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The Pet War
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The Pet War

4.03  ·  Rating Details  ·  338 Ratings  ·  66 Reviews
THE PET WAR is a hilarious story about the timeless battles of dog vs. cat, brother vs. sister, know-it-all vs. know-nothing.

Eleven-year-old Otto wants a dog. His twelve-year-old perfect sister, Lexi, wants a cat. Their mother, who works very long hours as a nurse, wants neither. Pets are expensive so who's going to pay for everything? And what happens to the pet when the
Hardcover, 272 pages
Published October 29th 2013 by Scholastic Press
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Oct 19, 2015 Frankie rated it it was amazing
It is a great book. It shows the relationship of two great siblings having a war. This war is for a dog or cat of course the sister wants a cat and the brother wants a dog. This war also tests their a ability to be responsible and a good sport. Although being a good sport is very hard for the two so they have an all out war against each other. But in the end they make it up to each other. Also, the fact that their parents are broken up kind of makes the story a bit more interesting.
Feb 23, 2014 Janae rated it really liked it
Shelves: read-aloud
Students laughed out loud as they enjoyed the predicaments of the main characters. The book is filled with realistic sibling rivalry and a storyline that every young pet owner would love.
Dec 16, 2014 Michael rated it really liked it
Eleven year old Otto wants a dog but his sister Lexi wants a cat. The two could not be anymore different when it comes to preferences but they are convinced that their mom is going to hear their side of the story. While they each claim that one pet is better than the other, their mom wants them to work for it, considering the expense and responsibility of owning an animal. Otto does not think he has much of a chance earning money, the odds are not in his favor. For instance, Lexi is the smart on ...more
Samantha Zimmerman
After his neighbors move away, Otto realizes his life isn’t complete without a dog. But it has to be a dog, no matter what his sister cannot convince their mom to get a cat. Lexi thinks dogs are gross, smelly and all around horrible creatures, that’s why cats are the best animals ever. Otto and Lexi fight and argue and finally they go to their mom to settle to score, what animal will it be? She decides to start a race, whoever can get the most amount of money toward their animal will be able to ...more
Pop Bop
Apr 27, 2014 Pop Bop rated it really liked it
Shelves: reviewed
Is It A Cliche If It's The First Time YOU've Read It?

I liked this book, for reasons set out below. But first, here's a question. How does a brand new reader know when something is cliched? When you read your first book about a normal kid who, unbeknownst to him, is really half royal Faerie, do you know there are lots of those books around? How about the quest for the secret grimoire that the evil villain wants? Or the suspicion that your teacher is an alien? Or the telepathic pet? And so on.

Lisa B.
Feb 01, 2014 Lisa B. rated it really liked it
The was a fun read. I read it as the same time as a young family member, and we enjoyed being able to share our different thoughts about the book. It was a different way for us to connect. We liked talking about Otto and the different ways he tried to earn money for getting a dog. We talked about the sibling rivalry that took place and how this relates to real life. Reading this book and sharing it was a great experience.

My thanks to Scholastic, via Netgalley for allowing me to read this for an
Alison Olsen
Apr 29, 2015 Alison Olsen rated it really liked it
This is definitely for 2nd to 5th grade imaginations. Of course an adult can enjoy the competition between siblings. As an older sister of two wonderfully annoying sisters I can relate to the competition aspect. This story is about a brother and sister having a competition between each other where the winner will be able to choose what pet the family will be getting. A kid who reads this will enjoy the funny banter and witty satire between the two siblings. The reading was easy and comical. The ...more
Jennifer Porter
Dec 07, 2015 Jennifer Porter rated it really liked it
The Pet Wars is about a boy named Otto who wants nothing more then a dog. Lexi, Otto’s sister, wants nothing more then a cat. Their mom wants them to prove that they can take care of themselves before they can take care of an animal. Lexi and Otto fight to prove to their mom that their choice is the best choice. This book is great for children that are asking their parents for a family pet and the responsibilities that come along with it. Also is show how a having a sibling can be a blessing and ...more
May 18, 2014 Christiane rated it it was ok
I wanted to like this and I did like a lot of it. The sibling rivalry felt very true to life (I have a younger brother!) and I liked that the kids had to work for what they wanted. There is a lot of humor, a really good cover, and a premise that I think will keep kids reading. However, my personal objection (as someone who volunteers at my local animal shelter) is that not once in this story about getting a pet do they consider adopting from a shelter. In fact, and I don’t think this is much of ...more
Abby Stanwood
Nov 03, 2013 Abby Stanwood rated it it was amazing
This book is new and the bomb! It is a great story about a brother Otto who wants a dog and a sister Lexi who wants a cat. They both try to earn 500$ to get a dog or cat this is a war.
Jessica Lee
Dec 07, 2015 Jessica Lee rated it liked it
Shelves: t-l-307-books
The Pet War was a funny book about two kids who are fighting head to head in a war to get a pet. Otto wants a dog and yet his sister Lexi wants a cat. You can see how this could be a struggle. The story is cute and funny, however it often felt like the author was trying a little too hard to connect with a younger generation and was creating situations that were unrelatable. It was almost as if he had no idea what it was actually like to be a kid and was going based off of some crummy commercial ...more
Feb 04, 2016 Mariella rated it really liked it
This book was just a fun book! It really showed the great relationship between two siblings. When Otto tries to get a dog, his older sister Lexi, who's better at him than almost everything, just has to step in and mess with his plans. She proposes a contest to see who can raise enough money for the pet of their choice. In her case, a cat. In desperation for a cat free house, Otto works extra hard to earn his money however, nothing seems to add up. In the end someone might just succeed. This is ...more
Oct 29, 2015 Judy rated it really liked it
Shelves: 2015-books
After just concluding a friendly "Dogs vs. Cats" competition in the library (a great Pinterest idea--how did we ever live without it?) I thought that this would be a fun way to wrap things up. I have been reading it to my 2nd- 5th graders in the morning before the school announcements, and they are loving it! It contains so much they can relate to: dogs, cats, sister and brother rivalry, homework, and parents. I love hearing the students laugh out loud during the funny parts. I could hardly wait ...more
Have you ever tried to decide to get a dog or a cat before? In the book The Pet War by Allan Woodrow, Otto and his evil sister Lexi are deciding what animal to get a dog or a cat? This book is really funny. For instance your trying to save up money but your losing money you don't even have. It's mysterious, like who will win the contest Otto or evil Lexi. We must not forget that this book is intense. As if you mom would only give you a month to raise 500 dollars. I would recommend this book to a ...more
Aug 28, 2015 Diane rated it liked it
Shelves: theme, read-in-2015
"You know it's funny about get-rich-quick schemes. They never seem to work out. I guess that's why there aren't that many people who get rich quick."

Otto wants a dog in the worst way. His older sister, Lexi, wants a cat. Their mom isn't sure she wants either. After all, it takes a lot of money and a lot of responsibility to be a pet owner. But after Lexie makes her presentation (with charts), Mom decides "Whoever raises five hundred dollars, wins. And the winner decides what pet we get ... you w
Taylor Melum
Dec 13, 2014 Taylor Melum rated it it was amazing
Shelves: tch-307
Citations: Woodrow, Allan. (2013). The pet war. New York, NY. Scholastic Press
Genre: Realistic Fiction Humor
Format: Chapter
Reading level: 3
Theme/topic: responsibilities

Summary: The Pet War by Allan Woodrow is the typical story of a brother and sister rivalry. Otto's neighbors have just moved away and they took their dog with them, who was Otto's favorite. Otto had always wanted a dog of his own but his parents didn't think he could handle the responsibility. When Otto's big sister wants a cat i
Anna Reid
Dec 09, 2014 Anna Reid rated it it was amazing
The Pet War was a book that almost anyone with a sibling could relate to. Otto and his younger sister Lexi could not agree on whether to get a cat or a dog as a pet. This reminds me of when I was a child growing up with my two older siblings, they always seemed to have the upper hand in the arguments because they were older. When Otto confronted Lexi, they began to raise money and whoever got to $500 dollars first got to get the pet they wanted. When Otto started a dog walking business he ended ...more
Apr 07, 2014 Shirley rated it really liked it
Shelves: children-s-books
Otto is a creative 11 year old boy who wants a dog. His 12 year old sister, Lexi, would love to have a cat in the family. Their mom has no desire at all for a cat nor a dog. When the two of them approach their mom with the idea of getting a pet, but disagreeing as to which pet to get, their mom comes up with a solution: the first one to earn $500 at the end of the month will get to choose their pet. Both siblings agree to the deal, and they take off earning as much money as they can: Lexi opens ...more
Ms. Yingling
Oct 26, 2013 Ms. Yingling rated it really liked it
Otto really wants a dog. His older sister, Lexi, really wants a cat. Their mother really doesn't want either one, but tells the children that whoever can raise $500 can choose the pet. Both kids embark on a series of money making ventures. Otto doesn't fair very well-- he sells apples that his mother bought, but for less than she paid for them. He makes a disastrous batch of cookies. He puts together a dog walking business, but uses so much of his mother's ink printing flyers that he owes her mo ...more
Aidan Ellison
May 27, 2015 Aidan Ellison rated it it was amazing
I really enjoyed reading this book because of the funny relationship between Otto and his sister, Lexy. The competition between Lexy and Otto was humorous, and it was fun to read about Otto's unique plans to earn money for a dog. Otto's mom set up a competition between Otto and Lexy to see who could earn 500 dollars first and the winner would receive the pet of their choice. I suggest this book to readers who are looking for a laugh and some very funny and wild sibling competition. Dogs Rule!
Sibling rivalry is taken to its worst excesses in this humorous book about the war that erupts between eleven-year-old Otto and his twelve-year-old sister, Lexi. Otto longs for a dog of his own while Lexi loves cats. Lexi has always been an excellent student and a talented artist, and just the once, when the stakes are so high, Otto is determined to beat her. At stake is the possibility of a new family pet, depending on which youngster can raise $500 over the course of a month. The author has cr ...more
Lily May
Aug 13, 2014 Lily May rated it really liked it
The pet war was very good . It had a surprise ending, a lot of books that i have read have an ending when the main character always wins or etc. I think Allan Woodrow is a great author and i would like to read some more of his books.I liked how Otto never gave up and in the end helped his sister so they could get a cat together.I also thought it was cool when the dad got a dog .I thought it was pretty good book!!
Sep 14, 2013 Mandy rated it really liked it
At my school library, dog and cat books are always flying off of the shelves. Here is another that I believe will join that group...

Otto desperately wants a dog, but his annoying older sister Lexi wants a cat. Mom tries to tone down the siblings' spat by issuing a challenge: whoever raises $500 by the end of the month can get the pet of their choice. But instead of quieting the two, the challenge causes an all-out pet war!

Many will get a laugh from Otto's quirky attempts to earn money. Some will
Lily Locascio
Sep 13, 2015 Lily Locascio rated it liked it
I liked this book because it was about pets. When the brother and sister wanted a pet, their mom said if you want a pet you will have to make money to pay for the pet. At the end of the month, whoever makes the most money, will get their pet. The kids worked and raised the money to get a pet. I can relate to this book because when I work hard I can bye treats for my cats.
Marilyn Olson
Jul 31, 2014 Marilyn Olson rated it it was ok
This book has a great premise and an attractive cover, but it could have been improved with better editing. It went on a little too long and how realistic is it for an 11 and 12 year old to be able to earn $500 each in a month's time? The Lemonade War is a better example of a book dealing with brother/ sister conflict and kids making money.
Mrs. Ehlers
Jan 22, 2016 Mrs. Ehlers rated it it was amazing
Cat vs dog, brother vs sister! Otto wants a dog, his sister Lexi wants a cat and mom wants neither. Pets cost money and who will take care of them? Mom proposes that whichever sibling can raise $500.00 by the end of the month gets to pick the pet. Otto and Lexi are both determined to win and will do almost anything to raise money. A fun story to read.
Nao Miyatake
Sep 04, 2015 Nao Miyatake rated it it was amazing
This book was about a boy named Otto, and her big sister named Lexi, getting into a fight about getting a dog or a cat for their family pet. Otto wants to have a dog, and Lexi wants to have a cat for the family pet. They're mom decides to get the pet for who ever earns the 300 dollars first.
Gail Shipley
Feb 02, 2015 Gail Shipley rated it really liked it
Kids can relate to competing against their siblings. The boy in the book is totally unrealistic in his thought processes and is a blamer. We all know someone like this. This is an easy read and kept my attention. The ending was a surprise considering the kind of person the boy is.
Ann Haefele
Jan 25, 2014 Ann Haefele rated it liked it
11 year old Otto wants a dog and his 12 year old sister wants a cat. Mom has said the first to raise $500 will get to choose the family pet. Pets take responsibility and cost money so she thinks thus is a fair task. Sibling rivalry erupts along with crazy schemes to earn money. The solution appears only after both kids realize they are family and really should be working together.
Jun 21, 2015 Sarah rated it really liked it
This is a perfect story for elementary students to read as they study money and economics. Students could have great discussion if they compare it to The Lemonade War and Kid Power.
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Allan Woodrow grew up outside of East Lansing, Michigan and was cursed with a boring, happy and loving family, giving him nothing interesting to write about. He resented it for years. Despite this hurdle, he tried to piece together his Great American Novel but failed miserably. Meanwhile, Allan went into advertising, a career where writing and knowing nothing go together surprisingly well. He spen ...more
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