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چنین کنند بزرگان

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Ever wonder what Nero did before he began fiddling about in Rome, or wanted the bare facts about Lady Godiva? Maybe you've found the story of Lucrezia Borgia a bitter pill to swallow, or wanted the straight skinny on corpulent King Henry the Eighth, but you haven't the stomach for stuffy history books. Now these and twenty-two more of history's most famous personages are b...more
Paperback, 183 pages
Published 2001 by کتاب پرواز (first published 1950)
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If I was a history teacher, this would be my textbook. It's the kind of book that you can't read by yourself because all you want to do is read the funny parts out loud to people. It is total comedy genius, plus it's a brilliant history book. The best part of the whole book is the chapter on Hannibal, and about his journey over the Alps via elephant caravan, which is pretty much the most ridiculous way you could think of to cross the Alps, and how every time Hannibal wrote home to Carthage to se...more
و کاش گودریدز شش یا هفت یا حتی ده ستاره هم داشت...
یعنی اصن من الگوم واسه طنز نویسی، از یکی تبدیل شد به دو تا الان، که یکی شون یاسر مالیِ ه، یکی دیگشون همین آقای نجف دریابندری عزیز!آخه متن ترجمه می شه انقدر فوق العاده؟
از همه بهتر پی نوشتاش بود اصن، یعنی عاااالللللییییی
راضیم اصن شدید:)
Maria Bustillos
Oct 03, 2009 Maria Bustillos rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: anyone with a sense of humor; history teachers
If only this hilariously droll send-up of historical figures were used as a middle-school textbook, every kid would adore history and go on to become a genius. Cuppy worked on this book for sixteen years; the history in it is meticulously researched, though his treatment of it is far from stuffy. This book was published posthumously in 1950, so you'd think the humor would be dated. Not so. It holds up spectacularly well. "Egypt has been called the Gift of the Nile," he begins. "Once every year t...more
Amir Mojiry
جذابیت کتاب مسلمن به لحن ویل کاپی یا ترجمه ی دریابندری یا اطلاعات تاریخی آن بر نمی گردد. بلکه ترکیبی از این ها، باعث می شود کتاب طنازانه و شیرین شود.
اگر فقط بخواهیم به لحن ویل کاپی توجه کنیم، باید به نمونه های «فقط ترجمه ای» از طنزهای این گونه ی خارجی نگاه کنیم. مثلن مجموعه ی «تاریخ ترسناک». که گرچه طنز است و زیباست اما به اندازه ی «چنین کنند بزرگان» (در بعضی بخش ها) خنده آور نیست.
اگر فقط بخواهیم به ترجمه ی دریابندری توجه کنیم، باید به فصل آخر کتاب که نوشته ی خود اوست نگاه کنیم که خیلی ضعیف تر...more
Aug 27, 2007 Judas added it  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: anyone with a sense of humor

I learned that if you dont want to synthesize thousands of pages of biographies of famous historical people, you get all the juicy tidbits from reading this book / Personality quirks, habits, favorite foods, and salacious stories are in every page

Will Cuppy has a really funny sense of humor, and his footnotes and asides are as funny to me in 2007 as they were to readers in the 1950, when the book was written

This book is a family tradition, I got it from my brother, who got it from our dad.

Viva l...more
Jan 12, 2008 Meaghan rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: history buffs and those who like intelligent humor
Of course I'd read bits of this before, but did not read the full book until now (January 2008). It was beautifully done. The biographical sketches were full of fascinating and fully accurate facts, and they were hilarious in a way that would appeal to people of all ages. This book is wonderful way to get people interested in history. I would recommend it for high schools and colleges.
Aug 23, 2007 Jean rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: people who like funny books
I listened to this book and now I want to get a copy of it to keep. It is HILARIOUS! Cuppy's dry, tongue-in-cheek humor kept me chuckling to myself and kept me interested. His nod-nod, wink-wink asides made me wonder how much was true and how much he made up because it all sounded plausible I highly recommend it.
P.J. Sullivan
I bought this book at a book fair in 1954 for twenty-five cents. Best quarter I ever spent! I still have the book and reread it now and then. It is still funny, after all these years. Wouldn’t think of parting with it. I liked it so much I couldn't resist writing a sequel to it. My version is called “Mostly Rapscallions” and was published in 2008.

This book has two things to offer: the history is valid and the humor is funny. You can laugh and learn both. Cuppy worked on this book for more than...more
One of my all time favorite books, and if I was to be marooned on an island and had to choose just one book, I'd be very tempted to bring this one (probably wouldn't since this book is only 230 pages--but if I could bring 2 books, then yes, this would be one).

Probably is the book I've read and reread the most. Will Cuppy's enthusiasm on these famous people from history is infectious and it's a tragedy that he killed himself before finishing the book. Even in its rough state, still obviously ama...more
This is a re-reading of this book for me, but I enjoyed it so much again, just as I remember. It is such a whimsical, funny, sharp look at various figures through history. It is an utter delight to read, and it's amazing that the accuracy is as dead-on as it supposedly is-- it seems like reality couldn't really be that surreal and funny. The introduction and conclusion of the version I have make me somewhat sad about Cuppy's life, but this work of his is bristling and sharp and wonderful.
Mohammad Mirzaali
: ))
همین که روی جلد اوّل اسم نجف دریابندری اومده و بعدْ ویل کاپی نشون می‌ده کاسه‌ای زیر نیم‌کاسه‌س [ عنوان کتاب و طرح جلدم اگه دقّت بشه به‌شون حرف‌هایی برای گفتن دارن! ] -و البته چه خوب که این‌طوره! حکایت‌های بامزّه‌ی زندگی شخصیت‌های تاریخی با شوخی‌آی جابه‌جای دریابندری-کاپی؛ خود من راجع به خیلی از این آدم‌ها کنج‌کاو شدم و این‌ور‌اون‌ور نگاه کردم و دیدیم که اطّلاعات کتاب از نظر تاریخی اغلب هم درست‌ان. پس با تمسخر تاریخ هم می‌شه تعریف‌اش کرد! بله
Oct 25, 2008 Aboydgilman rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: human beings
This is my desert island book. I've read each of Cuppy's irreverent historical bios at least 40 times since I first picked it up, and I still end up laughing until my face turns red and tears trickle down my cheeks. Honestly, most humor from this period seems completely dated to me. Not Cuppy's! His humor is transcendent, timeless, immortal, and whatever other cliched adjective you can think to insert.
Mohamad Yoosofi
از همان مقدمه‌ی شوخ‌ناکِ آغاز کتاب، مخاطب حساب کار دستش می‌آید و می‌فهمد که نویسنده (یا مترجم، یا مترجمی که به‌گفته‌ی خودش، تا حد تألیف و تا می‌توانسته در ترجمه‌ی اثر دستش را باز گذاشته و در آن دخل‌وتصرف کرده) بنای دست‌انداختن و شوخی‌کردن با بزرگان را دارد:
«انتشار کتاب حاضر فرصت مساعدی است برای همه‌ی کسانی که احیاناً همیشه منتظر بوده‌اند نویسنده‌ی این سطور خود را در وضع نامساعدی قرار دهد؛ زیرا که در این کتاب، مترجم نه‌تنها اصل امانت در ترجمه را زیرپا گذاشته، بل‌که درحقیقت می‌توان گفت که به هیچ ا...more
I stumbled on this book one day while perusing the college bookstore between classes. I never made it to class.

Tongue planted firmly in cheek history on everyone from Cleopatra to Henry VIII plus. Definitely worth a second (or third or fourth) read.
Saman Kashi
از كتاب‌هاي معروف ترجمه شده توسط نجف دريابندري است كه معروفيتش به خاطر نويسنده‌ي كتاب ايت كه ظاهرن اصلاً كسي به نام " ويل كانگي " وجود ندارد و از آستين خود آقاي دريابندري درآمده است اين نام. حكايت ترجمه‌هاي مرحوم ذبيح‌الله منصوري است
Maryam Ghanbari
من از سابقه ي تاريخي وقايعي كه در كتاب آمده چيزي نمي دانم، پس حرفي هم نمي زنم
اما يك حرفي را بايد بزنم:
تا حالا وقت خواندن كتابي، صداي قهقهه ي نا خودآگاهم بلند نشده بود...
ولي با اين كتاب،شد!
one of the most hilarious books I've EVER had the pleasure of reading
عالی بود!!‌عالی!شش تا ستاره باید می‌گرفت!
ستایش  دشتی
احتمالاً مشکل از من است. من که این کتاب را برایِ استراحت ذهنم بینِ نظریه خواندن انتخاب کردم و دیدم کتابی‌ست به غایت سخت‌خوان، نسبت به چیزی که تصور می‌کردم. من که در ده روز مریضی و خستگی و ناراحتی و بدحالیِ روحی و جسمی این را خواندم و روی هم شاید سه بار لبخند هم نزدم. حتی لبخند ها! قهقهه که خیلی‌هاتان نوشته‌اید پیش‌کش.
کتابِ خوبی بود، ولی آن قدر که انتظار داشتم شاهکار نبود. شیوه‌های استفاده‌شده‌اش برای ایجاد طنز، بسیار عالی بود تا جایی. ولی وقتی تکراری می‌شد در قسمت‌های مختلف کتاب، اعصابم را خورد...more
Ben Loory
this is one of the favorite books of Andrew Ramer, who wrote one of my favorite books, Little Pictures: Fiction for a New Age, a collection of minute mythologies. this book is a collection of comedic portraits of historic figures, including hannibal, queen elizabeth, miles standish, and montezuma. it is extremely funny, and-- word is-- scrupulously researched and accurate. basically, every paragraph is a perfectly formed joke, and every chapter one you want to read out loud. to everyone you know...more
This is a delightful and wonderfully creative look at historical figures from long ago, including Nero, Cleopatra, Peter the Great, Christopher Columbus, and more. Will Cuppy's genius is to have written very short and extremely entertaining vignettes that are based on very thorough research and includes lesser known facts about these men and women.

Here are a few samples:
From the chapter on Cleopatra: "Caesar was fifty-four to Cleopatra's twenty-one, but he was still a ladies' man -- the thin, w...more
Rajendra Dave
Truly enjoyable! Bought at British Library on an impulse and don't regret it.

It is slightly dated (written in the fifth decade of 20th century) but that does not matter.

As the cover says, it is a totally new way of writing and teaching history in a funny and delightful manner. It may be difficult for an Indian like me to relate to the characters in the book. Even than I finished the book in four days! And if the "Afterword" is to be believed, each of the facts mentioned is correct. It means im...more
A totally under appreciated writer, along the lines of Don Marquis and better than S.J. Perelman - a hermit who found out the most amazing things in the world before wikipedia (yes, there really was a world before).

I'd love love love to see Larry Gonick illustrate these tidbits.
For some reason, I kept hearing Stephen Colbert's voice while I was reading this book. It's probably the comedic writing style coupled with the way footnotes are used to make commentary and not actual citations, but I'm giving this book 3/5 right now because I haven't had the chance to go back through and check the historical validity of some of his statements. Once I've checked those out (with leeway since this book was written in the 1930s-40s), then I might adjust my scoring. ˆ.ˆ
Wickedly funny, and gets funnier the more you know of history, since it's almost entirely true. I have to say, I wonder if Will Cuppy started the recent fashion for footnotes? His aren't always relevant but are always hilarious.

Well worth a read; particularly recommended for the history buff. My one critique would be that it sticks to Euro-American history... but then, given how he skewers the figures in question, that may not be a problem.
Jan 24, 2014 Armina rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommended to Armina by: پگاه
خیلی عالی بود واقعاً! یعنی از معدود کتابایی بود که موقع خوندنش بلند بلند می خندیدم. :دی به خصوص خئوپس و کلئوپاتراش محشر بوده ن. :))
One of the most enjoyable books I have ever read. The historical figures who get memorialized as "great" are usually pretty awful people, and Cuppy makes hay with this again and again. I think the section on the now forgotten but once notorious Madame du Barry, mistress of Louis XV, may be my favorite, but they're all pretty good.
Hilarious. Insolent. Completely irreverent. From Alexander the Great and Ghengis Khan to Lady Godiva and Lucrezia Borgia, no historical figure of any monument is safe! Will Cuppy picks apart everybody who was anybody. One can only be disappointed (or happy?) that he isn't around today to see certain of our current world leaders.
Mar 15, 2010 Anna is currently reading it  ·  review of another edition
Absolutely spectacular! I love this book so far! It is written with a good deal of irony and wit, but is also extremely educational. It was a random purchase at a secondhand bookstore in Olympia, Washington....merely 50 cents, but so much better a read than several $16 books I have purchased lately! You must read it!
Illustrated by William Steig, afterword by Thomas Maeder.

This is a humorous book of historical essays, light in tone à la Wodehouse, but born of meticulous research on its subjects (Lucretia Borgia, Nero, Lady Godiva, etc). The chapters thus make light but very informative reading and are admirably clever.
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William Jacob "Will" Cuppy was an American humorist and literary critic, known for his satirical books about nature and historical figures.
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