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Don't Close Your Eyes #1

Don't Close Your Eyes

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An enemies to lovers series begins.

Bartender, beach bunny and college track star known as Micro Machine, Kinsley Hayes most pressing priorities are having the lowest times on the stopwatch and choosing between internship before graduation.
An encounter with a dicey stranger jolts Kinsley into the real world while she's left mystified by her magnetism to the edgy rogue.
Who is he? Will she ever see him again?

Klive King reappears in Kinsley's life as a secret admirer, tempting and teasing, rekindling their irresistible love-hate chemistry at the same time as her high school crush home from war, Jase Taylor, reveals his repressed longing to be more than friends.

What's a girl to do?

When nefarious biker gang, Inferno, set their sights on the wrong girl, Kinsley inadvertently draws both Klive and Jase into a battle to protect her while also dueling for her heart.

Set in the tropical locales of Florida, this dual POV suspenseful romance follows Klive, Kinsley and Jase into the beginning of their tumultuous love triangle and perilous conflicts between good, evil, love, hate and the bounds they break when pushed to their limits.

326 pages, Kindle Edition

First published February 20, 2014

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Lynessa James

11 books11 followers
Also writes under Lynessa Layne

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1,304 reviews31 followers
October 12, 2021
Extremely baffled by this book.

The majority of the reviews look fake but I’m willing to concede maybe it’s someone’s tastes. What I DON’T like is how these “reviewers” are also going in and messing up the Listopias on goodreads. 😤

💢Leave. The. Lists. Alone 💢

Seems super fake and scamy because the adds are wildly inaccurate in most cases. Many of the GR users only add this book and no others. 🤡

This book has been added to HUNDREDS of listopia lists where it absolutely doesn’t belong. 😡

Ultimately this tactic is what got me to check out the book after seeing it for a whole year on billions of lists, unfortunately the end result is me writing a review confirming my suspicions. The book is not good, the writing is not great, and my time was wasted. DNF. But now I know.

I will NOT be adding this book to my extensive and obsessive category shelves because heaven forbid the book have accurate shelf tags. 🙄
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Author 3 books37 followers
September 22, 2020
Author Lynessa Layne entices her readers to sprint toward the finish line in her recently-published e-book, ‘Don’t Close Your Eyes.’ Written for young adults who will certainly appreciate Ms. Layne’s inclusion of a music playlist to enjoy while reading the story, this book does a good job of staying true to the hormonal, emotional confusion and titillation that permeates life for many in their late teens and early twenties. The novel’s main character, Kinsley, is a college track superstar known among her friends and fans as ‘Micro Machine.’ She is also a young woman being romantically pursued by two males, Jace, a long-time close friend, and an older man who feels both safe and dangerous to her. While the reader meets the latter as a hitman in the first of the book, Kinsley has no idea. Mysterious, romantic, and action-oriented, she feels his magnetic pull in the same way Ms. Layne pulls her readers into her novel’s plot. Much of this story takes place in and around a bar where Kinsley is employed and where members of a dangerous gang, Inferno, have taken to hanging out. A second group, which includes both of Kinsley’s main admirers, is prepared to keep Inferno in check. Like Kinsley, the reader learns more secrets about the older admirer as the book progresses, but at story’s end there is still much to learn. Ms. Layne’s characters are well-rounded with strengths and flaws and unusual quirks (Kinsley, for example, calls almost all males ‘sir,’ even in romantic interludes and she is clearly still a daddy’s girl.) She is also tough, determined, and a cautious risk-taker, which are good assets to have, given the life-threatening dangers facing her. ‘Don’t Close Your Eyes’ is a fun book for all ages. It left me anxious to follow Kinsley into her next adventures, romantic and otherwise, as soon as the sequel is available.
3 reviews
January 12, 2021
Story progresses very slowly, to the point of being boring.
I really didn't like the slut-shaming and "I'm not like other girls" attitude that are thrown around constantly in the book.
The male characters are flat and mostly depicted as sex-starved and brainless with the sole purpose of pining for the super-virtuous Kinsley.
425 reviews
February 8, 2021
I don't even know how to describe this. It's a big, jumbled mess and I'm not sure what the plot is except that there's a stalker. The bulk of the story revolves around a celibate girl who has 3 or more guys trying to land her. If that had been entertaining, it might have been worth reading, but it was mostly just juvenile. Very odd reading experience that I can't in good conscience recommend.
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2 reviews2 followers
August 30, 2020
Breaking The Mold...
Unlike the big publishing houses, Lynessa doesn't write by a formula for mass sales. She's more akin to real life with a plethora of unpredictable faux pas that crescendo to a series of missteps that coerce her main character, Kinsley, deeper and deeper into a battle for her affections between a criminal syndicate captain (Klive) and her mysterious high school crush (Jase), recently returned from war. Add in an even more enigmatic buddy of Jase's, and the rabbit hole just keeps getting deeper, and deeper in trouble she goes!

The Gasparilla pirate festival scene is one of my favorites...the push-pull back and forth is that oh-so-desired but elusive chemistry that we all wish for, which starts the snowball effect that sucks Kinsley in...and Klive. But when her high school crush enters the picture, all the old feelings she had for him rush back and torture her for how she wants him but is afraid to act, just like in high school, and yet she's torn. Klive has that 'something' she can't put her finger on that draws her in as well. Little does 'sweet Kins' know that she's about to find herself in the middle of an epic whodunnit and love triangle!

Set mainly in the Tampa, Florida area, the settings are dead-on, though the names have been changed to protect the innocent...and not-so innocent!

Lynessa's writing is exceptional! Even as a guy, I was glued to the pages, needing sleep for work, but unwilling to lay the kindle down on my night stand. A good mystery is a good mystery. She draws you in from line one, chapter one, and doesn't take her hooks out until the end...but wait, there's more! The teaser for book two (highly anticipating its September release) revs you back up for more! Can't wait for September!
Profile Image for As The Page Turns.
1 review2 followers
September 11, 2020
Wow! Who is this writer? Her style is so different and refreshing! I’m hooked!

Didn’t want it to end, but fortunately there’s a sequel...reading ‘Complicated Moonlight’ next!

The characters actually have “character”, and you legit feel like you’re in the story as each of them. So vivid and beautifully written, very well edited, and from line one, she hits you with foreboding action, intensity and psychological thriller-suspense. I’m running for my life as Kinsley when the hitman Klive chases and goes psychological on her. Oh, he’s sharp and witty, like a cat toying with a mouse, but Kinsley’s a mouse that piques his curiosity...and attraction.

Not going to spoil anything...you’ve got to read it for yourself, but if you’re like me, looking for something that totally shatters the commercial, boring formula, this is absolutely worth the 99 cents! I figured I’d give it a try, but Lynessa raised the bar for me, and now I’m judging big name authors by the new, higher standard this writer set!

Excellent story Ms. Layne! Looking forward to round two! I’m sincerely hoping this is a series. I see other books under your name, but they’re not available on Amazon. Whatever you do, don’t stop writing! I NEED more!
May 14, 2021
If you want a page turner, an enjoyable holiday read...this is it! Great suspense. Lots of twists and turns. Refreshing style of writing and the characters were enjoyable. Waiting on book number 4!
1 review
July 1, 2020
If you liked Lynessa’s original version from 2014, you’re gonna LOVE the long-awaited pro reboot! She’s completely upped her game with this new edition edited by mainstream professional author TK Cassidy! Klive is even more alpha, Jase is even more edgy, and Kinsley’s even more in trouble!

Make no mistake, the new and improved DCYE grabs you and pulls you in from the first line to the last, and leave you craving more with a book hangover that’s already begging for book 2!

Lynessa has even set up the FIRST THREE CHAPTERS FREE ON AMAZON! Whaddaya have to lose?! Check it out!...

Profile Image for T.K. Cassidy.
Author 6 books8 followers
December 20, 2020
What an intriguing group of people

I was lucky enough to help this manuscript become a novel. From the first read, I was amazed at how Ms. Layne wove such a tangled web of intrigue ... and kept me with her. In fairness, there was a part that made me very angry... (stirring up emotional response! well done author!) ... but I pushed through and figured out why the heroine had gone down that road. Layne played it perfectly. This story is well worth your time. You’ll be looking forward to book 2 as eagerly as I.
Profile Image for Barbara Campbell.
63 reviews8 followers
May 27, 2014
this book is a great start to a series ... getting the background on some of the players. Klive King has a dark soul and a chance meeting of Kinsley has him all a stir. He says she will be his one day, now will he be able to tell her. She has her eye on another Jase (every girls dream) and he is making a play for her. She has know him for years her best friend brother. There is also trouble brewing somebody is after Kinsley will Klive be there for her ... cant wait to read the book to find out
Profile Image for Dennie.
10 reviews4 followers
January 5, 2015
I bought the whole lot. Started reading and can't stop! I'm still not finished by a long shot but I feel the need to say that I find this series so fascinating, captivating and down right F'N FANTABULOUS!!! I'm loving it more than 50 Shades which as far as I'm concerned has nothing on this series! Still a lot to read but congratulations Ms. James for your brilliant mind in writing this fantastic series.
Profile Image for Jan .
150 reviews3 followers
July 16, 2021
I…don’t get it?? This is some of the most insanely Juvenile storytelling I’ve ever read ⍨
December 17, 2020
We reviewed DCYE at our military wives book club at brunch this morning, and I have to say the girls are abuzz with opinions. Nothing new there! Everyone liked it but for different reasons. I like the fact that Lynessa writes minorities into the story. In book two you find out Jase is actually half Cuban, Frat Toy is Mexican, Kinsleys close girlfriend is African American, and her boss at the bar and a couple others are AA. I can tell you grew up in a mixed community Lynessa, so thank you for writing in REAL believable characters.

On to book 1. Girl I’d be screaming murder and rolling down stairs if a scary man like klive shoved a big knife between the elevator doors! Why kinsleys so stupid cornering herself. Like a bad Halloween movie! Uh uh. Jase my kinda man tho! Ooh girl gimme summa that! That biker tho,,,somebody gotta beat that fools ass! Haven’t got to book 2 yet but my girl Debs said he gets his in book 2. but she ain’t gonna spoil it for me. Kinsleys so naive for a smart girl. I mean she got to know she causing a mess waiting to explode. I been warned Rustin is a worse playa than Jase in book 2 but I kinda like that country boy vibe he give off. I’m down for more. It’s getting interesting. But what’s up with this dude at the end threatening to kill my girl and her friend ? Kinsley didn’t do anything wrong! Hope that pos gets his too. Was fun hanging with my girls today and look forward to round 2!
Profile Image for Joyce.
21 reviews
August 17, 2014
I quite enjoyed this book it had a bit of everything romance, mystery, intrique and we get to know all the characters and how they relate to each other. It starts off with Klive King the local crime boss who has a chance encounter with our heroine Kinsley in a lift and he kicks himself for not getting her name and finding out more about her. Our story then skips forward a few years where Klive finds out who his mystery woman is. The story carries on with Kinsley who works in a bar and her best friends brother Jase who is in a band in the bar and his best friend Keane. The book ends in an intriguing cliffhanger but luckily i was able to get straight onto no 2 in the series as there are 9 novels currently available in the series.
Profile Image for Lin Bucler.
11 reviews1 follower
August 18, 2014
Wow! This little book grabbed ahold of me on the first few pages and did not let go. Quick-paced, witty writing; beautiful girl, mysterious incredibly handsome business man...or is he? A gorgeous, talented rock star and his equally gorgeous, also mysterious best friend. Which one will our sweet little bartender pick? You'll be kept guessing to the last page and beyond. James doesn't do the basic girl meets boy, conquer a few hurdles and live happily ever after. Our heroin, just as our writer; is much to smart to jump into a relationship just because the man is smoking hot and clearly wants her. This is book one of a ten-book series. I cannot wait to see what Ms. James throws at us next!
October 7, 2020
I read the entire 10-book series (the 2014-2015 box set) 5 years ago. LOVED IT. When I heard Lynessa had pulled the whole series I was devastated thinking I’d never get to read another book by her. So happy she’s back! Having read the series several times, I was worried the new ‘professional’ version would be over commercialized and watered down. Wrong! Even BETTER! Bravo Zulu girl! Didn’t think this story could get any better, but you pulled it off lady! Only thing I miss is the yummy naughty bits...still there, but toned down and (a wee bit) less raunchy :( but the writing is amazing. Can’t wait til the hard copy is published! Gotta have it on my shelf! Okay let’s be real...on my night stand ;)
Profile Image for S.B. Alexander.
Author 45 books983 followers
September 9, 2014
Don't Close Your Eyes is a great read with a very intriguing plot line. This is the first book in the series and wow. What a way to start a series. It has all the elements...tension...suspense...steamy...sexy...swoon-worthy men, oh yeah, and twists and turns to leave you wanting more. I love how the characters jump off the page and suck you in and take you on their journey. The elements of style, plot and voice are superb. I love this author. Thank you Ms. James for sharing your talent. Keep writing. I look forward to the second book and beyond.
Profile Image for Joy Whiteside.
4,113 reviews74 followers
July 27, 2014
I loved this book. It was an amazing read that once I started I was hooked and there was no putting it down until I was finished. It moved along at a great pace, has characters that will grab you and you cannot help but fall in love with them and a story that will keep you interested from the beginning to end and leave you wanting more. This has to be on you TBR list, no doubt about it.
Profile Image for Lora Ann.
Author 16 books151 followers
June 29, 2014
Intriguing read! Nothing like a take-no-prisoners, bad ass with a very sweet & charming side to make you want to know him more. This is a great first book to set up a series I know I can't wait to read.
November 15, 2021
Ok. I feel like I am dumb. This book was so confusing. I didn't get most of the jokes and they came out of left field. I did not finish this book. I made it halfway through because the reviews were so good.
Profile Image for bookish enchilada.
296 reviews4 followers
December 29, 2021
Ugh terrible terrible boo don’t read unless you like garbage chapters that go like: slut slut oh I’m so hot slut slut oh my gosh that girl is so innocent and the only one in this slutty world I must have her
Just boring characters with no dimension at all and terrible qualities
Profile Image for Cindy ✩☽♔.
1,007 reviews782 followers
August 1, 2021
I didn't get far enough to review this, but first impressions leave me unsure if I'll ever get back to this given my very long TBR. So I guess I'll mark it as stalled for now.
Profile Image for Gretchen Anderson.
348 reviews64 followers
January 26, 2015
This review is based on Book 1 & 2 only.

What a great story! The characters and the story are just amazing!!!

Speaking of characters there are quite a few in this book. I’m only going to talk about four of them:

Keane, HOT police officer
Jase, HOT singer in a rock band
Klive, HOT CEO/mob boss
Kinsley, beautiful sr. year college student working at a bar

So we’ve got quite bit of Klive in the first book, how his CEO/mob boss work and how he met Kinsley. Well and how he lost her and then found her again. He isn’t in the second book much and made me wonder why in the world he was even a character at all but I have a distinct feeling he’s going to be a huge part of upcoming books.

I have to say that the second book is so HOT! Like seriously HOT! HOT! HOT! For one thing Keane and Jase are BFF’s - very close BFF’s. Kinsley finally gives Jase a chance but it’s sorta like BOGO if you know what I mean! HOT!

Jase has a pretty big secret. Kinsley is constantly torn between her religious upbringing and the fact that she crushes on two men. Keane is so in love with Kinsley that I fear that’s gonna blow up in the future. Klive won’t rest till Kinsely is his, so he’s just biding his time.

With all that being said, there’s a lot going on - this isn’t a bad thing. Lynessa James is masterful at storytelling. Weaving the characters in and out of action & sex, rock & roll & danger. It really is magical.

I have to say the first book was slow go for me. I found it hard to figure out where the story was going. Then I found out there are ten books….it make more sense as to why it wasn’t coming together as quickly for me. By the end of the second book I was/am totally hooked. I have a feeling that this series will get better and better with each book. I also want to tell you that there are a lot of words. These first two books are not just some small 2 day read. It took me over 4 days (and I’m a crazy fast reader) to finish them both. I don’t think this is a bad thing, not at all. You are getting a great story for your money.

I definitely recommend this series and I think Lynessa James is a wicked talented storyteller! I’m off to start book 3!!
Profile Image for Meagan Moyer.
Author 3 books6 followers
June 13, 2014
Don't Close Your Eyes by Lynessa James

5 Freakin' Hot Stars!!!!!

Oh. My. God. Just OMG! Where to begin? Klive? Jase?? Keane??? I think I shall start with seemingly innocent Kinsley James..... College track star with a rep for turning down every guy who looks her way, Kinsley enjoys her life and all of the perks that come with it. She may seem well rounded and put together on the outside but on the inside, she's just like the rest of us and does get all giddy when certain fellas look her way. 

I melted for Jase from the word GO. Good gravy, this man is sex with a guitar!!! Did I mention the tattoos?? The plot thickens when he goes from being "just a friend" to openly professing his desire to have Kinsley on his arm. AND HE DOES SO IN SONG!!!! Any lady would be a complete fool to say no to that!!!! 

Keane is the quiet type who sticks more to the shadows and observe. But the things that man can do with a guitar...... I can see him running down the beach sans shirt and I immediately want to go find that beach to watch the two ex military men showing off their fine physiques! 

Klive...... Oh my word...... Here's your mysterious businessman with a hidden soft side. After bumping into Kinsley in an elevator two years prior, he didn't rest until he found her and now he will do anything to keep her safe. The catch? Thus far, he has done so from the sidelines. I wanted to yell "JUST GO UP TO HER!!!!" and hope like hell he listened to me. 

All four of these folks seem so real and their struggles are 100% relatable. James pushed me off into the world which is DCYE and I have become more than engrossed in it. My happiness in my decision to one-click all of the books before reading them has been reinforced time and time again throughout the book. Pictures painted with such clarity deserve to be displayed to the biggest of audiences!!! Off to read #2!!!!

One piece of advice that I offer is that you have YouTube handy and listen to each and every song as it is mentioned in the book. I did this and it intensified my reading experience tenfold!! 

2 reviews
October 13, 2020
...collecting my thoughts...
First of all, this is the most original storyline I've read in a LONG time. I'm trying to think of an author to compare Lynessa to, and there just isn't one. She's in a category all her own.
The book very readable (zero confusion or continuity problems), and she has such a different style that you find yourself wondering why no one has figured out how to write like this before.

Second, the characters get tattooed (yes there are those in the story, too) into your mind like you're there witnessing everything go down in real time. Lynessa's descriptives and flow are so vivid and seamless that the 'movie' of this book is playing out in your mind as you read...plug and play your favorite actors for each book character.

The story: Kinsley reminds us painfully of ourselves when we were her age (early 20s), and you see her falling into the same pitfalls we all went through, albeit less harrowing circumstances (hopefully). An older man with his crap together, a high school crush turned SEAL/rock band singer sexy since high school (her best friend's older brother), a mysterious, hunky pal of Jase's from yet unknown origins and motives, and a troublesome biker (jerk) who's got it out for Kins for some reason. When a murder occurs, finger-pointing begins, and everyone's a suspect. Kinsley's stuck in the middle of it all and things get creepy / scary amidst the competition between potential suitors (definitely some hot, sexy push-pull brewing), but just when you think you know where the author's taking things, boom, twist, turn, what the hell is going on with these people?! Double identities, drug cartels, underworld crime bosses, ex-military, firefighters, cops, secret valentines, frat boys ('frat toys' per Lynessa) and a bevy of interesting characters combine for a Guy Ritchie-esque epic showdown saga that promises to keep my pages turning all series long!

Can I have one of those cards, Klive? Pweez? Purrrrr...
Profile Image for Christina.
1,368 reviews99 followers
September 2, 2014
Complimentary copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Don’t Close Your Eyes is the first installment in a ten part series. While the first volume is short, under one hundred pages, it provides a ton of background information that will be vital to the story as it moves along.

Klive King is a businessman by day, crime boss by night. In this volume though, we learn more about Klive the businessman, not his illegal activities. When he makes the acquaintance of Kinsley in an elevator, he is quickly taken with the beautiful redhead. He asks her to lunch but is quickly turned down as she has a date with her father. Klive unfortunately loses touch with the beauty and proceeds to try to find out who the young woman is. Finally, two years later, he learns the identity of the young woman and begins to observe her from a distance, unknown to her.

Kinsley is a college student, track star, and a waitress in a bar. It is there that she flirty mercilessly with Jase, the singer for the band that plays in the bar that Kinsley works at. In the past, Jase has flirted here and there, but he decides to take an interest in her and pursues dating her, much to Klive’s disappointment. The relationship between Jase and Klive remains to be seen, but it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

There is plenty of intrigue in this series and it looks like it is going to heat up with an interesting love triangle. Klive was a little hard to like because he seems very secretive and we really don’t learn a lot about him, but Kinsley and Jase I absolutely loved. They were very likable and the storyline is going to be one that will definitely keep you guessing. This was a four star read for me and I’m looking forward to see how this one plays out.
Profile Image for Shasta Mosley /Cherry0Blossom.
155 reviews3 followers
January 17, 2015
I really did not know what to expect when I started Don’t Close Your Eyes by Lynessa Jones. This book was not what I expected, it was so much more. This author had a way of dragging me in and kept me wanting more. One thing I will say upfront is THIS IS THE FIRST BOOK IN A 10 BOOK SERIES!

When we start the book we get the backstory of two main characters. Klive King is your average sexy businessman by day and by night he is a mobster, but the one thing about Klive is he wants out of that business altogether. And one of the reasons why is that in the span of a few minutes on an elevator ride to his off he meets the one person that changes everything for him and makes him want more from life. The mysterious, beautiful, and sweet red headed woman. The only problem is when she exits the elevator he does not glance up and see which floor she got off at and to his surprise he can’t find her even thru security footage because that is down. No she is gone, but she does not leave his thoughts. He has decided that he will find her.

Kinsley James is a smart, attractive girl. A track star in her own right, but she is also has a wild side to her and she has been in love with her best friends brother since she was a freshman in high school. The only thing she never realized is her is in love with her too. But Kinsley has drawn the attention of several men, some that could be dangerous for even her. She just doesn’t realize it.

It seems to me that as the series progresses that it is only going to get better. I am dying to see what happens with Kinsley and Klive.
Profile Image for Amy.
146 reviews
June 26, 2014
This book was given to me as an ARC for an honest review.
This author is new to me; I had no preconceived opinions about the book. I read the blurb, and then dived right in.
The writing in this book is totally unique to me.
It starts with a prologue that sets the tone for the book, moves to the main characters point of view in the middle and comes full circle in the end. I loved it!

You learn about Kliev King, a prominent businessman with a double life, a sad and depressing past and a secret he holds. He has a chance encounter with a “ginger” haired beauty in his office elevator. He lets her slip away but is drawn to her “light” which is such a contrast to his “dark heart”. He becomes obsessed.

Kinsley James, up and coming track star, waitress and all around physically fit cutie, works at a bar paying her way through college for her masters, crushes on her best friends brother and loves life.

This is a story you can savor, like a fine glass of wine. One that builds as it goes and draws you in, so you have to keep reading. The plot twists and the turns the author writes are amazing. It kept me engaged and wanting to find out more.

The end blew me away. Never did I see that happening. I can’t wait to read the next installment. A series I will follow, like bread crumbs, until the end.
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