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Adios Hemingway
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Adios Hemingway (Mario Conde #5)

3.68 of 5 stars 3.68  ·  rating details  ·  306 ratings  ·  47 reviews
When the skeletal remains of a man brought down by shotgun surface on the Havana estate of Ernest Hemingway, writer, drinker, and ex-cop Mario Conte reluctantly accepts a reinstatement to investigate the forty-year-old crime. As the truth of the night of October 3, 1958, slowly reveals itself, Conte must come to terms with his idealistic memory of Papa Hemingway on Cuba's ...more
Paperback, 229 pages
Published March 10th 2006 by Canongate U.S. (first published 2001)
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This is a brilliantly engaging novel about a retired Cuban detective called back to action to solve a forty-year old murder than no one knew about until a tropical storm unearthed a corpse on Hemingway’s former property in Havana, the Finca Vigia, now a museum. Fuentes’s has written four other mysteries featuring Mario Conde and, resurrecting him here, passed onto his fictional detective his own obsession with Hemingway. First it was one of deep admiration, even hero worship, then of deep resent ...more
I'd give it 3 1/2 stars if that were an option. I liked this book, but had to read some of it aloud to get what was going on. I think it might have been easier to read if I had read it in Spanish, the language I believe it was written in. But my Spanish is so bad these days, I would have missed so much.
I love the mystery, the shifting viewpoints, but I have no idea what the overall point of the novel was. I don't know what the protagonist learned at the end, other than our heroes always fall fr
Señores! Tienen que leer este libro porque es revelador, divertido, profundo, bien escrito y muy original. Es una cautivadora historia que nos traslada a la Cuba pre-revolución sin chiclés, con un enorme respecto por la cultura y la inteligencia de los personajes, y también con un profundo sentido crítico acerca de la intelectualidad que rodea el hecho cubano entre los 40 y los 60. El trato hacia Hemingway es desprejuiciado, libre, respetuoso y desmitificador. Aprendí que los genios y sus mentes ...more
Ο Χεμινγουέι περισσότερο ως άνθρωπος και λιγότερο ως συγγραφέας, αλλά με τον μύθο του να τον περιβάλει, ξαναζωντανεύει στη μνήμη του πρώην αστυνομικού Μάριο Κόντε, σχεδόν 30 χρόνια μετά το θάνατό του, με αφορμή τα απομεινάρια ενός πτώματος που ανακαλύπτονται τυχαία στην αυλή του σπιτιού του, τη Φίνκα Βίχια, έξω από την Αβάνα.
Οι αγαπημένες του συνήθειες, οι γάτες του και ο σκύλος του Μπλακ Ντογκ, τα κυνηγετικά του τρόπαια, οι θαλασσινές του περιπέτειες με την Πιλάρ, οι Κουβανοί υποστατικοί του αλ
Ernesto Pérez-castro
Un breve ejercicio literario que anima a explorar a profundidad la vida del mítico Ernest Hemingway. Es la primera obra de Padura que leo y, por tanto, no tengo antecedentes de Mario Conde, protagonista de una célebre serie de novelas policiacas. La trama es sencilla: Conde, ya en el retiro, termina involucrado en una investigación a raíz de un cadáver encontrado en la finca donde Hemingway vivió en La Habana. Narrada en dos planos temporales, la novela busca explicar el misterio y acercarnos al ...more
Tad Richards
Good sense of contemporary Cuba from a non-political point of view, good sense of Hemingway in Cuba and what Hemingway means to a Cuban.

"לא לא ראיתי אותם. אבל אני צריך לראות אותם. הכי קרוב למראה של אישה עירומה זה לראות את הבגדים התחתונים שלה. אני צריך לראות אותם. באיזה צבע הם?

שחור. עם תחרה. המינגווי השתמש בהם לעטוף את האקדח קליבר 22 שלו."

("אדיוס, המינגווי", עמ` 51)

את הספר קיבלתי לסקירה מתפוז.

העלילה בקליפת אגוז, כשנמצאים שרידי גופה בחווה ששימשה כביתו של הסופר המינגווי בקובה, נקרא מריו קונדה, בלש בדימוס, כדי לנסות ולהתחקות אחר פתרון התעלומה.

על פניו סיפור מתח בלשי, בפועל סיפור התפכחות נוגה מהערצה לסופר ולאדם שכמו כולנו היה אישיות
Patricia Baker
Winding story about a forty-year old mystery. Bones are found on the grounds where Hemingway last resided before moving to USA. a wantabe detective is on the case to solve whom bones are under the wood chips. the story weaves in and out of the past and back to the present investigating time making the story somewhat hard to read. did like the hints of Hemingway's writing life. his anger, his alcohol intoxication, his need to prove his manly prowess with any female. am glad that the story length ...more
Feb 02, 2008 Empress rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Hemingway fans and foes.
More of an investigation of a man, than of a murder, this book is a insightful read for Hemingway fans or Hemingway-curious folk.
I hadn't picked up a mystery since my near-fanatical Agatha Christie days (circa pre-adolescene,) but this bad boy was on sale and it looked liked it involved rainstorms and Cuba, and that sounded good to me!
So I took a gamble and was actually quite surprised at how much I enjoyed this book.
As the protagonist, private detective Conde, dissects the dichotomy of Hemingwa
Tom Maurina
We saw this one referred to in an article (as someone else mentioned here) and it sounded intriguing. We will look for more books from Fuentes based on this first read.

It was an interesting take on Hemingway and sort of mirrors my own estimation of him. I liked his writing much more early on. I read Islands in the Stream only a few years ago and was surprised by how much I disliked it. Hemingway's writing seems very strange now days. Much more so than my memory of it.

Adios Hemingway seemed like a failure on a number of levels. It feels trite as it goes over some well-known aspects of an author who led a very public life, which has subsequently been heavily documented, biographed, etc. Then, occasionally Padura writes in Hemingway style, which is also tiresome.

This may be a decent beach read, but it fell way short of the mark to which it must have aspired.
Deon Stonehouse
Set in Cuba the mystery concerns Hemingway during the last years of his life, a man beset by ill health and the nagging suspicion that the FBI was following him. This suspicion of the FBI, the fear of being under surveillance contributed to Hemingway’s eventual downfall and led his doctors to believe he was paranoid. However in an article in the New York Times dated March 11, 1983 by Herbert Mitgang it states that the FBI did, in fact, have Hemingway under surveillance from WWII to as late as a ...more
Katrina Schwartz
Trying to be a mystery, but not very exciting. A bit trite. I read this because of a New York Times review of the author that described him as one of the few Cuban authors to be able to remain writing in Cuba. The reviewer said he was critical of the government subtly, but not enough to get censored. I was interested to see what that looked like, but the result was a bit mundane.
A recent article in NY Times Magazine about this novel's Cuban author got me curious. Padura Fuentes, a life-long resident of Cuba, has gained an international following while steering a middle course between officially approved publication and unofficial.

His police detective, Mario Conde, is a man hardened by his experience on the mean streets of Havana. He has been witness to the aftermath of revolución in Castro’s Cuba, faltering now with the end of Soviet support. Not proud of himself as a c
Karen Brown
Enjoyed this detective novel with a Hemingway twist and Cuban viewpoint. Our family was able to travel to Cuba this January, which also included a visit to Havana, the Floridita, and Hemingway's estate,Finca Vigia, This novel brought back many good memories of our trip. So glad that this crossed my path at the library.
The story of a retired detective-turned-writer coming out of retirement to investigate a case involving Ernest Hemingway intrigued me. Its movement back and forth between the present and 1958 allows the author to examine the famous author's character through the eyes and obsession of his protagonist. This is not your typical detective story but a character study centered on a 50-year old mystery. It raises questions of the source of a creative person's talent and the fascination we have with peo ...more
Milagro Espinosa
Me asombró descubrir a través de la historia de un crimen, el retrato de Hemingway, su vida, sus amigos y su relación con la Habana. Un libro que recomiendo leer a quienes les gusta el Nobel y su actitud irreverente con la existencia.
Mike  Davis
This is an interesting semi-fictional mystery novel that uses a fictional plot while exploring the last years of Ernest Hemingway's life. Using an alternating time frame, a modern ex-detective and writer examines the character of the great writer and attempts to reveal why he committed suicide. While difficult to tell which is fact and which is fiction, Fuentes nevertheless does a nice job of bringing the character of Hemingway back to life.
This book was a pleasant way to spend a few hours. The story follows Conde, a retired detective and hopeful writer who is drawn into a mystery at Finca Vigia, Hemingway's home in Cuba. Wrestling with his own demons and conflicted feelings for Hemingway, Conde doggedly pursues the mystery of a dead man found on the property. Conde's story Is interwoven with Hemingway's own story as he struggles with age and a myriad of physical ailments.

The wriiting mirrors Hemingway's spare style and while a sl
Helene Slowik
interesting mystery with references to famous people - loved references to Ava Gardner's black knickers.
Alejandro Fabian Panza
Me sorprendió Padura, con un estilo claro y ameno, una novela que engancha, y que muestra a un Hemingway en su lado mas oscuro.
Barbara Greene
Not my favorite by this author, but still a good read. Liked the ending a lot.
plainly, the three stars mean, in this case, as in every author that i reaallly like, 5+3. It has to do with the scale of expectations....

λίγο απογοητευτικό, μιας και είχα μόλις διαβάσειτο παρελθόν χαμένο στην ομίχλη. Κάπως ευκολογραμμένο και βιαστικό μου φάνηκε. Πάντως, δεν το μετανοιώνω! σίγουρα θα διαβάσω τα άπαντα παδούρα. πάντως, και η μετάφραση μου φάνηκε βιαστική. Αυτή η αφηγηματική εναλλαγή μεταξύ Κόντε και Χέμινγουέι δεν μου πολυάρεσε, δεν φτιάχνει ούτε ωραιό τον χέμινγουέη ούτε και τον
Fabio Tassi
Mario Conde, ex poliziotto, aspirante scrittore, detective privato in un'isola in cui non esistono ne' detective ne' privato. Alla caccia di un'assassinio avvenuto quaranta anni prima nella residenza cubana di Hemingway, la mitica Finca Vigia. Mutande di Ava Gardner, amicizia, rum e nostalgia. La scrittura avvolgente di Padura Fuentes vola alto tra narrazione in prima persona del declino di un grande scrittore prigioniero del suo mito e vicenda umana dell'uomo Mario Conde, piu' che un poliziotto ...more
Divertido, de rápida lectura
Good book to read in conjunction with Rachel Kushner's "Telex from Cuba." Once you're on the island and in the mood, keep turning the pages. This book has more local edge and wraps itself up as a murder mystery, though the suspense is only in the shifting voices. A retired cop wanna be writer takes the case and re imagines Hemingway's last days. If accurate, Fuentes offers some good insight into the Papa close to taking a gun to his head. Yet the book is full of life and dark Cuban intrigue.
Rachel Nowakowski
Liked this, the cuba setting was wonderful. The history, the clever plotting, the protagonist and then the character of Hemingway. Well done.
Nazmul Hasan
Aight. As far as Cuban writers go, I'll stick with Carpentier.
Aunque no sea una novela policiaca tradicional, como las escribe normalmente Padura, es un libro bueno. Sin embargo es un poco lento pero la historia es buena. La mescla de lo que pasa hoy con Conde y lo que pasó ayer con Hemingway es original y bien hecho. Una manera curiosa pero buena de dar le homenaje a Hemingway.
This was a fun read, though if you are not interested in Hemingway it may not be for you. I like the Mario Conde character, not only because Cuba provides such an interesting backdrop, but also because he is an unusual main character for a crime fiction novel, particularly with his literary pretensions.
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Leonardo Padura Fuentes (born 1955) is a Cuban novelist and journalist. As of 2007, he is one of Cuba's best known writers internationally. In English and some other languages, he is often referred to by the shorter form of his name, Leonardo Padura. He has written movie scripts, two books of short stories and a series of detective novels translated into 10 languages. In 2012, Fuentes was awarded ...more
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