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Book #1 in the award-winning YA fantasy series Mortal Enchantment. Discover a world of elemental powers, courage, duty, sacrifice, forbidden romance and a war for the very elements of life.

Kalin Matthew's never had a choice. An unbreakable contract decided her destiny at birth. Live in the mortal world with her mother until the stroke of midnight on her sixteenth birthday, then leave the only life she's ever known and move to Avalon, the land of Arthurian myth and legend, to rule at her father's side, the king of the air court.

But before she enters his powerful and dangerous world, she's attacked by a fire court assassin and saved by Rowan, who is equal parts terrifying and alluring.

Not long after, she learns her father is missing. Now she must take over his duties, which include shifting control of the elements -- a power she has yet to harness. As Rowan attempts to train her, war looms between the four courts. If she fails, her father will die, and the courts will fall, but the betrayal she's about to uncover may cost her even more.

Perfect for fans of Holly Black and Sarah J. Maas.

"Mortal Enchantment spins a unique twist on elemental mythology. This series is not to be missed." Jennifer L. Armentrout, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author

230 pages, Paperback

First published May 6, 2014

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About the author

Stacey O'Neale

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USA Today Bestselling Fantasy Author Stacey O'Neale lives in Maryland. She spends her time reading, watching anime, and hanging out with her husband and daughter when she's not writing.

Stacey writes young adult fantasy and adult paranormal romance. Her books always include swoon-worthy heroes, snarky heroines, and lots of kissing. Her career in publishing started as a blogger-turned-publicist for Entangled Publishing.

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June 27, 2015
I was expecting something new and exciting and this book failed me.

The plot was so plain, and I just didn't feel anything towards any of the happenings in the book, my emotions being tucked far away. When anything supposedly major happened I would just kinda go "lol kay" instead of, I don't know, hyperventilating or falling out of the chair as I ought to. Allow me to show you the basic events in the book.

Kalin: Lol okay, time to go to ma Daddy! But WAIT I'll just take a walk into the forest although it's dangerous just for the lulz.

Creepy strong lady (pops out): MWAHAHA! YOU IS ALONE. I'm gonna kill you.

Kalin: Oh poopies! I cant fight. I'm totes dead.

Sexy boy (pops out): CHAA CHEE CHOO! Imma kill the creep.

Kalin: Um so who was she, who r u.

Sexy boy: i won't give clear answers anyway so stfu.

Kalin: Wtf, how do I trust you then! ARRGH WHATEVS BUT I'LL GO WITH YOU LAWL.

[kalin and sexy boy enter council building]

Fire council lady: OMG KILL THAT BOY! OMG RAWR RAWR.



Kalin: Let da sexy boy stay bcs i am princess meow.


sexy boy: why you looking at ma sexy bod

Kalin: I wasn't!! but totes was hehe everyone h8s u but i think you're gorgeous.


Nice maid: Hi Kalin I'm your new friend.

Kalin: hm ok your ma friend.

Nice maid: Ok time for dresses and girly stuff!

Sexy boy: Oh wtf you cant do girly things Kalin, come train with me.

Kalin: ok.



Sexy boy:it's ok i'll touch you seductively.

Kalin: Man I wanna kiss you.


Kalin: Oh no Daddy appeared in my dream and he told me not to trust two people so everyone's a suspect...except sexy boy bcs he has a hot body ok.


Nice maid: Wear dis dress pls.



Kalin: omg srry made a mistake, it must be the sexy boy who did that!

Kalin: lawl nvm he's too sexy.



Kalin: Omg cant trust anyone i swear dis sucks, council is falling apart i won't even try to practice my skills or do anything and this sexy boy.


Kalin and sexy boy: 6969696969

Everyone else: WARRRRRR! RAWWWWWWWWWR!!!!!!!!!!

Kalin: omg still cant fight i cri

Sexy boy: hold on..run!!! *gets attacked*

Kalin: I STILL CANT FIGHT - hey, i am princess i can do what i want whatchu bitches sayin - OMG SAVE ME I CANT FIGHT!!

sexy boy: its ok i will fight for you, stand by me ok my precious

Kalin: I CAN'T FIGHT! - wait, hay dad am i da strong super speshul akasha? omgzz i am?!

Kalin: i am the heroine of the story!!

Also, how come the almighty Council act like immature 5 year olds fighting over a cookie jar?

The end.
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849 reviews918 followers
May 31, 2014
"You're ready. This is the only way we can unlock your power. Don't break your concentration; you've come so far already."

"All right, but if I die, I'm haunting you for eternity."

He chuckled under his breath. "I look forward to that."
Turning sixteen for normal girls means throwing parties & battling boy problems. For Kalin Matthew it means accepting her supernatural birthright.

As far as Kalin's friends know, she's moving to Paris. But the Avalon she's going to definitely isn't the Avalon Hotel. She's going to the Avalon of myths and legends...the home of the four elemental courts: air, woodland, fire, and water.

Kalin's father is the elemental king of the air court. Both he and her mortal mother agreed when Kalin was born that when she turned sixteen she was to move to Avalon to help rule with her father. There, she would learn how to control air element and weather magic.

But an unexpected attack by a fire court assassin - and a surprise rescue - throws all their plans into upheaval.

Kalin's father is missing. And it's Kalin's duty to find him.

Upon discovering that her father is missing, Kalin tries to launch a search party for him - struggling to control the air council and the peoples who are supposedly her loyal subjects, as they argue amongst themselves. Any attempts at establishing order quickly fail, with any suggestion on Kalin's part being politely ignored.

Being half-mortal doesn't help. In order to fulfil her duties as the princess of the air court, Kalin must embrace her elemental side...a side she barely knows anything about.

There to train her is the one who rescued her from the assassin, a striking elemental named Rowan. Warring between feelings of mistrust and attraction, Kalin must decide whether Rowan's motives are as spotless as they appear...and where his loyalties truly lie.

Corrupt councils. Raging elements. Impending war.

Kalin will have to battle with all these trials and more, as she tries to unravel the web of secrets and mysteries surrounding her father's disappearance.

But will she be able to uphold the balance of control in the elemental world? And can she stop the outbreak of a brutal war between the courts?

Immerse yourself in a mythological maze of romance, magic and mayhem, as Stacey O'Neale's Mortal Enchantment takes you on an unforgettable journey.

Check out the review on my blog: http://21stcenturyonceuponatime.blogs...
To see the 'Swoon Worthy Saturday' post on Rowan: http://21stcenturyonceuponatime.blogs...
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1,681 reviews595 followers
Shelved as 'on-hold-maybe-finish-later'
September 11, 2019
I'm trying to get through this but I find the characters too 1 dimensional. I'm probably just in a different kind of mood to read something else right now. Will try to come back to this.
January 19, 2020
Told from Kalin's point of view, Mortal Enchantment is the first full-length novel in the Mortal Enchantment Series and picks up where The Shadow Prince left off.
The day has come for Kalin to move to Avalon to join her father and rule the elemental air court. Before she even gets to Avalon she's attacked by a fire court assassin, but is saved by Rowan, a sexy and mysterious element. Her bad day is about to get worst, once she enters Avalon she discovers that it's not the safe and beautiful place she thought it was. Instead Avalon is filled with treachery, politics, and secrets.
When she discovers her father is missing she vows to do anything to get him back. The problem is she doesn't know where to begin and the Midwinter's Ball is coming up. Kalin is running out of time. If her father isn't found before the Ball, she'll have to take his place and perform a power display. With no idea how to use her power, she grateful when Rowan steps up and volunteers to train her.
Time's running out and the cost of Kalin's failure maybe higher than she ever thought.

A thoroughly enjoyable read. I loved the mythology with the different elements and how beautifully crafted the fantasy world Ms. O'Neale created was.

Kalin isn't your whiny, arrogant teen princess instead she's real, independent and passionate. Her character is easy to like and root for. I hope her character develops more and that she becomes stronger.
Rowan is a mysterious and sexy elemental. His secret past is clouded in pain, but despite everything he remains strong and determined. His determination to help and protect Kalin is impeccable. I love his character and can't wait to see more from both him and Kalin.

The fast-pace action and unseen twists make for an exciting read. It was hard for me to put this book down being drawn to both the plot and the characters. There was never a dull moment and I was left wanting more.
The only problem I was that there could have been some more details and explanations with some of the story. That being said it was still enjoyable and I can't wait to see where the story goes from here.
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474 reviews156 followers
May 15, 2014
First off, I absolutely adore this cover! Not only are the colors gorgeous, but so is that model and even though her hair isn't at red as I imagine Kalin's to be, that girl definitely looks fierce enough to be her. With Mortal Enchantment, I was excited to see how Stacey would take this one and switch view points from the pre-series novella, The Shadow Prince. The Shadow Prince was so full of action and had an awesome story line from a pretty sexy lead, and with Mortal Enchantment we get Kalin's view and let me tell you, it was just as exciting!

Even though I was bummed to leave the head of the super yummy Rowan, I was excited to see from Kalin's view. It was awesome to learn the world of Avalon more as Kalin did, since she was truly experiencing it for the first time. With Kalin, I liked how she was innocent, but at the same time strong. Regardless of being in a new magical world, her concern is doing what needs to be done in order to save her father and I really liked that about her. Even though she had some displays of power and training, I hope we get to dive more into her power displays in future books.

So, the sexy lovely boy that is by her side through this journey is the one and only Rowan, who I have already mentioned multiple times. There is a reason for that I promise. First, he has deep blue eyes and an eyebrow piercing... AN EYEBROW PIERCING... need I say more? Of course I will, Rowan also has one heck of a past and he is still strong as anything and I give him major props for that. I love him and Kalin together and I am only hoping for a HEA in their future.

With Avalon, I adore anything having to do with elements or fae and I kind of feel like Stacey mixed the two and came out with a really awesome world building and concept. I especially liked the brief moment we get with the water court. It was really mysterious and how the kingdom/castle is set up seems to be amazingly awesome...I hope we get to see more of it in future books.

With Mortal Enchantment, I adored how there was constant action and how everything I wanted from the first book was achieved and more. There were parts that made me so excited because after the novella, I hoped for them and other moments where I'm begging for them to be answered in future books. I honestly am loving this series and the world, and cannot wait to get more of Rowan and Kalin! Overall, fantastic magical story!

Find this review at Shortie Says
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298 reviews208 followers
November 16, 2014
We are The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club, to know more about this book, go to the post in our website:

Mortal Enchantment (Mortal Enchantment #1) by Stacey O'Neale

If you are interested, you can visit our website:

The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club

The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club's Review:

Rate: 4 stars


Mortal Enchantment truly transported me to a whole new world. I found myself immersed in Avalon and dying to know what would happen with Kalin and Rowan. How could I not enjoy this story if it has the best thing about YA? Fantasy, danger and romance.

It is very important for a fantasy novel to build the world perfectly. As a reader myself, I want to be able to imagine the world that the author had in mind for the story and Stacey O'Neale did a perfect job. In every single scene, all that surrounds Kalin is explain to detail and it was pretty easy to imagine Avalon.

The journey Kalin and Rowan both do together is a tough one and I liked that there were some battle scenes. As for the characters, Kalin is one of those main characters that either you connect with her or you don't. She has some special reactions to some situations that I found it a bit surreal, meaning I wouldn't react so dramatically. However, she was a good heroine and we could see over her childish moments because you can truly see that she was trying to be mature and we also have to remember that she's only sixteen.
Rowan is definitely a perfect book boyfriend that I am dying to read more about. My only regret is that I wish I have read the novella first to get to know him better before meeting him in Mortal Enchantment. He's good, kind and has this all guardian thing going on that makes him kind of irresistible. Plus his playful side is what most of the times brought a smile to my face while reading the book.

Mortal Enchantment is a fast-paced fantasy novel worth reading about. With a good ending, an amazing world and memorable characters, this YA story has all the things to keep you interested until the very last page.
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541 reviews29 followers
March 7, 2014
Review to come after I read the final manuscript but from an early draft, it's a very enjoyable story with fantastic characters and a world I'd love to be a part of!

Check out her FREE novella The Shadow Prince (Mortal Enchantment, #0.5) by Stacey O'Neale to get you introduced to Avalon!
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690 reviews441 followers
October 26, 2014
I thought the whole premise behind this book/series was so intriguing! And after having read the prequel, The Shadow Prince, I knew that I had to keep reading to find out what happens next.

Where The Shadow Prince is told in the point of view of Rowan, the sexy lead in this series, Mortal Enchantment is told in the point of view of Kalin Matthews, the princess of the air court. On the day where she is slated to move back to Avalon and rule with her father, elementals from the fire court are on the move and their sites are set on Kalin. Luckily for her, bad boy rogue, Rowan, saves the day and escorts her to her rightful place.

Upon their arrival, they are told the terrible news that her father is missing, and no one knows where he could be. Of course, all eyes are on the fire court. But it also seems that Kalin is not as safe as she thought she would be back in Avalon. A target is on her back, and she’s been warned not to trust any of the elementals around her.

On top of that, she finds out that she must learn how to use and harness her elemental power of air and thwart off the actions of the leader of the fire court, in order for the air court to have their time to rule. That doesn’t sound too bad, but unfortunately for Kalin, her past sixteen years were spent in the mortal realm where she did not learn how to use her magic.

Again, Rowan comes to the rescue with a promise to help her learn and control her new found powers. But can Kalin trust a rogue member of the fire court who she knows in her heart, is hiding a dark secret…one that he seems to be struggling with internally.

Mortal Enchantment by Stacey O’Neale is a fantastic story revolving around elemental mythology. It’s a story where readers will be easily captivated by the world created by Stacey O’Neale, and characters that you will definitely want to follow.

What I loved the most about this book was the multiple twists and turns found in the book, especially near the end. It definitely had be admitting that I had zero idea that that was going to happen.

The interaction between main characters Kalin and Rowan were cute and humorous at times. It was near impossible to not fall in love with these two. And the added bonus was watching their relationship build. It was sweet and endearing, especially after reading the prequel, The Shadow Prince. Reading the prequel really helps in understanding what exactly is going on with Rowan, and the horror that he had to go through. It explains a lot that is only barely touched in Mortal Enchantment, so I would totally recommend readers to check that short story out first before diving head first into book 1.

Fans of books involving magic and elemental mythology will really enjoy the first installment in the Mortal Enchantment series by Stacey O’Neale. It’s action packed and riddled with humour and witty banter. A definite must for your TBR list.
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6,765 reviews577 followers
July 24, 2014
So, I read The Shadow Prince and became a shiny, new Stacey O’Neale fan, instantly! How to care for my newfound status? Read Mortal Enchantment, of course! Stacey O’Neale has created an amazing world that feels like I crossed a barrier between the reality of the human world and the fantasy and glamor of Avalon with its Fae courts, elemental powers, political power plays and intrigues.

Kalin has reached the age when she is to live with her father in Avalon, after living 16 years in the human world with her mother. Being part Fae is not a shock to her, but finally being able to physically meet her father, after sharing dreams with him for years has her both excited and apprehensive. Coming into her powers as an elemental is a little awe-inspiring in itself, too bad her journey to Avalon becomes like a deadly omen of what she will find when she gets to court. Her father is missing, tempers are flaring and she may become a pawn in a deadly battle for the ultimate power over the elementals. Kalin is determined to find him, if no one else will. At her side is Rowan, an often abrasive, standoffish young man who is feared by some and looked down upon by others. He runs hot, he runs cold, he acts haughty, and he is warm and caring, talk about mixed signals! With no one to trust, deceit and danger all around in a strange new world, Kalin shows her mettle, but will she be strong enough to save her father and earn the respect of those around her?

Step through the portal to Avalon and see the richness of nature in all of its magical glory where colors are more vivid, scents are more pure and the vastness and wonder of this world comes to life under the guidance of Stacey O’Neale’s imagination. Told from Kalin’s POV, each scene is filled with wonder and awe. Danger comes from unexpected places and first impressions made are not always the most flattering. Action, twists, political chaos and treachery abound and Ms. O’Neale has enough creative confidence in her characters to turn them loose and make their mark. A highly recommended YA fantasy read, no matter how old one is!

Series: Mortal Enchantment - Book 1
Publication Date: May 5, 2014
Publisher: Phoenix Reign Publishing
ISBN-13: 9781499372533
Genre: Ya Fantasy
Print Length: 238 pages
Available from: AmazonBarnes & Noble

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392 reviews117 followers
October 22, 2014
You might remember from my review of the prequel novella to this series, The Shadow Prince, that I really enjoyed it and was looking forward to reading Mortal Enchantment. I waited a few weeks in between reading them (as I had e-ARCs and such), but I kept looking at Mortal Enchantment on my shelf with excitement. When I finally was able to pick it up, I wasn’t disappointed.

Mortal Enchantment is a fun, fast-paced unique take on elemental mythology. I really enjoyed the setting – Avalon, the world in which all the elementals live divided into four courts that control the elements. These courts – air, water, fire, and woodland – were all fascinating. I’m glad we got to learn more about them in the novel, because the prequel novella definitely got me interested. I thought getting behind the scenes and seeing how Kalin learned to control her powers was really cool. I could almost feel my own fingers burning with the power she was producing.

One thing I wished was different was the length. I wished it were longer! Some of the scenes, especially a particularly important battle scene that had a lot of buildup, were somewhat short and over way too quickly. I could have done with more descriptions here! But instead of focusing on these big moments, the book focuses on the smaller, more intimate moments between Kalin and Rowan or Kalin and her handmaid Ariel. This was enjoyable and allows the reader to get to know these characters better. This isn’t really a complaint: I just wish I had more of the book. All the more reason to read Fragile Reign, the next book in the series!

Two things about Rowan to wrap up this review: 1. I wanted more of him, and 2. He’s got a little bit of an ego, doesn’t he? He knows he’s super sexy and he uses it to his advantage, which is not something I find particularly attractive. I mean, if you know you’re good looking, that’s one thing, but you don’t have to be arrogant about it. Taking this fact into account, it’s funny that I wish we’d had more of him here. I think I was used to reading The Shadow Prince, in which he’s the main character, so trading him off for a different point-of-view was different.

The bottom line: overall, a fun, fast-paced, interesting take on the fantasy genre. I’ll definitely be checking out Fragile Reign when it releases next month!

Rating: 7 – pretty good
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750 reviews164 followers
October 18, 2014
Originally posted at:

I absolutely adored this book. I can't really say what made me like it so much. It was beautifully written, I loved the narrators voice and how every character had a distinct personality. The plot twists were exhilarating and kept me guessing until the end. This is defiantly one of the best books I've had the pleasure of reading this year.

I really, really, really, really liked Rowan. Having read the prequel helped A LOT, but even though he was secretive and mysterious, this time around, I still found a spot in my heart to actually care about him and his well being. Though it seems like Rowan and Kalin's relationship became what it became out of the blue, I still enjoyed this book.

Kalin was the protected, innocent daughter that had to make a big change. Though it started out very stereotypical, by the middle of the book you could almost see the originality flowing off the plot line. I liked Kalin as a character. She wasn't whiney and annoying. She actually tried to fight for what's right and questioned traditions that were imposed on her. I liked seeing she had a back bone.

I loved seeing Marcus again! I also didn't realize that Ariel was his love until it was mentioned to Kalin in the novel. Oops...=]

Even though I loved this book there were a few things that rubbed me the wrong way. The first was the expression 'Whatevs'. I have never used it and haven't heard anyone use it so it sounded forced to me. Also when Kalin drinks the wine (if you read the book you will know what I'm talking about). My question becomes: Why accept an OPEN drink in the first place? Last but not least, I hated the part when Kalin just blew up at Ariel for no apparent reason, except maybe her paranoia.

Many thanks to the author for not leaving off with a cliffhanger. I'll be anxiously awaiting the continuation of Rowan and Kailin's adventures!

Favorite Quotes:

"I gotta say, I was really feeling the robe, but there's something about a girl in cartoon pajamas that does it for me."

"Underneath the surface was a city thriving on the addictions of its patrons."

"Are you doubting my mad sword skills?"
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899 reviews56 followers
August 7, 2016
I did write a kickass review yesterday, but I was on my tablet and it went hay-wire. So, I hope I can replicate it.
DISCLAIMER: I was given a copy of this book (via the author) in exchange for a review.

The adventure continues as Kalin, the daughter of King Taron, of the Air Court, comes of age and is ready to join the kingdom, and move to Avalon. However, shortly before she is to leave for Avalon, she is attacked by two Fire Elementals, and rescued by a mysterious young man who likes to avoid answering her questions. Rowan has secrets, and Kalin is curious. But these secrets are not uncovered until later.

Rowan takes Kalin to Avalon, only to learn that her father has gone missing, just hours before their arrival. They walk right in a Council meeting, which goes into flames, literally. Rowan is suspicious that Queen Liana of the Fire Court is the one who ordered the attack on Kalin. Just a repeat of what was supposed to have happened with the previous queen.

There is a traitor in the midst of the Air Court, and Kalin does not know whom she can trust. However, Rowan seems to be the more likely choice to trust, because Kalin now knows her father had helped him. Rowan promises Kalin that he will help her find her father. He has also volunteered to train her, and help with her powers. But how can anyone possibly focus on training when that sexy specimen is the instructor?

Will they find the King before a war breaks out?
Will they catch the traitor?
And will Kalin actually get Rowan to kiss her?
Yes to all the above.

The story is very intriguing. I think what I loved most was being able to share it with my younger brothers at one point. I was freaking out a bit and they asked what I was reading, so I read it to them. It was late in the night, so they fell asleep. But in the morning, they came back to me and asked what had happened next. I couldn't tell them, because I had finished the book and was looking to know what happens next as well. Great story; thrilling and satisfactory. ♥
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527 reviews222 followers
June 4, 2014
First off I want to thank Stacey for loving me enough to read her book!! LOL This is one series I can say is different, has it own awesomeness to it and will suck you in from page one!

Ok I am going to make this a bit short and that’s because like many other good books I can’t explain how I feel! This is a book of elementals and I love that it’s an amazing world to read about and O’Neale does a fantastic job writing that world!

Kalin is the princess to the king of the air court. But she has been living in the human world with her mother up until her sixteenth birthday. Now its time for het to come home, but as soon as she leaves crap hits the fan! She is attacked right outside her house but saved by the one and only Rowan a another elemental ( YES HE IS HOT, VERY lol) but has something to hide and Kalin cant figure it out. Rowan helps her make it to her father safely but only to find out he is missing and things seem to not be all kosher.

Now she will have to find her father, maybe take over his job, figure out who her friends are and who are not, use a element she has never used before and this in a place she has NEVER been too and. Who can she trust, how can she save her dad when she is up against things she has never known?

OK I loved it yep I am saying it again I loved it. This was not only a smooth moving book but it had me hooked from the first page excited to get to the next. The world Kalin is thrown into was awesome to read and to watch her grow through out the book was remarkable. I loved Rowan too and I loved how loyal he was, there connection was just right as well. They will battle many obstacles and she will grow to a whole new girl in this story. There is some things you will never see coming so get ready for this magical world of fighting, love and adventure. I can’t wait for more from this story and see what will happen to everyone you will meet in Mortal Enchantment!
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333 reviews10 followers
May 30, 2014
I met Stacy O’Neale back two years ago at a signing in Houston. I remember thinking if she was an author, not knowing that she was working a book in progress. Now that I have read Shadow Prince and the first book in the series, I was looking at a future best seller. I feel that this series will go far and I hope to travel along with it.

We leave Rowan and follow Kalin who I learned just a little bit about in the prologue but she has a future that will decide the outcome over the four elemental courts. Kalin has a long way to go and with her father missing, stress is building up but with the help of Rowan she has the power to bring something great to her world.

This book set up a series that hopefully will make the top. Kalin, like mentioned before, has a big journey ahead of her and we were able to see some of her powers but I feel with the upcoming books, we will be able to see what she is fully capable with. Rowan, I am glad was not taken out of the story because I connected with him in the first book and everything.

When I hear of Avalon, I think of King Arthur and I am a big lover of that literature and world that I knew that I would love the world of Avalon as well. The way the words described it, I felt like I was with it the whole way.
Overall this book was spectacular and although it felt a little short, it has a long way to go. Stacy O’Neale is super in all that she has done so far. Mortal Enchantment is a book that brings readers to pause and think about how they will be holding a bestseller. Totally Enchanting!

I give this book 5 bites!
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184 reviews87 followers
June 16, 2015
Mortal Enchantment switches to Kalin's POV. She is away from the world she has always known and the only family she has in this new world has been taken from her. What happened and who took her Father? That is what Kalin is determined to uncover.

In the meantime the kingdom has been left in her hands and she has a very short amount of time to discover what she is made of. I was sad to not have Rowan's POV but soon found that Stacey made such an exceptional character and story that Rowan's voice is heard loud and clear whether from his POV or not. He is still cocky, stubborn and charming all in one hot package. I enjoyed the adventure this series has taken me on.

Every story makes you crave the next one right after. The chemistry between Rowan and Kalin is as steamy as Daemon and Kat from the Lux series by JLA. I can not wait to get my hands on Fragile Reign. This has to be one of my favorite Fantasy reads this year! This is a must read series and if you have not picked it up then you need to.
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111 reviews
January 25, 2015
i was initially very impressed with the blurb becasue the story line and theme of the book was very good so i started reading it. the starting was awesome. i really liked the characters and how they were related to each other. the story was connected in a good way but i don't what happened, the book took a turn for bad in the middle. the characters were not as strong as they were in the beginning. things become predicable and the story became boring, typical. the twists were all over in the beginning and the book was left with the same plain old story. It was very disappointing to say the least. I finished...hardly...i hope the second book is better then this one but am not holding my breath for it.
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9 reviews2 followers
May 28, 2014
his story line is very different from anything I have read recently in YA, or really in adult paranormal stories. The Mythology is wonderful and really gets me interested in learning more about elementals. I really enjoyed the different changes of location, the author did a wonderful job describing certain locals. The plot twists were really fun and I actually did not see some of them coming! Kalin is a very strong character and really won't take crap from anyone- I am really excited to see what is next for Kalin, Rowan, Marcus and Ariel. What a great start to a series, lets get the next one out ASAP!
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6 reviews
January 7, 2015
Great read! Although it is about elementals the characters are very human. I love the vibrancy of Kalin and Rowan. They are sassy, complicated and lovable. Can't wait to read the next one and see where it takes us.
October 10, 2014
Ya'll!!!!! I have found a new love. Mortal Enchantment is by far one of my new favorite books. I wasn't sure what to expect at first, but I must say that I was not disappointed. Stacey O'Neale wrote an incredible story and I am so happy I got the opportunity to read it. It is different, and has some some amazing characters. I am already jonesing to get my hands on book 2 hehe

I was being so serious earlier when I said that this is one of my new favorite books. I picked this up, and just could not put it down till I was done. Which if I'm being really honest with you guys was in a day. Well technically two. I started reading it at night before bed until I was too tired to keep my eyes open and then finished it the following day. Mortal Enchantment is a breath of fresh air in a market over saturated with the same monotony. I loved the story of Elementals, and how they play a part in our world. It is something that I have only seen a few times in books (well not elementals but Wind Walkers instead) and even then this story was quite different from the those. The thing I probably enjoyed the most though about this book was the mystery in it. You are presented with the fact that Kalin's dad is missing, and well, things are going from bad to worse when a war starts brewing as well. This book will leave you on your toes the entire time, and keep you wondering who is betraying the Air Kingdom.

I loved the characters in Mortal Enchantment. Kalin is the perfect heroin. She is strong willed and capable of standing up for herself. While never actually meeting her father face to face before she moved to Avalon she is determined to find him and keep his kingdom in one piece. She is sarcastic and funny, and just overall a well balanced character. I could easily see myself being friends with someone like her in real life.
We also have Rowan to talk about. The sexy with a bit of edge Fire Kingdom deserter who has been protecting Kalin. I am in love guys. Can I have one please please please hehe. While kind of a hard ass, Rowan wants only what is best for Kalin. He offers to teach her how to use her powers while still defending her from the people out to harm her. With his devilish smirk and hot body he has a way of drawling Kalin to him, but there is a dark side to him that he isn't willing to share. His past is complicated but his feelings for Kalin are anything but. He cares for her weather he wants to really admit it or not and will do anything to protect her, even if it means having to face said complicated past.
2 other characters I think ya'll will really like are Ariel and Marcus. Ariel is Kalin's right hand girl I guess you could say. She is there to help her become a proper princess and really is Kalin's only friend. The two girls make a great team and become quite close. She gives the story that little extra boost it needs to really show the depth of Kalin's character and add some light silly girlyness to the story. Marcus on the other hand is still a bit of a mystery. We don't really meet him till much later in the book, but do here about him. He is Rowan's best friend, but also there is more to who he is. (But I can't say, because I don't want to give anything away.) just wait you will see what I'm talking about. He is sweet and cares about his friends though, and will do all he can to defend them. His character gives you a bit of Rowans past life, and really ties the characters together in a way.
Overall I loved the characters Stacey created. They are multidimensional, and very relatable, once you get past all the magical stuff. I love their personalities and the fight they all have.
And just so you know I totally claim Rowan as my new book boyfriend. All mine, no one else's haha (maybe I will share, if you give me books lol)

Stacey created a beautiful world with Avalon. She has a way of writing that gives you so many detailed descriptions that you feel like you are walking right next to Kalin. It is one of those mythical places that not many think about. Her world is breathtaking, and full of amazing creatures. I really do love her creativity, and am so happy she decided to share this book with the world.

*****I give this book 5 stars*****

Also be sure to check out the prequel the Shadow Prince. It will explain why Rowan is the way he is, and give you a good glimpse into his past. I had the opportunity to read it as well and loved it too.

*****I give The Shadow Prince 5 stars as well*****

Be sure to check out the giveaway going on too for the blog tour
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June 11, 2016
From the minute I opened this book I was completely immersed and lost in it! Fast-paced story, intriguing characters, amazing world building and history - I wasn't able to read fast enough! And with each page, I wanted more and more of everything that was happening...

Right from the start we get to meet Kalin, half mortal and a half air elemental, who has just turned of age and is going to Avalon to rule alongside her father in the air court. Although her father had tried to prepare Kalin for this new world, books and discussions could only teach her so much. Kalin is overly anxious to get this new part of her life started and decides to take matters into her own hands and begins her journey into the woods on her own... and of course, she is completely unprepared for the danger that is waiting for her in the forest. And even more unaware of the mysterious and haughty person who saves her, Rowan. Kalin has been kept in the dark about a lot of political things that have been happening in Avalon, and Rowan is not about to start giving her any lessons. But promises to help her, keep her safe, until they get to the castle. When they finally get there, Kalin's arrival is far less than pleasant. And her father, King Taron, is missing.
Kalin is completely lost when it comes to how the elementals handle these situations. They are harsh and quick to judge. But, she is determined to be heard and is prepared to do what she has to do to take matters into her own hands. It is her father's wish that Kalin rule in the future and she will do what she has to do to honor it. Even if that means stepping in, for now. With no allies, except for the mysterious Rowan. Kalin begins training to learn how to control her own powers as she struggles with who can she trust to help her do what she has to do until she finds her father.

First, Kalin is quite the protagonist - she is fearless and determined. But, she is a bit too quick to jump into things and gives trust when she already knows that she should be questioning everyone's motives. No place is safe for her, she must learn how to use her powers and defend herself. Her father is missing, and her priority is to find him in any way that she can. And the only person she has been able to lean on is the ever so cryptic and egotistical, Rowan. She makes a whole lot of stupid mistakes. I cringed quite a few times. But, understandably, Kalin is just trying to do what she thinks is best in order to keep things in order while everything becomes more and more complicated.

And then, there is Rowan.

Rowan is so broken. After what he has gone through, he continues to do the right thing for Kalin. As things start to unfold and beome more complicated for him. He is still determined to help Kalin, find King Taron and put the elements back in order before a war ignites. Even though everyone is against him, and it is no longer his battle to fight, Rowan still cares about not only his people and Kalin, but the other elementals that involved as well... misunderstood and alone, Rowan struggles to keep his emotions in order whenever he's around Kalin.

There is a lot to learn about this world, and I did learn a lot right alongside Kalin. The layout of their world, how their government works and who rules what with many, many details and history lessons - I was completely immersed into every single letter on the page. Every character is so memorable. Every little detail is so prominent and poignant. If it wasn't for the possible outbreak of war, I would love to visit Avalon... I wish there was a map to go along with the book...

I highly recommend this book to all who are looking for a great fast-paced read; either those who love fantasy, or those that are looking for something a little bit different to dive into - this is definitely your kind of book to read right now!!!

*An eARC was sent to me by the author for an honest review.
All thoughts are my own.
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October 6, 2014
5 Stars|Goodreads | Amazon
Meg's Review:
I really enjoyed this book. After a few paranormal/fantasy reads that just didn't do it for me, this one pulled me in and kept me engaged. It was a funny and interesting read. Albeit, I will say it did remind me of another series, it was original enough that it held its own for me.

Kalin is trading the only life she has ever known in for a new start with her father in Avalon. She's the heir to his throne and its finally time for her to learn the ropes.

"Wow, and up until now, I thought you were part of the welcoming party.” My Situation? What was this guy’s damage? He didn’t even know me."

On the night that she is suppose to be making her trip to Avalon, there is an Attack and HELLO Rowan.

"Rowan was cocky, impatient, and downright infuriating. He winked and my stomach felt like a hundred dragonflies were doing summersaults. Nope, I refuse to be attracted to him."

Hopefully you have read the FREE prequel. If not? Go read it. You want Rowan's back story. Add Rowan into this attack, as well as some inner court kidnappings and we have the makings for a face paced and well written novel.

Mortal Enchantment is a novel about stepping up and facing your fears. Kalin is forced to step up and solve some colossal problems that are thrust into her lap and she excels. I look forward to seeing where this series goes.

“Mortal Enchantment spins a unique twist on elemental mythology. This series is not to be missed.”
Jennifer L. Armentrout, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author

In Kalin Matthew's world, elementals control the forces of nature. They are divided into four courts: air, woodland, fire, and water. At sixteen she will leave the life she's built with her mortal mother. Kalin will move to Avalon to rule with her father—the elemental king of the air court. Along the way, she's attacked by a fire court assassin and saved by Rowan, a swoon-worthy elemental with a questionable past. 

Worst of all, she learns her father is missing.

To rescue him, Kalin will have to work with a judgmental council and a system of courts too busy accusing each other of deceit to actually be able to help her. But, they aren’t her biggest challenge. With the Midwinter’s Ball only five days away, Kalin must take over her father’s duties, which includes shifting control of the elements—power Kalin has yet to realize.

As Rowan attempts to train her, a war looms between the four courts. If Kalin fails, her father will die and the courts will fall, but the betrayal she’s about to uncover may cost her even more...
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411 reviews372 followers
September 30, 2014
Such a GOOD book!

While The Shadow Prince gave us a peek into the ME world and into the history and mind of Rowan's character, Mortal Enchantment expands upon that, but also introduces us to a plethora of new characters.

Even though Kalin isn't new (she was in the novella), you don't really learn about her personally until this book. And, to be honest, she underwhelmed me for a while. I was more focused on Rowan and wanting to get back to his story, but that may be because I read The Shadow Prince right before this book. Rowan's presence is VERY prominant throughout this book, but Kalin is the key to the plot in this particular case.

ME follows her and her journey to rescue her father from the hands of his kidnappers, as well as gain respect and legitimacy as the rightful princess to her kingdom. Rowan, unknown to Kalin, has been her protector. But when things start to come to a head, he offers to train her and teach her the ways of Avalon.

Let's talk about this setting -- Avalon. It's fantastic. It's centered around the elements (i.e. air, water, fire, etc.) and it is so cool! Kalin was raised by her mother, who is human, in the regular world. Her father is the king of one of the elemental kings, so because Kalin is a "halfling", she doesn't get much respect in Avalon. ME gives us insight into the depth that is this world, but the cool part about it is -- it feels like we've only scratched the surface with this first book. And O'Neale did a superb job in building and developing the world at a respectable pace.

The characters are SO much fun! And so great together and separate. I fell in love with most of them righ away. Kalin, though extremely bratty and stubborn at times, holds her own against Rowan who is a VERY strongly developed character. There are times where I want to strangle her and I want to scream because she gets herself (and others) into unnecessary fits of worry or dangerous situations, but throughout the book I grow used to it because it doesn't really change.

Rowan's character is a bit more superficial in this book, but because I read the novella first, it didn't bother me and I understood it. I'm not sure if I would have loved it as much has I not read the novella first, but I will never know! One thing that carries over from The Shadow Prince to Mortal Enchantment is his fierce loyalty, his desire to protect, his skill, and his dedication. I just LOVED witnessing him be strong, but I especially appreciated his vulnerable moments, too.

Together, their companionship progressed so effortlessly and so fluidly. From strangers to friends to whatever comes next. It was done so well. O'Neale didn't rush any moment with them and it was believeable.

The secondary characters in this book, from Kalin's helper to the king's advisor to the kingdom itself, were are purposeful and necessary. And they aided in the progression of the plot and in the development of the protagonists, Kalin more than Rowan. There was so much action and world building. I felt sadness, happiness, anger, frustration on behalf of these characters. Even the antagonists were brilliantly written.

The world and the characters drive the story equally. There's no weak link in this mix. Stacey O'Neale has created something great here and I cannot even begin to fathom what she's going to do next.

This is an epic tale of fantasy and even romance that is sure to grab you and keep you interested.
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1,186 reviews33 followers
July 25, 2014
This is an incredible story filled with hope, sacrifice, and determination. It seriously has everything you could ask for – the ultimate sacrifice of one, a love that is true and pure, an unsure heart that surprises everyone, and a destiny that cannot be denied. What more could you possibly want?! I know I was captivated by the stunning depth of heart that fill these pages to overflowing. Even when things were at their worst, all was not lost. By focusing on what mattered the most, anything was possible.

Kalin Matthew would seem your normal, everyday sixteen year old living with her mother, attending high school, and hanging out with her friends. You couldn’t be more wrong. She is a halfling, and her destiny is beyond anything that her human friends could ever imagine. Her journey is only beginning, and who she encounters on one fateful night will turn her world upside down for Rowan is not merely a heart-melting teenager. He is an elemental, and he will do everything he can to help Kalin achieve her potential. He knows what is at stake if she is to fail, and he will not let that happen if he has anything to say about it. Can Kalin trust him with her growing powers, or is it her heart that she is more afraid of losing to him? Allegiances will be put to the test, and friends will be discovered in the most unlikely of places. This is a journey that you will lose your heart to, so be prepared and be warned.

The characters in this captivating tale will reach inside you and help you to discover a determination that you never knew existed. While the focus is on Kalin and her burgeoning powers and limitless potential, we see those that either rally alongside her or stand against her. Both help to mold and shape her her to become someone that she never knew she could be. What few allies she is able to find are worth more than all of the treasure in her world. They fuel her determination to fight when she would rather run and hide. They give her the strength she needs to push aside her mind-numbing fear and face the struggles and trials that lay before her. They fill her heart with love and hope when the emptiness inside her threatens to overtake her. They help to show her who she really is.

I am thoroughly impressed with Stacey O’Neale. She has created an enthralling story that will capture your heart and never let go. The message that we hear whispered throughout is one of endless potential if we can only look past our fear. Once we conquer that which holds our heart in its cold clutches, we will find that nothing is out of the realm of possibilities. We can be more then we have allowed ourselves to become if we will only take that first important step toward the mysterious yet promising unknown. I can’t wait to see how Kalin changes even more as this story continues and we see how her world finally takes notice of her as she becomes who she was born to be.
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69 reviews1 follower
June 11, 2014
4.5 stars
By the end of THE SHADOW PRINCE I was hooked on this series! I did a happy dance when this book arrived. Stacey did a great job of introducing us to Avalon, all the various elementals, the way things worked in this world (politics etc...) as well introducing us to our yummy & sexy hero Rowan in that short novella. I would definitely recommend reading The Shadow Prince prior to reading MORTAL ENCHANTMENT. (And why not the novella is FREE!)

This book was told from Kalin's POV. She has just turned 16 years old (she's young so clearly doesn't act mature all the time because she's not). She has spent her whole life in the mortal world with her mortal mom and now at the age of 16 she will go to Avalon to live with her Father and learn about her elemental powers. Her father is King Taron of the elemental court of Air. (We meet him briefly in The Shawdow Prince and he came off as a caring, fair, and good hearted) Kalin is a half-ling - half mortal/half air elemental (which is not a good thing in Avalon -- so strike one against Kalin). She arrives in Avalon to a disaster -- Her father has disappeared and the shift of power is about to occur. With her father being gone that shift of power responsibility falls on all Kalin! Despite her young age, cluelessness of her own potential powers, the powers of others, the politics, and the world of Avalon itself Kalin is strong and never gives up. She also had a strong love for both her mother and father which was refreshing to see and she always spoke her mind! Overall a fun, strong, and witty female lead.

Rowan - oh how I loved Rowan! The Shadow Prince was told from Rowan's POV. I have to admit I was hoping for one chapter from his POV in this book. (Stacey -- maybe an idea for next book?? :-)). I kept holding out hope that maybe at the very end we would be able to see something through his eyes as I was dying to know what was going on in his head! His personality is awesome - snarky, a little arrogant, loyal, strong, and sweet. There were some serious laugh out loud moments with his banter and comebacks to Kalin. Their romance was slow and cautious -- going from friendship to something more as they built up trust in one another.

Rowan and Marcus had such a strong friendship in The Shadow Prince that I was kinda disappointed that Marcus entered this story so late and entered at the request of Ariel. (I thought he should of come to save his BFF Rowan) I am hoping we see more of Marcus and Ariel in the next book as the strong friendships played a big part in what I loved about the series.

While you may be able to predict a thing or two there are some things you will never see coming so get ready for this story of the elementals. This packs in a lot opinion the 225 pages- friendship, deceit, fighting, love and adventure. I can’t wait for the next book in this series! Goodbye Rowan, Kalin, Marcus & Ariel for now. :-)
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March 6, 2015
Title: Mortal Enchantment

Author: Stacey O'Neale

Age Group: Teen/Young Adult

Genre: Fantasy/Romance

Series: Mortal Enchantment, book two

Star Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

This book was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review--thanks so much, Stacey!

Elementals. Elementals are one of my favorite sort of beings to read about. I mean, who hasn't dreamed of having dominion over the most powerful forces in nature? To own the waves of the ocean, to call upon the fire deep within the earth? Oh, I'm getting distracted. On to the review.

Mortal Enchantment picks up after the explosive climax of The Shadow Prince, this time turning to Kalin as the main character. On her birthday, she must go to Avalon to learn to use her gifts of elemental power--being the Air Court princess and all. But when she goes to Avalon, her father is missing. Forced to be completely on guard within a court full of secrets, intrigue, and clandestine power struggles, she also is distracted by the sexy Rowan, who seems to have his own motives for protecting her.

I'll start off with the things I enjoyed: I really liked the world-building. It was great, and I really enjoyed the way the faerie courts were structured--it still fit the world, but it was unique all at once. I liked the characters, too: Rowan, Kalin, and Marcus and Ariel were all relatable and well-nuanced. And the evil characters, too, which I won't name for spoiler reasons.

The pacing was awesome--once things started rolling, I couldn't put it down. I was completely glued to the pages, especially towards the end. There were things I didn't like, too, and that's why I gave it 4 out of 5 stars instead of 5: Kalin seemed really hormonal and boy-crazy toward Rowan, and their relationship seemed to evolve out of thin air. I would've liked to see them develop more, rather than Kalin lusting after him every two seconds.

And that ending--Oh my God! If I didn't have the third and last novel lined up, I would be dying! I'm so excited to read Fragile Reign! The bottom line: A fantastic sequel to The Shadow Prince, Mortal Enchantment was riveting--I loved it! Next on deck: Fragile Reign by Stacey O'Neale!

432 reviews4 followers
May 29, 2015
After reading The Shadow Prince, I literally counted down the days until Mortal Enchantment was available. I highly recommend reading The Shadow Prince before reading Mortal Enchantment as Mortal Enchantment begins right where The Shadow Prince ends.

From the time she was born, Kalin always knew that when she became 16, she would leave the mortal world for that of Avalon. She had to take her proper place beside her father the King of the Air Elementals. Kalin was looking forward to spending more time with her father, although that meant leaving her momma behind. As she is to leave an assassin from another elemental court comes after her. She is saved by Rowan, a solitaryelemental. Kalin always heard that solitary elementals were dangerous and not to be trusted. But in a land where nothing is as it seems, where people treat her like a second class citizen, where her father is missing she has no one else to trust but Rowan.

Kalin wants to find her father but politics gets in the way. Before anyone will listen to her, she must embrace her elemental side. Something she has no clue how to do. Rowan agrees to show her how to tap into her elemental powers. Kalin is a sweet girl that really does not understand the world in which she has been thrust into.

Rowan is the same sexy fire elemental that we grew to love in The Shadow Prince. His attempt at being aloof with Kalin is laughable. As his feelings for her run deep and are shown throughout his actions. Those who haven’t read The Shadow Prince will not feel this way, instead they will probably view him as cocky. While both of them try to be snarky with each other- instead of being mean it comes across as being cute.

Mortal Enchantment is a tale that will capture your imagination from beginning to end. The ending leaves you wanting more in the right now where is it kinda way.

My Rating 4 out of 5 stars

Favorite Quote Reality check; I was in the middle of the woods, in the dark, with no idea how to find Dad’s knights.

Other People
Ariel- Air elemental, befriends Kalin
Marcus- Fire elemental, in love with Ariel best friend to Marcus
Jarrod- advisor to Kalin’s father, a bit full of himself

My Review
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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April 1, 2016
OMG! OMG! OMG! Really all this time I had seen this advertised to me on facebook telling me I would love Rowan if I loved Ash, and it took me this long to read it!?!? WHY? First I must say this is a book you definitely have to read the Prequel first. I really do think a lot of the bad reviews this book got are from people who didn't read it, because they didn't seem to understand some point's that were made clear in the prequel. For example everything with Rowan, Uh yeah he might have spent a while keeping the truth from Kalin, but you should have known what happened all along, and it shouldn't have bothered you! I could fully understand everything and it was nice not being in the dark like she was tbh!

Anyways wow I loved, loved, loved this! It just full of awesome! It was so entertaining,and I loved the characters! Especial Rowan! Okay facebook you have now been right twice! First with Charley Davidson and now this! I will hereby listen to you more! Anyway Stacy builds this great world and because of the prequel you jump into the action right away. Kalin thinks she is going to take her place at fathers side, but when she gets attacked she knows it isn't going to be that easy! She is looked down upon from others, she has no clue how to use her power, and worst of all her Father is missing! She has to learn fast from Rowan how to use her powers and learn from Ariel on how to be a Princess! All while trying to keep everything together, not knowing who to trust, and finding her father!

This book has a mix of action,sexual tension, romance, excitement and magic!
This is a highly recommended read!
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May 31, 2014
By the end of THE SHADOW PRINCE I had no doubt that I wanted to read MORTAL ENCHANTMENT. I really enjoyed meeting Rowan and the world that O'Neale created.

It took me a few chapters to 'like' Kalin. I didn't dislike her I just didn't instantly connect with her like I did Rowan. She was never in a good position with being a half-ling and entering the Air Court for the first time. Her father's disappearance only made the whole situation worse. Considering her position I felt she handled everything pretty well but there were few times where I felt she could have acted a bit more mature. She is young though so I didn't hold it against her too much. I still very much enjoyed Rowan. I like his personality and even though he doesn't have to he did a great job teaching Kalin how to use her magic and navigate things at court (After reading THE SHADOW PRINCE I had no doubt he would be glued to her side.) Their romance was slow and cautious but there is great hope for them in the future.

The story was told at a nice pace and there was some great action. There could have been some greater detail in some of the scenes but overall I enjoyed the world building. I still have a lot of questions after reading MORTAL ENCHANTMENT so I look forward to seeing what comes next for the characters.

This book was provided free of charge from the Author in exchange for an honest review.
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Author 4 books249 followers
October 30, 2014
I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

Looking for a fast-paced YA urban fantasy series? Look no further than Mortal Enchantment. Part paranormal, part mythology, part fantasy, this novel draws the reader in immediately and refuses to let go.

I think the blurb does a great job outlining the plot-- what you read is exactly what you get. Twists and turns abound, coupled with lots of action and adventure. I liked Kalin, but truth be told, it's Rowan who stole the show. His attitude, power, just everything is swoon-worthy.

Ms. O'Neale's writing flows so easily, making reading effortless and fun. There's a great mix of description and dialogue which keeps the story moving at a fast clip. The fantasy world is full of intrigue and fascinating characters.

Mortal Enchantment will appeal to all ages, not just the YA audience. If you like paranormal/urban fantasy, you should consider giving this series a try. Shadow Prince is a prequel novella, perfect to whet your appetite.
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February 21, 2016
1.5 stars
Let me first state that I didn't read the prequel, The Shadow Prince, so this book is my first look into this series.

Like most of the books I find, this one had potential. The author started with an idea that grew to a couple. Unfortunately, O'Neale never went beyond the surface to develop her ideas further.

If asked a few months from now, I probably won't remember anything about this book. The characters aren't memorable. Perhaps the problem lies with the author's method of execution.

One thing I noticed is that while the writing was okay, it was very bland.

The character describing a ball scene/gowns:

All were beautiful--some were made of fabric while others made of flowers and vines. The men managed to look just as dreamy.

"Beautiful" and "dreamy"are such general and useless descriptions that the author shouldn't have even bothered to use them.

The writing has no edge.

But what really seems to be the root of the problem is the plot. While one exists, it is poorly paced (read: rushed), jumping us from one extreme crisis to the next. And when we're not in the middle of a crisis, the author bores with a couple of scenes where the focus is on main character is admiring ball gowns and looking pretty. How is that relevant to the plot? How?! If a scene doesn't advance the plot forward, it should be cut. These are dead zones in the story, where nothing happens.

On a side note, the author wastes a lot of words describing the main character's outfits and dropping name brands. And I care why?

There's no slow build-up of plot to tease the reader. The author never gives us any time to really get to know the characters. She hurls us straight into extreme situations that require us to really know the characters and feel empathy towards them, in order for us to care about them and how the situation affects.

Sadly, she's never given us a chance (or introduced low intensity problem scenes to the plot) to get to know the characters and explore their complexity.
This rushed part is what also gives the plot a messy vibe. Not good.

Part of what also had me really baffled is that most of the narrative is the main character crushing over Mr. Hot, Dangerous Warrior Guy when she should be out of her mind with worry for her missing and possibly dead father.

I have read books where a romance develops when a character is searching for a missing beloved relative. Those successful executions are made by keeping the attraction low key and in the background, and only bringing it to the forefront of the narrative when emotions are running really high. This is after many (key word: MANY) series of low-key tense scenes have played up, building us up to this moment. By when it feels natural for the main character to openly think about or act on the attraction.

Not the blatant flirting and lot's of ogling (on the female main character's part) we were subjected to throughout the story.

Here's the perfect quote to describe what's going on during most of the book:

(Just after MC is caught staring at/ogling him, again.)
"You're making a habit of this," he said, curling around. As he sat on the rim of the fountain, he ran his fingers through his damp hair. "Should I pose or do you prefer watching me in action?"

I rolled my eyes, but who was I kidding? He was the definition of swoon. The worst part was, he knew that I knew it too. "Over-confident much?"

(Let me remind you that she just found out LAST NIGHT that her father is missing. Would she be indulging in her teenage hormones the very NEXT MORNING like this?)

Another thing that this story is missing is some sort of theme which we, the readers who aren't looking for missing parents, can relate to. The love angle, attraction to a complicated guy, is certainly one theme normal folks can relate to, but unfortunately, it wasn't done remotely well. There are a ton of themes which the author could have played off of (usually a combination of a few would have been a good idea--add complexity): the main character's insecurity about being in a strange place surrounded by strangers, MC's insecurity about fitting in, MC's insecurity about doing right by her missing dad, etc...
Those are just the top of my head, and there are many more. Sadly, these were just skimmed right over.

This read like a first draft, or something in the early stages, because this shows me that the writing was rushed and the author didn't truly take the time to delve into the non-supernatural side of the story. Psychoanalyze her characters, etc... This is how readers connect to characters, when the reader identifies with an issue that exists in real life for them.
Most of the focus was either on MC's crush, or the supernatural side (MC learning to master her power in a ridiculous amount of short time). Let's not forget that the plot wasn't paced well either.
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