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October 31, 2014

First up, I want to remind Seattle peeps that I'm signing in Bellevue, TOMORROW, November 1, and reading a sneak peek of The Ruby Circle! Details are here, so please come if you can!

Now, as a Halloween treat, I want to address some things from Silver Shadows that readers have been wanting to know about. It involves giving away some MAJOR things from SS, so if you haven't read that book, I'd really advise you against reading the rest of this post. In fact, I'll create a cut here to further hide some of those things.

Okay, here we go. What are we going to talk about? The wedding. You know the one I mean--that crazy, romantic, over the top one that Adrian throws together on short notice. People have been asking me some questions about it, so I'm going to answer those now!

1. Is the Las Vegas hotel where Sydney and Adrian get married real?
The Firenze, where they have their wedding, is NOT real, alas. It's based on a real place, however: the Venetian. I would have loved to use a real hotel, either so fans could tour it or host their own whirlwind wedding there, but I decided on a fictitious hotel at the last minute. This is because there's some bribery going on with the hotel's staff, and call me old-fashioned, but I didn't want to make any negative insinuations against the Venetian's employees! Had I actually used the Venetian, there would have been a strong temptation also to have Sydney and Adrian do one of their gondola weddings and have a high-speed(?) water chase from the Alchemists. That would've been either awesome or ridiculous, but I guess we'll never know. In the meantime, you can still go to one of the Venetian's real chapels and get a good idea of what Sydney and Adrian's wedding looks like.
When Sydney throws the Alchemists into the Bellagio fountains? Those are real. But I wouldn't recommended imitating her on that count.

2. What does Adrian's wedding band look like?
Very much like the top ring in this set designed by Green Lake Jewelry in Seattle. It is, ahem, a ruby circle.
GLJ does awesome work and inspire a lot of jewelry in my books!

3. What does Sydney's engagement ring look like?
A lot like this, except that her center stone is more square/rectangular. Remember, the stones were taken from Adrian's cuff links.

4. And lastly, what does Sydney's wedding dress look like?
So glad you asked! I actually picked this out before I wrote the book, and so when I went to write the scene, I kept having to flip back and forth between the image and my manuscript in the hopes of getting the details right. I don't know if this dress is still available, but the designer is Demetrios.
Makes her mad dash that much more impressive, eh?

Happy Halloween!
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October 13, 2014

Hey, Seattle peeps! I've got a couple of local events coming up this month. So if you're in the area, want to get some books signed, and ask some questions -- stop on by! I'll be having more signings in 2015, with stats on those dates and cities later this year. Keep checking back or sign up for my mailing list to get notifications right in your inbox!

Saturday -- November 1 -- Bellevue, WA
Barnes & Noble Bellevue -- 2pm
626 106th Ave NE
Bellevue, WA

Since this is a "between new releases" book signing, I'll make things extra exciting...and read a sneak peek from The Ruby Circle (being released February 2015)! Feel free to bring books from home, but if you haven't bought one of my titles yet and want to, please buy it at the store to support them. Signing limits: one personalized and three plain autographed per person (so if you've got more than four books, bring a friend to carry your other ones in line!).

Saturday -- November 29 -- Seattle, WA
University Bookstore -- 2pm
4326 University Way NE
Seattle, WA

Small Business Saturday! A variety of authors will be in the store for talks and panels. I'll be part of the sci-fi panel at 2pm and available to sign books afterwards. It should be a super fun day! You can see the full lineup of authors on the schedule here.
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October 9, 2014

Time flies when you're super busy. I've been swamped with finishing The Ruby Circle, chasing down some personal health issues, and also making plans for what's next after Bloodlines ends (stay tuned for that news). But, when not working, I DO get some downtime, and I have a few guilty TV pleasures. One is the dresstastic madness that is Reign, and per the request of some Twitter followers, I'm going to recap/review the season 2 premiere that aired last week.


Now, if you're not familiar with Reign, be advised there are spoilers ahead. And if you know anything about Mary, Queen of Scots, be advised that you can't go into watching this show expecting perfect historical accuracy. It does a better job than most people give it credit for, but there are still a lot of liberties taken. You'll enjoy it a lot more if you just treat it as a medieval soap opera. And if you don't know the real history at all, you'll probably be happier staying in ignorance. Unless you're a major fan of Elizabeth I--then by all means, go read up on the history.

Anyway, season 2 opens with Francis bravely riding out into the countryside to be with Mary's lady-in-waiting Lola, who's about to give birth to his bastard. I'm going to come right out and say it now: in the Francis vs. Bash debate, I'm firmly on Team Francis. I like Bash well enough, but despite him being the roguish bastard, I actually think Francis has a darker streak. (I thought it was EPIC when he pulled off his helmet in last season's finale, revealing he was the one who'd killed his dad in the tournament!). Also, I'm still traumatized by Torrance Coombs' portrayal of Thomas Culpepper on The Tudors. If you've watched that show, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

So, Francis gets to Lola, and surprise! She's already had the baby, which tells me two things: 1. They have a lot of other stuff they need to cram into this episode, and 2. The writers are NOT messing around. Mary's life would have been mildly inconvenienced with a bastard princess around, but by making it a boy, the writers have just messed up her life x 1000. I also like that the writers do away with any lingering feelings between Francis and Lola--which should reassure a lot of you. (By the way, you guys can't hate on Lola unless you hate Francis too. They were both involved in making this mess, and really, it was the result of Mary's convoluted marrying-Bash plan). There's no Frola/Frary love triangle in the making, and it's made abundantly clear that the issue at stake is whether or not Francis will claim (and control) Lola's child. More on that later.

Back at the castle, Mary and Catherine are holding a press conference about the plague. (The producers had hinted someone we know dies from the plague in this episode, and my money's on one of the Castleroys). Man, am I happy to see Catherine. Megan Follows OWNS that role. She steals every scene she's in, and I adore her. Plus, I'm pretty sure the accent she uses for this role is the same one she used to use when Anne of Green Gables did dramatic readings or plays. So sometimes I like to pretend this show is all just one elaborate production that Anne and Diana are putting on.

But wait! Who's that dashing fellow beside the two queens? Why, it's Nostradamus, who has apparently decided to shave for season 2. He must have realized there were some hot, eligible CW women around and that he needed to up his game--not that he seemed to be doing that badly before.


Really, the most extraordinary thing about this scene for me, though, is that the entire Greer/Castleroy/Leith/Yvette love mess is revealed with a few glances across the room! That was my second favorite plot twist of last season, so I was at least hoping for an awkward family dinner: "Hey, Dad and future stepmom, I want you to meet this guy I'm seeing..."

Last but not least, we check in with Bash and Kenna. I totally forgot about that kid they were taking care of. I assumed Pascal got returned to some distant pagan relatives. Bash is taking charge and trying to get his family out of there, but Kenna gets thwarted by a plaguey servant who calls her a whore, which I don't like at all! You can say what you want about Kenna, but she was in a bad situation last season. It's not easy being a woman in the 16th century, and when a king or any powerful man casts his eye on you, you can't just go complain to HR. She made the best of what she had, and I think it worked out since she and Bash are kind of perfect for each other in their misfitness. Their wedding was one of my favorite scenes last season. Anyway, Kenna yields Pascal, and we know this isn't going to end well.

Back in the throne room, Mary and Catherine are holding court and sparring with each other. A new guy named Narcisse shows up and wants permission to kill someone in exchange for food for the court. Pragmatic Catherine has no problem with this, but Mary's morals won't allow her to condone it. There are certain parts of Mary's history (who she marries, where she rules) that the show can't change, but one thing they've taken control of nicely is this ongoing conflict as her character develops. Can she hold to her principles and still be an effective ruler? That remains to be seen.

Out in the country Lola and Francis are slowly making their way back to the castle. Lola looks pretty good for having just given birth. Maybe I would've too if I'd been able to wear something like this instead of yoga pants and a T-shirt:


Along the way, they run into Narcisse and also a guy named Conde, who is fully up to the CW's levels of attractiveness. Based on the dreamy music playing when they meet, I secretly think Conde'll be back as a love interest for Lola--once he gets his own affairs straightened out. For now, Francis is going to use Conde's ship to send Lola and the baby away, which will probably relieve some of you. But something tells me it won't be that easy...

Back at the castle, Kenna and Pascal have been locked in a room to prevent plague spreading! Pascal dies from the plague, which is sad and handled gracefully by the writers by mostly focusing on Kenna as it happens. I guess I was wrong, and it's not going to be one of the Castleroys. Bash, now on the hunt for Kenna, has his own run-ins with the plague, and then he sees a ghostly figure coming toward him in the hall! Is it King Henry's brother, back from the dead? No, it's a plague-victim, who tells Bash he's neither dead nor infected. What does that mean? Can Bash see dead people now? Does he have supernatural powers? Cuz that's a plot twist I'm totally on board with. We never find out because Bash soon finds Kenna, and while her being locked in a room for most of the episode is kind of a meh plot, their reunion is so sweet that I find myself smiling. I love those misfit kids.

Cut to the throne room, and Narcisse is back, which boggles the mind since Francis and Lola aren't. Nostradamus has also come and gone, which makes me wonder just how slow Francis and Lola are going. Nostradamus and Mary have made Catherine think she has the plague to get her out of the way--which I don't like AT ALL. No one one-ups my girl! In a touching bedside scene, we get the hint that Catherine is fully aware of how power compromised her morals over the years. It's like her and Mary are kindred spirits after all! But Mary's intentions prove to be in vain: Narcisse has already killed the guy he wanted--by poisoning a whole room full of people! That includes Yvette Castleroy, which baffles my writer's mind because I thought for sure that love rhombus was going to play out for a while. That had the potential for a lot of drama, so I'm not sure what they have planned for Greer now, aside from the obvious Leith vs. Castleroy conflict. Seriously, this bugs me. It bugs Mary too, and she has Narcisse thrown in the dungeon--but methinks we haven't seen the last of him.

Finally, back on the long road, Francis holds his son for the first time and has a really touching moment when he realizes he wants the baby in his life after all. It's also kind of a dark moment, though, as Lola sees her freedom slipping away from her. Remember when I said it wasn't easy being a woman in the 16th century? Here's more proof, and Francis's ominous line about how the baby will be whatever he says it is tells you exactly why Lola is concerned. Mary's going to love it when this trio shows back up.

And speaking of our queen...we close on her sitting on the throne, with an empty throne beside her. At first, I think that's symbolic of Catherine's absence (I'm still ticked off they tricked her), then I realize it's meant to mark Francis's absence. Don't worry, Mary. I'm sure he'll be back next episode. Surely they can't STILL be traveling?

And that's it! Phew, that was a lot. From a storytelling point of view, I can say they did exactly what I'd expect in an opening chapter, tying up the last cliffhanger and prepping us for what's to come. I expect the real crazy to start in coming episodes, particularly when Francis and Lola get back and Narcisse gets out of prison. As for Greer's plotline...that still has me scratching my head why they got rid of Yvette so quickly.

Important Summary Stuff

Best Catherine quote:
"Welcome to the real France."

Best Dress:

Mary's, of course:


Although, this blue one we briefly see Greer in is quite nice too:


Thanks for reading my longggg post! I'm hoping to have some news about a couple local appearances for you the next time I blog.
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July 31, 2014

Silver Shadows is here! And in case you haven't been out on social media, people are freaking out about it--in a good way. If you haven't picked up your copy, make sure you do soon. Big, big things are coming!

I've had a really great time this week talking to fans about the book. On Tuesday, I kicked off SS's release at University Book Store in Seattle, sharing all sorts of stories:


As you can see, there were "a few" people there:


I signed for a little over two hours, but it was so much fun. I got to see familiar faces and new ones and am so thrilled for everyone that came out:


Last night, I had my first ever "virtual event." I Skyped with fans at Schuler's Books in Lansing, MI while I sat at home in my office talking on my pink laptop:


Meanwhile, here's what fans in Lansing got to see:


It was awesome! The store said it was their biggest turnout for a Skype event yet, but the number was still small enough that everyone who wanted to got to ask questions. We got to cover a lot of popular fan topics!


Even more exciting, some fans came in character, which I always love. It's hard to see, but the girl in gray has a golden lily tattoo. What's easy to see is that they're all proudly showing the signed copies of Silver Shadows they bought and free DVDs they won! Thank you so much to all who came out to talk to me!

If you live in Miami or Chicago, I'll be Skyping with you guys back to back tonight, July 31. Check here for times. (Rumor has it Anderson's in Chicago will have pizza!). It'll be the same set up, with us face to face on the big screen, you asking questions, and signed books for sale! Plus, each store is giving away 100 DVDs.

And if you live in Portland, I'll be signing this Saturday at the downtown Powell's (different from where I usually sign in Cedar Hills), so come see me there if you're in town. Looking forward to talking to more people!
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July 25, 2014

Can you believe we're less than one week away until Silver Shadows is out? I'm SO excited for you guys to read this one. Big stuff happens, you guys. But then, when does it ever not?

In celebration of this, there are a number of events going on that you can be a part of. Here's a run down.

Google Hangout with me, Melissa de la Cruz, Margaret Stohl, and Morgan Rhodes

WHEN: Monday, July 28 at 7pm Eastern/4pm Pacific US time (other places, use a time zone converter)
WHAT IT IS: Me, video chatting with three of my favorite author pals for one hour!
WHO CAN SEE IT: Anyone, anywhere in the world, from the comfort of your home.
WHY YOU SHOULD PARTICIPATE: Because you get to see FOUR authors talking about all sorts of topics and possibly distracting each other into silliness. You can also submit questions at the time of the chat or post them in advance here or on Twitter marked #PenguinTeenChat.
THINGS TO KNOW: This will be awesome. Learn to use Google Hangouts this weekend! Here's the link it'll be happening at.

"Virtual" Book Signing and Skype Chat with Me!

WHEN: July 30 and July 31 in Lansing, Miami, and Chicago (Check schedule for times)
WHAT IT IS: Me, chatting with readers on a giant screen in front of you (hope my pores don't show!) and answering your questions about books, movies, and life. Each host store will have autographed copies of Silver Shadows for you to buy right there! Plus each store is giving away *100* copies of the Vampire Academy DVD.
WHO CAN SEE IT: Anyone who is at Schuler Books in Lansing, Books and Books in Coral Gables, or Anderson's in Chicago at the designated times. Some people are confused that the virtual element means you can do this from home. Nope--you have to be in the bookstore hosting it to talk to me. They're the ones making the Skype connection with me.
WHY YOU SHOULD PARTICIPATE: Because you can ask me all those things you want to know--will there be a fifth Dark Swan book? Will there be a Frostbite movie? What IS Jill's element? Etc. If you're in a bookstore with only 50 other people, you have much better odds of getting questions answered vs. an online chat that's open to the whole world. Plus, you can buy an autographed copy of Silver Shadows and maybe win a DVD! (I feel like your odds are pretty good if they're giving away 100 of those DVDs).
THINGS TO KNOW: Contact your store in advance with questions or to pre-order and make sure they don't run out of signed books!

In-Person Book Signing with Me!

July 29 (Seattle) and August 2 (Portland) (Check schedule for times)
WHAT IT IS: Me, reading and taking questions in-person, followed by a book signing and possibly pictures. I'll sign up to four books per person, from any of my series, and you can bring them from home. But if you don't have a book yet, PLEASE buy it from the hosting store! It ensures that they'll bring me back to see you for future book releases!
WHO CAN SEE IT: Anyone who shows up to University Book Store in Seattle or Powell's (downtown) in Portland at the designated times.
THINGS TO KNOW: I don't have DVDs to give away here, but I will bring lots of other goodies to give away, like cool foreign editions of my books, t-shirts, and other fun things. So show up, chat, get a book signed, and maybe win free stuff! Arcane Vault will be selling their merchandise at the Seattle event.
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July 14, 2014

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July 9, 2014

You guys, it's July! Do you know what that means? It means Silver Shadows is coming out in English-speaking countries THIS MONTH! That's right. The US, Australia, Canada, and the UK will see the fifth installment in the Bloodlines series hitting shelves on July 29. Here's the latest news surrounding its release.


First Three Chapters are Live
Can't handle the suspense? Want a sneak peek of what's going to happen to Sydney and Adrian in Silver Shadows? You're in luck! Chapters 1-3 are now online for your viewing pleasure. Read them here.

I will be signing books and meeting fans in-person in Seattle and Portland to celebrate the book's release! And if you live in Chicago, Miami, or Lansing, PLEASE come out and meet me via Skype for our first-ever set of virtual events! Basically, you come to the bookstore at the designated time, and they'll have me live on a big screen, so that you can ask all your burning questions, and I'll do my best to answer. Those stores will also have autographed copies of Silver Shadows on sale (you can also pre-order from the store to make sure they don't run out) and will be doing all sorts of giveaways for copies of the VA movie DVD. These are going to be awesome events, so seriously...check them out! Dates and more details are here.

Book Trailers
If the first three chapters didn't cause you enough emotional angst, well, good news! Penguin Australia has just started releasing Silver Shadows book trailers, and they're awesome as usual. Go to their YouTube channel to see what's out so far.

Ordering Signed Books
Not going to be in Portland or Seattle for a book signing? Not near a store hosting a virtual event and selling signed copies of Silver Shadows? It's all good because you can still get a copy of SS or any of of my other titles autographed. My local bookstore is taking orders again, and they'll ship out at the end of this month. And yes, they ship internationally! See this page for all the details and deadlines.

More to Come
That's a lot of stuff, but believe it or not, there'll still be more stuff announced this month! More contests, more chances to talk to me, and maybe even more chapters! So stay tuned here, Facebook, Twitter, or whatever way you prefer for updates.
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May 27, 2014

Lots of exciting things going on around here. The Immortal Crown, book two of the Age of X series, comes out in the U.S. this week on May 29! If you live in the Seattle area, I'll be reading and signing from it at Third Place Books on May 31. Everyone who buys TIC there from the store will get a free copy of one of my international books (so long as supplies hold out--I'll bring a bunch!). You can check out the event details and see a sample of what's up for grabs here.

silver120As many of you also know, Silver Shadows (book #5 in the Bloodlines series), comes out July 29. Only two months to go! Have you read the first chapter? Be warned: it's intense! Because my youngest son is still so little, I won't be doing a major tour for this book either. I'll be visiting my usual Pacific Northwest stops of Seattle and Portland, but this time, I have something extra for a few lucky stores on the other side of the USA...

Virtual Touring!

What's this, you ask? Here's how it works. I will be Skyping with three bookstores the week Silver Shadows comes out. If you come at the designated time, you can talk to me and ask questions just like at a "real" signing! These bookstores will also have autographed copies of Silver Shadows for sale that I've signed in advance for them that you can pick up there. And, each store will be doing a bunch of contests for copies of the Vampire Academy movie on DVD. There'll be tons of winners! You don't have to buy a book to come to the Skype chat, but buying a copy of Silver Shadows from the host stores will increase the odds of you being a DVD winner! Plus, it's a nice thing to buy your SS from them since these stores are going to a lot of work. Plus, the book'll be signed! If you plan on going to one of these events, I STRONGLY encourage you to pre-order Silver Shadows to make sure you get a signed copy and get priority for the DVD contest. Call the stores for details on how to do this!

Okay, so which stores are part of this crazy awesomeness? Here we go:

Tuesday, July 29th - Seattle - IN-PERSON EVENT
7:00 PM
University Bookstore
4326 University Way NE
Seattle WA 981105
Richelle will be there in-person to meet with readers, sign books, answer questions, take pictures, and do giveaways! Book signing limits: four per person, one personalized to you and three just autographed.

Wednesday, July 30th - East Lansing, MI - VIRTUAL EVENT
7:00 PM
Schuler’s Books & Music
Eastwood Towne Center
2820 Towne Center Blvd.
Lansing, MI 48912
Richelle will chat and answer questions with readers via Skype! The store will have autographed copies of Silver Shadows for sale and be doing giveaways of the Vampire Academy DVD. Call to pre-order a copy of Silver Shadows!

Thursday, July 31st - Coral Gables, FL - VIRTUAL EVENT
7:00 PM
Books & Books
265 Aragon Avenue
Coral Gables, FL 33134
Richelle will chat and answer questions with readers via Skype! The store will have autographed copies of Silver Shadows for sale and be doing giveaways of the Vampire Academy DVD. Call to pre-order a copy of Silver Shadows!

Thursday, July 31st - Chicago - VIRTUAL EVENT
7:30 PM
Anderson’s Bookshop
123 W Jefferson Ave.
Naperville, IL 60540
(630) 355-2665
Richelle will chat and answer questions with readers via Skype! The store will have autographed copies of Silver Shadows for sale and be doing giveaways of the Vampire Academy DVD. Call to pre-order a copy of Silver Shadows!

Saturday, August 2nd - Portland, OR - IN-PERSON EVENT
4:00 PM
Powell's Books
1005 W. Burnside St.
Portland, OR 97209
Richelle will be there in-person to meet with readers, sign books, answer questions, take pictures, and do giveaways! NOTE: this is the Powell's downtown flagship store. Book signing limits: four per person, one personalized to you and three just autographed.

If you're wondering how I'm doing two chats on 7/31, it's because they're in different time zones. So don't worry, I'll be able to chat at least an hour with each one! And if you live in a place that doesn't have an in-person event or a virtual event this time around, remember that you can always order signed copies of my books from University Book Store and have it mailed to you. They ship internationally, and you can get the info here.

Looking forward to talking to a bunch of you in July--in-person and via Skype!
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May 9, 2014

You read that right! Penguin Teen Australia has launched their own channel on YouTube, and it's full of awesome. Their first episode featured an interview with me, talking about Silver Shadows, The Immortal Crown, and other good stuff. You can watch it here. They have other cool episodes planned, featuring more authors you love, so be sure and subscribe to see more!

Also, when I do the Q&As before Silver Shadows' release, they'll be similar (but not identical) to the format in this episode. But, those questions will be submitted by YOU GUYS! So think about what you want to ask, and I'll let you know when and how to submit them.
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May 7, 2014

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in my charity push yesterday and donated to Open Arms Perinatal Services on GiveBIG Day! I'm so flattered that you guys would give so generously. Open Arms exceeded last year's GiveBIG totals, and based on the amounts that came in when I put out the call to my readers, it's clear you guys definitely played a big role. Thank you so much.

If you're just tuning in to all of this, we scored some sweet rewards for yesterday's donations. One of them is that you got the first chapter of Silver Shadows! Brace yourself--it's an emotional ride. Along with that, I'm going to be doing some q&a sessions closer to that book's release where you'll be able to send in questions, and if they're selected, I'll answer them on video for you. More details on that coming.

sydneysThe other big reward was this amazing drawing of Sydney from Emma Vieceli. Emma is the artist who draws the Vampire Academy graphic novels. We still haven't heard from my publishers if the other graphic novels have sold well enough to justify a Blood Promise one, so I was worried we might never get to see Sydney! As a result, I'm so excited Emma did this to give us a taste of what Sydney could be like. Emma and I both have our fingers crossed we'll get to see more of Sydney in a full graphic novel and--dare I dream--a Bloodlines series.

I've got to tell you: I actually asked Emma to do this on zero notice. I've been sick and had to scramble when GiveBIG Day came. Emma is super busy but was so nice in agreeing to do it for me. Thanks, Emma! One of the things she's busy with right now is a comic series of her own, called Breaks, which is full of love and dysfunction and all the other things we adore. You can check it out here. And if by chance you haven't picked up the VA graphic novels (gasp!), you can read about them here and order a copy from Amazon or other retailers to help push the cause!

Thanks again, everybody!
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Published on May 07, 2014 13:52 • 486 views