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Ivy's on her way to kick ass and save Collin from the horrors of the Underworld. Along the way she discovers that the truth won't set her free. Deep-seated deception leads Ivy closer to her destiny. But, being queen of the demons is not the destiny she wants. Ivy will have to overcome lust, power, and love if she wants to survive.

242 pages, Paperback

First published August 28, 2011

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H.M. Ward

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H.M. Ward continues to reign as a NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author who surpassed more than 23 million books sold, placing her among the literary titans. Ward has been featured in articles in the NEW YORK TIMES, FORBES, and USA TODAY to name a few.

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357 reviews99 followers
September 5, 2011
Just incase you weren’t aware, Cursed is the second book in the Demon Kissed Series and I am 100% in love with it. The first book I reviewed on my blog was Demon Kissed…you can find it HERE if you haven’t already read the book.

Cursed begins a couple of weeks after Collin threw himself into the Underworld to save Ivy. This series will leave you wondering who to trust, what is good, and is anything pure evil. So, let’s talk about the characters for a minute…

Ivy – Ivy is the seventeen year-old girl that the Prophecy says will be the destructor of the world. For thousands of years, Martis and Valefar have hunted her, both groups believing she would be the end of the world…as we know it. The events leading up to her becoming the “Prophecy One” lend reason that she was never supposed to be inherently evil.

Martis – are descended by the Angels, made to protect the world from Kreturus (the epitome of evil.) Martis are believed to be all good – to be the ones who will save everyone.

Shannon – is Ivy’s best friend. She was Martis before Ivy became the “Prophecy One.” She has been taught that the “Prophecy One” must be killed. Letting her live will cause the Prophecy to happen, causing turmoil Pandora’s box could not unleash. Shannon was completely ready to do this…until her best friend turned out to be the one she was supposed to kill.

Eric – was the Seeker, a privileged position with the Martis. It was up to him to find and kill the “Profecy One.” This had been his mission for over 2000 years.

Al – was the local Seer. She had visions that helped guide the Martis’ mission. She believed that Ivy was good and that everyone had misconstrued the Prophecy. Maybe the Prophecy was more about Ivy finding the good in what others perceived to be evil.

Valefar – are descended from the Underworld, sent to fight against the Martis for control over the world. They are inherently evil and have no souls. In order to live, they must perform a Demon Kiss and take a human’s soul.

Collin – is the leader of the Valefar. It stands to reason that if he is Valefar, he has no soul, and if he has no soul, he must be evil…right? Question…would someone so terribly horrific toss himself into hell to save the girl he has been protecting?

Kreturus – the leader of the Underworld, who was trapped by the Martis thousands of years ago. If he escapes his confines, the world as we know it will end.

So, now you have a little information about the characters and the teams they play for; however, what you don’t know is whether Ivy is good or evil. I still don’t know the answer to this.

Ivy has set off on a mission, determined to find and bring Collin home. He has saved her twice and she is convinced that he cannot possibly be evil. She must venture to the Underworld and survive many trials to save him. The things she sees on her journey are enough to drive most people insane. Ivy must keep herself together in order to complete her mission. Lucky for her, she has two friends that will accompany her to the deep dark depths of evil.

I love this series because it makes you think about the really important questions. Is life a destiny or do we truly have free will? Is any one person or thing ever completely good or evil? Should we accept things simply because they are taught to us or should we investigate and find the answers for ourselves. I think most of us believe these questions are easily answered, but perhaps this is not true.

Ms. Ward takes you on a journey into the center of hell, creates characters and places that are out of this world, and makes you think about life, love, and happiness. Aren’t these the things good literature is made of?

My only negative on this installment is that I am left with so many questions still unanswered from the first book. This book is primarily about Ivy’s journey with Shannon and Eric. It details their adventures in the hunt for Collin. And sadly, I was left with more questions than ever, but this is okay because, Torn (Demon Kissed #3) is due out this winter. I will not have to wait too terribly long.
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45 reviews
March 12, 2012
Review on Linny's Literature

Cursed, the second installment in the Demon Kissed series, did not disappoint. Like the first book, it was filled with action and thrill that didn't fizzle out like some books do after the first. Exciting things happened from the beginning to the end! Not only does the action continue full-force, but I also continue to adore the characters, especially Ivy.

Ivy's life does NOT get any easier, but she remains strong and does what she has to do to save herself and the people that she cares about - very refreshing for a female lead. To save Collin from the evil clutches of the Demon King, Ivy has to travel to the Underworld. Go to the Underworld, full of demons and other unimaginable evils? Ivy doesn't even think twice about it to save the one she loves. I saw a review that claimed she was whiny.. and I do not see it. Was she upset about the cards she was dealt? Hell yeah! For all that she has gone through and has yet to go through, a comment every now and then about how she's a little bitter is amazing - if this happened to me I would probably just call it quits and curl up in a ball on the floor. Ivy is a role model for us all. And while she does make some mistakes, who doesn't? The choices that she make are realistic and understandable, and that only makes me love her more. Like in Demon Kissed, I almost feel as if I am Ivy as I read, filled with her emotions and just as utterly shocked when there is a plot twist. This is one of my favorite parts about the Demon Kissed series, along with it's originality, action, and unpredictability.

You know when you're reading and you tell yourself, "I'll put this down as soon as they get past this exciting part"? Well I never really got the chance to put Cursed down. Like I said in my review of Demon Kissed, this book was written a little strangely in the fact that there was non-stop action and important events. Usually books build suspense and drag things out for chapters, and there was some build up in the beginning, but not much. Again, this turned out to be a major plus as the story never grows dull and always keeps you on your toes. On top of the action, there are numerous plot twists, none of which I saw coming from a mile away. It is so exhilarating to read a book and have no idea what is going to happen. Like the ending.. did not see that coming. I won't tell you what it is, but I will say that I am extremelly pleased that I have the next book, Torn, and don't have to wait a second before finding out what happens next.

While reading, I did come across a couple very minor spelling/grammar errors. This happened very little, but I thought I should mention it for the perfectionists out there. Example: "bod" instead of "bad", only noticed it by chance. They were very minor things and in no way made this book any less grand.

The story remained original and exciting, living up to my expectaitons after the first book. The characters that I love, like Ivy, Collin, Eric, and Al, all continue to hold my heart as well. I absolutely loved Cursed, and definitely recommend it and the entire Demon Kissed series.
Profile Image for Brie.
70 reviews4 followers
April 10, 2017
Ivy. Strong, Heroic, Powerful, Constantly trying to do the right thing. Constantly being twarted. Every time she thinks shes taking a step in the right direction something unpredictable happens making her seemingly good deed into something catastrophic. But does she give up? Nope.

Collin. Freakin selfless. All he cares about is keeping Ivy away so she can be safe even though he is literally going through hell. Not to mention charming and (in my mind) hot:)

Eric. Holy crap Eric! He went from being judmental to the love of my life in this book. I swear he'll never be able to do anything that will make me not love him ever again. I want to go on but I don't want to give anything away.

Ok. Now the actual book.

It starts kind of slow, but I think it's nessassary overall. As soon as it picks up a few chapters in it doesn't stop. There are crazy twist through out the whole thing. I can't believe half of the things that happened. It's insane and I'm so excited to find out what happens next.

There are three reasons I didn't give this book five stars. One is because for the first half of the book it kept mentioning how much the Martis hated Ivy because she was part Valefare. That was kind of a given and saying it once or twice probably would have been fine. Second was also a repetition thing about how she came to be half Martis half Valefar and how she'd saved Collin. If people have read the first book which i think is pretty nessessary to understanding this one then they should all ready know all those details. And third because it was too short! I reached the last page and freaked out when there wasn't another one. I think I'll be watching for Torn like everyday until it comes out. I can't wait!:)
Profile Image for Rachael Grossi.
15 reviews5 followers
August 30, 2011
I really enjoyed this book, I liked Demon Kissed more because I love the relationship between, Collin and Ivy and we don't get to see much of it since Collin is stuck in hell and Ivy is trying to find him but you get a sense of the deep love they feel for each other. I love all the interesting trials Ivy must overcome during her journey and the surprising events that take place involving Eric and Shannon. I hated the ending just because I didn't want it to end, its such a page turner moment, I can't wait for Torn to come out, luckily its only a few months away, I hope. Thank You again H.M Ward for another amazing book. I will have to say that I was sucked into this book and read the whole book in mere hours because I couldn't go to sleep until I found out if she got to Collin or not. I can't wait for the book Torn and hope it comes out sooner than later.
257 reviews40 followers
October 28, 2011
Downloaded this yesterday and finished last night. Couldn't stop reading it!!! I thought it was awesome. Ugh...how could you end it like that? And what is up with the dragon? I need number 3 ASAP!
Profile Image for Heather.
66 reviews37 followers
September 15, 2011
Cursed is the second installment in the Demon Kissed series and it was just good as the first. It opens up just a few days after Demon Kissed ended and Ivy is trying to come to terms with the deaths of her Mother and Collin. One thing she just cannot overcome is the feeling that Collin is still alive down in the pits of hell but she is also afraid of being wrong.

When a vision informs Ivy that Collin is indeed still alive she decides to form a mission to save him, even if it means that she will become the Queen of the Underworld. It is a chance she is willing to make for him. After she finds a gateway into the Underworld Ivy and two of her closest friends enter only to find one horror after another awaits them.

I don't want to give to much away to the story line here but I will say that the Underworld is one scary place! Ivy will stop at nothing to save Collin and she will undergo all that hell throws at her for him.

I still love Ivy, she is so determined, feisty, loyal and headstrong. She proves just how much she is willing to save those that she cares about in this book without having the selfish reasons not to. I lived that Ivy and Collin have finally established that they love each other! I had a feeling in Demon Kissed that they would have something going on and I'm so glad that they do.

If you've read Demon Kissed then you need to read this one as well. It was amazing and suspense filled. You didn't know what was going to happen from page to page. You wont ever want to stop reading this and will be sad when the final page comes. I cannot wait for Torn to be released and I am hoping I wont have to wait to long! If you haven't read Demon Kissed or Cursed then I suggest that you read it as soon as you can, you wont be disappointed!

Profile Image for Lindsay.
281 reviews7 followers
September 26, 2011
Holy ending Batman. I have read way too many books between the first and second demon kissed installment and it took me a bit to remember everything that took place in the first book, but it all came back and I remembered why I loved it so much. I missed Collin and wished somehow there would have been more interaction with him, but understand the storyline didn't really permit that. This book left me with SOOOOO many more questions than I can count, my brain was on fire last night after I finished the book. So glad we only have a couple months to wait for the next installment. <3
Profile Image for Janell.
71 reviews16 followers
October 13, 2011
When I first got the book in the mail, I felt a little jipped because it wasn't near as thick as the first book and I loved the first book. It took me about a chapter to get into the book because I was really sick and turning the pages only to find out what happens next, not to enjoy the journey... But I got there, and found that I actually enjoyed this second book even more than the first. Ms. Ward's descriptive storytelling and captivating characters make for some very enjoyable reading.
Profile Image for Katie  Peace.
20 reviews
September 7, 2011
I absolutely loved this book! I think I liked the first one a little more but I still love this series and cant wait for the next one to come out! H.M. ward has a way of keeping me on my toe's and making me want to read more :)
Profile Image for Justina.
101 reviews5 followers
September 30, 2011
The second book was just as good if not better then the first. OMG!!!! I can't get enough. Ivy, the lead character is so fabulous, I love her. She is much stronger than she realizes and the way it ends is so amazing I can barely contain myself. I really need the next book, like, now!!!!!
Profile Image for Nadège Richards.
Author 13 books270 followers
October 24, 2011
Ivy Taylor is back to kicking Valefar butt and is doing better than ever. Only problem is, Collin is still trapped in the Underworld and Kreturus is still out to devour her unearthly powers. Mix that with betrayal, lust, and the ability to be the unluckiest person in the world and you’ve got one hell of a fight.

From the moment I read the first sentence of Demon Kissed, the first novel in this outstanding series, I was in love with Ivy Taylor. She’s strong and her endurance to keep going drives me nuts. It makes things interesting. But then she has her moments of defeat which only make her more of a better or pragmatic character. I think the best thing I’ve learned to love in this series so far is how well H.M. Ward explains her originality of the angel/demon story she created. It’s neither banal nor trite. The world itself was created carefully; much thought was put into it. And I think the creativity of it all, down to the very aspect, made this novel a one of a kind.

I must say though, that I was disappointed by how short Cursed was in comparison to Demon Kissed. I loved it all the same, but I felt like there should’ve been more. And don’t even get me started on the huge cliffhanger at the end. I was seriously left dumbstruck. But I guess the element of surprise was what H.M. Ward was going for. And believe you me, it had masses of it. I can definitely see Cursed as the binding bridge between Demon Kissed and Torn, the next novel in the series. I definitely have high hopes for Torn as well, and with that cliffhanger Ward so meanly left at the end, I’m yearning for the day it releases.

I’ve grown to love certain writing styles over the years and H.M. has quickly become one of my favorites. Some of her shortest sentences, longest paragraphs even, do wonders for the story and really give the monologue of the M.C a good kick. Her writing is fearless and she says some of the most hilarious things and I can’t help smiling. She gives Ivy a down-to-earth, home kind of feeling. Ivy is one of those characters that you can see yourself becoming best friends with. It’s very rare that you stumble upon a novel like this one, but H.M. Ward, I believe, has slowly stated a revolution with her rebellious writing.

I’m not throwing out any spoilers here, but if you loved Demon Kissed and loved Collin, you get a good five servings of him in Cursed. Everywhere you turn, there’s Collin. And Ivy’s attraction to him gets stronger with every encounter. I’m not going to say anything else, but the love, desire, and altogether passion in this novel was impeccable. And the hindrances that added to Ivy’s evergrowing flame of trials were an incredible addition. Beautiful, beautiful growing series and I’m anxious to find out what happens next.

Profile Image for Morgan.
521 reviews262 followers
December 1, 2011

Cursed is the second novel in the Demon Kissed series by H.M. Ward.

The beginning of this novel was extremely repetitive. I’ve already read the first book in this series; I don’t need nor want the author to remind me of every single thing that happened. I don't mind a few recaps here and there, but I don't need to be retold every event. The first 30% of this novel was either repetitive or predictable. Yes, I learned a few new things, but not many.

The middle of this novel was fantastic. It was suspenseful, scary and, addictive. Ward’s creative underworld was filled with action and shocking revelations. I could easily picture Ward’s mystifying and spooky underworld. And, I wasn't expecting ANYTHING that happened while Ivy was down there, especially through the Lorren. All I can really say is WOW!

I am still in shock from the conclusion. Did that really just happen? I honestly don't even know what to say. I'll just give you two words: MASSIVE CLIFFHANGER.

I gave Cursed by H.M. Ward 3 STARS (3.5 STARS).

Why I bumped this novel from 4 STARS to 3 STARS?
1) The repetition.
2) Ivy's complaining and negativity bugged me more in this novel than Demon Kissed. Maybe I noticed it more in this novel because I was looking for it. Who knows? I want Ivy to have some happiness, confidence, and hope. I want her to be a strong and spirited heroine. I know her life is really hard, but she needs to accept things and stop whining.
3)I also wanted a lot more romance!! I miss Collin. Ivy and Collin are together A LOT more in the first novel.

Even though I didn’t like Cursed as much as Demon Kissed, I still really enjoyed it. I look forward to reading the rest of the novels in this series. In fact, I need to go get started on Torn now ;)


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1,069 reviews11 followers
September 4, 2011
In this sequel we find Ivy dealing with the aftermath of Collin's sacrifice and the revelations that unfolded in the lead up. She travels to the Martis headquarters in Rome with her bff Shannon so she can use their extensive library to research a way to gain access to Hell, kill Kreturus and free Collin all without fulfilling the prophecy. Will things turn out in Ivy's favour ? can she trust the people around her ? even though they think she is evil with her tainted blood and will they ever trust her ? Well we're about to find out . . .

Again, I loved this book, not as much as the first but it was still really good, I think I missed Collin too much. For the first part of the book she spent a lot of time alone which was neccessary considering and she needed information but once that was out of the way things really picked up and i loved the adventure aspect and the revelations that came with it. Ivy is still as determined as ever and I loved the tiny bits of her interaction with Collin. Al is really growing on me too especially as she has her own agenda in the way that she does her own thing without worrying about the powers that be and i think she is going to be a real ally to Ivy, she sure needs them right now. Its going to be interesting to see how Ivy's powers turn out also because they're already coming across as different and with her being unique aswell I'm expecting big things. Im having trouble not hinting at spoilers right now but OMG ! Whats going to happen now for a major character ? and also the cliffhanger !! I was like, Nooooooo dont leave it there . . .
Can't wait for the next one :D
Profile Image for Tiffany.
36 reviews6 followers
September 5, 2011
Cursed is an action packed sequel filled with demons,dragons and soul sucking kisses. This book is about the adventures Ivy goes through trying to save her soul mate Collin from the Underworld. Nothing is what it seems in Hell and friends may be enemies but Ivy keeps on going. Some shocking revelations happen in this book that explain some loose ends from the first story and you will not be disappointed. The author does spend a lot of time recapping the first book(about 30%)in case you forgot anything. Also, there is a major cliffhanger...
Profile Image for Jackie.
268 reviews
December 25, 2011
What a good ending! Was not expecting that.

The beginning of the book seemed like the author was recapping what happened in the last book, which annoyed me, it seems like i was wasting my time reading it.Though the middle the book was adventurous.

I wanna know what's with the deal with the Dragon???

Anyway, looking forward to read the next book. :3
Profile Image for Deathinvogue.
25 reviews5 followers
February 29, 2012
I loved the first book in this series. i really liked the story and the characters.

And then I startet the second book Cursed. I really did not like it. For too long nothing happened and i had problems finishing it, I normally read a book in 1-2 days. This time it took me 5 days because i had to put it down again and again.

It was disappointing for me because i really liked the first book.
Profile Image for Stephany.
14 reviews
October 5, 2011
This second book in the Demon Kissed series was amazing. Fast paced for most of the book, and you get a better insight into some of the characters. I loved it, the end was a major cliff-hanger! Can't wait till #3!
Profile Image for Rita Torkelson.
37 reviews7 followers
October 19, 2011
Wow. Just wow. Good thing the third one is due before theend of the year - I don't think I could wait much longer than that! Major cliff-hanger ending. The answer was right there, but I never saw it coming. Stayed up until almost 3am to finish it...Wow!
7 reviews
September 14, 2011
I loved the book i felt as though it was better than the first one. This book kept me guessing towards what was coming ahead. This book is the best i have read so far.
Profile Image for Jessica.
198 reviews12 followers
September 29, 2011
I can't believe the end and where this book stopped... makes it impossible to not read the third in the series!
Profile Image for Vanessa.
235 reviews8 followers
December 29, 2011
The story was full of angst and torture for Ivy's character. Can her life can be more complicated?..
Profile Image for Doris.
123 reviews1 follower
January 12, 2012
I'm addicted to this series. I can't believe what a cliffhanger the ending had. Now I MUST go read book 3
97 reviews7 followers
April 7, 2018
I don't know its possible but Ivy got so much more annoying. So while Collin is literally getting tortured in Hell, she kind of just sits around for three months. She is so fricking annoying sometimes I had to set down the book. In the beginning of the book after she lands in Italy, there are tons of Martis around or whatever, and she gets pissed at her best friend because she didn't tell her. She gets SUPER mad at her. This is the best friend that literally broke the rules for her and if found out, could possibly die because she protected her. I feel bad for her best friend for having to put up with her. She is so self centered! She just goes on and on about the stupidest things. There are pages that I could have probably skipped because NOTHING as happening. I would say that the first half of the book was a waste of time. All she did was sit around. Again I am conflicted. I want to know what happens but Ivy is so annoying that I don't think that I could handle her personality anymore, but the plot is decent enough that I want to know what happens. I was reading some other reviews on these books and they all agree with me on the whole Ivy is a self centered annoying protagonists, and it makes me feel so much better.
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