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The colony is still recovering from its war with the Vemus, but now they face a new threat. Something is causing a major upheaval among the creatures of New Earth, and the Colonial Defense Force is in trouble.A new discovery sheds light on what happened to the alien race that inhabited New Earth, and their fate may affect whether the colony survives. As the scientists race to unravel the mystery, hordes of super-predators are rushing toward colonial settlements, and Connor must find a way to stop them before all is lost!Sanctuary is the fourth book in the First Colony military space opera series.

348 pages, Kindle Edition

First published February 13, 2018

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About the author

Ken Lozito

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Ken Lozito is the author of multiple series in fantasy and science fiction. Ken has always loved fantasy and science fiction in all forms, including books, movies (Even the cheesy 80s B movies), and games.

Ken graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a degree in English and Anthropology. Being a computer hobbyist led to him working in the field of IT Security for almost 20 years. He resides in the Philadelphia area with his wife and two boys. Enjoys hiking, reading, playing with the dog, and binge-watching shows on Netflix, but enjoys writing stories most of all.

You can find out more about Ken and upcoming books on his website at http://kenlozito.com

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March 3, 2018
A very poor story line with a far to predictable ending.

A disappointing follow-up to the prior three books in the series. This book reads like a hastily thrown together project lacking the depth and character of its predecessors. Dash has no respect for any rule that prevents him from doing what he wants even when it places others in harm's was. He is a real asshole, and Lenora is an enabler as she condones his bad attitude. Connor acts like a door mat as he allowed her to walk all over him because he loves her. It's a pity the love in their relationship isn't reciprocal and she doesn't seem that she is taking advantage of the situation. In my opinion she has no respect for Connor or his opinion were dash is concerned. Why do the "bad guys" always have to be portrayed as bumbling idiots who are bested by the heroes despite their lack of experience in fighting and killing people. This book was a real dud and it has killed my interest in any future books in this series.
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June 24, 2018
TL;DR Do not read. Stop at book 3 and keep your memories pleasant.

Let's not mince words, this is by far the worst book in the series.

I was actually quite excited to read this one. The third installment was so much better than the second and it looked like things were only going to get better. Connor steps away from command to have an adventure in the Alien ruins. Sounds great, right? We're introduced to Dash, who the story goes out of its way to tell us is just like Connor. But younger.

Dash is an unlikeable little jerk who refuses to listen to reason, steals things and puts his friends into danger. And gets away with it because... He's just like Connor. He doesn't learn any lessons. He just keeps failing upwards.

Lenora, who we're constantly told is a brilliant archeologist, throws reason and common sense out of her pram and keeps blaming Connor for Dash's stupidity. And whatever happened to Connor's backbone? He just rolls over and accepts Lenora's criticisms, despite, well, her being ridiculously wrong in almost every situation because... Love? Because doing anything sensible would stop Dash from moving the plot forward?

At some point, it all became too much for me. This was an unnecessary book. The main plot finished in book 3, but a fourth book to explain whatever happened to the former inhabitants of their world made a little sense. It could have been fun. But this teen soap inspired mess answers very few questions. Avoid.
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June 7, 2018

I can see where all the complaints came from about this book. If the book hadn’t been in my iPad I would have thrown it across the room every time Lenora opened her mouth. God, she was so irritating. And in the first 3 books I loved Connor but in this one he was such a pussy. And DASH! I just wanted him to die, but he was a MC so that wasn’t going to happen.

I have no idea what KL had in mind when he wrote this book but it will be a miracle if I finish it. I’m at 68% and I’m so tired of Connor, Lenora and Dash. The Ryklars should kill them all. (Okay, that was a little harsh.)

Anyway, I did finish it and it was barely okay, not anywhere as good as the first three books.
It really isn’t even worth telling you about the story.

No sex and no swearing to speak of.

As to the narration: Scott Aiello did a fantastic job on all four books.

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Author 5 books29 followers
September 12, 2018
Sooo frustrating

I pretty much hated Lenora and wanted to drop kick her to the curb for being willing to place archaeological research over human lives in the face of a credible threat, and for taking Dash's side (who acted like an immature little punk in need of a$$ kicking), over Connor' s. And so I was frustrated when on top of that Connor apologized to her (???!!!!) like a complete putz, so not manly. Sooo frustrating. Too frustrating, even though it was realistic and made for plot tension. Connor should have shut her and her mouth and her witch mode down, and he didn't. Can't stand the idealistic scientist types who don't give a damn for the practical exigencies of life.
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712 reviews1 follower
November 14, 2019
Life on New Earth seems to have calmed down after the defeat of the Vemus. But the Colonist are so busy trying to rebuild that they have left their new planet basically un explored. Connor retires from the CDF and he starts his new life with Lenora and seeking answers to the Aliens that lived in New Earth before them. Why did they leave? What happened?
Enter one of the researchers Dash. He is one of Lenora's favorites and a major pain in the neck to Connor. But will he learn a lesson before something catastrophic happens or will tragedy strike.
Ken Lozito has built a really nice world in which he is really building up characters for our enjoyment.
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490 reviews8 followers
November 9, 2018
Enjoyable continuation of the series

Well, if you enjoyed the first three books of the series, you'll probably enjoy this one. Even though the stakes don't feel quite as high as they were in the last book, the action is still plenty tense and the story line feels like a natural continuation from where things left off. A fun, easy read. Great characters and a fast-paced narrative.
2 reviews
April 19, 2018

First two books were awesome. Third, was alright. This one I couldn't even finish. Why can't authors focus on how positive people can be after tragedy? But no, it's always the devil of man.
60 reviews
August 22, 2018
This gets better with each book. I am really enjoying the series now. The main characters are getting better with age and the new characters added in each book are well developed and add welcome depth to the story.
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March 23, 2018
You would have thought that the end of this series was in the last book. The New Earth Colony had just defeated the Vemus and in doing so, just about destroyed their new world. The Vemus, as you’ll recall, were mutated humans that no longer were human. Still, they some how traveled many lightyears from a destroyed Earth to find the only colony of humans left in the galaxy. General Connor Gates, a former Special Operations Commander, was instrumental in defeating the Vemus and almost lost his life in doing so. He and the Colonial Defense Force were the defenders of the Colony in their desperate time of need.

Now peace has come or so everyone believes. New Earth isn’t necessarily a friendly planet. There are plenty of wild animals or lifeforms that can and would easily kill colonist if they didn’t pay attention. Yet, as the peace continues and nothing major happens, the colonist kind of forget that they are not completely out of danger. One particular New Earth predator that hasn’t been around much until lately is the Ryklars. These are vicious beast, genetically altered by the original New Earth inhabitants to kill. They usually hunt other animals and mostly stay away from the colonial settlements. Except recently, something has stirred them up and they are migrating closer to the human settlements.

The majority of New Earth colonist are engaged in one of two things; rebuilding what they had before the Vemus attack or exploring their largely unexplored world. There is also a third group, the Colonial Defense Force soldiers, but they are not given much attention since they’ve had nothing to do in almost eight years now. Most of the colony's funding goes toward rebuilding, but some has filtered down to the archeologist who want and need to do field research on New Earth Indigenous Intelligent Species or NEIIS, for short. These archeologist and those who want to become archeologist are chomping at the bit to get into the field and find out just who the NEIIS were. They have discovered a lot from existing sites, but they know there is much more to learn. Still, with the problem of dangerous predators roaming the planet, field teams have been restricted to only going with a CDF escort.

Dash DeWitt is an up and coming, very eager, future archeologist. He works for Dr. Lenora Bishop, but he also works for himself most of the time. He has convinced a group of his fellow students or archeologist-in-training to go with him to explore a potentially new NEIIS site. Of course, this is exactly the wrong thing to do, but Dash doesn’t believe rules and regulations apply to him. He’s seen Dr. Bishop break the rules so why can’t he? Well, the reason he shouldn’t is that he’s not smart enough to know what could possibly go wrong and usually, with him, everything possible does go wrong.

Connor Gates has retired from the military and is working with Dr. Bishop as a semi-archeologist. He’s out in the field looking for NEIIS power sources, but, unlike Dash and his young group, Gates knows how to defend himself if trouble comes up. Dash is of the opinion that trouble is something other people experience and nothing will happen to him or his friends no matter what he decides to do.

So, this book is primarily about Connor Gates rescuing Dash DeWitt and his three companions, not once but twice. Each time, they get into more trouble and almost get killed. Only thing is, the Ryklars are the least to worry about. It seems some of the CDF soldiers have developed some serious mental problems dealing with peace and their lack of support. One team in particular has some pretty serious mental cases that need to be attended to before it’s too late. Unfortunately for Dash and his friends, it’s now too late and what he thought were his rescuers turn out to be almost as bad as the Ryklars.

The book is well written, but it seems as if something is missing. I don’t know how a planet like New Earth can support such a small population of humans. They have no industrial capacity even though they can 3D print some things, but the lost of ATVs and C-Cats should be a major problem. Dash and his idiot friends seem to think getting stuff destroyed isn’t such a big deal. I don’t know how New Earth replaces things, but it can’t be easy. Even ammunition and weapons will become scarce at some point and we know that the CDF equipment is getting very old and worn out, but I don’t see a way of replacing that stuff. That’s something that will have to eventually be explained in future books, I hope.
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471 reviews43 followers
January 31, 2019
This is series is just mediocre no matter how you cut it. You can do better, but it might keep you entertained. Dash and Lenora are just silly. Lenora is an idiot in all the books, but I'm not a guy. Maybe she is some fantasy woman. This book is fine. Each one has a very different plot, but each book is also very similar. There are few descriptions. If you put your mind to it, you could endlessly question. Conner is pretty likable and plays the part of the hardened soldier with a heart. What the heck. If you made through three of the books, there is no reason to stop now.
8 reviews
December 12, 2018

The first three books in this series were fantastic. I found myself blitzing through them. They had some very small plot holes but they were easy to overlook due to character development, character decision making was great, action sequences, and great story arc. Stop at book 3. Read more for a no spoiler break down of why. I don't often write reviews unless a book or product makes me feel like it is extremely good or extremely bad. This book is so thoroughly bad that I felt obliged to explain and warn other readers so that they don't feel the same levels of frustration, depressing let down, and pure confusion as I did when I read this one.

Book 4 is truly awful. The characters all seemed to change in horrific ways between book 3 and 4. Connor seems like a completely different character lacking ALL of the development he went through in the first 3 stories. This is thoroughly depressing. Lenora has become a truly mean, extremely abusive, borderline evil in her manipulation of Connor, and entirely unpleasant character. It physically pained me to see the horrible relationship between these two characters and it makes zero sense in how they transformed into such miserable characters involved in a one way love, abusive relationship.

The minor characters from the first 3 books have become wooden and shallow characters, lacking all personality that they had shown and grown into. They seem included as an afterthought after the first draft of the book was already written.

The new "good guy" characters introduced are intolerable. The decisions that they make are horrendous and they lack any type of redeeming qualities. The female characters have absolutely zero depth, which is very sad to see after the pretty solid female characters from the first three books and the male characters seem to only be able to make frustratingly bad decisions. I get that they are young and emotional but the level this is taken to for 19-20 year olds that are supposed to be humanity's last greatest and brightest is entirely unrelatable.

The new "bad guy" characters and their entire side of the plot is simply ridiculous. I can't even begin to describe the lack of logic for their motives and their plan. Ken Lozito does a great job of making you hate the bad guys since they one dimension characters with egregiously evil motives. Which brings you back to the why. Their motivations are illogical and the consequences of their plan are not proportional or thought out whatsoever. Once again, I get that they are supposed to be spiteful, mindless, emotional thug/murderers, but the degree this is taken to is again, entirely unrelatable. It isn't fun or interesting in the slightest. It's simply maddening.

I really wish I had something good to say about this book. I started the book without an inkling of how much of a let down it would be and was expecting the same quality of book I had become used to in the first 3. The only good thing about this installment in the series is the that Scott Aiello continues his fantastic job of narration in the audible version.

I'm going to try the next book in hopes that it gets better but wow, this was difficult.
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January 13, 2019
An engaging read that is a little bit more down to earth, or New Earth.

I wavered between giving this a 4 and a 5 and had to give it a 4 because some parts of the story pulled me out slightly though there was a lot of interesting things going on to keep my attention. It is told from multiple third person limited point of views and does seem shorter than some of the other books. The writing style is crisp and without any notice for editing errors. The storytelling is clear and has a way of pulling you into the story chapter by chapter. Unlike the previous two books which focused on the threat from the outside this one comes back down to New Earth and the unexplored planet they live on. It opens up a little bit more about the previous residence and sets the seeds for future stories.

What I enjoyed most about the story was how the character of Connor has progressed since the end of book 3. We see him coming to terms with his life and enjoying it as well. I really did like the frontier feel of the story. This is a story less about interstellar danger and it is about the alien wilderness and those who are trying to recover from past events.It was interesting to see that fee military part of the Sci-Fi was lessened in a degree when it comes to action but still at large part of a story in more emotional and tragic ways.

Okay time for a mini rant. The reason this got only four stars was because of the character of Dash. He was more than slightly annoying as well was the way some of characters excused his behavior. Well he was written to be a bit immature with a strong desire to explore yet I felt that his character was stubbornly idiotic. It it really comes down to the fact that while an author can write a character to be annoying and immature sometimes having to spend time around such a character can bring the story down. The immature part was the fact that the character never really admits to throwing himself and others into dangerous situations just because of a little bit of inconvenience. This was glossed over a bit and I just really didn't like that section. It's like excusing a genius teenager who decides it's perfectly okay to explore Yellowstone national Park without a guide or protection when it has been announced that are rabid pack maybe around. I don't care how curious or smart the teenager is it stupid. There is hope for the character but I do feel that it is a glaring weakness in the storytelling that the characters flaws never was address. If they were I would have definitely given this a five star rating.

I am looking forward to book 5 of the series and I have noticed a trend of the books getting slightly shorter and more to the point. It makes it a fast read and the series goes by pretty quickly. It does lose a little bit when it comes down to the extras you get with longer stories. Still the style works and it's perfect for Kindle unlimited.

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January 17, 2019
Plot holes and characters becoming unrecognizable.

I enjoyed the first three books in the series, but this book just changes everything. Without spoiling too much I will go over some of the things that made me hate this book.

The first is Conor, Lenora, and the new character Dash. Conor is almost unrecognizable from the previous books. He lets everyone walk over him, especially his female interest Lenora. She tells him that it his fault that Dash does idiotic things like exploring far away without any real support and it is also his fault that Dash hides where they are exploring. Yeah, Dash is an idiot and Lenora enables him. I did not like Lenora before this book and my opinion of her just gets worse. Conor is a military man. He might have done some reckless things when he was younger, but how the book tries to tell you that they are exactly the same is idiotic. Conor knows how to follow orders. Heck in the first book one of the main things he tries to make people do is have better communication, to follow rules to make sure that they are safe. He understands the situation that they are in. They live on a dangerous world and they need precautions. In the end, Lenora has her way kind of. Sure Conor needs to save the idiotic kids lives, proving that he was right, but since he is in love with Lenora and she says that he is wrong we should see it that way. Man, I should have seen the signs during the last book when Lenora got all drunk and yelled about what the military should do. She is always right, no matter what. They should have just killed Conor off in the last book. The character he is in this book just clashes with everything he was before.

The second thing that irritated me was the forgotten knowledge. When we first come into contact with the Ryklars we learn a few things. This was in the first book. That they are more intelligent than any other creatures on the world and can set traps. That they can hide their body heat. Active signals from the ruins attract Ryklars. All of this information is just gone. It should probably be common knowledge for anyone that is exploring ruins, but it is a surprise to the characters. They also gave the Ryklars some emotions, which was new, but possibly explainable. So when they do something that is strange and might have activated a ruin or sent out a pulse, what would think might happen. All the Ryklar are coming? Nope, our young heroes think that it is nothing, but yay we should go explore this new ruin that has a signal. That is genius. The amount of stupidity is bad. No common sense at all.

I have plenty more to complain about in this story, but I will just say that I do not recommend it. If you read the first three books I recommend you stop there.
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6 reviews
June 8, 2020
I loved the first three books. This one? Not so much. First, I had a bit of trouble with some of the characters. Lenora went from being completely bull-headed about her career vs. Connor's as though there was no possibility of compromise (we get it; he was married to the job and she didn't want him to be) to seemingly confrontational over everything. I think it's great that Connor was trying to make a relationship work, but he went from (apparently) having a strong sense of self to consistently thinking he was in the wrong. Sometimes that was true, but he wasn't generally entirely wrong though. He just seemed to let go of everything from his old life (probably why he was feeling so "restless" in the book). By far, though, my biggest issue is believability. I understand that it's important for plot reasons for people to chafe under the restrictions of the main government in terms of being out in the field. But, and this is a big one, I cannot believe that a group of professional freaking scientists would so consistently clearly value fieldwork finds over safety. I had a lovely chat with my housemate (a professional archaeologist) who couldn't stop laughing at the idea that the archaeologists would be so angry/frustrated with the restrictions that they'd (essentially) let the issue of how much risk people were putting themselves (and others) at go. Sure, colonial mentality. Okay, no permitting process, so it's not like they'd lose the ability to access a site legally. But she compared this not to a ridiculous Indiana Jones view of archaeology but rather to the risks people will take while looting (undiscovered) sites. Professional archaeologists value procedures and the safety of themselves and their teams. A group of mature scientists letting someone who's barely old enough to be an undergrad (and definitely wouldn't be involved in this kind of fieldwork until several years older in our current systems) risk themselves and their team like this is simply unfathomable and keeps bringing me out of the story. I'm so annoyed by this that I'm posting this review before I even finish the book!
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May 13, 2020
The worst book of the series, so far.

This book follows the exploits of the colonists a year after the events of book 3. It is a different story, with Connor out of the CDF and doing.... Something around the settlement of sanctuary.

This book has a couple issues with affected my enjoyment of the story. First, Connor is a main character of the story, but arguably not THE main character. This wouldn't be a problem, except none of the other characters (main or otherwise) are likeable, relatable or redeemable.

The story is basically about an asshat who gets into mortal danger, learns nothing and expects everyone else to come running to help. I'm unsure if I'm supposed to side with Connor, who wants to be a responsible adult who takes responsibility, or the asshat who is basically a mouthy teen who thinks the rules are stupid and he's too cool for them. My first inclination is it should be Connor, but as basically every other character sides with the asshat, it makes me doubt myself.

The other main POV is of a CDF squad with Ptsd, and basically acting like society thinks of unstable soldiers. I was very disappointed in this subplot. Both in the way the soldiers were depicted and in the the whole "society" of solders in this series. The service acts and behaves, internally as the armed forces in the present. While it could be argued that time likely will not change how people behave, however, I would contend that part of military culture is based on soldiers passing the culture down to junior members. However, on New Earth, there were only a couple old world soldiers and thousands of recruits. It's unlikely we would end up with the same military hundreds of years in the future, on a different planet, as we have have now.

In the end, this book wasn't fun, it wasn't exciting, it didn't have any likeable characters. It wasn't enjoyable. And it establishes that unless you are trying to kill Connor Gates, there are no consequences for your actions.
519 reviews
January 27, 2019
Looking forward

In this novel, Connor is no longer in the military but developing a skill in studying the NIES plus trying to map out the continent better. Lenora is head of these studies and teaches all the young almost adults who come to the Sanctuary. Of this group, Dash is the most promising with his high intelligence, but he has a recklessness to ignore protocol when seeking approval for expeditions.
I read a few reviews of this novel, before I started my reading, so I am going to address certain issues. One Lenora and Connor have some disagreements but they were still learning how to be a couple and I didn't see that relationship being problematic. Yes, Dash was a bit impulsive and impatient but he learned the hard way that he needed to be prepared, as he did try to protect his group against the environment when their C-cat vehicle crashed.
What I found the most interesting was the information found in translating the NIES console symbols concerning the Rhyars and there use as as a defense force controlled by signal. Plus additional map details were found with more installations to explore. This was a quick read.
57 reviews1 follower
June 16, 2019
Unlike the other reviewers here, I don't at all think this is the worst book in the series. It may not be as good as some of the others depending on individual tastes, but some of the reviewers here have made the book sound unworthy of the rest of the series.

I believe this book to be every bit as excellent as the preceding 3 books, and now that I'm reading Discovery, (book 5 of the series), I see how necessary the events in Sanctuary really are, to the rest of the story as it unfolds.

I'm going to give this book 5 stars just to balance out the undeserved lower ratings. I've never used my tiny influence in this manner before, and probably won't ever do so again. However, I am doing good work by this action, and hopefully the. 00001 percent influence I have in this matter moves someone reading this to give the book a fair shake, instead of listening to what seems to be an echo chamber of the same review, over and over again by the same groups of people who hang out with each other on this website.
768 reviews2 followers
June 18, 2018
A very good series. Not one of the best I have read of all time, but an enjoyable and engaging read.

All books center around Connor Gates, a veteran of earth special forces sent (without consulting him) to earth's first extra-solar colony.

Books 1 and 4 center on mysteries centering on "New Earth" and what remains of its previous intelligent indigenous life form.

Books 2 and 3 focus on attacks from Earth resulting from a plague that consumes earth post-colony ship departure.

All books are well paced, fun, and I would assume the door is open for more if the author has a mind to write more.
168 reviews
November 9, 2019
I thought that this book was the best of the series so far. It was much more in the spirit of the first book which I also liked very much. The second and third books were mostly sci-fi “zombie”-horror action and less character development and story. I noticed that reviewers mostly either loved or hated the forth book. It would be interesting to see if those that hated it also preferred books 2 and 3 over book 1, and vice versa. It is almost like he is writing for two different audiences with this series.
49 reviews
May 14, 2018
The New Earth surprises us even more

This started slow for me, sorry I love all the space military fights. That said Ken does a great job of transitioning from the space battles to those closer to home. We learn a lot about the ryklers, Connor, Dash and more. In the end you want this to go on because we must know who the original inhabitants of New Earth are and what happened to them. Looking forward to the fifth book in this series!
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93 reviews
June 26, 2018
Post war drama

Some reviewers disliked this, but I found it very enjoyable and and a natural follow on from there survival from the Venus. I like the brush with post war psychology also.
All round good read and enjoy the continuing story of our hero Connor Gates!
How pleased was I to discover not only a couple of days ago Mr Lozito published the 5th book! Thought I was going to have to wait ages! Being off work sick has never been so entertaining!
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2,617 reviews48 followers
July 7, 2018
Connor and crew think that they have everything under control but then something happens. This introduces a whole new cast of characters and possibilities. The Colonial Defense Force is in trouble, a intern is out of control and there are wild beast that have to be stopped. Lots of action, interesting dialog, additional backstory, and gaps about the world of New Earth are being filled. This starts a new trilogy with a different focus. Great to get to see Connor and friends again.
3 reviews
November 22, 2018
I am really enjoying reading Ken Lozito's books. He writes engaging characters that you come to care about. He keeps the narrative cracking along at a good pace and paints his worlds in rich colours. Having read and loved the Ascension Series, I wondered if I would enjoy the First Colony series as much - and I do! I'm now on to book 5 having finished "Sanctuary" inside 24 hours. Great Sci-Fi and a thoroughly enjoyable read. Well done Ken, looking forward to reading more from you!
1 review1 follower
December 9, 2020

An Excellence of Writing

Such a wonderful sci-fi series continues in the book First Colony - Sanctuary, where the author, Ken Lozito, paints the picture of a future of fear and worry, one could argue could match the refinement and creativity of Star Trek. The book takes place about five hundred years in the future and is brought to life in the ever-creative writing of Lozito.

The book begins as all other colony books have, a detailed description of past events. The recap mentioned goes over what happened in the past books as well as the gaps in between each book. Each book essentially starts off with “During the year since…” (1) or however long the gap in between each book is. As a result of the recaps every book, the author ensures the reader had been caught up and did not accidently read the book series out of order.

After the recap, our story is revealed, one year after the previous book, the colony is slowly rebuilding after the Vemus attacks. Now though, the local super predators of New Earth, are rallying and heading to the major population centers. Connor must find out what is going with the creatures, and why the predators have become so hostile. Former CDF general Connor Gates is given the ok to find out what is going on by finding the source of a mysterious signal, but soon not all his allies are trustworthy.

Essentially, Connor must find a way to stop the super predators, before the human are forced to wipe the animals out, causing extreme damage to the planet. Although, many believe the planet would benefit from wiping out the predators, the damage the bombs would do to the planet would be extensive and long lasting. Therefore, Connor Gates has been given the chance to stop the millions of super predators barreling towards the colony.

All in all, First Colony – Sanctuary is an excellent continuation to a wonderfully woven together series. Such freedom Lozito has given himself has opened what he can do for all the future Colony books. This book has only strengthened my resolve to finish the ever-expanding series with all haste. Therefore, anybody looking for an excellent series to read, if First Colony – Sanctuary is any sign, the future of the series is looking extremely bright.

This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
April 21, 2021
So far so good, but I didn't get on with books 2 and 3.

Book one was great.

Ok, I am persevering with these books. The author does show occasional flashes of brilliance in setting the scenes. Sadly many characters are two-dimensional and dull and it feels as though he is as bored by some characters as I was. It was a chore reading books 2 and 3 and I am sorry to say I lost patience with them and didn't finish them. There were some odd turns of phrase and very unusual adverb formations, but perhaps in 200 years or more language will have evolved!

Book 4 is much better. The characters are much more believable.

I only wish he would play to his strengths: wonderful imagery, inspiring and imaginative backdrop and a story line that has real potential for wonder and inspiration.... which I wish would be the focus rather than the unconvincing interactions and relationships the characters have. I'm a woman. The battle scenes were dreadfully boring but I appreciate that many people enjoy that!

(Do all the females have long legs and long hair, do they all arch their eyebrows and make "O" shapes with their lips? (Kidding)....I'm glad there are some more believable people entering the story!)

I don't mean to make sound as though I hate it...I am still reading them after all. So far it's ok and seems to be improving really well.
709 reviews5 followers
May 25, 2022
Still recovering from the damage done to the colony by the Vemus invasion, there are little resources left to continuing the exploration of the planet. Dash (and his three friends) are the protogee of Conor and Leonora, who have been working in the Archives at Sanctuary. They found what looks like it's a controller for the NEIIL computer, by activating it they find a map that marks out two outposts north of Sanctuary in an unexplored part of New Earth.

Sneaking out of Sanctuary, Dash and the New Earth Scooby Gang, go to the first outpost where they discover that the new outpost is actually a large city. While on the way to the second outpost, they are shot down by a particle weapon. Is this left over technology that was placed by the previous inhabitants to protect themselves from???

As they explore the second outpost, they come across a building that emanates a signal that seems to call the rykla (New Earths Raptor like creatures) to come and destroy everything in their way. Can they figure out how to shut down the signal and decipher the symbolic language used to create the signal.
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February 13, 2021
What Do You Do with a General When He Stops Being a General?

Lozito says he writes as a form of escapism for himself and his readers. In that, he does very well. He also brings in topics such as PTSD, Veteran Appreciation, hoe veterans are received during and after the conflict has passed, as well as some suggestions on treating PTSD and the vacuum felt by returning vets. I am a Vietnam Vet so have experienced this debilitating condition, although anyone can get it from ANY post-traumatic stress. What do you you do with a General when he stops being a General? What do you do with veterans when the stop being active veterans? Mostly they get ignored and forgotten, told they are butchers, killers, murderers. It is sad and about the only thing one can do is put it behind you and move on. As this book points out, women (or significant other) have a great deal to do wth this.
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December 8, 2021
Unfortunately, there are very psychotic space fraggles in the book.

The backstory about the disappeared alien race on the planet and the despicted conclusions about them are a total mess especially given the stated time line. The race is supposed to have vanished merely about 80 years before the (2nd?) human scout ship arrived, the assumptions that the emissions of a super vulcano lead to an worldwide ice age without leaving visible traces in such a short time span is rather unbelievable. How did the scoutship that was supposed to cartograph the planet within 20 years miss gigantic towns? The several times uttered wild assumption that a race that is known to have developped fusion power and did massive genetic engineering to have been unable to move some hundred kilometers on a single continent during their history and only did that within 2 centuries seems quite idiotic.
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April 27, 2018
40% needs cut

The story is decent, but there are so many worthless details that make the story drag along. They’re on a new world with alien tech and yet pages are spent talking about how some college kids make a presentation. Then there’s the believability problems. Networked outpost with all different information? Inexplicable city defenses that only shoot down some aircraft? Using an armored drone as a bullet? They have guns. Why would they do that?

Generally the premise is decent. This book needs a serious content editor and a lot of the fluff cut out of it. Also, the description are very abrupt. You get little sense of the characters emotional and physical responses during tense portions of the book. Just choppy sentences.
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November 12, 2018
Not the best of the First Colony books but still a readable, enjoyable story. I do think Connor's character changed a bit too much between books 3 and 4 (in fact, I think Lozito should have begun a new series with Sanctuary). I also did not like how constantly strident Lenora was and how irresponsible and pig-headed Dash was for most of the book. In the main, they are not likeable characters, though we are supposed to like them as main characters. But I enjoy space opera, so I'll read his other books!
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