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Programming Clojure
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Programming Clojure

3.84 of 5 stars 3.84  ·  rating details  ·  407 ratings  ·  37 reviews
Clojure is a dynamic language for the Java Virtual Machine, with a compelling combination of features:

Clojure is elegant. Clojure's clean, careful design lets you write programs that get right to the essence of a problem, without a lot of clutter and ceremony.

Clojure is Lisp reloaded. Clojure has the power inherent in Lisp, but is not constrained by the history of Lisp.

Paperback, 304 pages
Published June 4th 2009 by Pragmatic Bookshelf (first published May 21st 2009)
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John Chilton
Context matters a lot. I am an avid functional programmer, and I read straight through this book without problem and found it to be at an entirely appropriate level. This makes me worried that this book might be too terse if this is your first book about a functional programming language. I would not call that a criticism so much as a fear, it is something to consider if you are thinking about buying this book. That aside, from my context, this is a pretty good book. This book focuses on a lot o ...more
Alex Ott
Good concise book on Clojure. Although, it isn't as detailed as Clojure Programming, it provides enough information and examples to start to use Clojure.
Although some pieces are already outdated and it doesn't cover new topics that were introduced since release of Clojure 1.3 (reducers, for example)...
Sergey Shishkin
A really brilliant introduction into Clojure and functional programming in general. Highly recommended for anyone trapped into imperative languages.
Alexander Yakushev
Much better than the first edition, this book is quite relevant even despite its 2yo age. Although it doesn't cover the newest concepts like core.async or transducers, how well it is written makes it still an excellent introduction into the language.
Jeremy Frens
I loved this book. The presentation was great, and the example were absolutely fantastic. They were at the perfect level for what they were trying to describe, and Halloway motivated and explained the code beautifully.

I would have liked chapters (or sections) on logic programming and transducers, but a case could be made that they're advanced Clojure programming. In which case, Halloway should write that book, too.
Bhashit Parikh
I wanted to give this somewhere between a 3 and a 4-star rating. Since I can't do that, I guess 3 is more appropriate.

It seems like they are trying to create something akin to the K&R book for clojure, and it is apparently not working. This is indeed a decent introductory book, but it feels like the authors are trying too hard to keep it below 250 pages.

If you are coming from an object-oriented world, the Clojure Programming book by Chas Emerick et al. might be better suited for you.
I read the first version when I was just learning Clojure. I understand that the second version has been considerably revised and am looking forward to readying it. The first version was a good introduction to the basics of a modern functional programming language, very familiar in style and approach to any of the other Pragrmattic Programmers books. If I were recommending a book to someone wanting to learn Clojure today, I would recommend the confusingly named, Clojure Programming, from O'Reill ...more
Jason Lewis
This is an excellent introduction to Clojure, whether you've Lisped before or not. It doesn't go into great depth, but it's valuable both as an introduction and as a reference for the new Clojure developer. I personally like programming books with a language + standard library reference included (e.g., Programming Ruby), but the Clojure online docs are comprehensive enough that it's not entirely necessary here. Like just about every PragProg book I've read, this is an excellent survey of the sub ...more
Toby Tripp
Far too much “Ra! Ra! Clojure is the bestest!” for my taste.

The order in which concepts are introduced is not well suited to understanding the examples provided. The arrow macro, for example, is used repeatedly early in the book; well before any meaningful explanation is given for how it works or what it is doing. I found these unexplained intricacies distracted from understanding the examples as they were given.

A disappointing read, overall.
I thought this book was very well written and very well organized. The examples lead you through language features in a very progressive way. The sample app that wraps ant with a clojure dsl is also a very good example and offers good utility while providing good coverage of the language features. I think that anyone looking to learn a new JVM language should consider clojure, and the quality of this book is one of the reasons.
El libro es un curso introductorio e intensivo a Clojure, un dialecto de Lisp que se ejecuta sobre la máquina virtual de Java. Introduce algunos conceptos de programación funcional y expone varias de las ventajas de este paradigma.

Los conceptos son expuestos con poca profundidad, es posible que para alguien que no esté familiarizado al menos un poco con POO o funcional no comprenda ciertas partes del libro.
Robert Postill
This book is a very pleasant introduction to Clojure as a programming language. The prose is well paced and there is a gentleness to the book that I enjoy. However I think that the material has aged badly in places and there is a feeling that some of the material is written knowing it will be out of date soon. Enjoy this book yet expect that there will be a new edition out soon.
Jamison Dance
Enjoyed the language, and the book was okay. It introduced lots of concepts without explaining them at all. Expect to spend lots of time googling while reading this.
Was an excellent, rather deeper introduction course into Clojure. As this language forces its users to really shift thinking, no book can make you an expert. I'm convinced now that Clojure has a lot to say. So probably it's going to be used by me even in production one day. This book gave me the first significant motivation for that.
Aleksey Sivokon
Excellent and solid introduction to Clojure. The book is fairly concise, yet not boring; it gives you all needed to quickly start with Clojure.

Experience in functional programming paradigma would be useful, but not required. There is a chapter on this topic in the book, though I cannot tell is it enough to a novice.
A quick ready, fast introduction to Clojure, but still The Joy of Clojure was a bit better...
Still waiting for the hands-on book on Clojure that would be more 'recipes' oriented...
Good introduction to the language and also includes some gentle introductions to certain aspects FP for those who are unfamiliar with them. Consider this a survey of the language and don't expect it to go too deep on too many parts. All in all it is a good intro and good first clojure book.
Solid overview of the language features and the style of clojure programming. The authors assume a lot of knowledge about functional programming and lisp in general so it may not be the best book to start off with if you have no experience in the functional/lisp world.
Rainer Dreyer
Great intro to Clojure. Would have been hard to read if it had been my first exposure the functional programming, doesn't try to be a complete language reference.

Taught me to enjoy development in a REPL, and (doc f), (source f) are amazing.
Collin Rogowski
It's a bit outdated, but gives a good overview on all clojure features. I think it's best to use when you already have a bit of experience with the language... I may be a bit rough to use it as a starting point.
This book was my first real intoduction to Programming Clojure. It doesn't stack up as well against Joy of Clojure now but definitely the ideas are very well represented.
Who am I kidding, I'm not reading this. If I had a firmer background in Lisp, maybe this would have blown my mind, but as it was it could barely keep my attention.
Found this book to be a good introduction to Clojure. The first four chapters in particular are good at giving you the general overview and getting you going.
Concise and easy to read introductory book to Clojure with great example projects. The only downside is that it's a bit outdated.
Chris Maguire
Programming Clojure was informative, had great examples and covered Clojure well. The writing was very comfortable.
Algirdas Raščius
Nice introduction to Clojure (and functional programming for anyone who used only imperative programming so far).
A great introduction to the language. A tad out-of-date now, but still generally applicable.
Łukasz Korecki
Just started reading, hopefully doesn't require that much Java knowledge
Mark Ryall
great intro to clojure and functional programming in general
Emil Petkov
Jun 14, 2012 Emil Petkov marked it as to-read  ·  review of another edition
I have read the first edition, but heard the second ed is better.
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