it's their reality. The love, the sacrifice, the courage, and the bravery shown by all three will keep this story in my heart for years to come.
This book reminds me that life is full of moments and it's in those moments we have to find and hold onto happiness so that when the sad times come, we have the strength to keep pushing through until the next treasured moment arrives.
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March 21, 2016
Like the first Tainted Waters Novella, this one had ugly beauty. An ugly beauty that has your heart soaring, cracking, and smiling. I didn't know how i was expecting this journey to end but it definitely wasn't like this in my mind. No, this novella was amazing and touch me so hard. Reether needed to be heard. His story is one that shouts from your heart strings and leaves you at peace after the war. I really can't put words to this book, it's left me speechless, but it is a gripping story that needs to be read. The way India writes is extremely captivating, you feel like you are drowning until you get more and more words, and until you have consumed every last drop if this book. It's a mind game. and I loved every minute of it.
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July 27, 2017
I started the book thinking it was a continuation of the previous novel, Blue Water, which ended on a major cliffhanger. Turns out this novel is told from the perspective of Link and covers the same time line as Blue Waters, extending out past the major cliffhanger. (Thank god because I was seriously afraid it would be the same cliffhanger but then just even more feels because now I know this whole *other* side of the story line.) Black Waters dives much deeper (see what I did there) into the danger and background of the characters and let me tell you, it was a lot. Many of the lingering questions from Blue Waters are revealed from Links perspective and really give the reader greater insight into how all the characters are linked (haha I did it again) together, and the past that has lead them into the dangerous predicament they now all find themselves in. I know I said from my review of Blue Waters that I was team Crash all the way and I was *not* feeling a Link/Whit love story but damn if India didn't change my mind. It's amazing how reading the same set of events from another characters perspective can really alter how you feel about situations and connections between characters. Now don't get me wrong, I'm still a big Crash fan (we've been through the whole bad boy thing- they are intoxicating what can I say?!) but understanding the ending would have just left me pissed if I had read it in Blue Waters versus Black Waters. I could come to terms with a lot that transpired in the end, knowing Links side of things. This book was filled with some pretty shocking revelations that were complete mind = blown situations which of course are always great to read. I love having to stop a book and just be like, damn........, for a minute before I pick back up and continue, those are the best. From a little sneak peak at the end I know there is more to these characters story to come (score!) so I will just sit by (not so) patiently and wait to catch up with them!
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July 7, 2017
Black Waters, ( Novella #2. )
By India R. Adams.

Naturally, after flying through book #1 "Blue Waters" and absolutely loving it, i went flying into this one. Black Waters Book#2. And i can honestly say i LOVED it!

I loved seeing things from Link's side and looking at everything that transpired from a different side/point of view.
Black waters is an absolutely brilliant and again a MUST Read!

We experience from Black waters the unconditional love from Link towards Whitney and the sacrifice that not only Link but Chase also is whiling to give for Whitney. An intricate web has been woven into a mass of lies, complicated family drama, pain, and crime. In Black waters we see a lot of this intricate web unfold and start to see the connections between certain characters as well as hearing a lot of the back story behind the grown up characters which in turn has lead to Link, Chase & Whitney being here present in the story.
( I hope I'm making sense. )

Completely gripping read that i just couldn't get enough of, and feel now totally gutted that so far it has come to an end.
But there is hope as i see the maybe a " Red Waters" Book #3 to come? Please please please India R Adams this most certainly needs to be done. :) And i for one can not wait!
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September 1, 2018
Finding the Beauty in Living!

India R. Adams has created a thrilling sequel to her first book in her Tainted Water series, Blue Waters, with her second story, Black Waters.

We have met best friends, Whitney and Link, along with Crash, and have seen the triangle of love and yearning and pain and pleasure. Black Waters picks up the dramatic pacing to allow it to become a suspenseful thriller that provides unexpected storylines and intense emotions.

Ultimately, we once again find the thread of humanity which is woven through all of India’s great works of literary art. But even more importantly, we see that even through the ugliness of life, we truly can find the beauty in living.
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