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Bay Island Psychic Mystery #1

Death at First Sight

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It doesn’t take a crystal ball to see that something’s not right on Bay Island...

Since she left her psychiatric practice in New York City to open up a psychic shop in her hometown on Long Island, Cass Donovan has given her fair share of readings to conflicted customers. But what she sees in Ellie Hawkins’ future doesn’t bode well.

When Ellie’s mother Marge publicly confronts Cass about the reading, the embarrassment makes her want to curl up and die. But when she later stumbles across Marge’s body—and is arrested for her murder—Cass is suddenly the star of Bay Island’s rumor mill.

Out on bail, Cass is determined to prove her innocence and save Ellie from meeting the fate in her unfortunate vision. But even with the help of her friends Bee and Stephanie, Cass will have to channel some serious sleuthing instinct to find the real killer...

304 pages, Paperback

First published November 1, 2016

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Lena Gregory

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1,116 reviews48 followers
February 22, 2017
Cass Donovan is a divorced psychiatrist who's moved to tranquil Bay Island, NY for a slower pace of life. Inside her beachfront shop, Mystical Musings, she tells fortunes, although; she's not psychic in the traditional sense. Her two best friends are fun to be around--Bee, a gay clothing designer; and Stephanie, whose police officer boyfriend, Tank, is invaluable helping Cass clear her name of murder. The victim, Marge Hawkins, is an unfriendly, rude woman. Cass believes Marge's daughter, Ellie, is in imminent danger. Ellie's cheating husband, Jay, acts suspiciously and begins to threaten Cass. As the plot unravels, so do some of the characters!

I found the story fast-paced and well-plotted. I didn't realize who the murderer was until the author reveal. The ending is an edge-of-your-seat event! A great fur-character who provides many comical scenes throughout the storyline is Beast; a huge Leonberger puppy. I really enjoyed this debut Cozy mystery and look forward to book two.
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443 reviews13 followers
June 28, 2021
I was very pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this one. I will be continuing the series.
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1,277 reviews65 followers
February 13, 2017
I enjoy cozies with a little "woo woo", so I was disappointed when that' NOT what I got here. The main character is a former psychiatrist turned "psychic". But not really. Not impressed and why do all the characters any more have to have a flamboyantly gay sidekick? I like gay characters and have gay friends and relatives, but this has become a major cliche'. Will try the 2nd one, but if I don't like the characters better won't go further than that.
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127 reviews2 followers
January 2, 2017
***Warning, spoilers ahead!***

Confession: I like psychic mysteries with feisty heroines, but I had a difficult time reading this. It seems to be the author's first published novel, so I hate to be harsh, but here goes.

Cass Donovan owns a little occult shop on fictional Bay Island, off Long Island. She sells crystals, and fragrances, and does psychic readings for tourists. The book doesn't make clear if Cass truly has a psychic gift, or if she merely is skilled at cold reading. Perhaps a bit of both. While doing a reading for Ellie Callahan, she sees a shadow, which may portend approaching death. However, Cass doesn't want to upset Ellie, who is already beset by a domineering mother, and an abusive, philandering husband. Cass keeps her insight to herself. Soon, Ellie's mother Marge turns up dead, and Cass winds up at the top of the list of suspects. She turns to her trusty friends Stephanie, whose husband happens to be a policeman, and Bee, a flamboyantly gay fashion designer, and decides to do some sleuthing to try and clear her name. Along the way, she runs into a sexy bad boy named Luke, who has secrets of his own.

For a mystery heroine, Cass doesn't seem very bright, or able to plan anything well. She is continually late, disorganized, and clumsy. She makes poor choices. Early in the novel, concerned for Ellie, she visits and breaks into Marge's house, by breaking a window with a tire iron. Now, put yourself in Cass's shoes. You have just found a dead body. The police chief doesn't like you, and considers you a prime suspect. Against any better judgement, you go to the murder victim's house, and hear a noise. Does breaking a window to gain entry seem like a prudent move? But I suppose most mysteries wouldn't happen if the main characters behaved rationally. To top it off, Cass finds and keeps the murdered woman's dog. Aside from chewed up furniture, and the occasional icky mess (he's still a puppy), this causes her almost no disadvantage. Late in the novel, we learn she used to be a psychiatrist, which, given her flighty nature, I found very hard to believe.

Some of the writing is repetitive. Cass has headaches, which come on suddenly when she's under stress, which is most of the book. She winds her hands in her long blonde hair. The breath whooshes out of her. Heat rises in her face. Each of these phrases gets repeated throughout the book, with minor variations.

The mystery itself does proceed at a fairly even pace, and I enjoyed the final resolution. Some puzzling behavior suddenly became clear once the identity of the killer was revealed. I also enjoyed the byplay between Cass and her friends. The cover tells us: "First in a new series!" and we get a teaser for the second novel. Hopefully, the next installment will get over some of the teething pains in this one. The teaser for novel #2, "Occult and Battery," felt more confident and assured. In spite of my criticism, I did wind up liking the characters. Perhaps Cass will find her mojo as the series progresses.
November 9, 2016
I will admit it that it took me awhile to get into Death at First Sight, the first book in Lena Gregory’s Bay Island Psychic Mystery series. I initially felt like the characters were part of a click like in high school and I was the new kid in school. The book read like a sequel and I felt as though I was missing something. I shouldn't have fretted. The back stories of the characters come out throughout the book, some of which are surprising.

Cass Donovan is a former New York City psychiatrist turned psychic, who owns Mystical Musings, a small shop located in her hometown of Bay Island. She definitely has her skeptics. I would equate her to Patrick Jane from The Mentalist. She uses her observation skills to read people and figure out what they need.

While doing a reading for Ellie Hawkins, she gets a very dark feeling. She tries to suppress her reaction and chooses not to pass her fears onto Ellie. Eventually, Cass has a very public run-in with Ellie’s mother, Marge. The next morning, Cass discovers Marge’s lifeless body in the theatre. All clues point to Cass, but she's having a hard time getting the police to believe she had nothing to do with the murder.

With the Police Chief gunning for Cass and seemingly not looking for other suspects, she decides she has to find the real killer herself. Could it be Marge’s own daughter who is always trying to please her or her son-in-law who despises her? Or perhaps it's the new stranger in town who doesn’t really answer any questions directed at him. One thing is for sure, Cass isn't going to stop until she finds the actual killer.

Told in third person, Death at First Sight has a handful of characters who are easy to fall in love in with. Lena Gregory has created a world that’s easy to get lost in. Once you start reading, you aren’t going to want to put the book down. I found myself attempting to figure out who the murderer was but still wasn’t totally sure. I will say Lena created a mystery filled with surprises and a mind-blowing reveal.

I can’t wait until April when Occult and Battery comes out!

**Received a copy from the Penguin ~ Berkley Prime Crime and reviewed the book voluntarily.**
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2,049 reviews66 followers
June 8, 2018
I had a feeling I would enjoy this book and I was right--and I'm not even a psychic lol. I thought it was a fun concept that a former psychiatrist has taken on acting the part of a psychic and more times than not, she uses her intuition and training to read people than something truly mystical.

Cass Donovan was minding her own business working her own little business and helping out good friend Bee Maxwell with his upcoming fashion show rehearsals when she discovered the body of Marge, a very disagreeable woman that she'd just had a public argument with. Cass had done a reading for Marge's daughter, Ellie and Marge was livid about it. Sheriff Langdon immediately pinned the murder on her but somehow wasn't going to arrest her. Cass needed to get to the bottom of the case and clear her name before she ended up in jail for something she didn't do. That's where her two best friends, Stephanie (who happened to be married to a tough but nice officer named Tank) and Bee, the guy having the fashion show.

I really like all these main characters! Cass has two of the very best friends in the world in Steph and Bee. They're loyal and kind, even though as a police officer's wife, Steph feels she has to warn Cass about investigating. Bee was such a hoot, very flamboyant and dramatic as well as hilarious. I liked the newcomer to town, Luke, who seemed to have a few secrets of his own that I won't spoil. You'll just have to read and find out. Oh and who could forget Beast, who was very well named by Cass and her friends. He was really just a sweet puppy but he could be protecting when he needed to be.

The end twist was pretty epic. I sure never saw it coming and the whole showdown was really awesome. I never would have guessed the killer in a million years, great plot twist. Everything got explained and worked out well at the end. I have the next two books so I'm definitely going to be reading them over the course of this summer.
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750 reviews131 followers
May 24, 2017
I really enjoyed this cozy! I liked the characters, especially Bee, the flamboyantly gay fashion designer. Nice mix of silly and kind-of-serious. The only thing holding me back from another star is that there wasn't enough fur. I like my cozies to be heavy on the fur babies. To me it's almost as important as the murder. It's what makes a cozy a cozy. There was a dog, and a great dog, but he wasn't very prominently featured. Cozy authors: don't forget to lay the fur on thick! But a great cozy read nonetheless. 4 stars.
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1,012 reviews64 followers
May 29, 2017
I thought this was a well done first in a new series. Cass is an accidental sleuth finding her way to clearing her name with the help of her two best friends. The mystery was solid and kept me engaged and guessing right up until the end. I really enjoyed this book and can't wait to dive into the second book to see what the author has in store next for Cass.
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528 reviews
February 20, 2017
The main character in this book is too dumb to live (TDTL). There is an intense climax scene but those few pages have a hard time balancing out the rest of the story. Cass, the main character (MC), keeps holding her head because of constant headaches. I had one too just from screaming at her...

What is with the police chief taking in Cass for questioning within five minutes of finding the body? Afterwards, why on earth does she break into the home of a murder victim, especially when she knows she is the chief’s prime suspect? And who nowadays doesn’t know better than to leave fingerprints all over the house if you do? Then there is the over-the-top description of the token love interest. Good gosh, Cass practically drools each time she sees him, from day one! It gets old fast for the reader. The worse one is when Cass goes out at 3 a.m. to meet a suspected murderer on a remote part of the island, in a bunch of bushes near a deserted parking lot. On top of that she leaves a voice mail message with her friend about the meeting but doesn’t have the consideration to follow-up . She abuses her friendships with both Bee and Stephanie, by repeatedly taking advantage of them.

I got to wondering if the publishing powers (TPTB) insisted that the book contain psychic ability and a dog. How else to explain the few references to the first and the unexplainable addition of the second? As to her so-called psychic tendencies, the first perception of a cloud of darkness is weak at best, as even she admits. The aborted use of an Ouija board later on was just weird. It is unclear exactly why Cass steals/borrows the dog from the home of the first victim (see break-in mentioned above). She doesn’t seem to like dogs or even have the remotest idea on how to care for one. Both the dog and the psychic sensitivities are too obviously an excuse for moving the plot forward. That and the TDTL actions of the MC are, in the end, examples of weak writing. You know a story is bad if I am wondering about TPTB's marketing dictates halfway through the book.

If I could I’d give the author, any readers, and Cass a headache powder. Since I can’t I’ll just move on to something better, with great relief.
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81 reviews2 followers
May 27, 2017
Cass Donavan has had a rough year but deciding to move back to her small town home of Bay Island from new York seems to be the best option for her. Once she arrives she opens up her little shop Mystical Musings for the tourists as well as the locals. Believing she has an intuition to help guide people but not full blown psychic, she left her psychiatric practice behind for something more practical. She will soon find out how much impact her position in the community and the advice she gives can take a role in so many lives.

Along with her childhood friend, Stephanie and a new friend, a very flamboyant, Bee they are in the midst of putting together a fashion show to showcase Bee's design's. But when one of the board members for the theatre is found dead and all fingers are pointing at Cass, it will take her and the support of her friends to get her out of this lime light and get the show back on.

While Cass is trying to clear her name she comes up against the police chief, who she thought was a friend due to the history he had with her father but his hell bent she done it. She'll question herself rigorously since she can come up with plenty of suspects including - one of her own friends, a client's abusive husband and a southern stranger that will make her swoon and question her own sensibilities. In the end the real killer will astonish her and leave her in her own state of peril.

I found the story very likable and the characters very flavourable. The storyline and plot twists were entertaining. As or characters, I really enjoyed Bee's outrageous personality.

Cozy Girl Reads
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19 reviews6 followers
October 27, 2016
After one of her psychiatric patients commits suicide, she goes home to find her husband with another woman. Cass returns to her hometown on Bay Island and opens a psychic shop. When the Mother of one of clients who didn't like her Daughter going to her for a reading is murdered, she is the prime suspect. Cass is lucky to have the help of her friends Bee and Stephanie and they are on the hunt for the real killer. To make it even more interesting there is a stranger in town who is good looking and has a bulge under the back of his shirt that looks like a gun. There is also a dog that belonged to the dead woman that the Daughter doesn't want and asks Cass to take it to the pound. Cass takes the dog home with her and finally names it Beast because of its size. When left alone too long it tears her place apart, but when she is threatened is there and protects her. This book has it all, humor, romance and a murder to solve. I won this book on Goodreads.
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2,585 reviews39 followers
November 6, 2018
Book one of the Bay Island Physic Mystery series. Meet Cass who runs a physic shop on Bay Island where she grew up though she left for 17 years before coming back after her parents passes away (natural causes). Cass does not get along with Marge even having a run in with her after giving her daughter Ellie a reading much to Marge's dismay. This places Cass as the main suspect after she finds Marge dead the following day. When the head cop decides she is only suspect even ignoring evidence to the contrary she finds herself trying to solve the case in order to clear her name. The physic stuff added some light hearted details, and her two friends balance the characters quite nicely. I liked the writing style but felt that things moved at little slowly at times. Still a cute little cozy though is that is what you are looking for (I really enjoyed the antics of the dog). Technically I would give it 3.5/5 stars but since Goodreads does not have that option I gave it 4/5 stars there
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1,073 reviews244 followers
November 12, 2016
I was excited to see a cozy mystery set near where I live. That was the first hook that drew me in before I even opened the book. Once I started reading, the mystery kept me at the edge of my seat until the last page.

I found it intriguing that the main character had been a New York City psychiatrist, but chose to leave it all behind and move out to eastern Long Island to open a psychic shop. That’s a pretty big drop in a career, as well as financially, but you have to admire her for doing what she wanted to do. It’s something most people only dream about doing, although there are circumstances that lead her to her decision - I don't want to spoil it though, so I won't go into those. Still, giving up a career as a psychiatrist to read fortunes in a psychic shop is a huge jump.

Not only was the main character well developed, but so were the secondary characters. Cass’ support team of her two closest friends, Bee and Stephanie add to the fun. They are like the three Musketeers.

The storyline itself kept me guessing to the end. I had my suspicions, but I didn’t put all the pieces together until around the time Cass did.

For me, this book had it all – a location I can more than identify with, a strong-minded main character, a quirky supporting cast, a dash of the paranormal, and a captivating plot. The book had a sneak peak at the second book and it looks to be just as good. Great way to start a brand new series!

FTC Disclosure: I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own.
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752 reviews12 followers
January 8, 2018
Cass Donovan has left her life as a psychiatrist in New York to return to her hometown of Bay Island. She has opened Mystical Musings and started giving psychic readings. When she senses terrible happenings in her client's future she does her best to ignore it but knows that she won't be able to for long. Then her client's mother confronts and threatens her for interfering in her daughter's life. When the irate mother's body is found, Cass becomes the prime and only suspect in Police Chief Langdon's investigation. I really liked both the characters and the background setting of the story. The twisted plot was extremely well done, making the ending a shocking surprise. This is the first book in a new series and I am looking forward to reading the next one.
345 reviews3 followers
March 8, 2022
This is the first in the Bay Island Psychic Mystery series. I really enjoyed this story about Cass Donovan's and her psychic shop located on Bay Island. This was a great start to the series, and I am looking forward to reading more about the town's quirky characters.

Cass has recently returned to Bay Island from her psychiatry practice. Cass sees a dark shadow indicating a possible death in one of her client's readings. After she has the reading, the customer's mother Marge comes into the shop and gives Cass a hard time about "fake" readings. When that woman is found dead, Cass is the prime suspect.

Cass, along with her eccentric friend Bee are on the case and investigate. Sometimes I felt Cass was a little out of touch and not as sharp as other cozy mystery sleuths, but overall, I enjoyed the story and would like to read the rest of the series.
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640 reviews3 followers
April 7, 2017
I found this cozy mystery pretty formulaic with all the standard elements present, such as young, single woman who has a bad experience and returns home to open a shop. For a former psychiatrist Cass is pretty timid and indecisive. Though the book implies psychic elements, it's murky if the she is psychic or just good at reading body language. Cass spends little time at her shop, can't handle confrontations, and and races off putting herself in dangerous situations, making her TSTL (too stupid to live). The author constantly reminds us that when Cass is stressed, she gets headaches and pulls her hair. This constant repetition grows old pretty fast.

I did like the mystery and the resolution. Hopefully, this series will improve as it progresses.
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Author 17 books983 followers
March 13, 2018
I was a little skeptical at first about the Psychic Mystery concept but I was pleasantly surprised at the skillful way Lena Gregory handled a somewhat controversial idea. This book is well written with an engaging cast of characters. Well done.
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105 reviews1 follower
April 22, 2021
Lena Gregory definitely matches the cozy side of the genre. Cass is pretty relatable in scenes like when the officer sees her and she is like, "Cannoli?"
And Bee. Omg. Can Bee be real? Because he would be my best friend in real life. I adore him and how dramatic he is.
The characters will definitely have me back for the next book.
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593 reviews188 followers
November 13, 2016
Death at First Sight by Lena Gregory is the first book in the Bay Island Psychic Mystery series. Cass Donovan is the owner of Mystical Musings, a psychic reading shop. Cass becomes a suspect in the murder of Marge Hawkins. She figures the only way to clear her name of Marge’s murder (and the murder of a blonde stranger) is to find out who killed them.

With the help of her best friends, Stephanie and Bee, Cass tries to work out who the killer is. She gets closer to finding out who committed the crimes, but endangers herself along the way. Cass doesn’t know if she should suspect someone she knows, or even a handsome new stranger in town, Luke.

This was a fun mystery in a great location. Cass has great intuition and that’s what helps her in her amateur sleuthing. Bee might have been my favorite character. He was creative, loyal, and had me laughing out loud. Overall, I enjoyed the mystery. There were a few instances where I felt like the information wasn’t given…and then a few pages later, a character would reference information that hadn’t been stated. However, I still felt this was a good first book. I really liked the characters, and the setting. The mystery did keep me guessing with a few viable suspects throughout. I am looking forward to the next book in the series.

I voluntarily reviewed a paperback copy of this book that I received from the publisher.
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2,289 reviews113 followers
November 12, 2016
A mystery that surprised the heck of me when the killer was revealed!

If you are familiar with mysteries at all there is some back and forth with clues that might implicate one character or another...in fact, I suspected a character that wasn't even close to being the killer. The author did a great job of hiding this character's guilt and I'm not sure there were even any hints. Let's just call it a twist you don't see coming.

Ok, now that I have that out of the way, the book was good and I was left wondering if Cass might be a little more intuitive than she thinks. Like most psychics, they do a lot of guess work just by how a person looks or is acting. However, there are times when Cass seems to see something a bit more. I hope that it is explored in future books.

There is even a hunky stranger, Luke, that leaves Cass all confused when in close proximity. Perhaps he could be a potential love interest? Or is he hiding something more? You'll have to read the book to find out.

I like Cass' friends Bee and Stephanie, they round out this trio of friends nicely and each has their own quirks that make the story fun.

Good first book for a new series.
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254 reviews8 followers
April 23, 2018
Okay so I have been getting into reading cozy mysteries and I really enjoy them, but I have to say Lena Gregory has made my favorites list with Death at First Sight. Some of the "paranormal and metaphysical" type of cozy mysteries are a little showy, imaginative, and have some made up things in them that sometimes makes me laugh and roll my eyes at the same time. Lena Gregory did not do that.

Death at First sight had kept it real. The writing of the book is phenomenal and believable with twists and turns that had me guessing to the very end. The characters were well developed and Bay Island was vivid in my mind like I was there. My only regret was it took me this long to read it. I wish I could read faster than I do because if I could I would have read this in one day easily as I didn't want to put it down! Well done Lena Gregory and thank you for such a wonderful book!
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503 reviews54 followers
November 1, 2016
I am a sucker for a cozy series with a lighthouse, make it one with a possible paranormal twist and I am pretty excited. I was quite surprised with this cozy and even though the theme of the cozy is a Psychic Mystery this is really more of a cozy with a touch of paranormal thrown in. I liked the story. I loved the characters and main character Cass, is as complicated as they come, Psychiatrist turned Psychic Shop owner and yes you read that right, makes for a very interesting back story. Two best friends who are fabulous and how their stories intertwine and connect is quite clever. The addition of the classic cozy mystery furry companion does add to the charm of the book. Death at First Sight is out November 1st.
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705 reviews40 followers
May 23, 2017
Psychics! Solving mysteries! and stealing a very large dog she does not want? What? From the dead woman's house? Shouldn't the police be taking care of that?

Cass Donavan sees a dark shadow over Ellie's future, something worse than her cheating husband. So she doesn't say anything, and doesn't charge for the session. Then we meet Ellie's mom who is furious about her precious (adult!) daughter wasting time with a psychic. And bam, the mom turns up dead.

The list of suspects(tm) is long. The Designated Love Interest (tm) is handsome but boring. The Gay Best Friend (tm) checks off the list of stereotype check-boxes, but is entertaining. The cops are aggressive.

The idea is interesting, the mix is boring.
777 reviews10 followers
June 5, 2021
A good start for psychic mystery. Cass meets her first ghost when she is looking for vintage clothing and this ghost is her to stay until Cass can solve the mystery of who murdered her. She also ends up with a white cat who loves Tarot cards and a friend, Heather.
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1,219 reviews19 followers
June 7, 2018
Cass Donovan owns a psychic shop on Bay Island, and one day she is giving a reading to a friend, but sees something disturbing in it. Later she is confronted by the woman's mother, who tells her to stay away from her daughter. When the woman, Marge, is later found dead by Cass, the police think she's to blame. But since she knows she didn't do it, and she's still worried about her friend Ellie, she feels her only choice is to find the real killer and free herself from suspicion.

I couldn't even finish this book. Cass is accused of a murder and immediately taken in for questioning although there was nothing to tie her to the crime. Why do I say that? Because she just found the body! The killer would have no way of knowing who would enter the building first, so did they just pick her name out of a hat and place evidence there? I doubt it.

But the next thing she does is break into the dead woman's house! That's right - breaks into her home and steals her dog, which doesn't make any sense why the dog was there in the first place. Why didn't the police go over to the dead woman's house right after finding the body? If they had followed procedure - which is to gather evidence and that includes going to a dead person's home to see if there were clues to why someone would kill them - they already would have known about the puppy and rescued it. A person is murdered, but the cops don't go to the dead woman's house for clues. Sure, sure. It happens all the time in real life. She also leaves her prints all over the house...while being suspected of the murder. Not even her best friend - whose husband is a cop - knows enough to tell her that she's not going to go along with this if she does it.

Not to mention the fact that she's extremely clumsy and has constant headaches (when she gets stressed). She also can't handle confrontation. Let's get this straight: she used to be a psychiatrist - but can't handle stress or confrontations. Sure, that makes sense. How did that work with her patients? It can be a stressful job, and I’m sure that being a psychiatrist, she must have been put in more than one confrontational situation. (But it explains why she has no backbone and didn't respond to Marge when she was being attacked).

Unfortunately, Cass is one of those women who are just Too Stupid To Live, and the book was just too boring for me to finish. Two stars for the writing, but I won't continue with this series.
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1,679 reviews45 followers
November 1, 2016
Cass has recently moved back to Bay Island after closing up her psychiatric practice. Having grown up on Bay Island, Cass wasn't warmly received back into the fold after returning so many years later. Her integration back into her hometown was hindered even more so since she's opened up a mystical shop. Fortunately for Cass, she has Stephanie and Bee on her side. She also has the support of all of her clients who believe in mysticism.

When Cass does a reading for Bay Island resident, Ellie, she doesn't like what she sees. The dark shadow that crosses her vision has only happened one other time with disastrous consequences. To make matters worse, Ellie's mother, Marge, confronts Cass in a public place, with many witnesses, about the reading. True to form, the shadow was predicative of death - Marge's death - and Cass is blamed right from the start. Now it's up to Cass, Stephanie, and Bee to clear Cass's name since she's the only suspect in the case.

Death at First Sight is a wonderful first book in the Bay Island Psychic Mystery series. Cass is a very down-to-earth person. She's likable from the start. It is easy to connect to her, whether you believe in psychic abilities or not. Stephanie and Bee are wonderful sidekicks to Cass main character. They are supportive and comforting to Cass.

The story is unique and entertaining. I was completely engaged from the very beginning. As the story progresses, the author introduces more characters that make figuring out the murderer a little harder. For me, everyone was a suspect from a husband, a daughter, a hot guy, and a mechanic, among others. As per usual Cass, the protagonist, does some pretty dumb things, but unlike other cozies I've read, she at least acknowledges the danger of her actions. She's not oblivious to the danger but her need to clear her name is stronger than her common sense.

I enjoyed the book and can't wait for the second one.

I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this ARC.
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526 reviews12 followers
June 20, 2017
Cass Donovan left her psychiatric practice in New York City to open a psychic shop in her home town on Bay Island. When the angry mom of one of her customers publicly rips her to shreds, Cass wants to just curl up and die. When Cass later finds the mothers dead body, she becomes suspect number one. Cass will have to take matters in to her own hands when it seems like the sheriff is stuck on her being guilty of the crime.

This book had a very amusing main cast of characters. Everyone seems to have a little bit of mystery to their backstory and the author left enough there for future explorations in books to come. The main character, Cass, never fully explained her psychic abilities and left us guessing, more then once, on if she was the real deal or not.

The overall story was entertaining and had a few really good red herrings. Kept you guessing on who really killed the mom right up to the end.

Speaking of the end, that is where I have the biggest problem with the book. It goes from a high 4 stars to a 3 stars. SPOILERS--------- when Cass figures out who the killer is, she is in the middle of a busy police station. The killer threatens to shoot her if she doesn't get up and walk out to her car so he can make her drive somewhere so he can then kill her....... what? They are in a busy police station and she is scared his going to shoot her THERE if she doesn't leave? Did I miss something? Why wouldn't she just say something to one of the cops?? There was no way the killer was going to shoot her in public like that. It was super weak.

I'll check out the next book but I hope it will have a better ending then the first book did!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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44 reviews26 followers
July 29, 2018
First off I have to admit that I am NOT a fan of "hocus -pocus" , sci-fi, or fantasy in my reading. I'm not saying I believe or don't believe in certain things. Just that I don't normally enjoy reading about it. I took a chance here because of a book club list.
Lena Gregory was able to put a "questionable twist" and at times a comical element onto the psychic issues in this story. One of my favorite elements in the book is the relationship between , Bee, Steph and the main sleuth , Cass. Cass has past issues that I believe hold her back from being comfortable in friendship ; at first, but I believe and HOPE that she has grown past that and am looking for her relationships to grow in the next of this series. The BEAST is adorable and I am hoping he plays a more prominent role in future books. And that Cass has grown into a more responsible pet owner. The "who done it" was very well done. I did at times guess the actual murderer but there were enough very good suspects that I wasn't 100% until near the final reveal. One thing I wasn't happy about was some REALLY stupid choices that Cass made. I really hate that an author makes a female (or anyone) do something that I think "no one is that dumb to do something like that." But that said, It didn't ruin the story for me mostly because I am so fond of Bee , Cass , Steph, Luke and BEAST. I am hoping, very much that Cass has learned from her bad choices and grows into a much more level headed and admirable female character. I will be following the series to find out.
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