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***This book ends with a small cliffhanger. Intended for 18+. May contain Triggers.***

I was raised by the Devil himself.

Formed into a man who was unreachable.

I went from the boy with bruises to the man with a trigger.

Killing is the only thing that calms the itch.

The demons inside were a constant battle…

…until she changed everything.

Problem is when you spend most of your time in the dark, is it smart to step into the light?

332 pages, Kindle Edition

First published May 16, 2017

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About the author

J.L. Drake

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International best selling author J. L. Drake was born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada, later moving to Southern California where she lives with her husband and two children.

Be sure to check out her bestselling trilogy, Broken!

All of her books link in someway, here is her
"Suggested Reading Order."




OMERTA - Short story (Mafia)






Other places to find her:,

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May 12, 2017


descriptionLOVE this cover. A superb representation of the hero and overall theme of the book. Great composition with good use of graphics. Interesting a bold typography. All in all a very impressive cover.description

descriptionI don't even know where to begin with this one. I mean the book started out with eye torture. Anything to do with eyes freaks me out so from the outset I was queasy. Luckily for me, we move on from the eyes to a more acceptable form of torture that I apparently have no issue with. So it was all good from there...

I LOVED every minute of this one (well apart from the aforementioned eye stuff *shiver*) It was fantastically well written. The plot was intricate, and the pace was fast moving. There was angst. There was drama. If you have an issue with OW scenes or drama, then this probably isn't for you. It was gritty. It was violent. It was stomach turning. It had smokin' sex scenes. It had a plethora of interesting secondary characters that I hope get books of their own.


It had two VERY likable and well developed main characters. Trigger was excellent. He fights the way he wants. He fucks the way he wants. He kills the way he wants. He doesn't care about much except his club and Tess. Tess...what can I say. I ADORED her. One of the best heroines I have read in ages. She wasn't some simpering idiot that couldn't control herself around Trigger. She didn't yearn for a happily ever after with him. She didn't want to change him or tie him down. She was feisty and strong and spoke her mind. She has demons and HUGE ones at that. We don't find out what they are in this book and I cannot wait until it all comes out in the next book (I assume).

Of course, we end it with the mother of all cliffhangers. I am salivating to get my hands on the next book. Two HUGE thumbs up from yours truly.description


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May 10, 2017
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TRIGGER: by J.L. Drake is the first book within the (Devil's Reach ) series and does end on a semi cliff hanger. Spoken in ‘Dual Perspectives’

Ohhhhh my this shoves you straight into the gritty goodness of the life of a notorious MC club. From a shoot out on a busy highway to being catapulted into their slaughter room, tiles from top to bottom, and an industrial drain to drain away all the blood from their victims, with many tools to work on their victims where we are privy to graphic details of Trigger cutting off a snitchers body parts in stomach curdling goodness.

I showed no mercy and punished those who needed it through their greatest fears.

Take a walk on the dark side with ‘Trigger’ this guy has no boundaries, like a flick of a switch he will kill you in cold blood. A dark unforgiving man with an even darker past.

I'm not your Prince Charming, Tess. I wasn't made that way."
Prince Charming is overrated, Trigger. People like us need people equally fucked up. It evens shit out.

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From an early age Trigger became a fighting machine, he fought to stay alive, he fought to beat his opponents. He fought the demons in his head.

Tess has just recently arrived into the town of Santa Monica and is the new bartender at Helmond's Bar her best friend ‘Matt Montgomery’ aka Brick set up for her whom she hadn't seen in six years. These two have a brother, sister close relationship. There is nothing and no lengths he wouldn't go to protect his best friend Tess. The boy who saved her many years ago when they were running the streets.

“Tess, you’re walking a thin line. Trigger is not someone you fall in love with. I don’t even think he would know how to. Since he was a boy, he’s been surrounded by nothing but hate. He’s been killing since you were on the school playground.” - Brick (Tess' best friend)

Tess is a bit of an enigma, she blew into town with the devil hunting her heels, we know she had a rough past but that's all we know.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Over the years with my MC binge reading this would have to be up the top, I loved everything about this!! It was dark and gritty enough that ticked all my boxes when it comes to this genre..This was a first time read for me by this author and *f#ck me side ways* it won't be the last, I can not believe I've not come across this author before. If you're into MC reads then I highly highly recommend this one!!.

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November 6, 2018
 photo 34857170_zpsr1cvuyui.jpg

Release Date-16/5/17

This book, god I loved it.
Trigger (Devil's Reach, #1) is the story of Trigger and Tess both two very damaged individuals who in each other find the solace they need and crave.
What starts as two people scratching there itch with each other gradually morphs into so much more.
Not that either of them will actually admit that aloud.

 photo giphy_zps4gcffuun.gif

Tess is running from her past and trigger lives his each and every day with no regard for anyone but his club.
When Tess joins her best friend Matt now Brick in Santa Monica she enters a whole new world.
Brick now VP in the Devils Reach MC hires Tess to work the bar at the MC club that Trigger is Pres of.
Good job nothing phases this girl because the book is hardcore with cold-blooded murder, Torture, and dismemberment.
They actually have a slaughter room!!!!
With a drain!!!
The Devils Reach MC is the real deal and Tess soon starts to think of them as the family shes always longed for.
So this had everything you could want and as I said earlier it really doesn't pull its punches when it comes to the action portrayed here.
I really loved both main characters.
Even though in real time I would probably pee my pants having to deal with Trigger he is one scary individual.

giphy (1)

And Tess she was so feisty a real no shit or drama sort of girl.
Also quite willing to stand her ground when needed
She is no shrinking violet.
A real match for the explosive Trigger.

 photo 17182171_zpsv8pdyvgm.gif

So this also had an amazing supporting cast and shock and horror it also ends on a misunderstanding and a cliff-hanger.

 photo no_zpsssvtdtsw.gif

but fear, not I have the next book, which I'm soo off to read like now.
Cant recommend this enough if you like a real MC story it was fantastic and hooked me straight from the very beginning.
Just a warning this is not a kittens and rainbows sort of story so if you like your books a bit tamer than this "Trigger" probably isn't the one for you, just saying.
I was provided with a review copy of "Trigger (Devil's Reach, #1) " By the author of which I have reviewed voluntary.
All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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Reviewed By Beckie Bookworm.
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1,719 reviews28 followers
May 22, 2023
Everything about this book was trying so hard to be a grown-up. There wasn’t enough backstory or character depth to really feel for these characters.

The hero has sex and receives multiple bjs from club bunnies (after meeting the h) but the heroine is, of course, celibate until she is with the hero.

No condom use with the h or his ow. Fun times.

She’s not like other girls and he doesn’t feel emotions…but somehow, she heals his childhood wounds. The FMC comes off as incredibly immature for someone in her 30s.

Very graphic, multiple torture scenes and someone loses a penis in a gunfight.

The cliffhanger did its job and now I have to read book two to to find out what happens.
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2,565 reviews1,247 followers
March 19, 2018
3.5 Flip the Switch stars!!

Every time I see a book get a crazy amount of 5-stars while I struggle to give it four, I have to wonder what I’m missing. And this time, I couldn’t see what everyone else did. While I enjoyed this story and was stupidly entertained by the drama of it all, I felt like I was missing something.

So here’s the deal… I felt like I was dumped into the middle of the story, not the beginning. There were instances that names and past situations were mentioned, but there was nothing to explain their context. I was left wondering if I needed to read a prior book to truly understand what was happening in this one.

While I didn’t feel a true connection to the main characters, Trigger and Tessa, I was beyond curious about Brick and Rail. Between the two of them, they showed me the brotherhood of the MC, the love they have for each other, and they made me laugh, which always works to help me love a story. I’m really hoping to get a firmer understanding of this story in the next book of this series, Demons. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing these characters again, especially with the sweet bloody scenes I’ve been subjected to. Trigger’s madness is extremely hot (and yes, I know I have a problem!).

Release: 05.16.2017 | MC Romance | Dual POV - 1st person | Heat: 3.5 | Devil’s Reach #1

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1,325 reviews289 followers
March 31, 2018
Gostei da história, gostei da tensão, suspense e ação, mas...
A personagem feminina é muito chata e imatura para seus 32 anos, age como se fosse adolescente! Bem não sei se vai desenvolver bem no segundo livro!
O personagem principal é muito bem resolvido e bad boy com B maiúsculo, mas... nas cenas de sexo sem camisinha? Por favor, em pleno século XXI, ainda mais que ele ficava com varias que transaram com quem nem sabe.
Acho que os autores deveriam se conscientizar que quem lê esses livros, podem ser adolescentes e jovens que acham que isso é normal. Veja, sei que há livros e livros com contextos fora do comum, com coisas inexplicáveis com assuntos os mais variados possíveis, mas deveriam ficar mais atentos a esses assuntos peculiares como a possibilidade de transmissão de DST e outras doenças pela relação sexual e que pode ser impedida pelo uso de camisinha. Por mais louca e alucinada que seja a história, não custam aos personagens principais se prevenirem.
Falei demais!!!!! Mas não aguentei!!!!
This entire review has been hidden because of spoilers.
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58 reviews11 followers
July 4, 2018
I loved Trigger by J.L. DRAKE she dragged me into the story from the very first page and had me sitting on the very edge of my seat till the very last page. J.L. DRAKE knows how to pull you into a story, she will drag you in and keep you on the very edge as she spins a web of betrayal , murder, mystery and suspense. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.......ive read it twice now and would more than likely read it again and again.

Trigger's is a man with the right name as anything can set him hes dark, brooding and just damn hot!!!! I totally fell inlove with his character , he's the president of the devils reach, loathes being touched and has a huge problem with intimacy. Trigger has so many demon's that he fights them on a daily basis and with the only way he knows how....... violence.

Tess is a women with her own set of demons and shes running from hers, i love Tess's character i think shes strong and has a back bone and can stand on her own two feet. Tess meets Trigger through working in his bar they are both messed up individuals who find the solace they need and crave, what starts as two people scratching there itch gradually turns into so much more. I really loved Tess and Trigger's story, as the two main characters in the book, i think explosive Trigger totally met his match, Tess is feisty, real, no drama type of girl and willing to stand her ground when needed. Ill be honest Trigger is a scary individual if he was real and i ever ended up face to face with him i would more than likely totally pee my pants lol.

They are so many great character's in this book and i loved them all and the banter they shared. Brick (aka matt) is vice president to Devils reach and Tess's best friend i really enjoyed the bond they shared as friends and at some points i couldnt help but laugh. Trigger is a really enjoyable read and i would highly recommend it , it is told in Tigger and Tess's pov and i found it was easy to to follow.

Trigger does contain violence, murder, torcher and dismemberment, i mean come on they have a slaughter room with a shower and drain what's not to love.
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1,118 reviews580 followers
March 23, 2018

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000447_00006]

Author: J.L. DrakeSeries: Devil's Reach
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Cover Designer: Deranged Doctors
DesignCover Model: Josh Mario John
Photographer: Lane Dorsey

I was kindly given a free copy in exchange for a review

I don't know why I've never stumbled upon this book before because Trigger was so good. I really enjoyed reading this book. I loved how this book captivated me from the very first chapter- I mean talk about starting a book with a bang!
You know the other reason why I enjoyed this book?
It's unapologetic, raw, has a no bullshit- take me as I am attitude that I really enjoyed. I loved trigger and Tess! I loved how strong they are together yet independently strong.
The pace and action in this book is perfect and I hated HATED that this book ended in a cliffhanger.
To be honest,I went into this book blind without reading any previous reviews and I am so glad I didn't.
I loved it. I can't wait for Demons.
September 30, 2018
"Can't break something that is already broken, Trigger."

I'm addicted to badass bikers, especially broken ones, and Trigger was just too tempting to resist. So, I took a chance on a new-to-me author and dug into Devil's Reach MC. What can I say, I'm hooked.

It's no wonder that Trigger considers himself the Devil's spawn. I'd have to agree with him as far as his father is concerned. And I'd also have to agree that darkness is home to him, he's never known anything else. When she steps into his life, her very presence shines a light into his darkness and calms his demons. He warns her, "I'm not your Prince Charming, Tess. I wasn't made that way. He knows that she's at risk if his enemies become aware of her presence. But can he let her go, even if it's for her own good?

She sees his darkness and recognizes his demons. She's not afraid, she has her own. "Prince Charming is overrated, Trigger. People like us need people equally as fucked up. It evens shit out."

Yeah, that's right. This book is dark and gritty and raw and real. The author isn't shy about laying it all out there for her readers and takes you on a ride that will resonate long after the last page is turned. But I don't plan on waiting, I'm moving on to the next book right now. No sleep for me, I'll be moving right on to Demons. #BingeReading #BookHangover
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3,402 reviews449 followers
September 6, 2019

This is a brutal and graphic MC read. It’s also a totally compelling read. And while I didn’t always like what I was reading I just couldn’t put it down.

The two main characters have a ton of baggage between them. We get the insight into Triggers early life but Tess remains a bit of a mystery.

I’m moving straight onto the next book so I’m keeping this review short.

The reason my rating isn’t higher was Tess. On several occasions she came very close to TSTL. It was only the strength of the rest of the book that pulled it back. Now don’t get me wrong I’m all for a strong independent women but making silly decisions that out you in danger isn’t that.

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50k reviews4 followers
Want to read
September 25, 2020
🎁 Devil's Reach Trilogy: Books 1-3 is FREE on Amazon today (6/14/2019)! 🎁
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428 reviews64 followers
November 5, 2018
I haven't read MC book for some time now. And I was really excited to start this one, but I waited on all three books to be out, because I really hate cliffhangers and to not be able to continue with reading. Even though I don't have good experience with stories which drag through three books, I liked this first very much.
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523 reviews
May 16, 2017
Book Review
Title: Trigger
Series: Devil’s Reach – Book 1
Author: J.L. Drake
Genre: Contemporary MC Romance
Publication Date: May 16, 2017
Cliff Hanger: This book ends with a small cliffhanger

4 Stars

*This story is for mature audiences only. Contains explicit scenes and language intended for adults 18+ May contain triggers for some readers.

I was raised by the Devil himself.

Formed into a man who was unreachable.

I went from the boy with bruises to the man with a trigger.

Killing is the only thing that calms the itch.

The demons inside were a constant battle…

…until she changed everything.

Problem is when you spend most of your time in the dark, is it smart to step into the light?

My Thoughts:
This is the first book I have read by this author and it won’t be my last! I binge read this book. Once I started I couldn’t put it down. I was up till all hours reading it! This is a raw and gritty MC read with plenty of steamy scenes to keep you turning those pages.

Trigger is President of the Devil’s Reach MC. He’s stone cold, doesn’t want to be touched, has no feelings or remorse. He is a trained killer. Taught from the time he was 7 years old to fight and not lose or be punished or isolated. His father was the devil. He showed him no love. His mother abandoned him and dropped him off with a man that didn’t want him either. A man that physically and mentally abused him until he was old enough to stand up for himself.

Tessa is running from her past and has called on her best friend since she was 14, Matt. She hasn’t seen him in six years. He promises her a bartending job and an apartment. She shows up for her first day of work and is surprised to find that her friend Matt is now known as Brick and he is the VP of the Devil’s Reach MC and good friends with Trigger. Brick is the one of the few people that Trigger trusts. So, when Trigger lays eyes on the new sexy bartender he is intrigued. He doesn’t trust her, he feels like she is hiding something. She is! Her past and Brick tells Trigger that it’s her story to tell. We only get small tidbits as the plot is unfolding of the life that Tess lived in Las Vegas before coming to Santa Monica. Will her past catch up with her? Who is the person behind the unknown number that keeps calling her?

This book has all the good grit of an MC novel! There are disputes with rival MC’s, mystery and intrigue as they are trying to figure out who the mole is in the clubhouse, there is funny banter between brothers. Tess can hold her own with the brotherhood and with Trigger. She stands up to him when nobody else would dare. She is tough and speaks her mind. She learns about the loyalty and the gift of family that this brotherhood has. There is smoking hot chemistry between Trigger and Tess and there is a whole lot that goes down with them!

This is a great start to a new MC series! There is the small problem of a cliff hanger at the end, but other than that minor flaw, this book is a winner! I can’t wait for the next book!

If you love MC romance, give this raw, gritty and sexy book a try.

ARC kindly provided by Enticing Journey Book Promotions for an honest review.
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2,836 reviews1,482 followers
March 29, 2018
4.5 AGNST! Stars

I love trying new authors on Kindle Unlimited and I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure about this one. I’m a cover whore and I didn’t know what to expect because the cover is butt ugly, however, this one had glowing reviews so I thought I could give it at least 5% of my attention.

I think I found my new MC author to love. Trigger wasn’t what I expected and it hit me at the right mood. Trigger is a well-rounded book with plenty of character development, plot development and tension to keep any book reader interested.

I was pretty much entertained from the first and to last page.

The book is about, Tess seeking help from her best friend Brick, no he isn’t the Hero, he’s the brother/ best friend and don’t worry he isn’t in love with her. Thank you for that. He’s part of an MC.

Trigger is the President of Devil’s Reach and he basically kills for sport, I mean for protection against his club.

I like the characters, but there are some things I had some pet peevs about. There’s a side plot of what happened to Trigger and Tess’ past and although there are plenty of flash backs (don’t worry they aren’t too long), you never really get to the bottom of it. I wouldn’t have mind so much had it not be a focal point of the book from time to time. I felt like if there was an issue it should have been resolved, but the author does that to keep you interested in book 2. So there you go.

The book is gritty and you aren’t going to see Trigger in a non-harsh light. He kills and it’s pretty graphic. I mean putting bleach on someone’s eyeballs, yuck! But it goes to show he’s a killer.

There’s plenty of MC politics that I like to read, because it keeps the story moving forward besides the main character’s love story. I was interested in who the moe was and how all the other MC’s come to play.

Tess is a very strong Heroine and I actually liked that. She doesn’t need no man, but she knows when she has to back down. She’s pretty well balanced and it was refreshing to read.

Overall, I have little pet peevs about this book, but not bad for a new author for me. I look forward to reading the second book.
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1,756 reviews50 followers
May 8, 2017
Dark, fast paced, thrilling MC book from the mind and keys of JL Drake.

Trigger was raised by the devil, mentally and physically abused for years. Trained to fight to near death while still in single digits he is now the President of the Devil's Reach MC. This isn't one of those soft, we aren't 1%-ers. They are hardcore. Run drugs. Kill with no thought. That last part something the President cherish and is an expert in. He does three things...leads his brothers in the MC, kills those who threaten them and bang whores.

When his VP Brick brings in a new bartender, Tessa, his best friend. Things are about to change. A man who doesn't love. Doesn't care. Doesn't worry. Is about to do all three. She ignites things in herself she thought long dead and something in him he believed he never could feel.

Their are two rival MC's and a host of other potential villains and to make matters worse, a mole. As they grow closer more and more things start to go down. People will die. Bonds will be tested and lives will be at risk.

I was given an ARC and I have to say this is what a real 1%er MC is really like. I been around a few. This is balls on accurate to the true hardcore crews. Trigger was dark and evil. Tessa is broken with secrets.

Well written, great characters and a fast paced twist and turning storyline.

ADD THIS TO YOUR TBR Now...Go, don't wait.

You do it yet? No, go. I ain't kidding. Move it!!!
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3,907 reviews396 followers
April 6, 2018
I’ve read previous books by this author but I must say this books in a league of its own.

I’m not one into covers but this is a brilliant cover. In my opinion the cover depicts the main character wonderfully.

I absolutely loved this book. I actually read it twice with the second time being just before Demons was released.

Tess needs help so she turns to her best friend Brick who’s part of a MC. Trigger is president of the MC. He will do whatever he can for his club. Meeting Tess has changed him. He never felt or wanted anyone until he met her. Unfortunately he knows he isn’t right for her.

Tess is a badass heroine. I absolutely loved these characters. I couldn’t put it down and read it in one sitting.

Be warned there are some graphic scenes in this story. I’m really looking forward to reading more of this series.
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1,252 reviews236 followers
October 26, 2018
4.5 stars

Trigger is the first book I have read from J.L. Drake but definitely not my last. Although I felt the first few chapters were a little messy and I wasn't sure about the authors writing I'm glad I stuck it out because I really enjoyed it. Trigger is the President of Devil's Reach and believe me he's is not a sweet man. He is emotionally closed off, violent and damaged. Needless to say I loved him very quickly lol. I was unsure about Tess in the beginning, she seemed vulnerable at times and badass at others but as the story progressed it worked. She is also damaged in ways we haven't come close to understanding. Like usually there is trouble in the MC and there is a dead man walking who decided to cross Trigger. The story does end with a small cliffhanger and Trigger doing something that breaks Tess's heart. On to book 2.
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687 reviews1 follower
September 20, 2018
1 star

What I didn't like:
-Repeated on and off page sex and sexual acts between Trigger and women who were not Tess, some of which were graphic.
-Trigger kissed someone else after he and Tess started sleeping together.
-The flashbacks/memories weren't done well. They were annoying.
-I don't like cliffhangers, though I do know the next is already out, so that helps.

What I did like :
-Aside from what I mentioned above, it's a decent story so far, but it could be better. The holes were annoying.
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8,169 reviews16 followers
March 25, 2018
Trigger by J.L. Drake is the First book in the Devil's Reach series. This is the story of Trigger and Tess.
Trigger is the President of the Devil's Reach MC gang. Trigger new only hard living and fighting from the start along with physical abuse. Never trusting more than three people in his life but there is something about Tess and more than a pretty face.
Tess has come to her friend for help who she has known for about 18 years but hasn't seen for about six. Since then her friend is the VP of Devil's Reach MC gang and is nicknamed Brick. But he helps her get a job in the bar there at his club and she meets Trigger.
Trigger knows there is more going on with Tess than she is letting on and she is trying to keep it secret but that isn't how things work with Trigger.
Really exciting read...this does end with a cliffhanger to set us up for the next installment in this series..and their story.
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275 reviews151 followers
March 27, 2018
Excellent read! This is a new Author for me. After reading this amazing story I am a fan! I'll be honest I started this read due to the gorgeous cover. Who doesn't love Spizoiky!!! The characters are very well thought out. I did cringe while reading some chapters because eww deadly biker who is hot and unpredictable. Due to some graphic scenes beware this is not for those with trigger issues. Hence the title. This dark twisted story pulled me into the wild mayhem and finished in a snap. Lucky for me book two dropped same day I finished! A cliffhanger had me! Lots of dirty graphic sexy scenes, my favorite. Lol!
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1,419 reviews17 followers
April 6, 2018
Great start to a new amazing series!

Some of our new cast:

Cooper,Rail,Brick,Gus,Tess aka Tiger,Peggy,Minnie,Ty,Jace,Morgan,
Big Joe

Let's start off by saying this is a new author for me and I loved this story from cover to cover but, "I absolutely HATE reading books with cliffhangers !"

I loved this new MC romance from cover to cover as the story had wonderful characters all very complicated in their own right.Once I started reading the story I was fully enmeshed in it from the very beginning to the very end and never put it down.

I always pick a favorite character in the story to rave about and my choice this time around is going to be Tess.OMG! I loved her what a feisty fireball she was with a huge sense of humor,she was full of spunk,she was sexy,mouthy,had a backbone made of steel,and pure enjoyment to read about.Although Tess is all those things she is haunted by her past as well as being heartbroken and dead inside (a heart of Ice) her beliefs not mine I only saw a survivor and a strong and amazing women to be admired.I loved learning about what brought Tess to the Devil Reach MC Clubhouse.Tess's story was heart wrenching and made me want to cry when I heard it .My heart broke for her and everything she had to go through and deal in her very short life so far.I don't know how she survived it all really.Perhaps Brick helped with that he was Tess's bleak life and I am so glad that she found some kind of solace with her among her chaotic loveless life.A 18 year friendship that lasted the test of time and circumstances.I love their friendship as they were like brother and sister but, so much more.

Trigger OMG! I man with layers! I have to say this man frightened even me,I found him to be tall,dark,handsome,dangerous,protective,overbearing,also a killer,and also love-able at the same time."Does that make sense?"You have to get to know the broken man first but, once you see how he is with his nephew Fin and Tess you will see for yourself.There is a loving and caring man below the surface even though he thinks he is dead inside but, we see rare glimpses of the heart beating within his chest.Trigger is a character you love to hate but, he makes it impossible not to love this broken man.Circumstances made the Trigger the man we have grown to love but, at the same time I wished he would find just a sliver of happiness for just once in is horrible life."When I say horrible it's beyond anything you can imagine."I believe Tess to be his savior and he hers.Two broken souls find solace in one another.As the pages turned and the story unfolded it seemed that Tess and Trigger became lighter and less tense and perhaps were finally grasping a bit of happiness that each haven't felt in a very long time."I loved seeing how they were with one another."Awe.......I thought these two people were meant for one another perhaps, not to heal bought to offer a peace of solace for one another.

Trigger and Tess's chemistry was of the charts.Holy fanning! Hot Hot hotter ! Their sexual encounters were hot as hell!
"I want some of that bad boy myself."
Holy smokes! Flip your switch for me Trigger! LOL

Overall we loved everything about the story.

We loved the characters,the drama,the mystery,suspense,danger,betrayals and of course the romance.I loved hearing Tess's and Triggers tragic stories of their upbringing lost loves my heart broken for the unfairness life dealt them both.
"It broke my heart time and time again."I loved the climatic ending even though "I hate cliffhangers!"I could not wait to dive into book two and did just that and read that story from beginning to end in one sitting yet again.Love Love Loved it!

Personal note: Ms Drake has gained a new fan of her works.

When is the next release?
I can't wait !

5 stars from us

Full review @https://angelswithattitudebookreviews...
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February 14, 2020
I don't even know how to express myself how good this book is!! I'm just ready to dive into the next one now. I will as soon as I write this.
Trigger is the president of the MC and Tess is running from a past that we still don't know anything about but will in the next book. Trigger was raised by the devil himself. He even called himself the devil according to Trigger's memories. His mom had dumped him off with his dad when he was just a little tike.... His dad beat him and then taught him how to fight. Had him in illegal fighting to the death sometimes before he was even a teenager. That's disgusting!!! If he lost he had to stay in the basement locked up for a week. Never even had a friend. Not until he and his dad set up the MC. Not sure exactly how it came to be yet but that's what I'm understanding. Trigger is so messed up nobody can ever touch him. Not even during sex. Thankfully we didn't have his dad to deal since he was dead except in memories.
Tess's best friend is a guy who is in the MC. He finally convinced her to leave her past and come to work at the bar at the club house. All we really know is they were on the street together when they were very young.
When Tess and Trigger got together it was hot. Neither wanted a relationship until they was in one without even realizing it. He was finally able to quiet some of his demons when with her until the unthinkable happened and now she is gone. He is going to find her but what is going to happen to her and what shape will she be in?
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2,041 reviews343 followers
December 3, 2020

Mon avis en français

My English review

I don’t read a lot of novels about bikers, but when I went to the publisher’s website, I discovered this novel and I must admit I was intrigued by the synopsis. While doing a little visit on goodreads I saw the ratings and I knew I couldn’t miss it! And it’s a good thing I didn’t because I came out of that reading delighted!

Tess is running away from her life, she is running away from something that destroyed her and it took her 6 years to get away. To start over again, she joins her former best friend who wants to help her and offers her a job as a bartender in the bikers club where he is the right hand man. But this club is also run by Trigger, the man who can’t stand to be touched, who has demons he can’t control. However, Tess is going to make him discover a facet of himself that he didn’t know and that he didn’t even think he had.

I loved discovering the two main characters. You learn little by little how Trigger became the man he is today, which makes him so complex with his demons. Moreover, several times the author allows us to go back in time to discover what happened to him when he was younger. Did I tell you that Tess is not the innocent and naive heroine usually found in biker novels? Oh no because Tess is strong and does not hesitate to face and respond when she has to. However, you can also sense that her past haunts her and if I was really looking forward to finding out the whole truth, it will finally be for the next volume and I can’t wait to read it now. Also, I hadn’t yet come across a series of bikers that allow us to follow the same characters on a trilogy. I think the idea is really nice and allows us to develop the story and the characters well.

As you can see, I really had a great time with this novel and I am more than impatient to have the sequel in my hands! I want to know more!
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4,564 reviews475 followers
April 3, 2018
I’m a big lover of motorcycle club romances, more than willing to pick them up. Despite my love for the genre, I often go in feeling tentative. Such was the case with Trigger – I was intrigued yet tentative, unsure as to whether or not I would receive big things.

It turns out all worries regarding this one were completely unfounded. I adored Trigger, and will gladly label it one of the best motorcycle club reads I have ever read. It blew my mind, and I was more than willing to jump straight into the second book.

I will be honest, this one did start a bit slow for me. It took a few chapters before this one managed to grab my attention, a few chapters where I was unsure how I felt. When things started to come together, however, my feelings quickly morphed into something more – obsession, I became obsessed.

I was turning page after page, in desperate need of more. This book has all the blood, gore, and grit you come to expect from motorcycle clubs; yet, at the heart, there’s the deep connection of the brotherhood with the family vibes it creates. Add in all the mystery surrounding the characters – both past and present mysteries – and you’re sucked in deep. There are so many question marks lingering, so many things you want to find out more about.

Only for the ending to leave you hanging. There’s quite the twist thrown in at the end of this one, followed by a serious cliff-hanger. As soon as you’re finished you’ll be grabbing book two in the Devil’s Reach series, desperate for the answers, for more of the characters.

As I said, this is one of the best motorcycle books I have ever read.
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1,872 reviews116 followers
May 26, 2018
WOW! Trigger and Tess made me feel the effects of their crazy relationship. It was so up and down and all I could do is hang on for the ride.
Who is the hero in this story? I'm not sure but I fell in love with Trigger! I wanted to hold him in my arms and tell him to flip his switch.
And what an ending! OMG I have to read book 2. Tess is going to have to find her way back after that finale.
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March 31, 2021
JL Drake hooked me in with her Broken trilogy, and I knew that I could not wait to sink into this trilogy. So far, it has not disappointed!
I love Trigger and Tess for each other. It isn’t love at first sight, as both Trigger and Tess are far too damaged and caught up in their own drama for that, and they both think that they might not even be capable of love. It’s riveting and so rewarding to watch their relationship gradually blossom.
There is a lot of action and suspense in this book. Tess is running away from her past, and the groundwork for what she’s trying to escape from is laid out well in this book, and I expect we’ll learn more in the next. Trigger is the president of his MC, and he has a lot of enemies to contend with. A lot.
As with the Broken Trilogy, we’re introduced to a lot of side characters who are oh, so freaking lovable. I’m obsessed with Tess’s best friend, Brick, and Rail is hilarious. I know they don’t get their own romance stories down the line, but I’m hoping the author will consider giving them their HEAs! Of course, some of the side characters are designed to be annoying, and I’m rooting just as hard for them to get their come-uppance--and I have no doubt that a few of them will end up dying by either Trigger or Tess’s hand before this trilogy is over.
This book does end on a huge cliff-hanger, and while I have a feeling I know what might happen next, I’m really in the dark about how Tess and Trigger are going to get themselves out of this one!
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January 5, 2019
3.5 stars
A friend recommended this series to me to get my biker fix, and so far it's like I found a little gem amongst the rough. It was violent and gruesome, with the usual growly possessive bikers, and the two MC both having dark twisted pasts to overcome. But, I was pleasantly surprised to find the heroine was not only strong and sassy, with only a very small side of stupidity, but was also as the hero.

I was sucked in to this world, getting invested not only in the potential relationship between Trigger and Tess, but by the club, the mystery of who the mole could be and the twist at the end I didn't see coming. This is a 3 book series so I'm eagerly on to the next.

Definitely worth a try if you love bikers. (And you don't mind an author that blatantly inserts her other books into the story that her characters read. *eyeroll*)

ETA Just reading book 2 and it's not as good as book 1. Hoping it's not all downhill from here but I still want to know who the mole is. Will update again when I finish.
Final update Uurrgghh. I DNF book 2. So disappointed.
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