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Frontlines #4

Chains of Command

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The assault on Earth was thwarted by the destruction of the aliens’ seed ship, but with Mars still under Lanky control, survivors work frantically to rebuild fighting capacity and shore up planetary defenses. Platoon sergeant Andrew Grayson must crash-course train new volunteers—all while dulling his searing memories of battle with alcohol and meds.

Knowing Earth’s uneasy respite won’t last, the North American Commonwealth and its Sino-Russian allies hurtle toward two dangerous options: hit the Lanky forces on Mars or go after deserters who stole a fleet of invaluable warships critical to winning the war. Assigned to a small special ops recon mission to scout out the renegades’ stronghold on a distant moon, Grayson and his wife, dropship pilot Halley, again find themselves headed for the crucible of combat—and a shattering new campaign in the war for humanity’s future.

386 pages, Kindle Edition

First published April 19, 2016

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Marko Kloos

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Author 5 books4,103 followers
September 8, 2016
Horrible odds? Bad choices? A chance to go after the Ex-President and a whole bunch of traitorous assholes that left the home system in the lurch and freedom from the boredom of training new recruits?

Sign me up! Um. I mean, Grayson, why don't you sign up? :) Maybe your wife will come up with a bit of a surprise for you! :)

I liked this one better than the last not only because I felt like it was kinda like getting the band back together, but because the odds were horrible on a smaller and more personal scale. :) As in, those bastards! :)

Plus, the surprises in store for them really made the tale go down well, too, and even if it wasn't an unqualified success, it certainly went beyond almost everyone's expectations. :) Yay!

I can't wait for the next installment next year! :)
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442 reviews195 followers
March 28, 2017
3 1/2 stars.

The fourth book in Kloos’ consistently entertaining Frontlines series doesn’t break any new ground or take any risks, but the author’s balanced, efficient storytelling delivers the goods again. Effective character work and plotting provide a solid framework for the believable and thrilling combat action sequences.
In this entry, Grayson accepts an officer’s commission in order to lead a dangerous and secretive mission that, if successful, could turn the tide in the war against the Lankies. Seeing the cost of war from the other side of the desk takes a psychological toll on him, as he is now giving the orders that he used to follow - putting friends, comrades, and even his own wife in harm’s way with each decision he makes.
Kloos will never be a Haldeman or Stross type of writer. There’s nothing innovative in this series; he has a comfort zone as a writer and he sticks to it. The Frontlines books are a quick fix for MilSF fans, and Chains of Command is as admirably unsophisticated as the previous entries in the series. The characters are deep enough to engage with, but the prose doesn’t dwell on their inner lives any longer than it needs to. The tech and weaponry are displayed convincingly and matter-of-factly without fetishizing or rattling on like a user’s manual. There aren’t any moments that blow my hair back, in this book or in the series as a whole, but I still find myself looking forward to reading each entry that comes out, like an old buddy you meet for a beer every once in a while because you know you’re going to have a good time. This is good solid fun that sticks to your bones a little more than the usual fare.
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1,882 reviews16.6k followers
October 12, 2022
When I finished Marko Kloos’ 2015 novel Angles of Attack, the third in his Frontlines series, I was very excited about the ending and was looking forward to the direction he seemed to be going. Kloos was able to blend military SF with humanistic concerns and had some nuance to his story that was intriguing and thought provoking.

We can trace origins of most military SF stories to Heinlein’s brilliant 1959 book Starship Troopers. I also include Joe Haldeman’s 1974 novel Forever War as a seminal work in this sub-genre. Kloos was able to use the template provided by Heinlein with some of the anti-war language from Haldeman and make his series better than the average MSF offering.

But when I began his fourth book in the series, Chains of Command, first published in 2016, he seemed to be taking another course. What had most interested me before was the subtle humanistic scenes mixed in with the military setting that made this special. It was almost like he decided to skip the humanizing scenes and doubled down on the military.


This took literally half the book to get where it was going. If I rated the first half, I’d have to ring him up for a 2 star, whole lotta BLAH and Meh. The second half was very good, lots of action and some excellent writing.

But this was strangely inconsistent and disconcerting and he seems to have changed some of the things I liked best about the series. Still a page turning, entertaining series and I may come back to it later.

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1,275 reviews227 followers
December 22, 2016
It is most of a year since the events of Angles of Attack. The Lankies have Mars, but the combined NAC and SRA forces have repelled the invasion of Earth and are maintaining a perimeter against further incursion. Finally, there is viable anti-Lankie ship-to-ship weaponry (and it's very, very cool). The time is fast approaching to take the battle to the Lankies. However, there's the issue of the NAC renegades and the equipment they stole, some of which is supposed to be explicitly anti-Lankie and the Earth defense forces feel they really can't do without it.

As one of the few remaining podheads and definitely one of the most experienced, Grayson is tapped to be part of the team to go after the renegades. But this means tackling one of the greatest difficulties that Grayson has faced so far: command.

This series continues to get better, both in terms of the breadth of the discussion, character growth and writing talent. We have a much more nuanced, older and responsible Andrew Grayson whereas in previous books most of his personal opinions on things were little more than those of a cranky, cynical man-child. In this one you still get the rage at command decisions that he doesn't like, but for a nice change, an acknowledgement that he probably would have made the same decisions if he were in the same position.

I only had one annoying point regarding the secrecy of part of the mission. I felt it raised tension throughout the book and allowed for a twist, but the actual secrecy was unnecessary and probably actively detrimental to the overall mission.
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732 reviews105 followers
July 27, 2023
Like it’s predecessors, Chains of Command is another high energy military sci-fi that sees the main character advancing his military career as the stakes for humanity get higher..

Since this is a mid series review, I will put the Book Facts & Synopsis at the end in case anyone is really concerned about series spoilers in the synopsis. I think it’s clear but you never know.

Once again the audiobook is narrated by the amazing Luke Daniels, who captures the military lingo and voices brilliantly. He’s one of the few narrators who pulls me unflinchingly into the book’s action and characters. Especially for a series told in first person point of view, which I usually hate, I think Daniels really brings out the story and makes me feel like I’m right there in the story, surrounded by other real life people

So Grayson took a brief assignment as a platoon sergeant and got a little soft around the edges. He trains some of the troops being hustled through training after the great losses to humanity at the end of book three and the defense of Earth after the unsuccessful Mars attack. It’s good for him to get away from action and focus on his sanity, but soon enough it’s back to action as the North American humans have located their next major target: the fleet that abandoned Earth.

Whooo boy. Bringing back Dmitry, Fallon, Philbrick, and some of our other favorite side characters, Grayson and Halley are off to see where the others escaped to…and the surprise is real. With a ruthless Major in charge who will go to any length to get that fleet back and a pile of nukes in tow, they set off . The thing that surprises me the most is that Kloos manages to keep raising the stakes in every book. The final action scenes were significantly crazier than anything we have seen so far and it was equal parts intense and amazing even after three books full of explosions and military conflicts.

What really separates it is that Grayson is getting his first tastes of the hard decisions that come with command, including leading or sending his men to their deaths. He has to live with his decisions, whatever they may be, and that takes up most of his ongoing character arc here. He gets to build his own team and it’s fun to watch him keep growing.

I also really do like the Grayson/Halley relationship now that they’re married. We don’t waste page space on the emotional stuff but they’re a good team, and it’s one of the better scifi romances out there I think

“I am so glad for all of this. You, me, us being here, everything that happened to us since Basic. I wouldn’t trade it for the world, Lankies and all. If we end up a frozen cloud of stardust today, I know that I’ve fucking lived.” She lets go of my tunic and straightens out the fabric gently with her hand. “And we’ll be together out here until the universe collapses. Beats the shit out of having your ashes packed into a stainless steel capsule and shoved into a hole in the wall.” – Chains of Command, Page 240

All in all, Chains of Command is chock full of big military action and wonderful characters. I love both the main and sides characters. I like the downtime moments at home too and how he managed to get his mom to somewhere pleasant and safe, so we do get those brief respites of home and hearth in-between conflicts. This is a great ongoing Military Sci-fi series that I recommend for anyone interested, via audio or book form.
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3,144 reviews1,849 followers
May 3, 2016
How long does a rave review have to be? This book is not considered great literature (but let us face it, every time a science fiction book gets accepted by the literati it becomes "literature" and is no longer allowed to be called science fiction). I rate this book on the pure enjoyment I get/got from reading it and it's prequels. The Frontlines series is one of my favorites now and I snap the books up as they come out.

What shall I say? I mean this is the 4th novel in the series (and there are 2 short stories). Shall I assume everyone reading this has read the first 3 novels? If I say anything about where we are now it will have to be a spoiler for the first 3 aforementioned books....

Well, let's do this:

So without the spoiler I'd say if you like military science fiction, science fiction, military fiction, action fiction...don't miss these. if you haven't read them read them from the first, really Don't miss this series.

Book 1 Terms of Enlistment.

Highly recommended.

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853 reviews539 followers
February 5, 2017
Executive Summary: Once again Mr. Kloos took the story in an entirely different direction than I expected, but this turned out to be an excellent choice for my December road trip home.

Audiobook: Another excellent job by Luke Daniels. If he keeps this up, I'll run out of nice things to say. This is a series that works well in audio.

Full Review
About this time last year, I didn't know anything about this series. It's quickly become one of my favorites. I did find the start a bit of a letdown of sorts because it seemed to completely neglect the things I was expecting it to be about.

It turns out there was a good reason for that. I was completely wrong about the direction this book would take. I do hope he comes back to address some of these details later, but unless I'm completely wrong again, that won't likely be in the next volume.

Things really continue to ramp up with this book, although I think my expectations put it a little behind Angles of Attack in terms of ranking the books. It's easily the second best, as Mr. Kloos's writing seems to improve with each book.

I really love the characters, and the level of technology. Even though it's Science Fiction, I feel like some of the stuff here is very relevant and at times this book feels like it could happen in the not too distance future. Well, maybe minus the ridiculously large alien race that wants to destroy us.

While not a very upbeat story, I still found it fun. It's a quick read with lots of action a lot of room to explore things beyond military battles. I'm very eager to read Fields of Fire next month.
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646 reviews72 followers
March 24, 2021
Took half the book for the mission to start, searching for the traitors.
Early in the book Platoon sergeant Andrew Grayson complained how boring his job was doing administrative duty. Well try reading about it.

Once again an effortless read but too much of it was filler.
2 1/2 stars but because there was just enough to read episode five i rounded up to 3 stars.
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1,743 reviews30 followers
June 3, 2017
Manchmal frage ich mich, was in den Köpfen vorgeht, der solche Roman(serien) wie diese schreibt aber auch besonders, was finden die Leser darin vor, die das auch noch gut finden ?
Ich habe mir diese futuristischen Landser-Serie vorgenommen, weil es mich interessiert hatte, um wen es sich bei Marko Kloos genau handelt, einen deutschen Military-Fan oder einem durch und durch amerikanischen Waffen-Fetischisten. (Manchmal hat man das Gefühl, dass dem Autor einen abgeht, wenn seine Figuren die Vorzüge bestimmter Waffen preisen).
Hatten die ersten Romane der Alien-Wars Reihe eine Military-SF-Serie, bei der unglaublich Böse und Mächtige Aliens einen Vernichtungsfeldzug gegen die Menschen führen, auch noch einen durchaus bemerkenswerten sozialkritischen Ansatz, handelt es sich bei diesem Buch nur noch um einen stupiden Rachefeldzug, nicht gegen die Aliens, sonder gegen die feigen Politiker, die von der Erde geflohen sind und dabei einen Großteil der Verteidungs-Flotte mitgenommen haben um ihr Leben zu retten. Die Protagonisten der Serie finden heraus, wo sich diese Flüchtigen verstecken und starten ein Kommando-Unternehmen, um Rache zu üben mit dem vordergründigen Ziel, die erbeuteten Schiffe gegen die Alien zu verwenden, die sich auf dem Mars eingenistet haben und weiterhin die Erde bedrohen.
Herausgekommen ist ein Werk soldatischen Gehorsams und gefüllt mit soviel Pathos, dass es einem manchmal schlecht wird, gezuckert mit Politiker-Bashings der allerübelsten Sorte...
Es mag für viele herausragende Military-SF sein, für mich ist das nur Bullshit !
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1,788 reviews675 followers
August 8, 2016
This is book 4 in the Frontlines series. It begins about a year after the events in Book 3 (Angles of Attack). It has most of your favorite characters in it including Andrew Grayson, his now wife, Halley (who still outranks him), Sergeant Fallon, Gunny Philbrick, and some other former messmates.

In this volume, Mars has already been taken by aliens, though there is hope of humans surviving somewhere on or below the surface. Earth is under attack. Earth’s North American government has fled, taking a significant amount of its remaining resources. And, no one knows where they have gone.

The pace of the narrative starts slow and builds. Because we see everything from Grayson’s perspective, there are things we do not know. Anyone who has followed this series will have their alert light blinking early and often. The plot is a pause in the overwhelming humans versus aliens stuff we have had in the previous two books. It is sufficiently plausible and interesting with all the exciting weaponry details that Kloos is capable of. To share any more would be spoiling the effect.

PS: I started and finished this book over the weekend. Fortunately, my BFF and keeper of the chore list, understands binge reading.
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821 reviews80 followers
October 15, 2016
Tough to leave familiar characters after 4 books. The same comfortable faces and the action is good, different and interesting. I am glad I am taking a break before the next book, if there is a next one.
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179 reviews52 followers
May 7, 2019
5 Stars

Maybe the best of an excellent bunch, Chains of Command was a stellar fourth entry in the Frontlines series.

A year after Andrew Grayson and the survivors on New Svalbard made it back to Earth, the combined coalition of human forces is still trying to figure out how to fight off the Lankies. They have a crude method of blowing up their ships, but it’s expensive and risky. Meanwhile, Mars is still under Lanky control. Grayson has spent the last year helping train new recruits to bolster the decimated North American Commonwealth’s forces, but now it looks like he is going to take part in a dangerous mission to scout out the location of the Earth’s elite who abandoned the rest of humanity and fled when the Lankies appeared.

Everything about this book was good. The beginning sequences showing Andrew as a trainer. Seeing his relationship with Halley take more prominence than before. Seeing some previous characters brought back for more. The recon mission itself and seeing all the twists of the mission. In my opinion, the action from the recon mission is some of the best in the series, up there with the first riot battle in Detroit from book one and the second battle with the Lanky in Detroit from book three.

While these books are action heavy military sci-fi, they are far from brainless. Just like when Andrew and Sergeant Fallon refuse to follow illegal orders on New Svalbard, there are moments in this book where Andrew questions what they are doing and why. Yes, these books are fun and entertaining with plenty of things that get shot or blown up. But they are intelligently written as well, elevating them from mindless popcorn action to something much more enjoyable.
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73 reviews17 followers
November 7, 2019
Úgy hiszem, hogy Kloos eddig ezzel a kötettel abszolválta a Frontvonalak ciklus leghuszárosabb hajráját. Hogy stílszerűen próbáljak fogalmazni, valahol a könyv felénél még éppen hogy egy Trident besült robbanófejének hiányzó volfrámtüskéje választotta el a Renegátokat attól, hogy az epizód végérvényesen visszacsússzon a B-ligába. Lássuk be, azért nem egyszerű az álcaruhás kiképzés, a hétvégi eltávok és a nagy visszacsapás stratégiai tervezése közötti kényszerű háromszögbe szorulva, kétszáz oldalon keresztül vérfagyasztani és adrenalint pumpálni az olvasóba. Arról nem is beszélve, hogy a keményített gyakorlóban, a sereg ölelésében szocializálódott szerzőnknek egyébként sem ez jelenti a hazai pályát.
Fogalmam sincs, hogy Kloosnak katonai pályafutása során mennyi tényleges harcérintkezésben volt része, szagolt-e egyáltalán puskaport, de személyes véleményem, hogy a kortárs military SF szerzői közül (természetesen az általam ismerteket tekintve) talán a leghitelesebben (vagy még helyesebb úgy fogalmazni, hogy a leginkább hihető módon) interpretálja a – főképp – földfelszíni ütközeteket, az ún. városi csaták leírását.
Így történt ez a Renegátokban is. Mire végre eljutottunk a küldetés érdemi részéhez, a könyv is átalakult az unalmas, lassú folyású töltelék-kötetből egy izgalmas, pörgős, ügyesen koreografált bevetéssé, amelyben különösen markánsan megmutatkozhatott a Grayson gyerek harci felkészültsége, kidomborodhattak operatív, taktikai csapatirányítási készségei. Úgy vélem, hogy az Arcadia City-jelenet szépen hozta a „második detroiti csata” színvonalát, amiről az előző kötet értékelésében már elismeréssel nyilatkoztam.
Külön jó pont, hogy ebben a kötetben végre új arcával is megjelenik az emberiség „mocskos háborúja”, ami itt nem – kifejezetten – a civil lakossággal szembeni atrocitásokra értendő (nem megyek bele, mert az már durva spoiler lenne). Főképp ennek a vonalnak köszönhető, hogy sikerül egy kissé újra a háború morális hátterébe is belecsúsznunk, ami számomra mindig pozitívum.

Végső soron a kötet visszajött a meccsbe és hozta a kötelezőt. Kíváncsi vagyok, hogy mennyi van még a sorozatban. Feltételezem azonban és egyben remélem is, hogy a már elkészült ötödik-hatodik kötetek jönnek majd. Összességében úgy vélem, hogy a saját olvasóközönségét tekintve Kloos művei bőven megállják a helyüket Scalzi, a mentor alkotásai mellett.
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3,144 reviews1,849 followers
May 3, 2016
How long does a rave review have to be? This book is not considered great literature (but let us face it, every time a science fiction book gets accepted by the literati it becomes "literature" and is no longer allowed to be called science fiction). I rate this book on the pure enjoyment I get/got from reading it and it's prequels. The Frontlines series is one of my favorites now and I snap the books up as they come out.

What shall I say? I mean this is the 4th novel in the series (and there are 2 short stories). Shall I assume everyone reading this has read the first 3 novels? If I say anything about where we are now it will have to be a spoiler for the first 3 aforementioned books....

Well, let's do this:

So without the spoiler I'd say if you like military science fiction, science fiction, military fiction, action fiction...don't miss these. if you haven't read them read them from the first, really Don't miss this series.

Book 1 Terms of Enlistment.

Highly recommended.

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82 reviews26 followers
February 3, 2021
Another solid instalment

More of the same, which is a good thing. Military sci-fi with a brain. Story progresses well. Looking forward to the next one.
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Author 18 books349 followers
April 28, 2016
This is the fourth book in Marko Kloos's "Frontlines" series. It's become one of my favorite military SF series, as it follows a lot of the tropes without plumbing all the cliches (though it does hit a few of them).

Andrew Grayson, who joined the colonial military in book one to escape a life of crime, violence, and poverty in the dystopian urban zones of 22nd century Earth is slowing climbing the ranks, but at the start of book four, he's still a mere platoon sergeant. Maybe by the end of the series he'll wind up admiral or President, but given all his resistance to even accepting a commission, that would be a bit of a twist. (Then again, when he claims early in this book that he will never, ever become an officer nohow, noway, you can of course be assured that by the end of the book, he's going to become an officer.)

As You Know Bob, humanity has been under assault by the "Lankies," giant Kaiju-like aliens with hitherto-indestructible "seed ships" who drop onto human colony worlds and begin transforming the atmosphere into something unbreathable. For the past three volumes, the war has been mostly humans vs. Lankies, with occasional human-vs-human action (in this far future, the North American Commonwealth is rivals with the Sino-Russia Alliance). Last book, the President of the NAC took half the fleet with all the other high-muckety-mucks and fled Earth, abandoning it to the imminent invasion of the Lankies. The Lankies did not take the Earth homeworld, but they did occupy Mars.

In this book, Grayson is picked by a shady military intelligence officer to join a special mission to go after the NAC leaders and their fleet, with lots of stolen goodies.

Frontlines continues Kloos's adept storytelling and kept me interested, but it was very much a middle volume, with no huge revelations, which really served as an extended chapter in the ongoing story. The Lankies are hardly seen in this book - instead, it's all about the humans trying to unify against the alien threat, requiring that they go unify the hell out of some of their fellow humans, with nukes if need be. Grayson is conflicted about the role he frequently has to play - he does not like being responsible for excessive casualties, his own or that of rival forces. Since his wife and his old Sergeant Major buddy are both along for the ride, I figured we were in for some Significant Deaths. But generally, this all read like a prelude to the next volume, which will clearly be about the combined NAC/SRA fleet trying to take Mars back from the Lankies.

Not a good entry point into the series - start at the beginning. But this one won't let you down, even if it lacked some of the climactic moments of previous volumes.
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114 reviews6 followers
September 16, 2017
I did enjoy this book, even thought I felt it was a bit of a step down from the previous couple books in the series. On the plus side, Kloos still excels at crafting riveting action sequences; his experience and obvious expertise in military matters shines through in his descriptions of the various engagements the characters find themselves in, and the visceral, urgent nature of the gunfights and airship battles is clearly communicated in no-nonsense prose. But this entry in the series had a couple things holding it back. The book seemed to get off to a slow start, picking up a year after the events of Angles Of Attack and catching us up on the main characters and the state of the NAC. I did notice a few inconsistencies that seemed to get through the editing process undetected - just small discrepancies when describing the number of dead troops in a squad or the number of planets vs. stars in a system. I'm not usually a big stickler for those, but if they're apparent enough for me to catch, then they probably should have been fixed before publication. And the description of Grayson's dependency on drugs and alcohol to manage his PTSD was a promising character-development wrinkle that didn't really seem to go anywhere after about the first half of the book; it felt like a missed opportunity for some added depth (although maybe Kloos will address that further in future books). This was still a fun read, though, and I will say that I am still looking forward to reading the next books in the series, which is a big plus.
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1,535 reviews6 followers
February 17, 2021
this is the 4th novel in the series and it 's a pretty good read. I got tired of listening to the soldier tactics with weapons that are unfamiliar....it's just boring. A task force is created to go after weapons that were absconded by the previous earth leader and exist on the fringes of known space. With those absconded weapons, alien (Lankey's) can then be assaulted and driven off. Grayson puts together his team and off they go. Left on their own upon a terraformed planet, they fight other humans -- without a knowledge of the larger plan nor the logistics supplies to carry out their mission--their logisticians ought to be shot. The book ends and I'm pretty sure the next one will be a fight against aliens to save human kind.
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182 reviews41 followers
February 4, 2017
Fantastic 4th installment in the series!
Grayson and his pals chase the traitors across the galaxy to take back what is theirs. He signs up for this kamikaze mission and leaves but SURPRISE Halley is on the ship too!
Will the humans defeat the Lanky's on Mars? Where do the Lanky's come from? I can't wait to find out in Fields of Fire!
Lots of action in this book, couldn't wait to read the next scene/chapter. If you enjoy military sci/fi you should read this series of books. These book would make a fabulous movie series...
Profile Image for Bee.
411 reviews3 followers
March 20, 2017
What a satisfying, if a bit short. I really love the Frontlines series, it is the best mi-si-fi out there in my opinion. As full of minor clichés as it is (they are pretty hard to avoid with mil-sci-fi) it is hugely entertaining. I devour these like bubblegum. In fact I'm beginning the new one right now!
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1,169 reviews1,141 followers
April 14, 2017
I am running out of words to praise the Frontlines series. This particular book is probably the darkest I've read so far. I lamented the (admittedly unavoidable) transition of Grayson to an officer but I appreciate the character growth after having first-hand experience too many clusterfucks that accumulated over the years. This is an important chapter of his life as a soldier and I believe the few last chapters are monumental in deciding his course of action in the coming books.
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355 reviews208 followers
July 12, 2016
3.5 stars

NOW, I need the next one....





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494 reviews26 followers
August 18, 2022
Number 4 in the Frontlines series.

Sergeant Grayson is now a lieutenant. He is assigned to a covert operation and gathers members of his new platoon from hither and yon. It was nice to have Sgt. Philbrick and Master Sgt. Fallon back in the game.

In the last book, the leaders of the North American Coalition had skedaddled, cowardly Sneaky Petes that they are. They left Earth and its inhabitants to the aliens. What a scummy move that was! As soon as the aliens invaded our system, the leaders turned tail and booked it out of the system and absconded with the bulk of the defensive fleet. Andrew and his platoon are going on a hunt to find them, slap 'em around a bit, and at least bring the fleet back home for defense purposes. Of course even the most well-laid plans sometimes go south. What a horrendous fight it became.

On a lighter note: Andrew and his fighter-pilot wife Capt. Halley are together during this mission. And what a pair they make. Their personalities compliment eachother. I also really enjoy reading about Sgt. Fallon. She's one tough soldier, and her interactions with the MC are always interesting. Her "motivational pep talks" to the troops are really something else!

Hopefully this series maintains the feel of these first several books, because as of right now I intend to read the rest.
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255 reviews
June 20, 2017
The arc of this series is so well paced! Every time I think, well this will be the end, the author takes a different turn.
Things I Continue to Love about this series:
- Returning characters. Whether they are mentioned in passing (This reminds me of X Person that did Y thing) or whether the come back into the story 3 books later (Remember X person from boot camp) They are always relevant and you feel like you're reuniting with a long lost friend.
- Andrew Grayson is so real. He gets injured, he puts on weight after turning to a more sedentary lifestyle, his teams are not perfect and don't always win (meaning their asses are saved by someone/thing else)

Things I don't love about this series:
...someday it will end.

I just cannot say enough good things about these characters and situations. Can't wait to start the next book!
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948 reviews23 followers
June 21, 2018
Another solid entry. I was concerned that this series might be getting a bit formulaic with no real stakes, but I see it was setting the foundation before raising the tempo. Glad to see the direction it's going.
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February 9, 2020
גילטי פלז'ר נמשך. לא רואה ברירה אלא לגמור את הסדרה
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October 14, 2022
A slow start in a dull training-camp job in the Utah desert leads, with many twists and turns, to an amazing finish on the deserters' hideout on Arcadia. Warfare ain't pretty. A remarkable book. Strong 4 stars!
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August 29, 2023
Bon, c’est le 4e tome, je vais donc ne rien dire de l’histoire pour ne pas spoiler, si ce n’est - exactement ce que je craignais, on a un peu fait le tour, et la nouveauté et l’originalité des trois premiers tomes s’est bel et bien effondrée. On a déjà vu les combats, on a déjà vu sa relation avec Hailey, les Lankies, les traîtres, tout ça.
C’est ni très fun ni très intéressant, et j’en ai encore 4 à lire, misère.
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April 19, 2016
My original Chains of Command audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.

Chains of Command starts about one year after Angles of Attack. Right of the bat I wanted to know what Grayson and Halley and the rest said about joining the “rebels”. There was no satisfactory answer given about how they came to their decisions.

Grayson and Halley are now fully engrossed in the machine that is the North American Commonwealth. Both now drill instructors, trying to fill the ranks of the decimated Corps. Both finding themselves dying a little bit inside, not only from missing the action of combat but from knowing that those they are training, many are just going to be sent to their deaths.

With the Lankie forces amassing so close to Earth, on Mars. So what does the Alliance do? Go try to retake Mars with an unhealthy space force or do they go after the ones that deserted them and took several valuable assault ships?

Much of, about one half, this book takes place in friendly territory. With Grayson battling and dealing with minutia of life back on Earth. He and Halley have built stable careers and lives. That is until Grayson is made an offer that he cannot, even though his instincts say so, refuse. In doing so he climbs the military ranks and places hundreds of lives in his hands. It seemed to drag on for longer than necessary, however I really enjoyed it.

The next quarter of the story is all mission planning. Grayson collecting his hand picked team members. Saying goodbye to his wife and the life they have made.

The final quarter is all out war. So much happens in such a short amount of the book. Kloos continues his meticulous battle sequences. Character interactions that still seem so real and natural, it drew me closer to each of them. Making it through the slower beginning was so worth it for this part.

Now the setup for, what I can only imagine, will be a very intense fifth book to the series is here. Something fans of this series will be happy to hear. I do hope he keeps exploring this unique universe that he’s created. There are so many directions I can see the series going in the future.

Once again Luke Daniels delivers a stunning performance. There is not much I can say that I haven’t already. Luke Daniels is the military science fiction narrating God. The more I listen to him the more I love him.

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