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Freefall (Saint Squad, #1)
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Freefall (Saint Squad #1)

4.17  ·  Rating Details ·  2,419 Ratings  ·  272 Reviews
Lieutenant Brent Miller arrived in the Middle East with one objective--get seven hostages out of a hostile country. The plan almost worked. But now he has been left behind--with one of the hostages. It's up to Brent to get Amy Whitmore, a US Senator's daughter, across miles of desert to safety. What he doesn't know is that to survive, he needs her as much as she needs him.
Paperback, 242 pages
Published January 1st 2008 by Covenant Communications
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Mar 03, 2012 Natalie rated it liked it
Shelves: mormon-lit
One of my friends gave this to me for my birthday. I used to read a lot of Mormon-lit in high school, but it's been awhile since I've picked one up. It was enjoyable, not fabulous, but enjoyable. Mormon-lit is always just a little too predictable and everything always works out so perfectly. Amy Whitmore is a Mormon and it just so happens that an all Mormon Navy Seals team is the one that saves her. It just so happens that Amy is a great artist and can draw sketches of the terrorists, it just so ...more
Sep 27, 2008 Yourldsneighborhood rated it it was amazing
Recommends it for: everyone
Recommended to Yourldsneighborhood by: Whitney Awards
Great book. I absolutely love Traci Hunter Abramson's work. I am a judge for the Whitney Awards, a literary award. One of Traci's books was a finalist and I saw that it wasn't the first in the serious. I read the first couple of pages, loved the way she wrote and ran out and book the other two books and read those before reading the required reading. Loved the whole series. She's a fantastic writer and it's a great book.
Apr 03, 2008 Sharon rated it it was amazing
Shelves: mystery-romance
I just finished this book and loved it! It has a lot of adventure and romance, which are my favorites! Appearantly there's a pre-quel to it I was unaware of, but I was fine not to have read it first. (That's one of my pet-peeves about LDS fiction.) However, I'm going to check it out next because I loved this book so much.
Kathy * Bookworm Nation
I’ve seen these books popping up here and there and finally decided to read them. I thought this was the first, but I guess It’s actually Abramson’s fourth book (I think it’s the first in this series though?). Overall, I enjoyed the story. There is plenty of action and romance. I liked Amy’s character, she is sharp, understanding and knows how to take care of herself. There were a few times that I thought she sounded too good to be true. For example, there are about 17 terrorists that kidnap her ...more
Nov 18, 2015 Cindi rated it liked it
This was a pretty good book and I definitely enjoyed it. Amy Whitmore is a hostage behind enemy lines and he first part of the book is her and Lieutenant Brent Miller of the Navy SEALs struggle to get to safety. The second half describes attempts to keep Amy safe when other hostages (ones that were with Amy) are killed. Amy and Brent also find biological warfare threats against the US. I don't mind about the CIA or Navy SEALs but most of the book was believable. Not the part where Amy starts wor ...more
Oct 02, 2008 Teri rated it it was amazing
Recommends it for: anyone
Brent Miller and his four Navy Seal Teammates work together to rescue 7 hostages in the Middle East, then by an accident, he and Amy Whitworth, a senator's daughter, are left behind, so they need to find their own way out by depending on each other for survival. They use every means of survival. After being rescued, and then being protected by the Secret Service, as there've been biological weapons being planted in cities around the world, the Team, with Amy's assistance, tries to thwart the ter ...more
Amy Halbern
Aug 20, 2014 Amy Halbern rated it it was amazing
This story had me hooked from start to finish. My friend Diana Recommended this book to me and oh boy I am so glad she did!! I loved how there was such a great adventure, romance, fighting for what you want and believe in and solving problems all tied up in one! So many great characters, including such a great storyline!!! I loved the end. I couldn't have asked for a better ending! Highly recommend this book!!!
Aug 20, 2008 Kathryn rated it it was amazing
I love this author's style of writing, just enough suspense with the mingling of the relationship on the horizon. amy, a senators daughter becomes a hostage in a foreign country and while the navy seals try to rescue her she falls out of the helicopter after the door she is sitting by is blown off. one of the seals goes out after her...
Teya Peck
Dec 15, 2012 Teya Peck rated it it was amazing
I loved it! WOw, I love the love story, yet there was so much more going on. The CIA stuff was amazing, it was like I was Amy and figuring out everything right along with her. Good, very clean, and engaging. A must read!
Hollie Robb
Apr 25, 2008 Hollie Robb rated it really liked it
Shelves: fiction, mysteries
Very well done. The story was very refreshing. Traci didn't keep the same argument going over and over and over. After reading two books like that; this one was a breath of fresh air. Thank you Traci for not putting me though such agony.
David Slatten
Jul 25, 2017 David Slatten rated it liked it
A pretty good story although it had a bit too much of a love story undercurrent for my tastes. But the plot was fairly solid and the characters were fun albeit not super developed. The only problems I had with this book was the author's extensive use of the word "had" when describing something in the past tense. It is used so much that it actually becomes distracting. The other issue was dealing with the accuracy of a SEAL team's capabilities and responsibilities. Now I am not a SEAL and cannot ...more
May 16, 2017 Alisha rated it it was ok
This book claims to be action but the only action is at the very beginning then the rest is, I love them but I can't because of my career, oh, but I love them so I can't move on, but we can't be together. I dare say the entire middle-end section is only that with one minor action event. I usually love romance but this was much. It also didn't help I was listening to it with my husband and he was especially not impressed...

Saint Squad Series Book 1.

LDS Author. Ages 13+.
Beth Burr
Mar 10, 2017 Beth Burr rated it liked it
I wish this book was about a senator's daughter who found a job where she would be really good, and even though the job may be dangerous and unpredictable, she took it because it was rewarding and challenging. This book hinted at that but it was about an awkward romance. I just didn't enjoy the relationship between Amy and Brent.
Mar 02, 2017 Brooke rated it did not like it
This is simply not my cup of tea. I read it as a book club read, but it was at times very painful to get through. That said, I would have LOVED this book in middle school or high school; I just need so much more out of a book these days.
Sep 10, 2016 Jana rated it liked it
I've read 4 of the other Saint Squad books, and they're better than this one. I still enjoyed Freefall--Abramson is good with her pacing and doesn't get annoying and repetitive like some romance authors--but there were things that bugged me. Plot holes, poorly explained coincidences, lack of communication between characters, and too much time given to characters from a previous series (I could tell they must have been from other books when they had whole scenes to themselves and rehashed dramati ...more
Maren Hartle
Aug 26, 2016 Maren Hartle rated it really liked it
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Mitchell Butcher
Amy, the senator’s daughter is a hostage. She was taken after she arrived just barely in the country of Abolstan. The Terrorists broke in her “supposedly” well secured hotel. Now the well trained navy seal, Lieutenant Brent Miller has come with his team to save the hostage. “FreeFall” by Traci Hunter Abramson is a thrilling action packed book. The author did well on her issues and themes. One that struck me was how important it is to listen. The other Reflects to the readers that we aren’t righ ...more
Sep 10, 2012 04NicoleL rated it really liked it
Shelves: book-reviews
This book is about a girl named Amy Whitmore. She is the daughter of the Senator of Virginia, who she works for. She is invited to go on a trip with some people from all different countries for a meeting in the Middle East. Her dad had a really bad feeling about it and that she shouldn’t go, but she had just broken up with her boyfriend and needed to get away from him for a little while because he wouldn’t stop showing up at her work. While she is there she is kidnapped as well as the other peop ...more
Whitney (Shooting Stars Reviews)
Reviewed by Whitney@Shooting Stars Reviews

I really enjoyed this book! It was awesome! It starts out with Amy being taken hostage with several other people in the Middle East. She should have listened to her family when the told her not to go, but Amy is pretty stubborn and doesn't like to be told what to do (a quality I loved about her). So the Saint Squad is called into to help rescue the hostages, but things go from bad to worse and Amy and Lieutenant Miller get left behind, so now they have t
Jan 19, 2012 07kassiep rated it really liked it
I think this book is meant for young adults because it has action in it and most adults don't like action. The setting is very important in this story because one problem they have is someone is trying to put nuclear weapons in the Washington D.C. Subway. Station. But before all that happens Amy Whitmore is taken hostage in Abolstan. Brent and his Navy SEAL squad go in to save Amy and the other hostages. They end up rescuing them but Brent and Amy somehow get lost. When they are finally back and ...more
Diane Bell
Jan 10, 2012 Diane Bell rated it liked it
Reading it for book club. I'm three chapters into it and know how it will end. Don't foresee a particularly great review on this one.

OK, so it gets a better grade than I thought it might. Yes, the ending was predictable, but there were enough twists and turns in the plot to make it a decent read. It's an action book, but really it's a romance. The heroine was a little too good to be true - tall, thin, athletic, beautiful, brilliant - you get the idea. It is an LDS fiction book, although the refe
Apr 26, 2014 Terri rated it really liked it
After recently reading a different LDS author's adventure stories, I was skeptical about beginning this series, but I was quickly hooked and after reading the author bio, I realized one reason why. Tracy Abramson worked for the CIA and therefore her stories have that important element of reality. You can believe that these things really happened. In addition, she pulls from current events and then tells stories that reflect current fears. In this case, the story is about a country developing bio ...more
Kristen Tucker
May 17, 2010 Kristen Tucker rated it liked it
This is first of Traci's books for me. It is an LDS based book, including characters who are also LDS. Although the Church principles don't come a ton.
So, the excitement begins with Amy in a foreign country and in a hostage situation. Brent, a Navy Seal, comes in with his team to rescue the hostages. Caught in a surprise counter attack, Amy and Brent are dropped off and must make it back to safety together.
Ok, so you get the romance story lead line....there is also more to the terrorists that a
Jul 08, 2010 Lisa rated it it was amazing
This first book in Abramson's Saint Squad series is even better on second reading and now that I've been through the entire series once. Abramson is writing the best LDS romance/suspense fiction out there; I usually get this type of book at the library but have purchased her entire "collection" as I know I will want to reread them. Abramson's background in the CIA and her research on the Navy SEALs and military and intelligence matters provide excellent background for stories that begin with inc ...more
Sep 02, 2009 LuAnn rated it really liked it
Shelves: lds
I loved the story, but I listened to the audio version and the reader completely annoyed me. At first she read so fast that I was exhausted trying to keep up with creating the scenes in my mind. Her pronunciation was atrocious! She kept saying words like ad-a-murl-elle (admiral, in case you couldn't figure it out). I don't understand why Covenant insists on using readers that are just plain annoying, ruining a great story in the process. Also, abridged books are just the worst because they take ...more
Traci is a Whitney Award winner for two books in the Saint Squad series. Freefall is the first book in this series. It was published in 2011.

I love the strong women in Traci’s book. They think fast on their feet, can cop an attitude when necessary, but are feminine at the same time. One thing I love about Freefall is that it pulls off both the fast and furious action along with the relationships and romance. Brent and Amy are one of my favorite couples. I like that Traci incorporates her knowled
Apr 07, 2011 Connie rated it really liked it
Shelves: high-school
The story immediately starts off with an intense beginning, action and suspense, and continues to move along at a quick pace just like the Navy SEAL team it revolves around. I really liked it. I enjoyed getting to know the two main characters, their respect for each other and the ending.
I still haven't read enough LDS books to be comfortable when they talk about prayer and going to church. It surprises me... I don't know why. I guess it is because so few of the books I read have anything to do
Sep 28, 2009 Cinda rated it liked it
I started this book expecting a serious treatment of world terrorism, and got a fluffy romance instead. Oh, well. The situation was intriguing, I just got tired of the perfect heroine and hero. Really. The heroine was tall, super-model gorgeous, brighter than everyone else, brave, athletic, rich . . . you get the idea. The hero was an LDS Navy Seal, in a totally LDS Navy Seal unit, strong, brave, honorable, rushing around the world saving damsels (and others) in distres, etc., etc. I liked the d ...more
Sep 06, 2012 04NicoleL rated it really liked it
Shelves: book-reviews
This book is about a girl named Amy and a Navy SEAL named Brent. Amy is working for her dad who is a state senator for Virgina. She is assinged to go to Pakistan or Afgahnistan. She becomes indargend when a tallahban comes and kidnappes her and 5 other people from America and other Countries. Brent and his SEAL team 8 (a.k.a the Saint Squad because they are all LDS)come and save all of them. While they are trying to save them they're helicopter is shot and Brent and Amy can't get on to the heli ...more
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